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Sunday, May 20th, 2018   |   120 comments

The Pride And Prejudice of Ewen Jones: He Was On Thin Ice Long Before Last Weeks Blunder

The Magpie looks behind the former member for Herbert’s desperate and disastrous attempt to bolster his slim chance of gaining LNP pre-selection for the upcoming Federal election.

One Rollingstone woman’s fight against her victimization by people trying to force her off her property could soon involve criminal charges. The ‘Pie reports.

And the Port Hinchinbrook Resort gets fumigated of at least one rat … financial fiddler Craig Gore’s final connection with the resort is comprehensively severed by a Queensland judge.

But first …

(Bentley’s taking another brief break,  off to see the world for three weeks, lucky bugger.)

In the meantime …. it would seem that Paul Zanetti has the inside info on what he sees as the excellent match-up between the House of Windsor and the House of Markle.

Zanetti on royal wedding

Love Chuck’s pot plant.

But the wedding has raised another modern issue. Overkill is an almost redundant word nowadays when discussing the media, but new life has been breathed into it by this royal (yawn) wedding. It is icing on the (wedding) cake for Rosen in the New Yorker.

Fllis Rosen in Th New Yorker

On The Local Scene, The Astonisher Never Misses A Hard Sell

The placement of advertisements in newspapers used to be a prime and sensitive consideration for editors, but the words ‘sensitive’ and ‘Townsville Bulletin’ are rarely – no, make that ‘never’ – heard in the same sentence. First we had a front page effort a while back featuring the Ingham floods next to a prominent full colour ad for a popular brand of recreational boat. This week, we got this …


Well, if tragedy was inevitable, at least you’d know where to go to reload.

And Just In Case, You Can Say You Heard It Here First

 Screen shot 2018-05-19 at 12.56.47 PM

In fact, hearing it here first is becoming a feature of the Magpie comments during the week, and even occasionally in the blog itself. With a modest blush, The Magpie can boast breaking the Ewen Jones story more than 24 hours ahead of the Astonisher, and ditto Peter Lindsay’s defection to the Libs after resigning in a huff from the LNP.

Also, the insidious bullying of a Rollingstone widow (more in a moment) in an effort to get her to sell her property cheaply hasn’t even been touched by Bulletin’s crack investigative team … they have apparently been too busy with their latest ‘Townsville’s Ten Best’ series. So far we’ve had the ten best pizza places, ten best pie shops, ten best electricians and the ten best places to get shit faced after work. So it would probably follow that as a reader service, this week it’s probably be public toilets.

Screen shot 2018-05-19 at 11.52.42 PM

So this rumour may not have any substance at all (so what’s new, goes the cry!) but there was persistent tattle doing the rounds during the week that the Townsville Bulletin had been sold to a financial services group. This held some credence following the recent announcement from Holt Street that News was selling off some of its regional mastheads. But no further confirmation has surfaced.

If it is on the auction block, The Bulletin operation will fetch a pretty penny … the Flinders Street printing plant alone is worth tens of millions, and has great earning capacity, but with the catch that the current print runs of the Courier and the Australian plus a host of other papers including the Cairns Post would have to go with any sale, or otherwise the swisho German press would be a white elephant.

Hmmm, one wonders ….

The Rumble At Rollingstone Is About To Hot Up 

margaret richards

Seems certain authorities are starting to take an interest in the bullying and stand-over tactics alleged to have targeted 76-year-old widow Sandra Richards. She is the owner of the Rollingstone property Moongabulla, where she agists cattle and has nurtured a pioneering and now valuable mahogany tree plantation.

Depending on the outcome of those inquiries by various authorities who are taking the allegations very seriously , it could lead to police involvement and criminal charges.

First, there are several matters going on on the northern beaches, so here is a satellite mud map to keep you in the picture. The area of Mrs Richards’ property in circled in red. (The yellow sjows the proximity of the Bluewater Airport, which we will discuss in a later blog.

Bluewater aerial

In a brief overview, Sandra Richards’ son Cameron, who does the public speaking for his mother, says his mother has been effectively locked off her property – certainly as far as vehicular access is concerned. He says this has been allowed to happen through an inexplicable and unexplained Townsville Council back-flip on a decision which led Mrs Richards spent $25,000 on a road upgrade, a road that could also be of valuable use to the rural fire brigade. Cameron also says his mother has been subject to night prowlers, threats and intimidation, all with the aim of harassing her into selling her property, in a ‘fire sale’ at below market value.

He also alleges an arson attack which burnt down several kilometers of Moongabulla fences. This matter has been festering for some years now, without anyone except the Richards attempting to find a negotiated settlement. In documents obtained by The Magpie, Cameron Richards writes in his detailed timeline of events the following:

14/10/2015 Sandra Richards attends her property and discovers (a) 8 klm of boundary fence (and a telephone line along this) from the highway to Paluma hills has been wilfully burnt down – someone has painstakingly used a drip-flame for 8klms to wilfully burn straight into a fence so that it is hard to avoid conclusion that it was intentional . Also a bulldozer has done additional damage to roads and some fence sections. Burning logs block the access road and have to be removed. 

Picture supplied by Cameron Richards

Picture supplied by Cameron Richards

The scrub was still smouldering and start a new fire the next week which burn down the prime grassland of a large paddock on Moongabulla.

Although there is a later suggestion of a possible Rural Fire Service ‘burn-off’, there has never been any notice or explanation provided to indicate this, to explain or even to justify this. Cossens (a local RFS officer) was given a show cause a couple of weeks ago, and the RFS investigator has provided an interim report that they can find no legitimate explanation about this or the apparent cover-up that then followed.  

The Magpie is not privy to the nature or progress of the investigations by various authorities, but he understands that Cameron Richards has sent out Right To Information requests across a range of government departments. And the Townsville City Council.

Here are some of the people who may be interviewed in relation the fires and the decisions to empower the Richards’ neighbours, the Navarros, to effectively lock Mrs Richards and her caretaker off her property.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: The Magpie implies nothing illegal of any of the following people, and just states they may be interviewed to throw some light on events.

David Wadley and his son Tomas.

David Wadley has been involved in property sales in the area for some time, and has, according to Cameron Richards, incorrectly represented himself as the owner of a neighboring property. Cameron believes he is simply a manager/caretaker, and has never owned the property, and the real owner is the Sarawak identity Thomas Tiong (he is also involved in the proposed equestrian centre at Bluewater, more on that in a moment.)

Son Tomas (yes, Tomas) Wadley is the head of Bluewater Real Estate, and has worked closely with his father on several matters.

Bill Cusack, who Cameron Richards says is a co-manager with David Wadley of an adjacent property reputedly owned by Thomas Tiong’s company. Mr Richard’s says in 2015, Mr Cusack sent his mother an email threatening to block access and demanding $100,000. The reason for the money demand is not clear in the documents but it could be construed that it was payment for access to continue as it had done – for free in good neighbourly fashion –  for previous decades. Cusack has subsequently apologised to Mrs Richards and has severed all ties with the Wadleys.

