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Saturday, September 8th, 2018   |   118 comments

Dead Mackerel By Moonlight: Premier Anna Alphabet’s Extraordinary Attack On Free Speech – All Boofheaded Bullying And A Touch Of Blackmail.

The Premier’s punitive action against the Katter Party this week – sacking four discretionary staff out of spite – was a pure and simple attack on free speech, especially free speech in our parliaments. And the LNP is no better – nothing like an interloper trying to prise open the door of a closed shop to unite those already inside. The ‘Pie offers a conclusive test to show Anna Palaszczuk is Joh’s spiritual successor.

Also this week … why is the Queensland Government dragging its feet on the investigation into what the department itself has termed ‘the multiple, complex and serious allegations’ into Mayor Jenny Hill’s behaviour over the Adani mine’s proposed airstrip deal? The ‘Pie has an update.

Magnis’s millions: more on the curious case of battery proponent Magnis Resources Pty Ltd and the millions of taxpayers’ dollars gifted by the Queensland Government. But careful, they’re a touchy bunch …

Plus our now regular Trump Gallery, plus funny letters to the editor and lots of other irreverent larfs. But first ….

Not So Much A Cat Amongst The Pigeons, More A Katter Amongst The Turkeys

Let’s start by adding a little classy tone to the Nest … The ‘Pie will quote Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr who famously said ‘Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’, which we all know means the more things change, the more they remain the same. These are the $10 words for the modern lament of resignation ‘same old, same old’. And it’s a national feeling across Australia, as Bentley points out.

advance australia fair FIN SMALL


scott morrison in cap

If you EVER and The ‘Pie means EVER wear that bloody baseball cap backwards, you will deservedly lose the vote of every Australian over the age of 40. Except the retarded ones, and they’ll be voting for Novachok Palmer or One Notion anyway.

In Britain, Same Problem, Different Players

Australia’s political ructions are not unlike those going on in the UK , with buffon Boris Johnson now on the outer with embattled PM Teresa May … Johnson is taking on the role filled here in Australia by Tony Abbott, as illustrated by Martin Bell in the Guardian..

Outside the tent

Introducing The Katter Party’s New PR Supremo: Anna Palaszczuk

Almost 200 years ago, American politician John Randolph said of a rival that he was so corrupt he was ‘like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight, he both shines and stinks’. This timeless piece of sledging came to mind when Premier Palaszczuk did a bit of grandstanding for the faithful last Sunday. Her corruption was moral.

The canker of chronic cynicism has always infected the body politic. The established political parties see minority, preference pilfering parties like of The Katter Australia Party as a blight on the political landscape, but this week, it seems our Premier was blinded by the blight. In a disastrous piece of political analysis, Palaszczuk, like so many other, pogoed onto the latest political bandwagon about that lightweight ninny Fraser Anning and his maiden speech in which he used the phrase ‘the final solution’, said solution which was letting the electorate decide on Muslim immigration – no wonder he was howled down with such a novel proposition. That particular bandwagon is going to need new shock absorbers soon, so many piled onto it at once.

Ever aware of her blowsy deputy, the treacherous Trad is forever rummaging through her political cutlery drawer ready to slip in a timely shiv, The Premier decided on a touch of virtue signalling for the faithful at the State Labor hootenanny last Sunday, in an effort to bank some political capital. There was plenty of political capital all right, but it ended up in the Katter Party’s account.

The Premier had demanded that the Katter Party denounce that their political turncoat Senator Anning for his maiden speech in federal parliament, during which he used that phrase ‘the final solution’ in a manner the Premier (and the rest of the political/media bandwagon) disapproved of.

The Mad Katter Bob gurgled and spluttered his rejection of the demand to denounce his purloined senator (a former One Notion nutter) and on the state scene, son Robbie, still clearly the keeper of the Katter family marbles, also declined to take orders from the head of another party.

So … unconsciously channeling Joh, last Sunday, Palaszczuk told delegates, ’We have the right to free speech in our parliaments, but that free speech is not free of consequences. So because (Robbie) Katter will not denounce Senator Fraser Anning, I denounce his party.’ Pompous but fair enough, she’s denounced a party she thinks is wrong. Quite OK there, that is the consequence of free speech, someone exercising the same right to freely say what they think of someone else’s free speech, if they judge it to be wrong, or even outrageous. It’s is called public debate.

