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Sunday, July 15th, 2018   |   161 comments

Fibber Or Just Foolish: CEO of the Dudley Do Nothings, Little Patty O’Callaghan Is One Or T’other … Or Maybe A Bit Of Both.

Always best to have facts when you’ve been caught with your pants down, and boy, did Ms O’Callaghan’s pants hit the deck with a clang when she denied Townsville Enterprise had made a $6000 donation to the LNP. (Please. No comments on that imagery, you lot.)

But here’s a startling possibility … could Clive ‘Novichok’ Palmer get on the TEL board, playing footsie with Mayor Mullet, and end up calling the shots down at Wishing Well House? The ‘Pie reckons it’s not only a possibility, but if he actually does move to Townsville, highly likely.

As the old saying has it, comparisons are odious, but sometimes they are unavoidable. So The ‘Pie is compelled to ask, why, on so many fronts, is Cairns getting it oh-so-right and Townsville getting it oh-so-wrong?

And on the world stage, Donald Trump turns international diplomacy into a game of two-up, where he holds a massive, really big, totally special advantage … he is proving to be the biggest tosser the world has ever known.

That’s where we start this week.

The self-described ‘world’s most stable genius’ went on the road during the week, managing to terrorise and mesmerize much of Europe, as The Trumpet fine honed his dickhead diplomacy, ordering NATO countries to do what they are already doing and telling Britain it could find a better PM. And he thinks Boris Johnson would be that person!!!

His schedule takes in Brussels, Britain and winds up with ‘what will probably be my easiest meeting’ with Vlad Putin in Finland. It is widely believed that this is where the tables will be turned, and The Trumpet will get his latest set of riding orders … at least that’s what Bentley thinks.

Nato small

But the Poms aren’t amused in the least by their certifiably insane visitor and vampirish missus. Trump’s unprecedented intrusion into local politics in Britain has everyone dumbfounded, especially when he made his divisive thoughts known about Brexit and the country’s choice of leader, not in a face to face meeting with PM Theresa May, but in an interview with the country’s most infamous tabloid.

Screen shot 2018-07-14 at 8.05.21 AM

Well, as least that earned one of the best recent headlines about his antics, from Sun rival. the Mirror.


A gobsmacked world can now hardly wait for the Finland meeting, where the boot is expected to be very much on the other foot … if Trump can get it out of his mouth first. The ‘Pie’s money is on Putin showing him up for the dangerously thought-disordered fawning bad joke that is Donald J Trump.

And Just Before We Get Back To The Local Circus

In a week of Trump follies and World Cup theatrics, it was an unheard of soccer team that held the world’s attention, trapped by water in a cave in northern Thailand. In contrast to the aforementioned antics in Europe, this was a rescue story that uplifted the human spirit at a much needed moment. At last some real heroes to admire and inspire, with an Aussie or two in there as a bonus for us.

Although the boys ordeal seemed somehow familiar to a closer story for some American news outlets.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trapped Kids

Ironically, the Thai boys came back into the sunlight just as America was announcing that while it had reunited 57 children with their families, they cannot trace where hundreds of other illegal immigrant parents have been sent.

The Monty Python writers should sue.

So Should Townsville Ratepayers

When the Daily Astonisher finally caught up with last week’s scoop, courtesy of Pat Coleman, that Townsville Enterprise was listed as having made a $6000 donation to the LNP, the paper unwittingly managed to give TEL CEO Patricia O’Callaghan just enough rope, and she obligingly hung herself.

Screen shot 2018-07-06 at 7.56.44 AM

She said that it was perfectly OK to pony up $6000 of membership fees for schmoozing access to Liberal National Party luminaries, because it got TEL to the table of the influencers. This was somewhat topsy turvy thinking to start with; it is reasonable to assume that representing an area where all levels of government are represented by Labor , it should the LNP dropping a few grand to TEL to look favourably on them and help formulate a winning wish list. But no, that sort of negotiation is clearly well beyond Little Patty, who again proved to be a CEO on trainer wheels.

But no sooner had Her Ineptness offered that defence, she then justified that it showed up in LNP records as a donation by telling a trusting Astonisher that although the money had been paid to attend a specific event, the LNP forms with boxes to be ticked offered no other option for the reason for payment other than donation. Ummm, let’s just have a look at that, shall we? This is the final page of the program advising on payment methods.

lnp page

Note the one that says Payment By Invoice? Anyone using this method … especially if an apolitical outfit like TEL … can request that an invoice make it clear what the money was for, and make it clear that it was not a donation and was not to appear on LNP records as such. There is an address available for a covering letter. It would appear that Ms O’Callaghan either didn’t think of this, or is outright fibbing, hoping no one will notice, or in fact, despite her CEO status, wasn’t aware of basic business common sense and propriety. The LNP are surely be aware that calling all monies received for their observer meeting can not be called ‘donations’? Or can they? Either way, Ms O’Callaghan gets the Steggles Award of the Month for the most egg on face.

Many business people were angry that TEL had forked over $6000 of their membership fees for pointless eating, drinking and talking (all for nought, too) in this manner, so what did the body representing them, the Townsville Chamber of Commerce think of it all?

Nothing, actually.

In reply to this very question put in an open letter from The Magpie, and with more than a little help from her board and management team, Chamber president Debbie Rains said it was none of the Chamber’s business. In a classic case of a camel being a horse designed by a committee, Ms Rains and team cobbled together a somewhat ingenuous long-winded reply couched in terms so beloved by those wanting to talk a lot but say very little. The short answer is the Chamber regards it not their place to care one way or the other.

Screen shot 2018-07-12 at 2.37.51 PM

This reply did make one wonder just what the Chamber actually does do, but they’re a member-funded organization that does not call on the public purse, so fair enough. But not an advisory body? Mayor Mullet and The Impaler may well remember that next time the Walker Street fright bats and the Chamber meet for one of their occasional polite high tea, scones and cream meetings on various issues like parking, bus hubs (remember that one?) and rates, matters on which the Chamber has certainly given advice to the council (generally not heeded). And it would seem the Chamber has also offered favourable advice on the desirability of a ticket tax to fund QAL’s yearned for airport expansion. Well, Ms Rains did in the Astonisher, but perhaps she was speaking as a mega-travel agent, which would be strange in itself.  Of course, one of their members’ interests is their rates, $750,000 worth of which goes to TEL, which we now learn $6000 of said same rates go to the LNP (and Little Pattie promises she will do the same for Labor). So it would seem that it would be in the interests of the Chamber to actually have an opinion about this other ‘apolitical’ organization called Townsville Enterprise.

But there ya go, gotta love the way things are done in Townsville. Especially if the following happens.

Clive Novichok Palmer Set To Takeover TEL?

'The road to give a fuck is that way.'

‘The road to give a fuck is that way.’

You may on the face of it think this is a bit of a stretch, ludicrous even, but is it? Here’s how it could come about.

The ‘Pie is quite fond of his pet conspiracy theory that this running battle of words between Mayor Mullet and Novichok Palmer is all a set-up, although we’re yet to find out the underlying agenda. But consider all the Clive stories of late: buying a Townsville penthouse (local bizoid Geoff Eales will be hoping Clive is a quiet upstairs neighbour), then reportedly eyeing off the top floor of Aquarius on the Strand as his new business HQ, re-starting some work at Yabulu – presumably the potentially lucrative extraction of cobalt from the tailing dams – and then his quixotic political plans for Herbert. These sagas have all raised  doubting eyebrows. But then on Wednesday, he dropped his $3million defamation claim against the mayor although he looked to have a very good case against her, and settled out of court (no details but rumoured to be Mayor Mullet’s original offer of a private apology and $50,000).

OK, so moving on to what might happen in the future. Clive re-starts his business, joins TEL and buys a seat on the board. What, you say? Buy? That surely can’t happen, who would he bribe to get that spot?

Answer: no one, it’s not only legal but written into Townsville Enterprise constitution.

16.7 Principal Partners

(a) All Principal Partners will be entitled to appoint a Director to the

Board. The Principal Partners Directors shall consist of all

persons, firms, corporations and other organisations which,

prior to an Annual General Meeting, have pledged to contribute

to the amount of not less than two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars ($250,000) or such other amount as the Board may

determine from time to time (the “Guaranteed Contribution of

16.8 Major Partners

(a) All Major Partners will be entitled to appoint a Director to the

Board. The Major Partners shall consist of all persons, firms,

corporations and other organisations which, prior to an Annual

General Meeting, have pledged to contribute to the Company

an amount of not less than one hundred thousand dollars

($100,000) or such other amount as the Board may determine

from time to time (the “Guaranteed Contribution of the Major


So Palmer trots in with what to him would be chump change, becomes a principal partner, and gets on the board. But wait, there’s more … Palmer has more than one company, so any of his other entities can becomes principal or major partners, and voila, guess who’s suddenly got real clout in the Dudley Do Nothings. For whatever that is worth. First order of business, a dinosaur statue in the car park ….

Clive Palmer - foreground we think.

… and some havoc inside amongst the staff. With TEL, Clive will have achieved his long cherished dream of having a replica of the Titantic.

Couldn’t happen, you say? Isn’t that what you said about Trump becoming President?

It Might Be Better If Did Things The Way They Do Things In Cairns

Cairns 08c

Our northern bête noir neighbours are powering along on several fronts, and its interesting to note they are doing it quite comfortably even after – or because of – ditching their TEL equivalent, Advance Cairns. That saves their ratepayers the $300,000 annual contribution to the Advance begging bowl.

But let’s look at a couple of others areas where we can make some odious comparisons. Building approvals continue to plummet in Townsville while heading skyward up north.