Solicitor Connie Navarro - Emanate Legal

Solicitor Connie Navarro – Emanate Legal

Connie Navarro. A solicitor with Barry Taylor’s Emanate Legal in Townsville. Cameron Richards believes Navarro could be facing serious conflict of interest questions, and not just as a solicitor. Mr Richards understand Navarro is or was an advisor to Townsville Council committees on on land and property matters, particularly north of the city, but has other links that require some explanation. He writes today:

We have just been advised that she is on an advisory committee for the Department of Natural Resources for matters pertaining to road closures, stock routes, etc, in the North Queensland area. I have emailed the Dept asking them to clarify this and whether a Right to Information request is needed to do so.   

He is also seeking clarification from the TCC. 

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

Barry Taylor: The local legal fraternity’s gouger-in-chief, The Legal Foghorn is Navarro’s boss. Cameron Richards says a witness has confirmed to him that Taylor has been present at more than one meeting of a group of people discussing property matters and Mrs Richards situation. If that is correct, Taylor can and most surely will claim client confidentiality, which means he represents them to some extent, but the problem there for Taylor is that witnesses subsequently swear – which they might – that such matters as deliberate fire setting – in other words arson – were discussed at any meeting Taylor attended, ethical questions may – yet again – arise for this legal foghorn.

But crikey, The ‘Pie ain’t complaining about Big Bazza being involved , he tends to liven things up no end. It is well established around this town that things always get VERY interesting when he is involved in any matter, whether it be innovative ways to gain contracts to supply sand to the Strand beaches, his persuasive methods for raising money from business people for Mayor Mullet’s re-election campaigns, cruelly  gazumping a young woman out of a property sale because of an overheard a conversation on a social occasion, or even being a member of the Cowboy’s board of directors at a time when the club was trading insolvent under the management of Rabieh Krayem.

Never a dull moment, he certainly livens up the town … at least, when he’s here, which ain’t often nowadays, too busy entertaining folks like failing Sunday Mail editor Peter Typo Gleeson or Mayor Jenny Hill at his $10 million mansion on the Noosa waterfront.

Geeing Up Bluewater

Now let’s talk about the blue circled area. Bluewater aerial

Down the road a bit, it would seem that Malaysian financial heavyweight Thomas Tiong is steadily moving forward with plans for a swisho equestrian centre on land at Bluewater. This top-of-the-line resort will be specifically aimed at Chinese and well heeled Asian tourists.

While thoroughbred racing is banned in China, the emerging middle class is still having a love affair with horses, but given the country’s other priorities and cost structure, it is often unrequited love. So it makes sense that Chinese gee-gee enthusiasts will travel to a well appointed equestrian venue overseas for a holiday.

Warwick Powell

Warwick Powell

Warwick Powell, who writes a regular and forward looking column in the smart DUO monthly, manages this project in his capacity as a general partner of Resource Capital International Limited, which is just one of the corporate hats he wears, all with deep connections into the Chinese business world.

Mr Powell read with some concern last week’s blog, and send The Magpie this email.

I’ve read the last 2 weeks’ Nest with interest, especially in relation to activity in and around the Northern Beaches. The situation concerning the Richards, the Navarro’s et al is news to me. I can only hope the situation is resolved amicably, but am not sure of the connections being made. 

The Tiong family land that we are project-managing is not located nearby. The proposed equestrian-based tourism facility they are involved with is in Toolakea and is based on a rezoning approval.  I – together with the team of planning, design, economic, environmental and engineering experts – have worked diligently for 3+ years to slowly shape up a project that has generational significance, but maintains the character of the rural lifestyle the Northern Beaches is known for. We are continuing to refine it as I write.

We’ve refrained from “making a big deal” of the project to date, in part so as to not give rise to irresponsible land speculation and we would hate to think others are taking advantage. There’s much work to be done to ensure the Toolakea project is ecologically sound, economically robust and financially responsible.  As we finalise details in the near future, more information will be provided.

So, a worthwhile job-generating project by the sounds of it, and as speculated by The ‘Pie last week, it may be a vital piece in a jigsaw of major tourism growth for the immediate region.

Some Call It Spin, Others Call It Deliberate Lies


This more or less settles it, the lie is exposed.

As a commenter Honkers put it during the week;

This once and for all exposes the Mullet’s false claims some months ago that the “deal” with Adani was done … it was typical blown-up spin. People are entitled to treat everything from her mouth with the scepticism that is now fully deserved.

Err, you mean you didn’t already, Honkers?

Oh Ewen, Watcha Bin Doin’?

Clowning around in The House.

Nothing much or smart is the unsurprising answer, and that is – in a nutshell – the real reason that Dumbo Jumbo has only himself to blame for squeezing what little air was left in his chances of a political revival.

There’s much more to Ewen Jones impending demise of his short-lived political career than was reported in the Bulletin follow-up more than 24 hours after The Magpie revealed exclusively Jones self-immersion in hot water. It’s a thin line between cynicism and realism …. and goofy Jones’ pathetic attempts to turn lead into electoral gold blur the line altogether, and cast serious doubts on his grasp of reality.

Dumbo Jumbo appears to have committed electoral suicide by breaking one of the most time honoured political strictures … pre-selection matters are never discussed in public, they are strictly in-house affairs. And of course, everyone knows the greatest sin would be open canvassing of pre-selection support from those outside the party – (well, any party apart from the dingbat fancy dress fringe).

Everyone, that is, except Ewen Jones.

A Background Recap.

Last week, Ewen sent an email out to an unknown number of business leaders, asking them to sign and email a pro forma letter he provided them with to the selection committee. to tell the LNP dingbats in charge that he was the best choice to be the LNP candidate for Herbert.

Ewen weirdly claimed that he had broad business community support as the LNP candidate of choice and was unstintingly generous in his self-praise in the proffered letter. Here’s what he wanted people to say.

Dear Herbert Preselectors,

It is our understanding that there will be a challenge to Ewen Jones contesting the seat of Herbert at the next federal election. While we understand the principal and respect the integrity of the LNP’s processes, we feel that you should be aware of the broad support Ewen Jones has from the Townsville Business community.

We need someone who can hit the ground running. Someone who has delivered in the past for the seat and region. We need to see the LNP put their best foot forward in their attempt to regain the seat of Herbert and we, the undersigned, believe that Ewen Jones is our city’s best bet to lead that charge.

We need someone who already has the ear of Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, and Prime Ministers so we can drive our economy forward. We need the ideas to grow our economy to be the focus of the campaign, and not be distracted by trying to establish a profile.

We respectfully ask that you consider the business community’s opinion here and send a message to the community that Ewen Jones has the LNP’s unequivocal support to contest this seat at the next election.

We thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Kind regards etc

His misjudgments started right there with the inexplicable blunder of choosing the most unlikely grouping from whom to seek support … the Townsville business community. This weird choice alone made Ewen’s apparently tenuous grip on reality stick out like prawn’s eyes. He even admitted he was probably no better than the lesser of two evils, when he said in his covering email ‘I will understand if you are uncomfortable about this, but I would suggest that you will be more uncomfortable if Labor retains the seat of Herbert for a second term and they form Government.

In other words, he wanted people to lie for him.

Many an astounded recipient was no doubt torn between laughing and crying at this panicked reaction of Jones discovering he was to be challenged by what is known in the business as ‘a young thruster’ in pre-selection. But his tactic of leading with the Jones jaw drew a swift and predictable response from one recipient., who – in polite but crisp businesslike fashion – enlightened him to his real position.

Dear Ewen

Thank you for inviting me to sign your pre selection support letter.

Unfortunately I cannot agree with its contents, in particular, “you have broad business community support”. It is my understanding that the broad business community of Herbert was extremely disappointed in your ability to represent them when you were the member for Herbert.

It is also my understanding the  broad business community viewed your last election campaign as dismal, allowing an enthusiastic but low level Labor candidate to take the seat of Herbert.

I wish you and your family well, but cannot accept your kind invitation for all the above reasons and more.

Kind Regards etc

Jones enigmatically replied to this with ‘Thank you, if it’s any consolation, you are the first to say no.’

The Magpie imagines not only was the writer the first to say no, he/she was probably the first and last to say anything at all.

But Dumbo’s Problem Started Long Before This Blunder

Jones chances at pre-selection were tenuous anyway.

He was already on thin ice when he lost the seat given how much money the party threw at Herbert through election commitments.  The embarrassment the party has suffered at the hands of Hill, the three blind mice and the Tool over the City Deal has been a constant open wound.  The ‘Pie is told that that more than anything is why the coalition won’t make a funding announcement in the city until they have a candidate. And they see to agree with the general business community opinion of an ABE candidate – Anyone But Ewen.

That thin ice got melted further when the party found out after the election that Ewen made the brilliant decision to not bother to get volunteers to man the booth on Palm Island.  Coupled with his refusal to door knock, airly explaining with a regal  wave of the hand “that’s what first time candidates do, not incumbents”, leaving a booth unmanned, and then losing by just 37 votes burns a lot of political capital.

Well, it seems Jones can give another airy wave of a lacey perfumed hanky as he bids farewell to what was an totally unremarkable political career.

The Malady Lingers On For Hinchinbrook

Craig Gore

Craig Gore

In a comprehensive judicial smack-down during the week, Justice Jim Henry sitting in the Supreme Court in Cairns, effectively ended swindler Craig Gore’s last connection with the beleaguered Port Hinchbrook Resort.

In layman’s terms,  Justice Henry ruled the Gore-associated company Passage Holdings claim that another company owed it several millions in loan money was not true … in fact, a purported loan agreement was a sham. Gore was a consultant to the company, and in his latter days in that role, it was probably an illegal and undocumented role because of bans imposed by authorities on Gore’s involvement with with companies and financial matters.

It was a tangled web of business smart-arse-ery, a mysteriously missing key witness and inept paper shuffling that Justice Henry had to wade through, and it would seem Hizzonner became somewhat peeved with all the fairly obvious dodgy white shoe brigade shenanigans involved.

You can read the complex case and decisions  here, but the damning language with which Justice Henry used to sink the slipper into Passage Holdings and its legal advisor catches the eye.

But the obese female of musical refinement hasn’t even cleared her throat yet for a final song on this sad saga, the legal battles of ownership of the resort will continue to be a lawyers picnic in other aspects.  But despite an appeal of Justice Henry’s ruling against a company associated with Gore, the shyster is well out of it now. And before anything more of this comes to pass, Gore has his own more pressing legal battles on separate matters of fraud. He is to appear in a Brisbane court next month to answer several charges of fraud on unrelated issues. The charges are so serious, Gore could be in for a lengthy striped suntan at one of the Queensland government’s rehabilitation resorts for naughty people.


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  1. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I have to admit Pie I can’t understand the astonishers constant push for its online subscription whilst watching its printed edition slide down the toilet. Whilst I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of the media landscape I would have thought that from a strictly business perspective its print business is the least open to competitors, we may well see other online daily news services for Townsville in the near future as well as blogs like the nest but I struggle to think another print version of any description would ever see the light of day in the North, even Fairfax hasn’t entertained a print edition for a market the size of Brisbane and only supplies online news, so why wouldn’t the astonisher focus on its core advantage. Then again with the low standards of the astonishers reporting and it’s constant support for the failed Mullet and this useless council they could deliver it for free with breakfast supplied each day and people still wouldn’t buy it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well observed, Cranky Pants. The rot set in when through their avarice, they sacked all the people with a real connections to and understanding of this community and outsiders with no interest other than further promotion elsewhere running the joint. They just don’t realise certain basics about both Townsville and about selling newspapers … for one thing, Townsville has roundly rejected the screaming Sydney Telegraph model of front page ‘something for everybody’ mish mash … for instance juxtaposing the loss of two well known local fishermen with a new brewery and a fashion shoot. And half stories that are selectively subbed to make the reporters to look like half wits – many of whom are not..

      Look, don’t get me started … I might have to write a blog about it.

      • Sandgroper says:

        You’re right about the reporters, ‘Pie. Many wouldn’t qualify as half wits.

        • The Magpie says:

          Maybe a bit harsh, Gropes, don’t think it’s brains but guts that is lacking … if they can ever see what they’re doing and what is being done to them.Timidity has killed more ambitions that courage ever has.

    • CBD Type says:

      Today when I stopped for petrol the cashier asked me if I would “like a free Bulletin with that?”.

  2. No more dredging says:

    You’ve introduced another Wadley (“Michael”) and a yellow circle on the map without explanation.

  3. Ad man says:

    The astonishing thing about the Astonisher’s online subscription push is that they only promote it with free ads in their newspaper. By doing that they are really preaching to the converted ie people who already get the paper and, if they are still buying it, have no interest in reading it online.
    Common sense would suggest that they should be advertising on other media (tv, radio, Duo magazing etc) to reach punters who are not subscribers but obviously News Ltd isn’t interested in spending money to make money.

    • The Magpie says:

      No they’re not, but head office is. Have you noticed with totally unappetising generic ad trying to bribe people to read the biased swill. At least Ando remains true to the basics of the profession, and Tagliabue is feeling the freedom of now being an independent contributor rather than an employee. Beyond that, not much hope.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      They are doing the same promo ( for the Herald Sun) in Melbourne and advertising it on TV.

  4. Lady Byron says:

    Reading that missive from Ewen Jones, it reminded me of the famous quote from touchy German musician Max Reger more than 100 years ago when he copped an unfavourable review of his latest piano recital.
    It’s a crying shame that Mr. Jones sent an email only to the business leaders, but mercifully he did save a few trees.

