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Saturday, July 15th, 2017   |   186 comments

Energiser Bunny Or Ratepayer Rabbits – Why The Proposed Battery Project Is Looking Drained


Also, another Northern territory cast-off joins the Impaler’s private wall of chums she is building around herself …

Unlike Donald Trump, who wants his Mexican Wall to be transparent … literally …

…and how many got the joke the French played on Donald Trump? A great payback for his crassness.

More woes for the beleaguered Hinchinbrook Resort , but the new owners have Big Bazza Taylor on the job …

But First … Bentley.

The Brown Nose Of The Week


The Aussie image took a bit of a knock this week.

Usually we see ourselves as a nation of astute gamblers, but we were witness to the worst attempt at two bob each way from our republican warrior and current PM during the week. We collectively cringed as Talkbull fawned over an elderly British citizen in a frightful frock who was sporting a poor attempt at a blue rinse. Bentley feels Her Maj and her sword may have missed a chance to do Tony Abbott a favour.

Loyalist fin

Whether or not you like old betty Windsor, (The ‘Pie does for her many admirable traits, so sadly lacking in all politicians), this republican PM of convenience made The ‘Pie’s toes curl in embarrassment.

When he settles down back home, it will be a very different doggy engagement when he next fronts Tony Wingnut Abbott.

boxing dogs

Building The Wall: The Impaler Gets Another Tried And Trusted Chum To Join Her Private Army.

TCC CEO Adele Young recently ensconced one Mike Chiodo as the acting Director of Infrastructure and Operations.

Michael Chiodo

Michael Chiodo

She has nattered on about the you beaut appointment: Mr Chiodo’s most recent role was Chief Executive of the Department of Local Government, Community Services and the Office of Aboriginal Affairs for the Northern Territory Government.  In this role, Mike was responsible for infrastructure provision, organisational reform and service delivery across urban, regional and remote communities.

Mike was also the General Manager of Infrastructure in the Northern Territory with responsibility for the delivery of all Capital Works, Repairs and Maintenance and Major Projects across the Territory.

Seems mystery surrounds his departure from the territory.

Chiodo NT News

What Adele Young didn’t tell you was how ‘Mike’ managed to get a job in her old bailiwick in Darwin in the first place … but the Sydney Morning Herald did when doing a report on the questionable shenanigans of one Michael Hancock. Seems Mr Chiodo is BFF with Mr H, and made a lucrative quid out of his friendship. Here’s the flavour.


There can be little doubt that The Impaler knew Mr Chiodo from her somewhat chequered Darwin days (when she was outed as a public liar, telling fibs on the ABC radio). Nice to know that the Townsville City Council’s top bureaucrat has such extensive contacts to be able to recruit the crème de la crème of to run our city.

Hinchinbrook Hi-Jinx But Reported From Afar

Port Hinchinbrook Resort

Port Hinchinbrook Resort

One of things The ‘Pie has constantly wondered about is the Townsville Bulletin ‘s failure to report just about anything substantial about the beleaguered Port Hinchinbrook Resort and the long and twisting road … and the twisters travelling thereon – to promised recovery . It is in their readership area, and quite a few Townsville people invested there, but they refuse to look beneath surface and just run highly biased stories of the ‘she’ll be right, mate’ nature.

It has been left to the Courier Mail, about 2000kms south of Cardwell, and a Melbourne writer in The Australian, to make the running on this story that affects us here in the ‘Ville.

Craig Gore

Craig Gore

The Courier’s Anthony Marx has been keeping tabs on the deplorable Craig Gore, and in fact, his report of the this unconscionable grub trashing the resort restaurant tipped off authorities to nab him as he tried to leave the country.

Now, Marx has scooped the Bulletin (admittedly not difficult but c’mon, really ….) with his story on Friday that there are now serious doubts about the ambitious plans for a $450million makeover of the resort. Marx reports: “A wind-up application against the developer, The Passage Holdings , has been lodged in the Supreme Court in Brisbane . The applicants are local residents who earlier this year won a legal battle against Passage and were awarded $55,000 in costs. They later served a statutory demand on the company in May. Passage, which has been ordered to pay $121000 in legal costs in a separate case, is also being chased for $350,000 in another matter that it is fighting.’

This is the crowd who had (until recently, but no longer, they unconvincingly say) employed Craig Gore as a consultant on the Hinchinbrook project.

Then in the Weekend Australian, further real investigative journalism (look it up, Bogan) came to the fore when business reporter Ben Butler revealed the extent of looming train wreck facing the Yasi-devastated resort, under apt headline: Passage to nowhere: Craig Gore intrigue grows.

So if you read this in the Bulletin today or henceforth, you’ll know where it came from, and will be in keeping with the Bulletin ‘s modus operandi of yesterday’s news tomorrow, from someone and somewhere else. Makes a joke of their back-to- front slogan, All The News, Half The Price.

But Our Old Chum Bazza Taylor Is In There, Too

In case you didn’t go through the story in detail, here’s something we wouldn’t want you to miss. We previously reported that The Passage Holdings had retained Emanate, legal foghorn Barry Taylor’s outfit. But The ‘Pie had a chortle when he saw that the solicitor in charge of this lucrative little earner. The story reports:

‘Passage’s new lawyers, Emanate Legal, were also unwilling to answer The Weekend Australian’s questions. “We’ve got no comment on anything,” Emanate partner Venesa Gleeson said. “There’s nobody from Passage that is prepared to make a comment for an article that is to be published in The Australian or by News Corp.”

She’s going to be a busy gal, also being charged with doing over The Magpie for alleged defamation of Rabieh Krayem. Bazza will be busy, too, looking over her shoulder, since more than one local businessman has suggested that as a solicitor, Vanesa Gleeson would make a good hairdresser.

Expect reports on botgh matters in hubby’s dying Sunday Mail … but only if she wins, of course.

Mayor Mullet The Battery Hen: All Squawk But No Egg

The mayor’s touting of a lithium battery factory for Townsville sounds like a great idea, and there are those of the ‘Good on ya, Jen, you’re havin’ a go’ school of banjo backing who actually believe that 7000 jobs – seven bloody thousand, c’mon – will land in our beleaguered laps. That would be absolutely great, and a massive boost for our sagging spirits. So it is doubly cruel and doubly duplicitous because the likelihood of it happening is very long odds … around 7000 to 1 at the moment. And the mayor knows it, and if by chance she doesn’t, she should have, before she opened her politically driven cake-hole. Once again, we are being set up to be disappointed.

magpie peering copy

The Magpie bangs on about the lack of background investigation by the Bulletin, so he thought it fair if he and his crew (plenty of smart people on board around here) had a look at this proposal. To kick it off, nine days ago, The ‘Pie sent the following email to Townsville Council CEO, copied to the council’s legal doo dah. The mayor was also invited to reply.

Dear Ms Young,

I have some questions regarding the proposed battery factory and the council’s possible involvement on a commercial level. These queries are based o he belief that the mayor would not have made such an announcement had the council not satisfied itself with the answers to the following questions. Clearly, Commercial in Confidence cannot be argued, given the scope of the announcement so far. Personally, I would love to see this venture succeed, but there are certain gaps in the information of which the ratepayers – the ultimate shareholders – have not been advised.  Questions are pretty straightforward, there no no ‘trick’ questions here. :

The Council reportedly entered into an Exclusive MOU with a consortium led by Boston Energy to develop a battery factory in Townsville. 

  1. Was the Council approached by the Consortium, if so when, or was the Consortium approached by Council, if so when? Who in Council was first involved?


  1. Did the Consortium submit an unsolicited proposal to Council seeking an exclusive arrangement? Or, was the exclusive arrangement proposed by Council?


  1. What is the ‘exclusive’ arrangement actually in relation to? What are the terms of the MOU? Will Council release the MOU for public scrutiny?


  1. Are other potential battery manufacturers or competitor project proponents not able to invest in Townsville as a result of this exclusive MOU?


Council has determined to provide land in exchange for project equity


  1. How has the value of land been determined?


  1. How has the project equity value been determined? What proportion of equity will Council receive in exchange for the land?


  1. Into what legal entity is the land ownership to be vested? That is, who will own the land once it is “exchanged”?


  1. What is the nature of the equity that Council seeks / proposes, and in what legal entity is this equity in? That is, what kind of securities and in what kind of overall legal structure will council gain in return for the provision of land?


  1. Provision of land as equity is tantamount to an investment decision. Has Council seen an investment proposal and conducted its own independent assessment and Due Diligence of the proposed investment prior to deciding to inject equity by way of an exchange of land? 


  1. As lithium battery manufacturing is quite a specialized sector, what expertise has a Council drawn upon to conclude that the proponent’s project is sufficiently viable for Council to invest public/community equity?


  1. Will Council have rights to Board representation in the project vehicle in which it will have equity?


  1. What happens to the TCC equity should the venture not proceed or should it fail?

Is TCC liable for any other out of the ordinary concessions, contributions and such like as part of the MOU? Are there rates holidays, infrastructure charge discounts or deferrals etc.?

