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Saturday, August 19th, 2017   |   140 comments

The Gloves Are Off: The ‘Pie And Legal Foghorn Bazza Taylor Are Set To Dook It Out In Court

But maybe The ‘Pie will only have to face the B team in the form of Vanesa Gleeson (Typo’s missus), because Foghorn Bazza may have to withdraw from the case since we might call him as a witness. Lacking a case – or guts – himself , he has put poor old Rabieh Krayem up as a patsy to sue The ‘Pie for some previous harmless japery. But now, Foghorn Bazza will now find he has a few ticklish questions to answer himself … under oath from the witness box.

Question: How do you put Astonisher Iditor Ben Bogan English into a small business? Answer: Put him in a big one to start with. The latest circulation figures (that’s newspapers sold –or in case of the Bulletin, disposed of in some imaginative ways – not readership guesstimates) show an abject failure to stem the bleeding.

And to top off a dizzy week, the day before the ceremonial ground breaking for the new stadium, the Bulletin iditorial admits it’s likely to be a financial dud.

But first …

What A Berk(a)

The Magpie had this to say this week about the most talked about theatrical entrance of the week.

The Magpie 

 August 18, 2017 at 10:36 am  (Edit)

The ‘Pie thinks Hanson made a very valid point that needed to be made. She has long preached, and others denied, that if you remove the burka, you will find underneath a hideous, Machiavellian terrorist determined to wipe out Australia’s personal freedoms. Personally The ‘Pie didn’t believe it

 Hanson in burka

… until yesterday, when she took off her burka.

Hanson burka 2

But Pauline’s prank had the desired effect, and many admired her for it. With citizenship matters making a new election possible, it was a stunt that was certainly going to shore up her already secured vote out in banjo land, and may even have gathered a few more to the One Notion fold. She even has some high profile backers like the gnomish Dick Smith who may not be too open about their support for Big Red, but he’s of a like mind. So Bentley thinks that while Senator Hanson has balls to pull the burka stunt, she also has a dick in her ear.

Dick on growth

But you know something is deeply wrong when what has been hailed as the most ethical, eloquent and stirring rebuttal speech of the day came from … George ‘Soapy’ Brandis, one of the slipperiest liars in parliament? Actually, his confected outrage was stock standard stuff which certainly won’t have Lincoln feeling threatened in his grave, but will greatly gratify the Chatterati.

EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED: LNP’s Tim Nicholls To Take Over NRL If Elected Premier.

That’s according to the Bulletin Iditor, anyway, although he appeared to miss that vital aspect of the story in his cloyingly twee iditorial about the new CBD stadium on Tuesday. The line that caught The ‘Pie’s beady eye was the claim that a State of Origin match in Townsville was no ‘aimless dream’ because quote: “… now State Opposition leader Tim Nicholls has guaranteed an Origin match will be played in Townsville if he wins government.”

Really? The NRL is no longer the final arbiter of all matters SOO?

And the paper still wonders why absolutely no one believes a single thing they write, even the truthful, correctly reported stories which are tarred with the brush of unbelievability and ’insider trading’ with the Gilded Few.

But Sometimes They Don’t Realise Just What They’re Saying

During the week, a commenter supplied the questions and alternate view so sadly lacking from this snoozing publication.

Memory Man

Today’s editorial was a dead set cracker. It basically admits that the footy stadium is a financial dud. This is what it says:
“For the Townsville CBD Stadium to be commercially viable, it must attract great events on a regular basis. It will not be sufficient to merely host a dozen Cowboys fixtures, as great as they will be.”

It goes on to talk about the need to attract all sorts of “global entertainment superstars”, “military spectaculars”, “Super Rugby clashes” etc. One problem: as the editorial points out, because the ground is smaller than, say, Lang Park, the “ticket revenue shortfall … at the relatively smaller Townsville CBD stadium will be about $8 million”. Yep, that’s a good start to the business case for major events and their promoters to choose the dud stadium over a larger capital city venue! NOT.

It gets better. Our iditor goes on to praise Tim Nichols’ commitment to subsidise the State of Origin to the tune of $8m claiming it would be a “drop in the ocean of tourism spending and a figure that would be repaid many times over with the visitation this event would generate …”. 

Let’s do some basic sums shall we:

  1. The stadium holds 25,000. Let’s assume it will be full for the Origin.
  2. What our mate Benny is saying, when he talks about the “visitation this event would generate” is that the stadium will not be filled by locals. Only three ways this could happen: (a) the first is that there are simply not enough people in Townsville and surrounds to fill the stadium (unlikely); (b) the second is that to generate visitation revenues, you’d have to limit the number of tickets sold to locals. Of course, (c) it could simply be the case that when ticket sales go on line, a bunch of folk from outside of Townsville are just really fast and get in before the locals.
  3. If indeed the stadium has a mix of locals and visitors, then perhaps we could assume that 10,000 folk will come from outside Townsville. Why this number? Well, the Cowboys command a regular crowd of around 13,000-15,000 so let’s use that as the base level of demand. So, let’s just assume that there’s no more folk from Townsville interested in attending the Origin or are just too slow to snap up the tickets.
  4. So, we’re talking about $8m. Divide that into 10,000 extra folk and you’ve got a situation where $800 additional expenditure per person is needed to cost-recover the $8m. Let’s assume they will all stay 1 night and eat 3 meals. Assume that half of these people (5,000) will be couples for the sake of rooms demanded.
    1. So, we will have demand for 7,500 rooms. Let’s say this is @ $200 per room, which makes $1,500,000.
    2. Assume each meal averages $30. This means 10,000 x $90 = $900,000. So far, we’ve gotten to $2.4m. That’s a long way short of $8m.
    3. Let’s add in the taxis to and from the airport … say $40 per travelling party (couples or singles). That’s $40 x 7,500 = $300,000. They could, of course, take an Uber – cut the ground transport down by 30% in that case, so let’s say $200,000 for ground transport to and from the airport.

For one game, with the State out of pocket $8m and an estimated visitor spend of $2.6m, we’re still somewhat shy of breaking even. Does this represent a fantastic investment for North Queensland? The North would be better off having the $8m distributed as helicopter money.

As a counter point to all this, tickets to the MCG for next June’s opening SOO game had just 1% of tickets left as of Friday.  Given the MCG’s 100,000 capacity and prices ranging from $130 to just short of $500, the NRL now has somewhere north of $12million to put on the overnight money market for the next 9 months..

As Another Glaring Example Of What We’re Not Told – But In Fairness, This One Is No Surprise

Ben 'Bogan' English

Ben ‘Bogan’ English

It’s been said here more  than once, but Astonisher Iditor Ben Bogan English has taken to heart that fine old American saying ‘When you’re being run out of town, get to the head of the mob and look like you’re leading a parade.’ The latest set of dire circulation figures hit the desk yesterday, and brought forth a classic bit of spin from Bogan, who said the Bulletin has recorded ‘substantial growth over the last 12 months’. Huh? Substantial?