    “Dear Sir,
    I am in the smallest room in the house.
    Your letter is in front of me.
    Soon it will be behind me.
    Yours faithfully”

  5. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Seen the hard rubbish crews out yesterday so I thought I’d find out what they were doing on a Saturday, seemed odd!

    They hadn’t finished the area in 2 weeks so had to go Saturday to catch up, no big deal except that it is on double time at casual rates, cost is absolutely through the roof just in wages for this ridiculous promise. Then I’m told that during the week all the crews are time dependent due to the cost blow out. If they haven’t emptied by certain time then rubbish sits in vehicles until next day. Hate to be the other workers parking next to that all the time. And to top it off there’s been at least one orange truck in the Depot at webb drive all week with no crew. But yet we pay them to come work a Saturday at a greater expense. This is just an example of the dick heads that now run this council. Hope the CCC pull there finger out and put this mob in jail with pisallI from ipswich

    • Sam1 says:

      I saw a rubbish truck doing the normal rubbish pickup in Aitkenvale last week, no council markings on it and Victorian number plates.

  6. Kenny Kennett says:

    Love the Territorian headlines this morning. Whilst most others talk about royal husband and wife, etc; the Territorian has the headline, ‘ I now pronounce you Ginger Megs’

  7. Inside TCC says:

    Not that the TCC markwting department have stuffed up on waste collection also. Website states that direct mail /letter box drops will be done befire a suburb goes live, well theyve forgotten that part of the commitment, typical TCC say one thing but do another

    • The Magpie says:

      The Nest is in North Ward and got the notification (for late next month) in the mailbox during the last week.

      • Inside TCC says:

        Nothing in Aitkenvale if it wasnt for all the shit piled high around me i would have missed it completely. Its like living in a smelly tip

  8. Narbloc says:

    Sitting with my lovely enjoying breakfast in Lisbon (Portugal) reading the latest edition of the Nest makes me think how lucky are we in these wonderful times of great opportunities for someone somebody else but me . Cheers hope you are well

  9. Dutch Reverend says:

    It was interesting to watch Jo Anne Miller gave her little moment in parliament on the 15th May tipping the bucket on the current State government in respect of their lack of action against the Ipswich Council. Most of the things she mentioned that was done by the Ipswich Council sounds like a template and how to guide for the things that have been going on at TCC for the past year or so. The link of Jo Anne Miller is on the rate payers page. Very enjoyable.

  10. Sandgroper says:

    Wasn’t the royal wedding a real hoot and the best TV entertainment this year? Members of the British Establishment are probably still choking on their cucumber sandwiches as they recall how Episcopalian Bishop Michael Curry managed to turn his part of the show into a fair facsimile of a Southern Baptist Revival meeting, with the elders in the congregation looking like they had eaten lemons and the youngsters loving every word. Even the OTT Queen of Camp, Elton John, looked a tad nonplussed.
    What excited me most was the suspense of the whole thing: The feeling that disaster was about to strike.
    As the owner of a vintage Rolls Royce, I held my breath as Meghan and Mum barrelled towards the church in an ancient Phantom limo. “Any moment now,” I thought, “Lucas (the Prince of Darkness) will shut down all the car’s electrics and leave them thumbing a lift or calling the RAC.”
    Then there was that lengthy pause after the Archbishop called for any objections to the union. I’m sure there were many like me waiting for one or more of Meghan’s demented half-siblings to dash down the aisle and start dishing dirt.
    And what could possibly go wrong with an open carriage and a troop of horsemen re-creating the Charge of the Light Brigade through the slippery cobbled streets of Windsor, with tens of thousands of half-crazed spectators pressing on the flimsy barriers within touch of the flying hooves?
    Anyway, as always, the Poms pulled it off with nary a hitch. No wonder so many of them firmly believe God is English.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Brilliant Gropes, you summed it up perfectly, as an ADHD remote flicker I was lucky enough to tune in just as Bishop Michael Curry started and like you was waiting for the clanger of a comment to get HRH and others squirming in their chairs but it never got to that, and as he drew to a close my uncontrollable finger stumbled across some women’s golf on Fox Sports, by the time I flicked back they were sitting in a horse drawn carriage, bloody quick wedding I thought to myself.

    • No more dredging says:

      Yes, Sandgroper, the parade of fine cars was a sight and a half. In the matter of “calling the RAC”, I noticed a badge/emblem thing on the front of the Roller for the Automobile Association. Anyway, there were plenty of horses or even Range Rovers to give them a tow if one was necessary.

    • Buttered Parsnip says:


      Lucas the Prince of Darkness. That is an insiders joke of the first order – and only understood by those of a certain age.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Parsnip, Old Chap (or Chapette), it sounds like you own or have owned a classic British car or motorbike. If so, I shall pass on some advice given me by a sage from Coventry……

        Before repairing Lucas electrical equipment, you should take the following steps: Check the position of the stars, kill a chicken and walk three times sunwise around your vehicle chanting, “Oh mighty Prince of Darkness, protect your unworthy servant.”

        There is, of course , no truth to the rumour that Lucas is an acronym for Loose Unsoldered Connections and Splices.

  11. Mike Shearer says:

    Went out to the Stuart dump a few days ago… The new transfer station has opened, my first use of it. You have to back up to a barrier with wires stretched side-to side about a metre above. Bloke next to me had a trailer which was below the barrier so he was shovelling his rubbish up and over. My truck tray was too high but I couldn’t back up close enough to let the back down to sit on the barrier so much of my rubbish didn’t make it into the bin. The cross wires might deter careless dumpers from falling into the bins, but they also make it tricky dumping anything largish. Also suggests that the designers of the transfer station have never used one. Another instance of Nanny’s influence. Makes waiting for an annual hard rubbish collection almost attractive.

    As for hard rubbish, couldn’t help thinking of comments in the ‘Nest about the costs of the hard rubbish [non-]collection, and the comparative costs of the vouchers. Seeing what’s left out for the TCC I wonder why my rates are paying to get rid of others’ whitegoods and furniture. I thought the idea behind the council collection is to make the suburbs safer from flying junk in cyclone conditions.

    Plenty of evidence that the Peter Principle is well established in this town.

  12. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Another grovelling story in the Astonisher this morning for the Mullet, this time a waterpark at Riverway, I think that’s about the 4th waterpark or lagoon in Townsville that has been trotted out, this one is due to have construction commenced by 2020, seems to be a lot of things in this town due around that 2020 mark, I wonder why that is.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Was it an expenditure item in the last budget or unfunded therefore on credit therefore more Labor debt?

      • The Magpie says:

        All part of the growing smarm offensive (she couldn’t do a charm offensive by any stretch). Straight out vote buying, especially with this stuff right in the heartland of Mulletland.

