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Sunday, November 26th, 2017   |   173 comments

Pipe Dreams: More Conning On Water Security

Mayor Mullet and Anna Alphabet pull a swifty on the water pipeline malarkey, but The Magpie calls them out.

Cairns has dropped its funding for promotional body Advance Cairns after an independent review – shouldn’t Townsville follow their example?

And Ewen Jones (remember him?)  makes an appearance on national TV to pull the race card on Adani opponents …

But first …

Talking Turkey …

In Australia, the first Tuesday in November is all about horses, and in America, the fourth Thursday in November is all about turkeys, th traditional nosh for the annual Thanksgiving holiday. One of the more bizarre traditions in this killingest of countries is the ceremonial Presidential pardoning of a turkey, excusing the bird from meeting its baker. Bentley seems to think things are more than a touch ironic this year.

Thanksgiving fin

The ‘Pie wonders if The Trumpet would have spared the bird from the chopping block if it was a black turkey.

Was This The Work Of Simpo Templeton?

The ‘Pie wonders – with good reason – if a photo opportunity hoax during the week was all the work of the Townsville City Council’s new media man, former Astonisher beat-up artist and Mullet lap dog, Anthony Simpo Templeton.

Anthony Simpo Templeton

Anthony Simpo Templeton

The ‘Pie’s suspicions are based on the fact that it was a hoax, pure and simple, claiming to be the official first turning of the sod for the much debated second water pipeline for Townsville. It was an occasion that didn’t fool one photoshopper.

pipeline sod turning

The only sods that turned was when Mayor Mullet and Anna Alphabet both turned to the camera for a deceptive photo op in a desperate chase for votes, and in the Mullet’s case, credibility.

pipeline sod tuning 2

We’re accustomed to political lies , non-answers and subterfuge at all levels, but it becomes a real worry when a mayor, a premier and the only newspaper in the city collude to deceive readers. Normally it is just a lack of balance, but this straight deception was aimed more at the well being of the paper’s associate editor Mayor Mullet.

But deception it was. one council emplyee was pissed off enough to risk this comment on the Magpie blog during the week.

Council Insider 

November 24, 2017 at 8:00 am  (Edit)

Early this week the premier and the mayor turned up out at Woodstock to what was claimed as a turning of the sod ceremony for the start of the second water pipeline.

The question was asked was this a genuine sod turning or not? I am afraid the premier and the mayor misled the people of this city. Every year before the impending wet season contractors with excavators go around the city’s waterways and clean them out to ensure these waterways work efficiently if we get heavy rain. This is exactly what was happening when the contractor was told to stay on site and scratch around in the dirt so the premier and the mayor could pretend this was a sod turning.

I can tell you council is still a long way away from starting on the pipeline. For someone who works for this organisation it’s embarrassing to see the mayor deliberately misleading the public. I couldn’t let this go by but for obvious reasons I can’t give you my name. I just wanted to let people know this whole exercise was a hoax.

wiley 1

The big hoot in all this is the involvement in above story would’ve been approved and chortled over by the Astonisher’s resident Wylie Coyote, deputy iditor Damo Tomlinson. Like Wylie, Damo has a predilection for dropping anvil’s on his head, or blowing himself up. So if you recall just recently in his Mein Kampf Lite column, he gave us all a good chortle when he took a big stick to ‘media organisations’ which, Wylie claimed, regurgitated Green Party media releases without any examination or investigation. Which is more than a bit rich coming from a person who has a role in the headless-chook, Facebook-dependent twaddle that the Astonisher churns out for its diminishing masses.

But Wylie ol’ son, where was examination or investigation of the pipeline ceremony tripe? Or was the word of Simpo (or maybe Dolan, was it?) good enough for your lofty journalistic standards?

Seriously, What Are We Paying Them For?

It seems we in Townsville might be returning to the dark old days when we continually turned envious eyes northwards and regularly compared ourselves with Cairns. While this can be self-defeating, perhaps there’s one recent move by the Cairns Council that Townsville could look at. The council there has voted to cut its $300,000 funding of Advance Cairns, the city’s Townsville Enterprise equivalent.

Advance cairns row

It’s a massive stink up there, with the crux of the matter being a council review which found the group had fallen short of its obligations around co-operation, transparency and delivery of infrastructure investment.

That being the criteria, Townsville Enterprise would certainly be guilty of the final two counts.

But while Advance Cairns Trent Twomey in his defense reeled off a list of tangible, actual achievements in recent years, The ‘Pie wondered how TEL Chairman Kevin Gill or CEO sock puppet Little Patty O’Callaghan would put up as a defence if their council funding was kyboshed here in Townsville. Actual achievements would be thin of the ground to the point of invisibility. Otherwise, why don’t we know about them?

But look at this … Little Patty sent out this little alert this week past, in which the findings of an economic assessment on the proposed underwater art museum were summarised. So, what did we learn here, folks?

IMG_8527It’s a report detailing the purported benefits of the underwater sculpture project (which is in itself a great idea).

David Lynch 3

First red flag that is raised is its author, our city’s wannabe Economist in Residence David Lynch (Dolan Hayes business partner). Whether the numbers in his report are any good is, for the time being, by the by.

Mayor Mullet previously has rubbished Lynch’s economic analytical ability as work as ‘not worth the paper it was written on’.

Astute readers will recall it was Lynch who penned Jane Arlett’s economic impact report on the proposed second Burdekin Dam pipeline during last year’s council elections. The Mullet railed against Lynch’s the report while attacking Arlett, and famously asserted that there was no water crisis.

But Lynch’s latest report – which apparently The Mullet thinks is just beaut, although the original idea was sparked by sacked gallery director Shane Fotzgerald – actually exposes another problem. You see, according to Lynch, a public-private investment model for the underwater museum of $5.75m would deliver an annual impact of $42m. That’s a 7.3 : 1 ratio. Contrast that with the Council’s gamble on the billionaire’s airstrip at which $18.5m of ratepayers’ money is being thrown on the promise of $90m annual impact. That’s a ratio of 4.86 . So on a straight bang for buck terms, the tourism gig is 50% more effective than the airstrip. So why would Council gift an airstrip to a billionaire for an airstrip hundreds of kms away rather than invest in something that is (a) demonstrably better bang for our buck, (b) local, and (c) doesn’t jeopardise our city’s reputation but rather, enhances it?

One other little thing about this one … Lynch admits that the entire analysis he undertook was based on the Input-Output economic model provided by a company called REMPLAN. Townsville Enterprise subscribes to REMPLAN. The ‘Pie hopes Lynch was not paid simply to run a model that TEL already pays for! This doubling up would be an egregious waste of public monies.

Then There Was This …

Townsville Enterprise fanfared its annual ‘economic snapshot’ report of the region, all very swish and full of numbers, stats, hopes and dreams. Which is all OK, but what’s this we see down the bottom of all this …

Townsville Enterprise

This report was clearly written by Carey Ramm’s AEC group, who are pretty whizzbang with this sort of data. And you can bet AEC didn’t do it for nothing, and was paid by TEL for their trouble – one way or another.

But wait, wouldn’t that just make TEL simply a commissioning entity, with bugger all substantive input? Something a council staff officer could’ve done before morning smoko, even on a busy day?

An independent review of TEL’s operations – and what they actually do do – would put any dust-up in Cairns in the shade.

