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Saturday, February 24th, 2018   |   199 comments


The ‘Pie sometimes indulges in joke headlines – this isn’t one of them. It’s true, according to no less than today’s Australian Financial Review. Clive has accepted the offer. But will the unwitting ratepayers have to foot the bill?

And the Politics of Petulance … our childish city leadership hits a shameful low during the week on two fronts … one which could also cost a pretty penny in fines and/or damages.

Damien ‘Adolf’ Tomlinson writes a farewell love letter to Townsville, before he heads off to join the Courier Mail … but funnily enough, he didn’t sign it.

And we come a timeless cracker of a headline, one of the best we’ve seen in years …

But first …

She Shoots Her Mouth Off In Haste, Now We Can All Repent At Our Leisure

Tucked away at the end of this page 5 Australian Financial Review story today was this startling bit of information ….


She’s agreed and he’s accepted? And our mayor will be apologizing publicly AND paying $50,000 to the man most responsible for devastating this city’s economy?

Has The ‘Pie just missed his meds? Nope, it’s a fact.

As usual, this all went down in secret, and, as usual, raises some very serious questions.

Jenny Hill

First and foremost is just who will pay the $50,000 – we the mug ratepayers because she made the comments as mayor, or will it come from Mrs Hill’s personal account, because she behaved as a self-interested and bombastic vote-seeking loudmouth? She’s an extremely wealthy woman by general standards, she can and should afford it. The ratepayers not only can’t, but shouldn’t.

The other lurking question is will Jenny Hill try to make the apology on behalf of the people of Townsville – which you can bet they most certainly WOULD NOT endorse because while she may wrong in careless fact, she is right in general sentiment – or will she have the uncharacteristic honesty to make it all her own mistake? Which it was.

And since the Astonisher published the claim, will they have to ante up some of the dough, or have they done a deal with Palmer on the quiet, since his ambition to re-launch the Palmer United Party would be even more doomed with News Ltd against him.

Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill’s swift capitulation is plainly more a political than a legal decision. It’s true that a court case would have become a lawyers’ picnic, and could have cost the council a million or more over time. And multiply that significantly if Palmer won.

But you can be assured this consideration did not wholly inform the mayor’s decision. Had she not quickly caved in, (and perhaps more importantly, had Clive not accepted the  final offer) the matter would’ve proceeded at snail’s pace but with maximum publicity through the legal system, right up to and perhaps beyond the next council elections. And those costs caused by a careless mayor would really poison the well of goodwill Mayor Mullet kids herself that she still can dip into. The pay-out will come under the heading of her bulging advisory file of bumbling fuck-ups, from trashing the national and lucrative reputation of the Perc Tucker Gallery, the inexplicable and unexplained delays with the bis hub, the nebulous boardwalk project which still hangs around indeterminately, the proposed battery factory where the smell is getting stronger by the day, the secretive creation of a council development Corporation, and of course, the scandalous unilateral decision to give Adani $18.5million towards an airstrip 400kms away. Which we won’t own, operate or make a profit from, and will in effect have to pay to use.

And this week, the thinly disguised fascist tactic of banning an film night because she didn’t like the perfectly legal subject matter(more on that in shortly).

After this debacle, surely, surely, surely, the administrators cannot be far away.


What A Croc(k) Part One

While that was a surprising event, the week started predictably enough, with the ‘smarm offensive’ from a panicked mayor – predicted by The ‘Pie some time ago – unfolding in the pages of the Astonisher and unfortunately for the city’s reputation, on national morning television. One edition of the paper –Monday or Tuesday – featured no less than five photographs of the mayor, hyping puff pieces like a spurious ‘maybe, perhaps’ water cycling thought-fart, cutting a cake to celebrate the council website getting a few thousand hits and so on.


But the most cringe-worthy – which also went onto the Sunrise program – was the absolutely nothing story of a Crocodile Dundee revival movie (Hogan is adamant there won’t be one and the whole thing is a mischieavous beat-up ) that the mayor wants shot in Townsville. While The ‘Pie can think of at least one other thing that should be shot in Townsville for the betterment of the city, the paper insisted on wannabee stories of would be stars and the mayor and Clr Margie Ryder making gooses of themselves – and the city – on the Sunrise program. Bentley placed tongue firmly when he offered up the one person he reckoned was ready to take over the Hogan role.

 Bring back dundee

Crocs and poofs, too many of one and the others don’t exist in NQ, h, Bob?  … but that croc does look a bit on the gay side the way you’ve got him, there mate.

But Then Things Took A Decidedly Dark Turn

In a blatant misuse of by-laws this week, Mayor Mullet and council CEO Adele The Impaler Young used their position and some very flimsy reasoning to block a function they found politically unpalatable … although quite legal.

Some background.

When Bill The Short Un was in town last Monday to waffle around his stand on mining and Adani, there was a bit of girlie slap and push between a doddery pensioner type bloke and some superannuated hippie type layabout outside the meeting. This was vastly blown out of proportion by the Astonisher and TV, which as we know, both hate sensationalism.

It was this totally inconsequential little push and shove that council CEO Adele The Impaler Young and Mayor Mullet pounced on cynically to ban an already booked film night at the Old Magistrates Court in Sturt Street. The North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC) had been given a booking at the venue for the film night, but then the mayor and the CEO decided it didn’t suit their politics.

So the permission was withdrawn on the grounds that the screening was ‘political’ and therefor not allowed ata  council venue – which was demonstrably biased codswallop – but when that nonsensical ruling was challenged, the NQCC received the following a letter:

Following discussions held by council with local representatives of the Queensland Police Service over emerging community tensions surrounding debate on the Adani Carmichael Mine Project, the council is not in a position where it is able to satisfy itself or guarantee the safe and peaceful conduct of the above-mentioned event for our staff or for members of the community.

Christ, we are in trouble in this town if the coppers couldn’t handle that powder puff stuff. They handle worse every night down in Via Vomitorium.

This piece of prize sophistry moved The ‘Pie to comment the time:

Since the disruption to peace and safety would only come from those supporting the Adani project, we now have the situation where a peaceful and democratic event is banned by the council because of what others – with whose views the council happens to agree – may or may not do. A couple of old farts do a bit of push and shove at The Short Uns meeting and this passes for ‘tensions with the community’? So this is what this current council, elected and administration has come to. They cannot argue against the charge of fascism … or, yet again, outright lying. We are now a nationally disgraced city. Thanks Mullet, thanks Impaler.

The Magpie imagined to two girlie chums then went hat shopping … Mayor Mullet picked a jaunty little number …

Nazi cap 1

… which pissed off CEO Adele Young so much, she decided to show the mayor who is real the boss in the Walker Street bunker and bought this ….

nazi cap 3

Now the council’s WH&S have ordered several dozen outdoor hats for their staff in keeping with the Executive style.

Nazi cap 2

These will specifically be used by staff to close down the next Groovin’ The Moo, where the council also cannot guarantee the public’s safety.

What A Crock Part 2

If Mayor Mullet made an expensive error with Palmer through ignorance of the law, then man-child airport boss Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill could come an even more spectacular – and way more expensive – cropper through one of the most petty and petulant action we’ve ever seen from a CEO.

Townsville Airport boss Kevin Gill (on the left), we think)

Gill is still furiously pouting and talking to himself about Qantas’s steadfast refusal to agree to an airport passenger tax in Townsville to fund a $80m airport upgrade – the airline correctly says that Queensland Airports Ltd should pay for it out of their own profits and not slug passengers. So in a foot stamping display, Gill has ordered a totally unnecessary rearrangement of seating in the main public waiting area … effectively blocking easy and obvious access to the popular Qantas lounge.

Q Lounge airport

Readers were astounded and not amused.

Alex DeLarge

February 23, 2018 at 3:16 pm  (Edit)

Oh, dear. Not only an obstacle course to the Qantas Lounge entrance in the background (which my aged mother could barely negotiate) … there was a 20 minute delay on the carousel. It backfired, Gill, the disgruntled passengers were blaming your incompetence. As were the yellow shirts who had to handle some mightily pissed off members of the public.


February 24, 2018 at 10:08 am  (Edit)

I thought the same thing about blocking the walkway.

I would also think it’s a safety hazard, how is someone in a wheel chair or on crutches supposed to negotiate the chair maze.

What a juvenile display from our so called “leaders”.


The Magpie is willing to bet that the tiled areas are on safety plans as areas to be kept clear in case of emergency. So if anyone – either in the general run of things or in an emergency – gets injured, not only will a damages bill be substantial, there could be fines or even harsher penalties for incompetent management.

But could this become a wider churlish modus operandi to get his own way. The Magpie contemplated that possibility in comments during the week.

magpie contemplating navel copy

The Magpie 

February 23, 2018 at 4:12 pm  (Edit)

It is clear that Kevin Gill has the emotional age of a petulant prepubescent who didn’t get his own way … and the mental age to match. Because how in his wildest two-fisted dreams could he imagine that pissed off passengers would blame Qantas … they know full well Qantas has nothing to do with terminal management and creative furniture arrangement.

And this puerile action from the man who is chairman of the ratepayer funded group tasked with attracting people to Townsville now raises a very serious question … in the light of this idiocy, will there be further deliberate but ‘unforeseen’ disruptions to baggage handling and carousel ‘breakdowns’, in a juvenile attempt to convince passengers they should pay a passenger tax to fund an upgrade of the airport Mr Gill’s parent company owns.