On the face of it so far, the council as an equity holder and also a key land use regulator,  could be faced with conflicts of interest.


  1. Should there be an alternate competing project emerge for development in Townsville, which could materially and adversely impact the value of Council’s equity in the Boston Energy-led Consortium project, how can the new entrant be confident that they will not experience delays in approvals from Council?


  1. Under the terms of the exclusive MOU are other similar or competing proposals forbidden from being provided with land-for-equity from Council?


Employment Claims – claims have been made that the project could create 1,000 direct jobs and up to 5,000 downstream jobs.


  1. Is there any economic modelling or assessment that demonstrates these employment impacts? Will the Council release the economic modelling that delivered these estimates? 


  1. Employment impacts have been based on claims made by the Consortium. Has Council independently evaluated the veracity of these claims? If so, who undertook this assessment? Will Council make this assessment public?


The mayor may also wish to respond.


Yours Sincerely,

Malcolm Weatherup 

aka The Townsville Magpie

So far, no answer to a reasonably-asked series of questions from a Townsville citizen.

But nevertheless, we beaked around concerning the viability of proposal anyway, outside the question of any liability for the ratepayers.

Now, this is not everybody’s idea of Sunday morning fun, ploughing through a lot of po-faced information, so The ‘Pie will offer these links – this one, and this one,  and most interestingly, this statement to the stock exchange from the company Magnis of which Mayor Mullet is so enamored. voluntarily suspending trading in its shares (see Summary). To summarise, it all indicates that the Chinese are poised to swamp the globe with lithium batteries (remember their wage structure is VERY different to ours) , and have therefore pulled a bit of a financial swifty with Tanzania, crucial to such as operation the premier miner of graphite, the essential ingredient for mass produced lithium batteries. The Chinese appear to have put themselves in a position to manipulate the price of graphite.


And if that isn’t investigation enough for you, here’s a further matter to ponder, a chart of the share price of the company with whom Mayor Mullet is wanting a share of on our behalf.

Screen shot 2017-07-15 at 11.26.20 PM

It speaks for itself … unlike mMayor Mullet or Adele Young.

A Gallic Guffaw From Behind The Hand

Donald Trump is undoubtedly a vengeful God’s gift to the pisstakers of this world.

And that would include French President and granny fancier, M. Macron, who is to suave subtlety what Trump is to custard pies in the face.

It can be no accident that a during his brief trip this week to Paris for Bastille Day celebrations, Trump was treated to a spit and polish military band playing a medley of tunes by one of France’s most popular duos, who just happened to be called Daft Punk. Not that The Twittler got the joke, it is clear it went over his clueless daft head, while the French Prez and the local dignitaries clapped and swayed along to the joke.

This was a great ‘gotcha’ following Trump’s boorish ego trip a week before at the G20 meeting , where he effectively split the US off from the rest of the world over the Paris Climate Change accord. That was joy for cartoonists, one allocating him the ‘naughty corner’.

G20 cartoon

But it was the naïve Donald Jr that may have set Dad on course for an early exit from the White House., which, as Willy Shakespeare said, is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Don Jr is the git that just keeps on giving, seeping driplets of damaging information about Russian involvement in nobbling the US election in Trump’s favour.

The New Yorker sees it as a family disciplinary matter.


But the wide-eyed young Don gazes about him, wondering everyone is so excited and what the shit storm is all about. And shit storm is literally how the wonderful Steve Bell saw it in the Guardian..

Steve Bell shitstorm

But one of the big problem for those who choose to laugh instead of cry at this mentally disturbed egomaniac is that he is way ahead of them in absurdity.

This week, several reputable news outlets reported that he returned to the matter of the promised wall along the Mexican border.

Wall near Tijuana

In what must rank as one of his bizarre efforts, he said the such a wall could not be built with bricks or concrete, it had to be ‘transparent’.

This is the tweet that spelt out a danger no one else had considered.

One of the things with the wall is you need transparency … As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don’t see them – they hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It’s over. As cray [sic] as that sounds, you need transparency through that wall.

– Donald Trump

And he is still the bloke with his finger on the red button. Sleep well, folks.


Talk About Double Standards

Back on the home front, the Astonisher is getting itself into a bit of a pickle, unsure who to back for what. Today, they caught up The Magpie when they ran this silly headline and squeaking story.

Screen shot 2017-07-15 at 9.27.16 AM

Neither do any of News Corpse directors live here either, mate, yet you fancifully think you hold the fate of the city in your hands (gawd help us!)

Earlier this week, QAL board member Jonathan van Rooyen told the Bulletin he was concerned using taxpayer funds for Adani’s coal mine and rail project could hurt other coal regions in Australia, specifically Newcastle. Newcastle, where incidentally, his company also owns the airport.

… but on the other hand, van Rooyen thinks its AOK to slug passengers using Townsville Airport a ticket tax to fund a QAL benefit in the form of an airport upgrade which will do little else except add to the company’s bottom line. What a slime! This is one of the people putative airport boss and TEL chairman Kevin ‘Rhymes With’ Gill answers to.

And Mayor Mullet joins the two faced club. She told the Astonisher: “Anyone on a company board has a responsibility to support decisions that are in the best interests of the company,” Cr Hill said.

So you actually agree with the Qantas board, who believe they shouldn’t be robbed by the white shoe tactics of QAL and their sideline urgers like you, m’dear, eh?

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  1. Footy fan says:

    Does it get any more cringe worthy than the front page “Townsville is jostling with Brisbane” beat-up in Saturday’s Bully, pitting Townsville’s proposed new Cowboys stadium against Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park) for the right to erect a statue of the best footballer ever to lace on boots – Johnathan Thurston.
    They stopped short of calling for Mayor Mullet to engage in a cage fight with Brisbane Mayor, Graham Quirk, to settle the dispute, but forgot to mention the ideal and logical solution: a statue of JT in his Origin outfit in Brisbane, and another of the great man in his Cowboys gear in Townsville. After all the Cowboys grand final was won in Sydney, not Brisbane.
    Cowboys football manager Peter Parr appears to suggest this in the Bully story – buried in the final two paragraphs.
    A legitimate newspaper would have gone with Parr’s idea – one in each city as above, but then that wouldn’t whip up controversy, would it.
    Does the editor actually believe treating readers like morons sells newspapers?

  2. Mike Douglas says:

    Seems The Magpie is having an impact on Walker st with no more insensitive or immature posts from Adele the impailer on twitter like “the upsides of hiring in a city with high unemployment”and the FIFO Procurement head with adverts Astonisher, Courier,Australian for Chief Procurement Officer TCC.There are plenty more issues at TCC with delays on basic approvals and Councillors not responding to their constituents.Is this because the impailer and Mullet seem to be such control freaks and Councillors” puppets on Jenny’s string”?.TCC Councillors need to grow some backbone as they know and hear the issues at TCC and inaction is a reflection that they are complicit to the outcomes.

    • Old Hack says:

      Well said, Mike, but the councillors are probably too stupid to realise they will all be held to account when the wheels inevitably fall off the TCC gravy train.

  3. Cantankerous but happy says:

    If the astonisher wants to know why it’s numbers are falling it should take a snapshot of its online page, the same shit over and over again. A story about Clive Palmers money and where it’s gone, no one gives a shit anymore, a story about flights from Singapore and Auckland, yawn, been hearing the same shit for years, a story about the bio fuel industry in Ingham, a nothing story about the board make up of QAL, with no actual outcome, a story about coal and a really nauseating opinion piece full of drivel and shit that I am really struggling to comprehend, what a pathetic joke.

    • The Magpie says:

      Aww, c’mon, where’syour sense of humour? Best laugh of the week was the opening line of the faux airport story quote: ‘They hold the fate of Townsville Airport in their hands, but none of Queensland Airports Ltd board members live in Townsville.”

      HAHAHAHAHA … neither do any News Ltd board members live in Townsville, but they still try to direct the fate of Townsville.


      • Lord Howard Hertz says:

        This is even scarier … they claim to hold the city’s fate in their hands … and they DO live in Townsville.

        Be afraid.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        If you want to keep the laughs going Pie have a read of the opinion piece in the NT news by Jill Poulsen. Channel nine are closing the only commercial news service in Darwin and will present from Brisbane, ( those bastards) some job losses etc, but not to worry good old news corpse will always be there, then she drivels shit about the proposed media law changes and how news corp supports the changes, as the song says, never let a change go by.

    • Old Hack says:

      Too true, Cranky. With the Astonisher’s most talented journalists having either resigned or been sacked, the remainder remind me of the final scene from Monty Python’s ‘Life Of Brian’.
      There they hang in a row, crucified and singing with one voice: “Always look on the bright side……..”.

  4. SPQR says:

    Terrific edition. Why does it seem that there is more jiggery pokery than ever before?
    Or is it just a function of getting long in the tooth, i.e. It gets easier to see through all the crap!