        Reckon she’s woken up to the fact that rabbiting on with pie in the sky (no relation) about lagoons and redone Rockpools really aggravates her core constituency in the ‘burbs, with their constant materialistic (and one supposes justified) howls of ‘Wadda ’bout me?”

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          And this is the problem, this rotten woman will be buying our votes with our money. The ratepayers have to pay for this eventually.

          We have the lagoons and they are just fine, and they cost the ratepayers heaps as there is no admission charge.

          The Mullet should stick to core needs, secure water supply, dump vouchers, road maintenance, transparent ethical governance, so on and so forth.

          And have the TCC operate within it’s means.

  13. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Lou.

  14. No more dredging says:

    “Pie, I know I risk a full head expansion event with this revelation but I must report that you might have been captured by Chinese astrophysicists. The Guardian reports that “China aims to land on dark side of moon via launch of ‘Magpie Bridge’ satellite.”

    “In a few days Queqiao will enter the moon’s orbit, about 455,000km (282,000 miles) from Earth. Queqiao – which means “Magpie Bridge” and comes from a Chinese folk story in which an arc formed by birds reunites two lovers separated by the heavens – will then act as a bridge between ground stations and the lunar probe.”

    Where is Miss Lou? Have you told her?

    • Rusty Nail says:

      NMD, surely you are aware that there’s no dark side of the moon really . . . matter of fact it’s all dark!

      • No more dredging says:

        Rusty, ” . . . . matter of fact it’s all dark!” But not so dark that the ‘Pie won’t see Pink Floyd over Miss Lou’s shoulder as they ride their moonbeam across the heavens.

  15. Dutch Reverend says:

    Excuse my synisim, but I smell a rat in Hinchcliffe having a bill passed that allows the minister for local government having the power to sack a Mayor leaving the Deputy Mayor to step up. They must see that there is a lot more to come that is going to come down on the State Government in a landslide. So, in my eyes this is a system that hides the reality of deep issues in a council being exposed by the CCC and brushing problems under the mat never to see the light of day. Problem….what problem ? I got rid of the Mayor. Problem solved.

    • The Magpie says:

      The pedant in The ‘Pie would make a comment about your spelling, Dutchy but you’d just think he was being synical.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Pie…you appear to be obsessed on picking me up on spelling. Beware of throwing stones. Look back at the half a dozen or so spelling errors of your own. I will quote them back at you if you really want me to. You know what I am trying to convey. Don’t be a dick.

        • The Magpie says:

          Oh dear, we have a touchy Dutchy, do we, who thinks The ‘Pie is a dicky bird?

          FYI, me old clog-hopper, The ‘Pie has published over the time at least a dozen comments criticising his spelling and grammar. One particular former journo had some harsh cloaca kicking and really put in the boot, but not only does he remain one of my closest friends (yes I have a couple or three), but it was a wake up call, too. For a while, I fell back on justifications like medical and legal distractions, lack of subbing support, that there was always bound to be errors when you’re writing about 5000 words a week and checking an equivalent amount from various sources. But I woke up to myself, and realised if I publish a blog like this, I have no choice but to smarten up in that area. And next to the early hectic days, I have done my best to do so.

          I might add that much of the darts aimed at me were meant to tickle not wound, so I learned from a laugh. Now while I respect that many of the regulars here including yourself make this blog your own as it is designed, I’ve always thought of the clearly intelligent and adequately educated commenters (this includes you Dutchy) might make a bit of an effort in respect for fellow Nesters to tidy up your albeit welcome offerings. The comments are generally published as they are received – as you found out – and given my basic love of language and words, I decided to have a merry little jest while pointing out the error.

          And mate, if you think I have time to be obsessed with your grammar and spelling, well, just get over yourself, you’re way down the queue in The Magpie’s obsessions. But The ‘Pie still luvs ya.

  16. Dutch Reverend says:

    Now watch the Labor party carrry on like stuck pigs when the conservatives are in government, and want to sack a Labor Mayor. They will be relentless in hounding them for using a device they actually set up when it is being used against them.

  17. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Council still haven’t signed off on the supply of the Haughton pipe contract for our fast tracked pipeline.
    Is there a problem?
    Iplex GRP has been supposedly named as the preferred supplier? So why no contract award?
    Why is the Contracts Awarded page on the TCC website for contracts above $200,000 been stalled with no publication of awarded contracts since 23rd
    of January ?
    No transparency on contracts awarded in this city by the looks of things.
    Maybe the successful tenderer needs a guarantee of payment?
    The successful Kiwi owned company is manufacturing pipes in South Australia and may be nervous about fund availability.
    Fletcher NZ have recently had a major re shuffle of board and senior management positions so they maybe a tad nervous seeing their profits have taken a big hit lately?
    Note Maggie this post is based on a few facts but also informed conjecture.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yes its just a fucking mess NAW, no other word for it and why I stopped dealing with TCC, their tender system has collapsed and is now a joke. Your point regarding the pipeline is also clouded by the fact that TCC is still begging for funding, I presume it was hoping for some in the federal budget but got nothing now waiting on the state govt, so what kind of dodgy deal was done with Iplex to get them to commit to reopening the poly plant in Townsville without funding secured for the pipeline, Iplex must be wondering what kind of amateur hour dickheads they have got themselves involved in.
      Parent company Fletcher Group are under the microscope big time at the moment after a couple of deals in NZ cost them about a billion dollars, so the Mullet and prize dunce Scott Morehead from Townsville Water will be thrown under the bus real quick if the contract is costly to Iplex in any way, they will have no hesitation in revaealing the contracts contents under its obligations to the stock exchange.

      • Costanza says:

        NAW and Cantankerous, did you see in Saturday’s newspaper the council has gone to tender for the marketing and communications provision of the second water pipeline?
        The skeptic in me says that behind the scenes, the pipeline project management is in disarray, and the staff are incapable of managing the impending crisis that will fall out.
        The cynic in me says that with all the free money the state government is eventually going to give the council, that they are thinking “we should share this money around with those whose help we’re going to need come the next election.”

        • The Magpie says:

          Watch closely for any links between Dolan Hayes’ Empower grouping and whomsoever gets the lucrative nod to spruik the pipeline guff. But the question is also begged ‘ what marketing and communications needs does this bloody pipeline need, beyond some bum polishing johnny in the PS occasionally gracing us with a timeline or so?

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Fletcher usually go into these larger contract as a self insured entity. Wonder how this got through the F&A process to qualify the bid through the early stages?

  18. The Magpie says:

    Ya just gotta love ‘em up at the Sunday Terrortorian – it and the NT News don’t pretend to be anything else but fun … and funny.

  19. There is an end? says:

    Dear Pie, be gentle with me as a first time correspondent. I read this on the AFR this morning. Townsville has lost its big startup to the bright lights of Sydney:


    A real shame as this company seems like the real deal, and I bet they pay more than my baristas wages. I know they do because I overhear the guys when serving their coffee. Why couldn’t the failing JCU and the hopeless TCC not have linked up with these guys and built an active tech business hub in the ‘Ville?