Screen shot 2018-07-14 at 12.25.39 PM

That is pretty stark, but the Astonisher continues it ‘emperor’s new clothes’ policy of running highly selective and qualified stories about housing. Like this one today, which is nothing but an undeclared free ad  …

eliot springs

…. That’s not journalism Christie, that advertising puff, and not even a ‘sponsored content’ logo so soften the insult … and puff it is indeed, just have a look at all the qualifying ‘could’ and ‘maybe’ words like ‘potential’, ‘is planned’ and ‘expected to’ etc. And the ‘snapped up’ opener is pure fantasy, The ‘Pie’s info is that Elliot Springs is, like the rest of Townsville, deep in the doldrums. Love the buyer’s comment that he and the missus ‘plan to have a family (because) there are plans for a park and a school just down the road …. he’d better lay off rooting until he’s in his early 60s if he wants his kids to go to that school.

And Townsville Has To Drop The Begging Bowl Mentality

Screen shot 2018-07-12 at 8.25.18 AM

During the week, the Astonisher carried a story headlined Airport Upgrade Call, essentially demanding government money to do what owners Queensland Airports Limited should be doing from their considerable monopolistic profits. OK, everyone in Townsville thinks an upgrade is a good idea, so no argument … but there most certainly is one about who should pay for it. The airport is a monopoly, and 100% of its users have NO CHOICE but to use it. Predictably, Queensland Tourism Industry Development Minister the clueless Kate Jones (tourism? Wow, doin’ a great job, babe!) contributed the mysterious statement that she’d been told that the airport management ‘had the finances’ to fund the expansion. So why did she also say she thought a passenger tax was a better idea? She is a member of the Labor Party, isn’t she?

Cairns Airport

No such demeaning antics in Cairns, where the privately owned airport there has just announced a $55million make-over. This prompted The Magpie to send this email to Cairns Airport’s Corporate Affairs Manager Carly Hammersley.

Good morning, Carly,

Have a couple of queries regarding the expansion of the Cairns airport.  Is there any government money from any level involved in the $55million price tag, and is there any proposed ticket levy to fund the work? Also, who owns the airport?

One thing became clear almost instantly … Ms Hammersley will never get a job on the Townsville Council … she answered as follows within four minutes … yes, four … and at 8.15am !!!

Carly Hammersley



Hi Malcolm,

Short answer is no and no… entirely funded by the airport and retailers.

No ticket levy on passengers. The airport is owned by North Queensland Airports – we also own and operate Mackay Airport.



So if Cairns can do this, why can’t QAL and Townsville do likewise? Worth noting that QAL also owns the Gold Coast Airport, the sixth busiest in the country, so surely they can’t be short of a development dollar?

Then There Was This

tom gleeson cairns

The popular and very sharp, funny ABC TV show The Weekly aired a spoof segment and pisstake of the travel show Getaway called Go Away, and the latest one featured Cairns. Funnyman Tom Gleeson was less than complimentary about Cairns and the locals were mightily bronzed off … and here in Townsville, witless folks like the Townsville Bulletin put the segment on Facebook as a ‘gotcha’ dissing Cairns. That is an own goal by the paper, and demonstrates that Cairns and Townsville do have one thing in common … the famous NQ inferiority touchiness about the slightest criticism from ‘outsiders’ and a complete ignorance of what the joke was all about. The four or so minutes was in fact a very valuable travelogue that would’ve cost tens of thousands if commissioned by the city … and southern audiences understand it was a joke in the Gleeson tradition but still soaked up what were enticing images for those shivering through winter down south.

In a rare moment of being wrong, Shari Tagliabue suggested in today’s Astonisher that Townsville had dodged a bullet by Gleeson overflying us and doing ‘a job’ on Cairns. Gleeson and the Weekly wouldn’t even consider Townsville, Shazza. Wrong for the simple reason that unlike Cairns, Townsville is not a much loved, highly visited, well regulated tourist destination. Which is also truly tropical, and well promoted across Australia and internationally.

Will someone please let the Astonisher’s iditor in on the joke?

There are many more matters bubbling just below the surface of Townsville’s malaise. The Magpie will get around to them all in good time, as he continues to let the truth out, it will free us all. Eventually.


An Argentinian soccer player is an unlikely source for a  trenchant comment that fits Townsville to a tee. Jorge Valdano was talking about Argentina, but The ‘Pie thinks it can equally apply to Townsville.

“So many things are wrong with Argentina (read Townsville) we do not know what is wrong; so much is happening no one knows what is happening.”

A Sobering Thought When Thinking About The Next Federal Election

From Anthony Green, ABC’s election expert.

Elections Green

A Final Thought On Trump

migrant threat

And Let’s Leave Ya Laughing

The Royals have had a lot to put up with concerning pushy guests from overseas, but mostly they have managed to laugh it off … they certainly did during a special gala for Charlie’s birthday party a few years ago.


That’s it for this week, keep an eye on comments during the week, everybody can have a say and The ‘Pie has some stuff he didn’t have room for in the blog. And if you enjoy this weekly load of fruitcakery, drop off a brown paper bag of the folding stuff to help the Nest remain in business … best do it electronically so as not to arouse suspicion, the Donate button is below.

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  1. sir ossis o'fliver says:

    Must be the cold snap. 9.30 Sunday morning and no comments. Still under the blankies?

  2. SPQR says:

    Having Clive at the helm of TE could only be an improvement, given it’s current performance. In any event, the prospect of catching him with his pants down is far less distracting. Let’s make Townsville great again.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ronald McDonald in charge would be an improvement. And yes, let stop making Townsville ‘grate’ (their teeth and make it great again.

      • DB2 says:

        I am relatively new to this blog so I believe that I may have missed something and if so please forgive me. Apart from the current political donation which I agree shows a complete lack of understanding of what an apolitical organisation stands for can you please summarise what the beef with TEL is. I am a paid member but not a regular attendee at their functions. I have personally had them assist me with my sporting club twice and a business matter once over the last couple of years and the people I have dealt with, (they were not in management- in fact I have never dealt with anyone in management at TEL), bent over backwards to assist. Furthermore- is it not the case that other cities have this type of organisation as well?

        • The Magpie says:

          Welcome to the blog. The ‘Pie can imagine a bit of confusion if you haven’t been a regular for a while – this blog is now 8 years old, as are many of its recurring subjects. Helping you in the manner described is laudatory but does not seem to actually be part of their remit.

          A brief overview of many people’s objections (including The Magpie) to TEL (that’s the mob known here on this blog as the Dudley Do Nothings who operate out of Wishing Well House) is the manner of the funding, the management selections, their transparency, a culture of jobs for the boys and expensive outside consultants, and the fact that although technically correct, the clear conflict of interest having the mayor as deputy chair of the board.

          At the core of all this is the fact that Townsville ratepayers involuntarily fork over $750,000 annually to prop up TEL activities (hence the mayor’s conflict of interest, especially when she runs a puppet council who vote the way they are told to) – and therefore the operation of TEL becomes a legitimate subject of public debate. They are nowhere near transparent in what they actually DO and how they spend their (your) money. That is how CEO Patricia O’Callaghan was caught out on the political donation to the LNP, because she can’t hide or remain woefully ignorant of matters that other organisations correctly and legally report. In this case, the legal reporting obligations of the LNP. TEL has long argued that they have no intention or obligation to open their books to public scrutiny, because they claim they are a solely a member-funded organisation and as such, that information is made available to members only. The problem with that is, simply by the logic of English, that makes the ratepayers of Townsville (not just the council) all members with a right to know why they’re worth the annual charity of a whopping public donation. Besides, a couple of times over the years, learned folk in accounting have concluded that members receive a very selective annual report that raises more questions than it answers.

          TEL’s media communications, meagre that they are, reasonably leads one to ask what they’re have they ever achieved. There is a pronounced ‘coat-tails’ tendency to jump into other orgaisations or people’s achievements and plans after the fact – and that simply looks like lame attempts at justification for their existence. They don’t seem to understand that a wish-list ‘mission statement’ is not a strategy for success, there is a deadening lack of imagination across the whole organisation. The appointment of a skilled media liaison executive with a major say in formulating a proper information policy would go a long way to deflecting the growing cries of disenchantment. But there would need to be smart changes at the top for that to be effective.

          The history of how Ms O’Callaghan was promoted to the top job so well ahead of her time is another matter for debate. Before her appointment, Laurence Lancini was the most powerful board member, and he used his position to further various pet projects, particularly the disaster-in-waiting CBD stadium. Ms O’Callaghan’s predecessor was David Kippin, who may have his faults but being a yes man wasn’t one of them. This wasn’t appreciated by the board, a situation aggravated by the quarter of a million dollar package David has cleverly engineered for his appointment (and greatly resented The Magpie reporting). So one way or the other, with Lancini seen as the main instigator, Kippin got the elbow and the CEO position was advertised (nationally they say.) The ‘Pie knows that two other candidates who were interviewed were highly qualified, innovators and experienced communicators with strong business backgrounds. There may have been others. Ms O’Callaghan was at that time TEL’s tourism executive (hey, great job there, babe!) and put her hand up for the personally lucrative position. And much to the surprise of all and the dismay of many, the vastly inexperienced former Mt Isa tourism officer got the job. This killed two birds with the one stone: Ms O’Callaghan was in no position to argue with a greatly reduced CEO salary (reportedly down to well below the Australian CEO average of $175,000 … probably about $140 to $150K, a tidy annual saving of around $100K) a deal that The Magpie offers as proof of the current cynical disregard for the founding core values and responsibilities of this promotional body; and the second matter was that in Ms O’Callaghan someone with little or no chance of getting that sort of money anywhere else, so the board had a very pliable executive who wouldn’t rock any boat and comply with the whims of the board rather than (like Kippin) forcefully advise and advocate strategy. Not surprisingly, a board that boasts members like airport boss Kevin Gill, JCU V_C Sandra ‘Mummy Warbucks’ Harding and ferry boss Paul Victory aren’t looking for advuce, just cmanagerial compliance. Lancini has since apparently found the chore of sitting regularly in board meetings tedious in the extreme, and has left, his work there done, it would seem.)

