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Saturday, June 3rd, 2017   |   119 comments

The Curse Of The Crystal Ball: The Pie’s Prediction That Shari Tagliabue Would Depart The Astonisher Was On The Money.

Not sacked but ‘made redundant’, to become a freelance columnist … and the reason for that is another Astonisher ‘restructure’ to Townsville’s major detriment.

Activity disguised as progress: Mayor Mullet’s track record of all talk and no action is again laid expensively bare …

And council CEO Adele Young’s pulls on the jackboots and offers a non-explanation of why she needs two internal investigators snooping on staff – and answering only to her

But first …

The ‘ordinary working man’ learned a valuable life lesson this week, according to Bentley. He thinks many an average Queensland Joe has been forced to come to grips with the realities of modern life.

WorkAnd The Astonisher really did astonish with a front page that was either ignorant or a schoolboy snigger.


The ‘Pie knows some of his readers are pure as the driven snow, so just Google MILF … Anthony Milford should sue, except he maybe loves the reputation.

Cynical News Corpse : Knowing The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing.

Shari Tagliabue’s redundancy from the Astonisher makes Oscar Wilde’s incisive witticism of 125 years ago remain just as relevant today. The ‘Pie was right when he sa last weeks anti-Adani column as some sort of parting shot, but it apparently played no part in her demise.  It is not so much Tagger’s departure that is cynical – she will remain a weekly columnist as a freelance – it is more the reason behind it.

Ten years ago, News decided that weekend editions in regional Queensland would benefit their bottom line with a lifestyle lift-out magazine, so The Eye was born, a multiple birth in Townsville, Cairns and the Gold Coast, all covering the fripperies and folderoles of the materialistic life in their own patches.

And Taggers was soon the editor, which was a tribute to her dogged determination and intelligence, coming to journalism later than most. She had started a year or two before as the editor’s secretary, but from the get-go, was clearly too smart and efficient to be satisfied with that gig for long. Editor Mick Carroll was no dill, and allowed to make the move under his careful eye. She proved to be a thoughtful and funny writer, too.(The ‘Pie is pretty sure he’s got his history right here, but will happily be corrected for the record.)

The Eye quickly became, and remained, the favorite read of mainly women, fashionistas, and the once dismissively described ‘arty farty crowd’, all under Shari’s guidance of a top flight team of subs and designers.

Now, a panicked News Corpse, bleeding profits through their paralysis in the face of the changing media landscape, has chosen to save a few dollars by amalgamating all editions of The Eye – Cairns, Townsville and The Gold Coast – into an homogenous publication, filled mainly with irrelevant glop to much of the individual home markets. Following the template of the news pages, there will be the occasional local item to attempt the colossal pretense of being ‘all for this community’. No idea where it will be edited, but you can bet it won’t be here.

There is perhaps another literary witticism that can apply to this wrongheaded idea. When the acid tongued novelist Evelyn Waugh heard that his literary foe Randolph Churchill has undergone successful surgery for the removal of a non-malignant tumor, he said d ‘A typical triumph of modern science, to find the only part of Randolph that was not malignant and remove it’

Only here, we can reverse paraphrase it to read ‘A typical triumph of News Corpse venality, to find the only damn thing worth reading in the Saturday Bulletin and kill it.’

Post Script

Journalist Jess Johnson has also departed, under what circumstances The ‘Pie has not been able to ascertain.

When The ‘Pie was at the paper, Jess was a steady hand and a bit of a terrier with a story, but the real loss with her leaving is the fact that she is yet another journalist with a wealth of community memory of Townsville that newer staffer can no longer call on – if they ever bothered to tear themselves away from the Facebook long enough to ask.

Empty Activity Disguised As Progress

Don’t forget to pop along to Molly Malone’s pub on Monday night (5.30) where Mayor Mullet has promised to give a report on her Indian Adani arse kissing trip … hopefully she will try to explain why she used ratepayers money to pay for a reporter (who acted as a  personal PR booster) from the Bulletin to accompany her.

Should be interesting, and maybe someone could ask a few other questions about some of her decisions … and they are HER decisions, this is just a puppet council, happy to pick up the money in return for slavish obedience to their leader.

During the week, the mayor’s PR pamphlet aka The Bulletin kept up the meaningless gabble on her behalf. The Magpie was amused to see that the fabled ‘bus hub’ was now ready for an artist’s sketch to wow the locals. Seems it’s just a bunch of bus shelters built together.

And it appears, from what principal goof-off Les Messagebank Walker says – in amongst all the lying crapola about ‘community consultation’ – we are going to get a series of open street-side bus shelters as a ‘hub’.

The ‘Pie, like many others, construed ‘hub’ to be mean a roofed bus station immune to weather. Silly old ‘Pie.

From what can be gathered from Messgebank’s waffle, the popular hardware store on Ogden Street was booted out so the building so it can be demolished for a road, making a loop around the Urban Quarter shopping precinct. And that is presumably where the long awaited $4million from the government has gone. $4million plus? Four years of waffle? Five by the time it’s finished by the end of NEXT year?

What a hoot.

It’s A Worse Story Down The Other End Of Town

North yards site

But one thing we haven’t been megaphoned about is the mayor’s waste of money regarding the old railway North Yards on Flinders Street West. Remember this story last year.

In a nutshell, a wrong-headed attempt to be miracle woman saw Mayor Mullet persuad her Labor pal Anna declare the yards a State Priority Development Area, in the belief that such a declaration would nullify previous concerns. Which is a stark reminder of the widening gap between our delusional mayor and the real business world. According to a well placed source, the Calcutta Group tasked with finding someone silly enough to take on the site has not been able to attract any interest whatsoever – for exactly the same reasons the council couldn’t – contamination and heritage.

In other words, all too tricky.

The ‘Pie’s informant is now sure that Calcutta’s conclusion, which can be summed up as ‘ no one is remotely interested for the same reasons as before’, is now being written up into a 500 page ‘report’ full of buzz words, which will be forwarded to the council with a bill of five if not six figures for services rendered. An example of mayoral hubris at its damaging best.

Now, what’s the betting the mayor and the Astonisher respond with a fairy floss story of ‘strong interest’; from a party that cannot be revealed etc etc, and that something gunna happen, just can’t say what, but there’ll be a feasibility study in there somewhere..

You see, both parties are developing a habit of trying to counter and debunk things they read here. The Impaler is the latest to attempt it.

