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Sunday, December 3rd, 2017   |   114 comments

Time For D Day – As In Divorce, To Undo The Queensland Libs Hi-Jacking Of The Bush

Yup, the only way for the regional voice to be heard in this state is for the Nationals to part company with the city-centric Liberals. The Magpie examines the likelihood.

The traitor Sam Dastyari stays at the Canberra trough, and The Short Un can’t get rid of him – there would be a fraction too much faction friction if he tried. This is what we’ve come to, apparently.

Also, dare we hope … are there some small green shoots of pride and principaled journalism sprouting in the pages of the Townsville Bulletin? probably not, but The ‘Piespied a couple of small sprigs during the week.

And we have a simple question for Councillor Paul Jacob, failed Labor candidate for Hinchinbrook.

Bentley on a break for a couple of weeks

The Queensland Election Is Over … Well, Almost … Nearly … Give Us A Sec …

Paul Zanetti nails it as only he can.


And Larry Pickering sees the fallout having Federal implications for Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.

Pickering assisted dying

But the election certainly is over in Hinchinbrook, so a quick question for Angry Ant Paul Jacob.

Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob

Now you’ve had your bum whipped in the Hinchinbrook election (5th or 6th was it?) you will now return to your council job and your nice regular pay packet.

But hang on a minute … the LGAQ rules are that if you stand down but don’t actually resign, you continue to be paid, and there is no mechanism to suspend such payment while you’re away. And you vowed that while you were away politicking, you wouldn’t take the money, oh dearie me, no, heaven forbid … and that you’d donate that money you DIDN’T EARN to charity.

So simple question: which charity, when and how much?

We await your open and transparent response with interest.

The Dog Ate My Homework Was A Better Excuse, Sam

Dastyari baloon

Back on the national scene, one of the dopiest ‘reverse racism’ try-ons of all time came from Seditious Sam Dastyari who managed to insult all of what we oldies used to kindly called New Australians- (because that’s what they were).

In an astounding piece of tortured logic, this cornered oily twister had the temerity to claim “I expect Turnbull and the Liberals to smear me, (for speaking against Australian foreign policy to a Chinese audience)but for he and his colleagues to suggest that I am not a true or loyal Australian is incredibly hurtful – and hurtful to all overseas-born Australians. I might’ve been born overseas, but I’m as Australian as he is”.

What ?‘ … hurtful to all overseas-born Australians’?!?’

So Sam, you mean that because you’ve been caught out aiding a foreign power against your own country’s (and party’s) policy, you are being pilloried because you were born overseas? And therefore, everyone else born overseas is hurt by your accusers?

By that logic, maybe its because you’re a male, and so all males should be hurt? Or maybe just all blokes with black greasy hair should feel similarly insulted?

This is a demented twist on the Sam Johnson’s dictum ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.’ Do you seriously think if it had been, say a fourth generation Australian who had stooped to your chicanery that the reaction would be any different? YOU are the one that is hurtful to others not born here, with your dog whistling whinge that you are targeted simply because you were Iranian-born.

No, Sam, let’s get it straight … you are ostracized and will surely suffer some telling backlash because YOU, the person, have in effect ratted on your country. And what makes that even worse, if that is possible, you have made your way up the lucrative greasy political pole by using the party that makes it loud and clear at every turn what it thinks of – and does to – rats.

Although it would seem that Bill The Short Un is redefining the term, and allowing a turncoat to remain a party power broker behind the scenes, and still a senator.

Speaking Of The Public Porkies … 

Jenny Hill

Our own Mayor Mullet, Jenny Hill, has resorted to panicked public lying … no point in using metaphors like porkies or fibs … she’s lying and she knows it. Speaking about the 51,000+ signatures on a petition demanding she rescind the $18.5million dollar ‘gift’ of ratepayers money to Adani for an airstrip 400kms away, she told a council meeting on Tuesday that only 636 signatures were from Townsville people. And therefore, the petition did not represent the ‘real’ views of the Townsville community.

Oh, really? Who came up with that little bit of obvious flapdoodle, was it your executive assistant Labor import, the vertically challenged executive assistant Dickie The Poisoned Dwarf Holliday?

Richard Holliday

Just for starters, there is NO WAY you or he could actually know such information, which is anyway, clearly utter nonsense. While the most ardent critics in this airstrip gift matter would readily admit there is n o way that 51,000 people from Townsville signed that petition, it is simply insulting to suggest that only 636 people were from Townsville. The petition had been going for two or three days and was up to 3500 signatures before popular surfer Layne Beachley urged her 40000+ twitter followers to sign up as a general protest against Adani … that’s when things went berserk.

The instigator of the petition, Peter Newey posted this comment on the Magpie blog.

Peter Newey 

November 30, 2017 at 8:26 am  (Edit)

With regard to the bullshit comments by the Mayor regarding the survey, she received a full print out of the Petition results – some 400 pages with 4 pages of the Change.ord petition per page.

We can definitely say that 636 number she has dreamed up is a complete fabrication and you do not have to be overly intelligent to understand that we have lost over 21,000 people leaving Townsville in the last 2 years with many living elsewhere but unable or unwilling to sell their property due to the market crash. So still paying rates.

Therefore their postcode numbers would not necessarily be within the Townsville area. In the analysis process, we identified many people with no postcodes that live in Townsville and many names of people living elsewhere with Townsville connections. Are these people not allowed to participate in the petition or are they simply denied the ability because of the Mayor’s attitude to anything that opposes her?

What it really comes down to is the Premier completely withdrew from the process of any funding for the Adani Mine for political survival. For the Mayor to use Ratepayers funds to build an Airstrip For Adani outside the boundaries of Townsville that would produce little or no benefit to Townsville during Construction doesn’t make sense when we are financially strapped.

Unfortunately, the process of Council funding and program development lacks transparency and accountability as it was dreamed up behind as veil of Corporate Secrecy. We at TRRA (Ratepayers Assoc.) have been unable to gain access to the information needed to make the information available to Residents and Ratepayers.

And The ‘Pie thinks if you’re going to call someone a liar – which he is – best to furnish more proof than isn’t just opinion. So here’s what the petition people Change.org had to say when The ‘Pie asked them about the rules.

Thank you for contacting the Change.org Help Center. I am sorry to hear about this inconvenience but I am glad to clear this up for you.

In order to know about the location of the supporters that signed the petition, the signature list of that petition has to be downloaded.