Damien ‘Adolf’ Tomlinson’s Lying Love Letter To Townsville … Just Before He Leaves To Live In Brisbane.

Damien Tomlinson

It seems in five or six weeks, Brisbane’s loss will be Townsville’s gain. Damien Adolf Tomlinson is heading off to the Courier, moving closer to his dream of becoming Andrew Bolt’s anointed successor of alt-right ratbaggery.

Yes, our boy is leaving the farm and family for the big smoke, but just in case we were about to forget him even before he left (Damien who?), he managed a sly reminder of his writing talents with this, which took over the valuable real estate of pages two and three on Monday

Bulletin 'committment'

Yes, yes, it says it was written by new editor Jenna Cairney, but that is patently an obvious fib, she has been here five undistinguished seconds, and could in no way know, or perhaps even subscribe the to fanciful, self-congratulatory flapdoodle of Monday’s effort.

Some background.

The whiff of panic that wafted about every word is a corporation-wide News initiative directed from Holt Street across all News Ltd mastheads. Forgetting how grating it is when people forget the old adage ‘self praise is no rcommendation’, individual iditors all produced their own purple prose of blarney about just how good they are, like a kid with a toy steering wheel sitting next to Dad in the car and going toot toot. (The Magpie’s favourite would have to be Ben Bogan English’s tortured claim for his Gold Coast Bulletin that ‘We’ve been the bodyguard of this city since 1885.’ Oh, purleese.) Jenna/Adolf’s best thigh slapper was the assertion ‘We’re for keeping the bastards honest, whether its big business, lazy politicians or bullying authorities.’ You couldn’t ask for a more succinct description of what he Townsville Bulletin doesn’t do.

This great pile of steaming doggy doos could be further dissected but no, suffice to say it again News Ltd wilfully rejecting reality – it is patently obvious that in every instance, news and reporting where shuffled into the background and ways to attract advertisers very much to the forefront. All this wittering on about partnerships, campaigns, fighting for the battler (ha!) overlooks the bleedin’ obvious: that good solid, well-written (and subbed), and balanced reporting would attract more readers, which in turn would attract advertisers, even as advertising rates went up commensurately. But as usual greed and panic have made them get it arse about yet again.

If Ms Carnie and the motley moth-eaten crew in Holt Street won’t heed the wisdom of self praise being no recommendation, thy might do well to ponder these wise words.

Thought leadership

Shutting The Barn(aby) Door


But trouble ahead for Talkbull.

There ‘s a new name on the political power play landscape in Canberra, but just how feisty she will be is yet to be seen …. Is Joyce Abbott is about to take on the role of government spoiler?

Other stuff

This is a real headline for a true online story … you’ll not see a more mind-boggling come on than this.

Screen shot 2018-02-24 at 10.50.32 AM

And things we didn’t want to know from our newspaper (not The Astonisher, this is American).


And any who doesn’t think Trump isn’t obsessed with money, he seems to view every situation as ringing up a cash register.

But when you’re talking Trump, you’re talking rewriting history.

Trump tree

” Father, I cannot tell a lie … I didn’t chop down the tree.’

And finally, a note on the Winter Olympics. The magpie can reveal details of that doping scandal where a Russian curling competitor tested positive to a banned substance. It seems a bit harsh when those watching on television often take the same drug with no penalty.


I mean, have you seen curling?


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  1. Alacan says:

    At $50K settlement you would have to wounder just how significant the hurt and loss to CP was.. clearly negligible

    And to think it was all about a public apology being enough .. well .. you just wouldnt think that in itself it was enough .. but then again he seems to be a stranger than normal pup.

    And if Council pays.. she suffers no hurt .. and in turn will twist things thru that wry disengeous smile at the point of delivery which will have her ranker and filers barracking for their victimised hero (no gender reference here)

    At any rate, wait to see how she performs with this one but geez i wish it was enough to have her squirming .. but it wont .. stranger and stranger .. what is the true background story to this one .. i wounder .. nah .. could it signal a reboot of QN.. nah couldnt be .. could it.. nah… stranger and stranger

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings ‘Pie and well done on Mayor Mullet and Clive. If it makes the front page of the Astonisher I will buy a copy.

    Regarding your fish picture, on first glance, it seemed to me to represent the Greens leading the ALP.

  3. I'll be plucked says:

    50k to Clive hey Mullet – here’s your chance to show our community how much integrity you might have by paying it out of your OWN funds. You fired off at the mouth, you pay!

    There is no way that the TCC should be paying this – it won’t pass the pub test, or indeed any test in our community if the TCC and the ratepayer picks up the tab. Your mouth, your wallet. C’mon Mullet, pay the bill personally.

  4. Sandgroper says:

    Did somebody slip me some LSD last night or have I fallen down a rabbit hole?

    • The Magpie says:

      Christ, you’ve found where I keep my LSD stash!!!

      • Grumpy says:

        Didn’t touch the bloody things.

        But, Jesus Christ, did you see the size of that fucking dragon in the kitchen?

      • Mark says:

        So can the Magpie tell me who is the name of the lawyer who is handling the case on behalf of Jenny Hill? And what of Malcolm Turnbull and Campbell Newman who are also being sued by “Bully boy” Clive Palmer – these cases will drag on for sometime. And by the way the ratepayers do not pay for defamation cases against Councillors this you will find under the Local Government Act 1994 that’s if you capable of reading it?

        • The Magpie says:

          Mark, if you’re going to be churlish and childish, you smart arse prick, read a little more closely yourself … there is no court case and there wasn’t any discussion about that apart from saying it would more than a million … this is a pre-emptive settlement. But if the ratepayers aren’t up for a court case in any event, then you’d agree that The ‘Pie’s analysis is correct … the mayor’s decision was purely political, settled so as to have no millstone around her neck running up to and maybe over the next election. And since you’re the expert, sonny, what does the relevant LG Act say about negotiated settlements like this? One trusts insurance covers that, too. And while you’re there, is there rap over the knuckles in the relevant act for a mayor who acts in such a dickheadish way in the first place?

        • Grumpy says:

          Ah, Milky – ever the soy boy. Did mummikins tell you to write this?

          • The Rolling Eye says:

            I’m not sure it was cappuccino.
            It doesn’t have enough spelling and grammar errors.

          • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

            It doesn’t have the typos, but it does have a strong dose of his trademark smarmy superiority. I had the opportunity to correct the man once, and the shade of red his face turned was worth every painful minute of that meeting.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Not that we need any drugs to experience the weird, psychedelic world that is the Townsville City Council.
        North Queensland is turning into some sort of parallel universe, complete with a despotic Queen and her deranged courtiers — not to mention the Mad Katter’s Tea Party.
        And isn’t it a sad indictment of local media that the first inkling we have of this backdown comes in a few throwaway lines near the end of a page 5 story in the Fin Review?

  5. SPQR says:

    What a bloody wimp is our mayor. As I’m certain you’re aware Pie, a plea of contextual truth would have been solid in defence, if the fat bastard had ever issued his Writ, which I doubt.
    Further, I reckon the Mullet threw away a great opportunity to somewhat redeem her local reputation by taking on the loathsome prick.
    Now she looks like even more of a f’wit than she already did, if that’s at all possible.
    I wonder whether Ewen Jones will still be contributing his $500 to the save Jen from Clive legal costs fund, as promoted on his Facebook page?

  6. One legged tap dancer says:

    New editor Jenna Cairney has really got the newsroom focused on local issues.
    According to the council website, even after all the rain we received over the past few days, Ross River Dam is still only 18% full.
    Given that water is the number one issue in Townsville, one would have thought the Astonisher would have been providing daily updates on the dam level at least on its website, but not a word.
    Surely we can expect an update on Monday morning, after local staff return to work and resume control of the online edition from News Ltd’s weekend warriors in Sydney.
    But don’t expect any questions to be asked about why the dam level is still so low. That won’t be covered in the council’s media release, which will be published word for word.

  7. Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

    So just who paid for the $50K, The Mayor or The Ratepayers?
    Also, when did the approval go through Council?

    Peter (TRRA)

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Hmm, and what might the minute read ’50k in support of the Mayors mouth’…….

      • The Magpie says:

        Just a thought which one of you legal wallahs out there mnay be able to expand on … would the council not carry … like newspapers … defamation insurance?

        • Alacan says:

          They used to be self insured

        • Polythene Pam says:

          Am pretty sure that state Govt policy is to indemnify eg any Minister who says something in the course of their portfolio and is then sued in defamation – probably applies to all Qld Council mayors as well

        • Legalese says:

          The insurances most businesses get would normally cover this sort of thing, as would the policies the that relate to directors & officers cover. It’ll depend on the policy wording. Looking at the article it looks like an offer under the defamation legislation has been made to Palmer here. There are pretty strict time limits under the defamation legislation for making these sort of offers – they have to be made before you can file a defence for them to be valid, for example.

  8. The Judge says:

    Mayor Mullet had some explaining to do last night in Deeragun during the rain when the extensive [and expensive]new drainage system in Laura Crt. and Hank St. failed.Plenty of flashing lights and road closed signs as well as popped up steel man hole lids that weight a great deal greeted the Mayor on her arrival.At a community meeting a couple of years ago she assured the residents of Laura Crt. that the new drainage system would end their worries.At one stage the water from the open manholes was flowing back in the opposite direction,that would have to be one hell of an engineering feat to achieve something like that,well done TCC!