And Cheer Leading This Waste Of Ratepayers Money Is – Ta Da …

The views emanating from Wishing Well House, home to these Dudley Do Nothings, no matter how inane, are continually bolstered by an erratic Townsville Bulletin, which continually and knowingly supports various narrow agendas for its own spectacularly unsuccessful commercial ends. And for this abdication of a newspaper’s prime responsibility towards the community that suckles it, the Bulletin is reaping its just rewards in disastrous numbers.  And not just in the print version, which is well and truly down the toilet, the the paper continues to be shunned by its potential digital audience.

Android take upA rating of 1.8 is pretty dire, and just a thousand or so take-up by Android users.

Oh dear.


The placements of ads in newspapers has always called for layout subs to be wary and alert, because the juxtaposition of certain stories with certain ads can cause great offence and sometime legal difficulties.

The Magpie mentioned this matter three years ago:

In the 1950s, London’s Daily Mail lead story had the headline about the anti-colonial violence in Kenya, . The headline read ‘Mau Mau Butcher Two Nuns’. Right next to it was an ad for the popular Three Nuns’ pipe tobacco. Sadly, the tobacco’s slogan, emblazoned next to the headline was ‘I prefer Three Nuns’.

The ‘Pie was reminded of this when he spotted a double page spread in the Astonisher – the question is asked : was this an error on the right hand page? Or was it callous cleverness?

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.15.29 am

However, there was one neat headline in the paper this week. The story was about a kid who bashed a cab driver but avoided jail because he was to return to his church bible studies (courts believe this sort of thing, you know).

Screen shot 2017-11-26 at 12.18.14 AM

Interestingly, the headline on the website had been changed to something more pedestrian .. wonder if the bible bashers complained?

But some errors are simply unthinking mistakes … or in the case of an Adelaide catholic school, shall we say a cock-up. With much fanfare, Blackfriars Priory School unveiled a new statue of St Dominic.

Saint Statue

With much less fanfare but a sight more speed, the statue was hastily covered by black sheeting.

And if you ask why, may God bless you for your innocent life.

When They Pull The Race Card, You Know They’re On The Run


Ewen Jones MP

Ewen Jones

Dumbo Jumbo walks among us again, at his gabbling, infuriating best. Infuriating because of his long standing habit of making some valid points with clever and colorful phrases, before plunging off into boofheaded insulting silliness.

Take last Thursday, when he was a guest on the ABC gabfest program The Drum when it was telecast from The Strand. Host Ellen Fanning wanted to discuss Adani and the general plight of Townsville with guests Dumbo Jumbo Jones (replete in thongs, shorts and an untucked business short), …

The Drum

… Carey Ramm of AEC and, for some reason, Paulina Skerett, principal of ST Patrick’s College on The Strand. Why she was there is a bit of a mystery, but Ramm gave a very balanced and sober analysis of the Adani issue. Although a former Labor staffer, he has a wide business background – The ‘Pie once observed that Mr Ramm had fingers in more pies than the Collingwood proctologist – and this allowed him to give both competing sides of the debate in succinct and fair terms. His summation of the Adani request for Australian taxpayer money for its rail line was to the point but couched in diplomatic terms.

‘This is the biggest coal mine in the world they are proposing, so if you’re going to build the biggest coal mine so a billion dollars just for your rail infrastructure shouldn’t stop you. I mean, we’re talking about a project that will got for 40 to 50years … a billion dollars is neither here nor there (to Adani).’

But there’s no show without Punch, so we received the recycled wisdom of former member for Canberra who lived in Herbert, Ewen Jones. Normally, the usual pap we get from this quarter is hardly worth repeating. But The ‘Pie is sure he was not the only one offended by the shallow waffling justification for the mine when he said the arguments against Adani ‘is racism at work – people are saying because they are Indian, they must be dodgy.’

Is that all you’ve got Ewen? Really? Any possibility that people, including The Magpie, oppose giving both taxpayers and ratepayers to Adani because he is a corporate crook. That is according to the Australian, the SMH, ABC and Fin Review, to name a few who have published their solid research in this matter. The ‘Pie has long opposed the giving of public money to Adani, because Guatam Adani is a proven self-interested shyster and liar, who has shape shifted his way through the known facts like a malevolent wraith bent on fleecing suckers. He is not a crook because he is Indian, he’s a crook because he exploits gullible dills like Mayor Mullet and Senator Matt Canavan, his Canberra cheer leader.

But by you’re measure of tortured logic, Dumbo, no matter what the evidence, one mustn’t say anything, or one will be judged a racist because he is an Indian.

Channeling the creepy Canavan’s line doesn’t do anything for your credibility, Ewen, which is already on crutches.

Here’s the program, with Dumbo at 19.56, and Carey Ramm following immediately afterwards.

Finally … Was It Creative Or Just A Cock-Up?

An American jet fighter crew has been stood down for their creative effort in skywriting over Washington (state not DC).

sky penis


That’s it for this week, but comments during the week are sure to be running hot with election opinion, join in if you feel the urge. And if you feel a different urge to show support for the blog, the how to donate button is below.

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  1. Hercule Poirot says:

    At least Ewen Jones did’nt Cry

  2. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just had a few days in the Mackay area. Local news reporting unemployment is the lowest in three years and large signs at Marian, walkerston, mirani calling for rental properties urgently needed and looking at house prices in the local rag they are definitely on the way up. We struggled to get a motel for a couple of nights and were told to book ahead is the only sure way. I had a chance meeting with a branch manager of a national hydraulic business. I asked him what’s going on. He told me there was a little cyclone money still floating around but the resurgence was mainly due to the resource sector ramping up slowly but surely. When asked about adani he just laughed and said we won’t touch them. They owe money to locals and just say “take us to court “ but it will need to be an Indian court. Now all of this is happening in a town where the mayor refused to hand over money to adani, what a cheapskate. In the matter of Ewan jones. I met this man the first day he arrived in Townsville and he is a good man. How many of us males would cope as well as he has when left with two young girls to raise as a single parent. He eventually remarried and has a wonderful family. I know the pies comments weren’t designed to be personal and Ewan puts his foot in the mouth no more than I and the rest of us do I’ve just got to catch up with him one day and convince him not to do it in front of the camera.

    • The Magpie says:

      On a personal level, The ‘Pie has always found Ewen an entertaining and friendly, likeable bloke, but this blog is about public personas and their effect on our image and community prospects.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      ToP, I agree with your assessment of Ewen Jones as a bloke but if you are implying that because he is a good bloke, ipso facto, he becomes a good parliamentary representative I am afraid you are dead wrong and I agree with the ‘Pie’s assessment of him in this category – in politics he was nothing more than a follower and what we need are people who will represent the north without fear or favour – – it seems however that we have been pretty bereft of such people and the most obvious example of this is the fact that we still don’t have a stand alone CPI for Townsville – Brisbane’s is used, I understand. The changing of this would not ruffle too many feathers of the Good and the Great in Canberra yet it all seems too hard for our reps.
      I am sure that commercial agreements relating to operations in this area would be all the more workable if cost increases were related to local rather than Brisbane based prices, but perhaps I am wrong.

      • Rusty Nail says:

        Ewen Jones got Townsville the bridges at Blakey’s crossing and the Bohle River on Dalrymple Road, as well as the duplication of the Ring Road. He might have been a bit naive but at least he achieved something, which is more than can be said for most others we have and/or had.

