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Sunday, February 18th, 2018   |   222 comments

The Mayor Goes For The Danish Pastry Model Of Governance – Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer

Perhaps it is time to have a look at the brave new world Mayor Mullet is creating to take into the broad sunlight uplands of Townsville’s future. How to handle this headlong rush to prosperity and progress? She’s got a plan, but she probably doesn’t want you to know about it But The Magpie will snitch.

It must be chilly down in Hades, because The Magpie has oft said it will be cold day in hell when he agrees with Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill on anything … the day has arrived Gill got it right … before he yet again got it wrong, winning the Thumb-Sucker of the Year Award.

Also, the Townsville Bulletin at its selective best … the paper purposely misses a major Townsville story – because they are made to look like fools.

And Bentley back with a bang … or about a bang, yes, THAT bang that gas the whole tittering and twittering.

So Let’s Go There First …

It seems English is continuing its tradition of accepting new coinages for new situations, which while a hit and miss affair, goes to make the language one of the richest and most nuanced in the world. The New York Times runs an annual contest inviting people to offer new definitions of words, and they are allowed to alter just one letter only. The ‘Pie’s all time favourite is ‘reintarnation’, being reborn as a hillbilly. But in that vein, The ‘Pie offers his entry in the lexicon of new words we need for our changing world, a redefinintion of a ‘barnacle’ a debacle caused by someone named Barnaby which attaches itself to the ship of state and won’t let go.

There are plenty of folk upset with Barnaby Joyce and the revelations of his extracurricular recreational activities, not the least of whom are those hundreds of players of the city’s most popular game, ‘Keys In The Middle’. The whole tawdry lifestyle and culture of the political industry, long just hinted at, is now in the glare of the hypocritical media’s spotlight. A media that has some of the most prolific players in its own ranks. Seems they’re all at it like rabbits, to the extent that Bentley reckons there definitely should be one major change at Parliament House.

Parliamentary knickers small It seems the country is split into pro- and anti-Barnaby factions, The ‘Pie falling into the latter category if for no other reason that he’s not happy having a completely careless dopey fuckwit as a leader … America went down that path and look what has happened there. One of the most comprehensive damnations of the Joyce legacy comes in today’s The Saturday paper, which contains the priceless line ‘Joyce’s career is untouched by competence’.

And then there are others who just calmly look on, with a certain quiet satisfaction.

 All The News That Fit To Print – But Isn’t

It’s always been true about the Astonisher that it is what they don’t print rather than what they do print that gives their game away so easily.


This weekend is a good example with none other than the much-loved and always respected Johnathan Thurston bluntly but politely rubbishing the cringe-worthy Bulletin/Mayor Mullet thought-fart campaign of getting a State of Origin match to the new stadium in 2020.

Speaking on Friday, Thurston was as diplomatic as he could be. ‘I have no problem with Adelaide securing an Origin game Townsville’s new stadium is simply not the right fit for Origin. It would be great to play there but it’s only a 25,000-seat stadium,” he said.

“When we played at the MCG we almost got 100,000 (a record 91,513 in 2015). I think you need to play State of Origin at the biggest venues so we can get the biggest crowds to the match.’

Another Cowboys favorite son, the admirable Brett Tate, said exactly the same thing on southern radio a couple days ago.

The back scramble now by the Astonisher and Mayor Mullet is the claim that the NRL wouldn’t talk to Townsville even about the possibility (probably laughing too hard to talk, and thank Christ for that or we’d be out another $19 million or so). But this dunce of a woman didn’t have the wit to realize that she virtually admitted her State Of Origin hokum was a personal publicity stunt when she spoke to Pat Hession on ABC radio – it was meant to be the classic victimized ‘we wuz rbbed’ bullshit, but it didn’t quite come across that way.

Hession: So have you gone to the NRL to pitch for a State of Origin in Townsville? 

Mayor Mullet: No we haven’t but it’s the highest bidder here that wins.

Hession: Again – you haven’t approached or spoken with the NRL about hosting a game here.

Mayor Mullet : No


And as The ‘Pie has said in comments, surely this false sense of entitlement is upside-side-down Alice In Wonderland stuff … the NRL owes Townsville and North Queensland nothing beyond what it has already done … agreed to license a team from the region, which during the regular season brings the city excellent economic benefits on match weekends, and has created the need for up to two to three hundred jobs (minimum) in players, staff, groundsmen, venue workers and let’s not forget the Cowboys Leagues Club permanent workers. Plus the work for taxi and bus drivers.

If either the mayor or the paper had any shame, they should be embarrassed – a proposition that answers itself. They don’t realize what a laughing stock they are making of themselves and as a consequence of Townsville.

It’s Just Like An Enid Blyton Kid’s Story – Jenny And The Secret Seven

Jenny HillWhen our mayor isn’t being so transparently stupid, she’s trying her hand at secrecy, to make a nice little gain for herself … including ratepayers money for her re-election campaign. Keeping we the great unwashed uninformed, confused and, she hopes, baffled by bullshit, she is making bureaucratic moves to consolidate her now shaky hold on her Walker Street office.

It seems that Mayor Mullet’s clever Baldrick-like plan is what could be termed the Danish pastry model – layer upon layer upon layer, as you might remember was advocated in this famous Sara Lee commercial of the 1980s by this Danish crumpet.

Screen shot 2018-02-16 at 3.12.20 PM

So let’s have a look at Jenny’s recipe for her own Walker Street layer cake.

The top layer is the Townsville City Council, the elected body and the staff rightfully appointed to run the city.

The secondary layer is the newly created TCC Development Corporation (TDC), which will be the entity handling various projects and making decisions in respect of tens of millions of public dollars.

The third layer – demoted to three following the creation of the TDC – is Townsville Enterprise, with vacantly grinning clothes horse CEO Patricia O’Callaghan and whiney Board chairman Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill at the helm. They will toe the line, dependent as they are on the ratepayers’ unwilling annual donation of $750,000.

And the fourth layer, somewhat obscure in title and responsibilities at this stage, is the blow-in Pure Projects mob, which has been described in the completely opaque term’ city placemaker’, whatever the fuck that means in childish buzz talk In English, it means nothing coherent, it is just a invented phrase of some over-fevered spin doctor, possibly after a longish lunch at Michel’s.

The Layers

So let’s have a quick squizz at these layers (if it sounds like a chook farm, it is starting to resemble one, too, everyone in for their peck at the wheat bin.)

THE COUNCIL is the democratically elected body – and the staff rightfully appointed – to assist it – to run the city. (The Public Service Union and the QLGA probably see it the other way around, and maybe they’re right, but not in theory.) However, the electorate is being marginalized in another subterfuge … the use of public money to employ a person whose sole aim will be to get the mayor re-elected. Of course, his/her title will give no hint of this agenda, an agenda which becomes oh-so-blatant in the job description.

TCC vacancy

Some things stand out about this extremely vague position.

We should watch this appointment closely (The ‘Pie will bet t has already been filled and the ad is there because it is legally required). In all likelihood, there are two possibilities: it will another ‘jobs for boys’ with yet another labor’s yesterday men (or women) owed a favour or who need to be removed from the proximity of real power i.e. George Street. The possibility is that it current communications spinner Anthony Simpleton (assume he’s still there but how would you know, his impact has been that of a flea on an elephant’s bum) has been deemed worthy of a raise (ha!) and this is the way around that ticklish issue.

But this clearly a paid political position, aimed at keeping both elected and executive status quo in the Walker Street Wankery. And here’s why.

Fact: the council is a Local Government entity with no competition in its field, so why do we need to pay someone a squillion undeserved dollars to ‘provide high quality marketing and communication campaigns and activities that promotes and enhances the council brand, image and reputation’. Since when does a city council become a ‘brand’, (as versus what?), why does it have to worry about its ‘image’ and ‘reputation’ if it’s doing its job. None of this spin should be required unless it is to disguise the current incompetency, like classic ‘look over there, not here’ exercises that we are already so use to.

Let’s call this ‘new position’ (one assumes it wasn’t hitherto required) for what it is … this is a political appointment solely aimed at putting the best face on the constant misjudgments and dumb decisions so the incumbents look good. And the ratepayers are paying this salary to assist the mayor retain her position next time around. And ‘ensuring that the council has an ‘informed and participating community’. That means informed of what they want you to be told.

And then there’s little number, at a no doubt eye-watering salary.

Screen shot 2018-02-16 at 1.36.04 PM

One reader has suggested that this position is already ear-marked for Inga Davis (?) the CEO executive assistant.


The Next Layer; How To Keep Public Expenditure Away From Of Public Scrutiny.

We now have a new council entity, a Development Corporation, essentially controlled by the CEO and Mayor, plus her legal Step’n’Fetchit Ian Finlayson and a CFO who is listed at an address in Brisbane. But as pointed out last week, three ‘independent’ paid directors are being sought to join the board. Now like the communications co-ordinator and the Future Cities featherbedding positions, the ‘independence’ of these directors will be interesting. Of course, if push ever came to shove, they could be outvoted four to one. But that is only if they are voting directors. If not, the council DC will be able to ram through whatever it chooses with the minimum of checks, balances or heaven forbid, public debate.

This is ripe for the temptation of corruption (for reference, see Ipswich Council DCs and Mayor Mullet’s close mate Paul Pissale.)

Next Layer: The Dudley Do Nothings Of Wishing Well House.

You will note in the job description for the TDC directors says that the TDC ‘will play a vital role to shape the implementation of the City Deal and economic activation across the City of Townsville’. The directors will be required to guide strategy and support the council’s broader 2020 City Vision.

But … but … but … hang on a sec.


Oh, what’s that, creation of a TDC is a requirement of the City Deal? OK.