Here’s how to view (and print) signatures and comments on a petition:
Log into your account with your email and password
Click on your name or profile picture, located at the top-right side of the page
Click on “My petitions”
Click on “Started by me”, located at the left side of the screen
Once you have been redirected to the main petition page, you should see, on the right hand side of the page, a drop-down menu with the option “Petition details”, click on the menu and select “Dashboard”.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to the ‘Downloads’ section.
From the drop-down menu, select the file you would like to obtain and click “Download”
Open the file up in your favorite program (try Adobe Reader or Preview for PDFs and Excel, Numbers, and Google Documents for CSV files) and print it out from there.

Let us know if you have any questions about this information.

All the best,

Change.org Help Center

Change.org · 548 Market St #29993, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401, USA

So it is pretty clear that Mayor Mullet and her minder could NOT have an electronic copy, so obviously had some poor bastard go through with a highlighter pen to mark what they stupidly thought were relevant postcodes.

Not even a half clever try, Madam Mullet. March 2020 awaits you.

A Married Magpie? Maybe …

Now to the issue The ‘Pie knows you have been waiting for in a state of panting excitement … the impending marriage of The Magpie to Angela Jolie, which will presumably be  announced in the Daily Astonisher shortly.

Things are progressing nicely thank you very much, although the beloved Ms Jolie is playing coy, raising a couple of thorny issues which are unnecessarily delaying the much awaited nuptials.

Let me share her concerns with you. Ms Jolie, after receiving my demand for marriage has displayed her pounding emotions for The ‘Pie by not trusting her emotions enough to speak directly with the old bird. Instead, she has chosen to speak through her legal firm of Knee, Crutch, Armpit and Elbow lawyers of LA. This is a good thing because we can get the prenup sorted smartish now we know the parties involved. However, the lawyers don’t seem to realize the full implications of the impending marriage, for a start asking some silly questions like ‘Who the fuck are you, our client has never heard of you, let alone discussed any personal involvement, certainly not of the kind you suggest?’

They are also making silly assertions like ‘descriptions of your intentions on what you describe as the wedding night are illegal in almost all American states except Arkansas, Mississippi and the more remote parts of Alaska. Ms Jolie insists she never agreed to even discuss a union with you, and certainly did not indicate that she would finance the lavish lifestyle you demand in the prenup.’ This dense attitude forced The ‘Pie to point out that any refusal of his politely put requests would be a massive disappointment to the people of Townsville. And hinted darkly that it would ‘have consequences’.

And that is where it stands at this time. The ‘Pie is mystified as to why the Townsville Daily Astonisher has refused to roundly chastise Ms Jolie for her cavalier attitude towards this community and towards the beloved figure of The Magpie himself. Strange indeed, since the paper was quick to support a similar situation when it arose a couple or so years ago. Townsville airport boss Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill out of the blue grandly announced that there was to be an $80million upgrade to the airport, half of which would be funded by a passenger tax, making it dearer for visitors, relatives, business people and tourists to arrive at or leave the ‘Ville.

This tax would need to be collected by the airlines – including main airline Qantas –  from their ticket sales and handed on to the QAL coffers. But the trouble was … somewhat like Ms Jolie – Qantas had never heard of the deal, had not discussed it with QAL before the unilateral announcement, and point blank refused to participate in making life harder for their passengers.

With that, the Astonisher took the ill-advised stance of somehow blaming Qantas for not bowing to the self-interested business will of QAL. Mayor Mullet got into the act – which basically has nothing to do with the council or her, and which she had not mentioned beforehand – by calling for a boycott of Qantas. Jaws dropped before the guffaws began and she looked like a ninny.

For his part, The Magpie wants Mayor Mullet to call for a boycott of Ms Jolie’s movies until she comes around and agrees to make an honest and wealthy bird of this highly desirable asset to Townsville.

Tammy Wynette Sang The Answer To Our Political Impasse – D I V O R C E.

Surely the Nationals (once more aptly known as the Country Party) have had the stars knocked out of their eyes … unless it suits the preservation of their places at the trough.

It is clear the only way forward is to go back … the Nationals must become their own party again, so we in the regions can be heard and listened to.

An aggressive, professional and well-funded party with unashamedly regional policies would certainly hold the balance of power, no matter whether Labor or Libs got the most seats. This would also instantly laser out political melanomas like PHON. KAP may come into the fold, but if the Mad Katter (senior) is too up himself for that, they would soon become redundant. A digression: nice to see that Robbie Katter is still the keeper of the family marbles … his father and a couple of other members of the brood have certainly lost theirs.

Is this a workable solution? If the noise for a separate state became loud enough (never loud for it to actually happen, in The ‘Pie’s opinion) and the overwhelming and distruptive complexity of the ensuing shit storm in establishing it, here’s a much more economical way to solve the problem of what Nixon called ‘benign neglect’ … move the parliament to Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville or even Cairns. Then the cosy out-of-sight out-of-mind fantasy world of the south east corner would be stripped away and the daily reality of life where most of the state’s wealth comes from would be there to be confronted by MPs every day.

Precedent? Well, Canberra, for a start … wise heads didn’t want either Sydney or Melbourne endlessly squabbling and bitching if one or the other was chosen (it had been melbourne for a while) so Canberra was born … more or less half way between.


In more modern times, try Brasilia. It was founded in the very modern times of 1960 for one simple reason … a more central location for a seat of Brazil’s national government – it had been Rio, but guess what? The people outside Rio felt neglected … and voted accordingly!

Is there a message in  there somewhere?

How You Eat An Elephant? One Mouthful At A Time

That answer to the age old gag came to mind when reading various stories in the Bulletin this week. It was obvious to The Magpie that there seems to be a pronounced change in tone in some sensitive stories. But it’s steady as she goes, nothing too dramatic … as said, one mouthful at a time. But there are some tiny indications that there are some green shoots of truth, responsibility and pride entering the news columns of this otherwise twisted joke of a newspaper. Has the new editor, Jenna Cairney, been embarrassed by what she has found and is quietly starting to change things around? The ‘Pie doesn’t weant to get ahead of himself and is perhaps being uncharacteristically optimistic that the Astonisher will do less astonishing and more fair and balanced reporting the future. Amid the usual biased dross, there were a couple of hopeful signs.

