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Saturday, September 9th, 2017   |   147 comments

Has The Impaler has gone? If So, Who Will Replace Her? The Magpie Has The Ideal Candidate.

A perfect CEO, a well respected old Townsville hand, is believed to be ready and willing to step in to right the Walker Street ship, but it’s an unlikely appointment while Mayor Mullet remains determined to steer us on to the rocks. The ‘Pie lets you be the judge.

But, wait …  do we have a new mayor, who has quietly slipped into office without our noticing? Seems so – if you believe the Townsville Bulletin.

Also, a tale of batteries and beefcake … a Sydney court case during the week reveals a curious Townsville connection that will have conspiracy theorists moping their fevered brows. Rate and taxpayers might not be too happy.

And Bentley’s back from his break, with his usual …ummm … ticklish take on things.

But first …

Stop Press! Breaking News!! Exclusively Revealed!!

Just in case you’ve missed it, we in Townsville have a new mayor. It must be true, it’s on this front page of the Weekend Bulletin.

Screen shot 2017-09-09 at 8.06.16 PM

Looking closely, we learn that …

Screen shot 2017-09-09 at 8.08.03 PM

We do not know when Ms Hall took over from Ms Hill, or why the Bulletin made so little of the changeover.

(Sigh) Honestly, how can they expect to be taken seriously when they can’t even get the name of our elected community leader right?

How Glad News Suddenly Turned To Sad News

It was the click bait story of the week, with most readers disbelieving of the claim that Townsville is one of the sexiest cities in Australia. We may be pretty well fucked at the moment, but that’s not what they meant.

It ran everywhere, as a straight rewrite from a publicity stunt media release by online soft porn pushers Femplay. The opening line gave it to us straight and hard: TOWNSVILLE is one of the sexiest towns in Australia, new data reveals.’

But then, attempting to pound home the message, the second line only made us feel limp and used:’ Online adult store Femplay has listed Townsville at number four for the number of adult toys sold in Australia per capita.’ So we’re a city where one is the loneliest number, eh?

Seems we are number four in the nation in the use of dildos and other fun gadgets – Cairns is top of the list –  and Femplay’s prurient social analysis didn’t help our wounded pride: “They have the miners who are FIFO and the Australian Defence Force personnel who are often away leaving their poor partners at home, and they still are in need for some pleasurable time so they take measures into their hands, so to speak.’ But such schoolyard drollery only made us go from glad to sad in one sentence. Far from having a right old Roman romp of it, it is the sad fact that the city is full of DIY lonely nights filled with the buzz of Triple AAAs under the blankets. From glad to sad for our proud upright and erect citizens.

But all is not lost. Bentley reckons Mayor Mullet could get great mileage for the city out of it, as a special welcome for visitors at our southern entrance.

dildoAnd yes, of course the council would vote to put a condom on the Giant Dildo – this council specialises in covering things up.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH – Larf of the Decade … But Seriously Now.

The opening paragraph of this story …

Headline nonesense

…will go down in history as the unbeatable quote of The Mullet Years. It reads:

MAYOR Jenny Hill has slammed the LNP’s plan to freeze electricity bosses’ bonuses until power prices drop as “headline-grabbing nonsense”.

Wouldn’t want the Astonisher falling for headline grabbing nonesense, would we, Jen? Just real stories of substance, like this one which featured you two days earlier.


Then we had this story, safely tucked away behind the paper’s paywall (they thought)..

Greaney break

And speaking of nonsense headlines, this from today’s carefully subbed on-line ‘trusted voice of the north’.

fued‘Fued’ for thort maybe.

Even when they try to whip up hysteria, they only manage to be hysterical.

Although Friday’s front page was far from funny, displaying the paper’s callous order of priorities, giving an in-house wheedling promotion equal billing with a serious criminal, social and judicial issue.

equal billing fronter

Photos Can Be Confusing

Queensland Airport Ltd’s Townsville office boy, Kevin Gill, who the company indulgently calls Townsville Airport Manager, says he has retrenched 5 workers from his staff. Airport insiders insist that 20 positions have gone. Whatever the truth of the matter – and why wouldn’t we believe him and the Bulletin – The ‘Pie was a bit confused by the story’s accompanying photograph. So the old bird has clarified what you’re looking at with an appropriate caption.

Townsville Airport boss Kevin Gill (on the left), we think)

Leading Townsville businessman Kevin Gill (on the left). We think.

Speaking Of Priorities ….

The dreary same sex marriage saga continues to drag on, and it isn’t only The ‘Pie that thinks our media priorities are a bit skew-whiff. Award winning Fairfax cartoonist Cathy Wilcox concisely sums up the situation.

wilcox on ssm

It’s Join-The-Dots Time Again – And This One Is A Doozy For Conspiracy Theorists


Jamie Durie

It would appear that beefcake garden gnome Jamie Durie and Mayor Mullet have at least one thing in common … neither of them are crash hot in matters financial. While we all know our mayor’s ALARMING flaws in this area, The ‘Pie only became aware of Durie’s fiscal failings when he read a NSW court yarn during the week.

Durie went down in a $750,000 screaming heap (and that’s just costs – damages to come) after he was sued by a former business partner, and lost. But that’s of secondary interest to us, it was some revelations in evidence that we in Townsville should deeply contemplate.

Bill Moss

Finacier Bill Moss

Turns out back in 2010, Durie needed a loan to shore up his ailing business and meet other obligations. So he approached former Macquarie Bank boss, Bill Moss, who promptly made the $500,000 loan, (10% interest ta moochly), repayable in 18 months from that time. When the due date rolled around, as those pesky due dates inevitably do, Durie owed Moss between $600,000 and $700,000.

The judge in the matter , paraphrasing court documents, said Moss’s financial vehicle Boston Financial Services put Durie under ‘considerable pressure’ to pay up. Durie then got professional advice and sent Moss a cringe-worthy begging letter, openly admitting what a financial dill he’d been and asking for more time to pay. Bill obliged.

But that was back in 2012, although all this only became public in last week’s court case. Whether Durie has settled the earlier matter by now isn’t reported, but you can bet Moss is sweating as much as Durie that the debt is done with, because a big damages payout is soon to be dumped on top of the $750,000 costs, plus those of his own legal team.

But what any of his of particular interest to Townsville?

Just this.

Screen shot 2017-09-09 at 8.49.17 PM

Bill Moss is the driving figure behind the proposed lithium battery plant for Townsville, which, if certain claims are to be read at face value, has already progressed to the point where the Townsville City Council has gifted Woodstock land for the project in return for a small equity in the business. But let’s for the moment put aside the dangers lurking in that small statement

Anna Palaszczuk, a great Mullet mate, hopped on the bandwagon with supportive mutterings.