In a modest Page 3 bit of pure flapdoodle, page 3, seven small pars, only two of which mentioned actual figures – bit of a giveaway in itself,  English finally mentions numbers in the fifth paragraph … Monday to Friday sales up 1.9% and 0.3% on Saturdays. Substantial? No wonder the story was buried !

It was far more significant for what it didn’t say.
Here’s the comparison, top the circulation to December 2016, and then to June 2017. To keep it simple, we’ll just go M-F, nothing much changed in Sat figs.

Screen shot 2017-08-09 at 9.01.01 AM


June circs

The print sales actually shrank by 744 copies overall per week, so the critical numbers here – conveniently ignored by Bogan – are those digital subscription stats. After what is well more than a million dollars worth of newspaper space, TV and radio advertising, the Bulletin now has 2994 digital subscribers. But that number started off a base 1721, so that million+ bucks bought in just 1273 paying punters, many of whom would also get a home delivered paper as part of their deal. So that extra 1273 new punters cost an average of $785.54 each.
Of course, much of the conservatively estimated million dollars was ‘in kind’ using their own paper space in the Bulletin but what does that say about the selling power of the Astonisher? And let’s not forget, footballers don’t do nothing for nothing nowadays, so JT and Morgo probably would’ve picked up nice little cheques as well for featuring in the full page ads.

Perhaps these figures are evidence that this is a more appropriate headline for the Astonisher … just add a ‘REVEALED’ and an ‘EXCLUSIVE’.

no news

That Story Was Buried, This One Was Cremated

Former Bulletin journo and budding on-line news site editor, Doug Kingston, has been having an interesting time this week. He’s wondering if the Bulletin is so in fear of his new news venture that they will ignore a real story just because he brought it to their attention. Here it is in his own words.

‘Early this week, I sent this email to the media, but especially to Ben English, Bulletin editor. This morning around 10.15am I was walking along the southern banks of Ross Creek from the Denham Street bridge to the Townsville Yacht Club when I came across a crew of 8 workers cutting down mangroves on the banks of the creek, directly in front of the old Telstra building, now partly occupied by Adani. I took photos and asked one of the workers if they had environmental approval to do this. The reply was “yes”. This afternoon around 1.15pm I walked through the same area again and took more photos of the bare bank, almost completely stripped of mangroves. A crew of some 10 workers were continuing to cut down mangroves so I walked up to a person who appeared to be supervising and asked: “why are you cutting down all the mangroves”. The reply was: “its criminal I know but they want it all cleared”. “Who wants it all cleared?” I asked, “Adani?”.

The reply was: “yes”.

So Adani, a foreign company who doesn’t yet have the finance in place to proceed with its coal mine project, and which is yet to get approval for a $1 billion Australian Government loan to build a rail line which is critical to the project, has been allowed to clear mangroves along Ross Creek just because it wants the area ‘cleaned up’?

I’m no greenie but if this is being allowed to happen it is a disgrace and the public deserves to know about it.

I can supply before, during and after photos if required.”

Screen shot 2017-08-19 at 9.57.19 PM

Screen shot 2017-08-19 at 9.57.47 PM

Screen shot 2017-08-19 at 9.57.35 PM

WIN TV ran a story on Wednesday night, but there was, and still hasn’t been anything in the Bulletin. Clr Ann-Maree Greaney was also interviewed and gave the council’s explanation, basically that it was for public safety. I sent Councillor Greaney an email posing some questions but have not yet received a reply (to be fair, I’m not expecting one until early next week – if at all).

Questions posed to Greaney:

  1. You stated that council was removing the mangroves in the interests of public safety and mentioned crimes that had been committed in the area. Can you please provide details of criminal activity recorded in Tomlins Street in the past three years?
  2. You also stated that the mangroves were blocking the CCTV cameras across the creek from recording the goings on in Tomlins Street. Given that I have photographic evidence that the majority of the mangroves removed were below high tide level and below the creek bank, how could they have been blocking the cameras?
  3. Some of the mangroves have been left in place. Will these not continue to block the sight of the CCTV cameras?
  4. Instead of destroying mangroves, if the street is such a hot bed of crime, why hasn’t the council installed CCTV cameras on that side of the creek?
  5. Are the CCTV cameras across the creek actually capable of recording criminal activity on Tomlins Street?
  6. The mangroves have been there for years, are you saying it is just a coincidence that they have been removed soon after Adani moved into offices directly across the road from the creek or has there been a recent increase in criminal activity in Tomlins Street? If you, can you please provide full details including offences and dates?
  7. In the tv interview you stated that coulcil has received numerous complaints from local residents about the mangroves and associated crime, however the WIN reporter asked the body corporate chairman of the apartment block in Tomlins Street about this and he had never heard of any such complaints. Can you please provide a list of the residents or business people who have complained to council about the mangroves and associated crime in Tomlins Street?
  8. Given that I have volunteered to undergo a polygraph or lie detector test regarding the statements made by the council supervisor, who stated it was Adani who wanted the mangroves cleared, are you also prepared to undergo a lie detector test on the statements and claims you made on WIN News?

I also provided her with links like this one to some of the many stories that can be found by Googling “Adani mangroves” or “Adani environment” .

The Magpie noted that in his little homily about Bulletin growth, Bogan wrote quote: ‘The paper strives every day to be a champion for the region and a voice for residents who have none.’

Which leaves one not only exausted with helpless mirth, but also wondering when a paper that specialises in lazy reporting and social media stuff, is handed a legitimate story and photographs most certainly of interest to Townsville people, what forces are at work to keep this out of the paper? Seems Adani remains a protected species.

It’s The ‘Pie And The Foghorn To Do Battle Before The Beak

Big Bazza Taylor

Big Bazza Taylor

Magpie laughing Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 5.25.57 PM

The Magpie has decided to play along with Bazza Taylor’s little game of bluff and bluster, and will defend matters mentioned in this blog from time to time about local colourful character Rabieh Krayem.

Mr Taylor who, through personal inexplicable animosity towards The Magpie, has long wanted to have a shot at the blameless old bird, but has so far lacked two elements… anything to sue about and lack of guts to do it on his own behalf. So our spineless legal eagle has managed to talk the unfortunate Rabieh Krayem into some sort of faux outrage about mentions he has received here.

Now, since Rabieh was boss of the Cowboys Club and Mr Taylor was serving on the board of the Cowboys when there is strong evidence that the club was trading insolvent – a big criminal no-no for board members and managers – we have decided that it is relevant to ask Mr Taylor some questions about the matter. Under oath.
He’ll go mega nuclear at this news, and will try every trick in the book to avoid this outcome at all costs. (If proven on the facts – which it looks like it could well be – the ‘costs’ could be considerable for Mr Taylor). We think, like you dear reader, that Bazza will find this Intention To Defend most thought provoking. Particularly item 31.