    • The Magpie says:

      While there is a lot more crap around, it is because they could get away with it, but now social media is keeping them to account as best they can. The Magpie is doing his bit, with a lot of help from well-informed friends. For which he is sincerely grateful.

  5. Colin Foley says:

    Should that be crème de la crime?

    • The Magpie says:

      Hahaha …. and with the influx of the Impaler’s henchmen and women, doesn’t that make us all RATpayers?

  6. Regular reader says:

    I see the embarrassing front page yarn about Townsville “jostling” with Brisbane to build a statue of JT has been removed from the Astonisher’s online edition. First time that I can recall that a Saturday front page lead has disappeared before Monday.
    The editor must monitor this blog very closely.
    Wonder what we’ll get on Monday morning.
    No prizes for guessing: “Compromise on JT statue – a Cowboys one in Townsville and an Origin version in Brisbane”?

  7. The Magpie says:

    Well, hello there, someone been reading The Magpie?

    • Scientician79 says:

      And apparently it takes longer to find a new Procurement Officer than it does a CFO and Deputy CFO.

      Can’t wait to see what stooges they appoint to those positions after advertising for just a week.

  8. The Gnome from Nome says:

    Well ‘Pie, the adv for the CPO certainly receives a Grade A for jargonistic bullshit eg. “… the CPO will drive value add through strategic sourcing, stakeholder collaboration, supplier partnerships and management, and process streamlining to deliver effective services.”

  9. Soccer blocker says:

    Didn’t take long for Rabieh Krayem to start throwing his weight around (just joking) after leaving the hapless Fury.
    Yes, the Rabstar is plotting to sack the entire Football Federation Australia board and presumably replace them with himself and other disgruntled try-hards.
    Talk about tilting at windmills.

  10. Sandgroper says:

    Excuse the avian reference, ‘Pie, but recent events in Townsville provide convincing proof of the old adage that “birds of a feather flock together.”
    In this case, it’s a flock of vultures gathering to feast on the entrails of a dying city.

  11. Critical says:

    Out of curiosity just looking at TCC job position description and see that they still have 1700 staff. Either they don’t know how many staff are left or don’t have the guts to let the community know how many are still there. Also heard that the involuntary redundancies are to come, this time it’s the one’s who didn’t get a job in the new structure.

  12. Just sayin' says:

    I was in Cairns recently and I was just staggered at how vibrant the City seemed to be. People everywhere in the CBD, events happening, infrastructure on the way including an upgrade for cruise ships. It seemed that it was all happening.
    Got talking to a couple of locals who gave all the credit to their Mayor (Bob Manning). They reckon they have a really good council this time round.
    I told them that obviously all the talent had drifted north because our Mayor and councilors were too busy building a labor party sheltered workshop to worry about building the city.
    I am just so disappointed to see Townsville going down the gurgler because we were so stupid when we voted. We just weren’t smart enough to recognise what a vindictive, self centered, mean minded bogan our mayor really was. I am sure that he last council and CEO made her look more intelligent than she really is.
    Good luck to Cairns, they show us what good local government can achieve. I hope there is a Bob Manning in the wings for Townsville.

    • Critical says:

      Let’s admit it Cairns is moving ahead under thier council. New aquarium about to.open; new Cairns Performing Arts Centre being built; consultations being held on the redevelopment of the Arts Hub and Precinct; Council spending more money on the Tanks Arts Centre; record crowds attending the recently reopened and refurbished Cairns Museum; the Munro Parklands and ampitheatre being used for performances by international and national artists; building either started or about to start on five new high rise 5 star hotel complexes and I read in todays Cairns Post that a $170 million expansion and refurbishment of the Cairns Convention Centre is to start in April 2018. This information from the Cairns Post and friends who live there. Meanwhile in downtown Boganville what’s happening ? Perhaps the council can provide us with concrete evidence of things that are actually happening now not visions of grandiour that will never happen while I am on planet Earth or that they are inevitablely waiting for a government handout for.

      • The Magpie says:

        Why, you whining ingrate!!! You choose to completely ignore the $5million ‘upgrade’ of our glorious convention/entertainment center! It could become NQ’s premier tourist attraction, if we can just get the Guiness Book Of Records to recognise it as the world’s most expensive Bandaid.

  13. Alacan says:

    Magpie doing a terrific job in exposing the shambles that administration of our once great city has become.

    The state of our footpaths, the parks and gardens, our vibrancy and security all perilously undermined in a seemingly manically frenzied attack .. and for what.

    It can only be hoped that business as usual imperatives such as play ground safety inspection and maintenance , programmed maintenance of our tree real estate, footpath inspections are being maintained.. actually I just wounder what a foi request would show on Inspection records around play equipment and the three level of inspections that should be occurring?

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Things are going well at our city dumps since the Mullet got rid of the vouchers, made green waste free and lumped a charge on all other rubbish going to the landfill.

    As I suggested people are now secretly dumping all sorts of things in the green waste sites. The mulcher at the Hervey Range dump has been damaged by illegal waste and shut down twice in the last couple of weeks. On the first occasion a childrens swing set ended up in the mulcher.

    It’s now become a daily occurrence for staff to take an end loader and a tipper to the greenwaste site to sift through the greenwaste and remove the illegal rubbish before it does any more damage to the mulcher.

    As for illegal dumping a bed and a lounge chair were dumped in the carpark of Bunnings at Fairfield Waters on Friday night. To my knowledge it’s never happed there before but clearly a sign of things to come. Well done Mullet.

    • Critical says:

      It’s going to be interesting to.see what rubbish gets put out onto the footpath if the free footpath garbage collection ever happens before the cyclone season.

    • Ando says:

      This is not new.
      People have always dumped other crap in green waste sites. 15 years ago I was supplying equipment to the local mulcher operator. The ferrous metal items weren’t the biggest problem as the magnet picked them up; it was the concrete blocks etc that screwed the hammer mills.
      I live out on the North side of town; even when the dump was free (remember that) the bush out this way was littered with loads of crap that lazy f**kheads couldn’t take to the dump.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    On another matter at a recent function Cr Maurie Soars in conversation complained that all council decisions are made before they come to council.

    Does this man and the rest of the fools not understand that they have the power to change any decision put before them. It’s very simple vote against the decision and request the matter be reviewed. However the first thing that needs to happen is they all need to grow a back bone.

    I can’t believe this man was silly enough to admit in a public forum that this is going on. Hang on no I’m not. I’m amazed these councillors are even prepared to show their faces in public.

    • Igor says:

      Get some sworn statements from people at that function. They will come in handy when the inevitable inquiry is launched into this council’s activities.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yet another Jenny Hill over-reach – in the iron-fisted Mooney days, Labor councillors went behind closed doors before meetings to ‘caucus’ the issues of the day … and by all reports, there were some ‘robust’ arguments, but at the end of it all, whatever was decided was adhered to, and there was a veneer of solidarity. At least Mooney had the stature and respect to allow debate and even sometime not win the day. Here, jenny is in a whole new realm. Igor’s idea of statements is a good one, if only as a stark reminder to voters of what a spineless mob of trough snufflers we’ve got.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      There were some, that before and during the last council election tried to point out the shortcomings of the Mayor and her candidates, now councillors, in relation to matters local and together with the likes of the ‘Pie, attempted to warn of the consequences of relying on those shortcomings. It is not surprising that Cairns is getting far better bang for the council buck than we are – so is Cloncurry if we can go by the TV commercials for their anniversary in June,

    • Dave Nth says:

      Paul Jacob is another one that comes to mind with no spine. His well known anti developer stance has been fairly muted since sitting on Council. Am trying to work out whether this is a case of the analogy of the dog actually catching the car or another little piggy getting his snout in a lucrative trough and not wanting to upset the cart. Either way a lot of us out on the Northern Beaches have taken notice and less than impressed with his performance so far…

    • The Rolling Eye says:

      Apparently Mr Soars was a last-minute ring in. A long time football chum of Mullets husband and an assured candidate to ‘put up and shut up’.

  16. Buttered Parsnip says:

    Shane Fitzgerald the sacked Director of gallery services has a remarkable exhibition of photography on at Umbrella Gallery. The man is clearly seriously clever. The official opening is on Friday night, and it is sure to be well attended by our friends at TCC. Not.
    Prior to sacking Shane had some terrific initiatives in the pipeline. I’m told that one in particular Mayor Jenny ridiculed – but now he is gone she is championing the same as her own initiative. This is deeply unethical and ungracious. A low act to be sure.

    • Just Another Victim says:

      How very true Parsnip. Let’s not forget the despicable actions of the JJ’s in all this. I don’t know how many times i’ve sat there in team meetings listening to the ramblings of Jeff Jimmieson telling us not much at all, unable to answer very real questions whilst professing he feels like a fraud, yet despite this he’s quite happy to shirt up for the mullet and act like a fraud particularly in relation to that which you point out. The other JJ, Judith Jensen, is no better and i’m still appalled at her lack of compassion and complete lack of empathy when she told us when staff where upset at the CEO’s redundancies and restructure plans that to not get emotional because “its not an emotional decision its a scientific one”. Really Judith!!!!