And it was about at the same time that the premier unexpectedly stumped up a ludicrous $10million or a public campaign to tell us how to use water. And that none other than Jamie Durie would front the campaign.

Sooo … The ‘Pie is wondering if there are any dots to join up here. First of all, we had Jamie Durie appear out of the woodwork as the proposed front man for this silly and wasteful campaign. He, and this campaign really did come out the blue, and has been widely derided by a majority of the community as wasteful, unnecessaryy and insulting. This was about the time that Mayor Mullet and Premier Alphabet were swooning to the blandishments of ‘Battery Bill’ Moss, and the flunkies he sent north to talk about the proposed battery plant.

Now let’s put this surmise. Moss finds himself with the desperate and gullible political ears of Mullet and Alphabet, and in discussions, learns of the serious water supply situation in the ‘Ville. So is it possible our Mr Moss spotted an fortuitous opportunity? That he could swing a nice little earner for his buddy and star borrower Jamie Durie, who in turn would suddenly have the wherewithal to be able to pay any outstanding matters, like debts to Bill Moss. Perhaps Mr Moss went all musical as a flim flam man, to sell the idea, cajoling the premier, Mayor Mullet and her council thus:

Friends, you’ve got trouble, right here in Townsville City,

You got trouble, with a capital ‘T’

And that rhymes with ‘C’’

And that stands for Campaign.

Yes trouble my friends,

With a capital T

Which rhymes with D

And that stands for Durie’.

If Mr Durie still owes Mr Moss a motza, then helping promote his debtor into a nice little earner will help all round. But even if they’re all square, Mr Moss maybe just gave a generous and benevolent hand to someone not too bright about money matters.

And all courtesy of the tax payers of Queensland and the ratepayer o Townsville.

But will the battery plant go ahead? Well, that will be dependent on the politics of Tanzania – yes, fuckin’ Tanzania, for chrissake – where the vital mineral for the venture is mined. The Chinese are in there now, playing funny buggers with Tanzanian politics, in order to protect their own lithium battery industry.

Did She Or Didn’t She? Did The Impaler Implode?

Hill and Young

The local rumour mill went into overdrive during the week with the oh-hallelujah suggestion had had a massive bitch slap session with Mayor Mullet and has or is ending up with the TCC pronto. There are those that swear to The ‘Pie that it is true, but the old bird is wary, because, to quote the Bard, ‘’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished’. Just about everybody WANTS it to be true – except several late night boozariums on Via Vomitorium who apparently have a nice little earner in our lonesome middle-aged bottle blonde.

Others suggest Adele Young declared at the outset of her grim reaping that she always took a month off at this time of year, for job placement as part of her law degree studies (there’s a hanging judge of the future for you). Some say she has applied for a job in Melbourne which may have come up trumps, and if that’s the case, The ‘Pie would make a small wager that it would be with Nous Consulting, or at least be facilitated by it with a glowing reference as to the Impaler’s workplace efficiency.

And adding to all this confusion is the Astonisher, which today (Sat) says in a gossip column that the ‘beloved’ Impaler won’t be going anywhere, it’s all just rumours – the fact that the paper has mentioned it makes one wonder where they heard the rumours in the first place heh heh heh. describing her as ‘beloved’ tells you what the writer john Andersen thinks of the matter.

But whatever the truth of the matter, The ‘Pie is certain the appointment of such an inept and inexperienced headkicker was all a Labor set-up in the first place, and once the staff had been scythed through to Mayor Mullet’s satisfaction, Adele Young will be on her way with a golden handshake and a nod and a wink from Jenny Hill.

Whatever … But …

Be all that as it may, Adele Young’s days of desolation and destruction here are numbered, whether by pre-design or circumstance, and we’ll sorely need a new competent CEO to restore order. And the ideal candidate is back on our doorstep, and is reported to more than keen for the gig. But Mayor Mullet almost certainly would be less than keen.

Ken and Tania Diehm

Ken and Tania Diehm

After years holding senior local government positions here, Ken Diehm departed Townsville for points west some time ago, and took up the position as CEO of Geraldton Council. It was a difficult job, not unlike the one which faced the incoming CEO at Townsville City Council, but Mr Diehm’s approach, methods and basic humanity could not have been more different to the unqualified, panicked bullying of Adele Young. He recently returned east, to take up the job as head of the Fraser Coast Council.

The Magpie asked his friend and former Townsville consultant to the rich and powerful Ron Bairstow, who is now back in his native WA, what he knew of Ken Diehm’s time at at Geraldton.

Ron wrote: ‘As it happens, I went on a road trip last week and spent a couple of days in Geraldton and talked with a number of people about Ken’s tenure. They were unanimous in their praise about his balanced approach and empathy for those who had to be made redundant.

He was apparently hired to bring some order to the city’s financial chaos, which he did in short order without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. It was a measure of his success that he was given a triumphal send-off by the council and its employees when his contract ended and he moved on to his new job.’

The damage that Jenny Hill has done to Townsville, spectacularly managing to make a bad situation much worse, will be a lasting legacy no matter what, but it will be all the worse for loss of the intellectual property ands cultural skills possessed by staff who have been booted out, and the discouragement and/or outright discrimination against able managers who would be willing to come in to right the ship. And there are those who believe Ken Diehm would be just the captain to get SS Townsville back on course.

But it is clear that Dear Helmsman Jenny Hill sees some demented glory in continuing to steer us towards the rocks.

Speaking Of Hanging Judges

Judge Clive Wall, late of these climes is sorely missed by many who liked his no-nonsense approach to sentencing (he once famously fined the parents of a Charters Towers adolescent who set a vagrant on fire for fun). He spent his final few years on the bench on the Gold Coast where he his tough sentencing earned him the nickname ‘Judge Dredd’.

Clive has been following the debate about  the politically correct push to sanitise history by removing statues of those early pioneers who transgressed against fashionable modern ‘morality’. And Judge Wall has no truck with what he sees as a politically motivated minority trying to dictate our history. He demonstrated his stand on the issue with a photograph taken during a recent visit back here.Clive Wall and Towns  …………………

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  1. Big Ears says:

    Ken Diem is new CEO of Fraser Coast Council in Qld. Better lay off the sauce Pie and get up to date.

    • The Magpie says:

      The name is Diehm, and what is your point? And although you seem to be indulging a bit yourself, what is a Pie without sauce?

      • Big Ears says:

        My point is Fraser Coast CEO is a “fixer-up” role and Ken won’t be going anywhere for 3-5 years. So no go for TCC. However Paul Askern is one of the best and most experienced CEOs in the country and is sitting on a beach at Pallaranda. Further he has all the corporate history and knowledge of TCC. He is a much more likely candidate to take over from the Impaler.