        • The Magpie says:

          Agreed. There was a bit of theatre involved in all those projects, all sitting there in the government gift box, bvut he played his part very well … it’s called doing your job. Ewen is a decent bloke, just a bit of a political twerp who has started to believe his own publicity.

          • Alahazbin says:

            He’d be still sitting member, if it wasn’t for his arrogance of ignorance. He should have sent scrutineers over to Palm Island. Mind you, the Electoral Commission disenfranchised a few more voters than the 37 that O’Toole got in by.

  3. Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

    When this Old Mudpicker was in his salad days, he used to spend many a Sunday night dancing and drinking Rum and Coke at the Townsville Yacht Club. Unfortunately the club closed and eventually they turned the clubhouse into TEL headquarters.
    I would believe that my many unsuccessful attempts to charm the local ladies in my somewhat inebriated state would still have more utility than anything that has come out of that building lately.

  4. SPQR says:

    I watched some of that Drum nonsense. So Cram reckons that voters in Ville have matured & that the fruit of that maturation is that we’ll be sensible & vote for experience, i.e. for the those paragons of wisdom such as O’Rourke a former director of a child learning centre or Derlagen a recent legal graduate who reckons he has a job, but doesn’t say what or where.
    Yes we’re so friggin mature in this town that we voted in the current mayor & her breathless bunch of sycophants.
    The crack about a black turkey was beneath you.

  5. Mike Douglas says:

    Kevin Gill runs a tight ship! Townsville Businessman on the 6 am Friday morning flight arrives to find a backlog of cars who couldn’t get into the long term car park because the gates wouldn’t work.Thinking he could use the premium short term car park and argue the cost later arrived to find an airport employee saying the ticket machine wasn’t work.The previous trip the electricity for toaster, Cuppacino machine,sandwich maker wasn’t working in the Qantas Club.All these issues with nearly double digit passenger increases.

  6. Cantankerous but happy says:

    A great comment Pie about Townsville once again looking north towards Cairns envious about what they are doing up there, something that is not lost on many in business as the requirement to spend more time up there grows, most of us thought 10 -15 years ago Cairns would overtake Townsville as the dominant economy and then came the tourism downturn in Cairns and the mining and construction lift in Townsville that halted that swing but unless things change rather quickly the rise of Cairns to be the dominant economy of the North is back in full swing, of course we are handicapped in that race, we have Jenny Hill.

    • Gazza says:

      Couldn’t agree more regarding Cairns. Spent the weekend up there and both Friday and Saturday night, the CBD was buzzing. Tried for 45 minutes on Saturday night but couldn’t find a park. The difference is like chalk and cheese.

      • Memory Man says:

        The TEL Update is usually out of date. The employment data is months old, for starters. It also comes with a bit of unreconstructed propaganda (eg., blathering drivel about Adani in the previous update), and meaningless commentary, not to mention selective data. I wonder how much it costs when the data sources are all publicly available … free of charge. Just another example of money down the gurgler.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Gee it’s great when the Treasurer lives up there. It all started with Ron Davies, Keith Delacey now Curtis Pitt.

  7. upagumtreeperson says:

    When I worked in Townsville Bulletin sales department in the 1990’s an amazing cock-up appeared on the front page of the Saturday morning edition of the Motoring Section. A prominent car retailer’s ad was regularly placed on the front page of this lift-out.
    That particular Saturday, the dealer’s ad praised the advancement and innovations of the newly released Ford Falcon, The ad’s description was full of features and benefits as befits an ad. All very well, except that the review of this newly released model placed above the ad was less than flattering. While the ad, quite rightly promoted the virtues of the new model, the article basically said that the vehicle was really a pile of the same old s&%#t with new badges. Editorial did not have access to the contents of the ad and as a matter of course published the review. Well, all hell broke lose involving the CEO, Sales Manager and editorial. At the time it was fun to see a pile of headless chooks running around the Bully trying to placate the advertiser, I suppose it can happen anytime, but is it not the case for the publication to print and be damned and not be influenced by advertisers no matter who beneficial to the publication? As far as I knew, the current model had only been tarted up and fobbed off as a new model. So, who was right?

    • SPQR says:

      Carmichael is always right.

      • Grump says:

        Except when it comes to doing the right thing about the poor buggers who bought BMW and Ducati motorcycles from him and have now been left in the lurch by a sudden closure of the dealership. Complete dog on the punterswho thought that they could rely on the Carmichael name. Fuck you, too, ya grubs.

        • East Ender says:

          Yes i have had the Carmichael ford experience. F##ked. All good till you sign on the line then you need a bit of warranty to be told its with in tolerance of the manufacturer then the part falls off as you drive out its service bay. Stuffed if i know how they’re even are in business still?

        • Woodduck says:

          Should have brought a Harley, Grumps

          • Sandgroper says:

            Woody, a Harley is a good alternative to euthanasia: If it doesn’t kill you on the road, you’ll die of boredom.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Many years ago, when I was (among other roles) motoring editor of a metropolitan daily, the advertising manager complained that my honest assessments were hampering his efforts to sell space to dealers and manufacturers.
      My response? …..”Tough titties!”

  8. Dutch Reverend says:

    I flicked onto one of those Queensland decides programs yesterday and happened to see Jim Soorley grilling Jo-Anne Miller about hugging a ON candidate during the week and was demanding that she resign from the Labor Party. He thought he had her on the hop and she said he should come out to Ipswich at some time to see that not everyone is mean and can like someone that is on the opposing side, to which Soorley trumped in that he has been to Ipswich plenty of times and Jo-Anne responded with a comment to the effect of Yeah, to see your mate Paul Pisasale. Soorley spent the next 10-15 minutes sulking. Even though I don’t particularly like Miller, it was great to see her drop the mike on smug Soorley.
    On another note, if the Theee Stooges manage to scrape in it would be due to Puddleduck’s master stroke of calling a veto in the $1bill rail loan. Someone in her troop read the electorate right and picked up the discontent of the money the council is putting in for the airstrip and not that we don’t want the mine, but we are concerned about the involvement of the Smarmy Swami and the financial support on behalf of the taxpayer. It is beyond me that Tim didn’t pick this up. Maybe he was told but chose to ignore the advice. Which only goes to show that, no, he hasn’t learnt anything since the previous election.

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      “Master stroke” is the right description of Puddleduck’s about-turn on the billion dollar loan. Rat-cunning has always. been needed to thrive in politics, and Timmy doesn’t have it.

    • Some Sheila says:

      I am not a commenting person much, but Annastacia Palaszczuk is sticking to her guns, not changing her stance. She campaigned on not financially supporting Adaini LAST election, as well as this one!:

      ABC Queensland Election overview, By David Chen, Paul Robinson and Rachel Riga, Posted 21 Jan 2015, 12:56pm

      Indian mining giant Adani says it is committed to developing its Galilee Basin coal mine in Queensland whoever wins office at the state election.

      State Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said mining projects must show they were viable without government support and ruled out funding for projects such as a rail line linking Adani’s mine near Rockhampton to the Abbot Point coal terminal in north Queensland.

  9. Sam1 says:

    The mullet must have found plenty of money for her basic blitz. Saw the street sweeper truck working on Yolanda Drive this morning (Sunday). How much would that be costing we ratepayer suckers.

  10. Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

    Bloody great result for Labor yesterday. One for the True Believers. Anna P might have started poorly but came home like a freight train. Now for the LNP bloodletting. I will give them a head start. Dissolve the LNP Party and let the Nationals be their own party again.
    That will head off the PHON and the KAP in rural Queensland.
    Say what you like about her, but to take the ALP from 7 seats to minority Government in her first election and then a probable election win in her second go is a very impressive effort.
    Anna Palaszczuk Labor Hero.

