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Sunday, August 12th, 2018   |   195 comments

The Gloves Are Off, The Lycra Togs Are On: The Jenny and Jenna Tag Team Start Back-Slamming All Comers.

Yup, it’s Mullet The Mangler and Jenna The Joker, and their first opponents to hit the canvas this week were the Townsville team of outsiders, Truth and Transparency. It was no holds barred, as the council appears to have been caught out blatantly lying. Mayor Mullet starts using ratepayer money to rev up her re-election campaign, and the Astonisher’s iditor makes the joke of the week.

Also, The ‘Pie gives you an exclusive preview of what will be the hottest fashion item in Townsville over the next year or so.

The short sighted foolishness and damaging self-interest of a stand-alone stadium wasn’t just highlighted this week, it was openly admitted …. almost five years after The Magpie’s exposed the financially ruinous stupidity of this Mr Magoo-like decision.

Bulletin readership plunges another 10% in the latest released data …

And another illustrated gallery of this week in Trumpitania.

But first …

This Gender Stereotyping Of Fruit Has Got To Stop

applesHave you recently looked at the goings-on in the world, shrugged and said ‘Ah, well, in the end, she’ll be apples’? If you have, stop it, just bloody stop it! Right now. Who the hell are you to determine the gender of apples? Or any fruit for the matter (and no jokes about the two legged variety of fruits, thank you.) Fruit has just as much right to gender self-determination as anything or anyone else. This ostracism in the orchard has got to stop.

candy apples

Just as it must stop in the armed forces. It appears after revelations this week, that, when an officer gives you an order from now on, the correct response is ‘Yes, sir, or ma’am, whichever you decide , sir/ma’am … or should I use the gender neutral ‘Anything you say, sweet-cheeks?’’

Seems the Army has got the PC message, with the news during the week that cadets have been told to adopt ‘gender neutral’ language and not to use terms like ‘him’ and ‘her’ so as not to offend LGBTI members. (Is ‘hey, you eunuch’ OK? Doesn’t get more gender neutral than being neutered. )

This is of course the usual foaming lunacy that the shadow flinchers of the PC brigade gabble on about, but it was as usual guaranteed to get the veterans spluttering into action. Quote of the whole silly story went to retired Lieutenant Colonel John Salter, who said ‘If you identified as a coloured, transgender sperm whale, you could do no wrong … and maybe become Australian of the Year.’

Bentley thinks confusion will be all about the place.

Trans smallAs Salman Rushdie said, ’No one has the right to NOT be offended.’ FFS.

The ’Pie tends to think this is simply nuts, but he can’t say so … nuts are hardly gender neutral.

Has the Townsville Council’s Culture Of Secrecy Descends Into Outright Lying?

It would seem so. Here’s what happened.


The Water For Townsville Action Group (WFTAG) – not to be confused with the unfortunately named Water Task Force (WTF) – has attracted a variety of highly qualified experts across a number of disciplines to help find the right solution for the city’s water security. They have given up literally hundreds – collectively probably thousands – of hours of their unpaid time over the past couple of years for this valuable community project.

jenny budget

But it would appear Jenny Hill has just been playing them along, just to mute any early criticism while she put her clandestine plan into action. (She’s good at those, Adani airstrip anyone?) The Mullet mantra has been the meaningless and unsubstantiated claim of ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’, a jingoistic war-cry that has drowned out very real concerns about what is turning out to be a half-arsed mess. (The ‘Pie doesn’t want to say told you so but … told you so.)

Then, in a secret last minute, unexplained deal made behind closed doors, and going against all available advice and recommendations from WFTAG and Task Force boss Brad Webb, largely untested plastic pipes made in South Australia were chosen over all other recommendations. This alone is a decision truly worthy of a CCC investigation. But Jenny Hill wasn’t wrong about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’, only trouble was the jobs are largely for South Australia, with just a handful for Townsville. Dreams of a reinvigorated manufacturing boost remain just that .. dreams.

WFTAG was both dismayed and baffled at this development. It was then learned through a council leak to WFTAG that – for reasons that were not clear at the time but are now – two sections of the pipe were being trucked to Townsville for public display. The purpose of this expensive and seemingly needless exercise (clearly needless because no meaningful public comment was going to change the mayor’s done deal) has never been properly explained, and of course, the Bulletin never actually asked the obvious questions, just repeated the TCC media releases and the mayor’s simperings.

Given the bevy of highly experienced, properly qualified, and respected experts on the WFTAG working party, the putative head of the group, Linda Ashton requested that the group’s experts be given a private inspection of the new-style pipe before it went on display. The council agreed to this, but then they started playing ducks and drakes, culminating at what was apparently an outright lie.

linda ashton

Linda Ashton was told through her group’s extensive contacts that the two lengths of piping had arrived on a semi in Townsville early in the week starting July 30. On that day, a Monday, Ms Ashton asked the relevant TCC executive Mike Chiodo that the promised inspection be scheduled at the Townsville Water depot on Garbutt on the following Friday, August 3rd.

scott moorhead

Mr Chiodo’s off-sider, Scott Moorhead replied on the Thursday, saying in an email quote: ‘Sorry, Linda, but there will not be any pipe in Townsville by the third. There is (sic) some samples in transport which we are arranging for public display next week.’

But there was clear evidence from sightings reported to Ms Ashton and from photographs that, at the time of Mr Moorhead’s email, the two lengths of display pipe had already been unloaded in Townsville and were in storage.

That leaves us with the choice that either Mr Chiodo and Mr Moorhead are poorly informed and not on top of their jobs, or … well, you work it out. You can bet that Mayor Mullet’s murky little scheming is involved and may well have engineered the – ahem – inaccurate reply to WFTAG, a group the mayor has now airily sidelined from any further meaningful input into the issue. The answer as to real purpose of the expensive early importation from 2500kms away is simple: it was a campaign stunt for the mayor’s re-election, financed by public money courtesy of Townsville’s ratepayers.

Mayor Mullet’s Re-Election Campaign Gathers Pace

Thursday night’s Cowboys-Broncos game was the first of the public displays mentioned in Mr Moorhead’s email. And, typically, the purpose wasn’t even subtle, although never explicitly stated.

Pipeline display

Note the ‘Delivering on our promises’ and the council contact . Plus the expensive bannering surrounding the display. But just who is delivering on their promises? Surely that must mean the state government.

As reported last week, The Magpie understands that the council has leased premises in the CBD for this pipe section to be displayed – crikey, hope they’ve got crowd control coppers on stand-by.

And unless they are really daft, it will be seen at perhaps Stockland, Fairfield Waters, the Willows, the North Shore shopping complex and maybe Castletown. Each location will require a crew, a crane and a low loader. A VEEERRRRYY expensive exercise.

All this would fine if it was just a bit of clever electoral game playing, but in fact, it is verging on the illegal – indeed, criminal – use of public funds for partisan campaigning disguised as a public information initiative.

Jenna The Joker Comes Up With A Sidesplitter

Jenna Cairney 2

Bulletin Editor Jenna Cairney

Subtlety has never been a quality much entertained in the iditor’s office of the Daily Astonisher aka the Townsville Bulletin, and the current incumbent put this to the proof during the week. Again it was the issue of the water pipeline display and WFTAG observations about the hoopla publicity attached thereto.

The paper has been running a regular weekly column piece by Linda Ashton under the WFTAG banner, where all manner of detail and conjecture has been put out for consideration. As it should be.

Only this week, when Ms Ashton submitted her latest missive which was critical of the display plan, iditor Jenna Cairney refused to publish it ‘in its present form’. Ms Cairney is clearly the mayor’s latest BFF, and the inconvenient truths of Ashton’s column were never going to leave the starting gate. There was a very pointed exchange of emails on the matter, with Ms Ashton deftly countering every spurious objection raised by Ms Cairney. That matter remains unresolved but The ‘Pie almost did himself a mischief by laughing so uproariously when he read Ms Cairney’s underlying reasons she gave Ms Ashton for her iditorial rejection.

Linda – so much of this article is written around “rumours” and ‘possibilities” and I just don’t feel comfortable with that. If we know this is happening, we should be writing it as fact-based….and to do so, I need to see evidence.

I have concerns about some area of accuracy too, which is making me very nervous.

Can you respond in writing to me re the below.’

Then followed the article interspersed with terse questions in shouty capitals, such as




and this little rib-tickler

THIS IS VERY VAGUE, referring to a paragraph that was far from vague. And then … are you sitting down – this little pearler from the iditor of the Townsville Bulletin


Chortle, wheeze, oh, stoppit, ya killin’ me lassie … this – hahaha – must be a – hee hee guffaw – new policy. Which you seem to apply selectively.

Exhibit 1, madam, from Friday last in your very own paper – you know, the one for which you set the rules – is your story about a prospective Senate candidate withdrawing her nomination.