  17. Michelle Jagger says:

    I’ve heard from/through a very reliable source that Jenny and her Jesters have a meeting before their monthly Council meeting in which she tells them how (she expects them) to vote – before they’re exposed to the public. No doubt, you’d know all about that sort of thing, but in my ignorance and naivety, I was appalled and gobsmacked. What’s the good of even having Councillors, and they’re paid as well – for what? Doing as they’re told? Shite!!

    • Critical says:

      I’m told from reliable sources that pre-meetings are held before not just the council meeting but also the standing committee meetings where everyone is told how they will vote and the main standing committe and council meetings just become a public relations meet the legislation rubber stamp affair. Wonder who else besides the councillors attends these pre-meeting meetings.

    • WTF Jenny says:

      You’re quite right Michelle. Fitzgerald had been working on this ‘underwater art’ thing for quite some time recognising its potential to transform this city and create a unique selling point over Cairns particularly in tourism. He’d personally secured the interest and commitment of the world renowned Jason deCaires Taylor (look him up – truly amazing stuff) nearly 2 years ago now. Good Ol sock poppit O’Callaghan was so enamoured with the project she pitched it as her own to Mayor Mullet whom had a hissy fit as it wasn’t her idea and accused the former gallery director of being unprofessional by not asking for her royal highness’ approval to have ‘ideas’ before brutally shutting it down.

      Fast forward just a bit over a year and the most visionary cultural professional this city has seen (don’t believe me look up his achievements for this city) is turfed out by the Mullet and the Impaler and out comes Mayor Mullet with ‘a great idea’ spruicking it throughout the community and low and behold here’s Jason deCaires Taylor in town, special guest speaker at the Bully breakfast and the naysayers now visionaries are singing the benefits that this project will have for the city…. yes utterly disgusting and abhorrent!

      • Buttered Parsnip says:

        FFS this is worse than I thought!

        Lower than a snake’s duodenum. – as Tammie Fraser would have said.

        You see MM, when you use someone’s idea, words or whatever, you give credit. It’s not hard. But it is polite, ethical and proper.

      • Hurtle Duffield says:

        I found the twin articles today on Fitzgerald’s exhibition, and note the very measured responses he utters. No slander of council, no snark, very big of him, I thought, after all is said and done, and done to him. The paper was clearly after some bile, but professionalism endured even though fitzgerald is no longer in a position where he needs to hold back. Props to you, fella.

  18. GoTCC Fan says:

    GoTCC Fandom Theories

    In the Queendom, the Mother of Seagulls (FI poop on subjects and slaves then FO) is currently looking for three new disciples – gatekeepers of the subject’s public treasury.

    I was SEEKing the web and located the following adverts…

    (1) Deputy Chief Financial Officer (readvertised ?) and (2) Chief Procurement Officer (Chief Buyer and Spender) whom it appears both report to the (3) Chief Financial Officer. What this seems is that treasury gatekeepers are being replaced – perhaps so that more FIFO seagulls who will not question MOS ‘leadership’ style or seemingly unusual decision making methodology (it’s worked somewhere else – it’ll work here-if it doesn’t –not my responsibility-the bloke before me did it!). One wonders who the NOUSe and ALP have lined up for these roles and what the $pend was for advertising and actual recruitment to appear to have made transparent and fair selections!

    I understand that the MOS has suggested to female slaves to ‘fake it to you make it’ ….. this being the case ……one wonders if the Queendom on the lookout for some fakers?

    I have tried to research the leadership methodology that favours meeting terms such as ‘not-negotiable’, ‘soft c%^ks’ and ‘dumb c#*ts’. I did however find some similar terms in an interesting read “Strategies for Surviving Bullying at Work”. Perhaps MOS thought this book was a ‘How to Bully’ guideline? One wonders if this is the leadership style that will be cascaded down so that slaves bully the Queendom’s subjects into accepting lower standards of service and products. Already the pen-pusher slaves are enjoying late nights to meet non-negotiable deadlines set by the MOS – regardless if these are realistic and viable?

    Where are the unions/ALP now – are they standing up for the slaves/comrades or are they too scared of being pooped on??

    One wonders what is in it for the MOS to treat slaves this way? Is there $$$ attached to meeting deadlines? Is it ego tripping? Or is it just the new culture of ‘fear’? MOS and her cohort of FIFO advisors surely must realise that everyone is replaceable? Such a shame that Queen Jenny and her councillors, who only want the best for the subjects, slave and Queendom, will have their names and efforts smeared with the MOS droppings once she has left the Queendom.

    One also wonders how the MOS views and refers to Queen Jenny? Respectfully? Hmmmmm!

    One views those slaves who have escaped being ‘controlled’ (as opposed to lead) by the MOS to be the most fortunate in the Queendom as never again will they be subjected to so many lies and deceit from the MOS and her disciples.

    Any employer in the Queendom should consider how loyal and important ex-slaves are as community members and neighbours who were willing to listen and participate – rather than just FIFO seagulls. Remember these slaves have skills and the intelligence to leave such a toxic environment.

    Will future episodes:
    • see Queen Jenny wake up that the Queendom is no longer under her control and she is just a pawn in the ALP/NO USe/MOS game?
    • show the Queendom’s subjects how the Queendom’s treasury has been impacted by the FIFO seagulls?
    • reveal that the Queendom Bulletin is only useful for cleaning up MOS and her disciples?

    I can hardly wait for the next update – must go watch Handmaiden Tale now – perhaps I’ll find some enlightenment there.

    • Sandgroper says:

      It’s a fascinating show to watch from afar — far more entertaining than Game of Thrones — but I’m glad not to be currently living in the Queendom being pecked to death by the MOS and her ravenous FIFO seagulls.

    • Hee-Haw says:

      I was once told that when the CEO position at TEL was being decided that the councilors (now ex for the most part) were told that the now incumbent sock puppet was the only applicant. I also know that was complete bullshit but as it was presented to council she was the best out of one.

      Coincidentally the same recruitment firm I believe as this batch of TCC recruitment campaigns.

    • Jack Flash says:

      Might Queen Jenny be playing the long game?
      Perhaps she is using the MOS (and her acolytes) to dispose of dissenters and dead wood before endearing herself to her subjects by wielding the regal sword on the FIFO flock?
      It’s probably more likely that she is just a pawn in a game that is being skilfully played nationwide by the ALP.

  19. Cowboys Fan says:

    I have just heard that Patricia O’Callaghan from TEL is on the Board of QLD Building Society and gets $50,000 for this directorship. Is this common knowledge?

    • The Magpie says:

      Dunno, but nothing intrinsically wrong with that, given the way this back-scratching world works. Whether shareholders think it is value for money is a matter for them.

      • One legged tapdancer says:

        Same as Sandra Harding serving on the Cowboys board whilst still receiving a small fortune for running JCU.
        By the way, what if anthing was done about the HCU rape cover-up scandal after she returned from her extended skiing holiday in January?
        Did any heads roll? Anyone know?

        • Spin Check says:

          Good question. The facts so far:
          The employee who raped a student was allowed to keep their job at the uni after he pleaded guilty. The uni denied knowledge that senior staff knew that was the case which was then proven false. And then the journalist who broke the story accidentally received an email from the head media guy at JCU about how the uni should spin the story to her. Finally after completely fucking it up, the uni promises a full investigation only for………..tadah, nothing to happen!!!

          Unfortunately JCU is another one of our institutions that gets a free ride from our newspaper no doubt on the back of their significant advertising spend. The journo who broke the rape story was Sydney based. JCU managent are public servants who run that uni and appear to be completely unaccountable. Its time a light was shone. Anyone at the uni reading this blog care to comment?

          Lets start with the VCs salary or the fact she no longer even lives in townsville….. how much does the uni pay for her to commute to her office in townsville from the atherton tablelands where she now lives? How many other admin staff are FIFO?

          • Critical says:

            Sandra Harding has seen the reality that Townsville is going backwards and has an office in the progressive city of Cairns at the JCU campus there. It is only a 1 hour drive from Atherton to the Cairns campus at Smithfield.

  20. Cantankerous but happy says:

    A brief check on many of the new managers at TCC would leave one to conclude they are either Labor hacks or they are taking a job well above their experience thete will never ask questions or buck decisions. The new manager of Water and Waste has no real history in the water industry, and has run some contracts in Sydney, but has zero experience in water. Interesting also I hear that apparently he has not left his job in Sydney and taken up the position full time in Townsville, another one of Jenny Hills FIFO crew? The new manager of planning comes fresh from the thriving metropolis of Tenterfield, population 6977, what the fuck were they thinking, the greatest challenge to this town is attracting development and investment, so Townsville brings in Jethro Clampett to run the planning dept.

  21. Scientician79 says:

    Isn’t this the sort of thing that happens when you don’t have enough inspectors?


    Not that the Astonisher would think to ask those sorts of questions.