    • The Magpie says:

      Says more about Newman than Palaszczuk.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Not Newman, ‘Pie, the party hierarchy that is those that ran their campaign. I am sure CN had absolutely nothing to do with that and the party had 2+ years to erase the so called Newman factor and they did not – they failed for example to effectively use their best rural asset Deb Frecklington

  11. Gonzo says:

    Pie, An excellent blog post, especially the sod-turning pretending by the mayor and the premier. How do they get away with it? And I watched that episode of The Drum as I am a big fan of Ellen Fanning (disclosure: I worked with her at Nine and SBS), and Ewen Jones did stick out as the worst panellist. Carey Ramm was very good on Adani, and I thought Paulina Skerett was excellent on education and the future of Townsville, which is probably why she was on the program.
    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you about the Queensland election where both sides are confident they’re going to win — especially the premier! — despite the close poll result.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. iliketojoindots says:

    Hey pie I believe you have it wrong about simpo. Although he does scream and carry on. That media rubbish is the work of the screaming midget ( Stephen Beckett). He believes that we the local population are morons. And will believe anything he orchestrates while he runs council like his own personal ratepayers funded business. Can only imagine how many complaints have been made only to fall on deaf ears.

    • Critical says:

      Heard from a business person during the week that Beckett isn’t only a screaming midget but also threatens and is abusive towards council staff, council contractors and community members when they challenge him and/or his ideas. Staff and contractors are apparantly too scared to report his behaviour because of feared retribution. Joke is that he has small man syndrome and there are two connotations to that joke.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Small in size, small, slow brain? Sounds like a real plucker to me………about as scary as a granny on a walking frame. Did I mention he was a plucker?…

      • Dearie Me says:

        Agree with join the dots. The media brilliance isn’t coming from Simpo. That genius is Beckett. Simpo has found himself in a special kind of hell and it’s only going to get worse from now on.

        Oh and the screaming midget Beckett has to stand on a step ladder to dictate to his staff. Helps him look down on them.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Like I said, Beckett = Plucker. Love to meet the vertically challenged bully and cut him down to size further ( might even disappear then)!

          • Clap trap says:

            I fourth that. Independent thought from anyone but the CEO’s chosen few is stamped out pretty quickly. Tempo was hired to do what he is told. No more, no less. No wonder Tony Wode and Deb Rule were shown the door.

  13. The old peterbuilt says:

    Flicked through the 3 commercial channels and the abc last night watching the running commentary and did not see one out of the dozens of politicians except for maybe Robbie Katter talk about the need for good governance and the needs of the electorate. Just pigs in the trough. A mate rang this morning and asked, Can you believe that result..? yep , you’ve got to understand that the south east isn’t short of water or jobs.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie watched mainly the ABC, but quickly tired of Matt Canavan and some petulant labor MP. These two didn’t have the wit between them to realise that their juvenile point scoring, humorless barbs clearly highlighted EXACTLY what has turned people off the majors. trouble is, we were not offered any viable alternative … especially when you see that visitor to our planet, Malcolm Roberts and his Pete Evans-like crazy starey eyes trying to convince us black is white.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Perhaps you would have become more enlightened, “Pie, if you spent more time watching SkyNews.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        I am in 100% agreement with you, Pie. Personally I’m am feeling increasingly disenchanted with the quality of candidates for public office and the standard of political discourse over the last decade.

        Many people nowadays question the rise of the ‘professional politician’ and decry a politics that seems limited to day-to-day tactics, manipulation, image and a sense of ‘playing the game’ rather than effectively managing the public affairs of the country with vision and a sense of purpose, in such a way as to improve the welfare of its citizens.

        To a certain extent I think that we, the voting public, only have ourselves to blame and we get the politicians we deserve. By that, I mean we fail to keep our political representatives and their parties accountable and in check, and let them get away with fudging the truth (or increasingly telling outright lies) and poor decision making. We do this because we ourselves, really don’t want to hear any bad news or be called upon to make tough choices with limited resources, and are quite happy to be fobbed off with platitudes, unrealistic promises and spin, and being told only what we want to hear. Basically we don’t really want our politicians to be honest with us, and woe betide any politician who is because they would be torn to shreds. We just tacitly acquiesce to playing our part in the whole charade of ‘promise me the world and I’ll uncritically accept it but feign outrage when you can’t make it happen.’

        Perhaps I am being too harsh. It is almost impossible for the public to press our politicians and political processes for accountability considering the changing role of the press, public institutions and bureaucracy.

        A free press is supposed to ensure that in order to win (or at least retain) power, politicians have to run the country fairly competently. The role of keeping politicians in check and ensuring that they can’t get away with flimsy or misleading statements should fall mostly to the press and journalists. But the last decade has seen this diminish in importance. The press nowadays seems solely focused on partisan cheerleading and scare campaigns, or embarrassing photos and ‘gotcha’ moments, over analysis, policy and substance. (The Astonisher being the prime local example).

        Likewise the bureaucracy and our other public institutions. While in earlier decades the bureaucracy was more permanent, and motivated to give full and fearless advice, today it has become heavily politicised both through appointments and processes. Many public servants and administrators have also have become enmeshed in the political game, seeking to ingratiate themselves with ministers or their paymasters, by telling them what they want to hear or by promoting only initiatives that they think they may be popular and can get up.

        Various solutions to the current sense of politics being more a game than a calling have been floated, (such as term limits). I am interested to hear other commentators thoughts.

        • The Magpie says:

          A very thoughtful nd intelligent analysis, Wonderman. The ‘Pie will venture a couple of points ….as a journalist, The ‘Pie is most infuriated when a politician is asked a question, and then ignores to go his own way – stay on message is the anodyne expression. That few journos have either the gritty determination or for that matter the backing of their management to persist and re-ask the question (Leigh Sales does, but few other examples spring to mind), allowing them to get away with blue murder. Journos by and large are now players, not dispassionate observers.
          And can’t wholly agree that the voters are to entirely blame … as in the weekend farce here in Queensland, what bloody choices are we given? It will be interesting to see what arises when the last of the rusted-on Labor/Liberal voters disappear … although unchecked conservative interests and greedy career path unionists will always attract the politically unworthy.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Is there an audio link to your comment Wulguru? Pluck me, I was half asleep by the time I got to the end. What happened to brevity and punchy Pie???

          • The Magpie says:

            Each comment and length gets judged on its own merits … The ‘Pie thought it was interesting and well argued for anyone with an interest in that area. But thank YOU for your brevity, though, Plucked.

          • Ronny Rotten says:

            Strikes me that Plucker has the attention-span of a goldfish and vocabulary to match. Succinct enough?

  14. seagull says:

    speaking of Newman…….. he’s the gift that keeps on giving for Labour….seeing his mug plastered all over the place was enough to give anyone the creeps…… & how about the masterstroke of morphing Tim & Pauline into one frankenstienial image that scared the kids so much they wouldn’t sleep with the lights out for 2 nights

  15. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours faithfully,

    Miss Lou

  16. Cantankerous but happy says:

    There is already talk of a demerger of the LNP which in my opinion would be a good thing, as an old Nat I have long been uncomfortable with the loss of control to the Liberals in Brisbane, and is the main reason I moved away from any involvement over the last few elections, a separate National Party would have easily won Burdekin , Hinchinbrook, Hill and Whitsunday and probably Mirani. Time to call the experiment a failure and encourage all the National Party people back into the party and stand alone once again.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Hear, hear, Cranky. Both the Libs and Nats made a giant mistake with the merger, which effectively disenfranchised regional voters.
      Your assessment of the potential seats to be won by a separate National Party is spot-on — and a stand-alone ‘rural’ party would also stem the flow of votes to the Mad Katters and One Notions.