        • The Magpie says:

          While The ‘Pie agrees with you about Paul Askern being spot on for the job, this may be incorrect, but think he investigated the possibility before the arrival of Adele Young. seems there might have been a mutual agreement between Paul and Mayor Mullet that he wasn’t the man for the changes she wanted implemented. Given Askern’s known integrity and general good standing with the staff, it was an unsurprising decision all round for him not to pursue the matter further.If that meeting did in fact take place.

          As to Mr Diehm’s tenure, have a look at the record of various CEOs, nothing is that watertight – except that Mr Diehm is also an honourable executive officer, so you’re probably right. The Magpie’s point was to demonstrate howthis city is losing out under this self-interested and inexperienced regime.

        • The "JOHN" says:

          We had one of the best CEO in the country. Ray burton. How could a man so highly regarded by fellow ceo’s and receive many awards for his talents be not wanted by this ridiculous mirror watching council. I can see the answer through the smoked mirror “mullet”

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Exactly where is he sitting?
          Is that Pallaranda on the Strand or another one?
          All so confusing!

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pre amalgamation Mr Diehm was manager of NQ Water under Ian Hamilton as chairman, which became Townsville Water in the new council. Boy! Did that department spend money like drunken sailors. But he is an affable character.

  2. Old tradesman says:

    To Big Ears, it might be Carp Diem, “The enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future”. it literally means ” Pluck The Day”. I’ll be Plucked might like to know this, and it could fit in to the story about the sexy Townsville image.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Thanks Old Tradie, yes, I knew that – in fact I’m plucking my way through another Sunday as we ‘speak’! I guess Mullett, Gill, Impaler and Bogan will continue plucking all of us again from tomorrow morning???

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Another brilliant PR strategy by Mayor Mullet and Dolan Hayes as lets face it, Townsville people arnt the sharpest tools in the shed as they fell for the Mullets campaign for mayor,gave us Coralee,Scott and Aaron for State and Cathy the Toole. The strategy is to use different names like Jenny Hall and Trevor Gill so when all these “pie in the sky “announcements by the Mullet don’t come off she can say”it wasn’t me it was Jenny Hall and the same with Gill”. I hope the Pie isn’t suggesting that when Bill Moss was negotiating land and development of a lithium plant with the Mullet and Anna Alphabet he suggested” I see you Townsville has a water shortage,lucky for you I know Jame Durie” ,Bill knows him well as Jamie owes him six figures.Moss cant lose, as if the Lithium plant doesn’t come off Duries debt will be paid compliments of TCC ratepayers.You cant make this stuff up!

  4. jimbo says:

    will the plastic bag ban affect Bulletin home deliveries?

  5. The Magpie says:

    Not satisfied with giving us a new mayor on Saturday’s front page, (someone called Jenny Hall) The Astonisher now juggles our geography with this piece of breaking news.

    The Strand and Rowes Bay are distinctly separate areas in general understanding.
    What next? A man fell of Castle Hill in Kirwan? Nice to have those with local knowledge bringing us the news – from Mumbai.

  6. Sunshine Sal says:

    I wonder if Hill herself is behind the feud rumours with Young? Makes Hill look like she wasnt agreeing with what Young did publically, even though privately she asked if not directed Young to do it. I think Young is the lacky, the mastermind is Hill. Dont fall for the mind games people. It is a fact recorded in council minutes that every single sacking was approved by the elected representatives of this council and that should be reported regularly.

    • Dearie Me says:

      And they then pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Great job boys and girls!

      Makes one wonder if the ‘job well done’ is the act of approving the sackings… Or that by approving the sackings they’ve escaped the bollocking they would get for going against Mullet and the Impaler.

      My money is on the latter.

      Individually they talk about how horrific the sackings are, how they are concerned for the staff and how what is happening is not what they want. Collectively they are like marshmallows.

      • Scientician79 says:

        Word is the strongly worded disagreement was due to a rather large volume of angry calls to the arm aerobics class members (councillors). Apparently the natives are getting restless and voicing their opinion of the dire state of services to the councillors directly.

        So either…

        The Mullet and Impaler are following the script, so when time comes for Impaler to move on there can be our heroic Mullet who gave her the marching orders and got rid of the person who fired everyone.


        They really have come to blows because Mullet is so stupid she thought firing over a third of the council staff wasn’t going to impact on front line services. And it’s not as if she has any plausible escape clause, council voted for the adoption of the Nous report after all.

  7. Old Hack says:

    Bentley, you’ve done it again! What was a very sad story has been transformed into a great laugh.
    As The ‘Pie implies, there is probably an inverse relationship between the “sexiness” of a city and its appetite for sex aids.

  8. SPQR says:

    Love your steely resolve to out these buggers.

    When does Durie’s gig get under way?
    At about $70 per head, will we all be getting a personal visitation from young Jamie?
    Have I made a down payment yet?
    I can’t wait to ask him about how’s shit is going with bad Billy Moss.

  9. The Magpie says:

    Magnis is trading again on the ASX, but the situation in Tanzania remains just as uncertain as has been over the past few months.


    Despite this, elected councillors are telling folk that the factory is a “go’er” and concrete pads will be poured by middle 2018. Publicly listed speculative stock depend on froth and bubble to maintain market cap and liquidity. And so far, this seems to be the modus operandi of Magnis since the Chinese walked away from funding the mine development. In Townsville, a desperate place with a desperate and unsophisticated “leadership”, Magnis has found a willing accomplice. Ratepayers have been committed to chipping in a fair whack of land, which is now said to be a done deal, and one and all hope that this speculative investment pays off. That said, ratepayers deserve no less than full transparency and accountability of this investment because that’s what land-for-equity is.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Whilst watching Your Money Your Call on Sky news business no long ago a caller rang and enquired about the panels thoughts on Magnis, one of the stockbrokers on the panel who trades a lot of small caps and also speculates a lot on energy stocks advised that even for his high risk types of trades he would stay well away from Magnis and the caller would be better off going down the Casino and picking black or red on the roulette table, about sums it up really.

  10. Memory Man says:

    Mullet scolding others for ‘headline grabbing’? This just made me fall off my chair with laughter… images of black pots and black kettles immediately sprang to mind. (She’s right incidentally that the LNP’s so-called policy is meaningless, but that doesn’t make her anywhere nearer to the mark.)

    The Mullet’s ignorance knows no bounds, however, and once again is proof that a little knowledge in the hands of a dunce can be dangerous… she goes on about the loss of 20% of power through the transmission network from the south to the north but forgets to mention the Community Service Obligation subsidy of around $600m to ensure what the Boffins call tariff equalisation … our dear Mullet also probably struggles to understand the marginal loss factor applied to supply to the North from Rocky, which the regulator has calculated as 2%. That is, to deliver 100MW to the NQ Ross substation you have to generate 102MW at Stanwell. She could check it out at the AEMO website, but talk of marginal loss factors probably doesn’t grab the headline, does it? There are people in her Council who actually understand this, and she’d be well advised to seek their counsel next time before opening her mouth.

