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Sunday, May 6th, 2018   |   104 comments

Mayor Mullet’s Donation Secret ‘Just A Slip-Up? Sure .. If WW11 was ‘Just A Slight Disagreement’.

Jenny Hill’s true character will be revealed in this, the Case of the Disappearing Donation, because she has committed, shall we say, an ‘error’ of much greater gravity than one she took such a morally high toned exception to in others. If she has any principles at all, she must report this to the CCC herself, and fall on their mercy.

And a classic ‘look over there, not here’ by the council … when it comes to urgent pipeline business, we’ve all been looking in the wrong direction. There is evidence that at the height of our water restrictions, there were massive leaks in the Paluma pipeline that were purposely left to gush out for weeks before anything was done. And further disaster can’t be far away.

And a Magpie Exclusive: bullying isn’t restricted to kids, anyone vulnerable can become a target. And that’s just what has happened to a 76-year-old widow living alone on a Rollingstone property… midnight stalking of her house, threats, intimidation and vandalism. And just in case you’re shaking your head knowingly, there not an indigenous person involved. It’s a heady mix worthy of the movies, with rapacious property people, developers and a MOST Interesting array of legal folk involved harassment aimed at forcing the victim to sell her property for peanuts. And you’ll never guess which legal eagle is in the thick of it.

But first …

‘I Want A Fast Car’

It’s always fascinating when two totally separate news stories can suddenly complement each …no. no. not the actions in Ipswich and our own mayor’s financial indiscretion, more on that in a minute. No, The ‘Pie speaks of the symbiosis between the announcement of $30million compensation for 88 Palm Islanders because of police ‘racism’ after the 2004 riots, and the announcement that of the new Brabham supercar to be built in South Australia.

Brabham racer in traditional freen

The sleek jalopy is exclusively a track car, with the first target a Le Mans campaign, but since private buyers are the market, the car can be raced anywhere in the world … and that means anywhere … even after a few wheelies outside the cop shop on Charters Towers Road when some newly well heeled Palm Islanders come to town. That’s what Bentley – the two legged version not the four wheeled model – thinks.

supercar fin 2

No performance figures have been released, but it rumoured to go from a standing start through ‘Chrissst’ to ‘Shiiiitt’ and top out at ‘Fuck, hold on’, and goes faster than last week’s pay.

The first 35 of the planned run of 70 Brabham BT62’s will come in the green colours carried by Sir Jack when he won the F1 championship in 1966, becoming the first, and still only person, to win in a car he built himself. But it won’t be just our mates from Palm Island taking their BT62s out for a spot of pig shootin’ and bush bashin’… one of the test cars spotted at Philip Island has also shown that it will be a hit with big game hunters in South Africa, with a cunning disguise. The zebras will never know what hit them.

Brabham car testing

From Pipe Dream To Pipe Nightmare

 Mayor Mullet hasn’t much to laugh about right now, but she and the Impaler and the Townsville Council water wallahs must have been having a snigger or two over the past year or so.

While the general public’s focus on water security for the city has understandably had all eyes turned south-west, no one was looking north. Specifically, looking at the woes of the ageing Paluma pipeline (actually, that’s plural, two pipes run in tandem, one above ground the other below.)
paluma pipeline

Now it emerges that more than once, the above ground pipe has sprung a leak. Witnesses say at least three times, with a massive loss of water at the height of the city’s water restrictions.

It is self-evident the 60year old Paluma pipes are ageing, that’s inevitable and requires monitoring and a forward plan, and while some work was done 8 or 9 years ago, two crucial issues arise from this revelation. There does not appear from council indifference to be any plan in place for any real maintenance or replacement, not even should there be a catastrophic incident … one of the leaks already known apparently happened when a landholder inadvertently damaged the above-ground pipe.

But The ‘Pie is reliably told that the landholder didn’t bother to report the matter immediately, and when another leak happened on another property and was reported, it took the council SIX WEEKS to come and take an interest. That’s a lot of the precious liquid gold dumped into inhospitable and undeserving scrubland.

But the second matter is one of council neglect and negligence.

pipeline overgrown

Much of the pipeline is overgrown, the undergrowth now clearly overgrowth, with a potential to cause major damage.

pipeline overgrown 2

And on top of that, there is no access road to much of the pipelines length in the Rollingstone/Toolakea region, and probably elsewhere. For some reason, even the rural firies don’t worry about any access routes in a crucial area for fires. Fires that inter alia could also cause major damage to the rusting supply pipes,

In all the political duck-shoving in Walker Street and in George Street, the TCC has proved to not just be asleep at the wheel, but totally indifferent to this city’s smaller but crucial second water feed.

In all the political duck-shoving in Walker Street and in George Street, the TCC has proved to not just be asleep at the wheel, but totally indifferent to this city’s smaller but crucial second water feed.

And they cannot say that they don’t know about the looming danger … even that rare commodity in our sadly decimated and depleted council – common sense – must alert them to a major problem in the offing.

Bluewater Bullying

Bullying by its very nature is the essence of cowardice, but it is particularly vicious when greed is the motive.And that would seem to be the case in a situation that has developed for an elderly widow on a Bluewater property. Sandra Richards, a 77-year-old widow owns the well-developed ‘Moongobulla’ property, where she has grown a pioneering mahogany tree plantation.

margaret richards

Mrs Richards is also well known in Townsville for her charitable work, which she has continued with after her husband died four years ago. And his passing was the time that, as her son Cameron put, the vultures started circling.

According to Cameron, his mother has been subjected to threats, intimidation and bullying behaviour by relatively new neighbours, including the Navarro family. Mr Richards says his mother had always used an access road that had been established for 50 years, but Mr Richards says the Navarro family have blocked her access, and have also turned back Mrs Richards’ caretaker and discouraged visitors. The previous week the caretaker was forced to walk several kilometres through the scrub to meet someone on the highway to collect basic food supplies. A fence on her property has been purposely set on fire, and there have been late night movements of people near her house.

Mr Richards hasn’t been able to uncover any clearly stated motive for this stand-over behaviour, but he believes there is some development scheme which necessarily involves the acquisition of Moongobulla to succeed. Some land sales which Mr Richards believes are connected to the pressure group may be the obvious answer. Some of the sales use the name Moongobulla, as historically several properties running along coast strip once had that overall name.