      • Old Mudpicker-Still counting the preferences says:

        I was running a business in a rural town up north during the 90s and 00s. One day, not long after the LNP became a party, a pollie to be ,Shane Knuth came door knocking with his wife. He must have thought he would get a good time at my store. He came in all smiles, hand outstretched and introduced himself and his wife. He asked the question, ” what do you think of the merger between the Nats and the libs? ”
        I said. ” Why would you want to join with the Libs for. They don’t give a fuck about the bush and never will. You had be better off joining with Labor. At least you have some common interests out here.”
        We had a very good conversation about problems in my district and I was pleased he got elected. However, not long after, he defected to Katter.
        I always have a little chuckle when I see him. Terrific guy who does his bit for the system even though he is on the wrong side of politics to me.
        My point being, how could the Nats lose this sort of man. By joining the Libs of course.
        By becoming the LNP they have exposed their right edge to PHON and KAP and are losing their heartland.

        • The Magpie says:

          Must be a blue moon about, Muddy, The’Pie suddenly agrees with you 100%. But Te ‘Pie is like a large chunk of voters who’ve been left with no to vote for who will represent their interests and concerns … it is the majors or the fancy-dress fringe. There should be a political D Day asap … D for Divorce.

        • Peter Sandery says:

          There is no way that the rural and regional areas of this state and, indeed the whole country will get any sort of representation until:-
          1. An upper house is re-introduced into Queensland, and
          2. the system of preselecting and voting for members of upper houses is changed to put the onus exclusively on voters and not party apparatchiks as whom become members of upper houses.
          This is called geographical representation and it lies at the heart of a system of federal government as it was at the heart of our forefathers’ efforts in the genesis of our constitution – this is illustrated by the fact that all states have the same number of Senators – the franchise is geographical not demographic. Demographical representation is purely lower house phenomenon in a federal system.
          To those worried about an over supply of pollies in Queensland I would suggest the lower house be cut by 30 and those 30 become upper house zones distributed equally in area about the state.
          For the Senate, divide the state into 12 equal zones in area all of whom elect one candidate
          I am aware that I have mentioned this before and I know that at least one other reader is keen on the idea of an upper house but realistically there is no other way short of gerrymandering that this problem will be adequately solved – extra states with out upper houses will not as you will still have the periphery vs the centre, it will just be a bit smaller and the management and supervisory costs enormous.

  17. Alahazbin says:

    In today’s Astonisher public notices. All Standing Committee Meetings cancelled.
    I suppose you can’t do much while the Impaler is out of town. Probably will delay her return to do a bit of celebrating. I hear she likes a drink (allegedly)

  18. The Magpie says:

    Take 5 for a larf break … or maybe we shouldn’t be laughing.


    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Soo….ah well, like, where’s the joke in that. That poor girl was like, toottally disrespected…..like.

      • Grumpy says:

        Having four daughters, I can relate. Oh, how can I relate.

        Eye rolling, hair tossing, dramatic sighs. The “whatever”s. The “so?”s. Passionate door slamming. The permanent scowl of boredom and contempt.

        Three of them, including twins, going through puberty at the same time. What fun.

  19. Gull says:

    7pm Monday, about eight hours after the Aussies clinched the First Test. Townsville Astonisher website running day four match report under headline ‘Victory looms for ruthless Aussies’. Is it a weekly publication now perhaps??

  20. Meh! says:

    Did the GM for Construction, Maintenance and Operations for TCC get marched this morning in an ugly but unsurprising way? As he was a life long Labor guy with excellent credentials, apparently respected by his staff and was a first round recruitment pick of the current administration it would be an unusual thing to occur, would it not?

    • The Magpie says:

      Umm, since you’ve clearly identified the bloke and given him a bit of a favourable character reference, why not name him? The ‘Pie hasn’t the time to go chasing what could so easily be supplied.

    • Paulie Informed says:

      There needs to be questions asked about the management of Infrastructure Services by Director Mike Chiodo and his fly-in Darwin buddies. It is past the point of ridiculous.
      Jennings was a nice bloke who was willing to have a go but his role was completely changed within a couple of months of appointment and he just didn’t have the experience required. Nearly all the experienced managers and engineers have left to work in private industry, with the ones remaining overwhelmed by amount of work and restrained by micromanagement. I think Water are down about 10 engineers.
      This will all blow up if someone is badly injured on site, public health is affected or a project goes out of control.

    • The Magpie says:

      And the reasoning, which somewhat toward the end of the article, is thus:

      ‘Her assessment is based on various considerations.
      These include the huge debts Adani’s Australian operations are carrying; the financial plight of Adani’s giant power plant at Mundra, which is meant to take much of the coal, but is on Adani’s own admission financially unviable — losing money and barely covering interest payments on its debt.
      Adani Group is trying to flog the power plant to the Gujarat state government for just 1 rupee (about 2 Australian cents) with no guarantees that the Government would use coal from the Queensland mine if it were to take over the ailing plant.
      Then there is the possibility that the giant mine, with a license to extract 60 million tonnes of coal a year, would become a stranded asset as the world introduces tougher measures to limit climate change.’

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Hmmm, what a plucking mess this whole Adani ‘thing’ is – I doubt that the Feds will go near it now, due to the almost daily ‘exposé’ of the outfit that are trying to get it going……….Wonder when/if the Mullet will pull ‘our’ ratepayer ‘support’ for the project and in particular the ‘airstrip heist millions’?

      • Cobalos says:

        I am sure Nth Qld would be happy to take the coal if Gujarat state government does not want it. We need some reliable power up here.

  21. Woodduck says:

    Hey Pie, any reason my comment is still awaiting moderation.

  22. The Lone Ranger says:

    What we learned from the Queensland election:
    – Labor got home purely on the back of Anna Alphabet’s timely veto of the Federal Government’s proposed $1 billion Adani rail line loan
    – Malcom Fullabull now knows it would be political suicide to approve the loan
    – Mayor Mullet is living on borrowed time with her $18.5 million gift of ratepayers funds to Adani for the airport it proposes to build, IF Got ‘Em ever raises the finance to build his coal mine
    – David Crisafullofit will be the next leader of the LNP and maybe even a future Queensland Premier
    – After Coralee O’Rort scaped home, you can fool most of the people most of the time
    – After Aaron Harper scraped home, if you do nothing and say nothing, you can still be elected
    – Win or lose, Cassie Scott has a future in politics

    • Old Mudpicker-Still counting the preferences says:

      Did you see The Kid on TV denying he was going for the top job, while he was doing exactly that by going on TV to deny it.
      He is a slippery little shadow man who will get found out easily in the main game.
      I really hope he does get the top job. His lack of substance will be discovered even faster.
      You righties have the leader in front of your noses. Freckleton stands head and shoulders above anybody else. Ignore her at your peril.

