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Sunday, July 29th, 2018   |   122 comments

From Ashes to Ashes: The Fascinating Background To The Proposed Crematorium In Railway Estate.

Seems we’re in for a bout of Crematorium Wars … there’s a lot more to this development proposal than you’ll ever learn in The Townsville Bulletin … indeed, the paper appears to be complicit in a biased campaign courting this developer at the possible cost to well established businesses.

The proposed site has a chequered history in Townsville, and current owner Townsville bizoid-about-town Simon Fraser must be celebrating an amazing stroke of luck.

Is legal foghorn Big Bazza Taylor about to come a gutser in court over his well known ‘over-enthusiastic’ charging habits? It could very well be on the cards. The details of a matter currently before the Supreme Court will make your eyes water.

And in light those details, The Magpie has an urgent message to Rabieh Krayem …

Mayor Mullet’s new gambit to deflect attention from her scatterbrained performance … blame the hired help. Yup, she reckons bureaucrats are sacking staff and plan to send the remainder out of the CBD to the ‘burbs. One problem – it is utter bullshit.

And another Trump gallery from around the world … this pictorial essay may well become a weekly feature.

But let’s stay local first, there’s plenty happening …

… Or, In Mayor Mullet’s Case, Cackle About What Is NOT Happening …

The vagueness is mind-numbing, proving Jenny Hill really does think we are idiots.

Jenny Hill

During the week, our hapless mayor wasn’t so much flogging a dead horse so much as taking her favourite vote-catching unicorn out for a canter, i.e that $2 billion ion lithium battery factory supposedly to be build on a gift block of council land in the scrub at Woodstock. Like all other figures and statements in this saga – a thousand jobs, anyone? From which arse was that figure daintily extracted? – you just have to take the ‘$2billion factory’ on trust. $2billion, really? REALLY? Pull the other one, it yodels.

There is absolutely nothing in all this amateur-hour theatrics that inspires confidence in our city leadership. Even Bentley is skeptical – although he doesn’t see the horse as quite dead yet.

Jen of arc fin small

See the Jen of Arc breastplate? Gotta love ya, Benters!

Some background. Last Thursday, the Astonisher ran a breathless story about Magnis Resources, the main spruiker for the proposed ‘super battery’ factory at Woodstock they ‘might’ build in Townsville. The thrust of Tony Raggatt’s story – that Townsville is the focus ofglobal’ financial players – was based on this:

Listed development company Magnis Resources told the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday the proposed Townsville factory and two others of its projects in the United States and Germany were attracting “considerable interest” from equipment manufacturers, potential strategic investors and fund managers.

“As a result, potential investors, both domestic and international, are now undertaking various forms of due diligence with a view to making an investment in Magnis,” the company said in a statement.

The company aimed to announce a “definitive investment” shortly, it said.

It is an absolutely nothing statement – words like ‘potential’, ‘various forms’ ‘with a view’ and the how-long-is-a-piece-of-string ‘considerable interest’ that we are supposed to accept as some sort progress are way too rubbery to be taken seriously as a forward move in what so far we are entitled to believe is sheer fantasy. These assertions alone raise many questions, none of which it has either occurred to, or been entertained by, the Bulletin. Just for starters, the vague and meaningless phrase ‘considerable interest’ means absolutely NOTHING in the hard-headed world of the share market, and if there were any facts to back up that phrase, Mr Raggatt failed to enlighten us.

That last sentence is a doozy – ‘aimed to’ and ‘shortly’ leave one hell of a lot of wriggle room when things go tits up.

It is a safe bet that the statement to the ASX by Magnis was aimed at quelling any nervous nellies who hold Magnis shares, and discourage any sell-off. Maybe even get a few new punters in on a blue-sky promise. But it is one of those statements where you can say what you like, because the punters are the ones who have to make up their minds about such woolly claims.



But it was certainly good enough for our publicity hound mayor who offered the following highly qualified words.

‘(I am) confident studies into the Townsville project would show it is viable. We are still waiting for the State Government to agree to the terms for their ($3 million) contribution (to the feasibility study). Once we have, then (proponents) will press forward for the full feasibility,” Cr Hill said.’

Astonisher reader Gary summed it up neatly:

And they chose Townsville because? Cheap wages? No. Central location? No. Skilled workforce? No. Cheap power? No. Abundant water? No. What am I missing? This sounds like a scam.

Hard to argue with you, Gazza. Or with Bentley.

But If You Think All That Is Far-Fetched … This Is Pure Manufactured Fantasy


 CBD fronter

The CBD to become a wasteland, with scores of public service sacking and the remaining jobs heading out of the CBD and heading for the suburbs. Oh, woe, the end is nigh.

Except it isn’t and they aren’t.

In a yarn that could have well been written in the Mayor’s personal PR dream factory (actually it probably was), dastardly moustache-twirling ‘bureaucrats’ were ‘plotting’ to cut staff and  head out from the centre of town. But we are more than halfway into the story after several paragraphs of vague tough-talkin’ from the mayor before we have a clue what’s she’s on about. Turns out the public servants in this instance, according to completely unnamed and unidentified sources (put your money on the Mayor) are the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services mob (actually in South Townsville not the CBD) and the Queensland Police Service.

But to summarise a massively puffed up non-story, official spokesmen for both the QFES and the coppers said … in more polite words … it was complete crap, no one had any plans to go anywhere.  A relevant minister said the same thing. Just why the paper would go on with all the foot stamping kiddy play from Jenny Hill, and then quote the responsible executives saying she bullshitting is anybody’s guess. Certainly one way to contradict any claim to credibility.

But here’s the kicker, which gets the quote of the decade. Mayor Mullet’s muddled virtue signaling was topped off with this gem:

Cr Hill said she had heard threats departments could move and was concerned about the “shrinking” number of staff employed by the tax office.Council has played a big role in moving more of our workforce into the city, investing in infrastructure and encouraging new developments in the CBD.

Oh, really? Where has that concern closer to home over the past year, m’dear? Listen, me little mongoose, moving council staff from Thuringowa to Walker Street was more than offset by your wholesale callous sackings of so many (about 300) knowledgeable and dedicated council staff, very few of whom were ‘dead wood’. And your political duck-shoving for years on the bus hub (which will do absolutely zero for the CBD) and trashing the Perc Tucker Gallery’s attraction – a big CBD drawcard –  earns you the title of Mayor MealyMouth.

As said, Jenny, you REALLY do think we are fucking idiots, don’t you?

A Job’s Footnote

Did you see in the paper that the Townsville Bulletin sacked another six people a week ago, including Third Reich columnist Julian Tomlinson?

No, you didn’t, the paper followed its usual practice of finger wagging at others who give people the arse, or even fictious threats to do so (see previous piece) but staying mum when they do a bit more editorial cleansing. It ain’t called the Bully for nothing.

And not only that but a Magpie mate dropped a line during the week saying Jason Scott, former Bulletin GM and now making a hole in the air down in Brisbane doing something or other for News, visited both Cairns Post and Townsville Bulletin recently and blew up at them.  He informed them that there is a good possibility that reporters may soon be paid per story. (Love to see you try that one, you buffoon.) In the last round of performance reviews all reporters were asked if they would be happy to undertake basic photography training.