Well Whooda Thort

A senior Catholic doo dah has said a blunt ‘no way Jose’ to the official recommendation that priests be forced to report confessions involving child abuse. You can imagine how that would work… not. For a start, who is going to police it? Bug the confessional? Ask the priest who belongs to an organisation known for its truthful candour and defence of children? Yeah, right. Beside, in many cases, it would involve bringing down the whole hideous racket down on one’s own head.

It has all moved The ‘Pie to wax poetical … if limericks count.

There was a ageing priest from Tringe

Who spoke of God and such things,

But his secret desire,

Was a boy in the choir,

Who had a bottom like jelly on springs..

Fred! Stop Ogling That Car, Don’t You Love Me Anymore?

Bible bashers and other fairytale purveyors so easily get hilarious fits of the screaming ab dabs when the question of gay marriage equality come up. First we had Cory Bernardi warning it may need the RSPCA to be trained in domestic violence intervention because soon, people will be allowed to marry animals.

But Cory The St Bernhardi defender comes across as a paragon of sweet reason next to Tasmanian’s deeply disturbed and disturbing Senator Eric(a) Abetz. This week, Erica made news around the globe when he suggested that the proposed new gay marriage laws would allow people to marry inanimate objects ‘like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’  His premise is that once you remove the ‘man and woman thing’ as he so romantically puts it, then anything goes when it comes to defining love.

Well that was great news for some brave souls with a sense of the ridiculous …


… but outrage from some inanimate objects. The Sydney Harbor Bridge has hit back. Speaking to the Bridge Builders and Hot Rivetters Monthly, The Sydney Harbour Bridge ( ‘call me Bridget’ ) said the Senator was out of line as well as his mind. ‘Why shouldn’t someone be allowed to bang a bridge? We have our needs and wants too, you know, well beyond a lick of paint and only occasionally getting re-laid. We want equality for oppressed bridges across the nation. And Bridget thinks Senator Abetz is being hypocritical.

‘He says people shouldn’t be allowed to marry inanimate objects but why not? His wife did.’

Boy, those bridges can be real bitches, sometimes.

And The SSM Debate Just Begs For Unfortunate Slip-Ups.

A commenter reminded us during the week that when Cory Bernardi’s wife was asked what made her marriage so enduring, she replied ‘It’s because we’re in love with the same person’. Quite so.

And the gremlin’s even put Annabel Crabb in the poo.

Crabb typo

Those Cunning Oriental Devils!

This sent by a reader.

Chinese subs

The publication isn’t identified, but since there are no errors in syntax, spelling or grammar, we can safely assume it is not from the Townsville Bulletin.

The Week In Trump World

Screen shot 2017-08-19 at 9.50.52 PM

Hmmm, that seems about right … and so does this…

kkk white house.- Ben Jenningsjpg

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  1. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    Unlock the hidden posts.

    • Help needed says:

      Try giving your opinion about Ross Dam’s expensive pumped water from the Burdekin Dam, being played on by GP Skis club during Townsville’s horrific drought. You will be hung drawn and quartered. Me thinks they have something to hide about their Ross Dam permit. Tyrell mates rates?

  2. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    OK so there really isn’t any yet

  3. Ezra Pound Axe King says:

    From what I know of Adani, this incident is fairly reflective of the company’s attitude toward the law and the environment.

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    Townsville saw this week what happens when we don’t have a balance in Council and give a mayor a mandate.Mayor Mullets spiel of ” Townsville first is holding me back” was taken hook, line and sinker by a majority of voters and look what has resulted.Rates cover up of 5 % reduction then the same % removed = 1.3% increase,dog registration pensioner discounts removed and 30% increases, food lincences not sent out, lack of consultation residents urban qtr over the cbd bus interchange and the list goes on.Last 7 years Townsvilles household net wealth decreased from $524,000-$326,000 at the same time the same local individuals around Council and State Government reap consulting and board roles whilst the Mullet and her enterrage ” feed the chooks”.

  5. Memory Man says:

    This, I’m afraid, is the sad legacy of failed policies from the elite insiders. Sucked in by the glitz of a footy stadium, they ignored all the telltale signs of an economy in free fall. Tragic, grossly irresponsible … ignorant to the core.


  6. Critical says:

    TCC has an Environmental Services section which I understand escaped the Impalers slashing and their role is to protect the environment. What was their role in the removal of these mangroves, were they told to not interfere, if they recommended against the removal of the mangroves were these recommendations overturned by someone higher up and what was the Townsville Port Authorities role in this. Does anyone know which company actually removed these mangroves. We can probably expect no protection measures being implimented and a mass removal of mangroves on the Ross Creek banks adjacent to the stadium.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed, The ‘Pie was wondering just that point about the Port … don’t they have control over the creek banks?

      • Alahazbin says:

        The same question can be asked of Lendlease with the Elliott Springs project (Mooney Ponds). Slashing & burning all those trees and a poor old land owner have to pay for every tree they cut down.
        Can’t here the greenies screaming about this!

        • Ando says:

          Well there probably are “greenies” screaming about both of these issues but unless you’re in their circle; or the MSM chooses to run the story, it will remain largely hidden from view.

    • Though Bubble says:

      I think you will find environmental services have been largely broken up and distributed about the departments of TCC. The goal was probably to dilute the capacity of environmental services to actually do their job effectively. Looks like its worked a treat!

  7. Dave of Kelso says:

    When, where is the Pie vs Taylor court case so that we can attend if possible?

    • The Magpie says:

      Fear not, you’ll know when The ‘Pie knows. And just for the record, it is officially Krayem v Weatherup … but as usual, this blog specialises in background knowledge, so your description is correct.

      • Gekko says:

        Pie successful and upstanding business men don’t have the ATO chasing them do they….

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, a medium size bow, Tailless Friend … give the labyrinth of ATO laws (one often suspects they are drawn up by someone with a very nasty sense of humour) and the ever blurring lines between tax ‘evasion’ (illegal) and tax ‘avoidance’ (usually legal), a businessman with the best intentions and reputation can run foul of the tax laws.

          • Gekko says:

            Pie what u say is true. But not when it comes to PAYG and super obligations. Theses obligations become personal for a company director. Can get nasty when AWU members.

      • The Third Reader says:

        I am sure the courtroom will be packed to observe the shenanigans, and I will be there as well. Any idea at this stage how long the proceedings will take – I will need to organise holidays to witness this ‘Pie.

        • The Magpie says:

          Early days, long process. Took the action against News Ltd matter best part of two years to get to court, but a lot of that was because they had a smart arse show pony solicitor.

        • Ando says:

          Can’t wait….lets all organise a booze bus and sell tickets to boost Pies defence budget!

  8. The old peterbuilt says:

    Drove to whistler today from Victoria via a 2hr trip on the ferry. Had dinner tonight at a small bar in the village and was served by tayla , granddaughter of Leo of Leo marines fame. If any of the family read this blog your granddaughter is well and healthy, working hard and having a ball and is a credit. It’s summer here so the ski slopes are being used for a massive mountain bike festival. Lycra everywhere and more camel toes than black bears. Where are all the so called green activists defending the mangroves? Obviously selective outrage is tradeable just like preferences .