Bluewater prices

The son’s effort to seek an explanation and reach agreeable arrangements have fallen on deaf ears for more than two years now.


And those deaf ears, says Mr Richards, belong to this woman, solicitor Connie Navarro, the daughter of the family next door. And just have a guess, go on, who Ms Navarro works for? None other than this bloke …

Barry Big BazzaTaylor

Yup, our old mate, Barry The Legal Foghorn Taylor, of Emanate (or is that Enema) Legal of Townsville and Brisbane (and Noosa on weekends). Mr Richards reports that Mr Taylor has taken a personal interest in whatever it is that is motivating the Navarros, since he has attended several meetings with them and other landholders in the area, but the purpose of said meetings is not known. Mr Richards speaks of a person named Tiong, whom he describes as a ’palm oil billionaire from Sarawak’, and who apparently has property interests in the Bluewater area. Mr Richards believes they are trying to wear his mother down so she will sell up in a scared fire sale.

Now in this matter, The Magpie is certain of one thing … if Barry Taylor takes a personal interest in the goings-on with whatever Bluewater/Rollingstone development may be in the works, there is undoubtedly a big quid to be had, over and above his eye-watering legal charges. And The Magpie, through personal experience, knows for sure that if there is any legal bullying to be done, Bazza’s your bloke. The ‘Pie is not saying that mr Taylor either directs or condones any bullying and in fact illegal behaviour in this matter, but how can he not know what is alleged to be happening? There has been voluminous email correspondence between Cameron Richards and Connie Navarro at her Emanate address.

Taylor has a clear professional obligation to counsel the ‘meetings’ against such actions, to cease and desist in any illegality or he must walk away.

Mrs Richards is made of sterner stuff than her bullies imagine, and is sitting tight, waiting for her mahgony plantation to reach saleable age and market the valuable timber. And further advance the industry, as outlined in the above linked story.

We will be watching further developments with close interest, as no doubt will the Townsville Bulletin, who so loudly and hypocritically honk on about how deplorable bullying is (would be good if you fixed up your own newsroom before virtue signalling your abhorrence of bullying.)

The Magpie hears there is a lot more to come before this tawdry tale is over.

.From Circle Jerk To Cluster Fuck
Screen shot 2018-05-03 at 12.06.38 PMShe meant ‘cock-up’ surely? And Jenny Hill sure as hell knows the drill here, this is EXACTLY what she so spitefully reported several Townsville councillors to the CCC for three years ago – perceived conflict of interest. And it doesn’t matter whether the donation came before or after the develop changes were made … actually, afterwards is an even worse look, but it doesn’t matter.Jenny HillIf she is to retain a single shred of credibility, dignity for the office and ethical consistency, she must herself bring this matter before the CCC. If she doesn’t, she can’t even claim some sort of ‘slip up’ defence when someone else makes the complaint. As they surely will.

In a nutshell, the comparison is a $22,000 oversight of non-reporting for Mayor Mullet and Labor, which means this entire council has conflict of interest problems, versus Townsville First councillors Veitch, Parsons, Roberts, Lane, Ettinghausen, and Blom, were fined a total of $11,000 and reprimanded for NOT TICKING THREE BOXES OUT 175 ON A LARGE SPREADSHEET.

The Bulletin and their crack team of investigative journalists were too busy judging Townsville best pizza or something to rate it as much of a story, on page three, with Tony Raggatt again failing to ask any questions as he reprinted what was probably a media release. Which is a bit strange, given that Ipswich has been pinged bigtime …


… and the CCC confirming the Gold Coast next on the agenda, with Bundaberg also looking shaky.

But at least one Magpie commenter doesn’t think there will be any tough times ahead for The Mullet and co.


May 3, 2018 at 8:07 pm  (Edit)

The left look after their own! Shorten forgot to declare a large donation from the Union to help him get into parliament, Mayor Mullet seems to have suffered the same memory lapse!
But her viciousness in attacking the Townsville First Councillors for not ticking 3 boxes out of 175 boxes on an excel spreadsheet was unparalleled.
The bureaucrats in Brisbane were ultra left in their approach. Although it should naturally happen, it would be a miracle if they took action against the Mayor.

The evidence seems to be mounting.

The CCC is already considering this complaint from Townsville resident Terry Smith.

Further to the complaint that I made earlier today about Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill, it has since come to my attention that Mayor Hill received an electoral donation of $10,000 on 18/03/2016 from a company called Letenyard.  That company is a related entity of McConaghy Properties. 

At the first Council meeting held after the election (Meeting of 26 April 2016) the council led by Mayor Hill voted not to defend a Planning and Development Appeal made by the McConaghy Properties.  The resultant appeal overturned a decision of the previous Council which Mayor Hill voted against at the time.  McConaghy Properties were substantially enriched by the decision of the Council.

The defendant of the Appeal, Parkside Developments were a financial contributor to the election campaign of the candidate that stood against Mayor Hill.

Whilst the Mayor declared her perceived conflict of interest in the minutes to the meeting, the minutes do not disclose if the Mayor exercised any control or influence over the council officers that were involved in the process and that made the recommendation to Council. A further review of the minutes of council meetings subsequent to the election of Team Hill and Mayor Hill has frequent disclosures of donor the BMD Group being involved in substantial infrastructure tender awards.

This whole thing reeks of Mayor Mullet’s favourite personal fragrance, Eau du Pescatore.

But Hey, If You Were Mayor


Last week’s special inviting folks to say what they would do for mayor attracted the usual heady mix of ratbags and serious and seriously worried people. We’ll keep saving some of the best up for another time, but The ‘Pie particularly liked the loopy one and that suggested Palm Island become a state and The ‘Pie become Townsville mayor. A super computer is still working out the odds of those two things happening. Palm as a state is the more likely of the two, according to odds makers.