Screen shot 2017-12-02 at 11.39.14 PM

In today (Saturday’s) issue, the paper reports – with nary a usual gratuitous cheer-leading comment – that Qantas is standing firm on its refusal to implement a ticket tax to fund an airport upgrade that would do nothing more than add handsomely to Queensland Airport’s bottom line and asset list without QAL putting in a single penny outside the requirements of airport maintenance and nuts and bolts. It was balanced story which avoided the usual skewed bullshit, which closed with the statement that it had contacted QAL for comment but they hadn’t replied by deadline. Normally, the story would not have been printed until Gill had his spin ready to put up a negative lead to the story.

Of course, The Magpie’s Nest itself is not always free of gratuitous cheer-leading comments, so on this occasion – THREE CHEERS FOR QANTAS.

Screen shot 2017-12-01 at 1.28.36 PM

And then there was this yarn about Adani, another favoured bastard child of the paper.

There was the usual high-kicking, pom-pom waving story straight of an industry media release claiming to explain ‘everything you need to know’ about getting a job with Adani’, but a usual, it raised more truly troubling questions than it promises to answer.

First, the report simply lists some dates for ‘employment information sessions’ with ‘primary contractor’ Downer Mining, but no venue or times. mThen, after quoting a Downer Mining media release about the work areas it covers (just about everything) reporter Tony Raggatt has the decency to write:

‘While it has been reported that Downer is yet to sign a binding contract and will not do so until the Indian group finalises funding for the initial stage of the project, Downer’s jobs portal said it was the “primary contractor”.

So these sessions will simply be further empty gabfest sessions which will not sign anyone up to a paying job, while bolstering Adani’s illusory fable that matters are going ahead no matter what. And the paper will sink deeper in to the mire of recrimination which will engulf it by hurtfully misled unemployed hopefuls when the whole thing falls over, which us increasingly on the cards – here are none so blind as those who will not see.

Downer is at least showing admirable responsibility, more than we can say for our gullible mayor.

But Adani management Are Shameless And Callous

So The Astonisher trumpets all this pie-in-the-sky long shot stuff cruelly playing on the desperation of those urgently needing a job. But if the wounds of the unemployed aren’t throbbing enough, Adani rubs in some salt, when Raggatt – who is smart enough not to suggest that he himself stating what he must know to be highly doubtful claims – writes:

‘In a statement this week, Adani said job creation for regional Queensland across its mine, rail and port projects was well under way. Adani hoped the regional employment events would help to create “a positive outlook for the regions moving forward into 2018”.

Adani's Aust CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj

Adani Australian CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj

“As our project continues to move forward, we are excited to bring regional Queensland workers on board to help us start building our mine, rail and port projects,” Adani Australia CEO and Country Head Jeyakumar Janakaraj said.

“Groups hoping to stop us have failed because we have already started.”

What?!? Here’s a newflash for you J-Man, you twisting callous c …. err. country head, you. As they say in court, just because you say it is so, does not make it so.

So to flatly state a unilateral claim that the project has ‘already started’ means it is a done deal is the stuff of Alice In Wonderland … if Alice is on LSD.

So it is going ahead, despite not having anyone truly interested in ponying up and putting finance in place, with no contract for your primary work supplier AND no guarantee of Australian taxpayer money to build your crucial rail line (emphasis on ‘your’)?

And even today, Chinese biggest bank, linked to the engineering crowd you said will buy into the project, nixed that plan outright … no dough for Adani, they said.

When oh when are people going to wake up? Even if some deal is cobbled together, the pack of cards that is Adani is set to come tumbling down, with a bigger fallout than QNI.

More Gore(y) Details

Craig Gore

rare picture of Craig Gore with his hand in his own pocket.


Has Craig Gore hit the toe, used some hidden stash and skipped the country, presumably to Sweden and the ever-loving arms of tax-cheating Swedish missus? His matter was mentioned in a Brisbane court yesterday (Friday) for the 9th time since April 14 when he was arrested on 15 fraud and ‘acting as a company director when disqualified’ charges.

The ‘acting’ charges and some of the fraud matters are connected to the  Hinchinbrook Resort in Cardwell, the town where the court ordered him to remain while on bail. Gore did not appear in court yesterday, nor at one or two previous occasions, and it must be assumed that again yesterday, the court excused his appearance, otherwise the matter would not have been again adjourned, this time to December 22, and arrest warrants likely issued.

But here’s the thing – Gore had been regularly strutting the streets of Cardwell and manning the bar at the Resort’s restaurant (scene of his spectacular melt-down and object throwing tantrum before his aresst). His appearance in the resort area had been specifically ruled out in his bail conditions, but such piffling little order like the that doesn’t bother this grub. BUT … The Magpie’s contacts tell him that no one in Cardwell has seen him for the past four weeks or so. Last sighting was on November 4th.

If this walking financial cancer has removed himself from the community body, then no matter where he is, he is breach of bail unless there is some special permission been granted which has not been made public. Gore is not the shy retiring type, so it will no doubt be soon before we know which part of Australia … or the planet … he is infesting.

Don Burke Has Been Misunderstood

Every innocent statement is being twisted.

don burke


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  1. Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

    Hey “Pie, Angelina is mine. Stay away.

  2. Peter Sandery says:

    Whilst I think your idea of doing a Canberra with Brisbane has merit as I do with the proposal to “bring back the Nats” which has, incidentally, as you allude to , never really gone away, the idea is only a short term fix and will never resolve the long term issues of demographic imbalance and a continued movement of people from regions to cities – in our case the south-east. There is but one form of government which actually has the wherewithal built into it to alleviate that problem and that is a federal system, properly implemented, anything less will only ever be a stop gap measure open to manipulation by the unscrupulous. Which is what the current Senate actually is to the current federal Australian body politic.

  3. The old peterbuilt says:

    We attended a private function on the weekend. Among the gathered was eight ex tcc workers and six current employees. Naturally the ex’s were keen to hear the latest coming out of their old work place. The general consensus was chaos. If you thought your rates are too high imagine how you’ll react when you realise you’ll be getting even less for your buck. The current employees said services were being dropped or discontinued right across the board and claimed the back to basics project was just a con. It consisted of carrying out work that should be done as a normal day to day running of a council. Staffing levels are such that most areas aren’t able to get get the work done. One example quoted was the credit card expenditure hasn’t been reconciled since June. In another area a level seven ( very good salary level ) employee sits all day with no work. Probably just as well Adele isn’t a butcher. She may know how to wield a knife but hasn’t got a clue where and how to cut. Mullet has let the impaler wear the brunt of this so called restructure but her hour of reckoning will come. There is also a strong rumour coming out of council that the impaler was kicked out of a SA council for being a naughty girl. Mayhaps the new editor could do some investigative journalism into this issue.