  22. Critical says:

    Wonder if the grand game play is to appoint all of these FIFO and other ALP heavyweights to TCC to provide all the help needed by the useless ALP members in Townsville and Cairns to win back their seats. Note that most of them are claimed to have helped Anna Palachuck, Claire Martin in the NT and others win elections. They’ll probably be still around in 2020 for the TCC elections. Just a thought.

  23. The old peterbuilt says:

    Super stadium. Contractor friend of mine gave me a copy of the overall site plan of the new stadium. This is not an artists impression but the architects site plan showing the location of the building and roads and civil requirements. Less than 200 car parks. Hope the footy fans like public transport or a long walk. Had dinner in palmer street couple of Saturday nights back and had to drop the bride at the restaurant then park the car 3 streets back and walk back then did it in reverse after dinner. Me thinks I don’t need to go to the nrl.

    • Droopy draws says:

      Couldn’t agree more on this. I too have viewed draft site plans and have questioned parking within the precinct. Chances are we’ll have drop-down signs in suburban streets as far as the Rising Sun….

  24. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Your Friend,

    Miss Lou

  25. Vox populi says:

    Johnny Smith for Mayor !!!! Johnny Smith for Mayor!!! When do we want him??? NOW!!!

  26. Grumpy says:

    Christ…even Cairns is getting into the act. One NRL game with the rather ordinary attendance figure of 11,000 and the Cairns Post is talking up a purpose built “boutique stadium” for the city.

    What is it with colosseums?

    • Sandgroper says:

      Standard operating procedure for News Corpse publications, Grumpy. They embrace ’causes’ — usually half-arsed thought farts — because they have no constructive ideas and want to con the. community that they care.

    • Kingswood says:

      Worked with the mob in Rome…for awhile…

  27. The old peterbuilt says:

    Dear Mr Grumpy. I couldn’t agree more. But it is a generational attitude. Short sighted, short term, ill thought out sugar hit. It’s rampant in politics and the media and one of the reasons the country is fast approaching fucksville.

  28. The old peterbuilt says:

    Ps Tcc is leading the way

  29. A Reader says:

    In the Ashtonisher on Wednesday 12 July Bettina Warburton wrote about a doctor on the north shore critisising a lack of rural GPs (JCU – trained but said they were not returning to rural areas.) A pity she never asked JCU their thoughts on this (nothing like balanced reporting …)

    Then on Wednesday 13th July they publish JCU’s response under the heading “JCU hits back.” Why weren’t they asked to respond in the first instance? Why did they print an article that was completely unfounded (and unchecked) in the first instance? Nobody checked the facts.

    Pathetic journalism.

  30. Steve, North Ward says:

    Today’s profile of the fly in fly out QAL board seems much more positive than Saturday’s. Some pressure has been applied?

    • The Magpie says:

      The Magpie would be right up himself to suggest the massive back-flip was because The ‘Pie pointed out that News Corpse also does not have any directors living in Townsville …. but he isn’t so he won’t.

      • Damage Control says:

        The Bully simply have no idea. They are criticising the board of Queensland Airports Limited because they are people who – I hope you’re sitting down for this … have extensive business connections across the country at boardroom level, and – here’s the classic – because at least seven are linked to The Infrastructure Fund which owns QAL!!

        These connections are resources the City could badly do with. They should be cultivated. But no, small minded parochialism dominates the puny mindset.

  31. Damage Control says:

    I’m reliably advised that:

    TCC has still not sent Food licence renewals or dog registration out, with both due payable by 30th June. Franchise operators are concerned that the Franchisor audit requires a current food licence. TCC after numerous requests have stated that current licenced will be extended by 60 days.

    This is basic stuff. Systems, processes and resourcing must be in total turmoil.

    • The Magpie says:

      Now the chaos in council is becoming dangerous to the public, and to business confidence.
      The council has admitted there is a delay but has offered no explanation for this costly situation (dog registration renewals are in a similar position).

      • Alacan says:

        Was it also true that when rates notices were due the staff that would normally process them had left the building as part of redundancies causing delays whilst alternate resources were engaged ?

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Isn’t the whole basis of the TCC restructure to make it a more efficient, responsive and customer focussed organisation? Not off to a good start if they can’t get the basics issuing dog registrations and food permits……

        • The Magpie says:

          What next … no parking fines? Yeah right.

          But your point is valid, and there have been more than a score of emails by people frustrated by talking to frustrated people who don’t know where to send their queries. This really is HILLbilly country.

          • Dearie Me says:

            Pie if you look into it you will find that while the Nous report recommended a lean structure, that focuses of providing services to the community…which in all respects is the right thing, but what’s been delivered is far from this.
            Front line staff have been slashed mercilessly, knowledgeable management with years of experience have been removed, (alongside dead wood that should have gone). Some areas of council are now so dangerously under resourced and short on corporate knowledge that the city is quite frankly fucked if we get a cyclone or have a major infrastructure mishap. And yet, the mullet and the great white are hiring themselves a special entourage in the form of advisors, an on call Dolan Hayes, a fleet of consultants, a transformation team, a “future city” division full of wanky titles. But the front line services, those things actually delivered to the community, like water, sewerage, waste, animal control, roads, planning etc are where it’s suffering. And you haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

      • John Smith says:

        (This comment posted on Magpie’s FB page)

        Business operators should be aware and please correct me if i m wrong i believe when they are paying for a yearly permit/licence as part of the fee they should be receiving a yearly inspection of either their food licence and of their trade waste licence such as a inspection of either their grease trap or oil separator, if they are not i would be asking the question why as a yearly inspection is part of the full cost for the granted permit/licence as i wondered how can only two trade waste inspectors conduct all the inspections of licence trade waste premises and investigate complaints in one year maybe they are bi yearly permits/licences. The same i believe with animals as if you are required to obtain a permit to keep x amount of dogs/animals on your property than you pay for a permit which is for 3 years but the Council officer needs to do a inspection as part of the fee before the permit is granted yet some friends people i know in Bushland beach and surrounding areas were just given their permit by the female officer just over a year ago without that officer providing the service as part of the permit fee, i wonder would this be considered to be fraud by taking money with out providing a service?

    • Kingswood says:

      Perhaps the dog licence renewals are being processed/sent by Mumbai or China to save $ ?

      • The Magpie says:

        If both permits are being processed in India and/or china, bet they think they are BOTH food permits.

  32. Afterthought says:

    This is the inevitable result of the crude political powerplay down in Walker Street, engineered for the ultimate benefit of Labor.

    Let’s put aside the longish bow that the council could be facing a massive legal and payout bill if the unthinkable happened and there was a serious food issue involving the public from an unchecked rogue operator. Longish bow or not, the council, staff, mayor and councillors, are there to cover all possible risks to the ratepayers money.

    But let’s look at the broader issues.
    Council is $367 mil in debt and income is should be a priority to reduce interest payments for TCC.
    The Ceo is responsible and the failure on food licence and dog registration renewals income – the 2 months extra on expiry – is that a 16% drop in income due to Council inefficiencies?
    Has this happened under any other Ceo ? Or mayor?

    All this goes to heighten already serious concerns about business confidence issues, what with the highest rates in Qld, water security issues, and the widespread dismay with the handling of mass sackings from the council.

    Council that has dropped the ball with an almighty thud, and this just cannot be allowed to continue.

    Be nice if the elected and well paid councillors actually found a conscience, and refused to play Jenny’s game. But don’t expect too much from the current herd of trough snurfflers.

  33. A Reader says:

    So Larissa Waters now has to fall on her sword. She called for Scott Ludlam to repay the money he received from the government. Let’s hope she holds herself to the same standard.

  34. Doug K says:

    All this talk about Cairns getting Cowboys home games – even Mackay is now getting in on the act – is nonsense.
    Let’s imagine the scenario that Cairns and Mackay (Mt Isa will be next in the queue) were allocated Cowboys home games.
    That would mean that businesses and sponsors who paid their annual fee for their corporate boxes in Townsville would need to be refunded for two games, as there is no way they could all be catered for in Cairns or Mackay. Even if makeshift corporate boxes were constructed, who would pay for the transport and overnight accommodation to get the corporates, sponsors and their guests to Cairns and Mackay.
    Then there’s the season ticket holders, also due for refunds for two games, and what about the stadium naming rights and signage? Do you think the Cowboys would be willing to provide discounts for the lost exposure/opportunity?
    And what about the drop in crowd numbers from around 15,000 to 11,000? Who pays for the 4000 missing bums on expensive seats?
    When I was involved with the Cowboys way back before they played their first season the question was asked: Why can’t we play home games in Cairns, Mackay and Mt Isa. The answer from the then Cowboys chairman Ron McLean was: Only if someone is prepared to pay a fortune in compensation to cover the the sponsors, box owners and season ticket holders.
    Of course, in this day and age it is not unusual for a city to pay millions for the right to host a sporting event. The outrageous fee paid by our council to keep the V8 Supercars in Townsville is a good example.
    But at the end of the day it was Townsvilleans who did the hard yards and got a national rugby league team in the first place. In the very early days North Queenslanders were surveyed (in every newspaper from Weipa to Mackay and west to Mt Isa) about where the team should be based. More than 95% of respondents named Townsville so I think most of the fans based in outlying centres enjoy the trip to Townsville for a home game as a weekend away.
    I know of eight fans who travel long distances to every home game and wouldn’t want it any other way.
    In fact, they wear their loyalty like a badge of honour – and rightly so.
    So if out far northern neighbours want more NRL games they should lobby the other NRL clubs to shift more of their home games to Cairns – focusing on clubs that don’t pull more than 11,000 fans at home.
    Alternatively they could put together a group to bid for their own NRL team.