BUT WHAT IS NOT OK is assuming a fair consequence of free speech is the retaliatory sacking of four discretionary staff working for the Katter Party. These extra jobs had been allocated because the party kept the Palaszczuk posterior on the government benches in the previous parliament, but she doesn’t need them anymore now she has a majority. so the sackings, while legal, were totally hypocritical.

Really, you say? Yup and here’s the easy test for it:  had issue arisen in the last parliament, would the Premier have taken this action then, which would most assuredly led to the withdrawal of the KP support for her government and therefore its downfall. No she wouldn’t. This cack-handed attempt at political blackmail has outed our Premier as a hypocrite of the first order and a rotten mackerel in this moonlight state.

When Will Mayor Mullet Have To Face The Music?

 jenny budget

None too soon, it would seem, but the wheels of justice grind fearsome slow, but they do grind on. As reported a while back, a certain Philip Batty – who is anything but – last year made a formal complaint to CCC concerning the use of public money to finance (in part) an airstrip to service the proposed Adani Carmichael Mine.

Businessman Philip Batty

Businessman Philip Batty

Mr Batty was deeply concerned that the mandated local government tender process had never been undertaken to reach his decision.

That’s when the fun started really started. The mayor, advised of the complaint, panicked and made some contradictory statements about the matter. This led Mr Batty to update his complaint to present compelling evidence that Jenny Hill lied to fellow councillors in a closed meeting, suggesting to them that the  Adani airstrip would be part-owned by the council. Mr Batty cited Clr Paul Jacob who publicly stated this was what the mayor told councillors, who on the strength of that statement subsequently voted for the controversial Townsville gift of $18.5million for the contentious project. Mayor Hill subsequently changed her stance several times on the status of the council relating to the issue,  and gave confused statements about to whom the council would gift the ratepayers money.  She then said the the council would not own the airstrip, that the council would not be dealing with Adani, and monies would be paid to the construction company (Wagners), who would operate the airport. The mayor did not confirm or deny that in fact, the council would have to pay passengers and landing fees on top of funding the airstrip.

Mr Batty was less than impressed and outlined the matter to the CCC in a formal complaint last October. The CCC then referred the matter to Department of Local Government and Infrastructure.

Mr baty, a successful businessman who lives in Townsville by choice but continues the bulk of his consultancy work in Sydney and Melbourne, describes himself ‘like a dog with a bone’. So he made several follow-up requests for progress reports, all of which were met with stock standard bureaucratic replies  basically saying these things take time, but it’s understood the Department did request and presumably got, certain papers from the council regarding the matter.

It’s now 11 months since Mr Batty made the initial complaint and this week, received this advice to his latest request for a progress report.

Sent: Monday, 3 September 2018 11:06 AM

To: Philip Batty <email hidden; JavaScript is required>

Subject: RE: Complaint made by Mr Philip Batty / referral from Crime and Corruption Commission

Good morning Mr Batty

Thank you for your further email.

I am unable to provide you with any new information – and reconfirm earlier advices that once matters have been finalised, you will be provided with formal advice as is required under both the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 and the Local Government Act 2009. I do appreciate your sense of frustration at the time it appears to be taking to deal with your complaints. However, I can assure you that the multiple, complex and serious allegations you raised with the CCC continue to be dealt with by the department as required by and subject to the direction of the CCC.

Kind regards

Alison George

Manager Complaints

Councillor Complaints and Legal Services

Strategy, Governance and Engagement

Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs

No reflection on Ms George but perhaps the timeframes allowed a Dept of Local Government/CCC investigation should be reviewed to add a touch of urgency to this tortoise-like timeframe. Because should there be an adverse finding against the mayor resulting her having to stand down on a serious mis-governance charge, possibly up to and including corruption, this city for more than a year will have had a putative leader making crucial financial decisions while being guilty of serious offences under the Local Government Act.

The eventual findings either way will be interesting to say the least, and will revolve around a lawyer’s interpretation of various words and sentences in the minutes of the secret meeting. But one can’t help wondering how much muddier these dark and dangerous waters would be if the council’s development corporation had been involved. (It wasn’t, it hadn’t even been created then.)