 Radical Dreaming

But there were several calls for radical Bay to be rejuvenated and the dangerous road to be from The Forts to the beach be repaired. One commenter pointed out that the road and Radical Bay have nothing to do with the council, And that sparked a bright idea from the Magpie to rid this place of phantom developments.

radical bay

As far as The ‘Pie knows, that whole Radical Bay shooting match is under the nightmarish bureaucracy of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife poobahs. But here’s a challenge for all across the political spectrum … if contracts like the stalled Sea Goddess one at Radical are issued, they should surely contain KPIs – Key Performance Indicators that include stringent time penalties and/or automatic cancellation if performance agreements are not met. There would also be (this is the tricky part) the suitable KPIs applied to the bureaucrats in charge of the approval process. This, at a stroke, would rid the state – and Townsville particularly – of those leeches whose only agenda is buy property, get the appropriate approvals and permissions for all sorts of bright shiny blue sky developments, then sit on the property until they can flog it off to another party, the price of which has now skyrocketed because of the approvals are in place. The buyer may then be just another ‘rent seeker’ chasing a do-nothing profit and further sit on the acquisition. KPI clauses put a brake on, if not an instant stop, to this ‘greed is good’ culture. This is a clear case where for the community’s sake, no development is better than no development with applications approved.

There is good reason why you don’t hear too much hullabaloo in this blog about the likes of Lancini, Honeycombe or Tapiloas ‘s of this world… we need developers who are willing to take risks, and all the above employ people, build things and transform the old into the new. Not always to everyone’s taste, but pleasing everyone will never happen, progress doesn’t work like that.

And President Trumpets Blats On …And On

Cagle on Trump

But hey, the bloke is up against it, and finding things very tiresome.

trump tired of accuse

And with that in mind, a final thought on the modern Seven Deadly Sins

7 deadly sins


That’s it for this week, folks, slam in those comments in, you can do so 24/7.  And The ‘Pie won’t try to bully you, but asks with humble demeanour if you’re able to spare a donation to help meet blog expenses, then he will think nice thoughts about you. The How To Donate button is below.

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  1. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Dear ‘Pie,

    Your “If I were Mayor” exercise was most worthwhile with a treasure of (mostly sincere) community feed-back, but where to from here?

    It has to inform the next local government election.

    Perhaps engage a young eager PhD student of politics to distill the comments, list the ideas and concerns and the frequency that they were raised, break them down to subject areas, ethics, financial management, infrastructure, community building, development etc etc or similar, for all to see.

    This in turn can be turned into policy to be used by a credible, ethical, competent and passionate mayoral candidate at the next TCC election.

    Properly developed this treasure of community feed-back can have a lasting legacy for the good of Townsville. Good luck!

    • SPQR says:

      The words ‘credible, ethical & competent’ are oxymoronic to the words ‘mayoral candidate’.

      • Col Foley says:

        Yes, but, SPQR, have you reflected on comic irony of your choice of moniker?

        Assuming the letters represent the Roman Senate, wasn’t that one of the original hotbeds of politics, power and money?

        That aside, does anyone else think we may have just about reached the bottom? Has our exasperation reached a level whereby finally, we won’t accept any mayoral candidate who has strong loyalty to the once-noble and now-rotten Labor party?

        I keep hoping that we, as the public, have finally had so much of rotten local politicians that a solid, worthy citizen may feel compelled to take a stand.

    • Col Foley says:

      Good idea, Dave.

      The content would reflect genuine community desires and concerns, whereas any TCC “survey” would have the returns heavily censored and the results manipulated, at our cost.

    • Adele's reg grundies says:

      We shall, we shall not be moved…….tra la la la.

  2. One legged tap dancer says:

    Anyone who has evidence of misbehaviour by the mayor should report it to the CCC ASAP.
    The time is right to alert the anti corruption body to the goings on in Townsville.

  3. Lady Byron says:


    You relate so well to this idea of ‘What I would do if I was the Mayor’ that I see a wonderful local political career opening up for you.

    You’d get my vote for sure.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Thank-you, you are very kind.

      I was sounded out to stand for local council. I had just retired from a 40 year career, some of which very demanding, and I was exhausted. I declined. These days I am content to play my fiddle, drink wine, eat cheese and travel as a grey nomad, oh, and follow the Magpie.


  4. No more dredging says:

    The trouble with KPIs on property developments is that what’s good for the $1 billion goose has to be good for the $100 gander. When Mr Kelso/Garbutt/Hermit Park’s carport extension gets delayed because, you know, he lost it all on the pokies after the Cowboys game, the KPI form would be no different from Mr Radical Bay’s. Whereas the mayor and boss of Town Planning might agree with the gold-trimmed bigshot solicitor’s letter suggesting Mr Radical Bay’s recent flying visit from the Cayman Islands constituted “commencement of work” on the five year old development proposal, even if no one had entered the fenced and locked site for four years and 364 days, in the matter of Mr Kelso’s garage, clearly he is a spiv. Whatever crap he was spouting about Council’s broken down second hand waste pickup truck stalled across his driveway (for a month), the guy has made no contribution to Townsville’s development and is an ongoing imposition on ratepayers. And he still has a One Nation poster on the power pole outside (next to the Council truck).

    See where this is going? Lawyers were made to guide clients around obstacles. The ‘Pie’s often-featured, all-time favourite lawyer has been on the Radical Bay case for decades. KPIs would be tits on a bull.

    • The Magpie says:

      You haven’t really thought that one through, have you, Dredgers, mate? And you’ve demonstrated the debate=support problem with so many hypotheticals.

      You say ‘The trouble with KPIs on property developments is that what’s good for the $1 billion goose has to be good for the $100 gander’.

      No it’s not, why would it be? You are talking about legislation that hasn’t even been discussed yet, discussions where safeguards and fairness must be embedded, and there are clear delineations between certain ‘developments’ that would have to be recognised. And even the geniuses (not) of our current governments would be able to see the unfairness and resultant outrage when there is no bureaucratic difference applied to say, Ivor Belliache of Rasmussen who wants to build a pig dog enclosure and Clive Palmer who wants to built a spaceport come choo choo museum on the Yabulu nickel site. And it hard to argue against there being different classes of development when we live in a country which has tax system chockablock with anomalies, stratas, classes and deductive perks and penalties.
      But you have a point on the downside which should be alleviated if at all possible … little doubt that court challenges … and the own-sweet=time of the court calendar … would be the weapon of choice for opponents. It would be Greenie/indigenous industry heaven. And it would be difficult to put time limits on that, but if it is only the courts that could slow (or outright dismiss) a development, we’d live with that, because once the green light is given, we would at least know that then, the clock is ticking.

      And people have jobs and are working.