    • Dearie Me says:

      There’ll be no explanation.
      Just like there’s been no explanation about the events at Mt St John treatment plant. I’m wondering where the money for that fine will come from….
      However the new and much wiser management guided by the genius that is the Imapler have been discussing a move away from an engineering and infrastructure focus for council’s business model. I guess that means we can expect to see more unexplained happenings in pipes around town. Perhaps we’ll have our version of the XFiles…

    • Dave Nth says:

      It was backed up Summerland Dve in Brendale Estaste as well. Been here since 2008 & never seen it this bad even after Yasi (250mm at Yabulu) or various flooding rain days over 200mm like yesterday. Know there was a high tide at that time too but I am curious to know if there has been any changes to the storm run off in the area anywhere or lack of maintenance (have pics somewhere if the pie wants of last night & 2011).

      • The Judge says:

        Channel 7 and 9 did interviews this morning with residents who were flooded,so that will be interesting to watch tomorrow night.
        Mayor Mullet suggested to residents last night that they should sell up!!!!

      • "Waste" OFTAM says:

        I’m reading your comments about the flooding in deeragun last night. Wonder if you are all aware of the runoff from the jensen landfill into the nearby creek. Unfortunately that much water at once can’t be captured. and the creek that runs through to Summerland drive connects with where the water was coming from the tip. How much toxic substances are heading into the waterways. Obviously the state government EPA dosnt inspect much. Just like the treatment plant stuff up this could result in suspending any council for neglegence.

        • The Magpie says:

          Look The ‘Pie sometimes wonders at some of you folks. That is good and important information, but it is wasted if this is the only place its ends up. The ‘Pie doesn’t kid himself about how widespread or how large his readership is (he was going to say its more quality than quantity, but in light of some of the comments, grammar and fantasies, best not) … and about half are not supporters but are frightened not to read it. So such information should be taken further … indeed it could save lives or serious illness. For The ‘Pie to take it further would be both ‘double-handling’ and incomplete without personal and – frankly for him nowadays – physically demanding inspection. Always pleased and grateful to be used as conduit, but a simple note of complaint which would take less than a minute to the appropriate authority would do one important thing … put the matter on record. So if anything does eventuate, they cannot say they didn’t know.

        • Dave Nth says:

          Unsure of the Tip having too much influence unless you are talking about Stony Ck which is approx 1km away to the north on the other side of a shallow ridge that the Ring Road extension runs down as far as I can see the water courses don’t link with Saunders Ck till you get to the Bohle River somewhere near Mt Low.

          Saunders Ck was the issue last night & it was coming in through the storm drains as well, something with multiple excess than 200mm days and cyclones I have never seen before. The only change I know of has been the Ring Road extension and that is upstream so unlikely to influence events like last night.

          Parkside has all but abandoned building out here for the time being so it is natural that something is now a problem that hasn’t been a problem previously sparks my interest. That’s why I was throwing out there got to be from downstream and the only thing I can see there is the newer areas around the new state school at North Shore, what has changed there?

      • Dearie Me says:

        I had heard from some “very important people” about Council some months ago that storm water drainage maintenance had not been done and it was likely to become an issue. Might be worth following that up and asking WHEN they did the last flush on the drains….

  9. BARNaby says:

    Watch me get my rocks off now from the back bench and it won’t be about matters related to my bedroom olympics!

    Ahh, Tony and me what a team we will make – watch me and weep, lap it up – I’m BARNaby, your not!

  10. BARNaby says:

    I rock and will be throwing them with old mate Tony very, very soon. Looking forward to being benched and having the shackles removed!

  11. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Well we all know what sort of a clown our mayor is and now it’s beyond doubt. Many things are being said around townsville but nothing seems to be happening in regards to any action on the mayor herself. Was talking to the next door neighbor and he’s had enough of trying to talk to any news people here they just don’t want to do anything. He’s been in contact with Alan Jones and had a reply about the adani rubbish. A text this morning from him told me he’s going to pass all said here because councils around Australia are getting into trouble but not this one. Time to let southern media know what’s going on and keep following them up. It’s a shame he thinks that the only way is to go outside the state to voice concerns. Thank God for the magpie else we’d have no idea anything was happening. Wonder if I’m getting a pay cut to cover the 50k.

  12. Narbloc says:

    I think you might find the chairs were moved to allow for carpets to be cleaned.

    • The Magpie says:

      Do you know or are you guessing? Or giving Gill an excuse he can use when he realises the legal risk he is running? This airport is mad on signage for all sorts of WPH&S reasons, so perhaps someone could check if there is/was a sign apologising for the inconvenience and explaining the shift.

      • Scientician79 says:

        That seems highly unlikely.

        You can’t see in the photo but the chairs are still all over the carpeted areas, they have just spread them out and creatively rearranged them to block the walkway to the lounge.

        There is no signage or indication of this being a “temporary” arrangement, and they have been that way for at least two weeks – seems a long time to be cleaning the carpets.

      • Grumpy says:

        No, there was not

    • Simon Templar says:

      Narbloc – don’t be a wanker, or an apologist for one.

    • Kingswood says:

      Cleaned? During my last trip a month ago I looked at the sad state of the carpets and thought they needed pulling up and burning. The seats that all have different cloth on them and weird stains in certain locations are also unique.

      Still, it’s better than the old airport. A nightmare hodge podge of fibro pre fab buildings on different floor levels and metal grills where you’d get blown away by the blast of the jets in the late 70s. And who can forget the tractor/trolley setup prior to the baggage carousel. Pray you didn’t have something fragile in your bag if it was at the bottom.

      • The Magpie says:

        In addition to what has been mentioned elsewhere about the possibility of manufactured ‘breakdowns’ and ‘slowdowns’, The ‘Pie wouldn’t put it past Gill to allow the scruffiness to proliferate rather than be attended to in a professional manner, to further coerce users into accepting his ticket tax … which of course is bullshit, QAL benefits, they should pay. But no matter … as Mayor Mullet has already discovered, having the bombast to try and play a zero sum game with Qantas ends up with a whole Steggles farm on your face.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Well I remember the tractor towing the flatbed trailer with luggage on top. In thoes days Townsville had quiet a colonial feel to it especially the now long gone fabulous old buildings. Now it has no soul.

    • WTP says:

      It was not the case that the chairs had been moved to clean the carpet.
      When I inquired at the Qantas club counter I was informed that the chairs had been put in place by the “powers to be” without any consultation with the Qantas local manger.

      When I rang the management office and spoke to one of the managers re what brain child was responsible for putting the chairs across the walkway it was explained to me that the tiled area which I presumed was a walkway to both the Qantas club and the toilets, that this was not the case it was actually part of the lounge. Silly Me!!!

      When I suggest that it may be an idea to place a sign indicating the new path, through the cafe area, to the toilets and Qantas club I was told that there was no sign previously so why place one in now.

      I explained to the manager that previously there was no need for a sign as everyone used the tiled walkway to get to the toilets and Qantas club.

      I guess that is why they get the big money

  13. Non believer says:

    As already mentioned absolute silence in the Astonisher about the mayor handing Clive Palmer $50,000 to cover her large arse after a public verbal attack on Palmer. I pose this question. If Les Tyrell had been so absolutely stupid it would have already been the subject of a series of blazing front page stories.

    This payout would have seen the Astonisher calling on the front page for him to be sacked. The difference between the Mullet and Tyrell is Yrell had principles and class not like the bogan brain dead Mullet.

    Let’s see what the paper does. It will determine wether the Astonisher will continue to slide down the shit shute or finally stand up for this city. The Mullet has to go. The paper must call for her sacking.

    • The Magpie says:

      The Astonisher’s sin may well NOT BE that it hasn’t reported it, but that with the exception of sport, updating stories is dictated by staff rostering and possible overtime … which is just as bad as the real probable cause of not reporting the matter … they just didn’t fucking know.

      • Non believer says:

        Weekend staffing may be an I ssue Pie but how will they handle it when they finally catch up to everyone else? As always they Astonisher is always behind the Magpie but we all know they read this blog. By now they should know.

        Let’s not leave the electronic media out of this Seven and the new Nine bulletin leave a lot to be desired with their coverage of all things council. WIN seem to be trying to provide decent coverage.

        But the sad truth is that my sources tell me the television ratings for TV local news services like the newspaper’s circulation figures are also very poor.

        Television news has been churning out parish pump fluff stories with very little investigative reporting. It’s time for them to step up as well.

        • The Magpie says:

          And loath as The ‘Pie is to say, local ABC radio 630 News is almost always MIA … Paula Tapiloas used to hoe into all sorts of subjects of interest and import (she is sadly missed on air), and since she is no longer regularly featured, Pat Hessian has the occasional shot (see last week’s blog) but it is generally a safety first policy when it comes to local issues. No budding Quentin Dempsters or Leigh Sales in this mob (Tapiloas could’ve gone all the way with an all round talent, but one assumes she opted for a family life here in Townsville, which is fair enough), But the news part of the office itself seems to be ultra gun shy, possibly taking the view that ‘it’s OK for an irresponsible Magpie to rattle on, but we are a REAL news organisation’. It’s pretty lazy, getting 80% of its leads from media releases, and then rarely seeking an alternative point of view. Well, the only real investigative news done by Wickham Terrace is when one of the locals is seconded by management down south for a television story. There just doesn’t seem to be the interest to even look at the plethora of stories important to Townsville. Well not that The ‘Pie has heard anyway.