    • Ron Bairstow says:

      As you know, Doug, preparing a bid like that takes an enormous effort. This is something the people in Cairns are not prepared to do, preferring instead to present a one page wish-list and bleat that they deserve handouts because the city is an established tourist destination.
      With great input from scores of individuals and institutions, I wrote the comprehensive submission on behalf of the Pandora Foundation to have the Museum of Tropical Queensland built in Townsville. Cairns countered with a flimsy bid, then cried foul when they missed out.
      As you say , Townsvilleans are prepared to do the hard yards — then have to put up with whinging from those who want to cash in on all the work.

      • The Magpie says:

        And all The ‘Pie can say to that is … those were the days.

      • Critical says:

        Excuse me but that was yesteryear. Townsville has become the we demand government handout city of Northern Queensland by both council and some resident groups. No infrastructure gets built here unless TCC gets a government handout whereas Cairns City Council gets on with it e.g. Munro Martin Parklands, the Cairns Performing Arts Centre, refurbishment and extensions to the Cairns Museum, the purchase of the former Courthouse and redevelopment of two other buildings as the Cairns Arts Hub, the redevelopment of the Toobrok Pool to international standards and the timely purchase of land adjacent to the internationally recognized Cairns Convention Centre so that the recently announced $170 million expansion and refurbishment could happrn and start in May 2018. Don’t forget the privste and government mix of funding for building of the Cairns Aquarium which opens in a couple of months.
        These are just a few examples of progressive thinking and action being undertaken in Cairns by the council and private sector. I won’t bore you with investment by the GA group to build five new 5 star hotels and construction has already staryed on three sites. A number of similar projects are in the pipeline. No wonder why Townsville is going backwards and people are leaving.

        • The Magpie says:

          A very smart Magpie mate recently described the Bulletin as a medicant newspaper. It feeds and promotes the false sense of entitlement pervading this town.

        • Ron Bairstow says:

          You’re right to be critical, Critical. I should have written, “Townsvilleans WERE prepared to do the hard yards.”
          It seems the ‘can do’ spirit that motivated Townsville in the 1990s and early 2000s has migrated north.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      TransferAFL games would be a better alternative.

    • The Ferret says:

      The season holder and sponsor packages costs are designed around the amount of home games
      So if 1300 only has 9 home games and cairns gets 2 you will only pay for 9

  35. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Just out of interest Pie, has your email to the CEO regarding Council’s proposed land for equity deal in the battery plant been acknowledged by TCC?

  36. The old peterbuilt says:

    Rates. I’m am told by tcc people that last time around that any address that had already had its meter read , the rates were sent out two weeks early to get some money in. Ahhh the old cash flow can be so annoying.

  37. Interested Observer says:

    On Saturday the Bullsheet ran a story called “Fly in, Fly out Board” with the sub heading that the future of the airport was in the hands of out of towners.

    Clearly someone was not happy because yesterday our local rag ran a story from Victoria Nugent with the title ” Sky really is the limit ” with the subheading ” Fate of our airport in good hands with board full of business high flyers “.

    The article told us nothing other than to provide a bio of each board member. So now they’ve gone from fly in fly out losers to corporate world champions.

    This would be the mob of tossers who want us to pay for an expansion of their business, the airport, through levies on airfares.

    Hope Qantas continues to stand its ground and refuse to apply this levy. Then this gaggle of corporate high fliers can work out how to upgrade their airport without flogging the people of this city.

    Victoria Nugent should be embarrassed to have her name attached to this piece of crap. The story didn’t present any kind of conclusion and sort only to cover their arse after Saturday’s story. Rubbish journalism. Rubbish news paper.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      A factatorial. With no story or conclusion.

    • Airline says:

      One of The Board Members of QAL is a previousl Airline Manger Of Some Note (sic) Retrenched /Redundancy and Manger of Sunstate. He issued an update to Staff dress codes while Travelling No Sneakers or Jeans… 2 weeks Later he arrived in Townsville in Jeans and Sneakers

  38. The Magpie says:

    OK, so The Magpie has been known to come up with the odd scathing comment about something or someone in an effort to be amusing for his readers. But, as they say in America, he is in the Little League when it comes to serious slagging off.

    Stan Zemanik look-alike (and moral comrade) Steve Bannon could teach even Paul Keating a thing or two about word stilettos.

    Here’s how he described House speaker Paul Ryan:

    ‘A limp-dick motherfucker who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation.’

  39. Nickelodeon says:

    At the moment there are approx 40 + workers doing a shutdown or something out at Palmers Nickle op. I would think the liquidators have organised this, who after googling them is FTI consulting. NWCE is the company who is supplying these guys i believe they are a labour hire company and are notorious for using 457 visa workers, and believe me they cant speak English so i dont doubt it. Nothing like keeping work in Australia hey grrrrr

    • Scientician79 says:

      I thought Palmer had thrown FTI out of the QNI site and secured the premises with his own contractors?

  40. The Magpie says:

    Now they’re trying to alarm you into buying the Astonisher. This article appeared in today’s edition, and while it was blocked as ‘premium content (ha!)’ the word-for-word same article, photograph and caption of meaningless puffery was carried by Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, easily googled.

    So here’s the thing … can anyone honestly say that the oh-so-obvious conclusion when you marry that headline to that photograph is that Kissing Point at Jezzine Barracks Park is to be developed for housing.

    Otherwise what has it got to do with the story. Another Mumbai cock-up?

  41. The Magpie says:

    As it is said, the cost of ignorance can be high.
    It just got higher … from next week, the Townsville Bulletin goes up from $1.40 to $1.60.

  42. Depressed says:

    I would hazard a guess that the lack of dog and food renewals has probably got a lot to do with the current amount of staff exiting the building. Pity about some x staff, who’s jobs are now being advertised – after previously thought to not be needed. These were really good transparent people working for council, instead were left with a lot of snivelling suckass dickwits. And probably ALL labour voters. At a guess….

    • Scientician79 says:

      Interesting Tax implications if they are rehiring staff for positions that were made redundant….you can’t claim a tax benefit if the role is being restaffed to perform the same tasks.

      I’m sure Mayor Mullet and Impaler have that all under control though….

  43. The old peterbuilt says:

    At a buck sixty I’m out . I thought I was being generous or stupid paying a buck forty for that tripe.

    • The Magpie says:

      But does The ‘Pie detect a cunning Baldrick-like plan by the Astonisher’s southern masters? Deliberately make the paper an unattractive proposition, thus giving it reason to drop down to a three day weekday paper, and depend on an uptake of digital subscribers who will still get five day a week coverage (oh, stop laughing, you lot). You can bet they’ll argue that still being the only game in town, rates won’t come down.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Absolutely right Pie, further to this is the tracking and data of people’s preferences, but the big one is the push marketing online gives them, the Inbox will see a constant stream of offers for other news products, Foxtel, Rea, Cars guide etc, all perfectly within its scope under marketing laws. Then of course the added bonus of sacking a few more from the print business, always makes them feel good.

  44. Gull says:

    From one old bird to the wise one , does anyone buy the paper now anyway? Apart from coffee shops

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie keeps a beady eye on the stacks at his local newsy, and there is a very noticeable number more of the Astonisher left, with the Courier going like hot cakes (the way of the future). Indeed on occasions, the Bully stack will be there with both Oz and Courier sold out ether side. And the staff confirm that Bulletin sales have goner way off. AND YET THEY WHACK IT UP TO $1.60! Go figure, as the low-rent Yank imitators say.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Not sure how many, but some of us still get it delivered. I actually enjoy reading it over breakfast – good start to the day. Once it becomes just 3 a days a week publication I shall most likely suffer withdrawal symptoms. At my age I much prefer to read hard copy than look at a screen so I haven’t opted for the online version yet. Guess ultimately I will have to subscribe but not looking forward to that day.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        I mentioned to my chief finance officer (she who is to be obeyed) that maybe we should go on line .
        I arrived home that day to find that the paper was cancelled and a brand new tablet thingy was on the way.
        This minuscule reading device eventually arrived and I have barely been able to read the news since.
        I miss the ink and smell of newly minted news. ( even if bullshit is printed).
        Since going on line I have found numerous free sites that dish up the same news.
        No real conclusion this end at the moment to your post but I am betting on a 3 day print is on the horizon.
        Vale printed papers :(

  45. Gull says:

    Three days a week? Or an eight page liftout in a glorified Qld Courier Mail and sunday mail, with a Townsville front and back page perhaps?