Screen shot 2018-08-11 at 9.23.18 PM

And the guts of the story tells us (The ‘Pie’s emphasis):

But a Labor source told the Bulletin they believed Ms Smith’s decision was a result of “bullying” by union powerbrokers in Brisbane. “It was a concerted campaign against a competitive and appealing North Queensland candidate … against a young woman who merely wanted to participate in their faction’s democracy,” the source said.

“It’s a farce — they’re calling for nominations but in the background they’re bulling people out of nominating.

“Amy’s withdrawal speaks to a toxic, entitled culture within a certain part of the Left, that certainly isn’t democratic.”

The source said they believed members of the CFMEU were flexing their muscles against a candidate who was not their preferred nominee.


You’re a goose, Ms Cairney, if you’re going to play these games, you need to smarten up big time, kiddo. Of course, this is just The Magpie’s belief.

That Sort Of Tomfoolery In Words Leads To These Very Unfunny Numbers

The latest print readership figures are a continuing weekday horror story, with digital subscriptions not taking up the slack, if the blanket panic promotions for subscribers are anything to go by.

A 10% loss across the board for the weekday Bully, down from 40,000 readers to 36,000, but a surprising up tick for the Saturday paper, jumping from 46,000 to 51,000 readers.

Rodents Of Our Times:

The ‘Pie managed to stagger past the milestone of 73 today, and as these occasions are wont to do, he had a quiet moment of reflection.

mickey mouse club

As kids,The ‘Pie’s generation had the Mickey Mouse Club and those perky Mouseketeers. Now, in our approaching dotage we’ve got a different type of Mickey Mouse outfit, best known as the Junketeers, which are generally a different sort of rodent.

junketeersTimes were when junket was something Mum made that was sweet and easy to swallow, but nowadays, modern junkets are hard to swallow – especially if you’re a Townsville ratepayer. Reckon these trips should have reportable KPIs. Fat chance.

Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello

Another difference is that Mayor Mullet is unlikely to inspire the fevered adolescent imaginings evoked by Annette Funicello’s swirling rock’n’roll petticoats in movies of the era. Our winsome mayor would be more suited to the Dance of the Seven Army Surplus Blankets.

Indeed, our mayor has inspired what will be the hit fashion statement of 2019. Somebody’s gunna make a financial killing with this.

Over The Hill

Conventional Wisdom

That ringing sound echoing around town during the week was the penny dropping for the Dudley Do Nothings … a penny that dropped for this blog more than four years ago. From the Astonisher:

Townsville is being overlooked by global conventions organisers

BETTINA WARBURTON, Townsville Bulletin

August 6, 2018 12:00am

DESPITE success at attracting international and national conventions, Townsville’s peak economic development organisation says the city is missing out on being a major player in the lucrative global conventions market for one reason — it doesn’t have a new entertainment and convention centre.

Well, no shit, Sherlock. So where were you, Dudleys, when your deputy chair – also our mayor – suddenly dropped the mantra of calling for an integrated stadium/entertainment/convention project, and did the bidding of Laurence Lancini and pushed for a stadium alone. ‘We’ll do it in stages’, we were told. Yeah, right … if ever it gets done, it will be at more than twice the cost than if done as one single project.

This was an oh-so-predictable disaster in waiting, caused in large part by our current mayor’s lack of backbone, negotiating skills and her self-fancied clout within the Labor Party. She can only blame herself and her insipid stance for what is sure to end up as a financial clusterfuck.

This is evidenced by a yarn in Thursday’s paper.

Townsville to expand NRL “game day” experience at new North Queensland Stadium

CLARE ARMSTRONG, Townsville Bulletin

August 9, 2018 6:10am

FOOD trucks, light entertainment and other family-friendly activities could be set up around the North Queensland Stadium precinct as part of a plan to expand the “game day” experience.

A group of Townsville CBD leaders is collaborating to develop a range of pre and post-game activities for NRL fans to enjoy once the new North Queensland Stadium opens in the heart of the city.

‘FOOD trucks, light entertainment and other family-friendly activities? Buskers and a chiko roll van? WTF?

The ‘game day experience’? Hang on, wasn’t this one of the driving arguments to put the bloody stadium where it is in the first place, that all these opportunities for eating and entertainment – Palmer Street, Via Vomitorium –  were already here and needed the trade.

Bloody food trucks, eh? Wow, welcome to Townsville, innovation city central, footy fans, bet you’ve never experienced a food truck before.

But that’s just a bit of idiocy, the real looming disaster is of typical Labor social engineering strategy of inconveniencing you and expecting you to like it – details courtesy of drongo-in-chief Scott Stewart, MP, telling us what sounds like a dystopian nightmare. The Astonisher reports:

Mr Stewart said the group was considering holding an open day once the stadium was complete so people could visit it and gain an understanding of how the new system would work.

“What currently happens is people get into their car, they drive to the stadium, they get out and watch the game or event, get back in the car and drive home,” he said.

“You won’t be able to do this at the new stadium because there’ll be no onsite parking.

“An open day would encourage people from the community to come in, get used to that transport system, know where the buses are going to terminate, find out where their seats are for the Cowboys games, check out all the facilities, way before the actual event starts.”

Boy, sounds like a complete nightmare. In one go, Stewart has ensured local TV ratings for games will skyrocket when this ill-conceived political power-play mess unfolds.

PS A Note To Iditor Cairney at The Astonisher.

The stadium food truck story carried this on line pic.

Screen shot 2018-08-12 at 1.29.08 AM

We all know you’re a day late ad a dollar short when it comes to news, m’dear, but that photo ‘visualisation’ is more than six years old, was one of the very first, it is the wrong design and in totally the wrong place. Bit like the Bulletin itself, really.

A Cap To Match That T Shirt – One For The Literary Set

This should be a best seller in America, Britain, Townsville …

Make owell fiction againThe ‘Pie is going to buy Ted Lindsay one.

Which leads us naturally to this week’s Trump gallery.

Trump crook trump collusion Trump pants on fire Trump rob bank Trump how great

The Labor Pains Are Over

So we Aussies passed the 25 million population mark during the week.  Starting to be a big country eh/ Well, we always were, actually.

australia and europe

 And Best Message Of The Week

stop texting

Text and driving should be a CRIMINAL offence … it only becomes so when  someone is killed or injured.


That’s this week’s tittle-tattle, but the comments will start revving up around midday Sunday, and continue all week as other events unfold, keep an eye on them, and have your say. And a sincere thanks to those of you have helped out with a donation to help meet blog expenses, registration renewals, subscriptions, and hopefully, if we get enough in the kitty, some new software. Not too late to help out, the donation button is below.

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  1. The gnome from nome says:

    ‘Pie, the photo of the Regional Mayors includes Kevin (rhymes with) Gill. WTF ??

  2. Peewee Herman says:

    Happy birthday ol’ Bird. Keep up the great work mate, you’re a champion.

  3. TCC engine room says:

    Anyway I have info on this pipeline display and the misuse of council staff and resources. When it’s displayed next week a garbage truck has to arrive to open the gate somwhere at riverway. Diverting from its usual route. Then do the same in the afternoon. The staff are already on double time because of weekend but they are there to service bins not unlock gates. We have 4 security vehicles running around the city with keys 24hrs a day. Why does a garbage truck need to drive all the way from the bohle to riverway twice just for a locked gate. Talk about misuse of public funds for an election campaign. To top that off the staff have to start earlier and stay back later to complete there proper job. After a certain time of the day double time turns to triple time in our EBA. So in essence at the time of locking up on Sunday afternoon we will have 2 drivers on close to $90/hr putting a padlock on a gate. No wonder my waste and recycling charges went up Thursday in my rates notice. Maybe it’s in my waste levey.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ah, what a tang;ed web.

      Edited out the apology part of your comment (to protect your neighbour from any come back) but thanks. Rest of the comment very interesting.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      TCC engine room please join the list of leaks from Council. It’s colander-like. PM me or call hotline 0419713242

      Also copy and share the info below to your choice of fb friends, groups or your own profile as a post. That’s a general request please for all nesters. WFTAG is now a closed group so joining is required. Size will matter big time as each election rolls around – Fed and Council. Thanks to the ever-young Magpie for the water security focus. It’s damned hard to have facts published in this town.

      Welcome to WFTAG
      Please read the pinned post and view 17 min video “Brownsville”.

      To contribute in the best way possible please invite your friends to join and help our msg be loud and clear to the Federal Government. They need to match the state’s $225 million grant so the second stage of our pipeline can proceed without delay. Herbert electorate is very marginal and every seat is gold when you’ve lost interest over 30 successive polls

      • The Magpie says:

        The Magpie doesn’t normally allow piggy-backing but this is an exception – and a oncer. WFTAG and The ‘Pie share the same goals, but each site has its own agendas and style. Up to you, folks, but it doesn’t mean The ‘Pie endorses everything on their FB page – they’ve got more nutters than the Nest, but they’ve also got as many smart people, too. Just different.

