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Saturday, April 28th, 2018   |   41 comments

If I Were Mayor: Have YOUR say. 


Now it’s our turn to put up or shut up.

The Magpie is aware that there some ill-informed folk who believe the Magpie blog is simply a negative, nagging opponent of the mayor – those naysayers obviously do not distinguish between negative whingeing on the one hand,  and the exposure of secret agendas, abuse of office, deliberate evasiveness and just plain dumb populist ideas that use ratepayers in an attempt to remain in power.

So now here is the challenge. Have your say what YOU would do if you were the mayor today, right this minute. No abuse, no low punches, just your policies for the governance of Townsville. You can include measures already in place or proposed to be adopted, but it is crucial to remember, THIS IS ABOUT WHAT YOU WOULD DO, NOT WHAT JENNY HILL HAS DONE. Since this could get unwieldy, the following guidelines must be observed to be published.

1. Make it brief, relevant and readable. War And Peace ranting diatribes will not be published.

2. No abuse of the mayor, the CEO or their policies, or anyone else for that matter.3. Don’t restrict your policies simply to reversing things you don’t like, suggest new initiatives  to help our city chart a bright future.

The best suggestions that The Magpie judges to be both positive and thoughtful will be featured in next week’s blog and on The Magpie’s Facebook page (don’t worry, on FB you will remain anonymous and just carry whatever name you post under).

The Magpie's Nest is now more than five years old, and remains an independent alternative voice for Townsville. The weekly warble is a labour of love and takes a lot of time to put together. So if you like your weekly load of old cobblers, you can help keep it aloft with a donation, or even a regular voluntary subscription. Paypal is at the ready, it's as easy as ... well, easy as pie. Limited advertising space is also available.

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