    There is no end to this.

    • The Magpie says:

      Be gentle with you, you low, callous, unthinking poltroon?!?

      Have you no consideration for the struggling Townsville Bulletin and it’s harried blow-in iditor? It’s harassed advertising johnnies? It’s sleepless bean counters? Obviously not, you low life.

      Do you realise by shouting this AFR story to the rooftops, you have deprived the Bulletin of the week or so it would need to catch up with this tale and re-hash it (necessary because the AFR is a Fairfax rag), insert the necessary spin to make it look like a triumph for the mayor, and slap an “EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED’ tag on it? No you didn’t, you snake’s belly, you chose instead to publish what would otherwise have gone unnoticed in Townsville in the Magpie’s Nest, whose readership numbers continue to quickly converge with the Bulletin’s.

      Shame on on you, whoever you are, and The ‘Pie warns you, if you ever dare to again send in such material to this blog, The ‘Pie will take immediate action … he will publish it with sincere thanks.

      PS What’s a bloody barista doing reading the AFR? And it is clear by your correct grammar and spelling that you are not a JCU student? Who the hell are you?

      • There is an end? says:

        Maggie, I am RoTFL.

        I am a JCU graduate in Marine Biology with an expensive Sydney private school education to boot. It’s not been a good RoI for my parents, but I like Townsville and so does my hubby. Unfortunately, there really are no jobs here for people like me. So I make coffee and day trade. NQ could and should be a great place, but we don’t have the leadership required. Good people like Luke Anear leave and people like me stay. Oh well, the Strand is looking gorgeous.

        Step outside and have a great day all.

        • The Magpie says:

          Hey, don’t put yourself down like that ..that’s The ‘Pie’s job.

          What is the first question a JCU graduate in Marine Science asks?

          You want fries with that.

          Cackle snurffle wheeze … oh, lord, The ‘Pie cracks himself up sometimes.

        • Sandgroper says:

          It’s great to see an articulate youngster join the fray. And I think our modest new commentator has been an excellent investment for the parents.
          Trust me, no education is ever wasted and I reckon it won’t be long before you own a chain of upmarket coffee palaces.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      To his credit Luke Anear has tried to maintain a Townsville bias in his Safety Culture business but he would be left with no choice but to look further afield to harness the types of funding and more importantly, people needed to grow his business, the facts are the types of people he needs just aren’t here, global brands require global connections and that means Sydney or Melbourne here plus the overseas hubs.
      Good luck to him I say, just like world class athletes who have to move abroad to compete at the highest level, so do Tech companies and those competing in a global market, access to those volume markets are vital, I hope he has every success and reading many of his media releases and interviews I think his regard for Townsville will keep a presence in this town for many years to come.

  20. Achilles says:

    This is snippet from a lengthy report in today’s online The Oz

    Queensland’s local government minister has taken responsibility for a stuff up that saw four mayors and a councillor suspended under laws that hadn’t been signed off.

    The state opposition says it’s an embarrassing blunder and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has to ask her minister what went so wrong.

    “To think that the minister can send out a press release on such a serious issue and then for it to be alleged later on that it didn’t even have royal assent, I mean this is a complete failure of Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government,” Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington told the ABC.

    The five who have been suspended remain on full pay while corruption and misconduct allegations against them are dealt with.

    The Local Government Association of Queensland has warned that in some cases that might take up to two years, meaning taxpayers will be forking out hefty wages bills while getting nothing in return.

    Logan Mayor Luke Smith will continue to receive his salary of almost $224,000, as will Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli, who earns $200 sky of $200,000 a year.

    But Mr Hinchliffe said it was right that all five remain on full pay.

    • The Magpie says:

      YIKES. What a threat to the poor old ‘ville … might be better to leave the Mullet alone until the next election, because under the new laws, if the government sacks a mayor and under the rules the deputy mayor steps up to take the reins, that means …. oh, no, please, God no …!!!!

    • Alahazbin says:

      Shit! Only $224K a year. The Mullet is on better than that.

  21. Achilles says:

    Header on the TB webpage states that an infestation of something or other has taken root in Cleveland Detention Centre.

    It seems that vermin know their own.

  22. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just had a birthday bottle of wine or two and pasta with my old mate from TCC. He told me two things of importance. 1 the merlot is better than the Shiraz and 2. out of the blue the council have a 1000 bus stops to upgrade to a level suitable for disabled use.
    The costs vary depending on location but he believes 30K per unit is the estimate. That is a loose 30million. I asked where that money came from, his answer was nobody seems to know.


    Old Mate is normally spot on with his numbers, as he is at the coal face.

    • Santa's Little Helper says:

      I’ve never seen disabled people use bus stops in townsville, they use dedicated taxis.

      More money flushed down the toilet ( assuming we can get water).

      So you then build 30 million dollars of special bus stops , then you have to maintain them. In ten years time you start the process all over again.

      • The Magpie says:

        Valid point. Thinking about it, how would this work? Surely, if it like the unfortunately but necessarily cumbersome and slow mechanism we see in the special taxis, does that mean a) that the buses themselves will need to be expensively modified, and if so who pays? and b) other passengers will be subject to delays in their trip, which will mnake bus services in Townsville even more unpopular than they are (ever seen a crowded bus around here?). And if it is just a matter of a ramp to help the disabled to the bottom of the bus stairs, how does that work, and if totally disabled, who is going to assist?

        Genuine questions, any answers.

        • Droopy draws says:

          There is certainly an issue with getting disabled people on and off buses; anywhere in this country and others for that matter.
          It’ would like be even more difficult financially in regional area where public transport is far less utilised.
          Buses I’ve seen down south are designed to cater for wheelchairs as are the platforms at each stop. Just needs a talented bus driver to get the vehicle close enough to the kerb to close the gap in between.
          I’m not surprised that someone has identified our bus stops need upgrading; a few that I pass on my morning walk are hazardous to even abled body people with those ridiculous yellow indicators peeling off the pavement and curling at the edges which creates a trip hazard. So much for a purpose designed tactile surface intended as an aid to become a potential trip hazard…..!

          How’s that for irony?

        • Scotty says:

          In Honolulu the buses “kneel” at the front, a ramp comes out and the wheelchair comes on board and is secured by the driver, it’s a very quick exercise.

          • The Magpie says:

            The buses in Townsville also do that kneel, but unfortunately, it is only at night when some little cherubs steal their front wheels.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Actually rode on a Perth bus the other day for the first time since high school. It “kneeled”, but I took that as an act of homage rather than an acknowledgement of my decrepitude.

          • The Magpie says:

            Was actually doubling over with laughter.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Could be right, ‘Pie. Everybody keeps telling me not to wear purple pants with a smoking jacket.