The desperation can almost be tasted, the digital take-up is woeful. Otherwise, why this as just one example …


… that, at the current discounted rate of about $5000 per page (down from $8k or so in arrogant times) is a cool $20,000 trying to wheedle folks into digital subs … and that on a slow week day.

Is Something A Bit Whiffy About The Railway Estate Crematorium Proposal?


One can’t help thinking there’s a few unanswered questions about the proposed crematorium on Railway Avenue, on the site of at various stages of its history was a cinema, a skating rink and a ride-on mower sales room.

Let’s look at a few things that haven’t been aired around the matter.


First up, no one’s mentioned that there is another development application for a crematorium in the suburbs, this one by Morleys the funeral people over on Martinez Avenue on The Lakes in West End. They want to extend their funeral parlour to include cremations, but although lodged 12 months ago, there has been no decision on the development application (Ml16/0037). One imagines the locals may have had something to say on this matter, which raises the issue of fairness … you know, what’s good for the (char-grilled) goose is good for the (barbecued) gander.

And then there was this in the Astonisher in January.

Screen shot 2018-07-29 at 12.10.10 AM

This was a carefully manufactured story of blatant self-interest aimed at damaging an established and well respected business with a bizarre claim. This is evidenced by the fact that the claim was made by Neville Boyle, the operator of Burdekin Funerals and Townsville Cremations, which ships the bodies to Bowen to be burnt. Boyle’s trumped up allegation was that the Woongarra Crematorium at Julago dumped ashes because they used urns that were too small – a claim described by a director of Morley’s with an interest in the current Julago crematorium as ‘utter nonsense, which I completely deny.’ The State Coroner seemed to think it was a bit weird too, and was unimpressed with supposed photographic evidence Mr Boyle supplied, telling him ‘it is unclear what the photos are depicting.’

But now, with this development order, it seems clear what he was trying to achieve.

So it’s reasonable to join the dots and see this as a prelude to a development order, obviously given the blessing of the buildings owner, local bizoid-about-town Simon Fraser.

Then there was the statement in the paper from in the past week from Lori Boyle, who runs Townsville Cremations in which she was quoted as saying ‘At the moment, bodies have to be taken to Bowen to be cremated.’ It was this comment that piqued The Magpie’s curiosity, because he assumed, although he hadn’t heard about it, Woongarra at Julago had gone out of business and left a burning hole in the local market. Or not, as it may be.

A call to the Julago establishment, which has been there for almost 50 years, assured The ‘Pie is crisp and salty terms that they were indeed still there with the firelighters at the ready, in fact doing up to 10 cremations a day (typical that the one growth industry in Townsville is dying).

Ms Boyle then clarified matters, agreeing that while she did see she was quoted as above, ‘in actual fact my words were to the effect “bodies WE cremate are taken to Bowen as we do not use the local facility as it is owned by Morleys.” That makes sense, and given our beloved paper’s track record for accuracy, it’s a toss up whether it was a deliberate slip of her tongue or of reporter Chris Lees pen. But it can’t be denied that the quote in the paper furthered the cause for the developers.

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser

But how some fortunes turn around. Spare a thought for emotional roller coaster ride that owner Simon Fraser must have endured in the past year. There he was, just about to have a ten year lease signed and lock in long standing and reliable tenant –  Anna’s Skin and Beauty – in the building on Boundary Street side of the site when this happened.

Salon fire. Jan 29 2018jpg

To make Mr Fraser’s anguish worse, there were those early suggestions of arson, he must’ve been doubly distraught to think that someone would do that deliberately, but we haven’t heard anything further. So how lucky is he to have Mr Boyle come along and turn his property’s fortunes around.

Buy a lottery ticket, Simon, you lucky devil.

So now there’s a petition got up on the matter, with more than 100 concerned locals opposing the idea.

Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 9.45.01 PM

Submissions on the development application close on August 13th.

Bazza’s Big Bucks Policy Under Legal Question

Barry Big BazzaTaylor

It is a statement of fact that Barry The Legal Foghorn Taylor has never been shy in seeking an exorbitant dollar from his clients. Even the Bulletin, back in its relatively free spending days, dispensed with his on-call services because of the swingeing value he put on himself. Stories of his epic charging are legend around this town.

It now seems he may have gouged the wrong people. A fascinating matter has just unfolded in the Supreme Court sitting in Rockhampton.

Tony and June Hood own (or did own, The Magpie is unsure if they are still there) a Ravenswood cattle property, Kirkton Station. Tragedy struck Mr Hood in 2007 when he became a quadriplegic through an accident involving a cattle trailer.

Mining company Carpentaria Gold had for some time had a mining lease covering part of Kirkton Station, and in 2011 started legal action to renew the lease.   Move along to 2014, and enter Barry Taylor. This from the record of court proceedings.

Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 9.39.08 AM

Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 9.49.04 AM

Phew! So much for a measly hundred grand – or less!! Almost $400,000 for unsuccessful negotiations and no trial!!!

In essence, the Hoods want the five costs orders set aside AND AN ITEMISED ACCOUNT OF THE COSTS. The judge has the power to order this, especially if he concludes the costs were ‘not fair and reasonable’.

There will be a fair bit more duck shoving and legal tap dancing before this is over. Interesting to note that the solicitor for Enema Legal is one Vanesa Gleeson, the same vampirena handling Rabeah Krayem’s defamation case against The Magpie. And against The Magpie’s totally uninvolved daughter. Vile tactic, you should be ashamed of yourself, Mrs Gleeson. But you’ve obviously found the right firm to work for.

Message for Rabeah Krayem; get out while you can, Rabster, you’ve been sold a very expensive pup in your action against The Magpie, who is sure Barry Taylor, when he actively sought you out to sue this blogger, didn’t give you all the ramifications. Win or lose, you’re in big financial danger now because of this vindictive and rapacious arsesole, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Two messages to Mrs Gleeson: don’t believe Barry when he says he only takes on cases he knows he will win (you’re not looking too flash in this one, and you sure as hell haven’t a hope of a satisfactory outcome in your action against The Magpie). The second mssage? Buy your husband some decent clothes, he looks like a down-at-heel, ill-kempt used car salesman when he squeaks his way through his segments on Sky News.

Speaking Of Which …

Peter Gleeson

From comments during the week.
The Magpie

July 25, 2018 at 7:16 am  (Edit)

Here it is, in all its bright shining hypocrisy, the man who bullied my daughter in the News Ltd workplace, although she had done nothing to him and he didn’t even know her, he still threatened her job because of something I said this blog. At the time, he was in Townsville, she was in Melbourne at the Herald. And now on national television (well, Sky, anyway) HE’S decrying workplace bullying  … and by a woman. Peter Gleeson really does have issues on both these fronts. In the instance involving my daughter, he was forced to apologise, and subsequently lied to a News Ltd columnist about me, costing his employers an estimated million dollars in costs, their own legal fees and damages for defamation. All because he was a proven workplace bully … and now he is lecturing us about the issue on television? That’s about the speed of Sky News. If this doesn’t open, paste into your FB page.


Finally, Comrade Trump’s Week in Pix

Still they keep coming about his  travels. Satirist Andy Borowitz nails the best headline, in the New Yorker.