      • No more dredging says:

        ‘Pie, in my experience, local government never does ‘NO!’ for an answer. There’s always a get-out clause – often used by the Council itself. So for years (or decades) Townsville council development approvals have had use-by dates after which the approval is supposed to expire. Radical Bay has had several over the last 30 years or so. But in every case, with the intercession of a legal smartarse (and possibly a helpful Council officer) a close study of the words of the by-law or legislation reveals there is always a side road, byway or flyover whereby the wisdom of the assembled councillors can be called upon to consider this exceptional circumstance or that tradeoff, especially where the/a local community can be demonstrated to benefit in some way that it had never thought of. Wonder for a moment how that 45 year old highrise ever got approved on the ‘no-highrise’ Strand. I have found that development legislation is never black and white, yes or no. There’s always an opening for local discretion, tradeoffs and contributions to parkland or community development. And if you’re a dab hand with the spanners and can restart that broken down Council truck in your driveway they’ll probably let you throw your construction waste and asbestos (from your carport extension) on the back of the truck and turn a blind eye to the expiry date – at least for a couple of weeks. Council doesn’t even have building inspectors any more. They can guarantee they’ll never have a clue.

        • Adele's reg grundies says:

          Ignore asbestos dumping Dregde, you zero – are you effing mad? Pointing my well covered ring at you, you nutter!

      • FNQ says:

        The clock is ticking for what?? For the federal government to buy back the freehold land and turn it into crown land? Radical bay is private. The bloke who owns it has every right to put up a fence, build himself a holiday house and make the public park in the council carpark and use the track to the beach. The title says to the high water mark, so forget using the trees for shade, bring a sun umbrella.. The public just won’t be able to camp, picnic or have the bon fire piss ups the place is famous for.
        Sure there was a resort planned, no one wanted to but the units. So the application was changed from a 160 odd units to 32 odd house lots. Markets not prepared to pay even close to the construction price of the said lots so why do that?
        If you want to have a winge I suggest looking at your local federal representitives and getting them to lobby the Government into buying it back for the people… Good luck but eh., thats the choice you have.
        In the mean time I’d be counting my lucky stars that you can get easy 4wd access to the best beach on the island and top 5 beaches going north.. And just for the local island residents… It’s freehold land not yours.. you want the road fixed, buy it and deal with council to fund its repair. Otherwise park in the public carpark and carry your eskies to the beach.
        We are all lucky to be able to access’s it by 4wd…. for now at least.

        • The Magpie says:

          You really aren’t too bright, are you, FNQ,? In too much of a rush to be a snide smart-arse than actually read what you’re commenting on?

          Now read slowly and repeat to yourself a few times the bits that baffle you.
          The Magpie’s comment about a ticking clock referred to his suggestion – did you miss it? – that all developments requiring state or council approval have KPI’s that include time limits … and penalties. And the CLEAR suggestion was that such an arrangement apply to private developments anywhere.
          Qld National Parks are in charge of the bulk of the land through which the current dilapidated road runs before you can arrive at the private property.
          Have a little thinkette about all that, then have a little lie down, there’s a good chap.

        • No more dredging says:

          FNQ, you say:
          “The bloke who owns it has every right to put up a fence, build himself a holiday house and make the public park in the council carpark and use the track to the beach.”
          Not sure where you get your information from but it doesn’t meet the pub test where I come from. The nearest “council car park” to Radical Bay is the Forts car park, 3 kms away on Horseshoe Bay Road. The “track to the beach” does not exist – it is a line on a plan. The “bloke who owns it” (Radical Bay) has no right to build a house unless he gets development consent. Whatever development consent is current on that site, it first requires that the developer builds a road access on the alignment of the ‘track’. The “owner” of Radical Bay does not ‘own’ the track or the land it runs on. They simply have a Permit to Occupy the Unallocated State Land for the purpose of building that road.
          Not sure which country you live in but in Australia it is not generally the case that the federal government buys back freehold land and turns it into “Crown Land” – state governments usually do that. The Queensland government has been propositioned about purchasing, or otherwise acquiring, Radical Bay and at least one NGO has made a serious offer but the owners seem to be after a better deal, Adani-style, and may well be onto something with the Townsville Council. Who would know?

          • FNQ says:

            Ok, lets be clear. My original point to Pie, though he doesn’t seem to see it is time lines dont work for freehold land. Sure you get a development approval and its valid for 3 years 5 years whatever the case maybe and it expires. But so what? There is every chance when you reapply you will get the same DA and if you ask for less theres an even better chance it will be approved.
            In short, radical bay has 3 freehold lots approved on it now. Today. The “Bloke” happens to own all 3 lots. There are no other freehold lots. If he wanted to erect a fence and a gate and section off the 3 lots he can put a house he could put 3 houses on there and there is nothing anyone can do about that.
            There is an approved DA there right now for 32 Residential lots. This was granted when the DA for 160 units expired. The road in the event the blocks were titled would need to be upgraded correct and at the developers cost in collaboration with local and state governments as they should be giving access to Arthur and Florence bays to all by road. There is an arguement to say they should probably go all the way to radical as it is a beach for public use but its fair to say with 100 odd residents living there the road will get more use and the developer should contribute to that.
            In this case the current fence and gate would be closed off to the public. Walk back 100m from the fence and on the right is the sign posted public carpark, from the carpark there is a track down the left hand side of the bay that runs through to the beach. Its also the track to access the horshoe bay walk over the hill. My point was simply that placing timelines or restrictions on expiry dates are there now and whilst for heavily populated areas they work and provide urgency to develop we sadly don’t have that demand.. For now we get you use that freehold land today, illegally but no one is stopping you. Personally I’d just say thank you for the 4wd track and the free parking. That and council don’t touch the road, the more people who have to walk there, the fewer there will be….

          • No more dredging says:

            FNQ, check your information about the “DA there right now for 32 residential units”. I don’t think that’s correct. But then I don’t think you are correct about there being three freehold blocks there either, I think it’s five. So in the end, unless you can provide a factual source for your information I simply can’t accept it.

  5. Miss Lou says:

    Another fantastic week Pie!

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  6. two bobs worth says:

    Lets pass over development on The Strand and Radical Bay – been tried all sorts of arguments mostly against. How about a new strategy – Palm Island. Yes absolutely a great beautiful island, will create lots of jobs and the Maggie Isl can keep their paradise as is.