          Although she can be an insufferable rudus interruptus, a touch of the posturing tough gal Ellen Fanning wouldn’t go astray. Forlorn hope, one would think.

  14. Burdell boy says:

    Also a major problem in Burdell last night with water 1 metre over the road and houses flooded. Locals reckon they never experienced any flooding until new suburbs were developed and council allowed the new blocks to be built higher than the rest of the suburb, together with an inadequate drainage system.
    This is common practice for local “preferred” developers, some of whom are Mayor Mullet’s best mates.
    I can feel a class action coming on – and it won’t be settled for $50 grand.

    • Achilles says:

      With all this extra water floating about, who’s looking after the toxic settlement ponds at Yabulu? If they do spill over who’s liable?

    • Boho63 says:

      It was only 6 weeks ago the bloke that heads the development in Burdell personally assured me that water would never enter any house and also said that the park in Waterway Drive was supposed to go under in a rain event. Funny how they report they will replant grass there when the water restrictions are over! We were also told that rentals would be capped at 20%. Fairy tales at best.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Very common these days as councils opt for a Q100 level on new developments, unfortunately that leaves many old developments under Q50 with lakes for back yards.. Updated flood maps show many of the older areas in Townsville/Thuringowa a different shade to the new developments over the fence. Not only are the drainage provisions inadequate when it pisses down but it also effects things like insurance premiums as insurance companies use these maps to identify risk.

  15. Crankie Frankie says:

    Looks as if Adanis airstrip might be just a tad shorter, $50,000 shorter unless she gets the Mullets Go Fund Me page up and running ASAP

  16. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

  17. Critical says:

    May the Lord help us if we get a cyclone because TCC certainly isn’t going too. Mullet launched the Community Dashboard to advise the community of road closures etc in times of cyclones and other weather events. According to the TCC Dashboard everything is open, better not tell that to people living in Deeragun or on Queens Road.

  18. Achilles says:

    The TB (on line) has just published a “report” regarding a croc in Ross Creek, the jumbled wording of the reporter could imply that the observer actually has a creek flowing through his apartment…. also the now standard TB typo is thrown in for good measure. I’ve seen crocs swimming just below the surface and they don’t leave a wake coz of the lumpy bits on their back.

    There is speculation among Townsville City residents about the presence of a large crocodile after a man filmed a mysterious wake moving through the Ross Creek.

    “Stephen McRae, who is only new to Townsville, shot two videos of the relatively strong wake moving thorugh the creek from his apartment about 8am on Wednesday”


  19. Bentley says:

    Whilst we were all hypnotised by the Barnaby ‘To bonk or not to bonk, That is the question’ bullshit, there was a sneaky bill passed in parliament at the instigation of APRA and its member banks, in the absence of opposing members, which puts all our savings at risk. THIS REALLY IS VITAL TO KNOW. Don’t be daunted by the 20+ minutes on the video, you’ll get the message and decide whether to continue watching in the first couple of minutes … it’s scary and should be rescinded.
    Check it out.


  20. Mark the Jazz says:

    Geez I did not read all of the comments but there appears to be more and more people aware of the MAGPIE, strength to your arm young bird. Mark the Jazz, here from the start.

  21. The old peterbuilt says:

    If your having trouble with water in your area brace yourself, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The rain we’ve had this month is nothing more than a piss in a bucket compared to what the gods can dish up from time to time. As conveyed to me on seperate occasions by both John Hannah and dan Gleeson the 1946 flood happened at the end of a healthy wet season. Everything was soaked and full when a low crossed the coast and sat over tsv for a couple of days. Alice river and the Bohle joined and there was four feet of water where now sits rangewood, ruperstwood and kalyinda chase. Ross river broke its bank at the bend we now call riverway and went straight ahead through the area we now call kirwan. There was 8ft of water in Ogden st and so on and so on. Some have said it won’t happen again because the dam is there now but what happens once the dam is full and on that note I worked on both stages of that project and I wouldn’t run stock below that wall let alone live on the down side. As you all know history and the weather have a habit of repeating itself. That’s why the old peterbuilt lives on a rise well away from the flood plane you all call townsville.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Greetings Top,

      Following on from your reminder of the 1946 flood I am keen to know from yourself or other qualified member about the Night of Noah (NoN) and the RR Dam wall upgrade that followed.

      I understand the NoN rainfall was mostly confined to the Townsville urban area. A comment from a well retired local geologist was that if the bulk of the NoN rain fell in the RR Dam catchment the dam wall would have failed along the Nth/Sth part of the wall with much of the spill going onto the Bohle River Flood Plain (now residential and called something like Lar-de-dar Waters).

      A couple of months after the NoN, and with out announcement or fanfare, the entire RR Dam wall was rebuilt as far as it was possible and the radial gates installed at the spillway.

      Given these events and timing it seems to me that the initial RR Dam wall construction was wrong for the local geology and always unsafe.

      Keen to hear from someone qualified or in the know about the above.

      (p.s. The NoN at my place was a bloody dry affair. We were out of booze and the road was flooded.)

    • Sandgroper says:

      OPB, you will be hailed as a prophet after the next Night of Noah.
      We were lucky to escape serious damage during a couple of decades in Townsville, living first at Pallarenda then in Mundingburra, but I’m picking a high spot if you elect a decent council and I return.
      Many of the new subdivisions are clearly disasters in the making. Even more frightening is the prospect that haphazard development is placing hitherto-safe, established suburbs at risk of catastrophic flooding.

  22. The old peterbuilt says:

    To any newcomers both John Hanson and dan Gleeson were members of early pioneering families. John was a cattleman and earthmover and developed serene valley and parts of alligator ck. Dan Gleeson was an earthmoving contractor and long serving mayor of thuringowa council. Hannon was also a councillor on the same council.

  23. Mike Douglas says:

    Just caught up with the Margie Ryder Sunrise interview about another Crocodile Dundee movie which made Townsville look like the Beverly Hillbillies.Whilst Margie claims T.C.C has nothing to do with it and it’s a group of volunteers here is a reality check Margie, you are a Councillor to Australia’s 13 th biggest city. I don’t think your campaign fits in with any strategy of T.C.C. or Tel or don’t you feel confident and think you need to add your footprint.Negotiations are ongoing about seeking more investment $ to the city and trying to reverse the nearly 40% drop in household net worth in Townsville from $524,000- $386,000 in 7 years.Whilst it was a bit of fun and what you do in your own time is your business but think about the impact of others and how investors see Townsville.

  24. Burdell boy says:

    Interesting comment from deputy dickhead Messagebank in today’s Astonisher re flooding of homes over the weekend: “The team responded appropriately and the Mayor was on the ground with local disaster members, and it was a great response from the team.”
    Obviously he referring to himself and other Labor councilors when he refers to “local disaster members”. At least he got that right.
    And just what “response” did the Mayor actually provide? Any comments about how new developments have been allowed to cause flooding to properties which were previously high and dry, even during cyclones?
    Interesting that although present (apparently) the Mayor chose to allow Messagebank to talk to the media. Strange behaviour indeed for such a media tart.
    Could it be she is ducking for cover because of that $50,000 settlement with Clive Palmer she has no comment on in today’s Astonisher or is she merely following her new policy of only being available for positive announcements?
    Also puzzling is why the Astonisher didn’t ask the question everyone is asking: Is the Mayor going to pay that $50,000 out of her own funds or will the ratepayers be slugged?
    And the new editor says she is going to keep the bastards honest. Oh pleeeese.

  25. Silverfox says:

    I noticed in last weeks Astonisher the three useless members for Townsville, Mundingburra and The ‘gower’ all given a free kick by the Astonisher to tell the community what they were doing. They never did this for the last LNP members – why not?

  26. Sandgroper says:

    Please tell me today’s print edition of the Bulletin has a prominent story about Jenny Hill’s settlement with Clive Palmer, together with an explanation as to who is paying.
    I’ve trawled the online edition since dawn but have found bugger-all.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Well, as Barnaby knows, in gets lonely down on the Canberra farm when the missus stays at home.

    • Ronny Righteous says:

      Jeez, you’d have to be pretty desperate to pleasure Georgie Porgie!
      And what about his latest thought fart urging people to flood hospital EDs rather than visit a GP?
      Just a populist moron.

  28. The Magpie says:

    This from a well-informed reader.

    As you state, ‘Pie, NQCC had a phone call I think the Friday before the screening and before the Shorten incident- to say that the Council were going to withdraw the use of the Hall as the screening was “political” and council premises could not be used for anything political. (Should we move Council meetings to The Ville perhaps?) NQCC had a good bit of lawyers advice and called Council’s bluff – and then TCC used the law and order gag to cancel it at the Court Theatre. It moved to QCWA in Denham street!!

    Also the Court Theatre has had a great little theatre set up for years – some tiered rostra, blacks a couple of lighting bars and a basic rig. So the building – which is a difficult one at the best of times, has had really quite good use exactly because it has had this set up (open mic nights the TMPAS, small concerts, the film screening and others) now TCC are insisting that all this be removed (it’s owned by Full Throttle Theatre who are more than happy to share their gear and see the venue used by more than just themselves) and go to a flat floor meeting room with the flouro lights only – and not much use to anyone. (Yes you can pay Council extra to have the “Theatre” set up put back in) – so it will not get used. (Small hirers won’t afford that set-up charge).
    Then it empty – then ( I’m no conspiracy theorist) Council will just have to get rid of that City Centre site to some developer. Heritage listed – who cares!!”