    Have you noticed how the Ergon tariff for a resident or business in Rockhampton is so much cheaper than it is for those in Townsville? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re not. And ever wondered how far the Stanwell power station is from Rocky? It’s 20-odd kms, and yet, the SAME tariff applies. The Mullet should check out the Ergon website for the latest gazetted tariffs and tell us where to find the Rocky Tariff.

    People just want cheaper power, she bleats. No shit, Sherlock. But the nonsense from the Mullet about needing a local coal fired power station to solve the problem of transmission costs (as opposed to the physical losses) is just misleading tripe. Methinks she’s rather fond of a bit of headline grabbing too!

  11. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie posts this simply because there is so much shit going down in the world everywhere, it is heartening to see one of the many small oasis’s of humanity in action.


    • Old Moll says:

      That video illustrates the basic decency of humanity. Last year, during the nesting season, I found myself in a traffic jam on a major road between a lake and some parklands around a medical centre. Turns out it was motorists waiting patiently while a mother duck led her large brood in single-file across the lanes of traffic.
      Made me late for an appointment, but it was better than any medicine.

  12. Lady Byron says:

    Psst! I have an old copy of the Australian Women’s Forum with naked pics of Jamie Durie contained therein. From 1996 – he was the star of Manpower Australia back then.

    And whoa, hold me back – he had (and no doubt still has) a very nice body.


    • The Magpie says:

      The pics were naked, or Jamie was?

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      Be careful what you wish for, Lady B. Airbrushing and digital enhancement (no pun intended) mean things are not always what they seem.
      It brings to mind the alleged putdown by Jayne Mansfield when her then-husband, Mister Universe Mickey Hargitay, was popping his pecs and boasting of being “Two hundred pounds of dynamite.”
      Wistfully, from the corner of her mouth, Jayne whispered: “Pity he only has a four-inch fuse.”

  13. Critical says:

    Wonder if the Sovereign Hotel in Flinders Street West is planning rainbow demonstrations and drag shows to support gay marriage. Apparently on the places .Facebook page the oldies who own the place have changed their political colours and now support O’Toole or maybe it’s anything to make a $.

  14. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Personally vote DILLIGAF

  15. The "JOHN" says:

    Notice that the jetstar story hasn’t got a comment section today in the bullsheet. Then we have ocallagan saying we need this route for townsville to a major international hub. Bali ain’t the only place in the world!!!! So now they are trying to kiss a qantas owned company arse to stay so they can keep face about there bullshit flying numbers out of townsville. Don’t be surprised if qantas pulls out of townsville completely if they try to keep this bogus attack on them after this. Crisis talks indeed I think the meetings needs to close the door on mullet TEL and gill there’s a good start. I think it’s called egg on there faces.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Bali is not a hub, I looked into it a while back to get to Thailand but couldn’t avoid an overnight stopover both ways in Denpasar as well as multiple transits. This was the problem last time they tried Bali, after the initial excitement of a Bali holiday wore off with the hmm been there done that the numbers dropped. Not only that the economic situation around town deteriorates more by the day with people having less money to afford that holiday.

      IMO Singapore would be much more sustainable but the lat time that was tried Qantas was rumored to have found it cut into their domestic traffic transfers to BNE… Hence why none of the majors will go there in a hurry, no has to be a low cost Asian Carrier that will take it up & run with it like Silk Air or shudder Air Asia…

      • The Magpie says:

        And we cannot escape the fact that direct flights to Bali do nothing for the Townsville economy except take money out of town. The ‘ville is no more liveable for being able to leave town for holiday, although that was one of the selling factors.

  16. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Sincerely

    Miss Lou.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yep, another epic fail by numbskull Gill and his band of no hopers, The actual numbers between Townsville and Bali aren’t the issue, it’s about an 80% load factor, the issue is half of those seats are taken by passengers travelling to Bali who have taken the flight from Brisbane on JQ100 that then departs to Bali. Without the passengers from Brisbane coming through Townsville the flight doesn’t stack up. But this is what happens when your community is lied to constantly by the spin merchants that everything is rosy and record passenger numbers. If they had of made the initial flights to Auckland like originally proposed there wouldn’t be an issue, but failure of Gill is something we have come to expect.

  17. The "JOHN" says:

    I think the meeting about jetstar flights will go like this:

    ok so what we need you to do is keep flying without passengers and make a loss because if you stop then that exposure will make the council vulnerable to public backlash because we’ve been running our show just like that and we need to keep a lid on it please. Anyone think I’m wrong? ?

    • The Magpie says:

      Seriously, The ‘Pie hasn’t any idea of wat this mob is going to further embarrass us with at this meeting. so J you are probably right, although the plea will be full of buzz words that won’t fool pros like Qantas and Jetstar. Toe-curlingly embarrassing.

      • Hee-Haw says:

        Mayor calls for a “boycott of Qantas” pure fucking genius and now sock puppet says “It is important that the redevelopment and international service issues are not blurred,”
        These people are going to continue to screw us all.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Yes, Mullet, Gill, Sock Puppet, Impaler, Bogan, the three state ALP members, the federal ALP member – they are all plucking us each and every day……….what a mess we find ourselves in with these ‘people’!

          • Interested Observer says:

            That begs the question. How did any of them get elected? A large percentage of the population of this city is just as responsible for the mess we are in.

  18. Concerned citizen says:

    Was fortunate enough to be flying to Sydney last Friday for the weekend, with the bonus of attending the Cowboys game.
    But the highlight of the weekend was spotting The Impaler on the flight south. She was flying Virgin so maybe Mayor Mullet is enforcing her Qantas “boycott”.
    Figured she was having a weekend away but then noticed that she picked up a very large suitcase in Sydney.
    Maybe she is on stress leave.
    Also took the opportunity while at Townsville Airport to ask a Qantas check-in operator if business had dropped off since the mayor’s boycott call.
    “What boycott,” came the reply, so I explained.
    “Oh, if anything its been busier over the past week,” she said.

  19. Kingswood says:

    Glad to see a skin care company is calling out NK’s reckless behavior. That’ll make them change their ways….


    NATO has not been directly involved in the crisis, which saw Pyongyang carry out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test a week ago, but has repeatedly called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.


  20. Flyboy says:

    Looks like the council and TEL can’t decide whether to kick or kiss Qantas’ arse. Strategists they ain’t. Would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

  21. Achilles says:

    The truth that the loony left PC mob don’t want to allow, its called free speech, as Salman Rushdie put it, “nobody has the “right” not to be offended”.