  7. Terry Smith says:

    Great to see Sandra Richards’ plight getting media coverage at long last. She is absolute salt of the earth and deserves to be treated a hell of a lot better than what she has been on the receiving end of. The story has been up on the Nest for about a day so far, is there a pool being run on when you get the threatening Letter from the objects of your story? Can you put me down for 930 Monday morning. Labour Day won’t provide any respite.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hate to take your money, Smithy, but The ‘Pie would be surprised if you are right on your timing. Unless Bazza wants to do that legal no-no and, as they say in the States, hang a lantern over his problem , he will instruct Navarro to pull her head in and let it ride, as well as discourage her family to leave it alone. Bazza is many things but a complete dimwit he is not (no one is complete) and must realise that The ‘Pie has a great deal more information and names of those involved which is all credible information. And this stretches into the council arena as well, and a vital dot that could be joined in Barry Taylor’s active support for Jenny Hill, which will cast an interesting light on the council’s role in all this. There appear to be certain other ‘close’ personal friendship links involving the council hierarchy and Emanate Legal staff.

      But hey, little doubt the Bulletin will be all over this like a cheap a suit, after all, Mrs Richards is one of the charitable heroines justly lauded earlier this year in the paper.
      https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/lifestyle/a-special-gift-bringing-smiles-all-round/news-story/17d366873f8d010e0658f6cc45ce9c97 )

  8. Mike Douglas says:

    It appears the CCC,s investigations into Ipswich, Logan, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast is motivating whistle blowers from inside local councils to speak up. Text to the editor last week accusing Townsville City Council of using a Brisbane based Labor aligned advertising agency Campaign Edge instead of a capable Townsville alternative requires a response from T.C.C..Can any of the Magpie,s contributors who deal with Council explain Councils obligations and tendering processes?.Councils rates and charges (especially Townsville) are a burden on the Community so local suppliers should be given the opportunity to tender as we can no longer afford deals with political parties mates.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie would suggest that campaign Edge is engaged by the Labor Party HQ (Federal and State). It would be an internal party directive to use the Dee Madigan outfit for all Labor-related advertising, and no matter what our faux independent mayor says, that means Townsville.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Hate to give the council media dunces any benefit of the doubt, but might they have instructed a local agency to place TCC advertising through Campaign Edge to get discounted, bulk-buy rates?
        Such a move could save the council (ie ratepayers) tens of thousands each year.
        PS to Terry Smith: I’ll be in that pool. Put me down for midday on Wednesday.

        • WonderwhatI'lldonowIleftTCC says:

          You will find that council previously booked all their advertising for years through Blaze Media in Brisbane and this was possible under Local Buy so this could be no different. You could not even place a public notice with the Bully direct which was frustrating for us and I think the marketing staff.

    • two bobs worth says:

      MIKE DOUGLAS – Council’s procurement policy and procedures reflect the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 and LG Regulation (Contracting) 2012. The process of what do for differing levels of spending is clearly defined and has been much the same for more than 20 years. There are always exemptions from the requirements where certain circumstances/situations exist e.g. emergencies, sole suppliers – specialists, “commercial -in -confidence” or sensitive matters etc etc. However these have to be generally endorsed at a Council meeting or at least signed off by the CEO or other Senior Executive if that power has been formally delegated to that officer.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Thanks “two bobs worth” reading T.C.C.,s procurement policy it states” support Australian- based Manufactureres +Australian owned suppliers, consultants and contractors where possible focusing on those in the Townsville region”!. Is T.C.C. Complying?

      • Strandboy says:

        2 bobs worth … that is twice as much as what the scrutiny of such “exemptions” put for council approval are worth. Sole suppliers and specialised services are very thin veils over what is clear laziness and under the desk kickbacks. The executives who sign off on the reports give no regard to this, the council on their signature approve without hesitation. Never queried, never proven or tested. It is unbelievable the number of exemptions and the petty arrangements for services where there are multiple options available. Check out the list, perhaps TCC would be transparent enough to provide it front and centre …

  9. Gonzo says:

    Pie, Another great blog post. The Mayor’s donation cock-up and Connie Navarro and Barry Taylor helping the developers, not the respectable property owner, Sandra Richards. I hope she stays strong, given all the bullying. Keep the story going please. Cheers.

  10. Old tradesman says:

    Headline in the Astonisher about Labor day march. Cathy O’Toole said, ” Labor Day is about celebrating the achievements of the past,but Tit’s all about how……….

  11. The Magpie says:



  12. A keen eye says:

    In no way do I endorse pie’s remarks about the indigenous community. The question of running as independents and paying labor PR is no different to what the CCC is after gold coast types for. What happened to the unspent donations to both”independent ” teams? Dont hear crap from failed arlett team cos they either took the tax deductible leftovers , divied the loot and ran or illegally passed it to the lnp. Saying you were indies is false and misleading and a crime. Especially cos of donations. But there’s a 1 year time limit for charging in the qld electoral act and justices act. But not for perverting the course of justice. Read the belcarra report.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Say what ‘eye’? That’s a fast moving comment you’ve got going there – umm, want to have another go at it so we can try and comprehend………please?

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      Instead of making bullshit acusations why don’t I put you in touch with one of the former councilors? No Facebook, no magpie, and you can ask your question to him about where the money went. I guarantee you you won’t leave without loosing a body part. How pathetic. Open your eyes and see that the mayor has been all along corrupt, the other mob lost so they get on with life. As for tax deductible donations read the “law” it might help you next time. You really sound like les walker?

      • The Magpie says:

        Yes he does … but he’s not, take it from The ‘Pie.

      • A keen eye says:

        Uhumm… Anyone could contact a former councilor , and yes it might get a little touchy but anyone with access to donor info can ask. However, considering that particular post related to the former ” candidates ” , you are only off the mark with your threat a little bit cos jurisdiction for non elected candidates was an issue. You gotta go to the crim code and general electoral law for that and that’s cops. They seem a little preoccupied in politics to get involved in politics at the moment. Read CCC recommendation 7 of belcarra report you all gotta be taken to know where the metaphorical bodies are buried. That would happen as a matter of course in civil mis/ malfeasance cases and when determining unconscionability stuff normally. ….meh! As they say

        • I'll be plucked says:

          ‘Eye’, take a pill and have a lie down. When you get up have a THIRD crack at writing a comment that is comprehensible to a reader. Thank you.