Then finally put us out of our misery, and stop supporting TEL with ratepayers money, let them do their valuable work (whatever it may be, they never really let us know) subsisting on membership subs from sweet-talked businesses around the place.

Also note so far, Mayor Jenny Hill is on all three boards – as the council itself can be described a s a board. So the duck-shoving when unpopular but personally beneficial decisions are made, the endless finger pointing will frustrate any chance of putting things to rights for the electorate.

Fourth Layer. The Pure Bullshit Supernumeraries.

Now there those ill-informed snipers around town who be on the make for mug’s money, believe ure Projects is just a flim flam, cheap quid effort to fleece the yokels facilitated by a murky background network of old Labor affiliations, yesterdays’ men, supernumeraries and cronies.

Perish the thought   – they’ve opened up a Townsville office, no doubt at the urging of our top business brain, Mayor Jenny Hill, and we all eagerly await for their valuable input. And won’t it be interesting if someone associated with Pure Bullshit gets one of the above mentioned jobs?

We’e all atingle watching for it.

Magpie Message For Kevin Gill: Aww, There There, Didums

One of the few things the Astonisher has got right is the unspoken agreement among its staff … dunno, maybe its an edict … is no talking about The Magpie in the paper, and preferably not responding to his critques in personal emails. Only a couple have strayed from that sensible idea, much to their subsequent discomfort. The idea is not to give your critics any oxygen of publicity yourself, and the satisfaction of acknowledgement.

Obviously a well-tried strategy of which airport boss and wannabee passenger rorter Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill is unaware.

Screen shot 2018-02-17 at 9.49.34 PM

Hmm, any futuire mayors amongst this lot? Only four need apply.

The latest issue of BD magazine has a cover story talking up Townsville’s prospects, while not denying it’s going to be a long haul. It was run of the mill team bolstering stuff but one – only one – was dense enough to stray into combative negative territory. Yes, it was our mate Gill, who prompted a regular reader to comment:

Cantankerous but happy 

February 16, 2018 at 1:51 pm  (Edit)

An interesting article in the latest BD mag Pie, an interview with Numbskull Gill and a few others about the Townsville economy with all the usual excuses but an entire paragraph under the heading, “ Is negative talk the reason we are struggling” of which Gill has the following take on a “toxic” cycle of social media and those feeding off it harming our city, he then goes on to say, “ those types of people are just negative and not representative of Townsville, they may look representative because it’s easy and anonymous, but we need to switch off from that. Reasonable complaints and feedback is fine but this horrid stuff is too toxic to let in”. Sounds to me like they have all been to a Mullet and Dwarf spin session about trying to discredit any criticism of the current group of no hopers running the place.

As The ‘Pie said, nice to be acknowledged, but he would be most interested to know Mr Gill’s understanding of ‘reasonable complaints and feedback’. Do you mean like the feedback and avalanche of complaints when you attempted to swindle airport passengers to fund an upgrade which would only enhance your company’s asset portfolio and bottom line?

Was it toxic (i.e. poisonous) of The ‘Pie to suggest that imposing a ticket tax making it dearer to arrive and depart from Townsville was diametrically opposed to his role as the board chairman of Townsville Enterprise, which is paid handsomely to encourage people to come here?

If that’s what you meant, The Magpie agrees with you, and long will this old bird be ‘negative’ about commercial bums like you trying to rip off your own community.

Where’s This Wally Disappeared to?


Has mega grub Craig Gore skipped the country? Has he slipped through the often palsied fingers of ASIC and their acting agencies, including the courts?

It ‘s a fair question. On Friday, Gore matter on fraud charges was heard for the 13th time, and it was again adjourned to March 2nd. Gore wasn’t there, and he is supposed to live in Cardwell under the bail conditions imposed. But on one has seen hide nor hair of him around there for weeks.

There are plenty think he’s done a Christopher Skase, but no one seems too fussed. Except the public if they ever find out how much this is costing them … and his shattered victims whom he and wife (now in Sweden) unmercifully scammed.

A Polite Question of The Bulletin – WTF

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.24.50 am

This story ran during the week, and The ‘Pie wonders, won’t the parents be thrilled with the second last paragraph. Which bears absolutely no relevance to the story, is a cruel and heartless thing to print under the circumstances, and is just plain thoughtless.

No subs, see.

Gotcha, Mal

There are those who don’t think Malcolm Talkbull is all that bright politically. His bonking ban has the world laughing, and conjures up images of him as Inspector Cloreau while a Pink Pnther ducks around the corner. It must rank up as one of the misjudgments of his tenure.

But then, poor Mal has always been an easy mark for smartass bullies in the parliamentary schoolyard.


That’s the labour of love for this week, have fun in comments 24/7, plenty happening to exercise your wit or worry. Speaking of worry, The ‘Pie would lay off the aspirin and valium if you could manage a donation to help the blog along. The how to donate button is below.

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  1. Natbloc says:

    I’ve sent you a $1.00 keep it up

  2. Alacan says:

    And then of course with that type of layered structure you do not need bureauracts reminding you of the annoying elements of the Local Government Act and Regulations .. or if they do you need them to be that downtroden or that aligned that any semblance of seperation of powers is well and truly dissapated ..

    Excellent profile Pie and good joining of the dots.

    Trying to follow the bouncing ball.. now thats going to be an exercise

    Hey .. here is a thought .. if the mullett was to be found wanting in the current investigations would there be a domino effect that would see the layers crumble like a flake choclate bar after the first bite.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Re T.C.C. proposed structure/layers it seems to contradict the Nous report which resulted in a large reduction in T.C.C. Staff+ Structural changes. I would suggest you all read the Nous report especially the item“lines of Communication from Councillors to T.C.C. Staff and vice versa are unclear and inconsistent” as there seems to be little improvement.It was the Ceo,s responsibility to implement the Nous report so shouldn’t Adele Young report to Council and ratepayers outlining exactly what Council has completed as ratepayers paid for the report.

  4. Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

    Your article(s) on the Council and the Mayor today are spot on mate and judging by our feedback at TRRA people of Townsville are starting to wake up to the “trickery” and “Misdirection” that occurs at 103 Walker street.

    What is also interesting is a complete silence and lack of activity by the 10 elected alderman.Not really a team just a number of “followers” that appear in the Council
    public meeting once a month.

    We also note that they are scurrying for a place at the next Hill elected Council table. Wishful thinking really, and isn’t this part of the Hill in wonderland story.

    • The Magpie says:

      Interesting point about the current councillors. The ‘Pie has reliable information that behind the scenes, at least two are more than a little pissed off and are waiting to see who will oppose the Mullet. Then they may jump, but before or after the election isn’t known yet.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        So, does that mean that the useless councillors are all going to sit on their hands and be stomped by Mayor Mullet until the next election? Pluck me, that’s years away! How about it councillors, any of you found your voices or courage yet???

      • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

        What we can say is that it is becoming very evident from feedback on TRRA, that the people of Townsville no longer care if they are becoming a bit pissed off and want to jump ship, they are all now regarded as the “HILL” team and as such will be treated in the same way as the rest of the trail followers and will go down following their leader….

  5. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The BD mag cover story identifies Townsville to a tee at the moment, lots of love in the air and good vibes but fuck all money being invested. I suppose Pat Brady couldn’t have too much to say though as his latest contribution to Townsvilles economy is trying to block a $40 million investment in a new private hospital that would provide competition to the hospital of which he is the chairman, looks like there is only a certain amount of love to go around and that anyone else should just piss off.

  6. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Pie,

    It seems to me that the position of TCC Coordinator Communications is to combat the likes of you and the rest of the flock. My concern is that the TCC CC will have more and louder resources than your or I to influence the vast unwashed that only show an interest in such matters from the time they arrive at the polling station (school) gate, to the time they enter the polling booth.

    For myself come pre-election time I will be happy to turn my rusty box trailer into a mobile bill board to read, “There are more than 18.5 million reasons not to vote for Jenny Hill or anyone associated with her.”

  7. Achilles says:

    Re ‘barnacle’ a debacle caused by someone named Barnaby.

    The Urban dictionary has an apt version of “Barnakol” that could also apply


  8. Lady Byron says:

    I was in town last Friday, and needing something to read on the ferry home, I grabbed the latest ‘Duo’ magazine dated February 2018.
    After settling in my seat on the 4.30 pm, I began reading.
    At page 84, there is a 2-page advertisement from the Townsville Enterprise, highlighting the joys of Townsville.
    I read the whole thing twice, then got my husband to read it too. We both could find no reference whatsoever to the one thing that brings lots of tourists to the area: Magnetic Island. There was, of course, a nice pic of some babe diving with a coral reef around her – a byline of where it was would have been informative. Do these ‘Dudley Do Nothings’ not realise the island is one of the main tourist attractions up in these parts?
    My first reaction was just plain anger. Maybe its time these leeches sucking on the ratepayer’s dollar took a look at themselves?
    Now? I’m just disappointed. (Sadly shakes her head).

    • The Magpie says:

      Understand your anger (now you probably understand The ‘Pie’s … make no mistake, beneath the tears of this clown is simmering rage at those in office and the complete fuckwits who put them there.

      But your comments raise another important point, particularly in relation to maggie. The excellent DUO magazine – one of the few golden fillings in a mouthful of rotten teeth – is for the consumption of locals only, with the odd copy taken by visitors or proudly mailed to people down south.

      So why do the Dudley Do Nothings spent OUR money (and on TV as well) for what we already know, and given the parlous state of the city, maybe can’t even afford to indulge anyway. It seems we are seen by TEL as mugs (their very existence is proof of that, one sadly supposes) who should be chided into going out and spending money in our own town … which we already do.