          Ms O’Callaghan’s stewardship is indeed a major problem within TEL, and her public appearances the subject of much sniggered-behind-the-hands mirth. One Magpie chum who unfortunately has to hear a lot of her addresses said a popular opinion is that Patricia O’Callaghan could talk under wet cement with a mouth full of marbles and still shatter glass at 10 metres … all the time, firing off banal and meaningless bromides and saying virtually nothing substantive at all. Her reported babblings in the Townsville Bulletin tends to confirm that assessment.

          There’s plenty more … jobs for the boys, bullshit travel, executives with questionable backgrounds for the positions they hold, and the Hermit Kingdom culture of double talk, buzz words, and Masonic like secrecy when it comes to consultancies and the like. Those membership nights of cheap sparkling wine and tepid canapes (unless Michel Flores is catering, when the food will always be stunning) – which the members actually pay for through their subs – are a smokescreen to try and hide the totally justified title of the Dudley Do Nothings of Wishing Well House.

          Other cities with similar organisations? Well, Cairns had Advance Cairns, but that progressive city ditched it recently as a waste of time and money. Showing there is always something Townsville can learn from Cairns.

          Well, you did ask.

          • Hee-Haw says:

            Dont’ get me started on this topic Pie.

            A cursory glance at the annual report and the scant figures provided throws up more questions than answers as you allude to for example.

            In 2017 the membership numbers rose 8.23% Yayyyy
            In 2017 the revenue from memberships fell 3.6% Boooo
            Membership revenue in 2014 of $823k and 2017 of $803k Nice growth figures.

            Contra memberships grew by 28% to $276,519 apart from the question of who gets this and for what as it is taken up as revenue.
            Contra memberships up 240% in the last 2 years.

            Salaries for the three “key executives” have risen by 16% in the three years from 2014 to 2017.

            Spend on consultants 2012-2017 of $4.2 MILLION

            These are just some of the things you can see in the annual reports without having the clarity to dig deeper.

            Questions need to be asked.

          • The Magpie says:

            And here’s another little conundrum … tonight, The ‘Pie has been reliably informed that Little Patty O’Callaghan is o n $190,000 per year … BUT THAT’S NOT THE HALF OF IT. Michael McMillan, erstwhile Rockhampton mayoral candidate (he got trounced) and a man who proved he couldn’t run a coffee shop (according to the ATO who forced him into voluntary administration) is now TEL’s main source of financial advice as their director of policy and investment … on a cool $230,000 per annum.
            That’s more than the mayor gets … legally anyway.
            And some wonder why The ‘Pie has the temerity to call this out as a rort. This is nothing short of ‘soft’ corruption against the ratepayers and against the TEL membership. Any members care to drop a line to the Nest detailing what you’v got for your money … chumps?

          • The Magpie says:

            Oh and The ‘Pie forgot, there are two private secretary’s on the books, one for the CEO and one for the (part time) chairman Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill. Kerrie Kent – delightful woman according to a mate – is Personal Assistant to the Chairman, and Moraig Askern is in charge of the boss’s lipstick cupboard and shoe rack as Executive Assistant to the CEO.

            Hmmm, Askern … wonder if she’s any relation to Paul Askern, former very senior Townsville Council bureaucrat under Mooney.

          • The Magpie says:

            Worth noting that McMillan has two little troopers on staff to help sharpen his pencils and remind him when its tax time, Stephen Budd has the laughably empty title of Investment Attraction Officer (great job ya doin’ there, Stevie boy), and Emily Hall is an economics and policy officer.

            The ‘Pie is has also always been fascinated to know that TEL have someone working for them who the local wallopers believe was at one time a very active drug dealer, being among other things the go-to person for the Cowboys seeking a bit of get up and go (which means they’re certainly drug free this season).

          • DB2 says:

            Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will now read your future posts with the advantage of some useful background information to your views.

          • Linda Ashton says:

            … and you say I have a word length issue at times. Very comprehensive thanks. If you had to choose three words to describe TEL’s purpose they would be ?

  3. The Magpie says:

    So it’s true … the often staid German’s DO love a good fart joke … even their super serious newsreaders. This one couldn’t contain herself when reading about the biggest fart joke in the world at the moment.


    • The Magpie says:

      And while we’re with media matters, here is the letter of the week on another hot topic.

    • Ze Germans says:

      Morning Pie,

      While some comedic relief is welcome, at least some kind of truth should be associated.

      The news program is from Austria and has absolutely nothing to do with what the subtitles say, and the picture of Trump and Merkel is photoshopped into the background

      A more accurate translation is:
      The Culture heritage is in danger of extinction, only a few woman still possess the ability, and if you are really looking for active ball (testicles) scratchers, the selection is very small. laugh laugh – this is the worst I have ever had to read. (Cannot decipher but you get the gist that this is, for once, Fake News)

      • The Magpie says:

        Soooo … not only fart jokes, eh? The ‘Pie accepts your translation (whatever that is all about) but the laughter and the subtitles show what really should’ve happened. Fake news to show the reality?

        • Ze Germans says:

          Indeed, the subtitles do reflect the wider feeling of not just the Germans, as accurately displayed within this blog from time to time.

          Comedic licence is broad and will attract the irk from those who know about a particular details.

          Apologies for being pedantic.

          • The Magpie says:

            If The ‘Pie isn’t willing to publish the truth … even when it makes him look a bit slack … then we will be deeper in the Scheisse than we already are. No apology necessary.

  4. Crankie Frankie J says:

    Elliot Springs! No way would I buy there even after the puff story about offering mountain views, flat elevation plus all the qualifying words ‘could’, ‘maybe’, ‘potential’, ‘is planned’, ‘expected to’, ‘snapped up’ etc. Maybe if Christie hadn’t failed to mention the most important selling point, every buyer gets Free Yellow Crazy ants, which is just what every family gets regardless if you want them or not buyers might snap up a block https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/yellow-crazy-ant-infestation-detected-in-townsville/news-story/8999dcba3aad579dec9410b84867dc32

  5. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Interesting about the Cairns airport upgrade funding compared to Townsville, what is now clear is that despite all the reticule and scorn from the Townsville public and businesses around town old Numbskull Gill is sticking to the company line about a levy, I guess once you’re this far in it’s hard to get out and it’s become personal between him and Qantas. However if he had half a brain recent changes to the NAIF allow the $40 million terminal upgrade to quliafy for funding and the numbers look good.
    $40 million at 5% = $2m a year in interest.
    1.6 million passengers at $1.30 a ticket which QF have agreed to pay = $2.08 million , that’s convenient.
    Principal reduction would be covered by extra revenue from new retailers and god forbid an actual lift in passenger numbers.
    There you go Kevie, all done for you mate to take off to QAL to get approved and then all your chums at TEL will be chanting your name at the next meeting.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie goes back to his original argument that with the limited parade of flights in and out of town, no one BUT no one goes there for an ‘airport experience’ unless it’s to yell at the airline baggage counter regarding the whereabouts of your gear.

  6. Concerned says:

    My opinion for what its worth is the big problems facing regional Aus is our media and the lack of true political representation in regional Aus.
    We now have media which are so aligned to a political party it just is not right and do not report on the serious stuff affecting their regions because of the political alliances.
    Our so called media also promote and makes headlines of all the touchy feely crap that our latte sipping (would not have a fn clue what went into getting the cup of coffee on their table) so called aussies in our large populations bases may want to here, but do not report on the real issues that are affecting the regions that provide the lifes essentials that these latte sipping ???? take for granted.
    Not wanting to seem to be ranting but our media has also done a great job of making the white Aussie male the worst person on the planet.
    We need a media outlet that tells the truth about what is happening in regional Aus again, it used to be the ABC, and we need a political party that truly represents regional Aus ( used to be the Nats) and tackles the media to report on regional Aus issues.

    • The Magpie says:

      Big night last night, mate?

    • No more dredging says:

      Concerned, you should take a message down to LNP headquarters in Brisbane, or is it as far south as Tasmania? The local media is big noting what’shername the latest LNP Senate candidate on the basis that she will MOVE TO TOWNSVILLE if she gets elected. That’s so gracious of her. She’s so smart she wants the LNP to support a coal-fired power station in the north (where she doesn’t live and won’t live unless she absolutely has to) even though no commercial player is prepared to build one. Because new build coal is way more expensive than renewables.
      So we have a mainstream political party seemingly out of synch with both the electorate and business thrusting on the electorate an out-of-towner pretending to have local credentials (she grew up out west and hasn’t come back since boarding school), toffing it up in Brisbane while leaning on the Townsville Bulletin to editorialise her appropriateness – all sounds like latte-sipping tosspottery to me.

  7. Memory Man says:

    Here’s the data on Dairy Farmers’ stadium attendances for this year … and what an abject indictment on the idiocy of the stadium funding cheer squad … that’s the fools at Enterprise House (an oxymoronic monicker if there there was), the Gormless Gang that inhabit the Walker Street Grottos and the rest …

    With attendance numbers like this, the public will be subsidizing the losses for ever and a day … that’s good money down the toilet, which could have been – actually should have been – put to better use.