    • Alex DeLarge says:

      Saw a bloke on Saturday morning contemptuously wave aside a voting card when Harper offered him one outside the booth on Saturday morning. The fellow said nothing, but had a slight amused sneer on his face.

      I was within two metres of them and saw Harper’s initial confounded look, replaced a millisecond later with a one of the utmost rage. He turned towards the fellow and, for a moment I though he was going to chase him down. He checked himself, but still looked furious. Interestingly, the other Labor drones looked alarmed as if they were thinking, “We’ve lost him.” and moved to comfort him.

      Luckily, I had walked passed before he recovered himself. I, too, would have declined his card – perhaps not without comment. As I did so, I was thinking, “Yup. Crankypants was right. Anger issues.”

  23. Scientician79 says:

    Council has released the annual finance statements. for 16/17.

    Page 111 Note 17 is interesting, confirms no formal agreement for the airport existed at the time of the report (9 October 2017).


    • RollMyEyes says:

      Interesting read.

      Page 88 cash flows shows council borrowed $60million.

      Page 76 shows council made a loss of $17million for the year even after taking into account a $14million grant which hasn’t been spent yet (page 94). That takes the loss for the year to $31milluon??

    • Hee - Haw says:

      It is also interesting to note that given the Mullet’s statement that the $18.5 m for the Adani airport is to come out of savings made in wages this year that the actual council spending on wages has GONE UP from $137m in 2016 to $149 m in 2017.

      Stunning work, I wish I could balance my wallet the same way.

      Bunch of muppets

      • The Magpie says:

        Time we elected a businessman or woman to the top job … this had reached a ludicrous stage of staff-stacking and politics before people.

  24. Scientician79 says:

    So according to Mayor Mulley 636 local signatures out of 51,000 on the petition….that seems extraordinarily low.

    Meanwhile the Astonisher has an extra 44,000 readers year on year…hahahahahahahahaha. I needed the laugh after the petition story made me angry.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie smells a rat … probably emanating from the cheese cupboard in the mayor’s office where her principal advisor, the vertically challenged Dicky The Poisoned Dwarf hangs most of the time. It’s an old polly trick that when you want refute an uncomfortable truth, quote a fictitious precise figure and that makes it sound genuine and researched.
      ‘636? Yep, that sound specific enough, they’ll buy that.’
      The fact is – and more hopefully coming on this – there is absolutely no bloody way, even with whizz bag software, could that be an exact number of people from Townsville be determined.

      And the odour gets stronger when The ‘Pie recalls constant monitoring of the petition’s growth, from the get-go, it took a few days and was moving steadily but very slowly through the three-thousands … about 3600 by memory – when it suddenly went beserk, thanks to popular surfer Laine Beachley recommending her 30k or so followers get in on the anti-Adani act. So there was easily at the very least two and a half/three thousand locals wo signed up, and many who commented here that that no longer live here but have property on which they pay rates.

      To sum up: she’s lying. Again. Still.

      • Hee - Haw says:

        636 I am surprised they didn’t use 666 would have been more apt.

        It is complete and utter bullshit and can be proven to be bullshit.

        Absolute Lies

      • Cajun says:

        I am one of Jenny’s ‘out of towners’ because I was visiting my 90 year old Aunty in Caboolture when I found time to add my name … I pay rates on our properties in Townsville and live in Townsville but, hey, don’t let me count, Jenny!

        Our friend might have to rerun the petition with us adding our postcodes to our names. Jeez!

    • The Magpie says:

      Uh Ho… maybe Peter Newey made a fatal error with his petition, if he gave a vindictive Mullet an unedited hard copy of the petition (names only would’ve been the best way to go).
      The’Pie has been advised by a very tech savvy person the following:
      ‘Only people who have started a petition on Change.org can download and view the names and possibly postcodes of those who have signed.
      They would have to present the petition to her at some point and if they did the in hard copy, it would be some manual work to cross check the names with rate payer records.

  25. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I read in today’s Astonisher that at yesterday’s Council meeting the Mullet has summarily dismissed the Ratepayers Assoc petition as being “not a true representation of the local community” and therefor no action will be taken.

    While I’m not suprisedby her response, I think she may soon get a very sharp and clear message of how the community feels….

  26. Ozzie John says:

    Oi Maggers, Bloody triffic result for me up the Black. I now am part of Katter Country after that loser Cripps got the flick. Demockracy at its best. I can now drive up Herveys Range down to the Towers and out past the Isa and be part of the Katter gangs domain.
    It wont be long till we move on Townsville. I was out the back celebratiing with a few frothys last night and the idea came to me. I might move to North Ward and run meself. I would have to get rid of me piggers but for the grater good of Qld, it would be wurth it. Wot ya reckon Maggers. Do you wanna be me campaign manager.

  27. Gazza says:

    So Bridget suggests that the Royal newlyweds come to NQ for their honeymoon. My belly is sore from laughing.

    • Sam1 says:

      TEL have to come up with some ideas, even totally stupid ones. Hang about. that’s most of their ideas. Perhaps Little Patty can hire a helicopter and fly over Townsville with cardboard cutouts again.

    • Woodduck says:

      Previous comment was to go to the abc website, look at the piece about big Clive re-opening QNI. Mullet really is a hypocrite. This was on the 27th.

      • The Magpie says:

        Pie’s fault, Woody. he remembers he went looking for the relevant ABC site to include the link (not much point in posting without it, most would find it oo much hassle) , and got distracted and overlooked the comment, which is sitting around somewhere. Can you dig up the link and send it in, please.

        And everybody, The ‘Pie does have a few things on his hands running this blog and really would appreciate that if you’re recommending to have a look at something DO include the link … just often don’t have the time this end, viz above.

  28. Sceptical Sally says:

    Lavatory rats could take lessons in cunning from the mayor and her minions, as evidenced by their airy dismissal of the petition opposing the Adani handout.
    How much council staff time was wasted combing through the signatures and how can they possibly know how many non-residents still have business and personal links to the city and region?
    Many of the locals identified may now be worried their names are on a council ‘shit-list’ — and the fact that the thin-skinned TCC hierarchy took the time and trouble to do this will sound warning bells to anyone thinking of future protest.
    Jen and crew should be worried, too, because even their simplistic maths show there are a lot of residents waiting with baseball bats.

    • The Magpie says:

      The fear of a spiteful get square from the mayor and her hand puppets is one reason why many business people with whom The ‘Pie has spoken didn’t sign … they were shit scared of retaliation.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Exactly Pie, The business community of the old Ville is currently full of pissweek wannabes driving around in their A series Mercedes Benz bagging the shit out of Jenny Hill privately then turning up at functions for happy snaps with the old fish, it’s about time a few of them grew a pair of balls and started some serious planning about getting rid of her, with her Senate credentials shot she may welll run again, the wannabes need to step up, but I don’t think many have it in them.

        • The Magpie says:

          You may be in for a surprise when the time is right, Crankypants.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Geez, Cranky, you’d have to be a really pissweak junior-grade wannabee to be driving an A-Series Merc. Automatically disqualifies you as a player.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Haha yeah, glad you picked up on that point Gropes and yes you are right, there are a plague of them running around town at the moment, it’s the car for the new wannabes who want to differentiate themselves from the old wannabes driving their 3 series BMW’s.

    • Scotty says:

      Mayor Mullet wouldn’t recognise a cunning plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing ‘Cunning plans are here again’.”