      And not to mention Maggie … well The ‘Pie advocates secession of the little island from the big island. Hail, Emperor Charlie McColl and Empress Lorna Hemstead, guided by media director Mary and Rick Vernon, advised by Legal Affairs director Cameron Turnbull.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Dear Lady B, I share your rage at the way Magnetic Island is virtually ignored in tourism promotion for Townsville and North Queenland. It is unique and highly marketable, but the dunces in charge of selling the region seem blinkered to its potential as a destination for people who love to commune with nature and are sick of glitz, noise and tacky tourist traps selling cheap souvenirs made in China.
      Many years ago, the region was branded as “The Magnetic North” and Maggie was prominently featured in all promotional and advertising material. Unfortunately, successive administrations became fixated on selling Townsville as a stand-alone destination rather than the hub for a diverse North Queensland holiday taking in Magnetic Island, the rich mining history of Charters Towers and the wonderful attractions both north and south of the city.
      And The ‘Pie has it right when he talks about the waste of advertising dollars spent on local puffery. It smells of a desperate effort to convince the ratepayers they are getting something for their money.

  9. Crankie Frankie says:

    Just a bit of info, Time 9.30ish Saturday morning 17/2/18 I was near Rambutan Flinders street the city, was approached by a couple of Americans and a German couple who asked if I was a local, they wanted to know where to find any old beautiful heritage buildings were in Townsville, also why was our city center was so dead and deserted with heaps of closed shops for sale or lease, only life was a couple of local trying to bum cigarettes or money, they also told me that they and many other passengers from their cruise ship wanted to go to the Perc Tucker galley but they could not as it was CLOSED, really I couldn’t believe it here we are trying to get tourists and tourist ships to visit and we are closed, Shouldn’t council make some exception to be open when they (hopefully) know the place is going to be full of tourists? they also made comment of the state of the footpath outside the Istanbul kebab shop and coffee shop near where we were standing, dirty, greasy (as if the shops just throw out the dirty mop water out the front door), smelly with vomit near a post amongst tables with umbrellas on the footpath, hasn’t the council got health inspectors or anyone left to clean up this health hazard after all it’s their footpath, needless to say these rich tourists didn’t want to sit or purchase anything from there, I just said Welcome to Townsville, Later I went past our original railway station which nobody talks about and you guessed it it was also closed

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Lady Byron has got it right !! Surely this is the job of the dills down at TEL !! Besides TEL turning up at corporate lunches and telling attendees what a fantastic job they do for us, does Dill and Mayor Mullet even bother to care about TELs role and keep them accountable for the 3/4 Million rate payers are leaving on the table each year ?

    • Miss Janet says:

      I was in the city yesterday and felt embarrassed as cruise ship tourists wandered along Flinders Street past empty buildings. Chemist Warehouse on Sturt Street was a bit of a draw card, if only because it was actually open. ….passenger feedback will ensure it won’t be long until Townsville is no longer on the itinerary.

      • Sceptical Sally says:

        Miss Janet, I share your embarrassment at seeing cruise ship passengers wandering about our doleful and derelict city centre. They have a very limited time in port here, so we can be sure that many visitors are spreading the word that Townsville resembles Naples during one of that city’s regular strikes by garbage collectors.

  10. This town needs... says:

    Maybe the Pie could be our representative….


  11. upagumtreeperson says:

    Memo to Mayor Hill I saw you on local TV news telling us how shame full it was that the NRL had neglected to include Townsville in a State of Origin match. Mayo,r remember big sport is all about promotion and the best way to do this is to preach to those who may be converted. Why is there a need to play a game here? NRL already has all the converts it needs in North Queensland. Promotion is the key and the NRL think it prudent to promote to a large stadium audience in Adelaide and through national TV. Good show I say! Mayor you looked rather angry and hassled with your red-dyed hair do. Go easy on yourself. The world will not end if the State of Origin is not played here. The Cowboys favourite son said words to the effect that the new Townsville stadium may not be big enough. Take a step back, a deep breath and concentrate on being more transparent in your council dealings with the ratepayers. Incidentally, I am an AFL tragic so I do not care!

  12. Grumpy says:

    When was the state of ‘Northern Australia’ created and when did TSV become said capital. Starting the ad with a lie isn’t a good start.

    • Grumpy says:

      Once again we have an impostor.

      Do us all a favour and read a few weeks worth of comments before assigning yourself a nom de plume.

      Dipshit – how’s about that one?

      Grumpy Grumpy

  13. Colin Foley says:

    General Manager – Future Cities (NB: Plural. Does that mean Thuringowa is to be split off once again for political convenience? Or is there a secret city close-by? If not, the implication can only be that the GMFC will be required to make more cities to be GM of!)

    But what stood out to me in flashing neon was “control of 20 FTE” which takes us rate-payers even further into paying the stratospheric costs of the dreaded govt disease, DUPLICATIS IN EXTREMUS.

    Just how many management teams does Jenny Hill want? No doubt her Labor-stained brain a/ thinks she is solving TSV’s unemployment, single-handedly and b/ more staff means more personal importance, stroking her agitated ego to calmness.

    The Mayor and her acolytes need a severe management-auditoring by a knowledgable, official body, such as the Federal Minister for Local Govt’s office. But, given that last time I wrote to the said Minister, she did not dignify my approach with a reply. I can’t see Paddleduck letting her watch-poodles off the leash, so hope only glimmers dimly!

    Good luck, Phiillip Batty, there is much to be done. Let me know if I can help.

    • The Real Mr Batty says:

      Thank for the good wishes Colin.
      The Mille-feuille created by TCC is a typical several layers of puff, with a dollop of cream between each layer ( usually sopped up by the layer above and below, not unlike this situation) then sprinkled with a little sugar on top to make it appear worthwhile to the punters paying the bill.

      As you say there is lots to be done, I am sure you have my e mail address should you wish to catch up and chew the fat sometime.

  14. Old Moll says:

    There seem to be a lot of highly paid chefs cooking up the Danish layered pastry that the TCC is fast becoming.
    It brings to mind a quote from Polly Adler, the notorious Chicago madam whose bordello catered for the gangster elite in Prohibition days.
    After a nasty confrontation one evening in her establishment between gangland rivals, she replied to questions from a local gossip columnist with a terse: “All I have to say is that too many crooks spoil the brothel!”

  15. Memory Man says:

    Another piece of evidence, y’honour, of ineptitude of the highest order. You’d be hard-pressed to find, anywhere else in this country, a bunch of so-called leaders who are so consistently incompetent.


    • The Magpie says:

      Couple absolute cracking quotes in there, where an airline has tell people like bedwetter Gill and the muddled Mullet Economics 101. Air Niugini regional sales manager Annemarie Rhodes laid it on the line –
      “The message to the community: it you don’t support that route you could lose it,” she said.
      “Any airline will only operate if it gets revenue out of it, otherwise it will send us broke.
      “If the community can support the airline, we can maintain that service to Hong Kong.”

      Gosh, is that how it works?

      But Ms Rhodes needs to do a bit of deep thinking herself, when she plaintively tells us the Townsville-Hong Kong service was operated via Port Moresby.
      “Townsville to Hong Kong return via Port Moresby, which was introduced last year, is experiencing very limited sales so far,” she said.
      “Why fly south (to Brisbane) to fly North? We encourage the community to fly directly north via Port Moresby to Asia, ex-Townsville to Manila or Hong Kong.”

      Flying an hour or so south to fly direct HK is a far better prospect that diverting to a totally unattractive place like Port Moresby, where from memory the briefest of stop-overs at the airport were never brief enough.

      Who did all the market research into this, Townsville Enterprise? On behalf of their chairman?

      • Scotty says:

        Annemarie’s no dill, known her for over 20 years. Nothing wrong with a transit stop in POM either.

        • The Magpie says:

          Probably not if you know Annemarie, otherwise ….

          • Non believer says:

            Graney has lost all credibility by twice running for election with the Mullet and since gaining office has remained stone cold silent while Rome is burning.

            Like the rest she has been unseen and unheard from while the Mullet lied about our water security during the election campaign, committed 18.5 million to Adani hiding behind closed doors in secret a meeting, stood by and watch the Mullet sack hundred of council staff.

            She’s a lightweight. If she had any substance she would not have stood by and said nothing.

          • The Magpie says:

            As The ‘Pie himself ruefully learned recently in these comments, if you’re going to slag off at someone, it’s best for credibility to get the name right … as in Greaney (this is not an endorsement or otherwise of your sentiment, just an observation.)

          • Non believer says:

            So Magpie does that mean you will no longer slag off at the many people you fire shots at on a daily basis.

            Oh and by the way is Graney ( Greaney ) doing the right thing by this city? Given the many times you have criticised this mob of wasters we have for councillors surely she is letting us down as much as the rest.

          • The Magpie says:

            No logic in your blub there, old son, The ‘Pie will slag off as required BUT will do his best to spell the names correctly.

            And no, despite or perhaps because Greaney is being pushed forward as a future mayoral material (she is so pliable, the Gilded Few have discovered), she is not doing a single honourable thing by the city in her current submissive role. Like the rest. But she ,may be one to jump ship when the time comes.

          • Non believer says:

            Ok will watch that with interest. If she had any moral fibre or courage she should have jumped ship ages ago. Thanks.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            I think he was talking about the other Anne Marie from Air New Guinea

          • The Magpie says:

            No, read it again. Carefully, Feel free to move your lips, Kenny.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        They are reaching for shit with the Townsville -Hong Kong route, it was simply tacked onto the TSV-POM route as some sort of attempt to con some locals it is an actual international route, apart from the fact that you can go through customs in Townsville there is zero difference to the other one stop routes to Hong Kong from Townsville via, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and as you say Pie miss the pleasure of being stuck in POM airport for hours, no thanks.