    • The Magpie says:

      With the Cowboys woeful performances and JT clearly doing a leisurely final season victory lap, the numbers will be most interesting over the closing home rounds. Little doubt that with high prices, a buggered economy and a losing team, there will be a large fair-weather friends effect on the roll up.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      Average of 13,000 people per game. At $30.00 per ticket (give or take) General Revenue turnover is $414,200 per game. Stadium Cost $225 Million (or thereabouts) will take 543 games to even raise that amount. Ignoring maintenance etc. Average 11 games per season its getting around 50 years until the turnstiles have pulled the construction revenue through.
      Even at $50 per ticket it comes out at 30 years. Cows have promised some hire charges but it is hard to see the economics of it.

      • The Magpie says:

        And rental charges for entertainment acts so high that ticket prices are bumped up to the point where attendance is low and other stars decide to over-fly us and go to Cairns, like everyone else.

      • Hee-Haw says:

        I dont want to correct you but the Cowboys pay approx $80k per game to Stadiums Queensland for the use of the stadium the rest of the ticket money goes to the Cowboys not to the stadium per se.
        This is taken from the $10 million in prepaid rent the cowboys contributed to the $250million for the build. 12 games a year give or take over 10 years =120 games for $10mill = $83 k per game.
        So zero revenue for stadiums queensland or the owners whoever that will really be for the next 10 years, only operating costs to look forward to.
        And the operating costs will be much higher than the current 1300 stadium but the Cowboys have frozen their costs for 10 years in advance.

  8. No more dredging says:

    I don’t get this story about the resurrection of the Yabulu nickel plant. You write about: ” . . . the potentially lucrative extraction of cobalt from the tailing dams . .”, as if that is a real possibility. But where is the value in the tailings? Is it suggested that the stuff can be dug up and processed AGAIN in the existing plant? I don’t think so. Is it being suggested that a more or less brand new processing plant will be built at Yabulu to reprocess the tailings, possibly combined with new imported ore? That’s a big call. Or are we talking about digging up the tailings and exporting them to another site, even overseas? No one ever seems to address the elephant/s in the room at Yabulu – the already full tailings dam, the lack of any rehabilitation plan or funding and the lack of the hundreds of millions if not billions necessary to set up a 21st century acceptably sustainable operation on the site of the 1970s dinosaur. All we get is unfounded waffle and steam – from government, from all the media and from the elephant himself. Is there not one person in the resources field who knows anything about the current status of the plant and tailings set-up at Yabulu? i.e. not one currently residing in an unknown foreign location or cruise ship with Federal Police/Interpol on his tail.

      • No more dredging says:

        Er, yes, I s’pose that is something, but . . .

        “Dr McCarthy said under the right conditions a smaller plant processing 5000 tonnes per year could be built in two to five years at a cost of $200-$400 million.”

        The tailings dam at Yabulu is holding at least 100 million tonnes of spent ore. So a $200 – $400 million investment (from Clive, from the NAIF or from TCC?) would be just fiddling at the edges – even IF there was an edge worth fiddling with. Elsewhere in the article the expert was quoted:

        “I think the issue with the (QN) tailings dam is that it is fairly barren in nickel and it is also fairly barren in magnesium. So it doesn’t quite match the same profile as what the process was developed for.”

        Cobalt? Hmmm. Which is one of the elephants I was referring to.

        • The Magpie says:

          All valid points, but The ‘Pie can say definitively that there is a small army of blokes who have for the past many weeks, been extracting and barrelling the contents of the tailing dams. Don’t know why or what they’re doing, and most importantly, where it is being shipped to ifit is leaving the plant. One thing is for sure … it is not some sort of environmentally driven ‘clean-up precaution’, that sort of thinking does not exist in Novichok Palmer’s universe.

          • No more dredging says:

            The barrels are probably going to the research facility where they have been processing one tonne per day to find out what they can do with the tailings at Yabulu. But as the article explains, there’s not much you can do even after spending a few hundred million – which would buy a plant to process 5000 tonnes per year – less than Yabulu used to put through every day!
            They are so desperate to find some pretend use for the plant they say this about it:
            “The current rehabilitation issues at the site north of Townsville were also addressed, with the process resulting in a nitrate-based by-product with fertiliser properties, Dr McCarthy said.
            “I would say if there were some incentive from a remediation or rehabilitation point of view, it would fly probably,” she said.
            “So that’s one of our other positives, being a nitrate-based process. Our tailings are nitrate-rich.”

            Rich all right. So rich that national media now report that there’s a new prospect for Yabulu, it could re-open after new investment in plant, there’s cobalt in the tailings, with “fertiliser properties” and no one is disputing Mr Palmer’s prognostications. But no one even reads their own garbage. It’s just bullshit. Why do we continue to spout this stuff?

          • The Magpie says:

            What’s this ‘we’ business, sport? That aside, does The ‘Pie detect a cunning, Baldrick-like plan in those Dr McCatghy’s words “I would say if there were some incentive from a remediation or rehabilitation point of view, it would fly probably.” That is clearly a begging bowl statement to government to pay for the siphoning in the name of the environment … because you can be shit sure Novichok Palmer won’t b paying for it.

  9. Gonzo says:

    Hi Pie, A great blog post, as usual, from Donald Trump to the $6000 donation to the LNP, to Clive Palmer’s Titanic aspirations and to the Astonisher’s real estate ad pretending to be a news story and its “gotcha” on Cairns, which turned out to be a “gotcha” on the Bulletin.
    Well done, Pie. Keep up the good work!

  10. Theatre goer says:

    The missus dragged me along to concert last night which celebrated the opening of the refurbished Civic Theatre. Pretty poor turn up with hundreds of empty seats.
    But the Mullet was there and delayed the music and dancing for 5 minutes while she bumbled her way through a speech obviously written by a council staffer.
    Our mayor was in fine form, thanking everyone for doing a sterling job and acknowledging the concert compere as “Bernie Lanahan”, much to the amusement of the crowd who had just heard highly respected theatre performer and supporter, and prominent CBD optometrist, Bernie Lanigan, introduce the mayor.
    In the words of Kath & Kim “how embarrassment”

    • I'll be plucked says:

      She’s got more front than a shop window Theatre – she is beyond embarrassment, or at least SHE thinks so! PS – It was Effie the youngish Greek lass who coined the term ‘how embarassment’, but Kath and Kim were a treasure too!!!

    • Achilles says:

      Maybe she was trying to pronounce his name correctly and maybe from previous performances in a crapulous condition that was as near as she could slur?

  11. Critical says:

    Maybe the Townsville Cruise Liner Terminal should be repurposed as Cairns moves ahead again. It’s always great to see the cruise liners in Cairns and the passengers taking a short stroll through clean well kept streets and maintained gardens and streetscapes into.a vibrant CBD. In Townsville the passengers have to either catch a bus, taxi or walk through a dirty unkempt industrial wasteland that TCC or who-ever is responsible for this area couldn’t give a damm about.


    • Kelsie J says:

      Re our cruise terminal is a disgrace, if you look across from the entertainment centre you can see the cruise terminal’s expensive black colorbond roof is fading & looks terrible. It is not even that old. I think the council does not want to encourage tourists to come here. Also now the grey nomads have left Ross Dam, all the Ross Dam noisy “maintenance” earthworks have finished. U think Council could have delayed the works till the grey nomads left. I wonder how many will want to come back next year to this noisy unwelcoming place, called Townsville. No wonder Townsville is suffering.

    • No more dredging says:

      Critical, every time a dredge goes to work on the north Queensland coast the Great Barrier Reef dies another death. Every time. Cruise ships bring bugger all to the business and commerce of any town – they mostly take stuff away. The cost to the marine environment is never met by the cruise ships, it’s actually met by other parts of the tourist industry and local community who watch the natural environment suffer from cut after disastrous cut. If you think cruise ships and terminals are so great why not take a look at those numerous places around the world that are now discouraging or outright banning cruise ships.
      Cairns is at the epicentre of the coral bleaching disaster that is slowly engulfing the GBR. Townsville is not far behind. Townsville’s proposed port expansion, partly to allow larger cruise ships to access the town, may well encourage a few more tour buses, coffee shops and trinket sales but at what cost? More than a billion dollars in taxpayer’s money, years of disruption as millions of tonnes of rock and fill are carted through the streets to the waterfront, years of pollution to come from low grade, dirty fuels burned up while the ships are in port, tiny economic benefits to the city from a few thousand walk in / walk out tourists and all the while the insidious, hidden and denied pollution and degradation of Cleveland Bay’s World Heritage benthic environment by the constantly disturbed maintenance dredge spoil dumped and spread all over, year after year.
      I know you know that Magnetic Island’s fringing reefs are now ruined. That’s happened in the twenty years since Nelly Bay was dredged for a harbour and the massive capital dredging of the port access channel, just one or two kilometres away from the Island, occurred in the early 1990s. The once magnificent coral gardens of Nelly Bay, Geoffrey Bay (Arcadia) and Florence Bay have turned to rubble. Fine sediments are churned up in the tidal shallows every time there is choppy weather. This is dredge spoil. This is what dredging and sea dumping produces regardless of the greatest marine protection system in the world or whatever bullshit title we allow our politicians to apply to the pathetic, sterile and impotent environmental regulation regime hung around our necks. This is the price we pay to have a few passing tourists buy a coffee or a bus tour or a plastic trinket. It’s an insult. We can do a lot better for a lot less cost to ourselves, our community and our natural assets.