  22. The Magpie says:

    So Jetstar will definitely pull the plug on the Bali flights from Townsville from March next year. in a meeting this afternoon, our ‘community leaders’ failed to convince Qantas of their totally bullshit argument that the flights were, in the Astonisher iditor’s word ‘vital’ to Townsville. It would appear that those who say they are speaking on our behalf didn’t understand that Jetstar is a business seeking profits, not a charitable organisation there to prop up a failing ‘leadership’ cabal in the regional city.

    And ‘vital’ to Townsville? What utter rot, it will not make a single bit of material difference to a town beset by real problems.

    Note to Ben Bogan: here is the definition of vital, you chucklehead:
    vital |ˈvītl|
    Absolutely necessary or important; essential

    You and the Gilded Few including Mayor Mullet, Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill and Little Patty at TEL have all been found out, and the community has taken note.

    • Nathan says:

      More flights cut from the north. I have been told
      Philippine AIrlines are to pull the plug on Cairns to Manila flights via PNG from October.

  23. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie is told that Little Patty O’Callghan’s wedding (somewhere outside Townsville, we hear) on the weekend was a pretty pissy affair. And guess who ended up slipping off a path and going base over apex in to the bushes … our beloved Mayor Mullet, Little Patty’s BFF.

    When The Magpie inquired if she was injured, his informant said he didn’t know but trusted it wasn’t anything trivial.

  24. The Magpie says:

    Jetstar explains … but to the ABC’s David Chen, apparently not The Bulletin.

    • Sunshine Sal says:

      Well well well, seems all the tough talk from Gill, Jenny Hill and the rest backfired. And yet the Bulletin dont call them out on their compete inability to get anything good done for the city. I wonder if the Editor has figured out hes been suckered. News corp deserve to be someone elses plaything for a change. How humilatating though to be the plaything of a bunch of wanna bes who couldnt make it anywhere else. Thank goodness for the Magpie and that other guy starting a news site. Where is it by the way?

    • Tangerine says:

      Simply connect to other places on this shrinking planet by paying $200 return to Cairns. Great little airport that one and big jets fly often to countries worth visiting (Bali not included as it is a 21st century cesspool) at a great price – like $300 return to Japan – staggeringly cheap. TSV is a regional airport. Get over it.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Get over it? A vital piece of commerce and lifestyle is air travel, preferably direct, how many successful economies are built on 2nd stage destinations, fucking none, that’s how many. If Townsville is to succeed as a community long term air travel is a vital part of it, if Townsville wants to hang onto its cashed up retirees who want to travel then air services are an essential part of where they live in retirement, the endless trip to Brisbane before going onto somewhere else just doesn’t rate. Most people realise we won’t be able to jump on a plane to Hong Kong , Heathrow or Dallas and will always have to go to BNE or SYD for these but direct connections to Singapore which is a genuine hub or Auckland, KL, etc would be something the community should rightly expect.

  25. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Considering the Port Moresby flights are running at around 50% load factor 4 months after starting they will be next to go, without the Bali flights economy of scale goes out the door and I couldn’t imagine customs keeping on staff for 2 flights a week. Ewen Jones would be disappointed, he put in a lot of effort to have subidised customs charges whilst Townsville built up its international options and now that prize dickhead Gill has fucked the whole thing, no wonder this town is on its knees.

  26. Gonzo says:

    Hi Pie, A great blog post as usual, with lots of juicy info on Jenny Hall … er, Hill. The Astonisher continues to astonish! Well done.

  27. Madge says:

    Readers will be glad to know the yuks and guffaws will return to the Magpie column with the announcement that none other than Anthony Templeton has been announced as the replacement for Tony Wode.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Oh fuck me!

      Wodey is a professional, who operates with morals and ethics. And knows the ins and outs and the history of almost everything in this city.

      Templeton is a blithering idiot.

      Stupid Mullet. Stupid Impaler.
      They don’t yet know what they’ve lost but I’m sure Templeton will show them.

  28. Memory Man says:

    There’s no other way to describe the Jetstar fiasco. It’s egg on the faces of our incompetent triumvirate, led by the Mullet, followed by her Bogan-in-Crime and then the Dudley Do Nothings. 

    Now, here’s a bit more insight into the blinding stupidity of these people. 

    In today’s iditorial, the Bogan tells us that fly in fly out Adani workers will be big jet setters to Bali on their days off. Gee, forgive me, but if these folk piss off to Bali as regularly and in such numbers as the Bogan implies here, what economic benefit will there be from having these folk bunk down in Townsville en route between the mine site and Bali? They might as well do FIFO from Bali.

    As for the rest of the tripe, think about it. A stadium = growth driver of outbound flights? Yep, that’s what our Bogan is saying today. Again, forgive a simpleton like me, but I always thought their argument was that the stadium would bring people “in”. But no, not today; it will drive people away. 

    And then we get the next couple of howlers … by what logic does a port expansion drive outbound flights, let alone the Singapore defence contract? The Singaporeans won’t come via Bali, they’ll probably charter a flight in any case. 

    Seriously, what shreds of credibility the triumvirate had is now in tatters, shredded as it were. 

  29. Concerned citizen says:

    OMG not Templeton.
    Methinks Mayor Mullet is trying to annoy you ‘Pie.
    And regarding the Mullet falling into bushes after a big night out, its not the first time she has done it.
    Some might say its a habit.

    • The Magpie says:

      And why not Simpleton for the job? Only someone with the integrity of a Clive Palmer, the obedience of Lassie and the intelligence of Odie, Garfield’s doggy mate, would ever be considered. All those attributes are exactly what the ex-media boss Tony Chopper Wode wouldn’t have a bar of.

      And re our mulled Mullet – V8 presentation anyone?

      • Grumpy says:

        What’s the bet Simpo won’t be making his cameo appearances here like he did in days of yore, wherein he was the cause of such jolly mirth-making and knee-slapping hilarity?

  30. Sandgroper says:

    Templeton? Boy, are we gonna have some fun!
    And today’s editorial mirrors the Bulletin’s representation of its readership — 2+2 = 222.
    As for involuntary excursions into the bushes, I prefer not to comment on the grounds of self-incrimination and would also urge The ‘Pie to plead the Fifth Amendment.

    • Snaggle Tooth says:

      Hey, Gropey, bloke, you’se still me fella, and those bushes dem still there if you around Cooktown way agin … and the kid sends his love and says he misses his daddy.

  31. Old Hack says:

    Many of the Astonisher’s recent editorials could be collated and presented as a fantasy novel entitled ‘Fractured Fairytales.’

  32. Watcher says:

    The Astonisher keeps gushing on about Adani taking off, but the shonky Indians still havent got the finance to build the mine and they are yet to secure the $1 billion federal govt loan they need to build a rail line from the mine to Abbot Point.
    Until those 2 crucial things are in place any talk about Adani is pure smoke and mirrors.
    After the Jetstar/Qantas boycott disaster, the editor, mayor, dill and TEL puppet are going to have egg all over them if Adani falls over.