    • Old Hack says:

      The Impaler’s employment history , particularly her stint with Labor in the Northern Territory, is well-documented by Dr Google. Get reading and keep trembling.

      • The Magpie says:

        Most of which has been documented on this blog. Particularly being caught out lying during a radio interview when she was a Labor ‘operative’ in Darwin.

  4. Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

    The Council is exceptionally good at misinformation and to date have become very good at stifling criticism regarding any comment on what the Council and Councillors do.
    Democracy requires comment and free speech and the day that is gone we are all in trouble. We have recently seen CCC investigations of a number of Council expose wrongdoing and we understand this trend will continue.
    For years the Townsville City Council has been unopposed publicly and lacking a voice of information to the Residence and Ratepayers who are Voters and now we have a number of large specialized forums for people to express opinions both for and against whatever subject they choose but everyone who has an FB connection can contribute to.
    Social media is the new worlds way of expressing opinions so our advice is to use the forum and contribute because the future is what we as Residents and Ratepayers want it to be.

  5. Alacan says:

    Plenty in todays piece Mapie . Good read .. thks

    And great call on mullets miscommunication, misrepresentation, misconception, .. or we could say mischievousness .. unless of course as you have done .. called it exactly as it is . Geez another set of her daks up in smoke.

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    Attention Mayor Mullet and Astonisher editor. Please read this:


    Now, what about a story outlining the mayor’s plans for recouping the $18.5 million of ratepayers funds she gifted to Adani for its airport?

    • Achilles says:

      Sorry CC you can forget any hope of the ‘ville or Rocky ever seeing their cash gifted to Got’em the gifted liar.

      His contention will be there has been a huge misunderstanding by both Mayors, as the lack of proper documentation and due process, can’t show intent. He will claim “but you said it was mine, not for a mine”.

      So I’ve transferred it all offshore for safe keeping”

  7. Gonzo says:

    Pie, One of your best blog posts: full of news and humour and your impending marriage to Angelina Jolie. I hope you invite me to the wedding. Nice summary about Don Burke. The headline, the intro and thought bubble on the photo says it all. Cheers.

  8. Colin Foley says:

    Have a look at Pickering’s version of why Shorty is stuck with Disastryari:


  9. Grumpy says:

    The idea of moving Qld Parliament is a grand one. May I suggest Charters Towers, it is more or less central in a North, South, East and West directions. And this would also breath some money into a smaller community.
    Let’s do it.
    Much better idea than the cost ridden idea of seperate state idea.

    • The Magpie says:

      unfortunately about as likely, too, Grumps.

      • The Real Grumpy says:

        THAT WAS NOT ME !!!

        Ask him for my identifier, “Pie

        • The Magpie says:

          You just have BUT if you’re the genuine article, you know my private email contact … let me know.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Knew straight-up it wasn’t you, Grumps. The comment was typically tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve never seen you make a spelling mistake and there were two in the imposter’s short post.

          • Old Mudpicker-Still counting the preferences says:

            We certainly don’t need another Grumpy. There is no real need for the one we do have.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bullshit – you’d be lost without him, go on, admit it!

          • Ronny Rotten says:

            Grumpy is, at least, consistent with his comments. We can never be sure if it’s the ‘Real Muddy’ talking because, like the proverbial mad woman, you spread it all over the place.

  10. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    I’m a little jealous of Ms Jolie.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  11. Jatzcrackers says:

    Appears the new Bullsheet editor has had absolutely zero impact! Saturdays double page feature from real estate editor Ms Andersen, claiming the tide had turned and Townsville folk who owned an apartment or two, were actually reaping a profit !! So no mention of where this load of codswallop data was sourced from but it’s in the paper so it must be right !! I’m assured by those in the industry that this is so far from the truth that it beggars belief !! Several hundred Townsvillians, both local and out of town apartment owners can definitely confirm that the word profit hasn’t come into their vocabulary since 2008 ! Another blatant lie from the Bullsheet that will have some impact on those grasping at straws and commit to advertising in our local rag in order to assist their declining advertising coffers. While I’m sure some owners will eventually bite the bullet and commit to selling, the Bullsheet’s blatant lies are at best cruel and at worst criminal. Where’s the responsible journalism here ?

    • Dave Nth says:

      Just a hunch but I’d say more publicity to pump the non performing sub divisions of a few Developers. Especially to investors down south in property seminars or through financial advisors. Had a a valuation done on my house by the Bank as I am offloading an asset down south, confirmed what is going on in my area. I’ve gone backwards by a large sum.

    • Scotty says:

      “responsible journalism” Now there’s an oxymoron if ever I saw one, however, in the case of the Astonisher, you can probably omit the oxy part.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes I noticed that one, they can talk all they want about “the market turning around” or “ a noticeable increase in enquiries”from some real estate agent but then they contradict their own story with another story from Damian Keyes who refers honestly to the latest RP Data for September which is clear, the market is still falling. I just purchased a little unit for my mother in law to move into that has easier access for her walker etc, 45% lower then it’s sale price in 2008.

    • Sandgroper says:

      The tide is certainly turning on Townsville real estate, Jatzy. Unfortunately, it’s left a lot of property owners high and dry.
      Dave’s hunch about the paper’s motivation for its cheerleading is right on the money.

  12. The old peterbuilt says:

    Adele the impaler has taken on the role of Xmas gringe by ordering no Xmas decorations to be put in offices or on desks. So as well as being a proven liar with no corporate knowledge or experience is she now showing her socialist colours or is she a secret Muslim offended by our celebration of Christianity.

    • Doxie says:

      However, she had no hesitation/problem announcing a lovely, heart-warming pay increase for those in Council that matter. FFS……….

      • The Magpie says:

        Look slike the start of a charm offensive … which will actually be a smarm offensive.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Looks like she is using the old “divide and conquer” system. 2.75% for internal staff and 4.5% for outside workforce. You can see which is the dominate Union. CMFEU and affiliates. As for the $9.4 million in savings from the restructure. Where did the $18.5 mil come from for Got’em.?
          Quote “I don’t think there will be any outcry from ratepayers”. Ya think!!!

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, the first three words of the quote are accurate …

          • Alahazbin says:

            Do “ya think” she should withdraw the statement?

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            It’s called double dipping mate. Also from last week
            Hee – Haw

            November 29, 2017 at 1:59 pm
            It is also interesting to note that given the Mullet’s statement that the $18.5 m for the Adani airport is to come out of savings made in wages this year that the actual council spending on wages has GONE UP from $137m in 2016 to $149 m in 2017.