Yup Every Day Of The Year

At least one person now knows how Mayor Mullet and Adele The Impaler every Sunday when they open The Magpie’s Nest for a cheery read.

magpie attack

Uh Oh, Seems The Magnis People Are Getting Touchy

After last week’s chat about the generous support Magnis Resources is receiving from the Queensland taxpayer for a ‘feasibility study’ into a battery factory for Townsville, there have been some stirrings and rumblings in the gloom at back of that particular corporate cave.

There was this interesting exchange in the comments section of the Magpie during the week

Author : Troll Slayer (IP: , cpe-121-211-200-77.hhui-cr-003.cht.nsw.bigpond.net.au)

E-mail : email hidden; JavaScript is required

URL    :

Whois  : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/


The start of this story proves the the writer is clueless. Magnis has never had a problem raising money and have just raised $11 million dollars. So the verge of collapse comment is a stupid one at best.

The ‘Pie replied:

The Magpie

September 4, 2018 at 8:30 pm  (Edit)

So the auditors are wrong, silly old auditors! So reporter Marx is gullible, silly old Marxie! Thanks for helping clarify everything, Mr … Mr… oh, just give us your title in Magnis. Boy from the mailroom brown-nosing the boss? Or the boss, pissed off at being called out? $11million? For a $2billion project? Sure your not a Nigerian princess who needs someone to look after her inheritance.

And pray tell, why does Magnis need public money to do a feasibility study for a private venture if they have no trouble raising money?

Author : Troll Slayer (IP: , cpe-121-211-200-77.hhui-cr-003.cht.nsw.bigpond.net.au)

Whois  : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/


Because the government wants in on this future multi billion dollar company. I’ll listen to them instead of a ex con like you.

Now if that’s not throwing the rattle out of the pram!!!  The ‘Pie was amused at being called an ex-con (he’ not … the old bird has led an interesting life but he has managed to avoid at least three things, one being jail … the others are bagpipe playing and folk dancing), so decided have a closer look at the origin of Troll Slayer. A little fiddling around with what little data was available showed that the comments were sent from Sydney … Alison Road Randwick to be more precise. That boosted The ‘Pie’s conviction (the only one he’s had) that this was a howl of incoherent rage from someone closely to do with the venture, and ruled out Walker Street disruptor.

It all makes the whole thing sound like it needs a second and third look. Which Magpie readers were ready and willing to do.  Like this from a local Magpie mate.

I know the ASX company Magnis Resources (MNS) quite well and your article was spot on. MNS dream about building a 15GWh battery plant in Townsville. Rule of thumb is these plants cost at least US$100M per GWh however Telsa’s 35GWh plant is costing $5 billion thus $143M per GWh. The MNS dream for Townsville would cost US$2 billion. I never heard before of AUD$3 million (petty cash) used for a feasibility study for a US$2 billion project. Plus MNS just announced raising $11M from one investor. They did give Mullet a holiday to NYC. They plan to ship graphite concentrate from Tanzania. Perth would be a closer location.

Then there was this.

Magnis threatened to sue posters on a chat site called Hot Copper because they are heavily criticised for never meeting their forecast plans. Magnis found some graphite back in 2012 and since then have been changing their business plans from a miner to a battery maker.

They have some well-known battery people in a JV with them; with unique IP.

They plan to use silicon in batteries with graphite rather than nickel or/&cobalt. Read the presentation:

They have raised $11M this calendar year plus have the Queensland Government’s  $3M.




Their half-yearly report to 31/12/17 shows $102M in contributed equity

(capital raised) and $100M in accumulated losses. Their half-yearly report for 31/12/12 shows $54M in contributed equity.

Therefore, since finding the graphite in Tanzania, they have raised or“mined shareholders” for $59M plus mined Queensdland for $3M.

As you properly pointed out, there is no need for the tax-paying public to give a public company like this $3M.

And that was sentiment echoed in spades by regular and well informed commenter Memory Man, who said:

Magnis can raise capital on the market. That’s plain to see. Plenty of folk who want to jump on the battery bandwagon. There’s no need for the public to chip in. Period. 