But It’s What Adele ‘The Impaler’ Young Didn’t Say That Is Most Interesting

First we had Mayor Mullet’s cack-handed cock-up replying to assertions made here about the parlous state of council finances. The Magpie sounded more like a kookaburra when she was forced to break cover again a day or two later, after being quoted that ‘my council is flush with money’. She belatedly realised that the put-upon ratepayers might draw the wrong conclusion that relief was on the way, so she did a frantic back pedal.

Frontpiece from Vlad's best seller

This week, it was the Impaler’s turn, giving the paper a lot of words and no meaning while pretending not to be responding to questions raised in this blog about the hiring of two internal snitches, formally known as council investigators. But it was what her silky anodyne spin didn’t say that leaves room for alarm and despondency.

TCC CEO Adele Young

TCC CEO Adele Young

The Astonisher story began with the unchallenged statements : TOWNSVILLE City Council has pledged to crack down on internal fraud and corruption with the addition of two investigators to its ranks. A focus on complaints handling and fraud is key in the new organisational structure.

Crack down? Corruption? Fraud? And investigating these alleged crimes is a ‘key’ to the new council structure? C’mon now, Ms Young, any chance of a ‘for instance’? No, not one? Are you saying that the ranks of TCC staff are shot through with twisters, twicers, harrassers, oglers, and just plain crooks? And is widespread, as you clearly imply?

Talk about insult to injury – every person who has lost their job in this callous ‘restructure’ is now tarred with your brush of having maybe been dishonest, on the take, fiddling expenses, embezzling, or visiting the stationery cupboard too often. And your cowardly and devious hint-hint, nudge-nudge statements will aid your aim of further cowing those remaining staff. Obviously, fear and intimidation is your preferred modus operandi … it also stops people looking at your own performance, not to mention how you got the job over far better qualified people in the first place. And even more so when these ‘investigators’ answer ONLY TO YOU. Surely such matters require independent investigators for that holy grain of transparency you and your BFF the mayor have been trumpeting.

But no, your take is blatantly otherwise., as you told the paper. “Having those skills within council will also greatly reduce the need to hire external contractors to provide specialist services.,” Yes, contractors who may not be amenable to your not-so-hidden agendas. Inependent, in other words.

This is insidious in the extreme and should be resisted by the union, which is very doubtful about the move anyway. The Astonisher report continued: ‘Union secretary Neil Henderson said that, while it was not unusual for councils to employ investigators, having two raised questions around the amount of work at hand. “I don’t know what incidents Townsville has but with there being two of them I don’t know how much work they have going for them,” he said.”

You should clarify if not apologise, Adele – like that’s gonna happen. No matter how you paint it, Ms Young and Mayor Mullet, these two investigatots will, in the American jail argot, be your bitches.

So that will make four in all.

Anna’s Agony: Not Being Able To Boast About Trashing Trad

When it comes to infighting in your own party, doing a lap of honour with air punching waves of the arms is not either advisable or advantageous. So Premier Alphabet must have drawn on all her resolve to stay mum and smiling shyly when she effectively put her plotting deputy premier JackieTrad back in her box … for the moment.

Palaszczuk and Adani

The cabinet split over the Adani ‘royalties holiday’ – where it was proposed the company would only pay a couple of million a year for the first seven or so years – split the cabinet and presented Queenslanders with the laughable image of Jackie Trad as the ethical heroine of Labor’s campaign promises. But when the much ballyhoo’d cabinet showdown took place, it was clearly the Premier who bared her teeth.

Because she came out to announce, in the best tradition of the Monty Python’s Black Knight victory speech, that as leader, she had hammered out a deal to put both Adani’s plans and her leadership back on track. But she wouldn’t say what that deal was, even when Adani, with indecent haste, put out a unilateral media release announcing they had accepted the deal.

Some deal! The Australian has reported that under the ‘breakthrough’, Adani will pay a flat $5million a year for five years, eventually paying any outstanding royalties amount with interest. This is chump change. The initial idea, at two million a year for a vague time, maybe seven years, would’ve short-changed the Queensland taxpayer some $320million Now, it seems, we’ll only be bilked maybe $200million. And the ‘with interest’ is a furphy; Adani will just put the savings on the international money market over the next five years, earn a motza, so when – AND IF – they ever get around to paying the extra, the interest component will have been earned back several times over. The ‘if’ part of that is based on the fact that, five years into the project, Adani will hold the whip-hand because of the billions borrowed and jobs it controls, and may very well insist on a renegotiation which would only to be to Queensland disadvantage. Make no mistake, on its track record in India, Adani is untrustworthy and run by arch twisters. But very politically savvy people.

Last week, The ‘Pie predicted we’d have to wait for the mirrors to accompany the smoke. Well, we’ve got it. And Trad has only retired to the shadows again for a while.

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  1. Another one bites the dust says:

    The milkmaid is also leaving. She has been on maternity leave but the unconfirmed word is she has been tempted elsewhere. I believe her husband is in the military and the call of the big city came and News didn’t come up with the goods down south due to staff cuts. It’s a shame as the newies are unlikely to maintain the blowtorch on various local ATSI organisations.

  2. Linda Ashton says:

    A solid read thanks Pie. Sacked TCC workers justifiably leak more than the old Haughton pipeline. The irony of criticising other organisations for job losses and redundancies. Those who remain should be comforted by the council values statement regarding the workplace being “enjoyable”. in the link


    More likely they”d agree with conclusions in the executive summary …. Organisational Review Report.


    I also agree with your taking offence on behalf of the front page footballer. I do wonder however why the MILF acronym, which you would usually argue is a harmless play on words and an expression of free speech, is any more damaging than wordplay which implies that mental illnesses are the affliction of crazies, loopies, loonies and nutters. Splitting feathers me thinks. Suggesting further that the bruised thugby player should sue is the very antithesis of the right to be offended – something you do not condone bird. What’s the warbler’s reasoning ?

    • The Magpie says:

      Good points about the council and well researched links, thanks.

      But then you wander off from your carers. (sigh) Your last sentence does not make sense in English.
      The point is that the comment about MILF was aimed at the appropriateness – given accepted publishing norms – of it appearing on the front page of a newspaper … or anywhere in a newspaper for that matter. And whether it was a question of lax sub-editing or schoolyard sniggering.