  4. I'll be plucked says:

    Congrats for the 11th Pie and for completing another lap around the sun! With thanks for all that you do, trying to keep the pluckers honest.

  5. Dave of Kelso says:

    G’day dear ‘Pie,
    Two things:
    1. Re the stadium, an example of how facilities are delivered in stages is the Civic Theatre. Stage 1 the theatre, stage 2 the concert hall and the necessary front and back of house to support. Thirty or more years later, Tsv 3 times larger and no stage 2!

    2. I place my order for 2 OVER THE HILL teeshirts. Any colour but red (red runs in the wash and ruins anything it touches) size XXL. Thank-you.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hmmm, it’s got The ‘Pie thinkin’, might have a chat to Bentley about this.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Bumper sticker or car window sign. Something that can be removed without damage after the election.

        Suction cups for inside car window would work.


        • The Magpie says:

          How about ‘Attend Townsville’s AGM meeting, Match 2020 (Anyone But Mullet).

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            All wearing our tee shirts. (Suspect we would bared at the door for being a violent threat to the free passage of information.)

            What date?

          • The Magpie says:

            ‘Bared at the door’? Is this idea for swinging voters? (For those having trouble understanding this reference, remember Robert Helpmann’s reason for turning down a role in the nude musical O Calcutta! ‘Not everything stops when the music does.’)

      • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

        With you on the tee shirts!

    • Alahazbin says:

      Yep! Count me in for a T shirt and a bumper sticker.

      • Ando says:

        I’ll skip the shirt with muggings face on it but count me in for the make Orwell fiction again hat. Classic stuff!

  6. The Stockman says:

    1. Happy birthday (I hear)
    2. Love this page/blog/column/whatever
    3. Sure you hear that a lot.
    4. With all this information/dirt dishing/etc – what can we ACTUALLY DO do stop the rot in this city? How can we help bring it back to life?
    5. Anyone got any good ideas that me and my minions can make happen?

    In closing – I walked up Castle Hill late yesterday and was very impressed by the “Hit the Hill” event which apparently raises money and awareness of suicide and mental health stuff. But you won’t see any rave reviews in the Astonisher about it apparently, because its organised by Southern Cross Austereo.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘Hit The Hill’? Damn, have to cross that metaphorical slogan off the T-Shirt list.

      And no, don’t hear that a lot. Say it again if you feel like it!

  7. J jones says:

    The food trucks idea is ridiculous unless it’s the local restaurants already in the area doing them

    • The Magpie says:

      Even then, it defeats the stated purpose of the stadium … to revitalise the CBD. Otherwise, could’ve left the perfectly adequate and quite nice stadium where it is and taken the trucks out there … lot cheaper.

      • Concerned says:

        Spend one tenth of the cost of the new one updating the existing.
        Plenty of road acess for visiting fans, heaps of parking within walking distance, buses for those that need, plenty of people within walking distance, a good spot just down the road to dine prior or after, keeps some spend in the suburbs.

      • Peewee Herman says:

        There are already a bunch of food trucks at every Cowboys game. Not exactly a new idea.

        • The Magpie says:

          That story did more than any other to sow doubt in the public mind about just how throughly or intelligently this whole stadium debacle was thought through. Especially the inane waffle from Scott Stewart, who used language he would’ve scolded any of his Pimlico pupils for using when he was principal there.He made loitering sound like a fun family activity with his ‘We’ve got to put in place opportunities for people to hang around’ and this well duh! statement ‘We’ve got to have a variety (of options) in what we do and make it very affordable , particularly for young families who might be on a strict budget.’ This says absolutely nothing and highlights the total cluelessness of Townsville at the state government level. The man is a complete goof, and so are his dictatorial maunderings as highlighted in the blog. Another floundering Labor effort at social engineering, flying the face of human nature.
          And its only going to get worse unless we get some real leadership at all levels.

  8. Boho63 says:

    I would like a bumper sticker too.

  9. The Stockman says:

    Building approvals figures published this week were disastrous.
    Then DS Economics (should be BS) get a freebie in the Astonisher yesterday (because who would pay?!) saying the opposite.
    Townsville is the dead centre.
    Perhaps we could entice Alice Springs to change names??

  10. Bentley says:

    Many happy returns ‘Pie.

    Here’s to thee and thine.
    If me and mine can give as good a wine
    To thee and thine,
    As thee and thine give to me and mine,
    Then here’s to thee and thine and me and mine.

    Try saying that little toast after a bottle or two.

  11. The Third Reader says:

    Happy belated birthday Malcolm Magpie. I hope and trust that you enjoyed your day. Brilliant warblings this week Pie. My disgust at the operations of the Mullet and her minions continues to astound me thanks to your diligence and hard work, and i continue to swoop on it every week. A present in the nest as well to help celebrations.

  12. Alan says:


    From AL the bricky

  13. TCC engine room says:

    Has anyone seen or heard from miss lou? Hasn’t commented yet and everyone is wishing happy birthday. She’s not still wrapped up in her ribbon she visited you with best wishes? Surly big Clive couldn’t have wisked her off to the United Australia Facebook page. Many happy returns. Wonder if our mayor gets as many for hers.

  14. TCC engine room says:

    On a second point maybe we can have a dart board printed on those shirts. As well as a dart board bumper sticker with a magpie smoking a dart with ALP on it.

  15. Just Curious says:

    The Cowboys went broke and nearly vanished in the early 2000’s. Had they gone under everyone would have extremely disappointed and the old stadium would have been knocked down and the land used for something else.

    I believe part of Lancinni’s push for the new stadium was to secure the clubs future. Managing the club’s financial future would always be a challenge. A lot money involved and were does it come from.

    Once they’re located in a 300 million dollar stadium funded by state and federal governments what happens if the Cowboys go broke again. Don’t laugh its entirely possible.

    What does the state and federal government do if their only tenant for this chronic waste of money is going down the shit shoot. Lancinni would be straight on the door step asking for funding to rescue the club otherwise this grand stadium would sit empty. Perhaps Messagebank could build his wave pool there or hold sell swap and buy meets on a Sunday.

    This whole project started out as a new entertainment and convention centre which we badly need with a possible football stadium add on later.

    The Mullet and Lancinni behind closed doors told these governments to forget the entertainment centre. We’ll tell the plebs we’re going to build them just fish up a football stadium.

    Let’s see how this must ride a bus to the game works out. The stands will be empty. Won’t matter me when I do feel the urge to watch a rugby league game which isn’t all that often I’ll watch it on Fox and stay right away from this fiasco.

    Let’s not forget there are enough idiots in this city who keep voting these Labour liars into governments at all levels.

  16. Lady Byron says:

    Dear Pie –

    Happy Birthday! Like the rest of the regular readers here, you are ageing (dis)gracefully and improving like a bottle of Moet & Chandon. (Or as my mum used to call it ‘Poet & Chandelier’!)
    Best wishes
    Lady Byron

  17. One legged tap dancer says:

    Talking about “jobs, jobs, jobs” I reckon if you checked the workers on the Cowboys stadium most of them were already working for the contractors.
    Nothing wrong with that because at least the stadium is keeping them employed but Mayor Mullet and our three State Government stooges have led the public to believe there would be hundreds of NEW jobs in the stadium.
    Their brilliant new transport plan, designed to deliver customers to Lancini’s CBD venues, is also a sham.
    I go to most Cowboys home games and of the fans who sit near me in the southern stand, not one is prepared to go to the game by public transport. They are all planning to take a Fox Sports subscription and watch the games from the comfort of their homes in 2020.

    • J jones says:

      Not great fans if they’re not prepared to catch a bus to cheer on their team

      • The Magpie says:

        You are clearly a deeply thoughtful student of human nature, Jonesy. Ever thought of politics?

      • Just Curious says:

        If they’re great fans why don’t they show when the team is losing now and they don’t have to catch a bus.

        • One legged tap dancer says:

          Can’t you read curious one? I said I went to MOST Cowboys games and the people sitting around me do the same, whether the team is winning or losing.
          Please put brain in gear before blogging.

          • Just Curious says:

            See if you can keep up he taps on one leg. My comment was made in reference to the comment from J Jones not yours. Fact still remains many Cowboys fans are fair weather sailors. When the team is losing the crowd numbers go down always have. If they’re all forced to ride a bus to the games the team better be winning. Does that help you?

  18. Linda Ashton says:

    If ever you’re short of some facts and love words
    Or stories that turn the Ville green
    There’s a nest full of info, an interesting read
    Penned by a black and white bird.