Screen shot 2018-07-18 at 8.21.02 AM

Trump putin PHOTO-2018-07-19-11-25-56 Bashing our Allies Trump by nicola jennings guardian PHOTO-2018-07-16-09-30-54 weyant_lemonade 25_jones Reump job figures 20180725edshe-b Trump no collusion……………

That’s it for this week, lots of really interesting stuff in comments flowing through during the week, check it out and drop in any tidbits of interest. If you have a mind to be your secret generous self, do help the blog along with a donation … its easy, the how to button is below.









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  1. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Typical Mullet and Astonisher combo, half a story and got that half wrong anyway, QPS were not considering leaving the CBD, they were thinking of moving into it. Mundingburra is full to the brim and people are falling over each other so either District Office or Regional are looking at space elsewhere. A vacant area at Pimlico Tafe was being considered and so was space in the Govt building on Walker St where Defence Recruiting were before they moved down to Metro Quays in the vacant Coles shops. However it has not progressed any further and word is staff at QPS werent too impressed about the prospect of humping to work each day from Dean Park up Stanley St and back again particularly if having to work back late but no final decision has been made and further sites are being considered, so they haven’t even arrived in the CBD yet and the Mullet is screaming that they are abandoning the place, another case of look over there to distract people of the complete fuck up this council have made of the CBD.

    • Grumpy says:

      Didn’t hear a word when Probation & Parole moved out of the old Commonwealth building (now owned by Council) 2-3 months ago. They are now beside Centrelink at Aitkenvale. Would have been quite a few workers involved. Word is that the spaces in the huge car park under the building are much sought after and used as bribes or rewards for unquestioning loyalty. Word also is that due diligence was not that diligent and that there are massive slumbering problems with the building.

    • Concerned says:

      Can anyone tell me one thing (apart from business as usual) the Mullet has achieved.
      Apart from destroying and removing decades worth of skills, experience and systems knowledge. All because they did bot toe the ALP line and questioned her (most likely politically motivated and against the Local Government Act) screwed up ideas.
      Surely a State Government with a clue could see that with what has been going on in Local Governments elected officials un recent times across QLD and the amount of corrupt behaviour which has been disclosed (and most likely only the tip of the iceberg) that a major review / investigation is required within QLD Local Governments.
      But I dare do say this wont happen because the same shit is most likely going on at that level as well.
      We need an opposition leader with some balls to start driving this now.

      • The Magpie says:

        If there’s someone who can answer your opening question, maybe they can also enlighten us similiarly about TEL.

  2. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Dear ‘Pie,

    Regarding Trump, I am caused to recall, in the movie A Shot In The Dark, the Herbert Lom character Chief Inspector Dreyfus, having been driven insane by Inspector Clouseau muttering to himself over and over, ” Every day in every way I am getting better and better. ”

    In my mind’s eye I now see Donald Trump, first thing every morning, face close to the bathroom mirror, muttering over and over to himself, ” I am a very stable genius. I am a very stable genius. I am a very stable genius. “

  3. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    It will be interesting to see the response, if any, to this open letter to TCC posted on Facebook.


    • The Magpie says:

      Ms Gregory questions are all valid, very concerning and don’t just deserve, they demand, answers. In the psychology of both politics and humans, if Mayor Mullet fucks around with dumb animals (her councillors excepted) that could be the one single issue that sees her turfed out on her ever expanding rear (sorry, take that back, no fat shaming allowed here). Townsville people have shown that they are happy for the mayor to fly in the face of reality, entertain unethical if not illegal backroom rorts, featherbedding and bullying, but less than humane treatment of animals will not be tolerated.
      Ms Gregory’s closing lines are worth repeating:
      “These are only a few of some very basic and important questions that the community needs to know the answers to. Animal Management is funded by ratepayers money and there has never been consultation by the council on their policies. We trusted the RSPCA to go above and beyond to rehome animals, but now that they have gone, we feel that the vacuum left behind is sucking animals into a black hole – and a veil of silence hangs over the shelter. This is not good enough. Townsville residents expect better for our lost and stray animals.
      This lack of transparency goes against council’s policies and this is not classified information. If council continues to fail to be accountable to the public, we will apply for the information under the freedom of information act.”

      As they say in racing parlance, Go, you good thing, Emma.

  4. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I’ve been told that the Qld govt will shortly start converting the male prison at Gatton to a female facility. All the current male prisoners there will be moved and spread up between the Rockhampton, Lotus Glen and Townsville prisons before the refurbishment takes place.

    So the all ready significantly overcrowded Townsville prison will be even more overloaded. (Triple bunks soon I imagine).

    When will the government just bite the bullet and build a new prison? I realise they are very costly to build but surely no more so than a multi-billion dollar cross river tunnel for Brisane’s commuters? A new prison would benefit the whole state and if built in a struggling regional centre, like say Mt Isa or Townsville, guarantees long term steady employment and significant local service business opportunities.

  5. Kelsie J says:

    I thought Councils were supposed to be more transparent now?

  6. J jones says:

    I don’t think anything can fix the CBD apart from having thousands of more people move in there……but where are they going to come from?

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, yes and no Jonesy. People yes, but moving there would be a side event … The ‘Pie has always believed that property owners should get together and do professional lobbying of government departments, authorities, and large firms that require office branches, offering deals hard to refuse. The council could offer rates concessions … well, a new council could, the current financial disaster has neither the wit not desire to be really innovative in its CBD thinking, still anchored to the myth of tourism and – oh the embarrassment – cruise ships. Add in an art hub, specialised uni lecture halls and other daytime-centric activities. And everybody realise the CBD is never going to be a shopping centre. It should be a bee hive during the day, before the activity drifts down to Via Vomitorium in the evening.
      But property owners would have to be innovative and forego the currently dreamed of (and mourned) rent margins for a few years, going for the long game.
      Easy for the assetless ‘Pie to say, sure, but maybe it the best place from which to view a sustainable future, unhobbled by panic about making less money than desired, and missing the long game.

      The new reality is here, and you either embrace it or wither on the vine.

      • Kelsie J says:

        The day Mooney sold off many levels of the multi level car park was the beginning of the end of the CBD…

        • Scotty says:

          yep, and if you can’t park anywhere, or partake of a semi efficient public transport system, then sorry boys and girls, no-one is going to visit a clapped out excuse for a CBD that is more district than it is business.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Very true Pie, our situation here is different most places, we have an export CBD, more people pack up every morning and drive out of the CBD to work, shop etc than drive into it, therefore we have to throw the conventional playbook out the window, couple this with our climate and lifestyle and the whole thing needs to be turned on it’s head. It also effects things like public transport that tends to follow a suburbs to city flow in the AM and reverse in the afternoon, this doesn’t work here, hence the empty buses running around town. Lots of opportunities and we are only a defining project and some lateral thinking away from turning things around but with the brain dead Mullet and crew running the show I don’t think anything will change in the near future.

    • Concerned says:

      My opinion for what it is worth is also the planning laws and councils development failures.
      I could imagine a 15 / 20 story hotel / appartments on Kissing point, and also at a few ( not many so it does not destroy / commercialise our beautiful strand) designated sights along the stand, an example could be the vacant sight next to the seaview.
      What serious developer is going to build 5 stories on the strand when they can go elsewhere and build 15 / 20.
      Another development joke was what happened down at Pallaranda and the planned development that was stopped by a few selfish, self centered locals.