      And you, in your convoluted, dare one say demented frightened obsession that everyone being free to say what they want, your childish mindset refuses to make the distinction between the general- ‘ All retired academics are mentally disturbed’- and the particular ‘ Linda Ashton is mentally disturbed.’ The former is fine, the latter is not because it is demeaning and damaging … even if it is true.

      And you ignore motive. Wake up, girl, and give yourself a break.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Not saying that the headline is meant to be anything but a piss poor attempt at a double entendre, you do realize that his nickname is Milf (short for Milford) don’t you? But it is obviously one of those nicknames that is best left alone for the boys club, not in surroundings where the sport is trying to encourage female inclusion in an otherwise male dominated sport.

        • The Magpie says:

          Err, yes, Kenny, got that at the outset, but thanks. However, the headline said MILF man, which made the inference more pronounced (which could mean it actually was deliberate joke). And BTW your other comment didn’t make it – way too laboured, mate, definitely not up to our usual standard. But hey, please, don’t tell Linda I censored you.

    • Kingswood says:

      Please refer to the I’m offended ‘ ditty….

  3. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just woke up 2.14am 4th June 2017. Old pie is on the money and on fire. Well said old bird. Some may ask why turn the computer on so early.? Expecting an email from lotto!

  4. Sceptical says:

    Perhaps our council worker friends can reveal the on going costs to secure and maintain the north yards site to date?

  5. Austin Powers says:

    Regarding the move by the Impaler to root out graft and corruption at the council, she may not know it yet, but someone has already got that ball rolling.
    I know of at least one complaint of corruption that has been lodged with the Crime and Conduct Commission.
    However it should be noted that the CCC is a State controlled organisation and Anna Alphabet will obviously attempt to protect her old mate, the Mullet.
    It will be interesting to see if the complaint is ever fully investigated. Probably already be in the bin.

  6. Doug K says:

    If ever there was evidence that the Townsville Bulletin is pushing its own agendas – Adani mine, Cowboys stadium, coal-fired power station etc – two News Ltd newspapers over the weekend provided proof.
    On Saturday on page 3 the Townsville Bulletin announced “Labor to be returned, poll shows”.
    Referring to “a ReachTEL Poll conducted by News Corp Australia, the publisher of the Townsville Bulletin”, the story stated that “more than 52 per cent of respondents said they thought the Labor Party was most likely to win the state poll”.
    Then this morning (Sunday) the front page of the Sunday Mail screamed “NORTHERN REVOLT – EXCLUSIVE LABOR BUSHWACKED AS LNP HITS LEAD”.
    This story revealed that the LNP had “regained the ascendancy in Queensland” for the first time since the 2015 election and said “an exclusive Sunday Mail-ReachTEL poll shows the LNP with a 51-49 two-party preferred lead over Labor”.
    A spreadsheet on page 5 then revealed that the only demographic in which Labor was in front of the LNP was the 18-34 age group.
    A much smaller side story stated that 37.1% “believed” Labor would win in its own right – in stark contrast to the poll figures.
    Incidentally the poll spreadsheet also revealed that One Nation could end up with 16% of the vote.
    Labor has rejected a preference deal with One Nation:
    while the LNP is clearly sitting on the fence:
    So at this stage it appears more likely that the LNP would be in a position to form government, with the help of One Nation.
    But on any analysis it is obvious that the Townsville Bulletin has done some cherry picking with this poll in support of the State Labor Government.
    It will be interesting to see what stance the editor takes after he receives Rupert Murdoch’s directive as to which party News Ltd will be backing in the coming election.
    This is the sad reality of News Ltd – playing the game instead of reporting on it.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well analysed. But have to say that there is nothing wrong with an editorial stance … if it restricted to the Editorial page. The problem with the Bulletin is its bastardisation of the news pages with bias, spin and often self-serving lies. But then, that’s News for ya ….

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Very true, and if anything like Bogans call to back Ewen Jones then he could have just given Labor the kiss of death.

    • Linda Ashton says:

      Doug I’m sue you know that a % indicator is an arbitrary measure. If Ross Dam is 70% and Burdekin Dam is 70% – no point stating the numbers without the vastly different capacities. 70% of what? So all polls should provide the sample size. Often a convenient omission – not restricted to newspapers and dams.

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s just plain silly … Ross Dam and the Burdekin Dam levels are FACTS, poll sample sizes are irrelevant because in the end, the results are only speculation of a broader outcome based on supposition.The only capacity that counts is on election day.

  7. Hurtle Duffield says:

    I wrote a congratulatory note to to the paper in the form of a letter, congratulating them on showing a little bit of balance with Shari’s excellent piece on Adani. No wonder it wasn’t published. It appears that this was a one-off anomaly, and more’s the shame.

  8. Achilles says:

    The picture of people impaled on spikes could apply to the article last week which read “Debbie helps drive big spike in readers”

  9. Bully Boy says:

    Sad but predictable news about Shari and the Eye.
    Just another step towards a Courier Mail with a four page Townsville wrap around.
    Still there is a silver lining: no more navel gazing from columnist Jess Steele who thinks the rest of the world is interested in her mundane family life.
    Wait a minute – the editor will probably keep her on for the paper. After all, she can’t possibly charge for the drivel she serves up.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      I’m not surprised that Jess is staying. Her articles wouldn’t cost the Astonisher a cracker, because she would have to pay them for her dribble.

  10. Colin Foley says:

    I think it is high time someone who knows the rules had a good look at TCC’s disturbing Mayor/CEO nexus.

    So, I cut and pasted your latest piece on the matter in an email to Senator Fiona Nash, Federal Minister for Local Govt.

    I don’t have much faith in politicians, but at least she’s a bush gal and might therefore have a shred or two of right and wrong in her.

    It is certainly time proper authority assessed and reported openly the propriety of all these seemingly unwanted and unwarranted unilateral actions by the Mayor.

  11. Doug K says:

    More evidence that the Bully’s online edition is managed somewhere other than Townsville – Sydney? Mumbai? Manila?:
    Saturday morning’s feature pic story was about a ban on a fish called “tidal bass”.
    Every fisherman in Queensland would know that the fish in the pic on the Bully website is a mackerel.
    In fact, when you click through to read the whole story in Eddie Riddle’s fishing column, you will find the pic of a youngster with a mackerel caught in the shipping channel
    But anyone who read the main page would think that mackerel were subject to a ban.
    Message to whoever is editing the Bully website:
    This is a mackerel:

    And this is a tidal bass:

  12. The Ferret says:

    Interesting that figures from the Impaler say there are 283 vacancies, but yet only 2 of those are advertised on the councils job vacancy site
    144 jobs gone so that leaves 139 to be filled yes /no ?