  46. Dutch Reverend says:

    So the Astonisher can report on Aurizon laying off workers in Rockhampton but very little to no headlines on the job cuts and the manner they have been executed by TCC. WEAK AS PISS !! Many many years ago you would use the newspaper to wipe your arse. The Astonisher doesn’t even rate as suitable for that purpose.

  47. Former regular reader says:

    Here’s more evidence that the Astonisher is about to disappear into the abyss.
    1. No more Monday sports liftout. Don’t know how long it’s been gone but noticed it had been dropped this week.
    2. Staff about to move from their spacious offices to what they are describing as “a shoebox” elsewhere in the CBD (they’re not game to upset Mayor Mullett and Lord Lancini by moving to to suburbs, where everything really happens)
    3. Deals done with Mayor Mullet and Qld Govt to only print positive stories (what does the Astonisher get in return?)
    4. Not enough advertising to warrant publishing a paper – even the rubbish they expect us to buy now, before the price rise.
    Now if they only had a half decent website there might be hope, but it is an even bigger joke than the print edition.
    In the words of John Lennon “sad days indeed”

  48. The old peterbuilt says:

    wtf Jenny was having a good old winge about the jj,s and probably with good reason. It was revealed at the bar of the dally yesterday that Jeff jemieson has his wife as well as his son working there. It pays to be buddies with the mullet. Another interesting tit bit was that alledgally the impaler had been trying to get the auditors to report directly to her but they refused saying under the local gov act they must report to the councillors, not that it would make any difference. Those soft cocks do what they are told.

    • The Magpie says:

      Jimmison’s missus was working at the council before he was, and she is blameless in this, but he got the job for running as a stalking horse mayoral candidate, splitting the opposition to the Mullet and ensuring her win … he denies it of course, so thatmakes Jenny a forgiving angel, getting him onto the council pronto after her win. Didn’t know about the son, and usually, The ‘Pie is careful to leave family out of it, but this sort of nepotismic political situation is of community concern, given all the other ‘loyalty stacking’ going on.

  49. Long suffering ratepayer says:

    On tv last night councillor Paul Jacobs was beating his chest about the city’s beaut new rubbish recycling centre. He’s at it again in today’s Astonisher.
    This “best practice” system is being provided by a company called Re Group, which is based in Sydney.
    Wonder how much we ratepayers are paying this Sydney outfit to recycle our waste.
    Can Mr Jacobs please enlighten us, and also confirm that this outsourcing was put out to public tender?

    • The Magpie says:

      RE Group does have a connection with Townsville … its operations manager is Stuart Garbutt. That’s good enough to get them the gig, surely.

    • The Magpie says:

      Let’s have a bit of balance in here, Some tasks, like this recycling, require technology, experience and expertise (not to mention capital for the initial investment) that does not exist locally. It is the same across the nation and nothing wrong with that if we look at the broader picture. The ‘Pie mentions this because he is a bit concerned that because of the nature of this blog, so many negatives are brought to light. This isn’t one of them … and the problem of Paul Angry Ant Jacob, who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Re decision … will solve itself at the next election.

      • Scott says:

        It would seem seem fractions may be beyond the Cr Jacob’s abilities. From the recycling story “For a cost of $25 residents can obtain a 360 litre bin, which is a third bigger than the current 240 litre recycling bin,” he said.
        A 360 litre bin is one half (50%) larger than a 240 litre bin. If it were a third bigger it would be 320 litres. If his comparison had been made in the other direction his 1/3 statement would be correct- 240 litres is one third smaller than 360.
        And these people spend our rates (sadly).

        • The Magpie says:

          There’s obviously a job waiting for him as an Astonisher maths sub.

        • Ewee Jones says:

          Is that you Scott Stewart? You were a Maths teacher once – then you imploded on you’re self importance as an administrator and hasn’t the political gig been a hoot – FAILURE!

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie very much doubts that Scott Stewart graces us with his presence … and he’d hard;y be attacking one of The Mullet’s own.

          • Scott says:

            I think you may need a mirror and a map

        • Rusty Nail says:

          Where do I find the “Like” button and/or the smiley face. Love your work Scott.

    • Ewee Jones says:

      How did that spud get a TV gig???

  50. The Magpie says:

    Nothing like playing catch-up, eh, Bogan?

    • Grumpy says:

      Suspended from trading – share price halved in 6 months – chairman who looks like a Russian mafia boss.

      Go you good thing!

  51. The Magpie says:

    This is an example of under resourced journalism. The entire story is based on an estimate of project likelihood by a firm whose senior economist confirms that the changed “status” is based solely on Adani’s own say-so and how that made our economist “feel” about the project’s prospect. 

    The pivotal background from the story:
    “A major projects report by BIS Oxford Economics released earlier this year listed all of the projects as unfunded and “unlikely” to proceed.
    But one of its authors, senior economist Adrian Hart, who will address an industry forum in Townsville today, told the Bulletin “positive” announcements by Adani had led them to upgrade the projects’ status to “credibly proposed”. It meant that while the projects remained listed as unfunded, BIS Oxford Economics were more confident they would proceed.
    “It’s really based on the range of announcements that have been made … which have made us feel they are more likely to proceed,” Mr Hart said.
    “(Adani) are sounding a lot more positive about development of the projects but at the end of the day funding is still a critical issue.”

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      Just another mug punter having a bob each way. Typical bloody economist!

      • Grumpy says:

        and that guy looks like a dodgy used Mahindra salesman…

        Jesus, Raggat, you’re on bloody fire today!

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        An economist is someone who’s pretty good with numbers but who doesn’t have the personality to be an accountant.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Exactly, and the bob each way will be someone else’s money, these worthless economists don’t have any of their own to invest,

        • Ewee Jones says:

          Neither do you Tanker you worthless whinger! Got anything positive to ‘say’ about anything???

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            You may be surprised Ewee, managed to put a few bucks into a couple of ventures over the years, nothing as grand as a high powered executive like yourself of course, but we have had a couple of little wins.

          • Simon DeLarge says:

            Christ, another blow-in, wet-behind-the-ears wanker.

            Crankypants has been here for some time now. He has made insightful and intelligent contributions to this blog. He is obviously a senior player in the local business community.

            Whereas you, you tosser, have contributed nothing but poorly written dribble and unfunny crude attempts at schoolboy humour.

            So, on behalf of the thinking majority here, – fuck off

          • Sandgroper says:

            Please allow me to second that motion, Simon. Cranky is one of our more erudite comnentators while Peewee is just another idiot named Jones ( probably related to Messrs J and MF) foisted upon us by pissed-off Welsh villagers.

    • Scott says:

      Thought the name Janakaraj was familiar- he’s got form (but apparently not good form) http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-21/adanis-non-disclosure-of-ceos-pollution-history-a-mistake/7102270

  52. Realist says:

    The Adani story, complete with positive spin, was written by Tony Raggatt.
    Enough said.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Don’t judge Tony too harshly. He is an exceptionally good journalist who must be biting his tongue and counting the days until he can cash in his super and go fishing full-time.

  53. Old Moll says:

    The Bulletin continues its relentless path downwards with today’s prominent online story about a pregnant wife’s assault on her cheating husband’s mistress.
    The graphically illustrated story tells how the wife and her friends cornered the unfortunate girlfriend in a motel room and packed her vagina with red-hot chilies.
    Amazingly, the husband appears to have escaped unscathed. If it had been me and my coven, he would have been singing soprano.
    The story is a gross error of judgement by the editor and shows how low our formerly family friendly newspaper has sunk.

  54. Realist says:

    Interesting reading on the impacts the Adani mine will have on exisiting Australian coal mines:

    Bet you don’t read any of this in the Astonisher.

  55. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I see in today’s Astonisher the announcement of a “pre-feasibility” study into the proposed battery plant and associated TCC land for equity deal.

    So the announcement of a study into whether it is even feasible to go ahead at some time in the future with a proper feasibility study is newsworthy, but the basic questions about the basis of the “exclusive” MOU and proposed equity interest in the plant aren’t considered worth raising?

    I take it that you have still haven’t had a response to your email of over a week ago to the CEO? I get the feeling that they are ignoring your quite reasonable and considered questions in the hope that it will all just go away?