            Looks like the savings keep on giving somehow??
            Wage bill is up, Adani get $18. 5 million and pay increases come out of $9.4 million savings as well. So $18.5 + $9.4 = nearly $28 million in savings. We are lucky to have such gifted leaders.

  13. The Magpie says:

    Magpie email to Media Watch.
    Dear Mr Barry,

    Sorry to have to say this, but you were wrong …that is, wrong to apologise on-line to a News Ltd female editor.

    Here’s why.

    Have just had a good old chortle reading how someone at News Ltd (it could be ANYone and it would be funny) accusing MW of unbalanced and shoddy journalism because you miscounted the number of women running News papers.!!


    After ploughing through the overwritten glop, we get to the nub of the matter in the very end.

    Quote: “Mackay editor Rowan Hunnam replied: ‘’Surely you meant ‘thanks and sorry’ @TheRealPBarry? And yes, hi, Rowan Hunnam, female editor of another News Corp regional title.’’

    Mr Barry tweeted back: ‘’Yes. Sorry. We took our list of News Corp regional dailies from the News Corp website.’’ Unquote.

    News Ltd is notorious for being a day late and a dollar short on their often neglected websites outside the metro area (and they ain’t too flash there either).

    So the error was not YOUR error, it was just quoting News Ltd’s on-line and public information, so it was THEIR error.

    Retract your apology, Paul, or you are tacitly condoning this sloppy behaviour. heh heh heh.

    The Other MW

    Malcolm Weatherup
    aka The Townsville Magpie

  14. Kingswood says:

    A typo in the online version headline really sums it up..(my capitals)

    “CLIVE Palmer has thrown down the gauntlet to Townsville to welcome him back otherwise he MAY invest to reopen QNI.”

    And that’s a threat!

  15. Concerned citizen says:

    The news from China gets worse for Mayor Mullet and The Astonisher:
    Now not one but two of the biggest banks in the world have no interest, how long can the editor turn a blind eye to these developments?
    Does she really think if she doesn’t report them the Chinese banks will reverse their decision.
    And why isn’t she asking the mayor what’s happening with our $18.5 million airport gift? I’m yet to meet anyone who thinks the mayor has done the right thing so surely we, the ratepayers, are entitled to some straight answers.
    Had hoped the new editor might be more professional than her predecessor.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Fraid’ not CC, might be a new iditor but the agenda remains the same based on the garbage (see lies) coming out of the Bullsheet !

  16. The Accountant says:

    Shite O Dear,

    Mullet and Dill:


    Careful with your bullying, it might end in tears!

  17. Alacan says:

    The wife shouts her mother to a couple of nights in Townsville each Xmas staying at various hotels/motels and this year has been no different except for the standard of accommodation. Family Members gather as early Xmas gathering.

    You would have thought that the sugar shaker as known in better days may have been a safe bet with close proximity to the cowboys leagues club .. support the cbd .. you know .. the cry to arms from the establishment but .. true to form a less than happy customer service Xperience in Townsville.

    First room .. fridge doesn’t work

    Second room air cond is set .. tepid at best

    Second room .. shower from adjoining room we think leaks into their room

    Meal at leagues club .. might have been an off night but pub grub would outmatch the footy fare . Have been there other nights when all good .. so maybe just a bad result that night .. still felt like we were sold a dummy as we watched reruns of the gf.

    Main gripe and disappointment is the shabby accommodation.Check-out in the morning should be interesting . .. but we expect they won’t give a rats arse .. its just the way it is now days in our piece of “paradise”.

    • Critical says:

      Fact – Townsville is generally known for it’s poor service standards in the hospitality and service industries.
      Fact – The building is over 40 years old and probably should be demolished like many others in the CBD.
      Fact – many hotels and motels in Townsville self assess and over rate themselves.
      The standard of accomodation in Townsville is that poor that I tell potential visitors that I know to skip Townsville and go to either Cairns or the Whitsundays.

  18. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Is the Bonnie Lass at the Astonisher taking a few tentative steps towards turning the Titanic before it hits the relevance iceberg and sinks out of sight?

    Today we have an article on the announcement of a second Chinese bank walking away from funding Adani.

    Green shoots indeed! Hopefully they will propagate.

  19. Definitely Not Grumpy says:

    I must say, I met Muddy the other day and can tell you he is a most pleasant chap, good looking, charming and extremely intelligent.
    If this is the sort of person on the left hand side of politics, I may have to consider crossing over.

  20. Ex-Resident says:

    Good news, but I can’t find it yet online. So much for the Bulletin’s claims of fast internet access to breaking stories. (Of course, in this case the story is already days old).
    By way of contrast, cricket scores are being posted in a fairly timely fashion.

  21. The Lone Ranger says:

    Note that the Adani story in today’s Astonisher ran to just six paragraphs and was totally slanted towards the Adani mine still being an “incredible project”.
    Absolutely no mention of the fate of the mayor’s $18.5 million gift to Got ‘Em, so let’s not get carried away with green shoots just yet.
    I’d say the new editor was shamed into running something, so she did her best to put a positive spin on it.
    Has the Chinese banks announced they were backing the project, it would have been all over the front page with at least 2 pages inside to allow the mayor and TEL to pat themselves on the back.
    Sorry, but its business as usual at the Astonisher.

  22. Achilles says:

    Mahal Memsahib Hill
    I am not understanding the request in your letter, which you sent to Mr GG same as JJ but he’s a horse of a different color; if I am reading it correctly it is asking for a return of your most generous gift of $18.5M.

    Ma’am it is I who am the Indian, (colored person in the wood pile) yet now acting are you like Indian giver! after the hospitality and largess which we lavished on you on your visit to India.

    May I please be reminding you that you said it was mine, no mention was made of a mine. Goodness gracious me, the world is now railed against me, now China has said “tell em to eat curry”.

    We shall holding be, a Poojah for the cleansing of your soul after this action,

    May Ganesh waive his trunk in your direction.

    Got’em Adani

  23. Woodduck says:

    With the ban of political donations from overseas influences,and the Transparency scheme. I got to thinking about Cuddlepie, and his oversea connections. I sure he married a lady of Asian background, nothing wrong with that, from what I could see she was a lovey girl. But, Cuddlepie did leave pretty quick to work for some company overseas, after the election,I believe. So was he working for this company, before he was voted out? Did the company he went to work for, contribute to his election campaigns? Are they still donating to the ALP? Could Cuddlepie have been a secret agent? Is this company responsible for the heartache and tears, for all them labor years? What do the conspiracy theorists have to say? They were the days Cuddlepie, Mandy Who,Captain Snooze, His Radiancy, Prince Peter.