  7. The Stockman says:

    What happened to the committee that the Mayor set up about a year ago that was supposed to make the cbd more attractive?! Check out the bullsheet lies on this page of Council’s website…but be quick, I’ll bet my best horse that it’s removed by tomorrow when the screaming dwarf realises it’s there.

    • Hee-Haw says:

      Stockman, have a look at the agenda for last weeks council meeting regarding Liverpool Place which was considered under the Townsville jobs and investment package you linked.
      Unfortunately the package requires developments to be completed by 30th July 2018.
      It seems this one doesn’t fit but it was “confidential” and discussed in the closed section of the meeting.
      There will be more to this than first evident.

      • The Magpie says:

        Is the proponent named?

        • Hee-Haw says:

          No name , application code SAMC18/0001 if anyone can dig up more

          • The Magpie says:

            Come the revolution and The Magpie is the boss, one of the first things he will do after he runs out of ammo will be to rule that there has to be a sensible explanation for all secret meetings. This blanket misuse of ‘commercial in confidence’ smacks of corruption. There are cases where it is justified where an open meetinmg could put an entity’s property – intellectual or otherwise at risk – but what is not justified is refusing to name the principals involved in closed meetings. Only the terror laws allow that sort behaviour, and they’re wrong too.

  8. Critical says:

    Council and others must surely realise that the CBD is dying by a thousand cuts and trying to revive it is impossible. Take the public sector, council and legal profession out of the CBD and it will be deserted 24/7.
    Let’s face it, most of the buildings are old and dilapidated and required substantial expenditure to refurbish to modern business standards. Indeed it is rumored that the former Commonwealth Government building that TCC purchased needs such expenditure. It makes more sense for businesses to either build or lease office space in the suburban business hubs (yes these hubs are identified in the City Plan) nearer to their clients who can access easier parking.
    Townsville has a poor public transport system for both staff and business clients and the location of the new bus hub is a bloody joke, away from the main business activity areas and feels like some lane way and I certainly wouldn’t want to be waiting to catch a bus in this location after dark with the vagrants and others who frequent this area.

    • The Magpie says:

      That bus hub is a world class example of a camel being a horse designed by a committee. Even The Mullet can see that, why else would she let her deputy goof get all the photo ops in connection with it.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Council is madly spending money on the old Council building so it won’t have any money left to fix up the old commonwealth building. The Impaler didn’t like the old CEO digs. Apparently they were too fancy for her, and she needed to be more in touch with the staff. So she moved all the directors and support staff to the top floor after the top floor was refurbished.
      But it seems the top floor gives her too much contact with staff, so the first floor, the side closer to Walker st, has now been refurbished (known as “The Silver Level”) to accommodate the Impaler and her entourage.
      Back on the former CEO side of Level 1, it’s deserted, except for Councillors. The legal team has been kicked out, and reburbishments are being undertaken to accommodate the screaming midget and his long suffering staff. It seems they have assumed all staff are as small as the midget and an inordinate amount of people will be stuffed into a very small space.

  9. Lucifer's love child says:

    In practical terms for the moment there’s only one way to revitalise the CBD – get rid of all paid parking and create practical parking time allowances. If you make it impractical for people to work in the CBD they won’t stay.

    The only silver lining of putting in parking meters and causing pain to those visiting is that the existing small lease holders and small property owners will be driven out of the CBD selling valuable property for a song to be snapped up by property developers ( its the oldest trick in the book – they do this in sydney and melbourne to get rid of people in places where developers want to buy cheap land).

    Wherever the parking meters are mounted development follows – they are always harbingers of the economic apocalypse.

    Hope this clears up why the CBD hasn’t worked and never will work for the foreseeable future.

    • First time caller says:

      In this opinion, the only way to have CBD is to make it Central.

      – The Aitkenvale hub around the Nathan Street and Ross River Road intersection is where two of Townsville’s main arterials intersect.
      -The traffic volume is medium to heavy during daylight hours.
      -The parking is free (for now).
      -Planning changes have allowed up to 5-storeys in the suburb for commercial and residential developments. Not that this matters because amendments to the City Planning Scheme are made at least once per year.

      Maybe the stadium will change things like the Strand did with developments there. But with only 12 one-night only events planned per year, and no other events guaranteed, it may not be the windfall that everyone has been told it will be.

      • The Magpie says:

        The stadium will do very little for the CBD, if indeed anything except for Palmer Street nosebaggeries – gamegoers aren’t going to do a touch of shopping when fighting their way through the car park coming in or battling to get home going out. The real bonnaza would’ve been an entertainment/convention centre integrated into the project for year round activities … but instead, where these facilities should be, we get a secret old boys dodgy deal to get a third rate hotel chain promising to build something adjacent, which doesn’t make much sense … if people travel to Townsville NOT for footy games, will they want to stay in a hotel that offers no tropical views, just a close-up of an unimaginative concrete stadium on way, and mangroves and mud of a tidal creek with a distant railway line the other. And mozzies galore. Honestly, this whole thing is verging on the criminal …. and is certainly something on which the opinionless Chamber of Commerce should have had … quelle horreur … a strong opinion.

  10. Woodduck says:

    Let see how much the Mullet loves Townsville when she loses the next election, my bet is she will be out of here quicker than shit through a goose.

    • The Malteaser says:

      Jenny, jidħlu fid-dar!
      Aħna nħobbuha inti.
      Idaħħlu Dolan miegħek, u l-Impaler.

      • The Magpie says:

        You’ve spelt nħobbuha incorrectly.

        • The Malteaser says:


          • The Magpie says:

            So, as best The ‘Pie can work out, you want Jenny to come home, you want her back, you (we) love her, as well loving as Dolan and The Impaler.
            The ‘Pie went to some trouble to reach that possibly imperfect conclusion, but when he saw the words Jenny, Dolan and Impaler in the one sentence, he was wary that he might be publishing something licentious.
            But it seems harmless. There is little doubt that Jenny is generally proud of her Maltese heritage (and inheritance) but whether the Maltese generally are proud of her is different question.

          • The Magpie says:

            And as far you are concerned, me little crunchy choccy ball, alwats remember Ghidli ma’ min taghmilha u nghidlek x’int – ‘Tell me who you’re friends with and I’ll tell you what you are’.

        • Achilles says:

          I wonder if Oz has an extradition treaty with Malta? Remember Chris Skase holed up in Spain. P’raps Immigration should hold on to her passport, coz once she gets the boot or gets wind of a pending investigation, its adios Oz.

  11. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, if you’d like to see your name in lights beside Paul Keating – and an amusing and engaging story from Canberra politics, copy/paste this title from today’s Guardian:

    Politics, footy tipping and tribalism

  12. Critical says:

    Can anyone tell me what the City Image Advisory Committee or for that sake what any of these so called Advised Committees do as they certainly don’t seem to be openly presenting the community’s concerns and ideas to council and there isn’t even details on how to contact committee members to discuss issues, all contact is through the council website which enables vetting of politically unsavoury issues.
    Mullet seems to keep their existence quiet so perhaps everyone should think about agenda items to submit and then lets see how many actually get placed onto the agenda and properly discussed. If your agenda item doesn’t appear on the agenda, then I’m certain that the Magpie would be interested.


    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie certainly would be interested, but copy of the requestingg email needed, the old bird is becoming increasingly time challenged and doesn’t want to waste his time with amateur comedians or discombobulated whingers … he supplies all that himself.