    So, first Perc Tucker, now this … The Magpie notes yet again that the vandals are not at the gates of the city, they entered five years ago and are now in wreaking inexplicable havoc with the artistic heritage and value of Townsville. What possibly can be their justification?

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Love your suggestion of the Mullet and Impaler going hat shopping and their selection of headwear.

      Seems a definite case of ‘if the hat fits’ for the Mullet.

      Didn’t Hitler order a ‘scorched earth’ policy to totally destroy all infrastructure and facilities when he realised that his dream of world domination was over and his defeat was inevitable? A sort of “the people don’t deserve to be left with anything if they don’t appreciate having me as their leader” mentally that it seems that the Mullet has also adopted.

    • The Magpie says:

      And just to addinsult to injury, The ‘Pie is informed that the council is now rehiring some people who received redundancy payouts. Is that legal?

      • Dearie Me says:

        Many of the engineers who were marched out or took redundancies have been working for Council as much more expensive contractors. There’s bugger all engineers at Council anymore. Apparently we don’t need them.
        Funny part is the nous report said that the excessive use of contractors had to stop. I’ve seen more contractors in the last 12 months than ever before.

  29. One legged tap dancer says:

    Gropes, the Mayor’s $50,000 rant about Clive Palmer was printed in the paper today – 3 paragraphs buried on page 10 which merely reported that she wouldn’t comment.
    On the other hand pages 2 and 3 were taken up by pledges and promises from the new editor that she “keep the bastards honest”.
    Go figure!

    • The Magpie says:

      Page 10!?!

      Now just imagine if this had been say, Vern Veitch or Tony Parsons … front page, and inside an iditorial and cartoon, calling for resignations. Another nail in the coffin of the Astonisher. And still they wonder ….

      This wilful bias and refusal to cover stories that matter tothis community has sealed the fate of Ms Cairney in this blog, and she now earns the same soubriquet as the previous incumbents since Typo Gleeson of ‘Iditor’.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Hold on a moment, the Mullet would not comment?? The apology is to be a public apology is it not? Then the public, (that is all of us) should be present if we so choose, all wearing ‘Magpie’ printed tee-shirts. That would be a hoot. (sorry, wrong bird, a warble.)

      Question Dear ‘Pie, will the owner of your magpie with magnifying glass logo permit it to be printed onto a tee shirt, to wear at, say, the next LG election time or whenever there is a public apology?

    • Sandgroper says:

      Thanks, Tapper.
      A journalistic disgrace which clearly indicates the Bulletin’s subservience to big advertisers and petty powerbrokers.
      As The ‘Pie points out, the coffin is almost nailed shut.

  30. Scientician79 says:

    Perhaps the new Iditor can enlighten us to exactly which bastards she refers to?

    Clearly it’s not anyone of any consequence to the future of this town.

    The Palmer apology and payment should be front page news for the next week.

    Where will the apology be published? In a flyer posted to the top of a power pole? Although in fairness probably a wider distribution than the Astonisher.

    By not holding powerful people to account we are actually at a point where this town would be better off not having a paper at all. They are clearly so badly compromised they aren’t even willing to ask the questions that should be asked.

    There is no doubt a case study to be had in the failure of good governance in Local Government and the connection to the failure of strong truly independent local media.

  31. FNQ (Farkin NQ) says:


    After spending probably a year reading your blog and a number of the comments that pop onto it, not all but those that interest me. I think we all agree the council is failing in its promotion of Townsville as a business / tourist hub.
    But what is being done? Those that try, appear to be overwhelmed by council semantics. I too read the article in the fin review on the weekend and for the life off me I do not understand where a mayor, any mayor for that matter (other than Bloomberg previous mayor of NY) can come up with $50k?
    Sure, the word is the party its paying and thats fine., if thats where their contribution dollars go thats for them.
    If it is the ratepayers that is a totally different story. Why isn’t this question being asked publicly?
    Townsville is the labour stronghold of the north (apparently) and if we are so strong where is the public infrastructure?
    Where is the water, where are the roads? what are we doing about flooding.
    We have some on the highest council rates in the country. Yes Country.
    We are not a capital city, we are 1000 miles from Brisbane.. so what now we are a Perth? Perth is a great spot but it also gets its fair share on mining royalties. We do to in QLD… Its just spent in the south east corner where the population is granted But why can’t we stand up?
    This Adani argument is complete rubbish, the global numbers say our national contribution to carbon is currently 1.7% of the world.
    Now if we get the inland rail and Adani and the surrounding mines get going. Guess what.. We go to 2.1%… really? 2.1%..
    Who are we kidding, sure its great to feel like we are not contributing to global emissions by recycling but how about this… In the USA, India and China there’s 3.35b people that contribute upwards of 78% of the global carbon.
    How do you stop them using coal or doing whatever they can to get cheap power? lets not forget India and China didn’t have an industrial revolution, they are having it now, 100 years after us, who are we to say “no you Can’t” get ahead in the world” as we’ve already produced enough carbon??
    Simple answer, we can’t sadly with 24.5m in OZ, this a drop in the ocean.
    We need to wake up!
    We use what we can to ensure jobs and the economy turning over, sure there’s hasn’t been a recession… really.. tell that to the people of North Queensland.
    We are a minnow in the global scheme of things and whilst its lovely to spend more on light bulbs and recycle to make us feel better, and good luck to the guys building solar and wind farms locally..
    It’s really doing fuck all to solve a problem no one can answer other to their your own conscience….

    • The Magpie says:

      You are not alone in your view, but The Magpie wants to make it clear that his argument against Adani is that there is ample evidence that it is a shonky outfit, lying about jobs, BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST, NO Australian tax or ratepayer dollars should go towards a such a financially precarious project. That would be grossly irresponsible. The ‘Pie leaves the argument about global emissions to others, but those who blindly and unquestioningly support the Adani mine are wilfully ignoring the short to medium dangers of massive economic turmoil, doubly painful because of the false and biased information b eing peddled by an irresponsible Townsville Bulletin and Mayor Jenny Hill and her council – the former doing it in the forlorn hope of restoring readership, the latter because she thinks there’s votes in it which can buy with ratepayers funds.

      • FNQ (Farkin NQ) says:

        Ok, please let me be clear. I did’nt know you too where against Adani.
        Lets be crystal on a few points on financial viability.
        If you are a self funded multinational private company you will get money where you can find it. This crap about Australian banks not funding it.. who cares.. we make up 2% of the worlds stock market. Do you really thing our banks can compete? California is a larger economy than ours for crying out loud.
        Oh so china won’t lend to them? Big deal, why? because they are competitors in the Coal game. They need it as much as we need to sell it.
        Look at Gina in the basin. Do you not think the Chinese may have filled their models with exposure to QLD coal.
        Adani will find the money, lets not forget where interest rates are today.
        The question is, are we as tax payers willing to expand federal infrastructure spending into central and North Queensland. If no, why not? We shouldn’t care if it was to grow emu’s. All this gum bumping about its not 10,000 jobs… no its fuckin not for adani alone.. but add another 5 mines in the area and you have those 10,000 jobs.
        So we spend a billion on a federal loan to build infrastructure that brings us $30 billion over 50 years.. Is that a bad trade?
        The case is pretty simply, you have Uber drivers in Brisbane who are engineers specializing in the coal game and they can’t get work because we are mucking about. We need jobs and their are professionals out there driving cabs for probably 30% of what they used to make.. we to get on board and play to our strengths.. and Jesus wept.. is it that hard to understand..

        • The Magpie says:

          There are several things that are NOT hard to understand in your impassioned pleading. One is that you would be a wonderful candidate for Townsville mayor, so selectively does your chosen scenario play out, conveniently ignoring some ‘inconvenient truths’.

          Your argument about Adani funding (or lack thereof) by banks is straw clutching at best – you think ANY bank ANYWHERE would turn down the chance at a mega million return if it even had a 50% chance of success? But to you the homework they have done is worthless and you seem to be happy to be cavalier with other peoples’ money, which clearly points to the fact that you are a socialist. (As tey say, socialism is great until you run out of others peoples money.)

          Then you veer across to the the highway of progress to the capitalist side of the road, advocating a free for all for private companies using taxpayers money. Much of which it is clear could be in danger of disappearing into inaccessible Cayman Island bank accounts. The ‘Pie is not against coal, but yes, he is against Adani and our callous mayor who is willing to risk no less than a financial catostrophy for the whole country to make her look like a job creator. One wonders which rock (or senate seat) she will be hiding behind when the whole goes south and people are again thrown out of work, and the cruel turmoil that goes with that.

          Seems your real dilemma, Frakin old fella, is whether you will vote for Malcolm Shorten or Bill Turnbull – or probably Pauline Pantsdown.

        • The old peterbuilt says:

          Totally agree with fnq on carbon emissions etc. we are strangling this country with metrosexual new age left wing bullshit and if any of the so called environmentalists think coal has lost its lustre think again. I was in Mackay last week and Hastings (caterpillar) have ramped up to 150 storeman at their Mackay wharehouse and I am told BMA have placed an order for 220 D10 Nd D11 all worth mill plus each and most big equipment suppliers have full order books. Mackay is steaming ahead.
          With adani I would love to see this project go ahead for the sake of the region but everything I have seen and heard over the last couple of years tells me they can’t be trusted and if it does go ahead it should only be with their own money. As they say in the book of life. If it smells like shit, feels like shit and tastes like shit it’s usually shit.