    He tells tales of council
    And circles of power
    In this city where everyone’s known
    Secrets aren’t safe and lies are revealed
    Most within less than an hour

    He warbles with wisdom and chortles a lot
    With questions that others won’t ask
    Truth is the quest of this feathery fiend
    Politically correct he is not

    Now 73 this journo with skill
    Has been challenged but conquered most foes
    His blog that is weekly
    Sure raises some ire
    It’s the bird with the digital quill.

    Linda Ashton
    WFTAG convenor

  19. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Miss Lou.

    Bentley, your finest!

  20. Woodduck says:

    I was a tad intoxicated when I read the story,but wasn’t there a Councillor in Saturdays Astonisher, claiming that sprucing up the parks and fixing the footpaths would reduce crime in one of the suburbs. Where do they think this shit up.

  21. Kelsie J says:

    Happy Birthday feisty bird, keep keeping the bastards honest. After watching our mayor’s self promotion on Council Facebook with the “big” fake pipe do u think she has made a hamster of our beloved JT. How many times was the word big used. Was this Play School or serious info.

  22. Mike Douglas says:

    Happy Birthday Magpie and thanks again for providing a blog that provides clarity against the “feeding the chooks” mantra from our 3 levels of Government. Arrogance and incompetitence from Mayor Mullet,Ceo, Councillors for failing to address key concerns about Transparency and private information access raised by the Office of the information Commissioner. What a great headline for potential investors who may have arrived in the city. Is there a coincidence in the T.C.C .GM communications area and how many staff? and Jackie Trads office and her appointment of an election strategist on State Govt payroll prior to the last State Election?. Based on the CCC investigations in Ipswich, Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Logan why has our Council left our city exposed with such a culture of lack of Transparency .

  23. The Owl says:

    Regarding those plastic pipes from SA. Isn’t the Impaler from SA? Just askin.

    • Honkers says:

      Habits of a lifetime are near on impossible to change without a good dose of honesty when looking in the mirror.

    • The Magpie says:

      Here’s the whole thing … The ‘Pie hasn’t read it all yet, but rest assured he will.


      • Dearie Me says:

        I wonder if Mr Thompson can answer the following
        Why has it taken 2 years and nearly half a million dollars to not develop a dashboard?
        Why does Council no longer have any governance functions?
        Why was the Right to Information role made redundant in the original restructure?
        Why is there no transparent operational financial and performance reporting that the community can understand?
        Why are there no detailed reports on the implementation of the NOUS report recommendations?
        Why is Council looking at making the role responsible for information and data governance redundant?

      • Mike Shearer says:

        Nowhere in the report does “Commercial in confidence” get a mention. Surely that has been the source of much disquiet about the TCC’s decisions. Maybe it is implied within one or more of the Recommendations, but I’m not a lawyer and have trouble reading between lines. I’d add a Recommendation that a definition of C-in-C is included on the website with details how it is applied, and a list of all documents etc to which it has been applied with reasons stated.

    • The Real Philip Batty says:

      How did TCC award a tender to Durie Design Pty Ltd on the 27th JULY THIS YEAR for $350,000 for Water Security Solutions Package?? 3 weeks ago.

      I thought Durie had gone into administration many months ago? This from News.com in June.

      Durie’s design company Patio Landscape Architecture and Design, which was renamed Durie Design in 2010, also grew to become a multimillion-dollar business, and he has written eleven best-selling books on the topics of gardening and design.

      Last month, Durie’s company, JPD Media and Design Pty Ltd, went into voluntary administration, with Simon Cathro from Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants appointed to look into the company’s dire financial situation.

      • Concerned says:


      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Seems it is easier to award contracts than provide details of contracts awarded. Still don’t know how much they paid for the pipeline pipes.

      • Old tradesman says:

        Philip, might just be a variation to original contract,but still not a good look.
        4 June 2018 Jmac Const. Contract No TCW00291 $317,609, Corcoran Park Upgrade Stage 1
        19 July 2018 Jmac Const. Contract No TCW00291, $374,970 Corcoran Park Upgrade Stage 1

        • The real Philip Batty says:

          You have confused me which is easy to do. What does Corcoran Park have to do with the Water Security Solution Package awarded to Durie?

          • Old tradesman says:

            Nothing,Philip,just want to point out other inconsistencies in their reporting methods.Why has the value gone up in a month, and if it was a variation to the contract where is the deletion .

  24. Dave of Kelso says:

    ‘Re WFTAG being led on then dumped, this Council has a history.

    The Townsville performing arts community presented fully prepared architect concept plans for the development of the old incomplete and overused Civic Theatre. Study the current situation and proposal here:


    When presented to Council it was dismissed outright without examination.

    Council response was, words to the effect, “We are the Council, you are not. We well come up with the ideas, you will not.”

    ps I am unskilled at inserting links etc so I hope the above address works.

    • The Magpie says:

      Link worked OK Dave.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Note to all Council Candidates at the next local election;

      You’re support for the Townsville Performing Arts Centre will, on the basis you are not a complete fruitloop, enhance your chances of election.

      • TCC engine room says:

        Hey Dave of kelso let us know if your recycling bins get picked up today. Same person who told me about truck going to open gates said that they are so short staff that 1200 bins might be left in the upper ross. Apparently half full garbage trucks with waste are going to empty some recycling and take it straight to landfill. The management is all over the place with decisions and there’s no communication just dictation through emails only. Everyday last week at least 3 trucks broke down or never left the yard. I’ve seen them work and yeah they are rough but the trucks are being pushed 3yrs over there working life. 14 need to be replaced this year alone. Nearly 500k a pop where’s the money? Top it off the last 2 weeks 3 hard waste trucks sit around not doing anything. 200k of wasted election promises there! Staff are afraid to speak up, toxic environment. Management don’t care about long term. Apparently 3 have secretly gone to Clive palmer Facebook page and contacted him about dump closure not sure about what else yet. And I thought our department was fucked!!!

        • PlannitTownsville says:

          Any word on how the great iPad roll out is going after the grand launch at waste services by the Impaler a few weeks ago?

          • TCC engine room says:

            Nothing more than what you just said. We are wondering who/how many people get the sack because we do our own time sheets. Funny everytime she turns up for a speach nobody can understand her. Or her ideas

        • Dave of Kelso says:

          TCC, unable to advise as currently in Kalbarri in WA. Great spot. Here they do not build a bloody great high rise appartment block on every bit of coastal headland.

        • Alahazbin says:

          Talk about a toxic environment.
          Mechanical staff controlled by AMWU and most outside workforce are CMWFEU or whatever they call themselves. You know, the one that controls The mullet and the Impaler. They come out to the workshops and beat the drums and everybody is happy again.
          I hear ‘old mate’ from Fleet is retiring around Oct/Nov. I hope he doesn’t leave his photo album from the last 40 years lying around.

  25. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Looks like Townsville Golf club have secured a water supply for the future use by the club. The first stage is a temporary pipeline from Aplins Weir to the course for the next couple of years, this will prevent the need to use potable water on the course, this will be followed up by a supply of recycled water from the council post 2020 for the club to utilise into the future. This is actually a smart outcome and the club should be congratulated for coming up with a strategy after getting fucked over by the Mullet who reneged on a deal with the club that TCC had entered into to supply water for the development, and left the club in a vulnerable situation, well done to Townsville Golf Club.

    • Cockie says:

      Tankers, If I remember correctly the TCC approved the use of town water when we were under restrictions because “Aplins Weir water was not suitable for irrigation of the golf course”. A couple of years on it all good, yes they will put in a pipeline. No I wouldn’t say Townsville Golf Club are doing the right thing, just some knobs pulling the wool over our eyes again.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yes that’s true but they had a deal, and that is the main point and a very good reason as to why this town is in the shit currently, no one has the confidence to proceed with any sort of development without the council fucking them around and changing things. Whether it’s planning, building services, water, no one can get a straight answer.
        It is my understanding the deal for Townsville Golf Club was not provisioned in any way to reflect restrictions and it was up to TCC to provide an alternative if they scrap the deal in place, I think the Golf Club have been patient in waiting for an alternative.

  26. allo allo says:

    allo allo , Maidment just ran an ad on win when I was channel flicking. It was on survivor. These people dont need to advertise unless they are in trouble . Thats because they have been big donors . Its a bit like the SAS and Clive . The SAS dont do its business in public, but when you are a developer best to go like clive when the heat is on is your name is everywhere

  27. The Magpie says:


    They really do think we are fucking idiots.