        • The Magpie says:

          not to put too fine a point on it, by memory, PM airport pongs.

          • Non Aligned Worker says:

            I have travelled to POM and transited to Lae on numerous occasions. The thought of a many houred transition to Honkers does not excite me. To get punters on board you have to have a product and a destination. The destination has to have repeatability to make the travelers become return travelers. Cairns does it OK but needs a One Wolrld lounge a their International Terminal. Townsville should recognize the Cairns connection and work with them rtather than compete. POM will get the right numbers once the NRL season starts again. Will only ever be a pseudo domestic route tho.

      • Tangerine says:

        TSV —> CNS —> The World.
        One stop. Fly north. Plenty of connections. CNS is a GREAT regional airport. Best Qantas Club in Australia.
        Why the f*** would you step on an Air New Guinea plane if you had a choice? Try finding it in the Skytrax Top 100.

        • Grumpy says:

          Qantas does not have a lounge in the international terminal in Cairns – or at least it didn’t 12 months ago.

          But I agree – the Q Club in the domestic terminal is probably the best of the regional airports. Although Qantas is being a little niggardly with regards to opening hours in recent times.

          Back to our discussion on IBM last week…I read both of those links – one was double-speak and the other fluff and flummery. Riddle me this, Orange Face – what did IBM actually pay for? Did they supply the smart meters for the trial gratis? What was the actual cost to them? What are the smart meters doing now? Playing dumb?

          IBM is not some type of benevolent philanthropic organisation of do-gooders. Look at the complete denials of responsibility for the Qld Health payroll disaster. You are a fool if you think otherwise.

          They rolled the dice for an enormous potential bonanza. The only IBM employee who didn’t think it worth it was the poor bastard who had to chaperone Jenny Hill around the USA.

          • The Magpie says:

            The real question is what DID IBM pay for, and then didn’t get?

          • Dave Nth says:

            Have flown limited international flights out of Cairns just too much of a pain to South East Asia and as far as I can remember the Qantas Lounge was closed it up when Qantas downgraded it’s Cairns Japan routes to a Jetstar. The old Qantas Club is now the Reef Lounge that services flights for Cathay, One World Sapphire and Jetstar Business fares I believe.

          • Water Water Everywhere says:

            IBM supplied a piece of software and some support to the 2013 Smart Water Trial, I highly doubt that would have amounted to more than $100k, a lot of the $$ stated would have come from the horde of IBM execs that were in town for a week or so.

            On that note, the Trial did not include Smart Meters but a piece of Australian invented technology(Automated Meter Reader – all details on their website) by Taggle Systems, the same company that has now supplied that technology to quite a few councils, most notably Mackay (since 2011 40,000 or so have been rolled out which has deferred their capital investment into a new water treatment plant by years)

            This technology is so far removed from the electricity Smart metering debacle in Victoria that mentioning them in the same breath is akin to compring Barnaby and Mother Theresa.

            NB: the Trial showed that significant savings can be made from leak detection and the often misinterpreted behaviour change… Also won the Nationals Smart Infrastructure Award… back in 2013…

          • The Magpie says:

            Hmm, know this is off message but it is perefectly correct to compare Barnaby The Bonker with Mother Theresa, as subsequent history has shown she was no saint herself, although for somewhat obvious reasons, were sins her not of the fleshly kind – unless some fakir faked it with her.

          • Grumpy says:

            WWE – what side of the meter is the leak detected? I understood that most leakage comes from the aging council infrastructure. Do the smart meters pick that up?

          • Water Water Everywhere says:


            Ultimately both sides of the meter, once all meters have one of them devices, including council meters then reticulation leaks can be ‘found’ as council will be able to have an accurate water balance. Quarterly reads just mean that lots of assumptions and extrapolations have to be made.

            While the system is quite leaky, from what I understand, Mackay numbers have at least 6% of homes ‘leaking’ at any one time. I am not privy to all the info from Mackay and how they achieved their years of deferral, however, reducing peak loads was a significant factor as well.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Snap Tangerine. Was thinking the same however in my experience CNS route isn’t good for children due to the red eye timetables out of Singapore and Cathay Pacific is fairly tad pricey for Asia based travel. Lone Business traveller less of a problem. Also was caught by a cancelled early Qantaslink flight on Boxing Day where we had to make a connection to SYD to catch a international flight. Qantaslink are unreliable at times, though have improved somewhat from 6 years ago where afternoon flights were always late.

  16. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Miss Lou.

  17. Bentley says:

    Lady Byron’s reference to Duo Magazine has prompted me to say a few words in favour of the professionalism and talent of Scott and Stacey Morrison and staff. It is the only magazine of its genre that I have ever bothered to read, and have probably read most editions at one time or another. Between Duo and Pricey, I believe that they have done more for Townsville than any of the half-baked promotional bodies have done. My admiration for their positive attitudes is only surpassed by my disappointment in the duffers running the town. Don’t get me wrong. I do love the place, perhaps because it’s a sleepy hollow, but if it is ever going to thrive we will need some new drivers who have real vision, can attract the funds to provide power and water, so that we can make our own way to prosperity. Enough diddling at the edges with undersize stadiums for example.

  18. J jones says:

    madame editor is hot and cold

  19. Critical says:

    Meanwhile in Cairns real projects wuth economic outcomes and that create a great liveable urban environment just keep happening.

    WTF are TEL, the Chamber of Commerce and others doing.


    • Mike Douglas says:

      Critical, I find it amusing when the people of Townsville select our Political leaders delivering Labor at all 3 levels.The people then expect the Chamber, Tel and Business to ride into town and fix the issues.The people get the Government they voted for.

    • Cynical Cricket says:

      Quick! Send it to Pure Projects, they could plagiarise more money out of this council.

  20. Bentley says:

    Rest easy mate. This is too much fun.

  21. seagull says:

    i thought we were overdue for one…………….the adani argus has rolled out another TSV airport record ppl / upgrade / spoiler Qantas puff piece ………….. now don’t get me wrong……. i actually do think the TSV Bulletin is a must have………with a dry copy when camping there is no need for fire lighters or toilet paper……… FFS

  22. The Real Mr Batty says:

    What a totally misleading headline in the Bully.

    GHD North Queensland says 98% workers employed for Haughton Pipeline duplication will be locals

    It then goes on to say….

    THE firm designing the Haughton Pipeline duplication says it will have 98 per cent local workers on the project. GHD estimates all but 2 per cent of the total design work on the project will be completed by Townsville workers.

  23. Memory Man says:

    The propaganda machine is at it again, after the disastrous reality that two international links are now on the nose. The ever-present hand-out mentality just wont go away. And it’s one of the biggest reasons why the city is falling behind.

    • Scientician79 says:

      My personal observation as a reasonably frequent flyer is that things have certainly not turned around as far as Qantas flights are concerned.

      Majority of the Brisbane route is still the downsized QantasLink flights, and most of those appear to be half full at best.

      I figure it’s only a matter of time before some of the current services are cancelled as well, they must be borderline with the current passenger loads.

    • Itsfunnyuntilsomeonelosesaneye says:

      Both TEL, TCC and the Bully are marketing extensions of QAL. Perhaps QAL should take the couple hundred thousand in sponsorship of TEL each year and put it towards the upgrades. TEL would not survive on their membership fees.

      How can TCC now justify two economic development organisations. TEL should just focus on Tourism (which has always been the major focus). Suggestion – move the ED team from TEL which are good and capable folks into the Council team. They would certainly lift the experience for TCC.

      The pedigree and experience of Michael McMillan runs rings around most folks in town who thing they know ED, and that’s just what I got from Google – serious cred.

      Let TEL go forward running very well meaning and proud volunteers and tourism/information centres and tourism. Let the Chamber of Commerce get on with representing business etc. and do what they do very well.

      Seems all so simple to me – stop making TEL all things to all people. That went when leaders like Graham Jackson and Richard Power RIP were no longer there. That was bloody leadership at is best, not the bloody plastic fantastic currently going on.

      The Emerging leaders program (the idea that came from Geelong) should be merit based – not whoever wants to part with cash or in kind for major sponsors and should be something the Chamber should run in conjunction with the Chamber Project Committee (old young chamber).

      • The Magpie says:

        First up, just leerve ya moniker.

        Agree with your analysis overall, but you make an an inadvertent good point when you say ‘stop making TEL all things to all people’. It says Townsville Enterprise, but the empire builders came in and now track sometimes unwilling dollars from Charters Towers, Ayr, Ingham, and various other duped councils who get buggerall from this mob of charlatans. And if they did, IT WOULD BE AT TOWNSVILLE’S EXPENSE … particularly Magnetic Island’s.

        This whole thing has spun out of control, with Mayor Mullet panicked and clearly out of her depth. It has to end. There are even rumblings of discontent within the staid, narrow focussed and very proper C of C.

        • Itsfunnyuntilsomeonelosesaneye says:

          Thanks Pie,

          I think the question should be asked – if TEL didn’t exist in its current form, would the region be any worse off? If ED and Events attraction was run appropriately, with a focused and eminently qualified ED Director and team within TCC, would we stand a better chance at attracting and lobbying as a single stronger organisation – rather the junket brigade (TCC and TEL) presenting as seperate organisations (master and slave) working for the same outcome.

          There is no longer a twin cities – there be just one, so one could question why they are still needed.

          They fight hard to be apolitical but money talks from TCC and TAPL and that influences. I wonder if they, as with boards I sit on – call for potential conflicts of interest from Directors before the board meeting kicks off?