    • Yet another voice says:

      Critical, I know at least one member of the City Image Committee who resigned in disgust. This person was more than capable and had a significant track record who could no longer tolerate the foolish and infantile workings of the committee or the total lack of outcomes.

      I guess we call all see this failure to progress in front of our eyes.

      Also, more than one national class town planner has written off the Townsville CBD off as unfixable and suggested a range of viable, alternative town forms to be followed instead. But when the Townsville ‘Club’ have brought up CBD real estate, hoping for a windfall based on ratepayer and taxpayer funded ‘activation’ projects (Stadium, new Maine Precinct, Concert Hall etc.) don’t expect the focus on the CBD to change.

  13. PORP (Pissed Of Rate Payer) says:

    Well who would have thought?

    About 3 weeks ago the “temporary” barriers in the Sturt St cutting that had been there for what, 6 or so years, were finally removed. Yes gone, but not before the owner (one would suppose) places a new sticker on each one. So apart from being a one stop shop for lots of things, what else does Direct Distribution do?
    “DD Traffic Hire Providing access to a range of traffic hire equipment including, vehicles, portable traffic lights and barriers.”
    So has someone at TCC finally woken up after all this time, who knows? But it sure looks like the mug ratepayer has been shelling out for these quiet achievers all these years!  FFS.

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey, there’s a great name for a party of independents running for council … the PORP Party … maybe they could join with another group The ‘Pie has heard is forming, the Over It Seriously Everybody Party, or the OISE, for short. If the two joined up they’d be the PORPOISE Party. Neat, eh?

  14. TCC engine room says:

    So they are gone!!!! The containers on the strand. Here’s the funniest part, every Depot was given an opportunity to take as many as they want for storage use. A mechanic told me 3 were delivered to waste this morning as he was on smoko. Hidden behind the washing shed. All that money now they are hidden. I thought mullet wanted to put them up somwhere else. Another waste of money is the 2 weeks time frame for removal done in 2 days. Wonder if it was paid out upfront for 2 weeks??

    • seagull says:

      the boxes may have been act 1 , with the super expensive footings buried in the ground act 2

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Well now that the containers have gone from Strand Park I guess we will now see a public outcry about the deplorable state the place has been left in – as we did after Stable on The Strand.

    • crabclaw says:

      She said on the radio a few weeks back they were to be sold off and was confident they would sell…
      Oh that right, she has also said recently, something like, us people have short memories…

      • Grumpy says:

        Can’t remember, Nipper.

      • tenacious D says:

        I second that crabclaw, saw her on TV boasting about the auction, never heard anything more?

      • TCC engine room says:

        Maybe the waste department bought the containers. Out of our own money (rates) well that’s how everything works to justify some dickheads job. Truck goes for a service, fleet charge the department. The mayor gives departments money from budget to pay for services so then they pay another department for there services. The same money changes hands 3 more times and hasn’t accomplished anything yet then ends up back on the mullets table where it began and straight into adani airport fund. Divert the money game lol. Who the he’ll wants a painted container essentially if you get one and the other 3 end up somwhere else that makes up the pictures that they put them there for.

        • The Magpie says:

          Surely they could be renovated as a refuge for battered savs, and plonked down on vacant land on the route when you leave the airport … then arrivals will be greeted with them, a drunk tank settlemnet, a yout detention centre and a Salvos help centre of som sort all before they a single house of Townsville. Better if visitors drove in from the south … oh, wait, there’s a mountainous city dump to greet them … so maybe a detour so they enter along the Flinders Highway … uh oh, forgot the prisonmn and the cattle holding yards under consideration. But we’ve gotta get them into town via Railway Avenue so they can stop and ake snaps of the proposed new crematorium.

          Briget Woods, tourism waffler for TEL, your job is done for you. Put your feet up until the next cruise liner drops in for a few hours, probably just as the next sheep/cattle boat loading provides a fragrant and unforgettable memory for those well heeled visitors heading for all the excitement of the CBD mall.

  15. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, several of your commenters regularly whinge about the ‘begging bowl mentality’ around Townsville where apparently there is no local money to do things. Last few weeks we have seen local people at the state and federal level chanting for the federal government to stump up money for the port expansion project on the basis that development jobs in construction, mining and tourism are being held up because of a lack of investment. Last weekend the Port reiterated its year-old chant that if bigger container and car-carrying ships could access Townsville Port it would take “8000 trucks” off the Bruce Highway – trucks that have to bring containers up from Brisbane because they can’t be unloaded in Townsville. They didn’t mention that there would have to be around 300,000 truckloads (9 million tonnes) of rock and fill brought through the suburbs to the waterfront in Townsville in order to build the revetments and breakwaters for the expanded port. But who is counting when the Macks and Kenworths start rolling?

    Now that the LNP has taken a flogging in the Longman by-election and looks all saggy and baggy in Queensland generally, what’s the bet that every second yobbo of every political stripe will be on the back of Malcolm Turnbull to start spending in Queensland – especially north Queensland? And what better for the big end of town than some moolah for industrial scale quarrying, dredging and reclamation in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area? It gets all the Tonka toys out of storage, licences every yokel to fire up their idle machinery and plays right into the hands of master grafters like Clive Palmer whose advertising blitz must have just about spun the necks off commercial TV viewers this past couple of weeks. You’d think Townsville voters and all levels of government owe the guy a living – and his vacuous promises will easily sway victim-claiming voters who’ll vote for anyone who promises the earth. Just watch as the process that brought us a new stadium is turned on us to plunder another few hundred hectares of marine wonderland for a few extra cruise ships and one less car carrier a year, maybe – for $1.2 billion taxpayer dollars.

    Nothing to do with Townsville Council of course.

    • Grumpy says:

      NMD, even allowing for the grotesque syntax in your post, I actually agree with you.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Yep, already primed by Morrison when in town recently, they have scrapped the $75 million Fed contribution for the access rail corridor but announced the $75 million will be still spent in Townsville somewhere, anywhere, sometime, what sort of fucking govt does that, just allocate funds and wait for a project to pop up, dickheads, so without anything else in the ready to go basket I would imagine they will turn around and fund the port upgrade leading up to the election, once again bailing out the state govt and not winning a single vote for their effort, dickheads.

      • Old tradesman says:

        CBH I have to agree with you, but lets look at another scenario. The State government own the port,and Captain Cupcake Stewart has told us that the profits are 3-1 in dollar terms. If this is the case then the port at present is making $15m a year in profits that means when completed it will be making $45m in profits. So if the State government is so cash strapped, even though they can finance the entire Cairns project, then they can leave the $15m here in Townsville,instead of using it to finance Jackie’s Cross River Rail and the additional unnecessary public servants. The Feds then give them a NAIF loan and with all the extra money they make they should have no problem paying it off.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Agreed Tradie, there is no reason at all for the feds to fund the Port, a NAIF loan is where they should be directed but the Astonisher and Dudley’s will just run a story week after week that the feds are a pack of bastards for not funding the port and Shortern has already committed $100 million because that’s what Labor do, just spend the shit because it’s not their money anyway, the poor old taxpayer getting shafted again but judging by the recent by elections the average Australian seems to enjoy being bent over and copping it.