    • Alahazbin says:

      The answer is probably yes on all questions.
      I remember he cleaned out his office and was gone the day after the election.

  24. Deep-breathing Doris says:

    I breathe in, I breathe out. ‘Pie any word on the seats of Hinchinbrook and Townsville? The final counts were today. I breathe in, I breathe out.

  25. Dave of Kelso says:

    ABC radio news this morning, 3rd Chinese bank has refused a loan to Adani. Is this in the Astonisher? I ask as again I am out of town.

  26. Concerned citizen says:

    See in today’s Astonisher (front page) that we now have a shortage of workers in Townsville.
    So can Mayor Mullet, her puppet councilors and the 20 so-called business leaders, who thought giving Adani $18.5 million of our rates for the promise of hundreds of jobs for locals, please tell us why we needed these jobs so desperately?
    Laurence Lancini, Darryl Holmes, anyone?????

  27. Stanley says:

    Had to laugh at Coralee O’Rourke’s corflute “Save Our Hospital” – what with Mooney in charge of the board at TTH and a labor state government in office … even labor know QH is a basket case – but will they do anything about it?

    • Old Mudpicker- Anarchist says:

      Actually, they just opened a new Childrens ward at the hospital. My wife who works there says it is absolutely brilliant. Dont let your bias get in the way of facts. The main concern of hospital staff is the absolute raping they took from Can Do and trying to recover from it

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        What twaddle Muddy. Labor have been at the wheel for the past 3 years and have fallen asleep at it. You can’t just blame Newman. They haven’t done anything to rectify it.

        • Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

          At least you admit that Newmans doings need rectifying. It will take more than 3 years for that. It is why Labor got reelected.

      • Swinger says:

        Is someone letting bias get in the way of facts?

        That’s terrible, Mudpicker.

  28. Dutch Reverend says:

    Heard on the radio today that Adani have been referred to the ACCC for falsely claiming they are creating 10,000 jobs. I also notice that if you go the TCC website, there is no longer a banner guaranteeing 10,000 jobs and $90mill / yr for the next 30 years. There is a header saying there is a jobs bonanza, but unlike all the other headers, when you tap on it it doesn’t link to anything or do anything at all. I’m curious to know what the jobs bonanza consists of.

  29. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    Has the silly Mullet actually handed over the $18.5 Mill. to Adani or what?
    If yes she should be in jail.

  30. Hee - Haw says:

    I just can’t help myself.

    Bulletin article today Quote

    “Ms Woods said that at the end of January TEL would be launching a campaign with Tourism and Events Queensland targeting Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Darwin and Papua New Guinea.

    “It’s focused on the events calendar, we’re telling people to come for our events and stay for the nature-based attractions,” she said.”

    Focused on the events calendar !!!!!! that would be the one here



    • Hurtle Duffield says:

      I had the unfortunate duty of attending yesterday’s ‘stakeholder briefing’ by TCC and Pure Projects, allegedly announcing something exciting for Townsville, and did I ever regret it. Many of the gilded few were in attendence; Gill, a grumble of Councillors (close to all of them), Coralee O’Rourke was allegedly present, although I did not spot her, the CEO (looking, to my eyes, slightly, let us say, unwell), the typical rash of TV and Bully journos.

      The ‘unveiling’ of Townsville 2020, as they have called it, had a somewhat fumbled beginning, with Jenny Hill (with a new ‘do, I might add- have Pure Projects suggested this as a way of changing her nickname, and therefore public perception?) acknowledging the Deputy Mayor: Mr Les Tyrell. It was by far the funniest Hill has ever been, albeit on accident. The vision for Townsville in 2020 was so gassed up by Hill that I half expected a trumpet fanfare to accompany her wobbly stayan elocution. But what was the big hubbub all about? Don Morris of PP, the newly appointed ‘Placemaker and City Planner’ (that’s Pure Projects, not Don Morris per se), was there to tell us in his inimitably sincere-yet-pandering tones, how ‘authentic’ we Townsville folk are, and how we can undoubtedly pull ourselves up by the bootsraps and become the next Melbourne, Newcastle or Hobart. Mr Morris also had the interesting tidbit for us that, according to the statistics they were using, that we in Townsville now have a population of 206,000. News to me, at any rate!

      Oh, and we were fortunate to get a vacuous nasal remastering of the human language with another self-congratulatory address from Patty from TEL.

      So after this mercifully brief ‘announcement’, I found myself doing up a quick tally of what is actually being touted for 2020. We have a pretty animation of a ‘super yacht’ hotel.

      We have a public announcement of the intention to go to market for the ‘laneway’ passage that will be built through from Ogden Bus Hub to Flinders Streets (through the old sportspower building, which will be demolished) with accompanying pretty pictures.

      We will have abseiling on Castle Hill.

      We’ll have a stadium.

      We’ll have a ‘greened’ city- somehow.

      Is any of this new to anybody? Now, at the beginning of this nonsense, we were explicitly told by Hill that this was not ‘another plan’ for Townsville. She’s right- it appears to be more of a grab bag full of ideas hurled at a bathroom wall.

      At least the muffins were okay.

      • Meow Meow Terrorist says:

        And how were the muffin tops? They are a highlight at casual TEL staff gatherings.

      • Dearie Me says:


        Farrrk orrrrfff

        Don Morris is a delusional. Our population has shrunk due to migration out of the north, not grown, and the figures show that.

  31. Memory Man says:

    This council seems determined to make us a community that sells cups of coffee to each other. The council buying the old Flinders Street sports store to make in to a ‘Flinders Lane’ of twee eateries is a clear sign of desperation, and shows clearly the private investment market has no appetite for Townsville’s CBD escapades. Will a bus station result in a surge in visitor numbers to the CBD? No. The business case ends right here. Mullet and Co are deluded and are suffering a big dose of denial.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is the start, Memory Man …caught out by her unfathomable and rapidly unravelling Adani airstrip decision, which has firmly lodged her tits in the wringer, Mayor Mullet is now cranking up that old political (and CIA) euphemism ‘redirecting the narrative’ … the ‘look! Over there! No, not here … there!!’

      This is irresponsible social engineering run by a wmamn whose scant professional training involved supervising obedient lab rats. And it shows.