  13. peek-a-boo says:

    Geez – Townsville still fucked as ever.

    Local council’s are ALL about brown paper bags being handed over by developers. “Developing” is the lazy man’s way to riches, if you have to force a few old ladies off their property or set fire to things to get rid of problems chances are no one is going to care , least of all the police.

    Don’t worry Magpie, there will always be enough mugs to buy into Townsville’s property scheme – people are stupid.

  14. The Magpie says:

    They really don’t give a shit, do they, except about your digital subscription? But why would you bother, getting yesterday’s news today. The Bulletin free web page – the one meant to entice you to subscribe to cutting edge news and information … still had this tired and lazy offering at 10.40am today.

    • The Magpie says:

      Silly old ‘Pie, OF COURSE they care … if it’s a free ad disguised as news.

    • Sandgroper says:

      But wasn’t it amazing how quickly the mayor’s campaign donation ‘slip-up’ vanished from the headlines?

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed … and contrast that with the sustained drooling and headline screams of outrage when Townsville First councillors missed three boxes to tick on a spreadsheet of several pages and The Mullet spitefully had them hauled before the CCC. It’sbad enough having an out-of-touch newspaper, but a biased one fancying itself as a influential player is simply disastrous for Townsville.

    • Sam1 says:

      Really what do you expect ? Today’s headline on line………..


      When you read the story it says that 34 offenders were charged with 50 drug offences at the festival. Can this pathetic excuse for a newspaper get any worse?

  15. The Magpie says:

    So, Mayor Mullet, can you now please retrieve our purloined $18.5million from wherever you secretly sent it? Immediately would be nice, you great shonk.

    From today’s Guardian:

    • Achilles says:

      Several months ago Jeyakumar Janakaraj announced the commencement of the Got’em Adani railway to the coast, or is it a railway from nowhere to nowhere or something more fanciful?

      JJ should run for Mayor, his flights of fantasy are on a par with the incumbent.

  16. The Magpie says:

    The loveliness goes on … the arrogance is astounding.

    Cameron Richards, the son of the bullied Rollingstone property owner Sandra Richards (see this week’s blog) has forwarded the following (edited by The Magpie regarding comments on the link between Barry Taylor employee Connie Navarro and Adele Young).
    “Two days ago, I spoke to my mother in the morning as she drove to Moongabulla. An hour or two later I got a call from her to say that Connie Navarro must have put up a sign up on her last remaining new access road, which is only accessible in the dry season . It announced that they now had a Permit to Occupy to not only now also block the stock route access that my mother paid $25,000+ to put in a new road when the main access road got blocked last year – but a second new road which goes through crown land to the road.
    So without my mother knowing or being given any chance to contest, the first Permit has been approved after a secret application was put in. This was after the Townsville council approved this new road and then blocked an initial Permit to Occupy application to the Dept of Natural Resources to over-turn that – only for now to find out that the Council secretly reversed their opposition to this. Not only that but they have supported a second Permit to Occupy application also for the Navarros to take possession of the access road that goes through Crown land and not their land. In other words, not only is this completely malicious, dishonest etc by the Navarros but they have somehow got similarly devious Council support to assist with their plans.
    I is well known that Barry Taylor has close links with the mayor, and collected campaign money from business people for her at recent elections. But we have been further informed that the gossip going around Townsville is that Connie Navarro has a close … very close … relationship with the Townsville Council CEO Adele Young, who you call the Impaler – how inadvertently appropriate in light of this information. Under these circumstances, we bel;ieve it is reasonable for us to believe this woman has been responsible for the Council’s reversals above and support for the Navarros/Barry Taylor and the whole rotten conspiracy against my mother. So now looking at all options but I am certainly looking to assist my mother with submissions and complaints to not only the Department of Natural Resources but to the CCC and any other relevant agencies (any advice on additional options would be much appreciated).”

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Hey there Impaler, Mullet, anything to ‘say’ in response………how’s the being open and up front promise progressing?

    • The Magpie says:

      If what has been published in this blog is, as The ‘Pie has been informed by a credible and trustworthy third party, ‘just scratching the surface’, then Nick Dametto (that is obviously the person you referred to in a deleted derogatory term that won’t see the light of day in this blog) would be obligated to do something.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        I wouldn’t hold your breath. Whether he does help or not remains to be seen. He seems more concerned about how he looks, that the laws should be changed to fit in with his stupidity and is there a photo opportunity in it for him. I believe he is a good mate of Mochachino. I’m sure he will flip over to Labor from KAP as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

        • Dave Nth says:

          Starting to get that feeling myself unfortunately. I wrote to him 3 weeks ago about the TCC which was acknowledged by the office staff. He has yet to reply. Contrast that to Dale Last who on some communication a few months back about something in his portfolio was replied to by Dale himself within 48hrs. Politicians blowing stuff off is not uncommon however some are more attentive than others & I would’ve expected a party like KAP trying to make a name unlike the majors who can afford to be more complacent to be more attentive.

          I do think the main problem is that the idiots that draw up these electoral boundaries are slicing & dicing Townsville and hiving off groups of suburbs to electoral offices in our case 115km to north or suburbs like Annandale federally to an office 400km down the road in areas with wholly different needs or problems. Just my thoughts anyway.

          • No more dredging says:

            Dave, re: your comment about electoral boundaries. Federal electorates (like Herbert) all must be maintained at about 100,000 voters. So up until a couple of decades ago, the whole of Townsville fitted into one electorate. Not so today. Once you have to start “hiving off” parts of the city into an adjacent electorate it’s inevitable that there is a perception in the affected suburbs or district that they have been disowned. But what else can the electoral commission do? They have to keep all electorates with similar populations to avoid gerrymanders – we Queenslanders know better than most why. Herbert is almost completely surrounded by the vast (and empty) electorate of Kennedy which used to have its numbers bolstered by the addition of (roughly) North Shore and Yabulu but is now almost self-sufficient – I think Mount Margaret is the only part of ‘Townsville’ that remains in the electorate of Kennedy. Anyway, in the interest of ‘diversity’ it is a beautiful thing that the denizens of Annandale and points south of there are able to contribute to the election of that very special LNP heartthrob Geo Christensen, tattooed deacon of the Anglican church.