          • The Magpie says:

            The Astonisher specialises in running ‘week after week’ soap opera stories on a variety of subjects, like the airport ticket non-tax upgrade ‘levy’ – in a letter to the iditor on Saturday, QAL office boy Kevin Gill said one truth and one lie (by omission). He said the proposed ticket increase was not a ‘tax’, and technically he is right, taxes can only be imposed by governments, so let’s call it for what it actually is ‘ a ticket rort’. And in one of the most selective statements this goof has so far made, he writes: ‘Townsville community leaders and political representatives are united about the need for this redevelopment.’
            No argument there, even The Magpie agrees the airport could do with a spruce up, but that disingenuously ignores the only thing that outrages people: that they are being asked to pay for a commercial company’s enhanced monopolistic asset, one that already enjoys many cost benefits of sharing the facility with the Department of Defence.
            Also: ‘And our community is supportive. Our surveys continue to show unwavering support for a small adjustment in the charge collected to fund the redevelopment.’
            Ummm, were those surveys done by Carey Ramm at AEC Townsville Enterprise booster and enthusiastic fan of TEL CEO Little Patty O’Callaghan – who answers to the board chairman at TEL – who is? Ta Da … Kevin Gill.

        • No more dredging says:

          OT, there is another option: look at the actual economic conditions, analyse the publicly available reports, interrogate the official projections and statistics and on the basis of hard evidence don’t ‘expand’ the Port of Townsville at all. Rationalise the existing space and show Palmer and his dusty, polluting unloading operation the side gate (you do realise he has an in-line rock crushing set-up and open air stockpiles right there on the wharf don’t you?). We need to stop wrecking the joint for the sole benefit of begging-bowl miners and refiners and start developing a maintenance dredging operation that does not perpetuate the constant ruination of the waters of Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island. Our politicians are no worse than the residents who elect them. We think we can cheerfully root and pollute the ocean to our heart’s content and it doesn’t have any effect on the GBR or coastal fringing reefs or the rare and endangered wildlife living on our shores. We are blinder than the politicians and, on the available evidence, way more stupid.

          • Old tradesman says:

            NMD, I can relate to your fervour and personal ideals in relation to saving the reef as your pseudonym suggests. But don’t you think that this project is “fait accompli”as the renowned Capt’n Snooze sits on the Harbour Board and I’m sure he won’t be finding any unusual stone spears with serrated teeth in the bounds of this project as he did at Bright Point. This is just a little Labor begging bowl game to keep the Qld Treasurer and his relation O’Toole happy.

          • No more dredging says:

            OT, there’s no doubt that the Queensland government has well and truly approved its own project and will brook no opposition. However, it doesn’t have the money and can’t demonstrate a need to prioritise this project ahead of numerous more eligible ones or indeed, not borrowing and spending just because they can. The Commonwealth has some jurisdiction too. It can say no, or more appropriately, say yes but with MEANINGFUL conditions. Might be a tough call for the Turnbull government to go with nuance but it’s not unknown.

  16. The Owl says:

    The Mullet has been beaten to the punch again, this time by the tiny town of Nyngan, which has a Big Bogan (some say it looks like the Mullet after a day in the trough at the V8 Supercars) and even a Bogan Museum. Think of all the Mullet’s mates who we could include in one of those. Remember that Little Patty helicopter flight with the cardboard cutout, and the Mullet and her mate on national television calling for another Crocodile Dundee movie to be shot in Townsville?
    Oh well, we’ve still got that underwater art gallery that will be covered by mud from dredging the port.
    Oh yeah, and that brilliant original idea of a lagoon on the Strand, just like the ones in Cairns and Airlie Beach. Original idea, that. Worth every cent paid to Pure Ripoffs.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, now, funny you should mention that, hooter, that project had been effectively knocked on the head by Labor’s backroom boys, but a Magpie mate in the state of Brisland says mysteriously it is suddenly all back on again, but The Mullet has been told to keep her trap shut for a couple weeks. Presumably, Anna Alphabet wants to elbow Jenny to one side and make the announcement.

      One wonders if there is something simmering between the new owners of the Seaview, who’ve just bought that prime block next door to their boozearium, and other monied types in the area with a bit of clout, dealing directly with the government and leap frogging our gabby gushing half-baked mayor.

      But it looks like we are to get a pretty pointless Lagoon (pointless in terms of tourists), but all those folks from our inland burbs will love to visit it.

  17. Cowboys fan says:

    I hear the Nous group are now working at jcu. Does anyone know anything about this group?

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie wrote extensively about the Nous link with the disastrous appointment of the under qualified Adele Young as TCC CEO (a key Nous employee was a former close workmate and Labor colleague from South Australia), and the fact that the boss of Nous is Prins Ralston. Mr Ralston, among other things, did an ‘overhaul’ on Mission Australia, where he employed his friend and confidante the politically well connected and savvy Dolan Hayes on a lucrative contract. This relationship further confirmed the links between Nous and the Jenny Hill-inspired clean-out strategy of TCC staff, Mr Hayes having been a close adviser to the mayor in the past (and apparently he only darts in occasionally now when Jenny really fucks up – stay near the phone, Dolan).
      In a (no doubt self-penned) valedictory on-line, Mr Ralston boasts:
      “As an executive leader he (I) balanced quality service delivery to commercial objectives and social outcomes. He (I) facilitated numerous strategic planning processes for private listed and non-listed organisations, government and NFPs; including writing many strategic plans”.

      Well, how’s the TCC strategic plan going, Prins, old son? Putting a politically driven Panzer tank through an organisation that perhaps needed some thoughtful trimming and carefully considered readjustment is a strategic disaster for your principal client, our power-at-any-cost mayor.

      Your empty skiting about having written ‘many strategic plans’ does not speak to the said plans’ effectiveness or balance. Doubt you’ll be using the Nous TCC blitzkreig as an example.

      Why not stop feeding off the public tit, mate and go back to the commercial sector… try News Ltd, they just loves executives with your principles.

      • Concerned says:

        Well said

      • Dearie Me says:

        After reading the gobbledy gook in the poorly researched NOUS report I am genuinely shocked that Prins could spell Strategic. The strategy has all but been annihilated from TCC using the old burn and salt the earth method.

        BTW … NOUS are still making money out of TCC and are writing a customer strategy and I’ve heard whispering they are working with Human Resources.

  18. Achilles says:

    So dodgy podgy Palmer true to form has yet another “bad debt” court order to pay up.

    Clive Palmer’s flagship company Mineralogy has lost a court bid to stall paying millions owed to a Singapore-based exploration firm.

    Mineralogy launched three appeals against a Brisbane Supreme Court order to pay the $24 million it owed to BGP Geoexplorer for works it undertook in the Gulf of Papua for another Palmer-owned company, Palmer Petroleum.


  19. Critical says:

    How much taxpayers money was wasted by the Townsville Multicultural Support Group to launch a book printed on high quality gloss paper at a breakfast at The Ville this morning and also to fly and accommodate the CEO of an organization based in Melbourne. If the book had to be launched then why couldn’t it have been launched as a community centre over morning tea and taxpayers money spent elsewhere. Total waste of taxpayer money and the next thing we’ll hear about is this organization screaming that they need more government funding and/or that the government isn’t spending enough money on refugees and so on.

    • The Magpie says:

      What was the book?