    • Paulie Informed says:

      It’s a program of works that has been included in council’s budget for the last 10 years – including Thuringowa City Council. Generally about 35-45 bus stops each year are upgraded to disability standards – width, ramps, height of kerb. It’s 50/50 funded by Council/State, required by Federal legislation and generally between $500 k- $1 mill per year depending on the number to be constructed.

  23. Newswatcher says:

    Good God!! Peta Credlin just introduced on her programme the “expert from Queensland” Peter “Typo” Gleeson.
    Bloody hell!!

  24. The Magpie says:

    Really, you couldn’t get tackier than this is you tried …. what a comment on what the Courier thinks of its readership.

  25. Concerned says:

    Hey Magpie
    Is there any relationship between the Thomas Tiong in your post and Juliana Tiong which the mullet tool and the impaler enployed as the so called Chief Procurement Officer, now gone from TCC.

  26. The Magpie says:


  27. Achilles says:

    This buffoon is a senator? IQ same size as her shoes

    Sarah Hanson-Young has confused James Cook and Arthur Phillip in a press release criticising the government. She has a track record of such gaffes see in this article.


    • The Magpie says:

      Well, that’s sort of poetic justice, she’s often confused with being a politician who’s all at sea.

    • The Magpie says:

      Look, The ‘Pie has said this before, but is now going to take action … there is absolutely no point in posting links to any News site (and many others, you should check first) because it is just frustrating for other readers when the get the bloody subscription page. So sad to say _ The Pie knows many go to some trouble to put their comments up, which is generally appreciated – comments that depend on non-operative links won’t be published.

      Sorry, but hey, c’mon.

      • Achilles says:

        Your so right your Pieness, my apologies, It seems that if you cut a newsworthy item and paste it the item is no longer open access.
        I’ll try not to repeat this, can’t promise coz these conniving shysters are all at it

  28. Dutch Reverend says:

    See our illustrious leader is heading off the the US to save us and set up the battery plant here. (Wonder if they need their own airstrip on the land we ratepayers will be gifting) ?I would expect we’ll get the same return we have from her other trips OS. India (had a lovely curry), China, Singapore (because the federal government had nothing to do with Singapore signing off on training here.) all done and secured by the Mullet. Brought an artist here to pretend to be going ahead with the museum under the sea. Jamie Dury if course, still don’t know what we got for our $10mill here. I’m sure there are many, many more that the Pie would have laid out in a spreadsheet chronologically

    • The Magpie says:

      Mayor Mullet has seen the writing on the wall, and realises not even Dolan Hayes can save her now, so she’s having an early retirement trip to the States BECAUSE, and The ‘Pie says this definitively, THERE WILL NEVER BE A BATTERY PLANT OF ANY SORT HERE IN TOWNSVILLE, ESPECIALLY NOT ON THE TOUTED SITE. The mayor has either been played for a mug, or more likely, has allowed herself to be played for a mug, and will plead innocence when it all falls in a heap.

      So you have a choice now about Jenny Hill, she is either a devious rorter taking a free holiday before being turfed out (thank you ratepayers one and all), or she is just plain fucking dumb.

      And oh Raggers, you forgot to ask – just who’s paying for the trip and accommodation? Mayor Mullet describes the jolly as an invitation to the BIO Convention is Boston, and the battery meeting will be a side bar. Are they going to pony up? That would be unusual for such a pack of non-prospects to be duchessed half way around the world and (regrettably) back again.

      But Premier Alphabet won’t be lonely, the mayors of Gladstone, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Rocky and Bundaberg will be there with The Mullet. So maybe the conference organisers are paying? Yeah, right.

      Taxpayer or ratepayers, sore bums again after yet again being reamed out by these twisting porkers.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        The BIO Conference in Boston goes from June 4-7.
        Jeff Horn has his fight in Vegas on June 10. Wonder if all the moochers will manage to return straight after the conference ? ( Mmmmm, Vegas. Sounds good) I’m calling it.

        • The Magpie says:

          Dunno about Maor Mullet. but given Premier Alphabet’s cosy little note to the local governor about her concern that the Horn bout being fought in horsehair gloves (whatever the fuck that means), you can bet she’ll be ringside.

      • The Real Philip Batty says:

        It seems TCC spent thousands of our dollars (Yes many thousands as I paid for myself to go) to attend the Venue Managers Association Congress across the ditch in sunny or not so sunny Auckland.
        Who did they send I hear you ask? Councillor Colleen Doyle and the PR man Steven Beckett.
        Need I say more

        • The Magpie says:

          And what, pray tell, is the purpose of a Venue Managers Association Congress?

          • The Real Philip Batty says:

            A very valuable industry gathering and annual awards for people connected to the venue and entertainment industries.
            Now maybe it could mean a pitch for the 2020 congress which will be a good things of course in Townsville,(coincide with the new stadium, and election) but, and here are two buts, firstly there were two representatives there from the Townsville Entertainment Center so a tick from me for that one and two, there was no one from TEL who are the ones charged with bringing these conferences and congress into town.
            So why a Councillor and a PR man?

          • The Magpie says:

            Two answers to that question … a bit of R&R for the troops … or TCC is thinking of taking over tourism and conferences from TEL and go DIY.
            The words frying pan and fire come to mind.

          • Faye Knews says:

            I hear little Stephen is also accompanying the Mayor to Boston…does someone with experience of explaining imaginary things like a battery plant in the bush really need to go at ratepayers’ expense? Or is he going to be jostling/nozzling for preselection at the next federal or state or dare I say it, local election?

            I can’t wait for the front page of the Astonisher “Townsville Charged Up For Plant”. With empty comments like “we had a very productive meeting” and “if the feasibility study shows the site is suitable, there is every chance the land could be converted into a battery plant”. And possibly out of desperation “This plant could be delivering jobs as early as 2020″.

          • The Magpie says:

            In the same vein, The ‘Pie has just started his own ‘Astonisher could/would’ file of all the heavily qualified ‘stories’ it runs for the mayor, Impaler. council generally, TEL and people like Gill. Stories that can only be classed as speculation, and given such prominence that the general public long ago adopted the old adage about the boy who cried wolf.

  29. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I wonder if TCC will follow this initiative:


  30. Droopy draws says:

    Just had my morning coffee at my local and noticed in the Astonisher that we find out tomorrow who’s got Townsville’s best Butter Chicken….

    I’ll definitely have to come back in the morning for another coffee now!

    • The Magpie says:

      Meh, mere chicken feed … we are all reeling and re-reading the riveting ‘Townsville’s ten best eyebrow pencillers’ from a couple of day ago … you can’t go one ‘butter’ than that (chortle, wheeze snicker oh stoppit.)

      • Alahazbin says:

        Yep! Pie, We soon be asked to vote on the best shit houses soon.

        • The Magpie says:

          Given their fondness for shooting themselves in the … errr … foot, they might even be silly enough to seek out a list of Townsville’s favourite toilet paper.