          • The Magpie says:

            Nothing like the smell of an old book … hope you open your library windows occasionally.

          • Les Miserables says:

            Help! Help! I am being strangled by a left wing metrosexual greenie!

            What the fuck planet are you on, Perterbuilt?

            This country is Redneck Wonderland, home of the plebs, and you’re worrying about METROSEXUALS? I haven’t heard that term in about a decade.

            Christ on a bike! We have bigger problems than metrosexuals!

          • Ronny Righteous says:

            Tres droll and so true, mon ami, but maybe a little grumpy?

      • Sandgroper says:

        Farkin? More like Barkin.’

    • The Stockman says:

      Here here.
      It’s like a race to the bottom in Townsville at the moment.
      If Adani doesn’t happen, what else is on the horizon? Shit bugger all, and that’s a fact.
      A piece by Sandra Harding in Saturday’s astonisher – two pages telling us change is coming (no shit sherlock) but not a single paragraph about how to change or what we need to change tol

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, yeah, of course, she’s a millionaire academic.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          She is covered in Teflon that Sandra Harding, nothing sticks to her. I always found it ironic that she was part of the LNP commission of audit in 2013 that lead to 14,000 public servants being given the arse, a few thousand in Townsville alone, many of them justified in a bloated public service, but when all the mud was being thrown at the three local LNP members by the astonisher and others not one bad word directed at the bony blonde for her role in the process for what would have been a handy fee, she epitomises everything that is wrong with this place at the moment, fat cat public servants, parasites.

      • Kingswood says:

        I read those 2 pages of fluff and waffle waiting for the punchline & solutions, then nothing! I’d like my 5 minutes back please, what a waste of space. I give you a D minus….

        • FNQ says:

          If it takes you 5 minutes to read 2 pages I doubt you’re in a position to be marking anyone. Perhaps look at a TAFE speed reading course….

  32. seagull says:

    our jenny has made the national news this morning ………..

    With Townsville pushing hard for Adani’s $16.5 billion coal mine to proceed to provide much-needed employment for the city, the defamation case is further bad news for the council, which has already committed $17 million to help Adani fund an airstrip for the Indian company in the Galilee Basin.

    It is understood any defamation payout will be met by an insurance arrangement from Local Government Mutual – which covers legal liability for senior officer holders in Queensland – but a spokesman for Townsville City Council would not comment on Monday.

    Any move to push the legal bill onto ratepayers would have caused voter anger in North Queensland in a city already struggling with high unemployment and a lacklustre economy after the end of the last mining boom.

    Read more: http://www.afr.com/news/politics/townsville-mayor-jenny-hills-50000-deal-to-end-clive-palmers-defamation-suit-20180225-h0wn29#ixzz58Fr8Prx4
    Follow us: @FinancialReview on Twitter | financialreview on Facebook

  33. Old Hack says:

    Here’s a suggestion for editor Jenna Cairney as she plods along with her “100 readers in 100 days” marathon:

    Along with interviewing the hoi polloi, please ask a few searching questions of the mayor, councillors, TEL executives and the city’s big developers.

    It seems that Bulletin journalists are incapable of doing so.

    For some ideas of what questions to ask, refer to The Magpie’s Nest.

  34. FNQ says:

    Oh Grumpy look at you casting aspersions.. Don’t worry your order of extra small condoms has arrived.. you can collect it on dole day..try not to spend the rest on chai lattes and ponytail bands…Here’s a tip.. If you can’t contribute to a conversation.. it’s pretty simple… don’t.

    • The Magpie says:

      Good advice all round … considering your comment hasn’t contributed to the grand sum of anything. It isn’t even funny. The ‘Pie lets everybody have a dig but digs have to go with points to be made … otherwise, just Text The Iditor.

      • FNQ says:

        Magpie, the point, as made previously and let me say this with a nice clear voice as if I was talking to a Labrador or a 10 year old child.
        The repercussions for an Australian bank backing a project that has this much heat on it is not worth the trouble. Our banks are amongst the most profitable in the world. They don’t need the grief. Does this mean the project is not commercial? Certainly not, Bill can’t even confirm he is 100% against it and is relying on them to say it is commercially viable and they have found a bank or a hedge fund in the UK or the US to fund a portion of it and they will be away.
        Overseas funders won’t care what the public thinks as they won’t be in retail banking in Australia. Why would they. They are in it to make the quid.
        Your statement in relation to pissing away tax payers money on infrastructure. Let me put it this way, If a government said to you, you put forward an apple and the government said, thanks for that we will put in another apple is that a waste of taxpayer funds when the project needs 6 apples….
        Tell me when Kevin Rudd turned to the public and said oh shit a recession is coming and handed out $900 per voter… did you take it?? Don’t lie..

        • The Magpie says:

          Fully understand why your talking to a labrador and as 10-year-old child, as they are clearly your intellectual equals – with apologies to the labrador.

          • FNQ says:

            Try to argue with idiots and they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience everytime. Good luck throwing stones..

          • The Stockman says:

            Me thinks FNQ is a TEL rep.
            His outpourings of sensibility sounds like one of their stupid ‘advocacy alerts’, but with grit.

        • Achilles says:

          Everyone has the right to be stupid, but please don’t abuse the privilege.

          • Grumpy says:

            He seems rather fixated on the size of condom I require.

            All he had to do was ask his mum.

          • The Magpie says:

            Now hang on a sec … let’s look at the possibilities. You Grumps, are a well known tight arse, and you therefore were probably using the regimental condom. The regimental condom had probably had a good work out over the years, and possibly failed on this occasion. And that would could make you … oh, no … perish the thought if the condom was perished… papa.

    • Grumpy says:


      • Sandgroper says:

        Don’t think Barkin’ Farkin would need a condom — unless he was worried about impregnating Mrs Palm and her lovely daughters.

  35. Keny says:

    Another matter. New TB editor obviously not a fan of greyhound racing. No fields for the meeting in Townsville tonight? So much BS promised about supporting the local community!

  36. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie,
    Your flock is growing and seems to be, to quote someone from the past, a very broad church. Not good when flock members turn on each other with malice intent. I suspect that in time, you dear ‘Pie, will become something akin to the referee in that very old TV show, World Championship Wrestling.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ah no Dave, mate, the old delete button has had a good work out in recent times …. saves time, can’t argue about what doesn’t appear.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Don’t be a spoilsport, ‘Pie. Let ‘em rip. Your flock is certainly growing, but we don’t have lots to amuse us here in the monastery.

  37. One legged tap dancer says:

    See our councillors have approved two more junket trips for Mayor Mullet, to Taiwan and Japan which, according to today’s Astonisher, could be paid for by sponsors, government, or we ratepayers.
    They don’t seem to know just who is paying, but approved the trips anyway.
    The corruption continues with the land surrounding the Cowboys stadium too, with all councillors at yesterday’s meeting declaring a conflict of interest in respect of Focus Pacific (the company given exclusive rights to negotiate for leases on land adjacent to the stadium) – then going into secret closed session and considering a proposal for the lease of land for the second rate Hilton Double Tree hotel.
    They are so accustomed to doing shonky deals behind closed doors that they now treat them as the norm.
    Soon we will reach the stage where the whole council meeting is conducted behind closed doors, and the Mayor comes out after the meeting and gives the media and ratepayers a sugar coated version of what has transpired in secret.
    Surely the appointment of an administrator can’t be far off.

  38. seagull says:

    good news ……. TSV ratepayers save millions on pumping costs

    bad news ……. TSV ratepayers pay millions to northern property owners flooded because of TCC planning failures

  39. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie,

    What is the difference between erotic and kinky?

  40. Guy says:

    Clive Palmer’s QNI refinery went under owing 300 million – if anyone dare call him a crook he takes them to court.

    • No more dredging says:

      Guy, what is your definition of “went under”? It was pretty clear at the time of Palmer’s purchase that the Yabulu nickel treatment plant had a use-by date and it would come along pretty shortly. There must have been quite a number of people working there at the last who could see with their own eyes that the end was near. We never hear a peep from them. 800-1000 employees with multiple years of on-the-ground experience and not a word about the end-of-life program for the 40+ year old plant. What did they think would happen when the tailings dam got near full or the arse dropped out of the nickel/cobalt price or the multi-million dollar upgrade couldn’t wait any longer? What did the state and federal government think would happen if there was an overflow or spill of contaminated tailings – in fact, what is happening on the site right now in that regard with 300+mm of rain sloshing around? Why do people keep repeating the tired old slogan that the plant could open again real soon? Like, what evidence is there that a mine can supply ore, a ship can unload ore at Townsville and it be railed to the site, the plant is ready to start and all the processing, refining and tailings storage is up to scratch, legally licenced and ready to roll? Just because the mayor, the premier or the Townsville Bulletin all trumpet the same message doesn’t mean there’s a glimmer of hope in it. It could be just plain bullshit designed to delay, obfuscate and finally derange the electorate as we plainly saw in Fairfax on the Sunshine Coast just a couple of elections ago. Can’t we find an independent person somewhere who can briefly and succinctly uncover the truth about the potential for the QNI refinery to reopen and start refining again? If not, then why don’t we consider it to be dead – and face up to the fact that Queensland taxpayers will be up for rehabilitation of the site – as we knew all along, since Premier Joh and then Wayne Goss, that we would be.