  33. Non Aligned Worker says:

    With all of the controversy and high profile coverage over our airport charges, maybe Rockhampton with lower charges will become the favorable option for Adani FIFO?

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      Nope. Bali’s the FIFO base if Jetstar changes its mind and keeps the flights running.

    • Sunshine Sal says:

      If we lose the Adani FIFO Hub it will be due to Jenny Hill and her bagging of Qantas.

      • Dearie Me says:

        Adani have openly stated in job interviews that although Townsville and Rocky are supposed to be FIFO hubs they have no idea how it will work.

        Their office up here is bare and the skeleton crew are FIFO of Brisbane. Staff are expected to spend 50% of their time on-site and attend meetings in Brisbane as that’s where the major engineering contractors are based.

        One wonders how well this whole FIFO hub thing has been thought out and what incentives were provided to get Adani to say Townsville was a hub.

  34. Rasmussen Ratbag says:

    Comments by The Magpie and many others in this blog about the non-existent ‘benefits’ to Townville of the Bali flights seem to be backed up by a single sentence in toady’s Bulletin story: “It is understood there was no demand for inbound tourism from Bali to Townsville.”
    In other words, money is flowing out of the ‘Ville with nothing coming back but sunburn, sore heads and STDs.
    It makes a mockery of Patty’s insistence that this is a “vital” service for the community.

  35. The Lone Ranger says:

    Note that our big mouthed mayor was either not asked for comment on the Jetstar payback for her Qantas boycott, or she is in hiding letting Patricia Puppet take the hit.
    Also note that the Dill is being very careful when commenting about Jetstar/Qantas. He has obviously been told by head office to pull his head in.
    He, the mayor and the editor are complete embarrassments.
    For Townsville to make a comeback they all need to go.

  36. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just got off my qantas flight. No boycott here. Back from the northern hemisphere. Makes you sick how much water those pricks have got. Already been told Mendi have started carting a trillion million tons of fill into the stadium site. I was led to believe the existing soil had contamination issues, correct me if I’m wrong. Got to go and put my head down, got jet lag out of a bottle. Nice to see you all kept the pot stirred while I was gone.

  37. Sad Sadie says:

    Hello magpie did you know council have cut hour off the cleaning contractors to keep the rates down. Their staff now work in unhygenic environments, some sites only being cleaned twice a week. Public amenities also been slashed, toilets along Palleranda from 5 -2 cleans a week, boat ramp once a week Strand once day during week twice a day on weekends. This has to be a serious health issue for the public & council workers – no one should be subjected to these conditions.

    • Critical says:

      Sh*t and they’re trying to attract visitors to the city. Another reason to.
      tell anyone eho is even thinking of coming to Sh*tsville to head to the Whitsundays of Cairns instead.

  38. The Magpie says:

    Think we’ve got airpoirt problems.
    Wanna swap with Houston, Texas?

  39. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Is it time for Townsville to think outside the square, a story on ABC online 100,000 tourists go through the Chinese border town of Dandong to take a trip up the river and look at poor North Koreans and the life they lead. Could Townsville not do a similar thing with bus loads of Tourists being driven around Townsville looking at the suburban sprawl of Bogans with cars on blocks in the front yards on the brown dead lawns, sounds like a winner to me and something more successful than anything Little Patty and the Dudleys have come up with.

  40. Mike Douglas says:

    Comical are the only words that could explains Channel 7 interviews with Patricia O Callahan, Mayor Mullet and Kevin Gill on Jetstar cancelling direct flights Townsville-Bali.No acceptance their Qantas bashing to extort $3 a passenger blew up in their faces or who should have been liasing with Jetstar on how the route was performing.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Karma catches up with the 3 stooges. Now for the next thing to fuck up; I can’t wait, it makes such good reading. Unfortunately it bites our arse as well as the Mullets big fat royal rump.

      • Sunshine Sal says:

        Actually doesnt bite her arse at all. She still gets paid, mate. Unlike hundreds of others she directly or indirectly sacked.

  41. Watcher says:

    Ch 7 is as bad as the Astonisher when it comes to protecting Kevin Dill, Patricia Puppett and Mayor Mullet. All comes down to advertising spend. The more you spend the better youre protected.
    Most of the stories on Ch 7 news are from outside NQ anyway.
    Expect more of the same for the Labor Govt when the election campaign starts.
    These days only WIN tv news is prepared to ask the hard questions, probably because they dont get much advertising since they lost the 9 network programs.

  42. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Not only has Jenny Hall now changed her name to Jenny Hill but Dermott Brereton (former Hawthorn great “Derm the Germ”) has now changed his name to Dermott Brewerton if you believe the article in todays Astonisher on page 42 Sport.

  43. Critical says:

    Must be election close by Tradd has announced $800,000 Works for Qld grant to upgrade the Goat Track. What a waste of taxpayer funds.

    • Alahazbin says:

      I reckon Puddleduck will go the full distance before an election is called. She will want to be front and centre at the Commonwealth Games.

  44. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The chatter is getting louder with a late NoV early Dec poll which I think you Pie have noted previously. Puddleduck and Co are shit scared about power blackouts in the hot months of the new year apparently so want to get in beforehand.

  45. Watcher says:

    Kevin Dill is a genius.
    There were calls for his resignation (not reported in the Astonisher of course) after Jetstar dropped its Townsville-Bali flights this week, but the Dill has skilfully saved his company a small fortune in PR costs by getting the Astonisher to promote both him and Townsville airport.
    If you added up all the space the editor has given the Dill and his airport upgrade rort including editorials the Dill has saved his bosses hundreds of thousands of dollars in PR expenses.
    No bad news about the airport in the Bully. Its all onwards and upwards except if you want to go to Bali.
    Surely the editor knows that the mayors pathetic boycott call and his flogging of a dead horse wont sway a company the size of Qantas which is run by professionals.
    In the scheme of things Dill, Mullet, the Puppet and the editor dont even rate as nuisance value.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed … and to state the bleedin’ obvious – a Magpie speciality – Qantas will appropriately adjust its services to requirements balanced between demand and profit. As any sane company would, which is probably why our Four Horsemen of the Apococollapse don’t understand things.
      Comment on FB the other day suggested that when Dill was at Macair ‘he ran the airline into the ground’. Thank christ he’s not a pilot, or it may have been literal.