      • Grumpy says:

        For Sale. Soap Boxes. Used.

      • Critical says:

        Your points are well taken and I can remember the vast amounts of a type of sea grass that used to grow on the Cairns Esplanade “mudflats” and the numerous species of birds that used to feed there prior to the increased dredging of the Trinity Bay shipping channel. Getting the balance right between the environment and development is always going to be fraught with arguments.

        This article shows another possible looming battle on this issue.


      • Sir Rabbittborough says:

        Technically , saying after the revolution we will legislate that we will put them against the wall for it – isn’t terrorism. That requires Unlawful Violence. Not if you legislate for evil just like they do now. Nothing wrong with that surely?

  12. Critical says:

    Looks like the Rockhampton City Council hasn’t withdrawn its funding to Adani and Adani is getting even cosier with that Council by providing funding to the Rockhampton River Festival. I hope Adani is finding the Townsville 2018 India Festival and that TCC isn’t funding it like in past years.


    • Grumpy says:

      Crits – Adani was a major sponsor of the festival last October. From memory they had a large information tent there as well,

  13. One legged tap dancer says:

    More proof in Saturday’s Astonisher that the Mullet is wasting ratepayers money and currying favour with the editor by paying for expensive public notice ads in the general news pages instead of the much cheaper classifieds section.
    On Saturday two large TCC ads in full colour in the news pages, one advising of road closures and the other listing tender opportunities.
    In the past these public notices would have been in black and white in the classifieds section at a fraction of the price, just like the one on Saturday from the more responsible Charters Towers City Council.
    Its easy to see why the editor protects the mayor, who has become her biggest advertiser.
    Expect more of the same in the lead-up to the next council election as the Mullet uses our money to ensure she gets positive coverage during the election campaign.

  14. The Magpie says:

    As Trump leaves Scotland, a land of inspiration for him, this tribute.


  15. The Magpie says:



    So it’s official, the Coalition will run on a platform of ‘we’re not as bad as them’.

    I know Ian Macdonald, have dined with him once and have met he and his wife on social occasions way back when. The memory is of an affable and amusing bloke, I like him … personally.

    But professionally, today is a different matter.

    Macca was a good senator for much of his long tenure, but then inexplicably, as the years advanced and his relevance receded, Macca did a ‘Mooney’, and in the closing days of his public office, he has lost the plot. From wearing Hi-Viz vets into the Senate to having unwinnible slanging matches in Senate hearings, it has been clear to everyone – including Coalition hierarchy – that the old war horse was due to be put out to pasture.

    So what a sad indictment that he should declare a policy of negativity is good indeed clever policy. That it is even an oxymoronic ‘positive’. It may well be useful strategy in political terms, but what a gift for The Short Un to say so publicly … or possibly Albo will be the beneficiary.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      I seriously think Macca would have become a serious liability in the next parliament anyway, as you say some of his antics recently give all the indications of a person with failing grey matter. I ran into him going in to vote at the last election and despite sitting in his office on many occasions and many party meetings with him he had no memory at all or didn’t want to acknowledge me, either way his performance when talking to people was ordinary at best, unable to stay focused on the subject and easily distracted, he was lucky to get another half term, anyway enjoy your retirement Macca and if it’s not too much to ask can you please stay in NQ and spend what will be a tidy parliamentary pension locally, thanks.

      • No more dredging says:

        Cantankerous, at least Macdonald lived in the town. I can’t believe you aren’t fulminating about the LNP’s choice for a replacement. Has the Brisbane-centric LNP now dumped all pretence about representing rural and regional Queensland, instead pushing forward capital city tossers with vague notions of an occasional country visit – to pick up an investment property perhaps?

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Yep, it’s why I cancelled my membership years ago, the takeover of the Nats by the Liberal party is all but complete, for all of us old Nats we no longer have a party, was always going to happen.

          • The Magpie says:

            Bring back the Country Party … where’s the new Black Jack McEwan, Ian Sinclair or Doug Anderson (snr)?

        • Rusty Nail says:

          OMG NMD. I agree with you 100%. Who’d of thunk it? Go you good thing!

        • The Magpie says:

          Think he did and does live in Ayr although he does have a place in the ‘ville. A few years ago, he put down a deposit on a top shelf unit on the Dalgety building in Denham street while it was under construction, but when he inspected the finished product, they’d changed the dimensions to a much a smaller place. Believe he pulled out of that on, but so he was in the market.

  16. Jealous Cambridge says:

    So anyway , you type in http://www.tsvratepayers.com and get redirected to the labor party . Same through the Facebook page. Does that mean that labor gets all your internal stuff from Facebook too ? Its one thing linking to people who are party members but don’t say , its another for the party to sucker people in to get their friends lists.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well, The ‘Pie doubted that but tried and its true. So, Pete Newey, what’s that all about?

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      Labor party up to its old tricks really. “Townville Residents and Ratepayers Association” is the name of our Facebook group/page and is no way is connected to the LABOR PARTY at all.

      We suspect that they have seen us as competition in their quest to remain in power in Townsville and have purchased or obtained the address as shown that are close in nature to our name to pick up the unsuspecting people looking for our page.

      This is very common in the Commercial world as the writer has practiced this previously when in business operating websites.

      So we recommend that people ignore this but will quickly see it is not us when they go to the site that will get the Labor party banner and realize it is not us.

  17. The Magpie says:


    The secret ‘highest level of special’ gift Trump sent Vladimir Putin just before they met for their Helsinki summit.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Seems to have worked a treat Pie – piccy of a satisfied, smiling Putin and a hunched over, very tired looking, lecturn grabbing Trump at the post media conference confirms this……….

    • The Magpie says:

      If only she would promote Townsville with the vigour with which she promotes herself.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:


      Let’s be sensible about this Pat (surely that is the dead hand of Pat Coleman trying to discredit The Magpie’s wider argument).

      It cannot be doubted that the story about Ms O’Callaghan was the result of some sort of intense lobbying by her and probably by ratepayer funded TEL staff … a publication like the Financial Review would hardly have staff around the water cooler talking about the phenomenal performance of Townsville Enterprise. I haven’t seen the story, but I bet it is just the usual tactic of talking a lot and saying nothing, as The ‘Pie recently put it. And shit, why would a reporter on a story profile like that bother checking the veracity of any claims, this is the yuppie section of the Fin Review after all.

    • Carey Ramm says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice to say “congratulations” and celebrate the fact that someone from North Queensland was selected. I doubt that getting selected was an easy task (especially from a regional area) and i have no doubt that she will have learned enormously from the experience.

      In Australia today we still love to cut down success and find the negative from any positive. This is in stark contrast to the cultures of the USA and Asia – and we wonder why we are stagnating.

      As a region and a nation we need to change our selfish outlook to one where we see the 1 reason why a project/person can proceed/succeed as opposed to the 99 reasons why it can’t.

      So Patricia let me be the first to say on this blog – WELL DONE.

      • The Magpie says:

        This is published in good faith that the writer is Carey Ramm.

      • Grumpy says:


      • Homeland Security says:

        Indeed , we are also very interested , just like we were interested in the statement by Andrew “all my work is in china” Rob the other night, that he had been out of the job for 24 months and since had been to China 23 times. His previous advisors could never shut him up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7m_k3uYI8c either . You have offices in China , and a party cell in each . Norm Gallagher would be proud . Have you talked to old mate Jim Elder recently? He puts China first.

      • Grumpy says:

        And, of course, Carey would have no financial interest in sucking little Patty’s toes.


      • No more dredging says:

        Carey, you wrote:

        “Wouldn’t it be nice to say “congratulations” and celebrate the fact that someone from North Queensland was selected. I doubt that getting selected was an easy task (especially from a regional area) and i have no doubt that she will have learned enormously from the experience.”

        I thought you were writing about the LNP’s preselection of Susan McDonald to replace the Townsville-based Senator Ian Macdonald. I wondered how you could have got it so wrong given that Ms McDonald does not come from any “regional area” (she’s a Brisbanite), has no obligation to move to a regional area and that she will have learned nothing from the experience of accepting a nomination from her home town LNP HQ to fill a position perfectly suited to managing from her Brisbane office.

        • Hee-Haw says:

          I wonder if you ask Carey just how much of the $4 Million spend on consultants by TEL in recent years his firm AEC has been the beneficiary of, would he be happy to post that here to keep his comments in some context?

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed, The ‘Pie has noted before that much of the statistical work claimed by TEL has a rider that says it comes from AECgroup and not TEL’s fault if its wrong! (Not those words but a disclaimer to that effect). And AEC have certainly done TEL/council (and the Bulletin) surveys over the years, a business where it is openly known that the desired answer is controlled by the question asked. The ‘Pie is surprised that Mr Ramm, who is no dill and a successful former bureaucrat and now runs multiple businesses, would lead with his chin like that with such a transparently fawning endorsement of incompetence. That is why The ‘Pie initially declined to publish the comment and gave Mr Ramm the opportunity to confirm that he was th sender, and not some mischievious dickhead. Haven’t heard anything so there it is.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      There is just a mass of these pop gun CEO’s floating around these days, most of them working for Govt or govt funded orginisations, charities, etc who are never answerable to shareholders or owners, they never have to produce a profit or meet definable KPIs, they are primarily just managers who are assigned a CEO role for reporting and audit purposes, and most of them probably earn less than the average miner or middle manager, very very few of them ever go on to bigger and better things and stumble from one junket to another, I suppose it actually beats working for a living.