    • The Magpie says:

      It’ll be classic pean and thimble stuff, figures shuffled around so rapidly ad without explanation that in the end, we won’t know where the ‘streamlining’ has taken place, and in fact how many jobs were axed. And there is growing calls for any evidence of corruption that justifies two internal investigators.

  13. Regular reader says:

    See the Astonisher this morning has finally fessed up that the LNP and not the iditor’s favoured Labor Party is in front in the latest polls.
    Wonder if that would have happened without the Magpie blog.

  14. The Magpie says:

    The Adani word-washing machine was on full spin cycle today, with the incredible claim that while the project would create 10,000 – yes, 10,000 – direct and indirect jobs, those counting would only be able to tally 1400!!

    Seems Adani have been taking maths lessons from the Bulletin’s circulation manager.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      “Pie, the counters have forgotten the job of the young person who sells the pie to the travelling salesman at Nebo whilst driving to Carmichael Mine – and hundreds of others of that ilk. Last time I looked the multiplier was 6 indirect jobs per direct job, but that could have gone up by now. Whether you believe that figure depends on whose side you’re on.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie would like to think he’s on the side of provable accuracy … but then, he’s an old fashioned bird.

        And the last multiplier report he had was X4.

        • Scientican79 says:

          Talk about getting ahead of the story.

          Don’t bother counting those 10,000 jobs you won’t be able to find them, but trust us they are there.

          I suspect they will be using similar maths when it comes time to pay back the royalties, and for any tax calculations.

    • Ando says:

      They conveniently don’t include “job years” in the quote. Even Adani stated the figure was in the 1500 ballpark (direct and indirect jobs)
      Job years, is a different measure from jobs. For example, 1 employee kept on for 5 years equal 5 job years. Not 5 actual seperate jobs.

  15. The Magpie says:

    ISIS may have all the terrorists, but News Ltd has most of the ‘errorists’.

    Cost cutting, lacking of training ad unskilled sub-editing were all on display today.

    The action in question – a security guard at at an eco-resort bashed a wallaby seeking food handouts at a restaurant – took place on Stradbroke Island, which the last The ‘Pie heard, isn’t the Gold Coast.

    And a wallaby ‘murdered’? Not according to the dictionary definition of murder.

    murder |ˈmərdər|
    the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

    And The Magpie is just wondering why an ‘eco-resort’ needs a security officer.


  16. Kenny Kennett says:

    Just came across this article. Interesting reading. Like everything, not enough research in the right areas is conducted before the big money is spent.

  17. Regular reader says:

    Wonder if we’ll see a follow-up story in the Astonisher asking Adani to prove its far fetched job creation figures.
    No truck drivers for a start, and that leaves….?
    Come on Ben, do your job and ask the question your fast disappearing readers want an answer to.
    As for Adani eventually paying back the loyalties they have been given a “holiday” from, good luck with that.
    I’ve had direct dealings with 3 big Indian companies and although they had no form on google they all proved to be dodgy.
    Check out Adani and you will see that we are dealing with a company with a woeful track record.
    This in particular is interesting:
    If you recall, the State Labor sided with Wilmar over Queensland cane farmers earlier this year.
    Join the dots.

  18. The Magpie says:

    Bet you all want to know what Mayor Mullet had to say the meeting at Molly Malone’s this evening about her Indian trip and why she used ratepayers money to fly a Bulletin reporter with her on the junket.

    So do those gathered there for the enlightenment … the mayor didn’t show up. No explanation.

    Can only assume she reads this blog and decided to chicken out.

    Oh, fearless leader, where wert thou?

  19. The old peterbuilt says:

    Australians police response to terrorists incidents gets even more laughable. First we had the findings of the Lindt cafe enquiry then the debacle of the Malaysian airlines flight that had to return to Melbourne and then wait 90 minutes for the keystone cops to show up and now this incident in Melbourne overnight. We had the head of Victorian police on the box telling us his team is the best in the country and they did a fantastic job of shutting this siege down. The truth is the alleged terrorist had already killed one and held a hostage. An eye witness has now come forward and tells a story of police taking cover behind rubbish bins and the only reason the siege ended was because the alleged terrorist exited the building firing and wounding three coppers. They had no option but to return fire and save their own arses. It now turns out this alleged terrorist was a Muslim Somalia immigrant who was known to police and was out on bale. It is time to bring the army in and let the tin blue line stick to their speed guns, don’t need as much accuracy with those. In view of this latest incident you would have to ask, what does this say about the evidence given to last weeks senate hearing by the head of asio. There is no evidence that thereis any connection between immigration and terrorism. Resign you over rated overpaid beauracrat.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Have you had run ins with the cops before, OPB? Ex-serviceman with a chip on your shoulder about the Cops? Give them a break. The woman was an escort hired by the creep so was basically delivered to him as a ready made hostage and there was little anyone could do about the employee. He walked from his office/room and was shot with a sawn off shotgun. Don’t blame the cops (who were most definitely planning their strategy when the gunman came out) blame the courts for releasing this fuckhead on bail. Thank the two cops who took a bullet or two trying to defend us against pricks like this. And thank them for pumping 30 bullets into him ensuring he’ll never do anything again. Unfortunately OPB, the POlitical Correctness squad, the Civil rights dogooders, the lefty loonies, and the legal eagles find loopholes everywhere and allow these grubs to be free to do what they want. The police are our friends and they are just doing what the law allows them to do.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        50yrs of heavy haulage without an infringement so I had a pretty good run with the cops and I agree with most of what you said but have been frustrated for years the way police departments have become just another beauratic mess. I think their unions have a bit to answer for and I still think it is obvious they don’t have the training or the gear so either give it to them or base a military response group in each Capitol.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Note that the injured coppers were hit by pellets in the hands and neck/face areas. These are the only exposed spots when you are wearing Kevlar body armour and helmets, so such injuries are almost inevitable if some nutter bursts through a door and discharges a sawn-off shotgun in your general direction.
          Unlike the Lindt Cafe fiasco, it would seem the response group did everything by the book.
          Incidentally, the shooter was on parole not out on bail.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            He may as well have been out on bail- he was out and free with the only exception being an ankle bracelet which he managed to ‘break off’ prior to his rampage. How the hell can this guy break off something that is supposedly fool proof. Just for the record, the employee who was murdered prior to any call for police had been married for 15 days. The laws have got to get mean or not only will crime get out of control but the major political parties will be shunned in favourite of the radicals like PHON then we will lose our way.