      With apologies to Blackadder

  29. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So now we have a situation where the Mayor and council are nothing but accessories in regards to any development application that comes before council over the next 2 and a bit years as there is unlikely to be many developers in this town and particularly those from the gilded few who haven’t made a contribution towards the Mullets team election campaign leaving the CEO as judge and jury on development applications. This Hive decision is a joke, where is the transparency with all this, with each decision the CEO makes what requirement is there for supporting documents from the councils planning dept, add to the fact the CEO is a useless fucking novice anyway puts us in an even worse situation than Ipswich, at least Pissarseali whilst filling his pockets had some idea after years on the council and some knowledge of planning requirements, this is amateur hour stuff that I would imagine leave any development approved or not approved open to challenge in the courts.

    • The Magpie says:

      One thing that is very strange … in an interview on ABC local radio, Palmer said a lot of his decision would have to do with how he got on with politicians … and no kidding, he said Jenny Hill was a fool. Someone please let the ‘Pie know if he misheard … it was sometime after 9 on Monday.

  30. The Magpie says:


    • The Magpie says:

      And you have the craven cheek to suggest that it is all because you were born overseas, and the accusers have hurt ‘all others born overseas’.

      Listen, you oily little seditionist twerp, it is you who has stirred the cauldren of hootenanny hate by suggesting such a last refuge argument.

      Labor particularly doesn’t like rats, or so they say. let’s see what they do about you, with this despicable behavior, you’ve made yourself King Rat.

  31. Footy Fan says:

    Sam Traitor Dastyari must go. All eyes on Shorten.

  32. Peter Newey says:

    With regard to the bullshit comments by the Mayor regarding the survey, she received a full print out of the Petition results.Some 400 pages with 4 pages of the Change.ord petition per page.

    We can definitely say that 636 number she has dreamed up is a complete fabrication and you do not have to be overly intelligent to understand that we have lost over 21,000 people leaving Townsville in the last 2 years with many living else ware but unable or unwilling to sell their property due to the market crash.

    Therefore their postcode numbers would not necessarily be within the Townsville area. In the analysis process, we identified many people with no postcodes that live in Townsville and many names of people living elsewhere with Townsville connections.

    Are these people not allowed to participate in the petition or are they simply denied the ability because of the Mayor’s attitude to anything that opposes her?

    What it really comes down to is the Premier completely withdrew from the process of any funding for the Adani Mine for political survival. For the Mayor to use Ratepayers funds to build an Airstrip For Adani outside the boundaries of Townsville that would produce little or no benefit to Townsville during Construction doesn’t make sense when we are financially strapped.

    Unfortunately, the process of Council funding and program development lacks transparency and accountability as it was dreamed up behind as vail of
    Corporate Secrecy.We at TRRA have been unable to gain access to the information needed to make the information available to Residents and Ratepayers.

    There is a lot more information becoming available from Businesses and ordinary people regarding this and other so-called “hair-brained schemes” and many are announced but die a natural death and we will report on them when sufficient information is available to do so.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks Peter, you seem to have meticulous in your efforts and are to be applauded.

      Your comment supports The ‘Pie’s previous simple contention: she’s lying.

      • Dr Who'ed says:


        of course, the TCC are lying. It’s their stock in trade.

        The majority of signatures on this petition would have had their location added as a default based on the geo-location supplied by their ISP, and few, if any would be peered in Townsville. That’s the way it works.

        All my family signed and all use different phone providers, our locations were recorded different to each other, and these locations were down south. I can assure you we all live in Townsville and signed in Townsville. The TCC would know this, but any excuse will do.

        The TCC’s day of reckoning is coming in March 2020.

        • The Wulguru Wonder says:

          March 2020 cannot come soon enough…..unfortunately it means we have another 2 years or so of incompetence and lies to suffer through.

    • Swinger says:

      Petitions are not legally binding. They are a mechanism to provide feedback to the decision makers of what constituents are feeling.

      “Our Jenny” is free to convince herself that the feedback was not from valid constituents (if she is stupid enough). But she risks the petitioners punishing her at the next election.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Let’s not forget her minions that are the councillors for each of the divisions within Townsville. Those drop kicks have done nothing but nodded and rubber stamped her demands. They along with Mullet absolutely MUST be given the piff as well. Problem is, can the city last another 2+ years of these inept clowns.

        • The Magpie says:

          Dutchy, don’t think your’e taking your analysis far enough. When (and it ain’t an if according The ‘Pie’s info) the Mullet meets were match at the polls, the new mayor will have made it there with his (yes, his) own team, the selection of which is apparently being considered as we waffle. And given the jellyback performance so far, none of the current mob of quivering bottom lips is likely to jump ship … or be asked for that matter.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Good on you, Peter and crew. Hopefully, you have created a storm that will sink this ship of fools and its captain.

      • Redhead says:

        And unlike the petition, voting is anonymous. This issue is still alive, as are the calls regarding potentially corrupt conduct. Keep it up RPA and Pie. Someone has to look out for this city.

    • Petition supporter says:

      Have you written a letter to the editor challenging this statement from the mayor? Not likely to get printed but this needs to go into the paper. If they refuse to print such a letter it will indicate where the new editor stands. Is she going to continue to lie for the mayor or actually investigate and challenge such a lie about your petition.

      You can also go public here and on your Facebook page if you are ignored to cover for her.

    • The Magpie says:


      So, is she lying? (Kinda rhetorical, but you know ….)


      Thank you for contacting the Change.org Help Center.

      I am sorry to hear about this inconvenience but I am glad to clear this up for you.

      In order to know about the location of the supporters that signed the petition, the signature list of that petition has to be downloaded.

      Here’s how to view (and print) signatures and comments on a petition:
      Log into your account with your email and password
      Click on your name or profile picture, located at the top-right side of the page
      Click on “My petitions”
      Click on “Started by me”, located at the left side of the screen
      Once you have been redirected to the main petition page, you should see, on the right hand side of the page, a drop-down menu with the option “Petition details”, click on the menu and select “Dashboard”.
      Scroll to the bottom of the page to the ‘Downloads’ section.
      From the drop-down menu, select the file you would like to obtain and click “Download”
      Open the file up in your favorite program (try Adobe Reader or Preview for PDFs and Excel, Numbers, and Google Documents for CSV files) and print it out from there.

      Let us know if you have any questions about this information.

      All the best,

      Change.org Help Center

      Change.org · 548 Market St #29993, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401, USA

      A ‘Pi PS: One assumes that if you click ‘started by me’, that will be automatically cross referenced and blocked if not verified.

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Peter, I note you stated 21,000 people leaving town( you posted that on your residents and ratepayers fb page also)when abs state 9,360 which is about 5% of the population.Can you confirm the difference in your data and where it came from?.

  33. Achilles says:

    Can somebody please confirm the daily cost of pumping to the Ross Reservoir? In an article in the on line (non premium, I wouldn’t pay for their shit) it states $35,000 a day. I’m sure I’ve read of much higher daily amounts.

    “Townsville City Council is pumping water to Ross Dam, which supplies Townsville, at a cost of $35,000 a day”.

  34. Achilles says:

    2 days ago Mal Talkbull categorically stated no banking royal commission, during which he outlined why while boasting his govt. achievements, which would not have been possible if there was a RC in process which would take years to reach any conclusions.

    His big mouth gifted the Banks with the strategy to carry on business as usual for at least 3 years during the life of the RC. They know full well he’ll be long gone by then.