  9. Miss Lou says:

    Bazza needs a tight, curly perm.

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Truly,

    Miss Lou

    • The Magpie says:

      Now you listen to the ‘Pie, you little minx, you just keep your hands for this old bird, no pleasuring any other sourpusses.

  10. Cherry Pie says:

    Great column this week as always, Magpie. I’ve not posted before but have been lurking in the background for some time and having a giggle. I don’t live in Townsville these days but still take an interest so like to keep up to date via your blog. Good luck with the stoush, something tells me you are looking forward to it:-)

  11. Interested Observer says:

    Just a thought. If you’re going to call Taylor as a witness to answer questions about his time on the Cowboys board when the club was going down the toilet under both his watch and Krayem as CEO you should also call Laurence Lancinni.

    After all he was a board member at the same time and would have all the inside information. There would be a lot of ducking for cover on the witness stand with that lot trying hide what was happening with the club at that time.

    It might end being better to sacrifice Krayem.

    • The Magpie says:

      More to the point, there are certain News executives who discovered the matter. If they have to be supoenaed to give evidence, they may have to end up explaining why the matter wasn’t reported to another tribunal altogether.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yes there is an old saying I was reminded of many times as a young bloke starting out in business,

        You know what you know
        You know what you don’t know and
        You don’t know what you don’t know,

        I reckon there would many in this town quietly shitting themselves about what might come out in all this, especially what they don’t know, even the ones that think they do!

      • Big Ears says:

        Didn’t big bazz fall out spectacularly with several directors / shareholder over cowboys finances and that prompted News to become involved.

  12. Crow says:

    I didnt know about the mangroves, I liked those trees. Its a bloody disgrace. What have we now, ugly cement walls. Talk about a safety risk, just go across the creek. Walk along the lane way, walk way… behind the sleazy nightclub next to the Aquarium and you will find no gates, no fences or barriers just a big drop off onto the rocks, mud and rubbish below. Now that is a real public danger zone. It is actually dangerous especially at night. Maybe they should look around a little more and fix the real hazards. Idiots.

  13. Sandgroper says:

    The circulation figures for the Townsville Bulletin make grim reading, but elswhere there are signs of hope for traditional print newpapers.
    The latest Audit Bureau of Circulation data shows The West Australian print edition increased sales 7.5 percent Monday to Friday for the six months to June compared with the previous six months to December 2016. For the same period, The Weekend West increased the number of copies sold by 4 percent or 8270 copies every Saturday.
    Very tellingly, the Sunday Times, which was acquired last November from News Corpse by Seven West Media, was the only Sunday newspaper in the country to increase circulation. It rose by 5.9 percent for the same period.
    Given that this happened during a grim economic period in WA, with the State’s population falling rapidly, it seems obvious that the new editorial direction taken by the ‘Times’– more local content , well-balanced opinion pieces and fewer shock/horror stories — is more reflective of Australian tastes than the homogenised, ‘one-size-fits-all’ style tabloid fare served up by Murdoch’s minions.

  14. SPQR says:

    Dear Biggus Testiculus,
    Sensational stuff.
    I think the plaintiff is entitled full particulars of the matters alleged in paragraph 31(k) of the defence.
    You must have an evidential foundation for what you say.
    I want to know who those players were.
    Do you think the Bully will take this up?
    Yours reverentially,

  15. Concerned says:

    In the recent weeks I have driven all round our beautiful city of Townsville and approached from all three directions.
    The entrances to our city are not a pretty site at the moment and I think you can see that after the total dismemberment of council and valuable staff leaving has left Townville looking more like Bogansville instead of our beautiful city. Our gardens and roadsides not being maintained and I have never seen so much rubbish on the side of the road.
    But I suppose when you look at our Mayor and her achievements as a LABOR mayor, Townsville the unemployment capital, Townsville the Juvinile crime capital, the total distruction of her council and the deplorable treatment of loyal LOCAL staff and their families. I thought LABOR was supposed to be for jobs and looking after the working class, what a joke.
    Maybe we should be changing her name to No 1 BOGAN of Bogansville, when you look at her photo the word bogan does come to mind.

    • Bogan Betty says:

      Please stop denigrating members of our clan.

    • Tenacious D says:

      No. She and her team are Independent, not Labor, so much so it has been proposed a Labor candidate be put up against her should she dare another run.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, that is the hot word The Magpie has been trying to pin down for a few months now … one branch was trying to move a motion of no confidence in her at one stage … The ‘Pie is told Angry Ant Paul Jacob smothered it at a recent meeting, but the discontent is out there. And why not? A blatant lie that there was no rate rise … says different on rate notices.

    • Critical says:

      Maybe the lilly livered magistrates could order those of the protected species to under daily mid afternoon emu parades of all road shoulders etc of roads entering the city and all major roads eithin the city. Might make them tired and curb their night time criminal activities. Doubt it would ever happen as I’m certain that the tax payer funded social engineers and their hangers-on would find some reason to say that such an activity is degrading to their self image and esteem or thst it contravenes thrir human and civil rights.

      • The Magpie says:

        Don’t think that would be the problem, critical. getting a whole group of those little snots together would be like herding cats … and they’d find a way to hi-jack cars or even steal the culverts.

        • Ronny Rotten says:

          Critical has captured the essence of the problem, which is a direct flow-on from the kid-glove policies espoused by bleeding hearts and hanky-wringing social engineers. A couple of months of tough love under the control of some drill instructors from Lavarack Barracks would see those unruly pussies well and truly herded.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Some of those roads you speak about are controlled by QT (Main Roads). But agree, never seen the city looking so grubby.

  16. The Owl says:

    Most of the stuff Magpie has dug up on Taylor, Krayem and others is all in the Cowboys official 20th Anniversary book. And yes, Lancini also has some questions to answer – preferably under oath

    • The Magpie says:

      When considering that ‘evidence’, The Magpie also wants to know why there was no official action at the time, and more interestingly, if it isn’t true, why no one has sued for defamation (getting to be a real Townsville blood sport, ain’t it? … remember though that that was when News Ltd was a major player in this matter and much more powerful behind the scenes than it is now. With deep pockets to make people go away quietly.

  17. SNOOPY says:

    Re Big Ears Comment – yes the Directors/Shareholders of the Cowboys at that time had a big falling out. Most of them lost a Motza – some their life savings. But not Bazza. He looked after himself and reportedly put in a final Legal Bill which a kangaroo couldn’t jump over and it was paid, I believe, by News.

  18. Ex Leaguie says:

    Magpie, in relation to the unpaid accounts by the Cowboys during Krahem’s reign, you may like to contact Frank Stanton who was News’ trouble shooter and sent up after Krahem got the boot. I had a meeting with him in relation to an unpaid account and he went through three or four tightly typed pages to find my account. When I asked him what he was looking at he said words to the effect that these were the outstanding accounts that had come in since Krahem left. He also stated that a leading player, who he named , had come in to ask why his pay was short and was told it had been paid as per his contract. The player then said words to the effect that the previous admin always had another separate cheque that they gave him. Stanton told him bad luck it was not happening any more.