          Let TEL become Tourism NQ with major sponsors Tourism Queensland and TAPL.

          You are correct, the regional councils dont get much bang for buck with some doing their own tourism and ED attraction anyway. Perhaps a focused Tourism NQ organisation would be better. Given most staff in TEL are Tourism, PR or media backgrounds.

  24. The Magpie says:

    New signage in th Canberra Cabinet room.

  25. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Things must be getting fairly petty with Qantas and old Numbskull Gill at the airport, I was in there again this morning and TAPL have placed a series of bench seats across the walkway that leads to the Qclub, just how pathetic can they get, now you have to wonder through the tables and chairs of the coffee shop area to get into the club, what a low act, they need to grow up.

    • The Magpie says:

      Anyone got a pic, please?

      • Grumpy says:

        I was there at 2:00 PM this afternoon and noticed having to navigate the maze.

        I’m not back for a few days, so unless any other Nester sends in a photograph in the meantime, I’ll take one. God knows that you have enough time between disembarking the Dash-8 and your bags turning up on the carousel.

  26. Bemused says:

    Pie, I’m not up to speed on the mismanagement (or otherwise) at Fraser Coast that has led to Mayor Loft’s dismissal, but would it be correct to think that given the party politics involved, there’s no hope of similar action being taken against Our Mullet?

    • The Magpie says:

      Each one of the these cases (Ipswich, Logan, Fraser Coast) have their own wrinkles, and Mayor Mullet’s turn is yet to come … alhough with her house trained crew of staffers on board, it will be an uphill job to prove the bleedin’ obvious. You’d think that Guatum had done a Barnaby with her somewhere along the line … metaphorically only, The ‘Pie does not wish to further tarnish the man’s reputation. All the while, she’s doing a Barnaby on us.

  27. This town need.... says:

    I didn’t realise Barnaby was on tour?


  28. Mangrove Jack says:

    From the current Rates Notice, just changing a few words around:

    Managing Litter-ally to Improve the way we Waste.

  29. The Magpie says:

    Appropriate time to call out the bullies and would-be bullies in our society, so The ‘Pie now calls out Mayor Jenny Hill.

    Your sins are many in this are arena madam, as many as they are ridiculous and short lived. But for now just a salient few, topped with one that The Magpie can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL (cop that, Astonisher).
    First your call for a boycott of Qantas for reasons that really had nothing to do with you, it was a commercial business matter, but you just wanted to look god to your TEL chairman, Dill Gill.. The airline quickly made you and him a laughing stock.

    Then your hilarious and patently obviously empty threat to Adani to do something about the Carmichael mine within six months, or else. Else what, pray tell, Madam Dunderhead?

    But now The ‘Pie has learned the following from an impeccable source, and he dares you to challenge it.

    Four years ago when lobbying for the CBD stadium and convention centre (what happened to that second component, one wonders?) a working group was set up to thrash out the details. That group included TEL, then TCC CEO Ray Burton, representatives of the NRL … and you, Mayor Mullet.

    Right from the outset, the NRL made it crystal clear that it was unshakeable on two points that they would never entertain … the NRL would not put any money into the stadium – knowing full well that ALL stadiums are sink-holes for public funds – AND the second matter – THAT A STATE OF ORIGIN MATCH WOULD NEVER COME TO TOWNSVILLE, as floated in early talks. The NRL did offer the sweetener of the opportunity to bid for test matches and maybe tournaments like the 9s.

    Lawrence Lancini was at all these meetings …AND SO WERE YOU, MADAM MAYOR.

    So you knew that there was never a chance of a SOO match for Townsville, but you went ahead and tried to bully the unbulliable NRL (for Christ sake, woman, what’s your bargaining chip, there isn’t any) Were you hoping that some pissant publicity in Townsville, and some self-interested vote catching from the Queensland House of Fools in Brisbane, which has never put up money for Brisbane SOO matches? Or is this the latest spurious and panicked attempt to paint yourself as the peoples’ champion, going to war for the battlers?

    All you achieved was again making Townsville look like whingeing self-entitled thumb suckers. It took the dignity and common sense of the likes of JT – and also Brent Tate – to put you in your place, but the reputational damage to the city has been done. Again.

    Proud of your record, Madam? Get some good advice, for God’s sake … in fact for all our sakes, we’re starting to suffer embarrassment fatigue.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Why do you behave like this Mayor Mullet? What exactly is it that the general populace of Townsville has done to deserve a such a secretive, self serving Oligarch in charge of the TCC?

      Why have you muzzled the elected councillors and why do you endorse only the employment of Labor Party servants and friends to executive positions in the TCC?

      • Non believer says:

        What they did IBP to deserve this ratbag in the Mayor’s office is they voted for her. We had an outstanding candidate in Jane Arlett who had a team of people who had a proven track record of standing up for what they believed in. Not hiding under rock like the current mob that this city elected.

        • Sceptical Sally says:

          You’ve summed things up nicely, Non believer, as does the Nest’s nomination for the most appropriate council slogan……

          “City Of Townsville……Serves You Right”

    • No more dredging says:

      Tiny correction ‘Pie, I think the ex-rugby league fellow is Brent Tate, not Brett.

    • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

      This absurd suggestion that the new stadium and it’s subsequent footy ball matches (whether Origin or not) saving our city is really needs to be retired, by the Mayor and all her cronies. Yes, it can’t hurt, but this is a topical treatment for Townsville’s ills at best, which only really helps out the Mayor’s mates.

      When is this council going to get serious about leadership? I am just seeing penny ante attempts (and unsuccessful ones at that) to ‘compete’ with Cairns, and baindaids for much bigger problems.

      They footy is fine, whatever, but it ain’t gonna fix shit in the long term without some meaningful action. Show some balls, please, TCC. Do your bloody jobs.

  30. Sandgroper says:

    Don’t usually read celebrity interviews, but made an exception for a recent yarn in the British Sunday Times magazine.
    In it, Kylie Minogue revealed she had a nervous breakdown after splitting from long-term fiance Joshua Sasse.
    She didn’t specifically say what caused the split, but it struck me she might have been concerned that nothing would change if she married and took her husband’s name.
    Everybody would still be talking about Kylie Sasse.

  31. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Have the astonisher only done half a story as usual, according to an article in Aust Aviation Magazine, Qantas in pursuing a codeshare agreement on the TSV – POM route to help support the route it says is likely to cancelled due to poor numbers otherwise. There was nothing in the astonishers story about the TSV-POM route being under threat, only the TSV – HKG route via POM. A codeshare agreement would certainly help support the route and allow many business passengers to consider the route rather than going via BNE, why isn’t this being reported.


  32. seagull says:

    on the ABC news site this morning ……… TCC = WTF

    TCC is on a mission to reposition / rebrand TSV as the redneck capital of Nth Qld

    “Townsville City Council’s talks with police about “emerging community tensions” in the debate around the Carmichael mine project prompted its move to halt the screening at one of its public venues a week out, according to its chief executive Adele Young.”


    • Old Hack says:

      The Walker Street Wankery will soon be renamed The Reichstag. In addition, all books supporting global warming will be burned, anti-Adani protestors will be imprisoned in concentration camps and it’s the firing squad for any scientist supporting climate change.

    • Grumpy says:

      Council seems a little quicker to move upon the bearded, mostly harmless aging old hippy Greenies than they do upon the violent and lawless thugs that are raging through our suburbs. (I’m talking about the juvenile criminals, not the CFMEU, who are also juvenile criminals)

      Freedom of Speech, Jenny, Freedom of Fucking Speech. I may not agree with the Greens or their tactics, but I am even more opposed to political censorship.

  33. The old peterbuilt says:

    In a discussion with a landowner who has the existing pipeline running through his property he made the claim that a 1.8m diameter pipe line may not go ahead. He claims that when the Houghton was crossed with the original 300mm pipe they went to 15m in depth and had to blast rock. They can’t do that anywhere near the existing and may have to realine but the cost of getting a 1.8m pipe under the river bed may blow this thing out of the water( pardon the pun). He also said as yet there has been nil survey done of his property.

    • Old tradesman says:

      I think the pipe line construction will have the same time frame as the Ogden St bus terminal,if in the hands of the Mullet and Co plus the three stooges.Capetown revisited.

    • The Magpie says:

      Cor, Adolf Tomlinson down at the Astonisher will be sharpening his quill and getting the matches dry to burn stacks of the Guardian, there are so many telling uppercuts and knock-out blows in this, for both the paper and the mayor … best summed up by the closing line:
      ‘For now, like the rest of the country, Townsville’s politics are beset by wishful thinking and denial. What the city, and the reef alike need is hope for the future in a world of impermanence, which is changing faster than either can adapt.’

      • Ronny Righteous says:

        I’m no great fan of The Guardian, but that’s the most truthful summation of Townsville’s woes and the Bulletin’s agenda-driven reporting I’ve seen so far in national media.
        It mirrors what has been said time and again over a long period in The Magpie’s Nest.
        Finally, the penny is starting to drop. Hopefully, it gives local TV, radio and social media networks some food for thought.

    • Westie says:

      I agree. Forget yesterday’s coalmines and football stadiums. Look to the future.

      This in the Bulletin online.

      “$1.3 billion power station deal in limbo
      A COMPANY proposing a $1.3 billion concentrated solar thermal power station in Townsville is awaiting the detail behind the State Government’s energy policies. CWP Renewables wants to develop a 250 megawatt plant similar to one built in Nevada near Las Vegas.”

      The mayor, Dept State Development, TEL, the premier need to beat down barriers to make this happen.