    The defence was from a nameless TCC spokesman directed by a weasley Mayor Jenny Hill who didn’t dare address the issue herself. The report tells us:

    “In a statement, a Townsville City Council spokesman said a section of pipe would be on display at a number of public locations and that its display at last week’s Cowboys game had not cost the council “a cent”. This has not cost council a cent as the display pipe was provided by Iplex and council staff transported it to the stadium,” the spokesman said.
    Oh really?
    That should be Exhibit 1 in today’s #CrapShaming, for TWO reasons.
    1. Because we only have the council’s dodgy, mayor-directed word for that, because further on in the story we are told: “The council is yet to reveal the estimated project cost or the contract price for the supply and delivery pipe and associated fittings from Iplex”.
    And you can bet your bottom dollar … and it is YOUR bottom dollar … that the cost of transporting the display pipes will hidden in there somewhere, perhaps not by the council, but by Iplex in one of its periodic invoices to council (maybe under Research and Development). It could easily be yet another (in this case, quite legal) wink and a nod deal by Mayor Mullet (Paul Pissale’s former BFF).

    2. The mayor obviously got a lickspittle off-sider (probably The Poisoned Dwarf) to do the talking because the original ‘exclusive revelation’ of misuse of council funds in this blog was aimed squarely at this twisting mayor, not the council (many of whom would be happy to be shot of her anyway).

    To top all that off, the story concludes with this little gem demoting and denigrating Townsville workers to the status of Mummy’s little helpers:

    ‘RPC (the Adelaide pipemakers) has said GRP fittings for the project will be made in Townsville by cutting the pipe into segments to make bends, T-joins and other segments, while Iplex is also reopening its polyethylene plant at the Bohle’.

    Aren’t you clever little local workers … when you grow up, maybe you too can get a job in Adelaide.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:

      Is that the modern version of a brown paper bag our mayor is cuddling under her arm?

    • Grumpy says:

      And yet further proof that The Nest is widely read.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed Grumps, but so much of what appears here originates with readers, so The ‘Pie is proud to say that what we have here is a fledgling publication of citizen journalists – although not all contributors or information always meets the standards of proper journalism.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Even the cutting and joining for the fabrications can’t be done by an unskilled worker using a manual.
      How many FIFO’s will be employed to oversee the process?
      There will (should) be very strict Quality Assurance third party requirements by the Council through their Project Management company.
      Third Party certification to ISO 9001:2015 was required to qualify for a successful tender.
      Does the Townsville Iplex plant have certification for this process in their scope?
      Easy to check by theit individual certificate and certificate scope issued by the certifying body.
      I would love to see the scope and date of their current certificate.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, you certainly sound like you know what you’re tralking about, so how’s about that scope and date? (The ‘Pie hasn’t the foggiest what all that means, but you have a good record here, so he’s willing to believe you.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Council had their employees at the display site to answer any questions. So they must have done this for free? Or is there an EBA for out of hours work?

  28. Achilles says:

    Maybe these could work along Via Vomitorium? Sorry girls, blokes only. It must have been inspired by Matisse’s flower pot. The bloke in the last picture has returned to splashing the shanks.


    I have resisted making comments in regards to TCC issues however I see on the local news tonight that Paul Jacob has resigned as Chair of the TCC Water & Waste Committee because he had little input into the outcomes of such s committee. Well, as the supposed Chair of any TCC Committee, the Chair sets the parameters, direction and relevance of such Committees. As Chair of the Healthy Safe City Committee from Week 1 of my 4-year term from 2012, it was my duty (and pleasure mind you), to have the Committee I chaired being committed to change & improvement.
    Withdrawing from such a Committee using such a lame excuse is embarrassing. No one said it would be easy Cr Jacob. Maybe more time undertaking your Councillor role rather than running for a state seat might have been a better option.

    • Alacan says:

      Well said Gary

      In my experience in the cesspit you were one of the most genuine and committed elected members

      Your stewardship of your committee and preparedness to listen and act made you a cut above the rest mate

      Your approach post your time at council speaks volumes about your high levels of integrity that you maintain to this day

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Couldn’t agree more Gary. All the electorate wants and should be entitled to is for their local councillors to do the job for their electorate to the best of their ability and for the benefit of the City. I notice that the Mullet and the elite group of geniuses that flew into Canberra with their begging bowls have come and let us know that they are after $1.2b from the Federal Gov’t for all the things that they should have already been applying for.
      Port, Water security, convention and entertainment centre to name a few.
      Rest assured most of the time in Canberra would have been spent brushing up on Labor / Union game book.
      1. Federal election coming up next year.
      2. Put in an ambit claim that you know won’t be recognised.
      3. Don’t go through the correct processes to get the funding.
      4. Put pressure on in the lead up to the federal election to see who is prepared to stump up the most money.
      5. You don’t get the promises you wish for.
      6. Blame the federal government and point out what a bunch of bastards they are and that they don’t care about the people of Townsville.
      7. Leading up to the Local elections the following year dependant on the funding received ….. look what we secured, we are heroes.
      No wish list funding, the Federal Government wouldn’t assist with funding ….. it’s all their fault, we tried to represent you the Townsville people and secure funding, not our fault but we will definitely get it during our next term.

    • The real Philip Batty says:

      Welcome back Gary

      Let’s hear your views on more please

    • Bemused says:

      Gary! The man, the myth, the legend. Oh for better times with someone of your integrity on board. Keep well.

    • TCC engine room says:

      Pleasure was certainly ours who worked with you Gary. As the post card reads “wish you were here”. The place is completely fucked because of these morons. Jacobs no loss but they’ll probably get the mayor as committee chair now at water and waste because that’s where her election campaign promise came from. Sleep easy mate knowing that you did a far better job but the public are complete fuckwits. They remind me of insects flying towards the light only to find there arsehole in front of them when it hits them. Maybe you tsv first mob should have been more corrupt or paid off the paper. Once again thank you Gaza ☺

      • No more dredging says:

        TCC engine room, what sort of lickspittle praises an ex-councillor in the same breath used to utter ” . . the public are complete fuckwits.” The very same “public” that you refer to as “insects” actually elected that councillor in the first place. He wasn’t your man, he was our man.

        • TCC engine room says:

          Bla Bla bla. If you don’t like it don’t read it simple!!

          • The Magpie says:

            That is simply the dumbest, most idiotic comment possible … in essence, ‘like what I say, agree with it, or go somewhere else, but don’t dare challenge or disagree with me’. You sure you’re on the right blog?
            Stick to your valuable contribution of information, old mate, or otherwise, although we would miss it, perhaps you should take your own advice.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Hey ‘Engine’, is that you ‘Shovel’ with another handle (pardon the pun)!

    • Dearie Me says:

      Very sorry Garry. But as much as I like you… I think there’s more to the Paul Jacobs story than the paper has printed or the news reported.
      Despite the Mullets stinking lies in today’s paper, councillors are not free to speak their minds. The Impaler has been on a witch hunt for Jacobs since he stood for state. All councillors are treated like shit by the Impaler led administration arm of Council. It is far different and far nastier than when you were in Council. Councillors were respected then. Now any Councillor who steps out of line is punished.

      • The Magpie says:

        Since these names will be coming up from time to time, it’s Gary, and it is Jacob, no ‘s’.

        • Dearie Me says:

          Must’ve been my autocorrect. ;-)
          Duly noted and my humble apologies to those concerned.

        • TCC engine room says:

          Enlight me please magpie what the shovel comment keeps appearing after mine. I have followed in the past but only just more interested when my department started getting traction here. Not named obviously but I know when it’s being talked about. I think it’s funny and yeah you make you points and I’ll Comment if I believe I’m right like everyone else. You’ve duly slapped me down and I accept

  30. Mike Douglas says:

    Paul Jacobs resignation from the Council water and waste committee due to lack of decision making is just a true depiction of Mayor Mullets dictatorship where there is a pre Council meeting for Councillors where they are told what to vote for in Chamber. Mayor Mullets overdrive pr campaign on pipes, rubbish pick up or anything else that will deflect in her poor performance but sadly the people, business have stopped listening. I didn’t see any debt reduction by T.C.C. in this years budget but is there not a city deals budget including a GM at $1.5 mil .

  31. Water Rat says:

    The Mullet is in today’s Astonisher telling porkies again.
    She claims a decision has not yet been made on the Townsville Golf Club water supply and the matter is still under consultation.
    I play golf at Townsville and everyone out there was told a couple of weeks ago that a deal had been done with the council to secure water for the course.
    On tv news last night the Crime and Corruption Commission is now investigating another south-east Qld council.
    Surely it can’t be long before they shine the torch on the Mullet but any local investigation would have to be on her alone. Her councilors don’t get any say in decision making so cannot be accountable.

    • The Magpie says:

      Agree with your points and believable info on the golf club … but you’ve gotta be bloody kidding that an investigation be limited to Mayor Mullet alone, and not councillors.

      They were democratically elected to represent their constituents, not kiss the conniving mayor’s ample arse at every turn. Only Jacob, of all people, has rebelled, and then that because of his personal political ambitions (and self delusion). Leaving the councillors out of any scrutiny begs that three things be remembered as to their innocence.
      1. There are no innocent bystanders – especially if you’re an elected candidate paid on the public dollar.
      2. Bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.
      3. ‘ “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”
      Shakespeare – Julius Caesar

      In the case of these gormless, quivering councillors, the political Grim reaper is honing his scythe ready for Match, 2020.