        • The Thin Blue Line says:

          Tomorrow one of our finest will be laid to rest making the ultimate sacrifice whilst on duty. Why did he make the sacrifice? To honour the oath he took to protect and serve the community when sworn in. It’s all well and good for people who have never walked a mile in the shoes of one to take pot shots. Sure there are bad eggs in every bunch, but have some respect for those who go to work each day not knowing if they will come home to there families all because they want to keep the community safe.

          • The Magpie says:

            Totally agree, but with a proviso that we are careful in this comment stream to recognise the difference between criticism of both language and the media, and ‘copper bashing’ – which generally will not see the light of day here. Should there be criticism or censure of the police here, it will be justified by circumstances, not fanciful theory.

      • Achilles says:

        WTF does “In the wrong place at the wrong time” mean some dopey talking head reporter repeated this nonsense 3 time in his garbled “report”.

        The poor bastard was in his place of employment (right place) on duty (right time).

        Cliche riddled amateurs plague our media.

  20. Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

    Great work by “Our Jenny”. Got the Stadium for us. Got Adani happening at last. She will get the Water sorted soon. She is scaring the Southern Pollies into action
    Thanks to her and her team, Townsville is emerging from the gloom.
    She is a doer.
    Its a pity some of you sad old men can’t see the gem we have here with Ms Hill. A rough gem maybe but an absolutely wonderful mayor.
    I could not give a rodents rectum about Council paying for a journo to travel. Its the result that counts every time. Good on you Jenny.

    • The Magpie says:

      Oh, Muddy, you have so modestly only scratched the surface … Ben Bogan tells The ‘Pie Saint Jenny also ended World War two, invented penicillin, played fullback for the Cowboys and invented the squirt-top capsule for tomato sauce (the single greatest invention of all time). Matttteeey, why are you holding back?

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        Ah yes, the Virgin Jenny; forget the mural on the side of Castle Hill, Jenny is the Saint. She is THE one and only- responsible for everything good. The Mahatma Ghandi of the new century, the Mother Teresa of the North, the Nelson Mandela of the oppressed (TCC staff), the savior of the employed, the architect of the ARK (although there’s no water to float it so she cleverly rejigged it to resemble a football stadium. Despite the accolades that the Mudman bestowes upon her, please be decent enough not to call her OUR JENNY. I prefer to claim NO ownership whatsoever of the woman who has singlehandedly screwed what was a great city.

      • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

        Sorry to beg to differ ‘Pie. The single greatest invention of all time is the little plastic thingy that stops the Pizza Box from collapsing in on the takeaway pizza.

    • Kingswood says:

      Rusted on or what???

      And Stalin and Lenin were just misunderstood, right?

      • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

        You’re comparing Stalin to Lenin? A few subtle differences there mate, on account of one being one of the great minds of his age and the other being a tyrannical mass murderer… Or am I splitting hairs here?

  21. The Magpie says:

    Best Bitch Slap Line of the Day:

    That honour goes to Columnist Hadley Freeman in the Guardian, sinking her Manolo Blahniks into the latest bit of fruit-loopery from self-obsessed bore, crackpot (she recommends vagina steaming) and occasional actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

    ‘Some of us wish Gwyneth would spend less time steaming her vagina and more time taking her head out of it’.

  22. The Old Fella From West End says:

    Today SMH. A tad different to the version we get , courtesy of Bogan and his dismal rag.


    • Achilles says:

      Echo’s of Khemlani are ghosting ever closer, remember the old adage, if you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re condemned to repeat them.

    • Old Hack says:

      A much more balanced assessment of the mine’s prospects than that presented by the government spinners and their News Corpse cheerleaders. All good journos should be chanting that wonderful catchphrase: “Show us the money!”

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Interesting article.
      Question for readers: if you had to pick one person from the following list to trust, which one would top the list;
      Jenny Hill
      Clive Palmer
      Les Walker
      Rabie Krahem

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Les Walker, the bloke is just too fucking stupid to be devious.

        • The Magpie says:

          Do you know, and The ‘Pie is not making this up, he was about to make the exact same choice for the exact same reasons.

          • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

            You go about this the wrong way.
            If you know a person will always lie to you or let you down, you should not be disappointed.
            All pollies are arsecoverers. I was watching an old rerun of Yes Minister last night.
            Bloody true, so much of it.
            Same goes for Big Business. They will lie to you and sell you out as long as they are making a buck.
            Human nature.

          • The Magpie says:

            And that’s OK?

  23. The old peterbuilt says:

    Better not tell those good old folks way down in Dixie about steaming vaginas. Those old red necks deep fry everything.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Pimples and vaseline notwithstanding, this is where everyone but Mrs Grundy could have been mirthfully enjoying my tasty, six-word reply to OPB’s hilarious comment. Still, I can understand The Pie’s caution…..

  24. Achilles says:

    Watching the mullet flounder on the ABC News, she was clearly unprepared to answer the curved (but accurate) balls being served up from well read opponents to Adani, not anti-mining or the usual protest at any bloody thing mob of unwashed delinquents.

    Her defense of being a party (guilty) to this mega scam was she’d been to India and was satisfied that Adani were as pure as the driven snow.

    If this “contract is kosher, why no bank guarantees? these are standard practice for all significant projects globally and that includes India.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      By the current comments from septics and greens, if the project gains finance you will be satisfied it is legitimate? Looks like you have painted yourselves into a corner guys.
      A one dimensional argument arguing that it won’t be financed may bite you on the arse!

      • The Magpie says:

        This is a billion dollar scam, pure and simple.

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          So it won’t be financed and it won’t happen? I don’t think you have followed the project since 2014. May be a surprise to the bird but it does stack up financially. You just need to accept that despite your skepticism about of the folk of a large Asian nation. The reluctance for financing is due to the green multi billion$ financed court protests. Looks like they have fooled you too.
          Time for you to lookat it impartially and drop your pre conceptions like all good reporters should do

          • The Magpie says:

            Someone’s certainly been fooled, but the Indian, International and Australian banks haven’t been fooled, institutions that never take their lead from greens. And Adani wants the Australian taxpayer to shovel in dough on a project they say will continue for 80 to 100 years, although the estimates of yearly output vary more wildly than the claims of job creation. The disgraceful Matt Canavan has followed the lead of his PM in trying to justify all this by faux moral stand of championing the poor of India who will apparently get all the power they need if we send them our coal. That is fantasyland in the world’s most class-ridden and corrupt country on this planet. Fuck the environmental argument, this is about our money, taxpayers dough. You may feel entitled, but the rest of he Australian taxpaying community sure begs to diffrer. These are facts … where is your impartiality, you Labor plant?