      Solar power is what we are good at.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        Yep especially when the Australian tax payer helps pay for it. One of the solar farms currently being built in nq is subsidised by fed tax payers money and owned by an Arab billionaire. This mob are just trying to work the system. We subsides the construction and they sell the power to us. We have to be the weakest country in the world. Is it any wonder the Muslims think were an easy mark

      • I'll be plucked says:

        If we rely too heavily on solar going forward the only thing resembling ‘reliable power’ will be frying eggs on the car bonnet!

  34. The Magpie says:

    Mayor Mullet has just been chapeau shopping, like all gals, she likes jaunty headwear.

    CEO Adele The Impaler Young was so pissed off, she decided to show the mayor whose really boss, and bought her own lid.

    Now the WH&S people have ordered several dozen outdoor hats for workers to in keeping with the executive.

    These latter will be used by staff to close down the next Groovin’ The Moo, where the council also cannot guarantee the public’s safety.

    • The Magpie says:

      Adele The Impaler Young changed her tune pretty quickly after making the arrogantly dumb decision to tell organisers the ban the Anti-Adani film night in the Old Magistrates Court was because it was ‘deemed to be political’. In a sudden swerve, no doubt acting on the council’s legal step’n’fetchit Ian ‘Thallium’ Finlayson, she wrote to organisers the following:
      “Following discussions held by council with local representatives of the Queensland Police Service over emerging community tensions surrounding debate on the Adani Carmichael Mine Project, the council is not in a position where it is able to satisfy itself or guarantee the safe and peaceful conduct of the above-mentioned event for our staff or for members of the community.”

      Since the disruption to peace and safety would only come from those supporting the Adani project, we now have the situation where a peaceful and democratic event is banned by the council because of what others – with whose views the council happens to agree – may or may not do. A couple of old farts do a bit of push and shove at The Short Uns meeting and this passes for ‘tensions with the community’? So this is what this current council, elected and administration has come to. They cannot argue against the charge of fascism … or, yet again, outright lying. We are now a nationally disgraced city. Thanks Mullet, thanks Impaler.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Mullet should be wearing a dunces hat – cheap, easy to make, hard to miss and more than appropriate. Crikey, she must realise by now that she has little, to no respect left in our community; and neither do Impaler, the stooge councillors or most of the ‘executive’. What a plucking mess we hapless citizens are having to endure.

    • Kingswood says:

      The red number is most fetching…just needs a monacle, some riding boots and a crop.

  35. Kirwan Resident says:

    I agree with Grumps 100%.

    TCC you are a disgrace. Once again the labor bovver girl has used her bully tactics to stamp on dissenters.

    All elected members of TCC and the incompetent CEO should hang their heads in shame. You are cowards of the highest order.

    As Beatrice Hall said: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”
    This should be a guiding principle when it comes to debates that have opposing public views.

    By my calculations there are 758 days until the next Council election. Hopefully the current lot will be thrown onto the unemployment line.

  36. Dutch Reverend says:

    Well, well, well, so now that the current bunch of dunderheads at Walker Street have realised that putting all their eggs in the Adani basket they are going to end up with scrambled eggs. So what do we do, I know let’s go back to where it all started and appoint a new gallery director Lee-Ann Joy. Lee-Ann wants to attract major overseas exhibitions. Wasn’t that already being done by Shane and his team ? I suspect it was. This will all be done and in place by that magic year 2020. (Best of luck Lee-Ann. Time will tell ) I predict that many of the council jobs that were dumped, approx 400 or so will be rejuvenated and the claim that the council has been instrumental in creating jobs to the tune of 400+ by the year 2020.

    • The Magpie says:

      For proof of your analysis Dutchy, Ms Joy – who looked anything but joyful in the photograph – said this:
      “At the moment my priority is the staff and rebuilding the team and supporting them with the current programming that is in place until the end of 2019,” she said. “The program has already been set until the end of 2019 so the emphasis will be on the gallery operations, updating equipment, getting the facilities in place for overseas exhibitions.”

      All of which is most galling, because it clearly underlines the foolish spiteful arrogance of dismissing Fitzgerald in the first place, if his replacement’s priority is to built things back up to where they were before it was all Noused out.

      Disgraceful … especially (without any disrespect to Ms Joy) that the mayor is trying to make this look like a positive. All part of a spurious ‘make good’ campaign by one of the greatest blunderers since Flashman – but no where near as loveable.

      • The Fitzgerald Inquiry says:

        You’ll never convince me that dismissing Fitzgerald was a good move. I have frequented the exhibitions of our city for many many years, and one of the big challenges will be for the galleries to win back the punters. Numbers immediately dropped after Fitzgerald’s shameful forced redundancy, and they have only been spiking for local artists, out of solidarity I believe. This is a clear message to TCC, from a community that has made their opinion on the matter absolutely clear. Whether Ms Joy works out or not, it was still a ham-fisted attempt at placating the Townsville arts community, a community with voices that I thought were very articulate and even-handed in their disagreement with all of this nonsense in the first place. I will give her, and the many new gallery staff the benefit of the doubt, but few people in the community are yet willing to overlook the Mayor’s ignorance, and even aggression, toward them.

    • This town need.... says:

      …and I like some of the other info in this story:

      1. Ms Joy said one of her priorities was rebuilding relationships.

      …and this isn’t exactly inspiring:

      2. Arts NQ chair Lorna Hempstead said she welcomed Ms Joy’s appointment as the city’s creative art director.

      “Her roles and positions in the past suggest she will have useful and interesting skills that will benefit the city arts and cultural needs and aspirations,” she said.

      Wow – “useful” AND “interesting” skills?

      Her experience: Lee-Ann Joy is a creative practitioner with over fifteen years’ experience in architecture, urban design and art in public spaces. No creative art director experience? Wait and see, I guess….

      • Les Miserables says:

        Thing is, after Fitzgerald got the old brown handshake, half of the staff walked too. So it’s 2018 now, and there is a ‘creative director’ now. Great. But what happened in 2017? Fitzgerald was dismissed in 2016. A whole year of nothing. No wonder people question the Mayor’s dedication to anything that isn’t Coal or Johnathon Thurston related.

    • Ronny Righteous says:

      Dutchy, I think all the eggs have already been scrambled and recent TCC moves are a desperate attempt to cook-up a palatable omelette.
      Unfortunately for the council, things are starting to smell so rotten it’s doubtful if ratepayers will swallow the stinking mess at the next local government elections.

  37. Critical says:

    Strong rumours within council are that the screaming midget made the decision to cancel the booking for the ADANI movie and ordered staff to do the dirty work of notifying the organisers. Apparantly the responsibility for booking TCC venues is under the screaming midgets control.

  38. seagull says:

    i wouldn’t expect to see this in the bullsheet any time soon………

    “Indian energy company Adani has scrapped its March deadline to secure funding for the first stage of its $16.5 billion Carmichael mine, casting further doubt on whether the controversial project will ever get off the ground.”

    Read more: http://www.afr.com/news/politics/adani-abandons-march-funding-deadline-for-165b-carmichael-mine-20180220-h0wd3z#ixzz57mQXRK2v
    Follow us: @FinancialReview on Twitter | financialreview on Facebook

  39. No more dredging says:

    Not really promoting the Guardian but Katherine Murphy’s piece about the mess of national politics has such resonance in our own little Townsville cesspit:


    • Old Hack says:

      A must-read article by one of the most thoughtful political writers in the business.
      The self-pitying rants of Abbott and Joyce are symptomatic of the narcissism that has destroyed our faith in politicians.

  40. Non believer says:

    So another one of those look over there not here moments from our bogan mayor. She appeared on Sunrise this morning along with the other first class bogan councillor Ryder banging on about another Crocodile Dundee movie being made in Townsville.

    It’s my understanding Paul Hogan said there will never be another Crocodile Dundee movie. Our water crisis still remains, our youth crime wave remains unchecked and the general neglect of this city remains our real issues.

    The ranting from the Mullet about a state of origin game we will never get and now trying to latch onto an add that used Crocodile Dundee to promote Australia overseas as a reason to shoot a movie in Townsville is making us a laughing stock on the national stage.

    This morning Australia got a good look at our untidy scruffy looking mayor along with her soul mate Ryder looking and sounding like a fish wife. Just as she did with her state of origin rant.

    All because she wants to divert attention from our continuing water crisis and her rediculous decision to give Adani 18.5 million dollars to build their airport.

    • The Magpie says:

      here’s a thought … perhaps the residents of Townsville could mount a class-action defamation suit against the mayor … after all ‘Defamation is the publication of false information which hurts a person’s reputation or leads them to be ridiculed, shunned, avoided or despised’. The first two are no brainers and the last two will follow surely as night follows day, as surely as The Bulletin follows other paper’s stories.

    • Gazza says:

      Talk about ‘cultural cringe’ from Cr Ryder on national TV. It’s an embarrassment to our wonderful city having these so called leaders pushing this crap. How about she just does her Councillor job for a start. Bloody pitiful.

  41. WTF says:

    The Gormless Gang in Walker St must really think the people of Townsville are stupid. The idea that 5ML of recycled water is a “game changer” is nonsensical. The city consumes 100ML / day … the so-called “game changer” is much less than the 10-15ML that would be saved with an implementation of the Smart Meters used in Mackay and elsewhere. This is bottom of the barrel stuff from a desperate mayor.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Have to pull you up there on Smart Meters WTF, a complete and utter waste of money under a allocation system and the data is less than conclusive in trials in a standard demand model not just in Australia but around the world, and further to this the Australian model of charging for a water service not required is quite unique to us so data from around the world is effectively useless anyway. Data for data’s sake without comprehsive reform on overall policy is wasted money, and the council has been right to reject the value of POD Meters to date and cost recovery, although that may change as policy does.