  19. The Owl says:

    Actually I think you will find that it was Lancini, not Taylor, who escaped without losing his money. He was the one who went to News Ltd and dobbed the Cowboys board in for trading whilst insolvent, which led to three heavies flying up to Townsville to check the books. Krayem was the first to be shown the door, followed by everyone on the board except Lancini.
    How do I know all this – its in the Cowboys 20th Anniversary book which was commissioned by the current Cowboys board and approved by Lancini before publication .
    There’s heaps of juicy stuff in that book, including the time shortly before his departure that Krayem was booed off the field at the then Dairy Farmers Stadium while making a presentation to Peter Jones. I was there that night and I swear the whole crowd booed. Felt sorry for Peter Jones who is the most honest and decent bloke you could ever meet.
    I too am keen to be at the defamation trial to see Krayem explain why he got the boot from the Cowboys, and Taylor and Lancini explaining why they allowed the club to become insolvent and where the money went.
    Interesting days ahead.

  20. The Magpie says:

    Magpie note to ‘Ex-league’

    Like to have a private chat, just for info, no involvement, about your comment. Send contact details via comment email, will not be published.

  21. The Magpie says:

    Something has gone drastically wrong with the hard wiring down at the Astonisher. A FB friend was prompted by this story …


    … to ask how a responsible paper can carry (like a pork chop, in The ‘Pie’s opinion) about the loss of jobs for 5 people who actually still have their jobs if they are willing to relocate to Cairns … but say virtually nothing about the massive gut-wrenching upheaval for what in the end may be 400 jobs from the Townsville City Council. The ‘Pie is yet to be convinced that the callous wholesale scything of staff was necessary in this cold-blooded manner, but whether justified or not, surely the paper whose editor just recently made the empty boast that he was a champion of those who don’t have a voice, could give a perspective on the human impact this pogrom has had.

    There is also the renting of garments, chest beating and wailing in the above story about the dreadful impost put on people offered to be retained if they move to an equally suitable near-by city, and they will now ‘have to join the jobless queue in Townsville’. Why? THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD THEY STILL HAVE JOBS.

    What utter biased rot!

    Christ, this region is so encouraged by this bloody paper to feel a false sense of entitlement, as they flounder around like decked fish as they vainly search for relevance to the community. Adding this unbalanced element to the mix is yet another disservice to this community … especially to urge employed workers to feel hard done by. What fucking planet to you people live on.
    Well, Bogan English, why don’t you try a story like this – or doesn’t it suit your masters among the Gilded Few. You must have known about it because it is on your favourite news source, Facebook.


    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Absolutely disgraceful journalism, I am sure there were plenty of ex service personnel who were part of the Mullets purge of the council, where was the astonishers morale outrage for these people, nothing but a hypocrite Bogan.

      • Dearie Me says:

        C’mon now. No need to be outraged. It’s just business. If the Bullsheet puts on a bad word about the council, they’ll stop getting front page stories handed too them and have to do some actual work. God forbid!!!

        Besides that it might impede the Impalers ability to meet her target for workforce reduction. The number keeps dropping… 1,000 staff to remain, 500 staff to remain…., and at the rate voluntary redundancies are being handed out by the ironically named People and Culture, she’s gonna make those targets no worries.

        I wonder if there’s an award for CEO’s who successfully screw up organisations? Like Rotton Tomatoes for business….

        • Concerned says:

          Maybe the ratepayers should be asking some questions of Mullet and Impaler about how much the destruction of OUR council is costing their rates with redundancy payouts and lost productivity.
          Also maybe want to ask about how much Jamie Durie is costing council, the amount he s being paid requires council to follow certain Local Government regulation requirements before he can be engaged, calling of public tenders etc,
          This council is nothing but rewarding the ALP faithful and Pigs by providing access to the ratepayer funded pigs, the ratepayers need to wake up and start asking questions about some of the questionable decisions being made.
          I just hope that when their is a change in government at State level that they do hold a review into the dealing of this council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Uh oh, someone’s gonna get their arse kicked.

      It might not seem much, but this is an absolute first … and an absolute error. As you see above, The Magpie mentioned the fate of the 77-year-old TCC workers, effectively sacked for no reason.


      No the error occurred in the comments section … read the fourth one from someone named John.

      That the highly critical and accurate comment was allowed in (probably gone by now) gives one pause to wonder what fate awaits the person responsible BUT believe it, that is the FIRST TIME THAT the cast-iron editorial directive that The Magpie must not be mentioned in the paper (unless to do with some legal action) has been broken. But thanks to whoever the on-line honcho is for the free plug … bet you got your nose kicked till your arse bled. Still got a job? Heh Heh Heh.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        I have posted a few being very critical of the astonisher and the Mullet that have got through,, I am beginning to think a lot of the vetting is done by people down south, probably at the courier mail, it seems that comments on weekends and at night seem to get through where as comments during M-F workdays get dumped pretty quick if people are critical of the paper.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yup, have noticed a few criticisms. This seems to be some sort of sop to those who say the paper isn’t willing to publish such critical comment. It carries all the clout of of a wet lett5uce leaf wielded by Ben’s limp hand.

  22. Concerned citizen says:

    Ben Bogan might be fooling some of the readers with his bullshit figures but he ain’t fooling his bosses in Sydney. They know all about the shonky figures because they run the company that supplies them. If you look at where the paper is now compared to when Bogan arrived he has been a monumental failure except of course for the chosen few who enjoy the protection he provides in return of course for return favours mostly in the form of advertising.
    The universities that still bother teaching journalism should use the Astonisher and Bogan’s editorial style as a perfect example of what a newspaper shouldn’t be.
    Maybe he could be transferred south so he can provide uni lectures on how NOT to run a newspaper.

  23. Just askin says:

    See the Astonisher has followed up on the Magpie’s lead on the old bloke on Maggie Island who lost his job to a younger female. But the editor’s protection service comes to the fore in the headline, buried back on page 11, TCC SACKING ‘NOT ON AGE’, clearly putting a positive spin on the council’s version of the sacking.
    Also noticed that the council sent its chief financial officer to do the talking on this contentious issue. Where was Mayor Mullet or the local councillor? Obviously they only front the media when there is a good news story around.
    Ben English and Jenny Hill please note. A petition supporting the old bloke yesterday had just over 400 signatures. This morning its not far off 700..
    It will be very interesting to see who the replacement is and whether they have any connections to Mayor Mullet or the Labor Party.
    Any info on this from Maggie Island bloggers would be greatly appreciated.

  24. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    It is just a pity that it will be another two years before we can put Mayor Mullet, Messagebank, Angry Ant and the rest of the hand-raisers through their own “merit based selection process”…..

  25. Alacan says:

    Is there an opposition forming to take on this dictatorial disgrace of a Council and it’s upper management .. you would hope so.