      • Kingswood says:

        “How to win friends and influence people”

      • Mangrove Jack says:

        Local Historian Ian Fraser co-authored the book to showcase the 25th anniversary of the Townsville Multicultural Support Group

        • Critical says:

          And a not-for-profit group like TMSG has to use and waste government funds to launch a book promoting itself and about something the majority of Townsville people couldn’t give a damm about in a high cost venue with a catered breakfast when the funds could have been more appropriately used for their clients. To be transparent about the use of government funding, wonder if TMSG will release the total event cost, including staff and other sundry costs costs associated with event organisation and airfares and accomodation costs for the guests.

          • No more dredging says:

            Critical, before you build your straw man any higher and wider, why not find out the answers to your questions by contacting the TMSG one-on-one?

  20. Achilles says:

    The long awaited and as expected whitewash report on the disappearance of MH 370 has been published.

    I recall the event vividly and was at that time living and working in Malaysia. I was never able to get a satisfactory answer on why on the morning of the disappearance they were searching in the Malacca Straits instead of on the opposite side of the Malay peninsula where the flight was last heard from over the Gulf of Tonkin.

    Later in the day KL media announced that they were searching in both locations, and many of the crews manning the plethora of oil rigs in the gulf stated that the re had been no sighting of the plane, by the 24/7 crews. But still without any explanation as to why they were already searching in the diametrically opposed direction.

    No mention of this “anomaly” was addressed in the released investigation report.

    I am not a conspiracy nutter, but the question as to why launch that search nearly 1000 miles from the last verifiable reported position and almost immediately (03:30AM) after losing all contact with the plane.

  21. Grateful Aged Pensioner says:

    You might be interested to know that the whole of the transcript of Hood-v- Enema Legal Services Pty Ltd was available last week on the Supreme Court Library website but by Monday became inaccessible on “that server”. The name of the case was still posted but could no longer be accessed. Today, Tuesday 31 July, all reference to the matter disappeared from the “CaseLaw” folder of the SC Library website, despite the Daily Law List for the Supreme Court at Rockhampton listing the matter for mention today.
    I’m super intrigued about just what sort of influence can be brought to bear to induce the Supreme Court of Queensland Library to firstly restrict access to the verbatim transcript of last week’s proceedings, – and then by today to delete all trace of the transcript from which your extract was derived. Perhaps “an offer to sue” might have been persuasive !

  22. Critical says:

    TCC media release praises the Mullet for delivering on another of her election promises of a North Shore Youth Activation Hub with skate park, heavy duty DJ table (is the surrounding neighborhood about to be blasted with noise 24/7) and so on. Conveniently the media omits to say where this 1.2 million hub is to be built. Is the Mullet scared of community backlash on the secret location. Sounds like a case of start the build and then tell the community what’s being built so that it’s too late to undertake that process called community engagement to let the the community know what’s proposed and to get their feedback. I’m told that Stephen Beckett, Manager Community Engagement and Cultural Services has three Community Engagement Officers and others sit in the Future Cities Unit so what are they supposed to be doing?

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      So is this facility actually wanted by the people of North Shore or is an another “Election Gimmick” dreamed up by the Mayor Or the Divisions alderman Paul Jacob? Having attended the last Council Community meeting held at North Shore, nothing regarding this PR move was discussed when seemingly this would have been a prime place to do so.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Sounds like a gimmick to me as DJ tables are news to me. They have done a fair bit of work on the park at Bushland Beach & I was under the impression that was where some centre was meant to be. Thanks am going to ask around now.

        As for all the works going on out here it all seems like fluffing round the edges. The ashphalt paths along side the Bruce Hwy were adequate at best but they pull them up & do a rather expensive concrete job that will still go under water in a monsoon, new surface at Bushland Beach at the park that will die go back to a dustbowl unless watered, couple of new playgrounds removing old ones that were also adequite just needed a little maintenance. However no plans to fix the flooding of Saunders creek which has been interrupted by development at Burdell (We get even a half 2011 year again & quite a lot of Deeragun will flood), still no traffic improvement works at Deeragun Dve-Geaneys Lne, Jensen rd is probably in worse condition than some of those inner city roads recently resurfaced. Then there’s our tip that is closing.

        IMO works haven’t been prioritised for need but for flashy photos & grabs for the bullsheet…

  23. Mike Douglas says:

    Townsvilles “ for sale” . Whilst our 3 State MP,s play “ Wheres Wally” , Cathy Otoole circles her wagon and T.C.C. pumping out pr releases to try and justify they have a strategy, talk to some real estate agents ( especially commercial) in the Ville. Commercial real estate agents are the busiest in years some having to increase staff to cope with out of town purchases, lease renewals and relocations . Yes, there are holes in some of the shopping centres but much is cyclical and whilst many “ keyboard warriors” love to write off the ville I will throw down the gauntlet and suggest most may have one property, rent and their views are not shared by out of town investors taking advantage of current local prices. These opportunities are also available to locals but after seven years of tough times for many, the glass is half empty or equity in their properties preclude obtaining finance.

    • The Magpie says:

      Valid but debatable view, Mike, but not sure anyone is writing of the ‘ville, just the incompetent leadership. And the truth of the real situation is right there in your own words …’out of town investors taking advantage of current local prices’. Those folks have enough behind them to sit on the properties, vacant if necessary, as speculators patiently waiting for the cycle to up-tick. A tiny version of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fallout in the US, with distressed properties snapped up by those with the cash, almost all of which remained empty for years until the property market came back enough to make a killing. The ‘Pie is no pinko, but there are certain things about capitalism, y’know ….

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Not much value for a community Mike in simply selling an existing building, shed, office complex to someone else, except for a bit of coin for the estate agents and some stamp duty, apart from that it’s money coming in and money going out.
      We aren’t building any new stuff, that’s our issue, that’s where the money is, that’s where the council lifts its revenue, that’s where the jobs are, the supply chain and those employed in it, from the 3 bedroom house and land package to an office block, we need new construction.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        Cantankerous but happy, I would normally agree with you about little upside for the community on sales on properties but recent buyers have the $ to upgrade and one large purchaser spent $3 mil all to local trades. Have a look at some of the changes and upgrades along Charters Rd and cbd including the bus hub. Just saw Cairns building approval showing 47% increase.

  24. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Remember those T shirts in the 80s “ I don’t give a fuck where Franky goes” about Franky goes to Hollywood, I would like to see a new one, “I don’t give a fuck what Waleed, Karl or the tall bald whining bloke with the girly voice think”

  25. Critical says:

    Another example of the different community engagement approach taken to involve residents in planning of infrastructure by the Cairns Regional Council. In Townsville we’re told this is what you’re getting whether you like it or not.


    • Cairns local says:

      Sure. Today’s Cairns Post article: “Business owners see red over traffic light proposal”…

      • Critical says:

        You miss the point. Community engagement allows people like the business owners to provide feedback, additional information that may have been overlooked and alternative ideas whether it be positive or negative, to council so that council can take this information into consideration and/or to meet with people who feel unhappy to try to work through issues and alternative ideas for consideration and respond before the final plans are approved and work starts when it’s too late to make changes to plans etc. In Townsville its generally a matter of this is what you’re getting whether you like it or not. Remember that with any project you’re never going to please 100% of the community, that’s human nature and community dynamics.