  32. The Owl says:

    No offence to Gary E but some people have very short memories. If Townsville First councillors were so great why did they get dumped at the last election. We need some fresh blood next time. A new broom sweeps clean.

    • The Magpie says:

      No offence to The Owl, but some people have very selective memories. The answer to your question, wiseguy, is three little words – The Townsville Bulletin. The paper’s relentless one-sided reporting of council, styling a democratic majority winning votes on issues before council as ‘in-fighting’ and ‘mayhem’, and it’s unquestioning devotion to Jenny Hill and printing her blatant lies is the answer to your question. And one guesses you’re happy with the outcome?

      Townsville First was far from perfect and not good communicators, but they were a bloody sight better than the current complete clusterfuck which is killing this city. Especially Gary Eddiehausen, one of the few elected representatives at any level of government to whom the words ‘morality’ and ‘ethical’ can be justly associated.

      • TCC engine room says:

        Are you reading this NMD? Here’s your answer to the insect problem.

        • No more dredging says:

          TCC engine room, at the last council election I, and presumably you, had a choice of mayoral candidate and a choice of divisional councillor. I’m not interested in ‘teams’ (having run for council as an independent in the past) but as it turns out I was able to hear and speak to most of the candidates in the runup to the election and got the divisional councillor I voted for – a Labor Party member (I think) though that was irrelevant. In the mayoral election there was a clear choice and everyone in Townsville had a good chance to ‘look over’ the two main contenders – despite or because of the efforts of the TBully – which I don’t read very often. Personally, I wasn’t drawn to Jane Arlett’s policies including her water development plans and did not vote for her. I had no idea what the other 100,000 voters in the election would do and was surprised that Jenny Hill and her entire ‘team’ was elected. Hill won by a huge margin. By calling the vast majority of voters “fuckwits” and “insects” you label yourself a sore loser who can’t offer anything constructive to the democracy project to which everyone here is committed. Could you lift your game a bit, please?

          • TCC engine room says:

            I’m so NMD I was wrong. The public who voted the council in are “fuckwit insects”. Hope that clears confusion.

          • The Magpie says:


          • Dutch Reverend says:

            So NMd. You voted for the representative that you ended up with and you think they were a Labor member but that was irrelevant ? How is that irrelevant when each one of them ran as true independents.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit loose with the word ‘true’ me old clog hopper.

          • No more dredging says:

            Dutch Rev, I listened to the candidates speak. I was told by someone that this particular candidate (in the Hill team) was an ALP person. That possible ‘fact’ did not change my view that the candidate was my pick from the bunch. I would prefer that party politics didn’t infect local government but I can’t stop it. No doubt the same party politics will be involved in the next election. If I was keen to enter the fray I’ve no doubt it would improve my chances if I could run in a team. Getting elected in a democratic vote is very difficult if you don’t have financial resources. But that’s the beast we have. In the 40+ years I have voted in Townsville elections it’s always been the same.

          • Grumpy says:

            What? You voted for a candidate on the basis that he was the “pick of the bunch”? Whilst at the same time knowing that he bound to a voting bloc that brooks no dissent? You actually voted for Hill. Twice.


          • No more dredging says:

            No Grumps, I voted for the candidate of my choice. I had no idea what the result would be – neither did you. You, like others here, sound like you voted for candidates that didn’t make it. Ho hum.

        • Grumpy says:

          Sorry, matey,,,no riposte after touche…

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Didn’t we have a new broom sweep through at the last election, the only problem is the same witch was riding the fucking thing, I am all for renewal but if people think that worthless novices like Kurt RayBan and that spineless Mark cappuccino are in any way prefable to quality people like Gary E and Ray Gartrell then we are in serious trouble, and even when two newcomers line up like Russell Cook v the very talented Janelle Poole the voters back in the smiling tree stump Cook, it just defies belief.

  33. Old tradesman says:

    Funny this morning how his Radiance appears on the second page telling us how great his hospital board is going and all the people they employ. Is this an endorsement of his new one year only recruit MS Sutton, who probably wants to stand for the seat of Hinchinbrook against the water rat Jacob? Also very funny how the each day there has been a feel good story relating to the great work each councillor is doing in their respective division, well it’s gone missing today. That rag of a paper has a lot to answer. The Labor rat spin doctors will be on overtime today.

  34. The Magpie says:

    When it comes to Fraser Anning’s interesting little maiden speech to Parliament, there will be a plethora of pontificating, swivel-eyed drongos condemning or supporting his simplistic views on immigration – and Australian society. And while The ‘Pie leaves commentary on such matters to the big guns of public discourse, his lifelong interest in language and logic prompts him into the following observations.

    Anning used the words ‘the final solution’, when he said in essence that the final solution to what he sees as a problem with our current immigration policy will be at the ballot box. Some have been quick to jump on that phrase, which appears to be another bit of language hi-jacked and quarantined by secular interests. The word ‘holocaust’ is perhaps the best known instance, but has strong justification. The ‘final solution’ in the context used by Anning is not: it is political PC point scoring at its lowest.

    In plain language, the combination of the words ‘the final solution’ is the language of the board room, the engineering conference, the marketing think tank, the crossword enthusiast, and any number of other activities. To conflate Anning’s use with Hitler’s determination to exterminate the Jews is a debasing attack on language … in a way, on free speech, where we are increasingly not allowed to use certain words and phrases because they have been appropriated by different groups that dictate that we are not licensed to use them.

    And has anyone else spotted the massive irony in part of the reaction to Anning’s speech? Let’s join some dots.

    Dot 1: He wants to ban Muslim immigration but suggesting that a ‘final solution’ to that proposition be democratically decided at the ballot box .
    Dot 2: Islam is an avowed enemy of Judaism, the religion openly declaring that one of their instructed Allah-mandated goals is the exterminiation of the Jews
    Dot 3: … so would logic not suggest that Anning was in fact defending the Jewish faith against what is indisputably it’s most implacable religio-fascist foe since Hitler?

    Yet senior coalition minister Josh Frydenberg, himself Jewish, said “I call on Fraser Anning not only to apologise, but also to go and visit a Holocaust museum, and to hear first-hand from the survivors how the pain is still raw, and to see the devastation and destruction caused by the Nazi war machine.”

    Where’s the relevance or the logic of that? In fact, Anning may well regard any visit and testimony he hears there as vindication of calling for immigration sanctions on a medieval religion that holds the same twisted views as Hitler.

    If Anning didn’t belong to the Katter Party, one might even think it was a clever and intelligent play on words, giving Judaism’s major detractor the parliamentary finger. (It wasn’t.)

    When we debase logic and meaning of language and employ false syllogisms such as this, it is little wonder that we live in a world where ordinary communication is … hmmm, what’s the form of words we are looking for … ah, yes … totally fucked up.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Well said, Magpie.

      I occasionally agree with Janet Albrechsten’s column in the Weekend Australian and her latest (August 11-12) shows how Orwellian are our governing “leaders” and is worth reading.

    • Concerned says:

      Well said, over the 12 – 15 years I have never seen the major political parties (ALP and LNP) so full of shit and not looking after the majority of Australians.
      They are to busy pandering to the various noisy minority groups.
      I just wish that Katter, Hanson, and Palmer would join forces to create a party which truly represented the silent majority and took away the bulshit wishy washy crap which is currently running the ALP and LNP.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie fears you may have misread the intention of his comment … and he certainly would not endorse your sentiment unless there was some sort of discipline and intellectual rigour visited on that motley crew.

        Th comment was purely about free speech and PC jack-booting of the language.

        • No more dredging says:

          ‘Pie, once you start mansplaining while knee-deep in the quagmire you are stuck. Soon you have Bob Katter yapping in one ear and Clive Palmer (life member of the Nationals) slurping in the other – perish the thought. It’s the same swamp that slimy Malcolm Roberts wallowed and eventually drowned in. Notably, Pauline Hanson is standing on the edge throwing deflated life rings at the suckers who intentionally waded in, some without even gumboots. Next we’ll hear that a swastika bumper sticker is an old Indian hippy thing and that hoods with eye-slits are for bee keepers. The new senator just wants name recognition, by any means, otherwise he is a nobody. Apparently he got 17 votes in the Senate election. He was probably outpolled by No Dams.

        • Grumpy says:

          There is a reason, y’know, why lawyers use Latin. It is dead language in that “habeus corpus” , for example, means today exactly what it meant in King John’s time. Unlike, for example, Gillard who dictates the meaning of words to be precisely what she intends them to mean, regardless of what everyone else thinks they mean.