    So the cfo who now has HR ( refuse to give its title any air play) is the same cfo who thru her staff seemingly sends out letters under a previous cfo signature block.

    What a bloody outright mess. I wrote earlier about the loss of soul in the council and it would appear the removal of the older gent on Maggie is an example of that .. it beggars belief that such action does not warrant a review by Fair Work to stress test the veracity of the reasons behind the removal from an IR perspective. If they can’t get signature blocks on letters correct then you can be forgiven for a loss of confidence in their trustworthiness to conduct affairs of council business.. inward and outward facing.

    I also wounder how many VR’s are just that and would under closer scrutiny qualify as Forced Redundancies.. but without challenge.. who would know apart from those that may have successfully challenged.

    So the payouts .. and ultimate recurrent wages bill .. I wounder what the final figures en masse will look like and will we ever be advised .. I know .. tounge firmly in cheek with that lastbquip.

    I believe TCC has an internal auditor .. who I guess reports to the impaler so his hands are probably tied .. . but I wounder if an independent person still sits on councils audit committee and how this area of higher level of governance and oversight is directed today or is that persons remit limited in scope and nature.

    Someone, at some level needs to dig deep into this festering rats nest.

  26. The Magpie says:

    Magpie note to Dearie Me … thanks for the heads up on the maggoe Island scking story … didn’t put the comment up as it morphed into something else. But your tip was appreciated.

  27. The Magpie says:

    A trusted and VERY well informed Magpie mate has whispered this in the feathered ear,

    Here’s one for a laugh … the cereimonial sod turning for the new stadium had to be done with special dirt brought to the site because, guess what, the acid sulphate situation with the actual dirt on the stadium site meant it wasn’t safe to break. There’s still a bunch of work to be done before determining how best to deal with this problem. On top of that, word is, the bed rock is a long way down … it’s going to be expensive … council staff are laughing at them, and telling the world.


    • Spin Check says:

      I wouldn’t be laughing too hard if i was council. TCC owns the whole site and wants to develop surrounding land to recover their costs! The whole site will require some form of remediation because of its history as a rail yard. All this was known before Council bought it with your money.

      • Ando says:

        Ahhh yes, so the result being that goverment preps the land, brings it up to the 1 in 100 year flood level, then select local developers come in and make a motza in developing that area around the stadium. Whoda thought eh!

    • Sandgroper says:

      Interesting to see only Premier Puddleduck and her three Townsville Labor MPs in the sod-turning picture. Seems Anna doesn’t want to share the glory with the Feds (who stumped up a cool $100 mill) or the TCC.
      A sure sign that an election looms.

  28. Afterthought says:

    Just wondering if that is the case – wwhich I am sure is, given the history of the site and the absolute Nanny State panic in which we live – will some itinerant, one of the hundreds who slept rough there over the years, bring action for his/her exposure?

    Duty of care anyone?

    One for Morris Blackburn or Slater and Gordon class action, maybe?

    • Alacan says:

      Afterthought .. may be more traction if an industrial advocate was to pick up mr de chazels dismissal case and determine if there is a case to be prosecuted with respect to fair work provisions

      The IA would represent pro bono i would suggest and may well provide tangible support to this gentleman and as an off shoot could be the first rolling stone in an avalanche that will bury this council deep in its own imported soil ..

  29. The "JOHN" says:

    Good morning magpie I’m the “John” your referring to in the paper this morning. I’m hoping you don’t get in trouble and I apologize if it may hinder your court case. Out of frustration towards the story I penned that reply because I’ve noticed lately that if you are mentioned it does get through. Even when I’ve called the mayor mullet. I do know some employees at waste services and I can tell you that the place is only just holding together. I have assured what ever I say here will not have any names to it. The city dosnt give a shit about these guys until there bins don’t get collected so I said if they have things that needs to be said I don’t mind taking the time anonymously to put them up. In coming weeks I will have very interesting info about hard rubbish collection but these people need to dig a bit for me. I have been reading now for about a month so I’m trying to catch up with you blogs.

  30. The "JOHN" says:

    While I’m here I might also coment on “s” who gave me a spray in the bulletin. Because I google the story I can’t always go back to reply. And since I got printed I’m guessing old “s” might have a read here too. As far as train wreck left by previous council and 23%rate rise well tsv first did pay down alot of debt before being ousted. That’s all gone now concidering how much money has been borrowed to pay wages. Plus the huge amounts on redundancy payments. But I might do some maths here for the 23% question. Yes they raised it alot, however, so far mullet isn’t far behind by my calculations.

    First the 5% decrease in early payments.

    Then the, we won’t raise your rates by 5% so it’s a decrease too. ( the magic rates cut ) Shame that the number used is more then my previous Feb amount.

    Then 1.3% increase in utilities. So far 11%. Now that’s just this year and we have 2yrs left with these clowns so based on simply maths that takes, on these numbers, the city rates increase over this council to over 30%. Hope we don’t have to many disasters!!!!! I could be completely wrong I guess but the numbers can only grow so really were we worse off. I know these guys won’t run again but what will the next council inherent from this fiasco. Maybe “s” used the same calculator as me and we are both wrong but I know one thing is that I have every rates notice since mullet election and I will be adding up how much it’s raised by the end. I’m betting my house it’s more than 23%. Winks the horse is a sure bet just like this council being confirmed as the biggest fuck ups that lies can bye.

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh boy, Johnno, when you come board, you sure hit the deck running.

    • Grumpy says:

      Now, Johnno, me lad. If you going to post here, get your facts bloody well straight and stop stuffing us about.

      The horse is called WINX, for chrissake.

    • Scientician79 says:

      And along with our rate rises I bet the debt continues to rise, especially when the bill for the hard rubbish collection comes due.

      They also have quite the conundrum when it comes to water, if we have another dry year and they have to pump again (which I’d guess is a better than average chance) they will have the cost of the pumping, but what no one mentions is council also loses significant revenue when people aren’t using excess water. Can’t bill for what you can’t sell, but in the past it’s been quite a lucrative revenue stream.

      All things considered the council is heading for a real financial disaster sooner rather than later.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Hi John, and welcome.
      Do you know, or indeed does anyone know, what this 23% rise is supposed to mean? Like you, I keep an itemised record of my rates – have done since 1988 with just a few gaps – and am at a loss as to where any of these percentage figures come from. So specifically what is it that increased by 23%? Thanks in anticipation.

      • The "JOHN" says:

        I’ll be honest rusty I think the 23% is just the increased rates every year that tyrell and tsv first was in power. Every time 1.2% 1.4%, whatever the case I think that’s what old s was trying to brag about. But those 2 councils were in in for 2 terms and that’s only just over 2.5% each year. Look what we have after just one rates cycle. If I’ve answered your question the rise would be revenue maybye for the council? General rates I mean but I also look at utilities because that where I wouldn’t care if they went up because I know what the real ground workers are putting up with with such small budgets. That’s my view on your question. What do you think it might be?