  18. Pat Coleman says:

    The rolling eye is someone else. Incidently rolling your eyes was something that would put you on a charge when I was in the army. Hence my insubordinate civilian nature. I also found it was something that could put you on a charge in civvy street, so I fixed it.

  19. Critical says:

    Just received, in the post box, and read Cr Colleen Doyle”s ratepayer funded colour printed Keeping You Updated news. WTF what a pile of propaganda and bulls**t. The 4 page publication had 3 small articles directly related to your division.
    Cr Doyle do some real work like walking around your division, talking to your divisional community members, looking at the maintenance and other issues in the parks, gardens, drains and streets and actually doing something about these issues and stop wasting ratepayers money on this propaganda news publication.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Yeah. We got the same shit from Mochachino. Absolutely nothing about cleaning up the overgrown weeds choking the Ross river.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yeah, your right about the river, The ‘Pie sees it on his frequent trips to the hospital. And someone whose word The Magpie trusts reckons Frothy Molachino is looking to have a dip at the mayoralty.

        And you thought things couldn’t get worse.

        • Grumpy says:

          That soy boy doesn’t have the balls. Or the brains.

        • Dutch Reverend says:

          Shit. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. If Mullet thinks the Townsville Civic Performing arts theatre is arguably the best performing arts facility in regional Queensland ……. wait until Cairns open up their new centre. I’m in Cairns at the moment and they going to cut ties with their equivalent of our TEL and will promote the region themselves. I heard last week that the “comedian” Tom Gleeson gave Cairns a bagging. Obviously he didn’t visit Townsville.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hey Dutchy, and this is said in the nicest possible way … read the bloody blog. Featured Tom Gleeson spray (very funny) and The ‘Pie’s explanation of why he wouldn’t have bothered with Townsville. And Advance Cairns was ditched months ago, also mentioned in the blog. Like they say, keep up or keep out heh heh heh.

  20. The Magpie says:

    Letters To The Iditor Which Will Never See The Light Of Day, Dept Of:

    Good morning
    I read with interest Tony Raggatt’s story in today’s paper.
    The obvious question: why was Mr Gill allowed to push his spin regarding passenger numbers in Cairns without also being asked how that fits with the Mackay Airport redevelopment?
    Clearly you guys think you can fool all of the people all of the time. Your circulation figures suggest otherwise.
    It wasn’t so long ago that circulation was 42,000 (Sat) and 28,000 (Mon-Fri).
    Check out the current numbers and you just might get the drift that the North Queensland public isn’t interested in spin from advertisers, councilors and politicians.
    Perhaps you should change your pledge to “Keeping the bastards dishonest” and your brand line to “We’re For Advertisers”.
    Doug Kingston
    South Townsville

  21. Achilles says:

    Todays The Oz has this update re Ipswich Council, maybe Puddleduck will cut some slack and distance herself from the Mullet?

    Removal process of Ipswich Council starts:

    The formal process to dismiss the Ipswich City Council has begun with a draft bill being referred to State Parliament’s Economics and Governance Committee for consideration.

    Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the bill seeking the dismissal of the ICC was in response to an unprecedented integrity crisis in Ipswich.

    Mr Hinchliffe announced last week that the government would introduce specific legislation that would allow them to remove the embattled council and bring in administrators until 2020.

  22. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Mendi have been awarded the contract for producing the 36 km construction access road for the 1800 diameter pipeline. (well done)
    Contract value is?
    TCC Press release says (quote from the website)”Cr Hill said Council had allocated $159 million to build the pipeline in the 2018-19 Budget”
    How much is the council paying for the pipe supply and expect to pay for access, lay and backfill of the pipes? Numbers still not released on the TCC website for the pipe purchase, only a schedule of rates.

  23. Cantankerous but happy says:

    You are becoming a bit like Voldemort around Townsville Pie, “ He who must not be named” . People say “ I read this online” or “I heard this somewhere” but dont want to admit they read it on The Nest, until you say to them I read that on The Magpies Nest and they suddenly remember where they read it, now we even have Carey sending love notes to Little Patty,, 2 more people admitting they read your blog, it’s an endless supply of entertainment.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie gives qualified support to the idea that he must not be named … but that wish only extends to not being named in statements of claim in defamation actions.

    • The Magpie says:

      Indeed, the fame and adulation for The ‘Pie is overwhelming, in fact, the highest level of special … Gill’s defence of his attempted thieving rort on air travellers by comparing numbers is so dopey it not only strengthen’s the argument of those opposing the ticket tax, but is a direct reply to The ‘Pie’s comments last weekend.

      Ah, the power, the adulation, its very very special, very big, truly, the love out there, it’s really big, massive, so much so, The Magpie will now follow Trump’s example of meeting Putin and Kim, and will now seek a summit with Mayor Mullet, Adele The Impaler and Little Patty (now there’s a threesome none of whom have anything The ‘Pie would want to grab). The meeting will be held in the Pie Towers, formerly the International Hotel in Giru.

  24. No more dredging says:

    With all the disaffection being expressed about the ALP leadership, the LNP and its candidate selection in NQ and hearing ex-Nats whinge about the demise of proper country-aware candidates, I wonder whether this little gem in today’s Crikey might raise a few pulses in Townsville:

    “Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party is doubling down on its anti-Hanson campaign with a barrage of activity designed to draw former Pauline Hanson’s One Nation supporters to the new Palmer vehicle. Palmer’s prize acquisition of long time Hanson loyalist, Senator Brian Burston, to lead the UAP in the Senate — announced on June 18 – gave him an instant parliamentary party that has also led to an accelerated effort for candidate and member recruitment.”

    If Palmer really does run in Herbert and spends a bucket of advertising money sucking the disaffected, the cynical and the pissed-off into his vortex, anything could happen. Promises of supporting tax cuts for big business, opening up coal mining in the Galilee Basin and government support for re-opening Yabulu will likely throw a lot of voters into hand wringing rhapsody. And haven’t we asked for it?

  25. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I’m a bit puzzled by the continual reference to an “oversized pipeline” in the TCC advertising for the new pipeline.

    I realise that the new pipeline will have a 1800mm diameter while the existing pipe has a 1200mm diameter, but what specifically makes the new one “oversized”?

    Wasn’t 1800 the recommendation from the Water Task Force? Either 1800 is the appropriate size to provide for Townsville’s foreseeable future water needs, or it means money is being wasted building something unnecessarily large that won’t be required. Are we paying for a Porsche when a Commodore would suffice?

    Or it it all TCC spin in an attempt to make us think they are going above and beyond when they are just building what is necessary in any case? (Remember the “Basics Blitz” beat up they made about doing what they should just be doing as a matter of course)?

    Serious question folks. Perhaps someone with the knowledge can provide an answer for me.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now just look here, WW, just stop it, right now, talking sensible stuff is giving Mayor Mullet a headache.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      I think that before the WTF specified the 1800 mm diameter pipe, design was complete for a 1200 mm diameter pipe, Rather than TCC being put on the spot for having completed plans for an undersize pipe, the new diameter was referred to as oversize.

  26. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Lou.

  27. No more dredging says:

    LNP senator Ian Macdonald has confirmed the local gossip about the Brisbane-centric bias of his party in a newsletter distributed in the region and quoted in the Guardian today.

    “In his note to supporters, Macdonald said he was “very sorry that those several northerners, who out of deference and loyalty to me refrained from nominating from the Senate this time, have now effectively been locked out for a generation.
    I had spoken to a number of very worthy, capable and interested people about succession when they were able to get themselves better known in [the] Brisbane/south-east Queensland region where the bulk of preselectors for the LNP reside.”

    I thought the LNP paid particular attention to democratic processes but perhaps the dismissal of Peter Lindsay and a couple of other northern notables has actually severely dented northern representation in the party and the remaining rabble is so dysfunctional that only a Brisbane nominee will do. Welcome, Clive Palmer (and maybe Bob Katter), I’d say.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Finally caught up with current events NMD? the transfer of power to Brisbane by the LNP was completed 5-6 years ago, a thumping majority gave the likes of James McGrath the belief they could finally fuck the dissenting National Party members once and for all, and the rest is history, the party has virtually collapsed. As for Macca it is a bit late to have a whinge that he didn’t manage his exit better and reflects his low standing in the party and the fact he didn’t see his own demise coming, he should have managed the transition earlier and taken steps to see someone from the North was publicly identified for the position and put pressure on Spring Hill by public perception that the person had community support, basic politics really.

  28. Mike Douglas says:

    Strong rumours the heavy radio campaign by Clive Palmer to win “ the hearts and minds of the Townsville people” with jobs, re-energising Townsville and pressuring the State Government to fast track environmental and port access are costing $70,000. On the adani front Local pressure is certainly having an impact with Scott Stewart, member for Townsville on channel 7 welcoming the jobs Adani would create representing a State Labor Government which has supported then backflipping on adani and signing of the naif loan for the rail line.

    • The Magpie says:

      Eh? The state govt has agreed to OK a NAIF loan for the Adani rail line? Haven’t seen that, got a link. Have read the bullshit and frankly highly questionable story from Adani Junior that they’re ‘close’ ro having funding (sound familiar?), but certainly haven’t heard about the backflip, where was it announced?