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Any comments on the anti Adani Green Trad supporters outside the RSL this morning? Made fools of themselves. Why no mention of Olive Downs and the Byerwen projects? Both projects have been approved financed and are happening. Royalty holidays negotiated and finance signed off. They are currently being built . Coal will shipped out of Abbot Point and Hay Point. Combined output larger than the Adani mine. Why the silence?

      • Ronny Rotten says:

        Think you mean “sceptics”, but “septic” pretty much sums up this deal.

  25. Grumpy says:

    Ask Muddy.

    • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

      Ask me what Grumbles? I can’t follow whats going on here.
      I tell you though, Miss Jenny and Lil Pattie on the cover of the Bully today. I fear for the ‘Pies sanity.

  26. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie should’ve known better and is now disheartened that so many otherwise savvy commentators revert to their pimples and vaseline days of yore when words like vagina are mentioned. Some comments might have made it, but so many are just not humorous or clever, they have gone to delete heaven. Try harder, boys, F minus.

  27. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Truly,

    Miss Lou.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ah Miss Lou, so refreshing … at least one commenter who didn’t make a comment on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lower torso crackpottery.

  28. M F Jones says:

    The Townsville Bulletin ‘report’ on Adani today (7 June) is a disgrace – it is irresponsible at best and lies at worst. Adani DO NOT have their finance in place as yet and face a potential barrage of litigation which could go on for months or longer. Why do they keep printing such rubbish continually and not report the true picture……….This project is a long way from starting as yet – that is the truth!

    • Scientician79 says:

      At least we don’t have to rely on the Bulletin.

      The SMH summed it up when they described yesterday’s media event as ‘merely an announcement that Adani wanted the project to go ahead.’

      It also said Indian conglomerate Adani isn’t covered by these rules but, if it were, Tuesday’s media release headline – Adani Project gets green light – would be misleading to say the least. It seems the $16 billion, highly controversial Carmichael coal mine is no closer to lift-off than it was last month, or last year, and, it can be argued, it has not progressed that far beyond where it was even five years ago’.

      Full article here.


  29. Doug K says:

    Posted this comment on the Townsville Bulletin website this morning:
    “What about reporting the facts for a change. Adani hasn’t received any “green light”. It has merely opened an office in Townsville and announced its intention to proceed with attempts to raise the billions it needs to build the mine. Also outstanding is approval for that billion dollar Federal Government loan they have stated is essential if the mine is to proceed.
    Australian banks won’t lend Adani a cent and the Turnbull Government is currently conducting a phone survey to find out what the voters think before making a decision on the rail line loan.
    Apart from that, Adani also still has to get through a minefield of court challenges.
    I’m not a greenie, but I am a realist and this sort of deceptive reporting is dodgy.”
    Needless to say it was deleted after being “pending” for just 4 minutes.
    Regarding the phone survey, I know about it because I was surveyed yesterday.

  30. Mike Douglas says:

    Cathay Otoole needs to learn about social media.After attending the Adani announcement and posting on Facebook it was good for jobs.Responses by voters of Herbert posted their disagreement and Cathays reply was the same post over and over” Bill Shorten says it’s good for Jobs”.Sorry, is this the same Bill Shorten and Federal member of Herbert that didn’t support Adani.Cathay reminded frustrated response that they needed to remember she was a Federal Member of Parliament.Is this the same Cathay Otoole who protested against free trade agreements until her party pulled her into line.Herbert deserves better!

    • Dave says:

      Mike, could you please post a link to that thread? Have checked Cathy’s page and see nothing?


    • The Ferret says:

      Federal Labor has said if it stacks up financially and environmentally then it would be good for the country
      It is a few posts down on that page


      It is very clear that the views regarding the Adani announcement today are very strong and at times very angry. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion.
      But please remember that I am a member of the Federal Parliament and Labor is in opposition.
      This is a State based project and that is where the decisions have been made. The Federal government’s involvement at this stage is via the NAIF, which is an independent body. Adani have applied for funding from the NAIF for the rail line.
      Federal Labor has been very clear we do not support tax payers money going to fund this project.
      Native Title is sitting with the Senate right now.

      • The Magpie says:

        The ‘Pie assumes – but please advise – there should be quote marks around all that is written under the link. For a moment, The ‘Pie thought he was being graced by the presence of The Tool herself.

        • The Ferret says:

          Sorry for the confusion old bird, but we are not all as adept in the written words as your good self.
          I will however, endeavor to improve my performance for future posts

          • The Magpie says:

            Yeah, well, The ‘Pie has suffered under the weight of perfection for so long now … not.
            No wobbles, Ferret, keep ferreting.

  31. The old peterbuilt says:

    Adani. I would love to see a large project such as this to give the north a kick along but I think there are too many red flags with this project, mainly financial flags. I have a family member who holds a senior position with bechtel , the American giant project company. Bechtels head office for the South Pacific region is in India. I asked the question. Is bechtel pricing this project? I don’t think so was the reply. Too hard to get money out of was the reason given. Please note none of the red flags I see were raised by the screech and tripe and lies put forward by the current crop of so called greens . I believe the majority of Australians have a genuine concern for the environment and conservation but sadly common sense informed debate has been hijacked by this, mostly tax payer funded, latte,lecture hall rabble.

  32. The Magpie says:

    Curious moment in the reports of the curious resignation of Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale, amid his unexplained possession of a bag with $50,000 in cash at Melb Airport.

    In his hospital media conference, in which Pisasale said he had finally succumbed to the burden of MS, he assured everyone that the city was in good hands of his good colleague deputy mayor Paul Tully and added ‘I have been discussing this decision (with Mr Tully) over the past four weeks. I don’t think he thought I was fair dinkum but he now knows I am fair dinkum and he has my loyalty and support.’
    (2.50 on 7 News http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/politics/ipswich-mayor-paul-pisasale-set-to-resign-amid-fresh-corruption-investigations/news-story/acdff08e3ca5f44b6cbd419c20f2ba6a

    Four weeks ago, eh? That would be around about May 13, the day you were caught $50,000 cash in a bag at Melbourne Airport.