      • seagull says:

        what SHOULD have happened to the Yabulu refinery site ….. didn’t

        with its deep pockets BHP should have been encouraged to close it down as it wanted to & rehab the site to best current practice

        but of course ………. 800 + would have been out of work ( it happened anyway )

        so mrs palmers boy (MPB) became a saviour with pats on the back from state & local pollies …. & what a hero giving away all those hollis & mercs with some of the funds set aside by BHP for maintenance

        so the ? is what happens next ….. well MPB is totally flush with dough again after his court win in WA over CITIC ….hundreds of m$ in magnetite royalties

        its a no brainer that the pollies will have the jobs back anytime….the cobalt price is thru the roof & nickel aint bad MM has just kissed MPB arse with 50k

        MPB loves makin $ & big noting….. as he said if ppl / pollies are nice then we can play…….. will have to wait & see I suppose

        • The Magpie says:

          Right in theory but a long way from any practical practice … there is no way that Yabulu is going to re-open under ANY management any time soon … if ever. Upgrade and rectification costs would be astronomical.

        • No more dredging says:

          Seagull, what planet are you on? Corporations don’t flush their own toilets. They wait till the bog is full and then bequeath it to the public and build a new one somewhere else. Think about if Adani starts. Billions get spent, including a few from Australian and Queensland taxpayers. Years go by, coal is dug and shipped and burnt, some tax and royalties are sort of paid, hundreds or even thousands are employed over the years, fortunes are made, houses are bought and sold, shit happens and the show is over years before its time. It must be someone’s fault? It didn’t just happen. Imagine looking back from (say) 45 years hence, back to 2018 when the deal was done. Imagine trying to objectively and truthfully give an accurate account of who was blowing smoke up who, who got diddled, how and by who and which major political party sold the soul of its electorate. Pretty hard to be balanced and accurate eh? The early days of the Greenvale nickel deposit, the Bjelke-Peterson government and the construction of the Yabulu nickel treatment plant is just like that and would make a fine movie thriller. The trouble is it ends with a death and an undertaker. Unlike the Western movie tradition, Townsville’s Boot Hill won’t be a natural landscape feature but a 10m high kilometre square shit sandwich, weeping glowing tears into the mangrove shoreline of Halifax Bay – forever. Sad eh?

          • Ronny Righteous says:

            Congratulations, No more dredging. Your previous two comments have provided a superb summation of the way successive governments have been complicit in the disaster at Yabulu, inevitably leading to what you so eloquently describe as a gigantic shit sandwich forever weeping glowing tears into the mangrove shoreline of Halifax Bay.

            Everybody knew what would eventually happen when BHP bailed out, but each administration turned a blind eye and hoped the reckoning would not come on their watch. When that day inevitably comes, those in power will shrug their shoulders, have the taxpayers pick up the remediation bill and blame it all on their predecessors — as politicians have done since time immemorial.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Well what is he then???

      • No more dredging says:

        I’ll be Plucked, I’d say Clive’s an undertaker. Obviously BHP needed to unload the corpse-like refinery before it became an albatross around the corporation’s reputational neck – much like the Ok Tedi project years before in PNG. Clive knew it was dirty work but someone had to do it and if he held his nose for a few years and danced deftly around various state and federal rules and regulations – with a bit of hired family help – it could turn into a nice little earner and be pretty much legal. What is crook about it is that 40 years of denial by every Queensland government made Townsville locals believe that Clive was up to something when in reality the state government has been having a big-end-of-town lend of us and Clive’s just the messenger. That’s why I can’t believe there’s not one whistleblower in the entire 40 year workforce. Amazing!

        • A keen eye says:

          Not so fast . thousands of leaflets were handed out in the late 90’s about the failings before bhp. That askey doran lady picked up on it with a front page in the then local sun about opening the lids of the thickener ( leaching) tanks while they still had aqua ammonia in them gassing the area. This had happened on previous occasions. Then you had the breach on the Saunders bch rd side at that time. Use your google satellite map to see how close it and Korea zinc are to the water. Its almost as if the council was intent on sabotage of the bay cos they wanted to put chinalco there too but we won that battle despite Mooney.

          • No more dredging says:

            OK A keen eye, I’ll pay that. Someone reported something in an irrelevant local publication 20 years ago and it went nowhere. I think my point is that in the last few years when the plant has been dying an agonising death in the national news day after day, when various government agencies (Q.EPA, GBRMPA) have been sniffing around the boundaries, when various unions have been reporting from the front gate, when hundreds of workers have been laid off in tranche after tranche of sackings and when the owner has had a high profile in various news categories, not a single worker from QNI has raised any rebuttal to any statement, no matter how outlandish, that has been in the media. You get the impression that the entire workforce saw nothing, heard nothing and knew nothing about the jobs they did and the place they worked every day. Surely the whole 800 are not intimidated? Surely there’s someone with a story to tell?

  41. Anon says:

    Mayor’s comment when told dam at 60% and rising … “Great news! That’ll be the end of the Water for Townsville group”. Plenty of other witnesses to this inane statement from our city leader (including Bulletin reporter). Crisis? What crisis?

    • The Magpie says:

      You sure of that, doesn’t sound quite right, even for this mayoral twerp… when and where was this said? What was the reporters name?
      Who else heard it that you can you name … no harm since you’re Anon.

      BTW ‘Anon’ is a no-no as a pseudonym … try something original.

    • The Magpie says:

      Times certainly have changed … a reporter in a Disaster Management meeting?

      • Dearie Me says:

        Oh Pie.. times truly have changed. God help us when a real disaster happens because this bunch of nincompoops in the disaster centre won’t be able to.
        The screaming midget still isn’t sure what level of government he works for, the communication team is more concerned with being important and getting their photo on Facebook, and the Impaler keeps dismissing the weather events because Darwin gets more rain than this…
        Not only that the TCC website can’t seem to sync the dam levels with the shiny new sign at the dam.
        And the aptly named disaster.townsville website doesn’t show all the road closures..most of which are Council roadworks

  42. One legged tap dancer says:

    Could the Mullet or News Corpse be hacking the blog?
    They would love to identify those who expose them.

  43. Mike Shearer says:

    So, Jenny Hill was correct – there never was a water crisis, the rain was just a bit delayed.

    Maybe she’s right also about the 700 FIFO workers over the next 30 years.

  44. Dutch Reverend says:

    Of late, it appears that many of the comments to and fro are become a jousts between contributors and starting to decend into a personal shit fight. Maybe we have some plants from the council or gilded few trying to divert focus from the ‘true’ issues.

    • The Magpie says:

      As noted by The ‘Pie. BTW everyone, ‘awaiting moderation’ means it is waiting for The ‘Pie to tick the approved box. Deliberate deletions number less than half a dozen over the life of the blog, but because of the increased volume, one or two occasionally fall through the cracks. Comments are generally approved several times a day.

    • No more dredging says:

      Dutch Rev, your suggestion that ‘debate’ on this channel was ” . . starting to decend (sic) into a personal shit fight”, requires analysis. Does your ‘Dutchness’ man-up against the ‘Reverend’ in you? You know, the Dutch ‘gleek’, the tippling, whose name implies the game loved by Dutchmen is drinking? Could that be you?

  45. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Thought for today.
    Ross River Dam capacity – 233,187 Ml
    Burdekin Falls Dam is currently at 123% capacity, flowing 1.69 m above the dam wall, discharging 176,000 Ml per day.
    Could fill an empty Ross River Dam in 1.3 days.

  46. The Magpie says:

    From facebook … well spotted, hahaha.
    Graham Watkins
    March 2 at 11:57am

    I like your comment on the new spin doctor, but maybe the person who wrote the ad should get help, the ad extorts ” if you any anyone you know has the listed qualifications…. then the job is for you” – so if you know someone with the qualifications you can get the job; unfortunately I couldn’t use the person who wrote the ad as a reference

  47. Cynical Cricket says:

    I suppose this happening in Townsville is just a dream while Anna is in control;
    Perth City Council suspended by Minister David Templeman after years of scandal and infighting

    • The Magpie says:

      You jest! Infighting? At TCC? More like, administrator called in because of council tummy tickling by mayor.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Our top local cartoonist, the very funny Dean Alston, summed up the Perth situation beautifully.
        He pictured David Templeman, the WA Minister for Local Government, dressed as a council ranger and armed with a shotgun, closing in a a ghastly-looking, foaming, stinking, rabid dog labelled “Perth City Council”.
        The pooch looked a lot like its Townsville cousin.

  48. Kenny Kennett says:

    Interesting story in the online Astonisher this morning about the rain. One passage said:
    Mayor Jenny Hill said with the Ross River Dam at more than 80 per cent capacity and no loss of life, the rain was a “great outcome”.
    Sounds fair enough until I called on the dictionary to define the word ‘outcome’ coz it just doesn’t sound right. The dictionary tells me ‘outcome’ is:
    ‘a conclusion reached through a process of logical thinking’.
    That can’t be referring to our Jenny and her team of twats.
    Then she finishes up by saying that once all the clean up work is done, ‘it’ll be business as usual’…God help us!

    • The Magpie says:

      Appreciate the sentiment but ….
      outcome |ˈoutˌkəm|
      the way a thing turns out; a consequence : it is the outcome of the vote that counts.

  49. Alahazbin says:

    Did anyone spot the glowing error in the iditors column in today’s Astonisher. Don’t they bloody proof read anymore. FFS! Footy fans will be cutting there wrists.