        • Rusty Nail says:

          No I don’t know either, John.
          I can see that the Tyrell Council did put up the “Cents per dollar valuation” (the Annual Unit Value on your Rates notice) early on but then they brought it back down. Never at any stage did they approach the heights achieved by the Councils before them though.
          Ultimately I think this is yet another example of lies, damned lies and statistics.

  31. Sandgroper says:

    Looks like the bleeding hearts and black-armband brigade in North Queensland have been quick to adopt the US fetish for pulling down monuments that conflict with modern PC doctrine.
    No sooner had the call gone out to remove statues of Confededate leaders than there were impassioned pleas to ‘whitewash’ local history by vilifying Robert Towns and Captain John Mackay, hysterically described as “slave traders”, and removing all evidence of them from our parks and gardens.
    It seems the hanky-wringers want to obliterate those bits of history which offend their delicate sensibilities rather than point to them as evidence of past failings.
    Tearing down historical monuments reeks of ‘cultural cleansing’ and mimics what Islamic State did throughout Iraq and Syria –just think of Palmyra — and the Taliban destruction of Buddhist sites in Afghanistan.
    What next? A massive bonfire of history books to expunge all traces of the past, followed by revisionary texts portraying every whitefella in a black hat?

    • Old Mudpicker- The Hanky Wringer says:

      Au contraire Mr Gropes, I don’t want to whitewash history. I wish merely for us as a modern nation to not celebrate slavers. Perhaps we could put a statue of a ‘kanaka’ opposite Mr Towns statue and have the story engraved of how they were ripped from their homeland and bought to Australia to do the brutal work that white people would not do on Mr Towns orders.
      So let us celebrate our history by not celebrating people who did harm to others. History needs to be told and passed down for all of us to learn from it.

      • The Magpie says:

        By all means, alter the plaques to tell the ugly truth of the history, so the statue is not necessarily a celebration of a slaver, but a founder of our city. Let his statue stand as a permanent rebuke to the darker days of our story, for generations to see, understand and acknowledge that history. But expunging it from mention or memory is an act of cowardice and denial in itself.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Hey, Muddy, if we embark on a quest to not celebrate “those who did harm to others” we should expunge all mention of Gough Whitlam from the public record.

          • The Magpie says:

            Come to think of it, under Muddy’s broad brush regime, all statues of British royalty should go, including any of Queen liz. Go on, mate, please, just TRY it.

      • Ando says:

        The Towns statue had me scratching me head when it went ahead. They could have easily chosen a historical figure that wasn’t a slave trader.

  32. Critical says:

    There has been comments going around council that a number of older staff got a phone call from a team calked the Transition Team asking why they didn’t apply for a voluntary redundancy because “they were old enough”. Apparantly too scared to go to the anti discrimination commission because they knew that they’d definatly be kicked out for one reason or the other. Does the Nous Report hit again again after all it did point out that council had too many old workers.

    • Alahazbin says:

      I know of one employee who put in for a VR and was refused. The person was over the 65 age bracket. Their thinking would be that he/she may leave soon anyhow. The area where the person works is now described as ‘”a sad place to work”

      • Dearie Me says:

        Well that’s a sweeping statement that describes the entire council!

        The sooner the councillors grow a spine and band together to get rid of that malignant festering sore that is the Impaler and her band of merry hench men the sooner this city will get back on its feet.

      • Critical says:

        From what I’ve been told the people phoned about why they didn’t want a voluntary redundancy were outdoor workers.

  33. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Thanks Grumps. That needed to be set straight. And Johnno… great post.

    • The "JOHN" says:

      Who would have thought the letter x in a name would cause me so much lost sleep time. I’m watching very carefully now NAW. Nudge nudge winx winx.

  34. The old peterbuilt says:

    Well I finally found a hill high enough to get signal . Mount Robertson at 12000ft between jasper and blue river should do the trick. Just caught up on the latest on the blog and you have been busy beavers with some newcomers. You may not have to wait 2years to get a shot at the mullet. A contact of mine is saying a group of current employees are gathering facts and trying to arrange a meeting with a southern TVs outlet because they know it would be a waste of time talking to bogan. The disbelief at the mullets and adeles actions has now turned to bitter hatred. Keep up the good work, got to go a f in bear is trying to pull my wire down.

    • Critical says:

      Let them go to a southern tv outlet but also give them to Rob Payne to table in the Qld Parliament so that the documents go into Hansard and cannot be swept under the carpet and stay in the pubkic domain forever so that generations to come know what the city went through under this council.

  35. Corporate Revealer :) says:

    With Harris Scarfe opening at the Willows today let’s hope it fares better than when it traded in Stockland, Townsville in the late 1990’s. Australia wide the company collapsed in 2000 and the major criticism landed criminal charges and a six year jail sentence for the Chief Financial Officer.

  36. The "JOHN" says:

    Just wanted to let you all know that another magpie comment has made it through this afternoon. My reply to my nemesis “s”. Happy reading folks.

  37. The "JOHN" says:

    It was yesterdays story about the sacking of the council workers from island. Sorry for asuming everyone knew
    Posted this afternoon

  38. The Magpie says:

    Deliberate? Reckon it is the subversive humour of a Courier on-line sub.

    No chinks but maybe a pom or two.

  39. The Magpie says:

    The winner of the No Shit Sherlock! Headline Award goes to the SMH, with this ‘well duh, no kidding’ effort.

  40. Ozzie John says:

    Hey Maggers, these lefties who wanna pull our great mens statues down, WTF.
    We need more statues of great men. Put one of Joh Bjelke and Bobby K at all entrances to Townsville. These treehuggers give me the shits. That Mudpricker , what a toss.
    As for the royals, yeah. Bring back God save the queen as our anthem. What is a girt by sea. Shit lyrics.
    Good luck in ya court case. The people are behind ya.
    And Sandman over there in WA WA land. You are putting me to sleep with all ya wafflin. I always read ya posts in bed cos I get through the first line and then its morning. You are better than Sleep Ezy.
    See ya Maggers, gotta go feed the dogs.

    • The Magpie says:

      A carefully crafted reply for an invented persona, The ‘Pie suspects. Why? Someone with those views could not wax so lyrical in the Aussie ocker idiom.

      And Bobby K? What’s Robert Kennedy got to do with this, he hardly fits your adopted mindeset.

      • Ozzie John says:

        What Maggers, You comparing that leftie Kennedy to the real Bobby K. Our man Katter in Kennedy. Make him PM now I say.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Jeez, OJ, thought you’d enjoy me getting a rise from Muddy and slagging-off Gorgeous Gough.
      Anyway, glad you’re back in your flannies and thongs. I feared you’d been reading ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance’ and become a SNAG.

      • Ozzie John says:

        I dont do or wear or eat any type of zen Sandman old mate. There are no people of that persuasion in Katter country.
        SNAGS, i eat them with me eggs for brekkie.
        For the record, I am a Caring, Unselfish, Nurturing Type. Thats why I support Maggers in his quest for truth. Bloody champion at Shit stirring he is, a shysters delight.