      • WTF says:

        The data on savings is from Council’s own trials, presentations from its own water people and the demonstrable experience of Mackay. True, policy reform is desperately needed but even without it, the council’s own information is clear cut.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Sorry mate, you have been spun a load of shit, plenty of it getting around in regards to data on water meters so you are not on your own, , everyone has an idea of the way it’s suppose to work, but the outcome is far different, I haven’t seen a cost recovery positive yet out of any I have been involved with. Simple solution, put the price of the stuff up lots and charge people for every drop they use, the data from where this has occurred is conclusive, it works every time.

          • Water Water Everywhere says:

            Cantankerous but happy – you may want to check your facts before making grandiose claims around something that you may have some outdated information on.

            Mackay’s system, which is the same as the one trialed in Townsville in 2013 is cost positive – it all depends on the system that is used.

            Cairns’ system on the other hand is a net-neutral business case over twenty years because they decided to go with some whizz bang ultrasonic water meter and a more expensive communications system.

            The business cases for Smart Water Solution depends as much on the offsetting on large infrastructure (now that we are building the pipeline, the next cab off the rank will be Toonpan Water Treatment plant) as it does on leak detection, improvements in planning, efficiencies in maintenance and a host of smaller benefits that are hard to quantify. Hence the businesses cases look different for each Council/Water Authority.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Water Water everywhere I don’t have to check my facts, it’s our fuckng program or a hybrid of that is being used. These meters are not new and the first batches that were introduced over 20 years ago in various programs around Australia are long gone and replaced with standard mechanical, mostly volumetric meters. The failure rate is exceptionally high and requirements under NMI has left large batches of all brands struggling for accuracy over the cycle. Major water authorities around Australia have withdrawn quickly from any thoughts of fleet implementation in the domestic ranges as long term costs are proving prohibitive. Sydney Water for example offer the domestic meters only to consumers at an extra cost, they have abandoned any plans for a domestic DC fleet as all CBA’s conducted over many years have proven in the negative by a large margin. As I said many people have an idea of how these meters and software applications should work and what the desired outcome will be but we have not had one single cost recovery in the positive across any susbstantial meter fleet yet and this year alone will be replacing many thousands of DC meters with mechanical meters.

          • Water Water Everywhere says:

            No need to get all cranky, you are comparing a bad choice in Cairns with other areas.

            Ultrasonic water meters have no demonstrable use for domestic purposes, their detection limits are not all that better than mechanical meters, and if the company cannot warrant the meter for the expected lifetime, it is set up for failure.

            Smart Meters can be and are cost benefit if the right mix of technology is chosen for the right reasons and the data is used correctly.

            I have been working on this and related issues for the past 6 years myself, so have a fair idea what I am talking about – although you can of course argue that I don’t.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            WWE, there is certainly many options and my opinion is not narrowed down to any mechanical v ultrasonic or equivalent performance, it is by the hard data, I don’t get attached to any specific product or style of meter as I have delivered projects using them all going back to the early nineties. I have seen them all come and go and promise to revolutionise the way water is delivered and measured and the cost advantages of them all, and so far absolutely none of them have performed to expectations, hence the reason no major water authority in Australia has rolled out a replacement program, the data over the years just doesn’t support the case. Anyway good luck with your bid to get Townsville to spend a fortune implementing them, I look forward to getting my pockets lined in a few years time when they have to spend a fortune replacing them.

          • WTF says:

            Pricing reform is essential, no doubt about it. The Taggle solution is a good system, there’s heaps of evidence across the country that it is cost-effective. It needs to be part of a multi-layered response, simple as that. Council has also squibbed the tough call on water pricing – but then again, what’s really needed is leadership that can explain to folk why more-or-less free water is not a right / entitlement and it isn’t something that the rest of the world will or should subsidise.

      • XWaterworker says:

        I haven’t had a lot to do with Smart Water meters, so I had a look at a fact sheet from the Australian Water Association https://www.awa.asn.au/Documents/Smart%20Water%20Meters.pdf.

        Except for the cost I find them quite compelling, especially in a Townsville context.

        The problem with water in Townsville is quite clearly demand management- because of history and Tony Mooney’s insistence on retaining a water allocation tariff rather than a user pays one. Townsville residents are not sensitive to water usage and wastage, compared with almost anywhere else.

        The data from a smart meter will shock many users-see the second page on the fact sheet. Hmm, there is the 50 litres when I had a shower, hmmm, I flushed the toilet 3 times at 6.5 litres a time, OK, the dishwasher used 23 litres, and ….oh my god…. there is the 2,000 litres I used to turn on the sprinklers to make the lawn green at midday.

        Sure it is better if it is user pays- the lawn cost me $7.50 today compared with the 12 cents for everything else. But awareness is a start, and a user pays tariff will convert “knowing” to “caring”.

        We would then no longer be talking about a half a billion dollar pipeline that will necessarily lead to a 10% rate increase.

    • Wry Whiskey says:

      Interesting to note how the recycled water story has changed in recent days. Initially the fanfare was for saving 4ML day. When it received the obvious derision, Scotty Stewart was trundled out to declare 40ML was possible; IF it had a solid business case, IF there was market demand, IF it was technically feasible, etc.

  42. Silverfox says:

    I think I counted about 5 pictures of the mayor in todays Bully.

    • The Magpie says:

      The smarm offensive is well and truly on … The ‘Pie was particularly taken by the of so figurative one of Mullet/Impaler/ Screaming Midget and a real worker carving up the ‘cake’.

      • Grumpy says:

        Now, that’s straining the fabric a bit…

      • Old Hack says:

        Look at that, Dave of Kelso. That’s what a sugar-coated shit sandwich looks like.

      • Roger Rabbit says:

        Instead of organising vacuous puff pictures staged to make the mayor look good, the TCC’s so-called ‘communications’ team should concentrate on letting ratepayers know what is happening and when they can expect some tangible results.
        Most recent stories, particularly in the Astonisher, have been steaming piles of bullshit predicting that everything will come good just before the next council election.

      • Dearie Me says:

        Bunch of morons. Do they not realize it’s interaction on Facebook that counts? And bugger all people who like it interact with the stupid page. That means they read but don’t like the posts or comment.
        The posts that get the most interaction are the ones where there’s a pretty picture and people have liked it, or where there’s community outrage and loads of questions like the hard rubbish post.
        But anyway …Yay for cake!
        Fatty boombas one and two will need to trot off to lifeline and buy bigger flowery dresses if they keep having cake.

        • The Magpie says:

          There is the other point … quite a few people (including – blush – The ‘Pie) go to the page to check out events because the Astonisher, the traditional source of such news, is slow or even don’t bother reporting community events.

  43. Alacan says:

    I heard a whisper, a secret going round

    That infrastructure deep under city centre ground

    May not be repaired as meant to be

    She just doesnt have the required money.

    I wounder if it true, in part or in whole

    And if there will be another trench or hole.

  44. Memory Man says:

    The Bullsheet does it once again with a puff piece about how Townsville “could become” this, that or another.


    More international students would be a good thing but does the Bully ever ask about how the so-called Council-CQU “partnership” in the CBD has delivered on its promises since being launched with such fanfare in 2015?

    How has JCU fared compared to international enrolment trends across the State?

    Instead of some basic questions to put things into context we get served up puffery.

  45. McMansion Man says:

    On the question of international students , it appeared a while back there was a big hub-bub about charging rates based on the number of dunnies at specific places . Well, has anyone cross checked the number of rooms , the number of bathrooms , the number of occupants and the types of occupants in the new Mcmansions built over the last decade a circumference of about 10ks of JCU? Methinks you might then suspect , like the tourism bosses sometimes in relation to maggie, that the numbers are here but where they are staying might be bandb. Only the McMansions may be new underground up market backpackers for international students with prices dictated by rent auctions? Even despite the unit glut?

    • McMansions man says:

      And that even more suspicious may be a couple of certain recent developments in the West End area , which , in reverse , have about 15 “room/offices” down 1 hallway and only 1 or 2 dunnies . The eyebrows raised in this day and age that if they are “offices” the 1 powerpoint in each room after all the plastering had been done and dusted should have included internet connections . Thus leading one to suspect accommodation not of the motel type and not advertised as accommodation at all.

  46. Alahazbin says:

    I see the ‘Fat Fool’ wants to regurgitate the ‘PUP’ party. He is completely dillusional, as for anybody that would put their hand up to be a candidate.
    It’s about time all media outlets start ignoring this idiot.

    • The Magpie says:

      Love th oh-so-apt typo ‘dillusional’ … suits him perfectly.

      • Ronny Righteous says:

        Why would the media want to ignore the loudmouthed, delusional dill? People need a bit of comic relief.
        He’s even more gormless and arguably funnier than Dilbert’s boss.

        • The Magpie says:

          Which brings up another point … why are we calling him names like ‘fat fool’ and ‘dill’ … who’s got the money and who’s still got a job and still one private jet?

          • Sandgroper says:

            The same thought had struck me. He probably has the resources to hold off the bailiff until his last gasp.
            Bond got some time behind bars, but he and Skase still managed to cark it in luxury.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Can we vote on that.? Who wants to see him, who doesn’t?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Will Clive Mensink be a candidate for the PUP?

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Nah he won’t – Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are vying for his signature as their representative in Europe! The mafia also have an interest in who his makeover advisors are.

  47. Old timer says:

    I remember the days when if you wanted to get a photo and story in the Bully to promote a sponsorship you produced an oversized cheque.
    These days you need a big advertising cheque or an oversized cake.
    In the case of the council, probably both.
    Our new editor says she is going to keep the bastards honest but obviously that rule doesn’t apply to advertisers especially the council who have a guaranteed spend which puts them well and truly in the protected species category.
    Had hoped that the new editor would return the local rag to a policy of ethics and impartiallity but she is worse than the last dud.