    • Wry Whiskey says:

      As much as I enjoy your blog, your defence of Anning is utter bullshit. Anning didn’t first cogently argue for a first, second or any other “solution”, he purposely and cowardly proposed “the final solution”. Blowing smoke by citing linguistic contortions or claiming a PC crusade is simply deceitful. Anning’s a racist and a White Australia advocate, and Katter is no better in his support.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie’s WHAT!?!?!? Defense of Anning? One imagines that it’s rye whiskey has something to do with your unhinged reading of The ‘Pie’s comment.

        Listen, now are you sitting quietly, let us explain something to you.

        Anning is not yesterday’s man, he is the day before yesterday’s man, a totally insidious anachronism, and The ‘Pie would sooner defend Donald Trump as defend him (well, almost).

        Your foam flecked, complete misreading and illogical response pretty well sums up the modern tendency to twist and shape any statement – even comedic ones – to shoe your own hobbyhorse, whereas to any calm and intelligent reading of the comment would clearly understand that The ‘Pie’s hobbyhorse is language. And logic, but we’ll tackle that for you when we’ve got a bit more time and you’ve had a little lie down.

        One doesn’t ‘blow smoke’ when one clearly defines one’s interest at the outset, and your complete lack of a sense of both humour and proportion makes you part of the problem and not the solution to The Magpie’s point about would-be mind-controlling PC fascists.

        • Wry Whiskey says:

          Yeah, nah. It’s your suggestion he innocently used the phrase. It’s your joining of dots which is humorless twaddle. Your commentary provides apologist cover. Be clear – Anning and his ilk can get fucked. And by the way, I don’t have horse in this race, as a hobby or otherwise.

          • The Magpie says:

            You are obviously a bit dim, and The ‘Pie never likes mocking the afflicted, but allow the old bird to point out that he suggested no such thing … what he SAID – not suggested – was that twit though he is, Anning had every right to use that phrase, who are you to corral bits of the labguage you don’t like? And just because shadow flinchers like you decide to knob-throttle yourself over matters like this, you really just want to control what other people think and do that doesn’t agree with your world view.

            And the present perfect tense and stated fact of your last line is incorrect, it should read, ‘I had a horse in this race, but I flogged it to death’.


          • Parson Blossomnose says:

            You’ve picked the wrong fake name, Wry Whiskey. There’s a much better one for you, with apologies to Lewis Carroll.

            ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Apparently 17 votes got this peanut a senate gig- can you believe it, plucking 17 votes. Roberts ineligible and this happens because of our ‘system of govt’ – what a disgrace in the 21st century!

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Fuck !! Totally missed the point.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      So true Magpie.

      Orwell may have published his short essay (only 30-odd pages from memory) “Politics and the English Language” in 1946, but this insightful study of the connection between political orthodoxies and the debasement of language is even more relevant today. I recommend that everybody read it.

  35. The Magpie says:

    Well, they do say that freedom comes at a cost.

    Apparently $15.

    • Kingswood says:

      Can remember when it started in 1995? at Anzac Park and was free! A couple of dancers and a guy who played the ukulele and that was about it.

      • Peewee Herman says:

        Don’t even get me started on the nasty arse shitty paper mache crap that has moved from opposite McDonald’s Aitkenvale to the big flag roundabout to promote the cultural fest. Should be some sort of fine for that crappy visual pollution.

  36. Woodduck says:

    Jacob has pulled another swiftly behind the mullets back, done the same thing in early June also. Won’t be long and the Mullet won’t be game to leave the city, or she may lose control over her minions. Shaping up for some interesting times for Townsville, Hill, Jacob, and Palmer all in the mix, watch the shit start to fly when she gets back.

  37. One legged tap dancer says:

    So our team of community and business leaders have returned from their grandstanding ratepayer paid trip to Canberra with – you guessed – nothing.
    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the delegation was led by Kevin Gill, Patricia O’Callaghan and Mayor Mullet?

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie neglected to address the question in the recent blog, but why can’t we, in this age of transparency and accountability, demand previously set KPI’s on any junketeers jollies to wherever. (Singapore recently, for instance, ass well as this jaunt.)

      • No more dredging says:

        ‘Pie, “previously set KPI’s” would have to be administered by a Council-based Office of Transparency and Accountability. Can you imagine the queue to, first of all, be employed at that office and second, to get involved in setting and vetting the KPIs. I doubt whether any council, anywhere would want one of those.

  38. Memory Man says:

    The Mullet and the Gormless Gang should take their leave before things get worse. Just as wider community concerns about secretive council development companies come to the fore, what does Townsville’s so-called leadership do? They set up a secretive company out of reach of public view. For their own good, now is the time to close it up.


  39. master baiter says:

    Where can one get hold of a over the hill t-shirt?

  40. TCC engine room says:

    Found out that the council workers having to open the gate on Sunday have to start at 3am for a triathlon o complete there work on the strand. Then drive to riverway open the gate drive all the way back try do the mall before cotters markets. All while trying not to wake everyone up. Concidering the strand outside the tobrook pool is dug up there jobs arnt made easy. This means they will be doing 15hr day at least because of the fact they lock the gate. What a joke. Misuse and the mayor said it won’t cost anything to display.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Thanks for the update ‘Shovel’ – nice new handle you there………

      • TCC engine room says:

        Ok look I’ve let it go now I’ve had enough. I don’t know who you are or who you are talking about. If you want to go on a date it’s not going to happen.

        • The Magpie says:

          hahahaha …. great comment.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Hey Engine, your writing style is almost identical to a peanut who was on here called ‘Shovel’. The Pie gave him a roast for threatening to cut our water off, threatening to deliberately let the sewerage back up etc. – he identified as a current TCC outside worker employee. After that serve, we haven’t heard from him again, until you came along………

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Outside worker Pie, not putsode!!!

          • The Magpie says:

            Hahahaha … had The ‘Pie going there, mate, couldn’t work it out … but how do you know he’s not a putsode worker, too?

          • TCC engine room says:

            All I can say to that is you have no life if you read what people say and analyze every word then compare that to what someone else apparently writes like. Way to much time on your hands. There are 2 main departments in council that matter above all else. Water and waste. I don’t work outside and am sick of the bullshit going on and only see it getting worse. If you want to think I’m someone else then go for it. So far I’ve read the last 3 blogg comments sections and haven’t seen one comment from you that actually means anything, contribute and help. Because I can guarantee you that if the CFMEU get more control there will be more than your sewage backing up. Whoever your talking about sounds exactly like the CFMEU deligate who dosnt work for council!!!!! If I sound like someone else in the same organization do you think maybe the same problem might be occurring to more than one person with the same story. The magpie blog is growing in reputation among council workers and my bet is he/she has left or been found out for comments here. I’ve already had a text about the garbos opening gates on double time asking who put it online.

  41. The Grudge says:

    Anning joined the katter party recently after being wooed by katter. Unless you are someone brought in by katter he will bring you in and cut you down. Anning’s speach was written by someone else and he was foolish enough to read it out as his own opinion.

    The idea is to knock out contenders and usher his own man in or give preferences to perhaps the labor party ( the unions were meant to be handing out for him in one election a handful of years ago).

    If you think things are bad now, just wait.

  42. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Is there a calendar for where and when we can view (and please can I touch) the beautiful large oversized really big huge 1800 mm diameter GRP pipe? Can’t find anything on the council website.

  43. Kingswood says:

    Have to say that email from madam editor was the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. Can only imagine what shade they’ll turn when they find it placed here. Guessing we wont see Linda’s column again now after the leak? As much as I appreciate what they’re doing for water in Tsv, I could never get past the first paragraph anyway and would head off to the cartoons, stopping momentarily at the court reporting to see if any former neighbors appeared.

  44. The Magpie says:

    Townsville, the chart-topping city … the hits just keep coming.

    The fact that the Bully buried the unemployment rate in the city climbing back above 9.1% on page 17 is another great piece of editorial chicanery.

    If the City were a company, it would be in the Asset Management section of the bank now.

    • Grumpy says:

      And the directors would be in gaol

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Just like last weeks story about the $900 million that tourism is worth to the Townsville economy, the only problem is it was worth $1.15 billion a few years ago and employed 1500 extra employees, these people remind me of the selective accounting normally associated with amateur property investors who tend to leave off a range of costs and expenses when advising how much money they make on each property.

    • The Magpie says:

      Even more interesting is what the Bulletin doesn’t print.

      Air Niugini yesterday announced that it was ending all Townsville flights, following a review of its operation.


      Now given all the little girly-skipping and hand-clapping glee with which the paper last year received the mildly interesting news of Air Niugini coming to Townsville, and all the resultant undeserved self-aggrandising over-blown waffle from Kevin Gill, you’d expect this ‘unfortunate’ development worthy of a prominent mention.