  46. The Lone Ranger says:

    Has there been a falling out between Ben Bogan and his good mate Rabieh Krayem?
    Two stories about the NQ Fury (the long overdue ditching of its name, colours and logo) in two days and not one quote from Krayem, who ran the show until he stepped down earlier this year due to public demand.
    But he was on Channel 7 News last night suggesting that the Fury name and logo was invaluable because it was known both nationally and internationally.
    He’s right about that. The Fury (didn’t win a single game in 2016) was a laughing stock in football circles. Could it be that Krayem’s interest in keeping the name and logo alive revolves around who owns them and trying to get an earn out of flogging them off?
    So why didn’t Ben Bogan do as Channel 7 did last night and get a few quotes from Krayem?
    Wouldn’t have anything to do with News Ltd being dragged into Krayem’s defamation case against the Magpie would it?

  47. Achilles says:

    As if the clergy weren’t enough of a hazard…….

    Magpie put down after attacking Perth boys

    A male magpie who attacked two toddlers at a park in Perth’s north, causing serious damage to one boy’s eye, has been euthanised.

  48. Dutch Reverend says:

    Where would we be without Mayor Mullet. She is leading the charge and has been all over our water problem for years now. she said. “The work I put in to get water security as the top priority in the City Deal, the recommendations of the Water Taskforce and the state government funding have all helped get this project ready for construction.”
    Not to mention that the pope would be over 32km long. No kidding. Last one I looked the Burdekin was much further away than 32km.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Should be pipe and time. Excuse the typo

    • The Magpie says:

      Just had to leave the typo in, Dutchy … talk about pope envy.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Water problem? what water problem. Did not the Mullet, at the time of the last council election deny that there was a water security problem, regardless of the facts and the many letters to the Iditor (mine included). Now, in time for the next local election the Mullet is out water savoir, all hale St Jenny.

  49. Dutch Reverend says:

    Now they are going to spend some of the extra money on a park upgrade. Weren’t they going to be doing this work with the $20mill previously received from Puddleduck ? Where has that money gone ?

  50. Woodduck says:

    So is the Astoniser saying Jetstar are liars? They have proof (photo)of a full flight leaving Townsville to Bali, and quotes from people saying flights are always full, so it must be true. All I saw was a plane full of people with their pockets full of money leaving Townsville to spend it somewhere else. Shouldn’t TEL and the Council be concentrating on keeping those dollars here in Townsville instead.

    • Scientician79 says:

      As always selective reporting, like today’s booster story about airport numbers.

      And how many of those passengers were leaving Townsville vs visitors coming in?

      Not going to hear about that are we.

      And Mayor Mullet continues to prove what a piece of work she is, talking up the Haughton Pipeline like she has supported it all along. If she hadn’t run on a campaign of “Water Crisis? What Water Crisis?” the pipeline could already be under construction and we might actually have a solution half built instead of sitting here heading into yet another wet season with the town well and truly turning brown and everyone hoping like hell we get a real wet season.

      But that’s okay the Stadium is getting built, so good job everyone back pats all round the town’s problems are solved, move along nothing to see here.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The constant rant about this Bali route by the astonisher just shows how inept they are. It doesn’t matter how many people are on the flight if half of them have come from Brisbane in the first place or the seats were sold at a price point that means they are losing money anyway. Further to this is the fact that planes are in heavy demand, Jetstar would no doubt have many more profitable routes that these planes can be utilised on, this is just symptomatic of the talentless dickheads we have running this place at the moment, the basics of business escapes them.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      For the record I have never caught one of these planes from Townsville to Bali. But a quick question: Does the route to Denpasar start in Townsville or does it start in somewhere else like Brisbane then stop in Townsville before heading to Bali? If it does, then is it possible that the ‘packed’ plane is mainly made up of Brisvegas residents, therefore the numbers they are calculating do stack up? Just asking?

      • The Magpie says:

        Other commenters have suggested that the planes arrive with Bali passengers from Brisbane, and if you think about it, it can hardly be any other way. Bringing in an aircraft just to load locals for Bali really would be a business decision worthy of a financial brain like Dill, Mullet, the puppet Little Patty and of course Bogan, who has all the business decisions for his last-gasp paper made for him in Sydney.

        Anyone know anything about Bali flight origins?

        • Mick says:

          November last year we flew in from Melbourne. Some of the passengers on this flight were to go through to Bali. There was a delay in Melbourne and we had to change planes. The flight arrived in Townsville about an hour late. When we arrived we discovered that the flight to Bali had been delayed ,so Townsville was simply a pickup refuel stop. I believe that Gold Coast flight to Bali also stop off at Cairns en-route to Bali. The return flight from Bail was then designated a through flight to Brisbane originating in Townsville.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Don’t know about connecting flights but you have JQ 100 that lands from BNE and a short time later JQ101 to Denpasar leaves returning next morning at 0825 as JQ102 the depating for Brisbane a short period after as JQ 103. Aircraft registrations from Flightradar 24 or any similar site would confirm/deny same aircraft. Looking at flight numbers I would think likely origin is in fact BNE.

        As for the full aircraft pic. I was on JQ916 from MEL on Mon evening and there were a few youth with backpacks, mind you the fares were sale fares at about $160 one way but then looking at the departures on the screen I saw the Bali flight departing about an hour and half later the mind started to muse the flowing. Wonder how many extra numbers of those on board the Bali flights are fed in on other routes chasing cheap fares…

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Correct Dave, JQ100 BNE – TSV then becomes the flight to Denpasar. Passengers arriving in Townsville on JQ100 are advised to collect their bags and immediately proceed to Jetstar counter to check in and proceed to customs for departure, bags could not be checked all the way to DPS in BNE as JQ100 is a domestic flight and they need to go through customs, which was done in Townsville, not exactly smooth travelling.

          • Airline says:

            And then the Passengers ex Bne are counted as passengers using Townsville Airport &counted as departing passengers and then JETSTAR are charged “Out Goings” for these Passengers So in Actual fact a Airport Charge is Charged twice one from Brisbane and one ex Townsville Any Passenger that steps into The Airport Terminal is considered and reboards any Flight Connecting or Otherwise is counted in the numbers of departing passengers … Also let’s presume Qantas/Virgin/Tiger give a Travel Agent (let’s Say Escape Travel) A Free Ticket (Airline Talk Contra ) The Applical Airline pays the Outgoings ..charge Also Staff on a rebated Ticket are charged the Out-going fee So if the Qantas/Virgin/Alliance (RR) Airport Manager/Supervisor goes to a Company Meeting in Brisbane they are Charged the Out Going Fee Both Sue (Ansett) and I often approached the Airport owners ( Before Dill) but to no avail so we both agreed that nobody from the Airport operators at the the time would get an upgrade ( Ecy To Bus) ..