  41. Cantankerous but happy says:

    ” A large shark has been spotted off the Strand” what will the follow up be when Bogan realises it was the Mullet going for her morning dip, she will probably send around the Impaler to sort him out.

  42. Watcher says:

    If proof was ever needed that the Astonisher is full of bullshit especially when it come to figures then this weeks story about 12000 jobs being created provided it in spades.
    In today’s edition there is just one lonely ad in the Positions Vacant column.
    Talk about smoke and mirrors. The Bogan is a world champion in that department.

    • The Magpie says:


    • Dearie Me says:

      While we are on smoke and mirrors…. If we are to assume council are feeding the Bullsheet stories, one must wonder what the motivation is with the nothing story on QNI owing rates money to council?

      The Impaler advised staff council would be $10M short in revenue this financial year. The question must be asked how much money has been paid out in redundancy payments since the Impaler swanned into town? And how much was paid to staff in the most brilliantly conceived ‘cash in your leave with a 10% bonus’ option at the end of last financial year?

      I’m guessing if you added all this up it would make the measly $1.2M owed by the revolting Mr Palmer look like little Johnny’s lunch money.

      • Alahazbin says:

        TCC whinging about outstanding rates owed by QNI is a bit rich, when they were selling off Water from Paluma @ $300.00 a megalitre and the ratepayer is paying $755.00 per annum for 760 kilo litres.

  43. Bemused says:

    Clive’s big rates bill – likely true, but also strikes as shrewd media management by our esteemed overlords.

    Who could possibly be less popular than the current Council administration? Why, none other than big Clive, the other person to have shafted so many local workers.

    So by stating that Clive hasn’t paid rates since June 2016 (roughly the time Jenny swept to power with her full assembly of Councillors), I sense the ground is being prepared to portion some blame for Council’s current financial mismanagement to Clive. In doing so they can also establish that he, in effect, has been responsible for the misery of yet more Townsville families who have been hit by TCC redundancies.

    After all, Jenny said she had ‘no one to blame’ (meaning Townsville First) if the Townsville voters gave her her full team. They did…so the blame must lie elsewhere.

  44. Momentus says:

    I am distressed as Fleet Presentation Supervisor, ‘Fluffy Nuts’ and many other readers of the Courier today page 9. Fluffy has been off work since Jan 2015 (20 Months?) from his paid job ($1100 clear a week) plus benefits you would say. This is South East Qld Rail and all North ‘Queenslanders’ pay for this great rail system down here too. Work colleagues threw his lunch out and called him ‘Fluffy Nuts’. After getting paid by WorkCover $132000 he is suing Queensland Government Rail for $640,000 damages. Fluffy may have to refund Work Cover the outlay to date. If settlement and payment is disclosed? Claim is QR failed to provide support or counselling. Fluffy, full name and age provided now lives in Bundaberg and his job as a train cleaner must have been too stressful. Fluffy could not get over this name calling from 2011 and 2012 although was able to hang in there as a cleaner for another three years. It then appeared to be all too much. As I read the Courier on Airtrain back to the airport we have missed Fluffy. He will have his day in court though and it maybe ‘Give us a look Fluffy’. No they aren’t. More like Kiwi fruit and no undies so obviously there has not been any support for some time. In Bundy they do have coconuts so not sure of Fluffy’s new nickname as he is staying very low and not draw too much attention at the local Bowls Club. New Club rules ‘No loose fitting shorts or whites’.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wtf? You in the marketing dept of the Courier or sumfin? The ‘Pie knows he’ll now want to find out more about Fluffy Nuts. But afterwards, maybe wish he hadn’t.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Just Google fluffy nuts train cleaner sues and you’ll have the story. Bloody priceless!
        Wonder if he’s self-funding this latest compensation bid? If he is, they’re big as well as fluffy.

  45. The "JOHN" says:

    So the bulletin still pushing for airport upgrade on behalf of gill and mullet. Can’t wait to hear the chorus of bagging at quantas again. So predicted after seeing the story leading up to weekend about “massive” number increase traffic at airport here. Then we are told the dump is holding us back lol. I wish there was another media source here to really stamp this bullshit out when it’s printed. Apart from this blog of course. I shouldn’t wish for another substantial rag to read

    • The Magpie says:

      Yup, there is a galling ‘father knows best’ attitude by the paper and the Gilded Few towards the general population. ‘The airport is bursting at the seams’ is total nonsense and there are a few choice quotes in the story. More in the blog later tonight.

      • Grumpy says:

        No doubt Crankypants will give us the real low-down.

        • Scientician79 says:

          And I naively ask how is expanding the terminal and adding retail space an actual benefit to the traveller?

          I’ve watched the Qantas terminal at Brisbane Airport squeeze more and more retail in place of seating over the last several years so that those of us who just want to wait in peace for our flight at the gate are all sitting on top of each other.

          No doubt they have similar visions of a captive customer willing to pay $30 for a stale bread roll because you have no choice.

          While I’m on the airport, who was the bright spark that removed the tables from the other side of the security screening? You know have no where to put your items back into your bag after getting through the screening. Top Work Townsville Airport.

          • Alex DeLarge says:

            The story is, Boffin, that Dill has deliberately made a number of seemingly nonsensical changes with the deliberate intent of inconveniencing and annoying the travelling public. This done to cause aggravation and discontent to the extent that they are fooled into thinking that renovations are needed, when competent management is all that is required.

  46. Non Aligned Worker says:

    No word in today’s iditorial that Qantas has made an offer to Airports. Still in the “commercial in confidence” basket. Do Ben and the Dill think our memories are that short?

  47. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Interesting to read the comments to the airport article in the Bully. Goes to show you can’t fool everyone all of the time.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Bulletin will boast that that is proof they cover all opinions, while using biased lies more prominently.

  48. Horse Head says:

    I used to look forward to reading the Magpie Blog by 7pm on a Saturday night. Now it runs later than Sandra Sully. C’mon Pie, pull up your socks.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, The ‘Pie didn’t know he ran you’re personal diary … and you chose the wrong end of the horse for a name.

  49. Horse Head says:

    Pie, this isn’t an aberration. If this was Townsville City Council or the Bully, you would criticise them from pillar to post. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Unless you are a hypocrite? You’re asking for people to donate every week, but you don’t meet a reasonable deadline.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is a free blog, The ‘Pie does not levy and collect rates nor does he charge a cover price or take paid advertising, The ‘Pie has never declared a hard and fast publication time, and recent medical matters have now made the process of writing and producing the blog a longer and sometimes arduous process.
      And donations are voluntary, which a small but greatly appreciated number of readers generously stump up.

      But The ‘Pie isn’t complaining, you are. So – unless you are a hypocrite – the old bird looks forward to your extra generous donation since you seem to think you have a hand in the management of The Nest, which permits you to make ill-informed comments worthy of a horse’s arse.

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