      • Sandgroper says:

        The tangled web of deceit is rapidly being shredded. The current nest of obedient lab rats — aka the city councillors — would be well advised to ponder ways to save their rodent arses.

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I see the brainless dickheads of this town all sitting like a bunch of nodding dogs at todays presentation as Pure Projects dishes out its next fairy tale vision to feed the gullible masses of this town, who the fuck really believes this shit, the desperation of people clinging to the hope that someone will actually jump up from the crowd and build any of this stuff is just incredible, super yacht marinas, wave pools, laneway eating and fashion, green spaces so people stop calling it Brownsville, WTF are these people thinking.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Haven’t seen the Ross Creek walkway started in the “PDA”. It was plastered all over info monitors throughout council offices in early 2016.

  33. Old Mudpicker- Anarchist says:

    Stewart claims win in Townsville. Labor 48. LNP 39. Others 5.
    Clear mandate to Anna. Let the teeth gnashing begin. I tried to tell you lot what was coming but you wouldn’t listen.
    Bad luck to the KAP who wanted to hold the balance of power and fill their boots. If I was Anna, I would give them a few of their wishes. Keep them onside.
    One Nation will never be a long term prospect. As soon as Hanson goes, the party is over, just like it was for Vince Gair and Don Chipp in the past.
    Anyway. I am off to put some Lemonade in the ice box. I will raise a glass to the Premier tonight.

  34. Momentu says:

    Just found a copy of Courier Mail 5/12/17
    (Q Coal starting work with no handouts and are they Adani neighbours ?)
    ‘Q Coal can hardly believe their luck. While greenie protesters focus their wrath on Adani, Wallin’s Brisbane-based outfit has quietly gone about building its $1.6 billion Bowen coal mine in the Bowen Basin. This low-profile, privately-operated company just awarded a $350 million contract for mining and earthworks to WA industry player MacMahon. The mine, about 140km west of Mackay, is tipped to open next year with a 500-strong workforce and eventually yield up to 10 million tonnes of hard coking coal annually. That’s a pretty hefty amount of the dark black stuff and there’s been hardly a peep from environmentalists. Go figure!
    ‘The Courier 5/12/17’
    No mentioned of ratepayers $18 M that is heading west with Townsville’s big spend on the neighbours outback airport with ongoing running and maintenance costs to follow and no possible recovery or return from mining royalties. Do not be surprised the next big announcement will be the build cost of the airport is less than expected and to come in under budget of $18M. Yes, big savings made here and Tsv rates only increasing CPI plus a percentage to cover undisclosed / commercial in confidence ‘costs’ as TCC now own an airport out west.
    Footnote. Adani mine is to be computerised with fully remote-controlled mining equipment and the airport to be underutilized with international connections via Hamilton Island.
    With Q Coal also in the Bowen Basin just west of Mackay where is that new Adani airport going anyway? Maybe between Tsv and Rocky and is that near Mackay? While ratepayers in Mackay and Brisbane are not being asked for any handout as they know there is nothing in it for them. How many TSV ratepayers and myself are waiting for our Tsv Mayor to explain what is the ‘real deal’ to spend our money out west on an obsolete airport before it even starts.

  35. The Magpie says:

    Hang on a sec – all sides stood and sang in the House of Reps, ‘I am, you are, we are all Australians’.
    Is there a verse in there that says ‘We are not from overseas, if the high court agrees?’
    Anyway, can we all get back to our own bedrooms now, and worry about other matters that properly belong to meaningful national deliberations? Please?
    If there is one thing that annoys The ‘Pie more than recreational grief, it is this faux recreational joy.
    So mawkish, and so none of anyones business.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Agreed Pie! Now that matters related to the bedroom Olympics have been settled, it would be great to quickly get back to other matters of economic and national importance.

  36. Dearie Me says:

    How exactly are Mullet and the Impaler paying for all this 2020 plan?
    Where is the money coming from?
    Will it be rate rises or is there some other sleight of hand in play? I’d say the latter. Perhaps the council finance department is withholding some secrets…

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie gets the impression that private investors are stampeding north to build a nothing little arcade ( good idea, maybe, but hardly an earth-shattering solution to the CBD woes)and a big swimming pool. maybe she’s done a deal with her generous mate Got’em Adani, now his coal mine looks like its on the skids.

    • Dutch Reverand says:

      Sorry DM, it’s neither. Just another blow of, could have, may have, should have, are well placed to have rubbish that this council has been pumping out for the past 2 years or so. These projects are only being suggested to create a diversion. How are we going with the museum under the sea, the previous lagoon initiative, the hive, convention centre and Jamie Drearie telling us how to plant trees, just to name a few. no wonder 25,000 or so have left the city. The current council has left the ratepayers without any hope of a great future.

  37. The old peterbuilt says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Probably the least important item facing this country has taken all the parliaments and media’s time for the last two years. For fs get on with running the country.

    • The Magpie says:

      While a worthy comment withwhich Thhe ‘Pie agrees, lets not look sideways at the gay community (couldn’t be bothered with clunky, unattractive acronyms) – this whole waste of time was completely the fault of politicians, particularly the smarmy Pm amd his peace, love and vegetables stance. In other words, this was a much needed reform that could’ve passed through in law with quite dignity instead of the three-ring political circus and expensive ‘survey’ it became. And at the risk of having his eyes scratched out, The ‘Pie believes the gay community aren’t that upset … the luvvies always love a party and showing off, and are the main group that loves both recreational grief (Princess Di … I’m so sad) and now recreational joy.For christ’s … and the country’s … sake give it a fuckin’ rest, will you?

  38. Hee - Haw says:

    This from last weeks blog comment

    Tel just sent out this today

    Invitation to attend a Downer Information Session for those wanting to work on the Adani Project.

    No time
    No Location
    Not even a date on the Downer Flyer but 12th Dec from TEL

    Drop everything and say you will go to somewhere sometime for something.

    Christ these people give me the shits

    Now the update Drop everything you had dropped before, go nowhere at no time for nothing!

    Seems the jobs at Adani have been “postponed” with the meetings no one knew about are cancelled so no one needs to know.