  51. The Lone Ranger says:

    The Townsville Airport PR machine, aka The Astonisher, is at it again this morning trying to put pressure on Jetstar/Qantas to reinstate flights to Bali.
    Talk about pissing into the wind.
    Their argument is that all the flights were full, yet the Dill himself said earlier this week the the flights merely had good loadings. In other words, they were far from full.
    Sure, there would be some flights that were chockers, especially in holiday periods, but the simple fact is that Jetstar is a business, and after losing money on these flights made a business decision which will NOT be changed.
    Mayor Mullet, TEL and Kevin Dill are kidding themselves if they think Jetstar will change its mind. But then they kids themselves all the time.
    Of course, there was always a possibility that Jetstar/Qantas would have worked with so-called local community leaders to save the Bali flights.
    But all that went out the window when Mayor Mullet called for a boycott of Qantas – simply because it refused to agree to a $3 passenger levy which would have given Queensland Airports, owners of the Townsville terminal, free assets at the expense of the travelling public.
    TEL ceo Patricia Puppet supported her BBF, the Mullet, so Jetstar/Qantas was in no mood to cut Townsville any slack and keep the Bali flights going.
    So Mayor Mullet and Patricia Puppet you are the ones who, instead of working with the biggest tourism player in the region, chose to bite the hand that feeds you.
    By the way, is the mayor’s boycott still on? If so, I hope she isn’t flying Qantas or sticking the snout in the trough in the Qantas lounge any time soon.

  52. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Jetstar fill the Bali flight by supplying extra passengers on a heavily subsidised flight from Brisbane to Townsville ( JQ 100). The cheap fares ex Townsville have been maintained as long as possible and are no longer viable. The implication that there is a hidden agenda is ludicrous. (Scott Stewart and others!). These airlines are in business to make money and utilise their assets to gain maximum benefit. Our Mayor and local state politicians prove time and time again that they have no grasp of these basic business fundamentals.
    Strategic Airlines tried the route some years ago with no success and to Jetstars credit they had a crack.
    Instead of being jeered they should be applauded for trying to make it work.

  53. Surely says:

    Oh this is priceless. Aaron Harper found room in his mouth for the other foot when he said ‘the Jetstar decision went against everything that Townsville was trying to achieve to boost tourism’. He does realise, surely, that the Jetstar planes were taking tourists AWAY from Townsville, not bringing them in? That the flights ‘boosted tourism’ in Bali not Townsville? That the tourist dollars were going to be spent in bars and restaurants in Bali and not Townsville?

    How many inward tourists does this idiot and the other Mullet/Gill sycophants think are arriving in Townsville on the return flights? Will someone please point out that the only ‘local’ business that will lose when the flights cease is the airport itself? The passengers transiting from Brisbane never leave the terminal and the cancellation of the flights means a reduction in the passenger charges that flowing back to TAL. The confected outrage is nothing more than Gill trying to retain the dollars TAL gets to skim from the Jetstar routing.

    Unfortunately the fourth estate has let Townsville down as its only print outlet has prostituted itself for the benefit of the airport carpetbaggers and developer pimps that now cruise the streets of Townsville looking for the next easy mark/vacant block. By failing to hold the powers that are to account it panders to the growing myth that Townsville is missing out on ‘its’ fair share.

    The simple, hard facts are that the Townsville Airport is NOT an international airport. That the appellation ‘world class’ before every new proposed stadium, waterslide, cable car, transport hub, outhouse and monorail does not automatically make it so. That the Mullet and her team have seconded effective control of city planning to the developers who get away with using fatuous terms such as ‘cultural venue’, ‘enhanced public space’ and ‘education precinct’ to describe sheds, footpaths and vacant retail space in each glossy prospectus.

    With no effective opposition at a local or state level, no long term planning and no independent, objective media scrutiny things ‘aint looking to bright for the Ville at the moment.

    Thank god we have the Bird and his flock to keep the bastards honest.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Congratulations to ‘Surely.’ That is the best analysis of today’s Townsville and its moronic leadership that I have seen in months.
      Things will continue to deteriorate while you continue to have media lapdogs rather than watchdogs.

      • The Magpie says:

        Speaking of which, TCC confirmed to The ‘Pie today that Anthony ‘Simpo ‘ Templeton has been appointed media boss for the council.

        • Old Hack says:

          Confirms that Mullet and the Impaler are not thinking straight in their efforts to reduce council expenditure. They should have pressured Ben into putting Simpo back on the News payroll. This would have ensured the same level of glowing coverage without the expense.

  54. The Owl says:

    The Simpleton, being a former Bully employee and lap dog, is a perfect fit as he will complement the already shonky relationship between the council and the Bully. You know, the one in which the Bully gets a healthy ad spend at full prices (no bargain $800 ful page ads in this cosy deal) from the council and in return the editor promotes and protects the mayor and her thought bubbles and baseless attacks.
    Surely the time will come when News Ltd head office looks at the real circulation figures and moves the editor to a backbench in Sydney.

  55. Dearie Me says:

    I note the CEO of Ipswich was charged with corruption and carted off….

  56. Choir Mistress says:

    The collection of puppets continues to grow.
    Let’s now join in a rousing chorus of that popular children’s schoolyard chant…..

    Mullet with Simpo…..
    Sitting on her knee….

  57. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Well done Benny boy.
    At least all of the airport hoo ha has taken the focus off the alarming crime statistics, the falling house prices and still horrible unemployment numbers. Nothing has really changed in the last 12 months except that our international travellers will not be able to have really cheap access to a third world cesspit…. We still don’t have a water crisis, we have a water saviour, who saw it coming and cunningly obtained funding to do what Calamity Jane saw in the tea leaves but couldn’t sell. It’s like deja vu all over again.
    What will the boy wonder report on next, next,? 50 cops to Townsville to curb the spiralling crime rate (again)? Oscar Merchant 2? It really is a poorly run show up here aint it?

  58. The old peterbuilt says:

    Feel sorry for the poor old coppers. Work their arses off to catch these little thugs and a plethora of politicians with no balls and left wing soft cock magistrates send them back out again to laugh in the face of authority. Now let’s be honest, the majority of these offenders are indigenous and I will bet the majority are on welfare. Cut off the welfare as they are doing with the anti vaccine mob. Now before grace Smallwood gets on her racist box let it be known that my grandmother was a full blood yuggera woman who gave her children the gift of life and our parents passed it onto us. Simply put we were given a knowledge of right and wrong, an education, work ethic , respect and the principle that if you want something out of life go and work for it. I am proud to say neither I nor my brothers have ever been near a Centrelink office and we have all had businesses of our own and all been employers and now I am a self funded hippy. I’m sick of the excuses given so the bludgers can live off the tax payer. Have a good weekend all.

  59. Dave of Kelso says:

    Has a State election been called? For some time now there are Aaron Harper posters littering the Upper Ross making it more of an eyesore than it normally is.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Nah, they’re missing person posters – folks are wondering where he is and where he’s been for the last 3 or so years………

      • Dearie Me says:

        That explains why the Harpie van is always parked at the intersection near Willow’s. Maybe someone should let the police know it’s an abandoned vehicle…

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