So why did this happen? Well, I’m told The Impaler is good mates with someone at Magnis. Magnis isn’t stupid and could see a sucker a mile away. Politicians are desperate to be “seen to be doing something”. Politicians have 2 main levers – they make laws and they redistribute the public’s money. You could just imagine the conversation …

…and sorry, but that’s precisely what you will have to do – imagine the conversation – while The ‘Pie seeks legal advice about printing Memory Man’s  take on it … but it sounds about right.

Is The Bulletin About To Change Its Name?

From comments during the week

The Magpie 

September 3, 2018 at 1:03 pm  (Edit)


The Townsville paper has dropped any pretence at its recent feeble attempts at balanced news coverage, and should’ve at least been honest enough to change it’s name.


Well, they didn’t actually, but they may as well have. This highly selective story … yet another “could possibly – may happen” story of the type in which the Adani Bulletin and Courier Mail specialise – has as an online feature an Adani produced (or at least funded) propaganda video about how people have mistaken this hand-wringing forked-tongued Gollem is really a misunderstood humanitarian trying to pull millions of his people out of poverty. Yeah, right … and using corruption to do it, eh, Got’em?

adani fraud

And reporter John McCarthy (the story was lifted holus bolus from the Courier) has his own wrestle making language match logic, when he writes:
‘Coal and gas are hot commodities, according to Queensland Resources Council chief Ian Macfarlane.
“Commodity prices are holding up but it’s not in the boom territory,” he said.”
Ummm, Johnno, mate, your ‘hot commodities’ is a far different thing from Mr MacFarlane’s ‘commodity prices are holding up.’ Indeed it could be interpreted as exactly the opposite of your claim, with MacFarlane’s statement suggesting ‘hanging on’.
The whole confabulation is a complete Fox-style News Corpse sell-out. On the mine issue itself, The ‘Pie isn’t barracking for one side or the other but maintains as he always has, if these swivel-eyed grifters want a rail line, fine … but pay for it yourself.
This grab at public money by corporate pigs is worse than QAL’s attempt to gouge Townsville air travellers with a ticket tax.

But Hey The Astonisher Is Our Champion … Just Ask Them

Don’t bother to ask, they’ll tell you anyway.

Image 2018-09-04 at 8.08.18 am

The iditor, being a lassie, can’t be a wanker so let’s just say she was flippin’ the bean when this claim was thought up.

Self Defeating Suggestion Of The Week

 no booze policy

Governments should only consider this if they alter the way they behave, which largely causes the drinking in the first place.

I Say, I Say  …

Letters to the editor in newspapers attract at least as many devotees as do crosswords and nowadays suduko. One of the great attractions is their brevity and sly humour … and as the great bard himself said, brevity is the soul of wit. The Poms are particularly good at it, but the Yanks have their moments. Seen any goodies locally? Send ‘em in.

Enjoy these few …

QNIE8IGLO93D14JL-pad810x389xx444x NNBBSE4EOB41AK4A-pad810x389xx444x-1 TSLS81JE2B5H36T6-pad810x389xx444x LTTE hoarding Lance Armstrong letters monkey

And Some More …


Getting real

Our leading bishops demand hard evidence of Saddam Hussein’s possessions of weapons of mass destruction. If we were to demand the same level of proof from their profession, they would all be out of a job.
Avril Segal
Times, January 21


SIR – If I tried balancing my drink on the side of the bath, as suggested by one of your correspondents, I would probably end up with coq au vin.
Michael Talamo
Carshalton, Surrey

SIR – A current West Sussex NHS advertisement on the back of a bus states: “You are twice as likely to have unprotected sex after heavy drinking”.
Another pint, please, landlord.
Robert Price

 This Week In Trumpatania

Trump twitter Trump woodward Trump google Trump fear Trump 4th estate Trump colluding Truth Tariffs Trump presser

Now For A Different kind Of Tut Tut Tutting

Finally, fancy a little finger dancing – known as ‘finger tutting’ … tutting itself is the popular US street dancing featuring angular movements, which are often accompanied by similar finger movements. But trust the Chinese to make it a group activity. And an entrancing one at that … legendary Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkley would approve.

WARNING: Do not attempt this you’ve been drinking.


That’s it for another week, but lots of stuff happening before next weekend, keep an eye on comments for a few laughs and lots of info you won’t get elsewhere. And do join in, have your free say. And any help with a donation to keep the Nest aloft will be greatly appreciated.


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