    But on the briefer ABC report, in a separate interview outside the council chambers, deputy mayor Tully said ‘(This is) something that’s only happened basically in the last couple of days, that’s something I would have to consider as well. I haven’t given any commitment beyond the next three months.’
    ABC iView

    Very wise of Mr Tully, three months is a long time in politics, and a lot of CCC investigations can happen in that time.

    Timing is everything in politics, and these timelines are very interesting. Getting your stories to line up is also a good political idea. Even crims know how to do that.

  33. Dave Nth says:

    In the airport yesterday and about the only time I pick up a newspaper these days, Courier Mail count, 16 pages of sport, news was 21 but take out the Gossip section and editorial, letters/txt to editor and Finance pages I counted a grand total of 14 pages actual news… News Corpse is an apt name…

    • Sandgroper says:

      And one of the big turn-offs, Dave, is that only one or two of those pages would feature local stories.

  34. Dutch Reverend says:

    According to Emma Chadwick at the Astonisher, Rowes Bay is at Annandale. She must work from home. She would get lost going into the office.

  35. The old peterbuilt says:

    We awake this morning to hear Victorian premier calling for crack response teams to be placed at all capital airports as well as better training and nsw are issuing their response teams with military hardware. Calls also for better communication between state and federal bodies so parole boards can be better informed. Bugger me

    • Slim Cranbrook says:

      I thought the same when the current government slapped themselves on the back when the got the Stronger Communities group going to reduce crime. Government departments talking and working together, bugger me, what an initiative. How would private companies work if their departments didn’t work together, our governments just don’t get it.

  36. Doug K says:

    It’s official – the Astonisher is running Adani’s public relations department (aka smoke and mirrors campaign).
    No less than four positive stories on the Adani coal mine in today’s edition including this:
    Comment from a reader called “Charlie” casts considerable doubt on this piece of twaddle from a senior Adani executive:
    “Before moving on to edible oils and pulses let’s have another look at those Adani Carmichael coal quality claims. Associate Professor Gavin Mudd, from RMIT University, has mapped the quality of coal deposits across Australia and was interviewed earlier this year:
    “If you look at the Galilee Basin coal, there’s a reason why it hasn’t been developed — it’s poorer quality coal, compared to other places of Australia,” Dr Mudd said.
    “It’s certainly not as bad as brown coal from an energy point of view, but from an ash point of view it’s almost 10 times more ash content. The average energy content of coal at Adani’s planned mine is about 18 per cent below benchmark Australian coal. Adani conceded in court the ash content was about 26 per cent, roughly double the Australian benchmark. Keep in mind the best coal from the mine will not go to India — it will get unwashed, high-ash coal.
    High-ash coal. That’s the stuff that produces all the air pollution that is now a significant cause of death in India and in China. So this generous project will not only dump invisible CO2 into the atmosphere it will pollute the surrounding landscape with fly ash way above the levels of half-decent coal available elsewhere.”
    One would have thought any editor worth his salt would have had a reporter chase up this claim, but that would be telling both sides of the story.
    Fair dinkum, Adani could tell the Astonisher that its mine was a renewable energy project and they’d print it.

  37. Interested observer says:

    Chamber of Commerce chief Troy Poppam dropped a bombshell at a business breakfast this morning.
    TEL sock puppet Patricia O’Callaghan and Poppam were doing their best to explain why people are ridiculing them, in particular for posing with Mayor Mullett for a photo which appeared in yesterday’s paper of them popping a champagne bottle to celebrate the opening of Adani’s Townsville office.
    Poppam, who seems to be a straight shooter, said the photo had been totally set up by The Astonisher who provided the champagne and glasses and insisted they pretend to be drinking a toast to Adani.
    The look on O’Callaghan’s face was priceless.

    • Old Moll says:

      And to add insult to injury, the cheap plonk provided by the Astonisher would have given them a bellyache. The whole exercise adds weight to Doug K’s earlier comment about the paper being Adani’s PR bitch.

      • Rusty Nail says:

        Nothing wrong with Yellow, it’s not a bad drop actually – certainly hasn’t given me or mine any problems along the lines of a bellyache. We would have used different glasses to drink it though. Also wouldn’t have used it on such an auspicious occasion but hey, everyone to their own tastes.

    • J jones says:

      Budget for the photo dept blown for the year.

  38. Scientician79 says:

    Mayor Mullet has some nerve.

    First claiming there is no negative backlash in Townsville it’s only coming from out of state. One look at the comments in this blog would suggest there are more than a few sceptical people in Townsville when it comes to Adani.

    And then to be talking about the impacts of the unemployment in this town, but not a single mention of the axe she has been wielding in the council, I’m sure some of the council insiders will have an opinion on that.


  39. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The bit I find inetesting about the media excitement around Paul Pisasale is the constant inference that somehow having $50k cash links you straight to some sort of illegal activity, I am no legal expert but I don’t think having $50k cash is a criminal offence.

    • The Magpie says:

      Pisasale has his boogie board moment.
      You are right, it is not a criminal offence, in itself. But in this day and age of electronic transfers et al, you’d have to be an A grade muppet not to inhale the odour of rodent. Carting that sort of dough around raises not only questions of security and judgement, but the simplest question of all … why? And a Brisbane barrister offers the non-explanation that he asked Pisasale to bring to Brisbane for a client raises even more questions, not just about legal ethics and about the client, but more interestingly, about the barrister..

    • Grumpy says:

      Oh, Crankypants – you are such the naive one.

      Hands up everyone who has a cool $50K in their carry on bags.

      OK. Now hands up those of you who paid tax on it.

      Counsel may have put himself in an awkward position. Why was he being paid in cash when a simple EFT would do the job? Who was his client? Where did he get the cash? What is his client being charged with? Who are the instructing solicitors? Can’t hide behind legal privilege there, you grubby little shonk.

  40. The Magpie says:

    A private communication has just been leaked to The Magpie.