          • Alahazbin says:

            I suppose it’s better than relying on O’Foole.

    • TheOtherGuy says:

      “Permits (to Occupy) do not allow exclusive possession of the land and the reason for occupation must be able to co-exist with the purpose of the land (e.g. a road or reserve).”


      To understand this matter fully, maps and plans need to be viewed and understood as well as knowing the purpose of the Permit to Occupy and what were the conditions of the permit. Unless the TCC has closed the road (under local government legislation) the road should not be blocked or interfered with by a Permit. This may have previously been disussed in this blog, but what happened to the roads?

  17. Eff off Union Thugs says:

    May Day chant from the irrelevant, bullying, out of touch and out of date Unions and their Labor supporters:

    1,2,3,4, ‘We don’t know what we’re marching for'; 5,6,7,8 ‘Unions, we’re just fucking bludgers mate’!

  18. The Judge says:

    Cameron why not think about telling your story to our new parliamentarian from the Katter Party. He is a goer and if he’s told that a Nonna is getting done over I reckon that he would listen.
    I recently come across him at an Italian/Sicilian wedding and he’s very popular and although he’s learning he may well be of help…

  19. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Mike Douglas in regards to TCC tenders program it was once a very transparent, open system, well regulated and run by professionals who had many years in the procurement of councils and general businesses. There had always been provisions for Australian Manufuactured product, and provisions for state and local supply as well, some of the tenders I had been involved with had a 10% weighting towards local supply provided it was in no way detrimental to supply volumes or would subject the council to supply issues, example here would be a local business having credit issues and not being able to secure product, as such very few small locals got a look in but local branches of national companies were generally not an issue.

    That has changed a lot in the last couple of years, the council shifted to aggregated tenders and contracts which left a lot of suppliers unable to tender as they couldn’t supply everything on the tender, and tenders would not be split, something a small council like Townsville can’t achieve, the volume simply isn’t there, many long term suppliers stopped dealing with the council and now the council has to purchase these products through 3rd parties at considerable margin over previous years.

    A big broom went through the place and basically an attitude of whatever was done before we aren’t going to do anymore, just brainless fuckheads walking away from long term supply agreements with some of the best companies and people who deal with the majors on a regular basis. I myself being a cranky bastard with an intolerance to time wasting dickheads told them to go fuck their boots, leaving them to purchase products through 3rd parties, something they didn’t seem all that bothered by until they realised how far our business reaches and the companies under our control that they also lost access too, the $1 million they spent a year with us now costs them about $1.3 million through 3rd parties and we are just a mid size, imagine what it must be costing them with the majors.

    • Strandboy says:

      … correct … spot on observation !

    • Concerned says:

      Procurement used to be run by staff that gave a stuff about locals and local suppliers, understood the legislative requirements, and understood the local supply chain. But the Mullet and her personally recruited ALP sidekick Young and the following recruitment of the so called professionals from southern cities and no local government experience must have really worked by the sounds of it.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Does that include plant & vehicle purchasing?
        Old mate has had a free reign for years.

    • Old tradesman says:

      Had the same experience,as a specialist contractor in a certain field i didn’t win the contract as it was encapsulated in another main contract, this contractor couldn’t carry out the repairs so I get the phone call, fix it at wounded bull prices then the main contractor puts on his margin. Mind you there was enough work to keep my area of expertise as a separate contract with possible discounted rates.

  20. Memory Man says:

    What does this say about our elected representatives?

  21. The Magpie says:

    Seems like a book for our times in Townsville?

  22. The Magpie says:

    Seems like a book for our times in Townsville?

  23. The Owl says:

    Advitorial story on page 25 of today’s Astonisher has new coffee shop owners “excited” about opening this Friday.
    Reckon they won’t be too excited when they spot the adjacent story on the facing page headlined “Coffee cancer link warning”.
    They should demand a refund.

  24. Jatzcrackers says:

    Pie, any word from your contacts on what’s supposed be happening with the very ‘unfinished’ landscaping works on the old Townsville hospital project. One could assume (always dangerous) that our esteemed City Council dills gave the final approval for the project sales to settle without the developers having to finish off their substantial landscaping works due to the drought/water restrictions. With the water restrictions now lifted, are the Council on the ball and directing the developers to finish off the landscaping works ?
    The old paddock out front definitely is the lush, green oasis as promoted in the previous sales marketing !

    • A keen eye says:

      Its the “Mildura gardens” donation by. Robert Zammit from the 2016 tsv council election . The old tgh now being foulton Gardens . zammitts own company appears to be ” MacZam ” .

  25. J jones says:

    I’ve been away, have I missed anything?

    • The Magpie says:


    • Adele's reg grundies says:

      You missed me Jones – I decided after months of watching to join in – eww, what fun!!!

      • The Magpie says:

        But mate, The ‘Pie agrees with the fine Mr Gill in today’s paper when he says now is the time to turn attention to upgrading the terminal. Absolutely correct Mr Gill … using your company’s own money, of course, to enhance your company’s asset inventory, and not trying to slug the citizens of city whose peopleare struggling with a continuing economic downturn.

  26. Mike Douglas says:

    For pure comedy and hyprocracy Labor’s “ look over there” strategy we had Scott Stewart stating it was a disgrace there was no funding in the Federal budget for the Port. That would be the same Port that is owned by the State Government and delivers $15 mil profit a year and the same Minister who can’t sort out water pipeline funding, crime, rail upgrades to the port. Quote of the week goes to Mayor Mullet who suggested LNP were “ Pork Barreling “ and holding back funds until to the Federal election. Speaking of Pork Barreling is the Labor aligned Director of Communications at T.C.C. here to improve the lack of communication to the ratepayers or running the Mayors re-election campaign at ratepayers costs?.

  27. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Seems that little Patty and the Dudley’s need to sharpen up their begging act, a big fat duck egg nothing for Townsville in the budget and completely ignored by the state govt as well. This is what happens when you try the scattergun approach of puttting up a long list of projects in the hope one gets over the line instead of prioritising and focusing on the one or two most imporatnt, and meanwhile whilst they are running around like headless chooks chasing the big ticket items that make them feel important Townsville continues to struggle. April house approvals have been released and Townsville is at an all time low of 38 approvals, this is an all time low that I can find and indicates a construction sector that has almost collapsed. I look forward to Tony Raggarts in-depth analysis in Saturday’s paper,

  28. The Magpie says:


    The ‘Pie reveals what was said, in a string of disgusting and degrading propositions put to a young female by a drive-by grub..