  56. Dutch Reverand says:

    A very good piece from Bettina Warburton in the Astonisher today on the stupid decision to get rid of Shane Fitzgerald as the Perc Tucker Gallery director. I believe that not only did they lose Shane with his forward thinking, but key gallery personnell as well. I feel for those that were left. We have also heard that Jamieson told someone that he was pretty much out of his depth with the visual arts. I’m sure Jenny having a background in microbiology wouldn’t want anyone other someone qualified doing microbiology research. Shane and his staff were dedicated to putting Townsville on the map for all the right reasons. We heard that the current museum under the sea that the council and Mayor are touting was taken to the Mayor (full details on the artist and costs etc) and they were heavily criticised,
    probably because they didn’t talk to her about it before checking it out. This suggestion was dumped. I’m sorry but isn’t it the job of the gallery director to scope out viable options when it comes to exhibitions for the gallery and city ? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that ideas such as these being conducted by council staff belongs to the city, but it would be nice to give credit where credit is due. As far as art forming a part of Townsville as a destination for art, that boat has well and truly sailed. I would guess it has put the city back at least 4 to 5 years. One other question that needs to be asked is what is the current status of the art that is owned by the city that has been gifted and put in storage ? All I can say to those that gather around the cauldron, is in the words of the great Darryl Kerrigan “suffer in your jocks” TCC

    • The Magpie says:

      But check and find out where The Bulletin was on this one when it happened. While The Magpie readers were outraged and alarmed along with a goodly part of the population, the paper was busy dropping rear end pearls of Mullet and Impaler wisdom about the place. And only when The Magpie published a piece from an arts magazine about the massive withdrawal of funding did they tardily report the fact without any comment as such. Agree Dutchy, the paper was obviously on a dirt hunt, but both Fitzgerald and especially Lorna H are too diplomatic and experienced in the real world to go down that path. Only idiots think stirring up trouble is wise and productive. Oh, wait sec, did The ‘Pie say that?

  57. The old peterbuilt says:

    Old Moll. I agree with the wise old bird on this comment of yours. The old peterbuilt is wildly travelled and pretty street wise and might I say as broad minded as the cleaner at bluebirds on Carmel and I can’t imagine that many chillies

  58. The old peterbuilt says:

    Oh my god at a single glance I could tell the old moll was all woman. Can’t wait for the next edition of the magpies nest. Just got home from a private function and have got a lovely little tit bit for the next edition. Cracks appearing in fortress walker st.

  59. Mike Douglas says:

    Interesting Strategy by Rabieh Krayem going to the media about the Magpie being served Court papers.The pies blog has hundreds of followers but now Rabieh has basicly reminded 80,000 Saturday Bulletin buyers “his ego is writing cheques his ability can’t cash”.Wont Rabieh’s media create more interest in the Townsville Magpie blog so people can see more details?.

    • Droopy draws says:

      Exactly what I thought, Mike.

      Actually, each week I see more and more new contributors flocking here. And I’m one of those just in the past few months….

      Ya going to need a bigger nest, Pie!

  60. The Magpie says:

    Gosh, The Magpie feels thrice important this morning, because …

    1. Someone feels he’s worth suing, because someone
    thinks he has $300,000

    2, That the Bulletin thinks the issue so important that in the electronic edition it has put the story behind the Premium content wall

    3. and that the Bulletin has chosen to give The Magpie blog a free publicity kick – for what that’s worth, given the Astonisher’s sinking circulation.

    And the story.


    Incidentally, The ‘Pie, even if he wanted to, which he didn’t, was unable to make any comment due to a medical complication which has left him with literally no voice for the next few days. But at least Ms Cameron tried to ask.

    • Bum Bite says:

      Pie, whilst you and your group of warrior commentators appear to care about the community and what you perceive to be wrong-doings, which is ok, surely you don’t expect folks to lay down and take the abuse hurled at them almost continually through your blog? Do you?……….all the best with the litigation -you DO have a place in our community, however, folks have rights too which they are entitled to exercise.

      • The Magpie says:

        And no one, certainly not The ‘Pie is saying otherwise. After all, he went down that path himself, and redress if required is there for the taking. And abuse? If you wish to influence the community in which you live, for whatever reason, pure or otherwise, you are a legitimate target for comment in the public interest. And there is an old saying that it is hard to sue for satire, but that may be proved wrong.

        • Bum Bite says:

          Great reply Pie, thank you for taking the time. As I said, all the best with it, wishing you and the blog nothing but good fortune (please pardon the pun)!

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Just bizarre really, why anyone would want to put themselves through the rigours of court to try and prove they are not the failure someone perceives them to be is just inviting many who think that way to have their say. I would imagine the stack of affidavits would fill a ute from many in this town plus a few from down south who hold exactly the same opinion, I know I wouldn’t want my 30 years of corporate history dragged through a court.

      • The Magpie says:

        Precisely why Barry Taylor has taken the coward’s path and used RK as a stalking horse for his oft-stated and long cherished ambition of legally bashing The Magpie who won’t be bullied by his bluster-boy tactics. That way, he seems to think that he won’t have to take the witness stand himself. Think again, you’re already on The ‘Pie’s witness list, bozo.Taking money of your mates in defence of yourself is a low act, so The ‘Pie is sure the upstanding Mr Taylor is doing this pro bono. Aren’t you, Baz, surely, not even you ….?

    • Sandgroper says:

      Miserable bugger! With 300 grand in the kick, pay me back the ten bucks I spotted you at the Cooktown TAB when we were there for the billycart races last century.

      • The Magpie says:

        That was afee for the frog you boiled in the jug for our tea on the verandah … which we discovered afterwards! Anyway, the ten bucks went to Snaggletooth … had to talk her into dancing with you in the street.

  61. Interested Observer says:

    So what’s the difference between Rabieh Krayem and Clive Palmer. I don’t like Palmer but he is attacked in the Bullsheet on a regular basis because of his failures in business yet he’s a millionaire so he must have gotten something right.

    So if it’s ok for the Bullsheet to attack Palmer why is not ok for the Magpie to point out Krayem’s many failings. He sent the Cronulla Leagues club down the gurgler, the Cowboys nearly disappeared under his watch and the Fury did. All of his other ventures have been propped up by his connections to the Labot party.

    Palmer likes a good law suit maybe he might sue the Bullsheet for defamation.
    Perhaps he and Rabieh can appear as witnesses for each other because they have been wronged by sections of the media in Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      Interesting things you say there, and maybe everything is above board, especially with the Cowboys, because the Rabstar’s lawyer, legal foghorn and blusterer Barry Taylor left the board about the same time as Krayem, so might take the stand to explain why everything was financially kosher at the Cowboys. If he doesn’t volunteer, he may well be asked. Maybe.

  62. Waz CEOC number 1 says:

    Well my first question to the judge pie would be “is Mr krayham A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMEN”? If he can prove it, he is case closed. But I’m sure many financial reports from his long list of failures from where he has worked a really probably inadmissible in court which means he actually doesn’t have a case at all. He has to disprove you were wrong and I’m thinking a hill full of shit ( not the mullet this time ) is what he will be bringing to court.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, that’s not how it works. The ‘Pie is required to prove he had reasonable grounds to say whatever it is that Barry Taylor thinks should have offended Mr Krayem.

  63. Adman says:

    Congratulations on receiving such a mighty free kick from the Astonisher. Their prominent splash of the pending defamation claim will see thousands of hitherto unaware citizens become devotees of your weekly offerings.
    What I find a little perplexing is that the Bulletin and other News Corpse publications gave a decidedly muted response when you were successful in your action against their parent.
    I also find it hard to get my head around the scale of damages sought when you compare the audience numbers of the Australian and The Magpie’s Nest.

  64. Alacan says:

    In the weekend aust today Palmer is attributed with some pretty average commentary around QN workers still out of work.. then of course the malicious mullet chimes in with what you would have say is somewhat hypocrtical .. even though methods of culling probably not the same. Regardless I recall the mullet when she was one of eleven going to town in the astonisher about the loss of a single engineer at tcc who had been made redundant under the Tory regime … I seem to recall the position taken at the time was a view of horror at the loss of the corporate knowledge .. and technical know how.. thru one technician being let go .. and now .. some estimate that 500 years of knowledge has now gone.. go figure that..

    What a shitty environment of negativity townsville has had to endure since amalgamation. …

    How /when will this cycle be broken

    I recall the greats of the ilk as Matthews town planner, Mayston and Stanton as city engineers and Foxwell .. Health and Waste.. Martin .. Treasurer..and love them or hate them Mooney and Tyrrell as Mayors..long standing residents committed to the city. Reynolds never rated in my view.

    What a level of Sub standard FIFO trash we now have at the helm. And what a disappointing Mayor Councillor Hill has proved to be.

    I hope to be proven wrong but this period could take 10 to 20 years to recover from .. was recently in cairns .. it looks and feels great !!

    • Droopy draws says:

      Gee Alacan; there’s many years of public service in your name drop there….. looking forward more of your posts!!!

      I’m off to subway.

  65. The Third Reader says:

    The irony of it all Magpie regarding your pending blue with RK and the story being “premium content” in The Astonisher. This is all that i typed into google “business man takes on blogger magpie” and it came up as the first answer and from Townsville Bulletin. First they want us to pay for it and yet they still manage to give it away for free. I am sure there will be more from this story and I will be waiting eagerly this evening for your post.

    • The Magpie says:

      Don’t expect too much, Reader, this will have to run its course with some … that is, some … of the niceties observed.

  66. Gull says:

    Maybe its a tribute to you Magpie that the Astonisher deems that defamation suit its most important story. Or just another case of big guy trying to kick the little man.

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