  31. TELtaler says:

    Just enjoyed a couple of weeks in the wine regions of Victoria and South Australia.
    Most cellar doors I visited asked where I was from and when I said Townsville, the response was invariably “”that’s near Magnetic Island” or “Is that up near Cairns”.
    So on this experience Magnetic Island is the main attraction in our part of the world, and rightly so.
    But TEL continues to spend most of its time pushing Townsville, a commercial centre with little or nothing to offer in the way of tourist attractions, except Magnetic Island, which they choose to ignore.
    But that’s all about to change of course when the Mayor’s you beaut lagoon is built on The Strand.
    Of course, they’ve got the same sort of lagoons in Cairns and Airlie Beach, but who’d want to go to those two tourist meccas when they can come to Townsville and drive through the mirror maze of road closures in the CBD.

  32. Memory Man says:

    This is a desperate move by Adani as other funding avenues are exhausted. Adani will have to impair Abbot Point’s value if it hopes to entice a buyer, especially as the Port cannot operate at anything near full capacity unless and until Carmichael comes on stream.


    • No more dredging says:

      MM, not sure how much spare capacity exists in the current “T1 Terminal” and loader at Abbot Point now being used to export coal for Glencore and others mining in the Bowen Basin. Looking at the Dept of State Development plans for future works at the Point suggests that Adani will need to create a new stockpile site and dredge an expansion to the wharf and loader facility at the end of the existing jetty (to be called “T0 Terminal”) for coal coming from the Carmichael project. If the GVK Hancock project in the Galilee gets off the ground then a completely new stockpile site, jetty and loader system (called “T3 Terminal”) plus extensive dredging will have to take place more or less parallel to the existing jetty system.

  33. A Keen Eye says:

    Meanwhile back in the Crissafulli 2015 return , Some more Pat Brady/UDP and Ferry/RockySprings/77 Denham st bribes
    Revised Emanate/Barry Taylor donations $ 14k LNP , $23 Labor
    14 K to Crissafulli back in 2015 https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/2299/Crisafulli,-David.pdf on top of –
    http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ – cross check AEC https://periodicdisclosures.aec.gov.au/Party.aspx
    2009-2010 Emanate Solutions Pty Ltd 5,000 Labor Party (QLD) Donation Non Categorised ?

    2010-2011 Emanate Solutions Pty Ltd 10,000 Labor Party (QLD) Donation Non Categorised ?

    2012-2013 Emanate Legal Pty Ltd 2,000 Labor Party (QLD) Donation
    5k team hill 2016 https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/62353/Team-Jenny-Hill-3.pdf

  34. A Keen Eye says:

    NQ Excavations just got the contract for a council sewerage pump station at Cranbrook Donor : Townsville first 2012 . You can see the other donors they have worked for http://www.nqexcavations.com.au/projects.htm . Its always a package deal . Who’s gonna get the Burdekin pump stations ? It will be in the package deal and it will be one of the usual suspects . They arnt banned . In these 2015 minutes an interest was declared cos they was in it with Urbex and BMD (current donor) https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0012/7212/24.03.15-Ordinary-Council-Minutes-PDF-1.27MB.pdf . That donation was $5k https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/17285/Townsville-First.pdf At the 2012 Qld Election , Eric Lollo and NQ Excavations donated at least $7k on the reading of that return to the LNP’s John Hathaway in Townsville https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/2337/Hathaway,-John.pdf
    $2k to Townsville first in 2012 https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/16445/NQ-Excavations-Pty-Ltd.pdf
    https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/candidates-and-parties/funding-and-disclosure/disclosure-returns/election-disclosure-returns/2012-queensland-local-government-elections/townsville-city https://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/candidates-and-parties/funding-and-disclosure/disclosure-returns/election-disclosure-returns/2016-local-government-quadrennial-elections/townsville-city-council https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/

  35. Dutch Reverend says:

    Victoria Labor want to change Australia Day to 9th May. Draft resolution says 9 May ‘marks the date of the first meeting of the commonwealth parliament’ Makes sense to me. However, my better half suggested it be changed to 8th May instead. We can then just call it M8 day. How quintessentially Aussie would that be.

  36. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Looks like Numbskull Gills window for slugging the travelling public of Townsville is coming to a close, for all airports across Australia actually. Graeme Samuels run AZANZ group of airlines are putting together a submission to Govt for the ACCC to intervene in negotiations between airlines, retailers etc and airport operators who have to deal with these monopoly airports, lets hope he is successful, amazing to think that every single airport in Australia opertaes in a monopoly envoronment.


  37. Sam1 says:

    I saw on the TV last night where Cathy O’Toole has finally found her true vocation…pushing a wheelie bin around Parliament House collecting Clive
    Palmer’s book for recycling.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Supposedly outraged at the 800 Clive sacked. Where is her outrage at the 300 the Mullet sacked?

      • The Magpie says:

        Yet another example of Labor’s selective mythology and morality. Make that for all political parties.

      • A keen eye says:

        I’m surprised no one has taken this angle yet. When Wollongong was getting done, and the icac is into another bipartisan corrupt council , and now Ipswich and logan, it involved staff. Pays to get rid of staff and put them out of CCC jurisdiction. There are laws afoot to fix that but there is still stuff you can get them for. I mean , if you went back and checked all outsourcing of legals and compared it with donors there will be people involved. There are other legal donors who are developers too.

        • The Magpie says:

          Miracles yet remain to cease, PC. A coherent, literate, intelligent and BRIEF comment of great value. Now, if you can just advise Linda Ashton on the brief part of that, we would live in a much more enlightened world.

  38. The Magpie says:

    Bet there’ll be a bigger shift in Uranus when the bottom falls out of the market!

    ‘Bottom’ … geddit geddit … oh, forgeddit.

    • Sir Rabbitborough says:

      Saw a car getting around with bitcoin broker on the side a while back. They are selling things that don’t exist. So in reality they should call themselves sky pilots or priests FFS.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        S. R.,
        I can understand why they would not want to call themselves priests. In one outfit 7% are pedafiles and the other 93% are looking in the other direction.

    • Achilles says:

      Interestingly when Bill Herschel discovered Uranus he named it George after the nutty king George 111, It was not until long after Bill’s departure was it renamed Uranus.

  39. Cockie says:

    For Townsville Motor Sport enthusiasts, The Queensland Government will fund the next round of studies into a proposed Virgin Australia Supercars Championship event in Rockhampton.
    The central Queensland city’s interest in hosting Supercars was outlined last November, with a proposed circuit design unveiled in April.
    To build on initial research, $100,000 in funding will be provided to the Central Queensland Motor Sporting Club for further assessment, including building a detailed business case.
    From Supercars website http://www.supercars.com/news/championship/government-to-fund-rockhampton-supercars-study/

  40. J jones says:

    I love pie

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