  48. Old Hack says:

    The news that Fairfax will soon cease sending print newpapers to North Queensland will bring tears to the eyes of those pushing online subscriptions to the Bulletin.
    I’m betting many will opt to subscibe to electronic Fairfax publications rather than the local organ of froth and misinformation.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has long been a subscriber to the online SMH … and a life-long reader – ah, those sunny Saturday mornings at the Oaks in Neutral Bay scanning the jobs vacant ads where the qualified boilermaker was king – after discovering when migrating north 30 years ago, the cost and delay in getting the SMH was prohibitive. Doubt much will be lost in this move, perhaps indeed a gain for those interested in real journalism.

  49. The Magpie says:

    Like A Hole In The Head, Dept of:
    Here’s a little something to brighten up your day.

    Deniers are invited to study first hand the next severe storm from a beach in Townsville. The media will then question them at a news conference … in Charters Towers when they land.

  50. Simon Templar says:

    Alas, poor Barnaby…..

    • Sandgroper says:

      Now just another bleached skull leering from the backbench, but it’s doubtful if Turnbull will do a Hamlet and laud him as “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy”……..
      Sadly for the Coalition, Barbaby’s ‘fancies’ have given Shorten what could be a match-winning free kick.

      • The Magpie says:

        The Short Un isn’t likely to want to keep the issue alive at all. Or the Greens.

        Bill Shorten – had an extra-marital affair with cute blonde Chloe Bryce 10
        years ago – and got Ms Bryce pregnant while both were still married.

        Tony Burke – had an affair with office staffer Skye Laris while married to
        Cathy Bresnan with kids.

        Bob Hawke – had an affair with Blanch d’Alpuget while married to Hazel –
        while he was PM.

        Nick McKim – had an affair with married staffer Cassy O’Connor while her
        husband artist was keeping the home fires burning and raising their
        4 kids. McKim’s affair ended up breaking up the young family.

        There were lot of shout-outs that Barnaby Joyce should resign.

        Yet, Shorten, Burke and McKim are still there.

        If we apply the ‘resign’ principle to all of parliament – and the press
        gallery – Canberra would be a ghost town.

  51. Honkers says:

    Surely the point about the Facebook “brag” is how is it that a Council could get no more than 10% penetration when it touches the lives of everyone in the city? Whether you own land, own buildings, run a business, operate a restaurant, work in a community group, participate in the arts, use the sports grounds and parks, flush the dunnies, own a dog … Council is central to what you do. Facebook should be the only source of information, it is own cost and just about everyone has a Facebook account. That Council’s penetration is so low speaks volumes about how tragic they are. And for the Mullet to crap on about “use of humour” to get people to the Facebook site, give us all a break.

    • The Magpie says:

      You are speaking here of two women and a team that would laugh hysterically watching an orphanage fire, which is a good metaphor for what they’ve done to our council, when you think about it.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I don’t have facebook. Tried it once. It is a threat to your data security.

  52. BARNaby says:

    Well, they got me! I fought the good fight, denied, denied, denied and was riding the storm nicely. Even got the ex on my team!

    Hmm, then those spoilers from WA got involved. I’ll fight em and I’ll be back – hey Tony you mad monk, move over, here I come to do some meddling and rock throwing from the back bench.

    Watch me now – I’m Barnaby, you’re not!

  53. Achilles says:

    This is the caption on the TB’s site of some sheala jogging along the breakwater in the rain. I wonder if she has an afternoon job too?

    ‘Joanna Keune takes a morning job on the Townsville breakwater’. Photo: Evan Morgan

  54. Alex DeLarge says:

    Oh, dear. Not only an obstacle course to the Qantas Lounge entrance in the background (which my aged mother could barely negotiate) …

    … there was a 20 minute delay on the carousel. It backfired, Gill, the disgruntled passengers were blaming your incompetence. As were the yellow shirts who had to handle some mightily pissed off members of the public.

    • The Magpie says:

      It is clear that Kevin Gill has the emotional age of a petulant prepubescent who didn’t get his own way … and the mental age to match. Because how in his wildest two-fisted dreams could he imagine that pissed off passengers would blame Qantas … they know full well Qantas has nothing to do with terminal management and creative furniture arrangement.

      And this puerile action from the man who is chairman of the ratepayer funded group tasked with attracting people to Townsville now raises a very serious question … in the light of this idiocy, will there be further deliberate but ‘unforeseen’ disruptions to baggage handling and carousel ‘breakdowns’, in a juvenile attempt to convince passengers they should pay a passenger tax to fund an upgrade of the airport Mr Gill’s parent company owns.

      Time for the parents to step in and Mr Gill should get a short, sharp visit from the Smack Fairy. (He would probably misinterpret the word ‘smack’ and look forward to it.)

      • The Magpie says:

        Sorry Plucky, that one gone to delete heaven, we’ve come to expect some robust commenting from you, but that is just simply foul-mouthed abuse of the most unwitty kind … we expect better from you. At least try to be amusing, as you usually are.

    • seagull says:

      that’s quite negative behaviour really (the obstructions) you could describe that sort of response from management as almost toxic……. one can only hope people don’t think it’s representative of TSV

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Just disgraceful on behalf of Gill, what a dickhead, it just says “ you don’t want to contribute to our terminal project so fuck you Qantas, you can’t have a clear corridor to your lounge” what small minded people we have in this place. On a serious note I wonder what the Fire Dept would make of a clear obstruction in what must be considered a dedicated thouroughfare in the terminal space.

        • The Magpie says:

          Very good last point. Somebody want to make a complaint? (It can’t be The ‘Pie, he hasn’t been near the airport in almost 18 months or more, let alone breathe the rarified air of the Qantas lounge).

        • Scientician79 says:

          I thought the same thing about blocking the walkway.

          I would also think it’s a safety hazard, how is someone in a wheel chair or on crutches supposed to negotiate the chair maze.

          What a juvenile display from our so called “leaders”.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Now there’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      The tiled area is clearly designed to be for pedestrian traffic. It would be interesting if someone injured themselves trying to negotiate the obstacle course and sued the airport management. Then they may try to put up a roped off area instead or some other unnecessary obstacle. “Dill” is not a genius. We are way ahead of you. Here it is in writing. The predictions continue.

  55. East Ender says:

    Great to see the great almighty mayoraless Mullet on her way to Brisbane tonite to watch her beloved cowboys at our exspense i bet, I can also confirm she has given a two fingered salute to the Qantas brand and deemed Virgin Airlines of higher esteem to travel to the great capital of palashay land of which she can learn from the masters of george street, all the while sipping her shnapps and seeing her beloved cowboys at the great Suncorp stadium, maybe she has gone on a fact find on how to get a stadium built to the size big enough for Origin? Magpie Blog on in your church of wisdom as the laughs and honesty are definitely start to hit home in walkerstreetville pun intended.

    • The Magpie says:

      And just who will benefit from Mayor Mullet being at the match at our expense? … ONLY HER SHE THINKS. Reckons it will look good for the voting punters. Another criminal waste of money.

      • The real Mr Batty says:

        30 days to see if she lets us know who paid for the trip if not her or council

      • East Ender says:

        Probably went to cut another cake?

      • Old Moll says:

        God knows, I’m no fan of the old grey mare.
        But fair go, ‘Pie and East Ender, do we know she’s travelling on the public purse?
        And if so, it’s probably on vital council business that just happens to coincide with the game.
        (I’ll now go and have a quiet lie down in a dark room with a damp flannel on my fevered brow, there to dream of flying pigs).

      • Alahazbin says:

        I also saw the Impaler in the crowd at JT’s Academy press opening. Couldn’t miss the bottle blond in that crowd.

        • Dearie Me says:

          Well that explains the Impalers absence from Walerstreetville yesterday. Not that she’s ever bloody there.
          The cities return on investment from this idiot of a woman is pitiful. Any legitimate business would have kicked her arse to the kerb some time ago.

  56. Crabclaw says:

    I shouted myself a Platinum pass to the festival of Chamber music last year and ensured I got my monies worth by attending every performance in the second part of the festival. Now I am willing to stand corrected and she may have attended a performance in the first fortnight, but I felt it poor form for her not to make an appearance and support such a renown event.

  57. The Magpie says:

    Published simply because it so bad, it’s good.
    A Donald Trump joke.

    Donald is walking out of the White House and heading toward his limo,
    when a possible assassin steps forward and aims a gun.

    A secret service agent, new on the job, shouts “Mickey Mouse!” This startles the would be assassin and he is captured.

    Later, the secret service agent’s supervisor takes him aside and asks,
    “What in the hell made you shout Mickey Mouse?”

    Blushing, the agent replies, “I got nervous. I meant to shout
    “Donald, duck!”

  58. Mike Douglas says:

    Latest Ergon bill +99% increase based on the daily average charge the previous two qtrs.I know the October to Jan 31 st has been hotter but I have to find an additional $350.Disposable income has dried up in Townsville when you include increases in private health, rego etc all above CPI.That explains the small business closures with qtrly bas payments due end of this month.

  59. Memory Man says:

    Today’s Bullsheet has a much-needed reality check.

    “The easiest thing to look for is a sugar hit … But that is the wrong answer.” The flock is encouraged to find a coffee shop with courtesy copies of the Bully to read it constructively and carefully. The broad brush is that the Dudley Do Nothings, the Gormless Gang and the Gilded Few are so on the wrong track, it would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Mayor Mullet’s Magic Mystery Tour is condemning the city and its citizens.

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