      So where did they report it?

      Nowhere. There was not a dicky bird, nada, nil, zilch in the paper. But you may be assured now that the news has appeared here, it will get a mention somewhere in tomorrow’s Weekend Bulletin (front page ..HA!), This will be a fine continuation of the paper’s real motto ‘Yesterday’s News Tomorrow’. Let’s see how long it takes them to put it up on their website.

      Already there are rumblings down the MagpieFone that this is another Jenna and Jenny connivance so as not to overshadow some supposed glory from that pointless Canberra junket …

      But there is another sad possibility … it was possibly just lazy, sloppy journalism from an overworked staff. One would think that a media release signalling a review of flight routes by an airline flying into Townsville would merit a close cautionary reading at least, not to mention a few phone calls for reaction.

      But the crucial bit was well tucked away in the 7th paragraph of a lengthy and waffly media release (‘Geez, I’m not reading all that crap’) … and even then, just a throwaway line at the end.

      Quote: “On the international sector, from 01st October Air Niugini will reduce loss making routes to Narita, Port Vila, Nadi and Sydney by one flight each. From this date the airline will fly to Japan once weekly on Saturdays, Nadi and Sydney will have two weekly flights each, on Fridays and Sundays, returning Mondays and Saturdays, and Port Vila will retain one weekly service on Tuesdays, returning the next day. From 01st October the airline is also suspending services to Denpasar and Townsville.” Unquote

      Anyway, if you don’t believe The Magpie today, you can read about it in The Bulletin tomorrow. Maybe.

      • The Magpie says:

        THE ASTONISHER CATCHES UP … courtesy of (humblebrag, humblebrag) The Magpie no doubt.
        11.55am Friday August 17 – 21 hours after the news broke – TA DA!!!

    • Concerned says:

      Exactly and the front page tells a story of how much we owe the State as if we are bad people but buries the story that would have a lot to do with it on page 17.
      Blow Rag of a paper

  45. One legged tap dancer says:

    I see that Lancini is investing another $10 million in a CBD property.
    Expect the council to keep wasting ratepayers money on promoting the dead duck CBD.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I would suspect we will see a few of these in the next few months, they are taking advantage of the TCC fees and charges concession that expires at the end of December, at this stage three fifths of fuck all has been bought forward by the concession which would make one ask why bother offering them. Honeycombe got a similar deal on the new building that the ATO will move into and a few other small developments around town but overall it’s just free coin for the gilded few and nothing of consequence has resulted from the initiative at all, sounds familiar.

    • Old tradesman says:

      Sorry,OLTD but the $10 million has already been spent, he is just fitting out his new office.

      • The Magpie says:

        And fair is fair, it’s his money, which makes a change around this town.
        Shame the same doesn’t apply to HIS stadium.

  46. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    For this google “Mediawatch Ipswich” and magpie search that too. I just wonder if their is a smart tsv ambulance chaser who can use the ACCC law relating to cartel behavior and the joint offender and and conspiracy provisions of the code and those cases , to prove that local media is working with the Townsville Mafia to cover up corruption here because uncovering it would affect profits ???

  47. Mulletmulcher says:

    Hi Pie
    Word in the world of certain TCC offices is that staff wages might be hard to come by, toward then second half of this financial year..
    The blonde riding the pony in the backyard of her Rowes Bay house has had some time off due to a skin condition is in the depth of despair and concerns about her ongoing role with many things now starting to boil, A LA Ipswich CC..

    • Dearie Me says:

      I believe the peroxide blonde with a penchant for riding things has moved from Pallarenda to a high rise in South Townsville. I’m sure the neighbours are delighted.

  48. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Just on ch7 tsv Townsville said Palmer has slung Patriots MC. $ 15k . That would be for muscle cos Afghan vets would know corruption when they see it cos of the situational awareness briefings they got. That means those vets have knowingly taken a side in the Townsville mob clash. As such they are to be regarded as bent. Same with the LNP bloke. There is too much info for him not to know.

    • The Magpie says:

      It has been mentioned many times before in passing on this blog that the Patriots MC Club is Mayor Mullet’s favourite watering hole given her military background. But The ‘Pie simply does not believe the lurid tales that embellished that information.So there may well be some secret schmoozing going on in the background, and it’s all an arranged set-up. After all, one of Jenny’s kids worked for the Palmer PUP mob a while back.

  49. John Doe says:

    Wife of council’s re-election campaign manager (GM of Communications Beckett) is now on the council payroll.

    Shayne Sutton appointed as executive officer in mayor’s office. Not advertised, just appointed as is the way now.

  50. TCC engine room says:

    Interesting yesterday that a garbage truck turned up outside our office with ropes and ties on the roof. I asked the welders what happened apparently the roof nearly collapsed onto the truck because the hinges broke while in the air. When they looked they found rusted brackets from previous quick fix jobs. The roof weights about 300kg imagine that falling down in traffic. The truck is 3yrs overdue for replacement. I think this goes further than fair ware and tare. But don’t worry the welders should be able to get the essential service vehicle back on the road after they manufacturer a portable system for the second fiberglass pipe to sit on in a trailer. Yes there’s now 2 sections for the public to see. But we can’t guarantee our vehicles on the road because we’re making things by order of the mayor. Funny how all the things happening in the background don’t see light of day.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is possibly not relevant, but this week, the bins were not picked up on time … a day late, in fact. In North Ward (or The Nest’s part of it), picked up Thursday not the normal Wednesday … first time in 17 years that’s happened. One explanation from a mate was maybe driver training … or a breakdown.

      • TCC engine room says:

        This truck isn’t one that services residential bins it does industrial. The bigger square ones. The units next door to me have one not wheelie bins, maybe because of density. I’ll ask the manager next door I know he’s had problems in the last month because he asked me once but I couldn’t help much. He did mention that the same driver has been there 5yrs and knows when they are on holidays because bins get missed. I’m putting money on breakdown after what this truck looked like.

  51. The Owl says:

    Anyone know how the TEL chairman is appointed?
    Seems that Gill has held that position for a long time, during which TEL has achieved zilch.
    Surely it’s time for a refreshing change.
    Also wonder how Gill’s bosses feel about their airport manager spending 3 days in Canberra with the begging bowl brigade while yet another airline pulled the plug on Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a psychological situation we all have experienced at one time or another called Action Bias … the need and compulsion to do SOMETHING in a given situation, when doing nothing is the most effective response. Don’t know if there is an opposite – Inertia Bias maybe – but whatever it is, Townsville has got it in spades. Just as Trump has made the abnormal and often heinous normal, evincing no more than shrugged shoulders, so it is with Townsville people. So many are just shrugging their shoulders at the moral corruption (if not actual), ineptitude, and self-interested ‘leadership’ which we suffer under daily and is happening in plain sight. It has started to unravel inside these power groups, and The ‘Pie wonders how those suffering Inertia Bias will excuse themselves from responsibility.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Simple, pay the $$ and take out the highest level of TEL sponsorship which TAPL and TCC have done and you get Chair and deputy chair respectively, , or dumb and dumber in this case.

  52. Pat Coleman says:

    Under part ,9 div 2 of the local government electoral act , the term “corrupt” is interchangeable with “improper”


  53. The Magpie says:

    OK, so this is no biggy, but surely indicative of a wider malaise in a News Corpse empire that readily ignores local specialist groups through ignorance or misjudgement.

    The ‘Pie takes a very occasional interest in the gee gee’s and like literally millions with only a passing interest in the sport, will be focussed on that stunningly beautiful animal Winx, when the mare chases down a world record 26 straight wins at Randwick today (Winx Stakes 3pm Randwick). The ‘Pie loves the mare if for no other reason her stunning streak has cost bookies over $100million!

    But grab the Weekend Bulletin form guide – obviously not compiled here by the Bulletin, after all racegoers demand facts and accuracy on which to base their losses – and the traditional ‘most important meeting’ which always gets Guide’s front page goes to … the Gold Coast?

    Randwick and Winx are on page 2.

    OK, so maybe there’s a reason, let’s look at the prizemoney, which is obviously a clue to the calibre of the fields. Hmmm, seven of the Gold Coast races are worth a (relatively) measly $70,000 and other two, a forgettable $40,000. At Randwick, apart from Race 1 – $60,000 – all the other range between $100,00 and $150,000.


    YUP, THE WINX STAKES, $500,000.

    No wonder all those in the racing fraternity and the punting public, if not buying the form specialist Sportsman, are opting for more savvy guides in other papers rather than the Townsville Bulletin’s bought in second bester.

    So it’s not just the local inane iditorship driving away readers, the Astonisher is being subtly sabotaged by its own distant parent company.

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, and if you think The ‘Pie is just shouting at clouds with his comments about the Bulletin’s accuracy and facts, don’t miss the weekend blog out tonight – proof will be offered.

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