  39. The Lone Ranger says:

    The Astonisher, obviously under instructions from its editor-at-large Jenny Hill, has started playing the blame game to try to cover up their one-eyed ineptitude regarding the Adani project.
    The last paragraph of today’s editorial reads: “Townsville business and community leaders are now concerned our political leaders’ games with this project might scare Adani off once and for all.”
    Shouldn’t that have read: “Townsville business and community leaders, especially Mayor Jenny Hill and this newspaper, are very concerned that they have been taken for a ride by Adani, which never had finance in place to build the Carmichael mine. Mayor Hill is also gravely concerned that her $18.5 million gift of ratepayers money to Adani could land her in jail.”
    But wait a minute. Didn’t Mayor Hill tell us Adani had given her a bank guarantee to cover the $18.5 million should the project not go ahead?
    If she was telling the truth, there should be nothing to worry about.
    So Jenny, reassure the ratepayers that you haven’t blown $18.5 million on a pipe dream by producing that bank guarantee. Surely that’s a reasonable request.
    When Adani finally pulls the plug – given current developments that could happen within a week – the Crime and Corruption Commission must launch an urgent investigation of Mayor Hill’s dealings with Adani.
    Should the State Labor Government use its power to block such an investigation, there must be a way ratepayers can take legal action against Mayor Hill.
    I know a lot of sharp legal minds frequent this blog, so any ideas on how this could be achieved would be greatly appreciated.
    I for one would be prepared to contribute some of my hard earned to see justice done.

  40. Hee - Haw says:

    From the minutes of the meeting at TCC 28th November 2017

    The Mayor, Councillor J Hill tabled a petition regarding the Adani Carmichael Mine Project.
    Councillor Hill noted there were approximately 51,000 names and addresses in this petition but
    only 636 are related to the people of Townsville. Councillor Hill referred to the format of
    petitions and noted the petition is not a true representation of the Townsville community,
    however, it will be tabled and a response issued.

    More BS from council

  41. Memory Man says:

    ‘Massive lagood ToTransform The Strand’! ? !

    There’s more spin here than Shane Warne bowling to Mike Gatting.

    Poor old Donny Morris’ big idea – a swimming pool along the Strand – was little more than a lift job from Cairns. I guess that just confirms that when you’re out of ideas of your own, you emulate others. Mimicry is flattery, so Cairns should be pleased.

    Funnily enough, when Mayor Mullet launches the “plan” today, she didn’t pre-release any “artist’s impressions”. The story trots out pics of The Ville. Perhaps she’s got the hint that as far as the good citizens of the North are concerned, artist’s impressions aren’t worth the Paper they’re printed on.

    That said, Mayor Mullet says there’s money in future budgets and the private sector is ready to invest in the community. She also claims she wants the lagoon construction well underway by 2020. So, let’s have some real information if these claims are remotely true.

    1. What is the estimated capital cost of the lagoon?
    2. What engineering assessments have been done to give weight to the costings?
    3. What environmental impact assessments have been undertaken to address the obvious issues related to the State’s Coastal Management regime?
    4. What’s the business model for the lagoon? How is the private sector involved?
    5. What is the estimated annual O&M of the lagoon?
    6. How long is the construction program?
    7. What impacts will construction have on existing residential and commercial users?

    • The Magpie says:

      it’s text book classic … in buzz word parlance, it is known as ‘redirecting the narrative.’

      Forget Adani (financiers have, it seems) and any question about whether the $18.5million has already been handed over the Wagners, who will built the airstrip for Adani.

      No, no, ignore all that, look at these shiny new beads and blankets … look here, NO NO, not there, HERE ,,, see a big swimming pool. Isn’t that nice? And won’t people flock here to dabble their toes? And make us a tourist mecca.

      Why are you sobbing? There, there, everything will be all right, you shoudn’t have gone looking at those nasty national figures released today that show just how deep in the shit Townsville is. You’ll only make yourself sad … c’mon, chin up, that’s a good little ratepayer. And remember to vote for me when the time comes.)

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Don’t worry about how much it will cost. Will be paid out of the savings made with staff reductions. Just like everything else.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Every year people gather on the Strand to watch turtles lay eggs on the beach, do these people actually think the EPA and GBRMPA would allow the construction of a lagoon that would inhibit the turtles from doing so, they are dillusional. The lagoon out the front of the casino on the duck pond would be a viable proposition and would not have any impact, in fact it’s exactly where many thought any such project should be anyway, but I would imagine Chris Morris would want to see a dramatic improvement in the fortunes of this town and in particular the performance of our dud of an airport before stumping up many more millions.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, did you note the liberal and judicious use of the words ‘could’ and ‘would’ in his quotes. Not knocking Chris, at least there’s one Morris around town who isn’t a sponger, and who proves he is sincere about the place by already putting up his dough as a show of faith.

  42. The Magpie says:

    Headless chook, anyone?

    They’re on the run, for sure. This from the hera;ld Sun, since bad news about Adani and jobs is ‘premium content’ at the Astonisher.

    The nub of the matter can be summed up in a couple of quotes, and thanks be that Tony Raggatt did the story. he starts with:
    ADANI  jobseeker events at Townsville and Palm Island have been postponed not much more than a week after they were announced.
    Mining contractor Downer has removed information about the events from its website and declined to answer questions about the change.”

    And rather than an anodyne ‘ didn’t respond to Astonishers calls, Raggers does the right thing and says exactly what they wouldn’t answer viz:
    “(Downer) did not respond to questions about why information on its website had been removed, what the interest level was from people interested in the community engagement events, and whether it was concerned about reports that Chinese banks will not finance Adani’s Carmichael project.”

    But Adani are doing a Black Knight ‘is that all you’ve got?’ blather, when Raggers suddenly – understandably, one supposes – goes all vague when he writes:
    “Sources suggest this is not make or break for the project and that Adani is investigating other avenues for finance.”

    This is so red hot that must be a tabasco source …

    (guffaw chortle, oh The Magpie does amuse himself sometimes).

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Or an iron poker left in the fire. And to whom will the poker be applied? Hummm, think 18,500,00 and the answer is clear.

  43. The old peterbuilt says:

    Heard today that the sovereign hotel is going to close very soon. Only took $95 the other day. Where will the poor buggers drink? Oh well the old tractor shed is open to all and sundry, just need to enjoy a drink and be able to laugh at yourself and everyone else.

  44. Spinner says:

    “Paul Jacob: To set the record straight. I stood down from council on leave without pay for the whole six weeks. It is part of the local government act that that made that possible. All of my council resources went back to council during that period.”
    This is Paul Jacobs reply to the question The Magpie asked about what Paul did with his council pay while running for the state government election.
    He is saying he didn’t get paid but the Magpie says “LGAQ rules are that if you stand down but don’t actually resign, you continue to be paid, and there is no mechanism to suspend such payment while you’re away”.
    Who is correct?

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