    Among the (just) printable obscenities the man yelled were:
    ‘Vote for Jenny Hill, she’s great’, ‘ Tell Kevin Gill he’s a genius’, and, most degrading of all (oh, the nightmares) ‘Buy the Bulletin to get the facts.’

    Dangerous social misfits like this should be caught and locked up in a room with a TV and forced to watch continuous episodes of the the ABC quiz show The Think Tank..

  29. The Magpie says:

    Please ask Holt Street for another box of commas, as you have clearly run out. Otherwise, this is a small miracle.

    Labor irate at RAAF Base toxic chemical report timing
    CLARE ARMSTRONG, Townsville Bulletin
    May 5, 2018 12:00am
    THE Federal Government has been accused of trying to “slip under the radar” by publishing findings of an investigation into toxic chemicals found at the RAAF Base Townsville during Budget week.

    Note that this story was written LAST WEEK, and THIS WEEK is Budget week, so how did you know that toxic chemicals were found at the RAAF Base during Budget week?

    And The ‘Pie found this story TODAY (MAY 10) on the Bulletin website. Bit of a problem with tenses – yesterday was the Wednesday in question – or just lazy couldn’t-care-less sloppiness? Nah, couldn’t be.

    “A report on the detailed site investigation into PER and poly-flouroalkyl substances (PFAS) on and in the vicinity of the base will be published on Wednesday – the day after the Federal Budget is handed down.”

  30. Anonagain says:

    Adani has moved out of the Tomlins St building. It was done very quietly. No sighting of ratepayer’s cash left behind so I’m told. Maybe they found bigger digs in TSV?

    • The Magpie says:

      Can anyone else confirm this, please?

      • No more dredging says:

        Perhaps Adani has purchased the Townsville Bulletin and moved in there. Apparently there’s plenty of spare desks.

    • The Magpie says:

      Did a check and you better check your sources, Anon … or were you just being mischievous? If the latte, please don’t, it wastes time and shoots down your future credibility.

    • Adele's reg grundies says:

      Anon, you are a very naughty person – I told you not to say this and you ignored me! Well, for once I agree with the Pie – you have no cred, unlike me!

  31. Ozzie John says:

    Oi Maggers, I have been busier than a dog with two dicks now we finaly had sum rain out our way. The Black has been flowing like a beaut and me and me piggers have been goin for a dip every arvie for a while.
    Bloody green grass and everything here.
    Thanks to Bobby K and Mrs Hill for organizing a wet season at last. triffic job you two,
    I am writing about the budgit. Mate, where was the dam for the Black. Im sitting on a goldmine here and if they give me water all year round, I will be able to make a killin selling it off to some deadbeat shyster or quakk. Ill be abel to sell the piggers and take the missus on a lap of Oz. Might even settle on a beach in WA and watch the sun go down drinkun a nice shardennay from there.
    They tell me that the west is the best. Anyways, catch ya on the roundabout somewhere Maggers.

  32. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings All,
    Another example of TCC indifference, incompetence or neglect is the amount of weed infestation in the Ross River, particularly in the upper reaches.

    • The Magpie says:

      Yup, notice that increasingly on visits to the hospital. Next one tomorrow, will check. But we can be sure the Astonisher will check with the council, and squeeze in a couple pars between a new coffee ship opening and a brave tot ‘fighting’ some unpronounceable disease. (Unspellable for the paper as well, as often as not.)

    • Peter Sandery says:

      A great chance for those good-for-nothing Greens to do something worthwhile for the community by ridding the River of what has now become a pest

  33. Dave of Kelso says:

    ABC RN news this morning, Logan Councillor is being investigated for not declaring a developer donation of $10,000, made two years ago. Yet here in Townsville $22,000 seems not to rate a mention. I must assume the Logan Councillor is not a Labor Party darling.

  34. Footy fan says:

    Cowboys must be regretting that Scott Bolton was charged for that offence in Sydney.
    Had it happened in Townsville they would have quickly paid off the victim and called up their mates at the Astonisher to hush it up.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      ‘Fan’, what sort of remark is that you imbecile? There are at least two, possibly more sides to this and most matters.

      Please leave sport and this unfortunate circumstance alone whilst it runs it’s course – if this was an attempt at humour, it’s about as funny as a bad fart in a lift, you crud.

      • The Magpie says:

        Bit quick to indignant outrage there, oh featherless one … Fan was not really commnenting on the incident, simply pointing out this blog’s long exposed truth of news manipulation in this burg. Anyway, Fan is off the mark, too, in this town, the desperate good time gals of Via Vomitorium would be doing the grabbing.

  35. Grumpy says:

    Wonder how long it is before the passage to the Q Club is cleared of obstacles, now that there is a pilot school in the offing.

    Gill is a nauseating slug.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Yeah I thought the obstacle course was meant to be dismantled by now. Noticed the other night the Cafe/Bar out front has had it’s table area reduced, that area near the Jetstar offices about to turn into some overpriced retail outlet?

      One thing the place has certainly changed since my first flight in here standing in the arrivals hall and watching mostly very causally dressed locals wandering about waiting for arriving passengers with stubby holders sporting XXXX or Bundy as the whole terminal was licenced. Seemed to be less hassles then other than the Qantas Club not being beyond security…

    • Sandgroper says:

      He would be facing some stiff competition, including bids from WA, but Townsville probably meets (or can be upgraded to meet) most criteria.
      The first requirement is 300 days of “flying weather” a year. Next are an asphalt runway and taxiways with a minimum 1300m runway length, full lighting for night and reduced-visibility operations, and fuel tanker refuelling.
      The chosen airport will also need hangars and covered facilities to accommodate maintenance, and parking space for up to 30 planes with the ability to expand to more than 50.
      With an initial intake of 100 and plans to eventually train 500 pilots a year, this would be an economic bonanza for the city and region. Wouldnt it be ironic if this petty lounge-blocking shit and ongoing vilification of Qantas turned the tables in favour of other locations?

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