      • No more dredging says:

        ‘Pie, I think Mike Douglas might have been a bit slack with his commas and full stops. Read the last sentence again as one long stream of consciousness – if you can! It would make sense for the Member for Townsville to be pleased about any Adani jobs that might come to town – he won’t have created them but he might as well occupy the space. But all this hokey pokey about Adani and/or the state and/or federal members of Parliament is all playing into the hands of Clive Palmer. He will not be able to believe his luck (or good management). I imagine that within weeks the TBulletin will be carrying ads and posting advertorials for Palmer as if they have been in bed together from the start. It worked a treat on the Sunshine Coast, even as he revolted most locals. Since so many Herbert voters are already revolted by Liberal and Labor and so one-eyed about One Nation and the Greens, Clive has a huge pool of the disillusioned and disaffected to woo away to Wonderland with all kinds of vacuous waffle and sentimental motherhood. I’m sure you can’t wait.

        • The Magpie says:

          The ‘Pie would imagine that Novichok Palmer spend any capital he did have with the disaffected in Herbert with his callous behaviour regarding the Yabulu closure. Perhaps technically it was legal (maybe) but ethically, morally, humanly, unforgivable, and then rubs peoples nose it by jetting for dinner with some chums.

          But then, betting on what the weirdo electorate will do is not a good financial plan.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Captain Cupcake (Scott Stewart, doughy, no substance and full of crap) – what a waste of space ‘politician’ – how’s the ‘promises’ from your first term going Cupcake? Viz, bus hub, reduced and reasonable insurance costs and the old chestnut, ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’! Achievements – ZERO.

      What an absolute failure as an MP – good at standing behind others and nodding though (like his waster labor mates Harpic and O’Rort and that mess at Federal level, The Tool)!

      • The Magpie says:

        Is he called Harpic because his clean round the bend?

        • I'll be plucked says:

          How did you know that Pie??? Yes Harpic is clean round the bend and knows how to disregard/flush the electorate down the dunny too!!! AND, how to stand behind people and nod, like the other two state ALP wasters.

      • No more dredging says:

        I’ll Be Plucked, when you point out the flaws and failures of sitting politicians and, in the case of the three local Labor politicians who were all re-elected, it just goes to show what the electorate thought of the alternatives – some of whom you must have been backing. At the last state election the campaign by the LNP was a shocker – it must have been because even when Labor made those crazy moves around the Adani NAIF loan, they actually walked all over the LNP. Now we are faced with a federal election, possibly later this year, the LNP in Queensland seems to be all over the shop once again. Conservatives (or “old Nationals” or whatever they want to be known as) don’t seem to know where their allegiances lie. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Palmer corral a whole bunch of them just to stick it into the LNP. Of course they’ll send their preferences to the LNP, maybe, but a bit of clever advertising and some vacant promises seems to be enough to throw the already-unhinged into a frenzy of revenge and point scoring. You think that Cathy O’Toole is unworthy but I think she hasn’t put a foot wrong – and that maybe all it takes to survive the rough riding that is likely to ensue whenever Turnbull calls the next election.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Thanks for your deep analysis Dredge – the three state Labor members have achieved NOTHING for Townsville – zip, zero, zilch! The only reason I can see why The Tool has not put a foot wrong, is she has also achieved zip, zero, zilch – nodding behind the pretender flip flop Shorten doesn’t count for ANYTHING. Thanks again for your ‘thoughts’!

          • Grumpy says:

            It’s called small target politics.

            She has been obviously told never to ad lib or answer a question where the answer has not been carefully scripted in advance. This is only partly because of her unfortunate manner of delivery with the Kath and Kym whine, but mostly to do with her inability to think on her feet.

            Only emerges to sprout some rehearsed sound grabs about non-controversial and populist subjects.

            As in the last time, she will not deviate from the party play book and simply spew out the garbage created by the young apostles in the inner-cities. Such as Wayne Swans’s daughter who dreamt up the Mediscare Great Big Lie over a half-shot decaf soy milk latte, not too hot please.

            It was a fluke that she won. Her primary vote was undeserving of a win. The ALP was surprised she won and are probably kicking themselves they didn’t put up a candidate with more long- term potential. I mean, our Kath’s no Julie Bishop, is she?

          • Concerned says:

            100% correct, the scary part for Townsville is the amount of voters that vote for the crap Townsville, and on the larger scale QLD, is going through thanks to wall to wall ALP.
            And by the sounds of it some will continue to vote for the same crap.

          • No more dredging says:

            Plucker, it’s not that I’m carrying a flag for the Labor members in this town but I’d caution against judging their performance based on information received from local media, particularly the Townsville Bulletin. I’ve noticed that with a couple of exceptions, the Bully is usually loath to report anything positive about the Labor Party in Townsville, often going out of its way to search for a negative – on the few occasions when I steel myself to read the damn thing. However, if the conservatives or the LNP are up to something, even pre-selecting an out-of-town senate candidate to replace a local or entertaining another useless rave from that local senator what’shisname, the Bully is all over it with fawning obsequiousness. So I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard anything positive about Cathy O’Toole. On the couple of occasions I have seen and heard her in the flesh she has been charming and articulate, which is a world away from her predecessor. Anyway, it looks like there won’t be much to see from the major party candidates in the Herbert electorate as there will be so many distractions from the circus in the minor parties. Personally, I can’t wait. The thought of Clive V Pauline V Katter (on the sideline) with a couple of fundamentalist nutters thrown in just makes my day. Bring. It. On.

          • The Magpie says:

            Couple of points there, NMD. The lack of positives coming from The Tool lies in the simple political fact that ‘losers don’t legislate’, so she – and the party – can say what they like in terms of criticism and alternative policies. And we all know how that works with ALL parties. And the recent Astonisher swing towards the LNP and disruptors like Novichok is a redressal two-bob-each-way bet by the paper with an eye to future whining we-told-you-so-and-we-demand etc iditorials.

          • Grumpy says:

            NMD – you seem to be confused.

            Let me assist:


            having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

            Have we been listening to the same person?

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, I said I saw and heard her speak ‘in the flesh’. So I was actually in the same room. Cathy O’Toole is articulate and very personable.

          • The Magpie says:

            YE GADS!!! The Tool ‘in the flesh’?

            Wire brush to scrub the eyeballs please.

          • Grumpy says:

            No doubt you were there, mate. It’s just I was concerned for your comprehension. I, too, have heard her speak (I won’t say “in the flesh” as that conjures up unwelcome images) when I was physically present and, when she went off script or was challenged, she was a woeful communicator and could not sustain a logical train of thought. You must be a lot more forgiving and tolerant than I – which, to be honest, is not that hard to be.

          • cobalos says:

            Her vocabulary is as bad as, like, whatever.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Cathy O Toole charming and articulate? Shit I’ve heard it all now, so was that the time she was promising $100 million federal funding towards dredging at the Townsville Port channel if Labor gets into govt NMD?

          • Concerned says:

            I am no fan of either of the LNP or ALP as they are bo th failing regional Aus, but lets compare her to her predecessor and what he achieved, Blakeys crossing, Bohle crossing, and a big driver for the ring road funding.
            And can someone tell me something the toole has actually accomplished.
            I think NMD needs to go for a drive and count the for sale/lease signs on Townsvilles empty businesses.

          • The Magpie says:

            But hang on a sec now … you will know The ‘Pie is no fan of virtually any politician (even The Kid’s looking a bit wobbly of late) but let’s not get carried away in the chariot of our own prejudices. What could The Tool have achieved if she’s not in government? Dumbo got what he got through party largesse to try and keep the seat (knowing what a goof he was politically). The Tool has no choice but to flap her gums to the Short Un’s tune. To suggest she’s responsible in any way for the Townsville business downturn, may The ‘Pie suggest you have a squizz at potential candidate and Tool opponent Novichok Palmer (talk about getting on one’s nerves) or perhaps a better party-linked target would be the Walker Street fright bats.

          • Sir Rabbittborough says:

            “In the flesh” , COOOOR BLIMEY, you wernt hanging out in the bushes at Balding Bay were you NMD?

  29. Hee-Haw says:

    So, according to Ch7 the senate candidate Susan McDonald will move her OFFICE to Townsville if elected, I guess that doesn’t mean she will live here.
    She also met with Townsville Enterprises, plural, I hope we only have one, where she received a briefing on the Hells Gate feasibility study that Patty only told Linda Ashton that the study was not yet finished.
    It is getting harder to know when people are lying, probably when their lips are moving.

  30. Dave Nth says:

    Came into the arrivals hall last night & there is now a full wall poster flogging Lancini Stadium along with the Cowboys of course. A lot also about the airport redevelopment but not much happening except superficial changes like making the obstacle course to the Qantas club permanent and some unnecessary barricade round the bar outside security. As if they are making changes for changes sake. Seems either Gill isn’t getting the funding he wants for any real changes or they are hanging out on the forlorn hope that Qantas will fold on their passenger tax.

    Friend who used to work in aviation told me about the notoriety Mac Air had especially from the maintenance side of the house. Makes you wonder about the selection criteria for companies if Gill was the best candidate for the job of Townsville Airport CEO…

    • The Magpie says:

      Disgraceful look for Townsville, but fair’s fair, Dave, the stadium is a FACT, (very rare in Townsville) is being built so we should certainly be trying to put the best face on it and flog the bejasus out of it.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Sorry Pie as you would guess I don’t share the same enthusiasm for it, just can’t get past that this is the wrong time for it. 10 years ago in the boom maybe, in 5 years time if the economy picks up possibly but after seeing the debacle of the Mackay Stadium I fear this one will also become an expensive white elephant that we ratepayers will be paying for years into the future with little benefit except to the likes of the guilded few.