    • The Magpie says:

      No, what was it, FFS? That’s a useless way to comment mate, very unlike you, you jus want to sell papers, or what? And its presumably ‘glaring’, not ‘glowing’. Harumph, you’ve caught me late, just finished the blog. Shape up!

  50. FNQ says:

    NMG, worse than a recession? Really? You mean having 20% unemployment in the under 25’s locally or the 13% average that Townsville is acheiving across its entire workforce. This isn’t the rest of Australia my friend. Sadly property has been declining to flat for no less than 8 years, commercial has had reasonable returns but if you own a residential rental good luck finding a tenant and making more than 3% net. Stockmarket is great, if you have a job and can invest. My point with Adani is simply about jobs and stimulating what we have if we can even call it an economy.. I’d hate to be in retail. As for the environmental issues, please. Anyone who’s spent more than 30 years on the reef knows it dies and comes back. Look at John Brewer…. There are no less than 60 odd ships sitting off Mackay and sure we occasionally, probably not one a year, hear about a captain who couldn’t understand english and hit the reef… C’mon.. The environmental argument doesn’t wash, if it’s not here its probably going to Asia or south America, where would you prefer to see the jobs??
    Time for us to get very bloody real about where the Townsville economy is going and what the drivers are.. Army / hospital/ federal / state / university/ tourism…. hasn’t been able to carry us. The Town needs more.

    • No more dredging says:

      FNQ, I made no reference whatsoever to the ‘environment’ of the Great Barrier Reef, the coal ships off Mackay or the real estate market in Townsville – because I was particularly interested in your value system about the environmental impacts of coal mining in the Galilee Basin. You may not know anything about that area – I have no idea. But you don’t seem to care. The Queensland government has indicated that it is willing to ride roughshod over the interests of some landowners in order to facilitate this major mining project. Adani seems to be hard to satisfy. They seem to want the government and the people of Queensland to give, give, give until they have lined up all the ducks, and then, when they seem to have drained everything available from our state government, they turn their attention to Canberra and the taxpayers of Australia. We don’t seem to be able to do enough for Adani – even Townsville and Rockhampton ratepayers are promising access to our ratebase and who knows what else – all for a promise of jobs which already seems overblown and dubious. So, what is your case for allowing Adani and the other potential miners in the Galilee, legally guaranteed unlimited access to the water resources of the region, royalty holidays on a promise, scant and always flimsy government regulatory oversight of operations above and below ground (as ‘black lung’ surges back into coal mining), vague or non-existent rehabilitation plans that guarantee a future moonscape for the area and the kind of wrist slapping that we are seeing already over ‘spills’ at the Abbot Point loading facility. No amount of regulation means anything if the state shilly shallies around with policing of them. If the rules are vague then harden them up now before we end up with pathetic outcomes such as we see at Yabulu right now.

      • FNQ says:

        Oh please enough with the tears.. Your environment argument was…” I wonder if you care about the ‘environment’ out at the Carmichael River? About the sandstone bluffs of the Darkies Range or the unique mound springs at Doongmabulla? I wonder if you have any interest whatsoever in the World Heritage-listed seabed habitats around Abbot Point or the nearby Caley Valley wetlands”
        I’m pretty sure the Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage listed Reef.. not seabed. The hard truth if you care to recognise it is that even if Australia turned everything off and shut the mines the impact on global warming or the environment is zero.
        Funny that, you’d think 24,500,000 people would make a difference in a 7.5billion population wouldn’t you.?
        Look no one wants us to be taken advantage of and I highly doubt you would notice any change in your tax rate or amount you are paying, so claiming they are spending your money is crap. If it doesn’t go on infrastructure or royalty holidays it’ll disappear on something else the government deems “appropriate”. Fact is we cannot change what the rest of the world is doing, what we can do is support industries that support and grow our town. We need Jobs and an influx of capital that they bring, even if some of those jobs are from ex-pats, so what? As long as they are spending in Townsville we are a hell of a lot better off than we are today…constantly trying to restrain this place..

        • No more dredging says:

          FNQ, if you didn’t listen to then-environment minister Hunt or silly boy George Christensen so exclusively you might appreciate that there is more than coral reef habitats at Abbot Point and many of these are threatened by the proposed expansion there. See, non-reef habitats, particularly along the shoreline. That’s why I specified them and not just a general point about the GBR. I wanted you to consider the land-based issues. If the coal tap was turned off there would be no further impact at Carmichael River or anywhere else in the Galilee Basin and no further expansion at Abbot Point. That’s one thing that 24 million Australians can do by themselves. A second thing we could do is apply our collective minds to fixing the environmental time bomb that we, or our government/s, have created at the Yabulu nickel treatment plant. For forty years we have been told it’s all good, all under control, don’t you worry about it. Any bright ideas how government might work together with ‘the market’ and private enterprise to actually make the site city-friendly again? There’s plenty of work to be done there, skills to be honed, training to be provided and no end of work all around the country for people with those skills. A third thing we in Townsville might consider is whether the wholesale plundering of Cleveland Bay by the expansion of the port is a wise use of public funds and a sustainable activity given the environmental impact – just here, not out at ‘the Reef’, right here on our front doorstep. The Queensland government has proposed a $1.2 billion project which they say will have no appreciable impact. They would say that wouldn’t they?

          • The Magpie says:

            On the matter of Yabulu, any reports on how the recent considerable rain may have affected the holding ponds?

          • FNQ says:

            Mate or madam, you cannot make a difference. That’s it, plain and simple. Australia’s economy is based on resources.. with the price of wages/ unions etc. the smart play is to work with our strengths and mine the resources..
            70% of this nation is unused, you want to create clean energy, pop into Alice springs, Balgo or Warburton and set up some solar panels, then store it and move it to the capital cities, see how profitable that is.
            Your environment will be fine. If its not, jump in your camper or on your 60 footer and head north.. We do not have an environment problem. You want one, look at Bali or Thailand…We have an employment problem.. Lets try and solve that one eh…

  51. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    See ya tomorra

  52. No more dredging says:

    Dear Magpie,
    I wrote a note to “FNQ” about 24 hours ago but it seems to be still in “moderation”. Is your front-middle digit poised gleefully over the ‘delete-with-prejudice’ key or is this a pregnant pause?

  53. No more dredging says:

    No more dredging Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 27, 2018 at 5:55 pm
    FNQ, you appear to be in favour of Adani and/or the exploitation of the Galilee Basin coal resources come-what-may. It seems that you take the position that if there’s a dollar in it, or if a government – local, state or federal – is prepared to put a dollar or two into it, then it should be done. The Magpie has listed his reservations about the propriety of the Adani mob but you aren’t interested in that. You see a small pile of money in the ground and a big pile of workers prepared to dig it up and nothing else seems to matter. Nothing at all. I wonder if you care about the ‘environment’ out at the Carmichael River? About the sandstone bluffs of the Darkies Range or the unique mound springs at Doongmabulla? I wonder if you have any interest whatsoever in the World Heritage-listed seabed habitats around Abbot Point or the nearby Caley Valley wetlands which have the potential to be a serious drawcard for international tourism on a scale that will dwarf some token handout from a government keen to promote trade certification or fly-in fly-out airport upgrades? I think the Galilee Basin / Adani question has got stuck in 20th century dogma. Turning the Galilee into some extreme version of the NSW Hunter Valley is locking the NQ economy into an outdated, narrow-minded, techno-dead cul-de-sac that is actually worse for all of us than a recession.

  54. The Magpie says:

    No idea. The volume of comments coming through is impossible to keep track off, and rarely are they deleted, and then either for legal reasons or usually because they are just abusive and not clever or entertaining (others read this too you know) without adding to debate. Did it fall into the category or do you want to re-send?

  55. The Magpie says:

    Fair comment NMD … if that was the comment you inquired about, it was never received. No idea why.

  56. Sandgroper says:

    There’s one of mine still in limbo, too, but I won’t re-send because I’m starting to feel sorry for our new angry ant, FNQ. However, it does make me wonder how many comments are left floating in the Android cloud because of technical glitches.

    Probably a good thing, sometimes. I’m having a ring made for the finger that presses the ‘Submit Comment’ button. It will be engraved with one word: “THINK.”

  57. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I am with you Gropes, I have a few over time that are stuck “awaiting moderation” , so I just have another scotch and moderate! I have never thought anything I have to say is that imporatnt I would annoy the fuck out of Pie about it anyway, most times the conversation has moved on to another subject, just move on with it. .

  58. Grumpy says:

    More often for me it is a case of l’esprit de l’escalier when I am driving to work a few days after dealing with some of the more unpleasant characters that occasionally blow in.

  59. Sandgroper says:

    Pisses me off, too, Grumps. I’ve usually gone down the stairs and left the building before I think of the right quip to put down that smartarse wanker at the dinner party.

  60. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Wish I had thought of that

  61. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I thought I was going to get a week where Grumpy didn’t throw in a word or phrase that has me reaching for the Oxford or searching online what the fuck it means, but there it is, it took until Friday but it has arrived, beginning to think you do it deliberately Grumps, with a grin no doubt.

  62. The Magpie says:

    Please don’t encourage him, Cranky, or he’ll go all eristic on us. And we’ve got enough of that already.

  63. Spelling Pedant says:

    Sorry to be you know what, but that word starts with AUT, not ER.

  64. The Magpie says:

    Now now, you’re just being eristic.

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