  26. I'll be plucked says:

    Evening all! Can anyone tell me what the ‘member’ for Townsville, Captain Cupcake S Stewart (doughy, no substance and full of crap) actually does, or has achieved in the last 4 or so years? Once again on the 7 news tonight he is standing behind a visiting minister with that half arsed grin, nodding!!! What an embarrassment!

    The ‘announcement’ was also embarrassing – an ALP ‘crow’ about a household saving up to (but not exactly) $200 a year on power through their OWN actions – nothing to do with power prices………I’m plucked if I know WTF these trough swillers do all day!

    • Old tradesman says:

      The young girl summed it up, don’t use a clothes dryer in Townsville as it has plenty of sunshine,and this will save you $250 per year, no bullshit. Lynham, O’rort and Cupcake are full of shit.

  27. The Owl says:

    It’s official. The Astonisher is no longer a “news” paper. In today’s paper there is just one story I hadn’t read before online, or heard on tv news. Strewth, one story was broken by the Northern Miner six days ago, and most of the national and international stories are two or more days old.
    Then there’s the padding, like a full page revealing the favourite tunes of someone I’ve never heard of.
    And they have the cheek to put up the price!

    • The Magpie says:

      As The ‘Pie has reported before, Owl, the price hike is a show of News Ltd generosity, so that you are now saving more when you don’t buy it.

  28. Rex says:

    Has anyone noticed that since the change in Government in Townsville from LNP to labor – there is not one mention, nary a whisper, about the parkies in Dean Park? I haven’t heard our mayor Jenny Hill banging on about this in the Bully at all. When the LNP were in – the headlines were screaming about the drinking, the brawling and the outraged neighbours almost every day of the week. Now. Silence.

    • The Magpie says:

      Does that mean there no longer is a problem? Did Jenny threaten to come down with the Impaler to talk to them and they’ve all fled?

  29. KR says:

    Well if they have all fled why hasn’t the Bully reported this great story – this great achievement!

  30. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Perhaps a question for Peter Newey to ask the Mullet at the next opportunity. Whilst waiting for my bags to come off at the airport I noticed the new digital advertising above the baggage carousels, much to my surprise was multiple advertising from the TCC about seniors week Aug 21-26, questionable value in that but then the clanger, TCC spending “ $41million on parks and open spaces” . What a disgraceful waste of ratepayers money obviously done in a deal with co executive Numbskull Gill at TEL. There is zero value for the ratepayers of Townsville for these ads, once again the gilded few circulating money amongst themselves, Bjelke Peterson was an amateur compared to these low life’s.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed, and one has ask where would a stranger – tourist or business person – arrive to information about what the local council is spending on such basic things as parks and open spaces (how do you spend money on open space … no no don’t answer). The message seems to say ‘we are lacking in these things, but don’t worry, the council is on the job, and your stay will be all the more enjoyable … eventually.’ And since we are so low on tourist numbers, these ads are clearly campaign ads for the current mayor and council to be re-elected.

      Can somebody send in a pic of these ads … post on the Magpie FB messenger page.

  31. Dutch Reverend says:

    Where’s Aaron Harper. It used to be whenever there was a camera ….. there he was, the “grinning gremlin” at his best. (I use the term, at his best loosely, as it is measured on his own standard) Lately, the only bobble heads seen on the nightly news is, O’fool and Captain Cupcake. Oh! Oh! I saw message bank Les on there as well. After seeing a story about a wave pool being proposed in a Brisbane suburb, it had me wondering how far are we ahead with our wave park being a reality in Townsville that Les was championing ?

  32. Dutch Reverend says:

    Just heard that Aaron has had a run along the Strand. What a champion. Why doesn’t he go for a run along Riverway Dve ? It would have to be closer to his home. Have we had anything positive from the crime shit that the Ex General was looking into because our State Representatives are obviously I’ll equipp to handle and quick to pass the buck on issues that they are responsible to respond to and action for an outcome that is to the benefit if the electorate that put them there.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      And he’s a keen golfer, many thought he would have joined Willows Golf Club and try and help out a struggling business in his electorate trying to get back on its feet, but he still supports Rowes Bay, just like Cappuccino its one thing to represent these people but you wouldn’t want to spend too much time with them, might catch something I guess.

  33. The Magpie says:

    Headline of the Week

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Not sure if there isn’t a copyright issue here for our own l’ll be plucked, sounds very familiar, get big baz on the phone plucked!

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Clearly more employment for professional pluckers and that can only be a good thing.

      Still in the West where the weather is great and the dirt roads are unfenced and our car van are again covered in red dust and cow manure.

  34. Dave Nth says:

    Have asked around those I know about this Northern Community youth hub except for thinking the Centre in Palm st near Woolworths is being expanded. No-one knows much. Stocklands being involved sounds like it would be in Burdell which is confirmed through the council website but with scant information. It will be on vacant land opposite to the shopping centre.

    Couple of things I can see already, might want to extend the bike lanes from Deeragun to Burdell as a lot of the older children that live here will want to go down there cause a DJ hub is going to definitely attract every gangster wanna-be that cruise round here thinking the are snoop doggy dog. Whose going to supervise this & will they be paid by us ratepayers or is it volunteer? Secondly do the people of Burdell want all the gangsta wanna-be’s cruising round their suburbs now especially after hours & board when the Youth Hub closes. I know parents that keep their youngsters away from the Deeragun Skate Park already because of their little ones learning anti-social behavior.

    Maybe I am over-egging the negitives but I remember being a teenager once and pushing boundaries that got bigger in places where I wouldn’t be recognised easily. Personally at the end of the day I’d be happy for them to go down there & cause trouble away from here. See merit in the idea but it is the council’s execution that worries me.

    • Doxie says:

      Some years ago, our Community Centre was considering putting in a Skate Park. Our local police sergeant said to me: “Please don’t do it. We’ll forever regret your decision and you’ll regret it more”. We didn’t do it and are so glad it happened that way.

  35. The Magpie says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … gasp, wheeze, snurffle …

  36. seagull says:

    all the news all the time…. here it is from todays OL bullsheet

    “AN ASHTRAY at a local Centrelink is acting as a magnet for mischief with some locals fed up with desperate, late-night cigarette butt fiends foraging for burnt-down durries. ”

    this paper deserves everything it gets… nothing !

  37. Cantankerous but happy says:

    So a story from Tony Raggatt in the Astonisher that Cenury mine will base its FIFO operations in Cairns for the restarted Lawn Hill operation after rejecting Townsvilles application due to high costs of using Townsville airport over the Cairns airport. Well done Tony but it’s really only half a story, where is the follow up with Numbskull Gill as to why TAPL priced Townsville out of the bid costing hundreds of jobs, how about a question to Little Patty about why they are spending money trying to secure FIFO jobs for the city only to have Townsville airports greed cost Townsville any opportunity, why are the failures in this city never held to account.

    • Critical says:

      I remember a number of years ago, maybe 10 years, one of the mining companies asked some families about where they would prefer to live, Townsville or Cairns, and the majority responded Cairns because of the better sporting and recreational facilities, better shopping, the city had a better atmosphere and a greater number of direct flights to southern cities. A big plus was for families and the parent who stayed in Cairns found it easier and cheaper to find family oriented activities and a greater number of day trip places to go to do on those weekends when the other parent was on the mine site.

    • Grumpy says:

      Never thought I’d see the day Cairns pinched our very own bogans.

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