    From: Dover McCavity Partners,
    Townsville 4810

    June 8 2017

    Mr Sam di Carlo
    Brisbane Chambers

    Dear Mr di Carlo,

    We are a small business partnership based in Townsville with certain specialist skills, and we are writing to offer same to you.
    Should you require, as apparently Brisbane barristers do, further the transport of large sums of client cash from one place to another through airports, we can guarantee delivery, on time any time.
    You will have already become aware of the pitfalls of using unskilled operatives for this highly specialised service.

    We at Dover McCavity Partners have built up a solid clientele over the years, and there have been no reportable incidents of our operations. We can advise the best manner of cash transportation regarding airlines (no boogie boards), we handle only money already laundered to avoid the attention of sniffer dogs, and do not recommend certain methods (transporting in bodily cavities, as this would necessitate the a second laundering of the money once received). However should you insist on this method, we have a private arrangement with Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart and/or George Christiansen for amounts over $100,000,000. (However, we have discarded the services of Clive Palmer, sincehe has become a complete tightarse).

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ben Dover and Phil McCavity.

  41. The Magpie says:

    A political insider tells The ‘Pie that the bookies are tightening up on an election being held before the end of the third quarter (end of Sept). Why? Anna Alphabet will want to get it in before the next power bill arrives in the mail.

    • Jenny Wren says:

      The robo calls have started, one to my landline and one to my mobile yesterday. I wondered why but perhaps you are on the money ‘Pie.

  42. The Magpie says:

    Shades of little Johnny Howard.

    Malcolm Talkbull is not known for his subtlety so we’ll have to put it down to one of his backroom boys, but have any of you noticed that all this week, he has been using the term ‘Islamic terrorism’. Before, he carefully avoided linking the two words.

    The ‘Pie detects an increased buttock clenching by the PM about the Polls of Pauline, pinching big chunks of the conservative vote. So what to do? Well you do what J Howard did? Slag off at Hanson out of one corner of his mouth, while pinching and espousing her policies out of the other.

    • Sandgroper says:

      The apprentice is finally taking heed of the lessons taught by the master. Sadly, despite his formidable intellect, our current PM lacks Howard’s keenly-honed political instincts and ear for the common herd.

  43. Achilles says:

    So much for our sovereignty, Google has bowed to the LGBTABCDAF mob of bed wetters and their PC drongo consorts.

    They’ve renamed Margaret Court Arena as Evonnne Goollagong Arena, take a look at their latest Map http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/google-renames-margaret-court-arena-after-controversy/news-story/9cc3b3eba5c79d8b5aea77a9643972d3

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      The sheer arrogance of this illustrates that Google thinks it is above the law and beyond censure. A commercial operation has neither the right nor power to unilaterally change the name of an institution or landmark.
      One also wonders if they asked Evonne’s permission to use her name?
      It’s past time for our legislators to crack down on overseas tax-dodgers like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others of their ilk to curb what has become a cyber empire with no morals or scruples.

  44. Achilles says:

    With the unbridled one sided (myopic) support for Adani by the BT I suppose they’ve now become the [coal] Pit-Bull [shit]-in, as they are absolutely full of the stuff.

  45. Momentus says:

    Magpie, agreed with the bookies as the stars will be aligned for a Sept election.
    1. A dani still looking good for 1000’s of jobs (expect forecast reduced mine output in New Year as ‘we don’t need all that ‘B’….coal right away’) 2. State Budget was announced and Townsville is a winner ! says ‘Astonisher’. 3. Money for an extra pipeline (cheapest option offered and should last 5 years or to the next election anyway. 4. The Ross Creek Boardwalk resurrected and should start soon. 5. Final decision on the colour of umbrellas to the Ogden St bus hub and to start soon 6. The Stadium is motoring and photo opportunities galore! ( items 3,4,5and 6.)
    Back to item 1 . Where is Jackie T anyway ? The big A and T not to be seen together. Now are we all excited of the election…..’due soon’ ?

  46. Hee-Haw says:

    This little morsel is interesting but when you add this to the fact that Team Jenny Hill received a loan from Maynelion of $10,000 towards her campaign, (wonder if this has been repaid and from what funds?) which as you see below Maynelion lobbies for Dinorden who advise Adani. The closer you get the more it smells.

    Tony Mooney – from Mayor of Townsville (1989-2008); to board member of Ergon Energy Corporation; director of Maynelion from 2008 (Maynelion lobbies for Dinorden, and Dinorden advises Adani Mining); to board member of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority from 2011; and a Guildford Coal mining executive.

    Lets see if anyone in other media ask any questions of this.

  47. Hee-Haw says:

    Maynelion also lobby for AEC Group who coincidentally wrote the stadium study for TEL and are currently working on the Hells Gate study again for TEL and ohh what a surprise they are also awarded the survey and design for the Adani rail link project.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Not getting mixed up with AECOM are we?
      Or are they the same organisation?
      I would be surprised if they are.

  48. Hee-Haw says:

    NAW you could be right I will do some checking. Bit of a coincidence though

  49. Hee-Haw says:

    You could be correct NAW I stand corrected on the AEC , as some might say eee awww eee hawww heee hawt to know better than to jump to conclusions.

    Will expand the loans to Mullet which are clear hard facts

  50. Scientician79 says:

    I know it’s getting repetitive but nice to see some real journalism for a change.

    An article today on the Sydney Morning Herald website, which is a long read, even includes an interview with Mayor Mullet, and calls out the blatant lie of the 10,000 jobs.

    “Overall, Fahrer said the Adani mine and railway would create “on average around 1464 employee years of full-time equivalent direct and indirect jobs”. In other words, a drop in the ocean. Supporters of the project are quick to point out that Fahrer did not include jobs associated with the port expansion at Abbot Point; however, Rod Campbell of The Australia Institute noted in The Australian that a large coal port expansion in Newcastle was expected to create no more than 80 jobs.”

    Seems the bottom line is people will believe whatever most suits there own self interest, and as a result Adani are taking all of us for suckers.

    What I would love to see, but know will never happen, is for reporters to call out any politician who repeats the 10,000 jobs lie.


    • The Magpie says:

      Yep, read that, and found most interesting the automation plans, which Adani boasts will carry out the operation from ground to port. This is a massive con by one of the world’s master conners.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Everybody should take the time to read this brilliant essay. I eagerly await the release of the full text next Tuesday.
      When you look at all the evidence, it’s plain our legislators are being played for suckers and the whole world will suffer the consequences.
      I am also saddened by the author’s grim but accurate picture of today’s Townsville, and the naivety (and stupidity) of those running local government and influencing public opinion.

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