        • The Magpie says:

          Steady on there, sport, please do not suggest The ‘Pie has, or ever did have, enthusiasm for this manipulative and wasteful impost on the taxpayer and with little doubt later on, the ratepayer. But as said, it’s a fact, and we just have accept the reality and run with as best we can, no point harping on the fact that it was a sleazy deal start to finish. And while we’re on this subject, it will be interesting to see if Cowboys fans are just fair-weather friends, with the team well into wooden spoon territory. After the first few years, there was a distinct need for winning results to keep the crpowd numbers up. Asking supporters to pay increased admission prices, increased food and beverage prices and for many from Cowboy heartland, increased travel time and hassle, there will many who will opt to admire the Boys from their living rooms even for home games.

    • seagull says:

      we ended up calling it “spac air” in the day ………that was after we flew around on 1 engine out of 2 more than once as well as a nose wheel collapse on the taxi way !

  31. Mike Douglas says:

    Not sure what NMD is on but instead of criticing my full stops and commas spend some time studying labor’s superannuation policy. It will effect retirees in the $65,000 a year bracket and will reduce some smsf by 30% a year driving people back on the pension and not the rich as planned. Have a look at Noel Whitaker’s comments on it. Labor’s no more “negative gearing” will effect school teachers, emergency services and police. All supported by Cathy Otoole because Bill told her so.

    • No more dredging says:

      Mike Douglas, you can take up the commas and full stop matter with the Magpie. Although he was having difficulties I understood you all along. Don’t understand your bit about “Labor’s no more negative gearing” though. As I understand it, Labor does not want to end negative gearing at all – it just wants negative gearing for residential purposes to only be available for new homes. And people who currently own negatively geared property will not be affected. So your poor old “school teachers, emergency services and police”, will still be able to negatively gear property. I suspect that the LNP will agree to support Labor’s initiative on negative gearing whoever wins the election, because it seems like a surefire way to ease pressure on the housing market bubble, especially in the capital cities.

      • Mike Douglas says:

        NMD, yes Labor’s negative gearing policy is only for new houses which will drive building but what about over supply and the poor punters trying to sell there existing homes. Normally on a new property you can also claim depreciation, has this been costed out?. Have you been following prices in capital cities?. Since the States have introduced extra stamp duty for foreign buyers and the 4 banks have stopped interest only lending prices in Sydney + Melbourne have already dropped 1-2% and falling further so this will effect existing owners losing their homes. Re your comments Cathy Otoole hasn’t put a foot wrong , I suppose labor will pay Cathy’s legal settlement if Clive wins like the insurance company paid Mayor Mullets. NMD I have a SMSF and wasn’t planning burdening tax payers in retirement but not sure based on Shorten and Bowen getting into Government .

      • Grumpy says:

        Jesus, NMD, that’s a steaming pile of bullshit. Labor is philosophically opposed to the very concept of negative gearing. It is but a small part of the class war re-ignited some years ago by Wayne Swan and now waged by Shorten, Pilbersek, Albanese, Comrade Doug Cameron and the rest of the Bolshies with great enthusiasm (Shorten only because he considers it popular with the great unwashed – his blood is royal blue). It was with extreme reluctance that the original proposal to kill negative gearing stone dead was watered down to include grandfather clauses and apply only to new dwellings. Have a look at some of the speeches at National Conferences over the last decade or so, If they get into power for three terms, it will disappear altogether.

        The LNP has already jumped on the politics of envy bandwagon. They have recently quietly changed some of the rules to make negative gearing less attractive, particularly for interstate properties. Pretty clear you don’t own one if you didn’t know that..

        “A surefire way to ease the housing bubble, especially in the inner cities”? You do know that prices are falling in every capital city, right? You really have to extend your reading beyond the Guardian and out-of-date Google searches. And who gives a shit about what the inner-city prices are, in any event? Impacts upon a minuscule proportion of Australians.

        There are thoughtful and learned essays on the impact of negative gearing on the property market. Unfortunately, they are mainly restricted to professional journals, which are not free, not widely distributed and unavailable on Google. With all due respect to Maggers, journalists are not the ultimate authority in microeconomics.

        Suffice to say that there is no general consensus on the impact of the abolition of negative gearing. An interesting take I read was that, if negative gearing only related to new builds, the only investment opportunities in the Sydney/Melbourne regions would be in the outer suburbs, where there is room to build. No self-respecting latte lizard wants to live yonder. Hence, demand for owner-occupied inner city properties increases – as will the cost. Meanwhile, there are a lot of builders in the western suburbs going bankrupt. Fucking capitalist dogs.

        Blaming the ITAA provisions for the Sydney price surge is simplistic, naive and, as I said, redolent of jealousy and envy. I would think that the first thing you would have to do to bring prices down in the inner city would be to continue to restrict Chinese investment in residential property. The tightening of the FOI regs a little time ago had an immediate impact.

        Probably obvious that I have a personal interest in this. My retirement was based around continued property trading, negative gearing and being a slumlord.

        • The Magpie says:

          Cor blimey, take a breath … The ‘Pie knows he will, as he awaits the inevitable broadside reply.

          BTW The ‘Pie has on many many occasions has made it clear that he has little if any expertise in ‘micro economics’ or specialised financial finanglings. And has never made any claim to same.

        • No more dredging says:

          Grumpy, you are all over the shop. If you have superannuation plans tied to negatively geared property your investment situation will not be changed by Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing rules (or the Coalition’s which you referred to – “They have recently quietly changed some of the rules to make negative gearing less attractive) – unless you insist, as you probably do or will, that any changes to property prices will be entirely caused by Labor’s policy change, even if they occur before there is any change to the legislation – like right now for example. You passionately agree that Labor’s proposed changes are not the same as the outright abolition of negative gearing but you keep building your argument around “the abolition of negative gearing”. No wonder you’re grumpy.

          • Grumpy says:

            Once again, reading comprehension is beyond you. Sober up and read it again.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Hey Dredge, despite your assertion that you do not support either of the major parties, you smell distinctly and succinctly like a Labor hack!

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD yo have no idea of the implications of changes to negative gearing and neither do the brainless dickheads proposing it.
            Accountants are already preparing for what will be a nightmare if Labor win the election to implement the changes and the long list of ramifications the changes will mean in all sorts of scenarios that they have not thought about, but that’s what Labor are good at, such as a person renting out their principal place of residence which was a new dwelling when it was purchased, how the laws apply to deceased estates and family trusts in the same scenario, will the new legislation apply to major upgrades of an existing property that would normally be depreciated, if that is the case people renting in Australia can look forward to never having a cent spent on their property other than a light bulb or tap washer, landlords will simply sit back and watch the dwelling fall down around people. To remove a single asset class out of basic principals of claiming losses against that asset will be an absolute disaster and lead to nothing but a hefty hike in rents and a lot of battlers left to live in squalor who can’t afford the rises, it will be a fucking disaster.

          • No more dredging says:

            I’ll Be Plucked, at the last state election I put Labor last in the seat of Townsville and I told my Labor-voting mates I was doing it. So suck it up. When it comes to voting, every case on its merits and opportunity knocks. But I won’t be putting Clive first in Herbert, that’s for sure.

          • The Magpie says:

            All right, you lot, knock it off, you’ve all had your say it is now just down to abuse and has become VEEERRRYYY boring. Try Facebook but not The Magpie’s.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, when you write about ” . . . a person renting out their principal place of residence which was a new dwelling when it was purchased, how the laws apply to deceased estates and family trusts in the same scenario, will the new legislation apply to major upgrades of an existing property that would normally be depreciated, if that is the case people renting in Australia can look forward to never having a cent spent on their property other than a light bulb or tap washer . . . blah, blah, blah”, I have no idea how you can connect that to the minor changes that I understand Labor proposes to the negative gearing regime – which will be unchanged for already owned premises, is not going to be abolished and will still be available for purchases of new dwellings including inner city units. Now that you’ve run it past Grumpy you might have a supporter so good luck with that.

  32. One legged tap dancer says:

    Railway Estate residents would be interested in a public notice in today’s Astonisher inviting submissions regarding a “Funeral Parlour, Mortuary & Crematorium” planned for 1-3 Railway Avenue, Railway Estate.
    No real problem with the funeral parlour or mortuary. There is already one in a residential area on Hugh Street.
    But a crematorium in Railway Estate?
    You would think the Astonisher would be all over this but not a word in the news pages.
    Probably protecting another influential advertiser.

    • The Magpie says:

      Probably not reading their own paper more likely … really, would you look at more than you have to?

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Straight across the road from the Ross Island hotel, now that’s convenient, walk straight across the road with urn in hand and drown your sorrows, might be the publicans behind the plan, value adding to their business.

      • The Magpie says:

        And the Railway Estate skool is just a couple hundred yards up the road, which gives us the opportunity to recycle an oldie but a goldie.
        Kid is late for class, and teacher demands an explanation.

        Kid says ‘My grandfather a got burnt this morning.’
        Teacher: Oh, so sorry to hear that. Are the burns serious?’
        Kid: ‘Well, believe me, they don’t fuck around at the crematorium.’

        Boom tish.

  33. Pat Coleman says:

    The bully story today ,20 July 2018 by Chris Lees “Stink brews on cattle pen,” appears to have been written last week and held over. I come to this conclusion cos it talks of a local who is going to put an objection in to these live export yards associated with lnp donor wellards. He’d better hurry cos the last line of the story says ,”The application is open for comment until July 18,” Nice one bully !

    • The Magpie says:

      And what The ‘Pie found interesting was there was no mention of the potential problems with water for the nearest community at Roseneath. They’re not connected to the mains pipe running down to Oak Valley (for some reason) and depend on bore water. This is likely to be mightily affected by this development. Certainly something the council should consider, or are they a bit stretched in the water department, handling supply to Rocky Springs. Oh, so sorry, Elliot Springs.

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