    So its business (shady) as usual and the tail continues to wag the dog

    • Sandgroper says:

      The whole thing’s a sick joke. Have you noticed that the proposed terms of reference will not allow the commission to investigate individual acts of bastardry by the banks?
      It’s a Claytons’ Royal Commission called to placate the dissident Nats — a ‘cunning plot’ that will be called out by the Opposition and further weaken Turnbull’s already-shaky hold on the reins of power.

      • Sandgroper says:

        PS: For the non-boozers out there, Claytons Tonic is the “drink you’re having when you’re not having a drink.”
        Trust me, it tastes like shit!

      • Old Mudpicker, the Radical Conservative. says:

        Turnbull is gone Gropes. Every step he takes, he is copping it from his side and Labor. Bloody disappointing for everyone really.
        If its going to be the Libs in power, a moderate like Turnbull would be better for the country. However the far right tail is wagging the dog and the Media is pouring petrol on every action the PM takes.
        I wonder if a 3 way split is on for the right. Bernadi types, a Liberal Party and a old style Country Party.
        Smells like the 50s, 60s DLP, ALP debacle to me.
        I actually believe Abbott is looking for a Howard style drafting back to PM. What a disillusioned fool he is. He is absolutely despised by the centre of both political sides as well as the left edge.
        The next few weeks will be interesting.

        • Grump says:

          Yes, Muddy, Turnbull is gone. Shorten will be our next PM unless he shoots a seeing-eye dog in the middle of Parramatta Road in peak hour.

          And, yes, Abbott will never rise again.

          Forget about the next few weeks, it will be the next five years that will keep the Gods amused.

          • The Magpie says:

            And the sad thing is he will be the least worst choice as PM … the ‘Pie wracked his noodle to think of a conservative alternative and Bishop came closest but quite frankly, on past maters, don’t think she’s up to it. Shuddered at the thought of Dutton, and almost collapsed from anxiety when the bible bashing treasurer’s name popped into the commmodious head space.

            banks will be shitting themselves … and so long as The Short Un blocks public money going to the Adani swindlers, The ‘Pie will just crinkle but never rip up his nighty.

            PS It would be amusing if not so tragic that Don Burke copped a well deserved serve from The Short Un who himself is a suspected rapist.

  35. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Well we have a new weasel word added to the political lexicon.

    According to Bill Shorten, Sam the Traitor didn’t lie, rather he committed a ‘mischaracterisation of how he came to make comments contradicting Labor policy’.

  36. The Rolling Eye says:

    Dolan Hayes and gang of self appointed kingmakers/shitstirrers was top advisor (behind closed doors) 4 ALP Townsville seat.
    Apparently already gone into hiding for putting Palachook govt in jeppardy. Those labour old-timers just can’t resist making their own beds, can they?

    • The Magpie says:

      Dunno about that … anyone who can actually get O’Rort to arise from the ashes of her own fire is a bloody genius, which is the exact opposite of those who voted for her. But then,m a little help from a porn grub One Notion candidate probably helped.

      • Old Mudpicker, the Radical Conservative. says:

        Sex Shop owner at Thuringowa ‘Pie. Nearly gave my second preference to him in acknowledgment of his incredible chutzpah in nominating.

  37. The Lone Ranger says:

    If the new editor isn’t already in the mayor’s pocket, why didn’t she insist that her reporter contact the bloke who took up the petition for a comment/his side of the story before printing the mayor’s lies.
    The protection the newspaper gives to the mayor is all about how much money the council spends with the paper.
    If you spend enough money you can get away with anything these days.
    The new editor knows if she offends an advertiser she loses her job.

  38. Achilles says:

    Typo adds emphasis to the BT’s drivel, Teeanger has phone stolen in daylight robbery

  39. Concerned citizen says:

    Things haven’t got any better at the Astonisher since the new editor took over.
    In today’s paper there’s a story headlined “THE CASE OF THE MISSING $120K CAR”.
    But when you read the story, it was never missing – just not in the exact place the liquidator expected it to be. The story goes on to quote the liquidator saying it was all a “misunderstanding”. That certainly beats any beat-up I’ve seen from the Astonisher in recent times.
    And what about the latest on the election result in the seat of Townsville? The editor gives us a copy of a Courier Mail story about a possible challenge for the LNP leadership on page 21, with special mention of the seat of Macalister, but not one word on the local neck-and-neck fight for Townsville.
    But credit where it is due. She did allow Clive Palmer’s description of Mayor Mullet as “just a fool” to be published on page 4.
    At least she got one thing right.

  40. Achilles says:

    South Oz is currently leaping in paroxysms of joy because that nice Mr. Elon Musk has commissioned his promised Li battery plant.

    As my fallible memory recalls it the deal was “I’ll install it within 100 Days if not then its free”.

    Well he did it with a few days to spare, so I assume the invoice is in the mail.

    • The Magpie says:

      No such wager on Mayor Mullet’s gullibility about the Woodstock battery plant.

    • Tropical says:

      That useless battery pumped out 69MW yesterday and is now flat.
      The windmill farm to recharge it is not working as there is no wind blowing to turn the turbines.
      This is the future under Princess Paddleduck and her eco loon green friends.

      • Busted Chops says:

        Puddleduck has no such authority.
        She’s hog-tied on the back of Trad’s “little red wagon”.

        • Grumpy says:

          The Socialist State of South Australia.

          Batteries not included.

        • Sandgroper says:

          C’mon now, Busted Chops, doncha know Trad’s “little red wagon” is being dragged along by a big Green prime-mover?

          • Dearie Me says:

            Gropes, don’t be mistaken, the big green prime mover, which may have a few green leaves and a wombat painted on it for effect, has a lovely red interior decorated with Socialist Worker Party memoriabilia and posters of Trotsky.

          • The Magpie says:

            Seems we could do with Jamie Ramon Mercader del Rio’s ice pick again.

          • Dearie Me says:

            Jaime Ramón Mercader del Río’s ice pick should be reserved for genuine political geniuses. One must admire Trotsky theory, his strategy and his ability to motivate the people. Trad is merely a toady. With some luck she will venture out of the Brisbane CBD, trip over some native vegetation and that will be the last we hear of her.

          • The Magpie says:

            Goodness, hope not, Don Burke may be lurking … and as bad as he is, he doesn’t deserve that fate.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Totally agree, Dearie, but I was trying to make the point that both Trad and Puddleduck have surrendered to the Greens in order to get their preferences and stay in office. In essence, Queensland now has a de-facto government run by the watermelons.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Desperation on the storage result may have supplanted the cost benefit? Well sold Elon. Not being negative just admiring the sales skills.

  41. Alahazbin says:

    Had to laugh reading the texts in today paper. One texted was “astonished” and another agreed with the “fat fool” Palmer for calling the mullet “she’s just a fool”. And more “astonishing” they printed that text.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed, there may be some green shoots of pride returning to the paper. the ‘Pie will have a chat about this in tonight’s blog.

  42. Droopy draws says:

    Late to the weekly party shenanigans…; head down arse up leading into Xmas.

    Pie, a laugh a minute reading the blog…refreshed.

    State election….; what is there to say other that you reap what you so; get on with it. I’m sick of this place seen as the arsehole of the earth.

    If you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, about time you took a punt. Wish I had had paid under $200k for a house not far from the new stadium site like someone did yesterday…. they did well.

    Bring on Mariah Carey, the monsoon season and ham of the bone. And a few frothies…..

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