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Sunday, June 24th, 2018   |   162 comments

Clive Palmer Sues Mayor Jenny Hill For $3million For Defamation, Revealing There Was No $50k Settlement And Apology For Calling Him A Crook.

Yup, good old ABC has scooped the Townsville Bulletin with its ‘exclusively revealed’ story on the statement of claim lodged by Palmer with the Supreme Court in Brisbane. This is going to cost us, one way or another.

All in all, it’s been a week of Jenny the Gymnast, back flipping on the Adani airstrip money and now brazenly spinning on the need for what amounts to a $130million public contribution to her re-election campaign fund.

To top that off, Mayor Mullet can be credited in part with ensuring that Qantas gave Townsville the finger to its limp-wristed bid for the airline’s pilot academy.

The Magpie scratches his top feathers over an interesting staff choice down at the Dudley Do Nothings of Townsville Enterprise …

… and a reminder during the week of a more relaxed time in North Queensland’s past … laid back hardly covers it.

So, let’s get to it, and we’ll take Jenny’s agendas in order.

Bentley’s back with to his brilliant best, summing up the Mullet’s Adani gymnastics in rib-tickling style.

backflip fin small

One for the ages.

There are two questions that no one has asked about Mayor Mullet’s ditching of the Adani deal (which is gone forever despite her pledge to revisit the matter if Adani goes ahead: even she wouldn’t dare after the shit-storm the issue has deservedly heaped on her head.)

Adani flip

The first and most intriguing is, why did she bother announcing that she had reneged on the airstrip deal at all? We didn’t know where the money was, we didn’t know what the arrangement was, and most tellingly, we didn’t know with whom she was dealing with contractually. In fact, we still don’t, so don’t be surprised if Wagners hit her – or us the ratepayers – with a breach of contract suit. She could have quietly used it to prop up what is shaping up as a disastrous budget next Tuesday, no one, least of all the un-inquiring Bulletin, would know the difference. Why this sudden financial coitus interruptus with her mates at Adani? One answer may be that she was trying for to patch over her initial disastrous error of judgment about the airstrip, and was depending on what she airily referred to on ABC Local radio as ‘Townsville ratepayers’ short attention span’ – (Ah ha, that could explain her second term as mayor). She’s good at the insults like that – like referring to Rockhampton as a ‘one pub town’ hinting that it didn’t measure up to the opulence and power of Townsville.

Jenny Hill

But she can’t even get spin right, because the other question arose when she simpered that the $18.5million would now go to ‘shovel ready’ projects around the city.

Eh, what?

Does that mean that if by a miracle Adani had somehow managed to go ahead, there would be $18.5million worth of shovel ready projects around Townsville languishing on indefinite hold while we built an airstrip 400kms away which we would never own and for the use of which we would have to pay fees?

This woman has serious cognitive dissonance problems, as well as a serious media relations deficit in the form of the poisoned dwarf Stephen Beckett.

Jenny clearly sees herself as our warrior queen but her bumbling attempt at heroics may end up in her being minced by her own hubcaps.

Boadicea, leader of the rebellion against the Romans Date 1868

The Townsville Council’s $130million Campaign Donation To Mayor Mullet’s Re-Election Fund.

Then comes today’s news that the council will borrow around $130million from Treasury to ’fast-track’ the Burdekin pipeline project.

Screen shot 2018-06-23 at 11.44.02 PM

Our heroine is painting this as a ‘can-do’ (unfortunate but similarly justified tag) move to secure jobs, instead of waiting for the money under the plan she agreed to with her mate Anna Alphabet. The Premier has her own budgetary problems and declined to alter the agreed timelines.

But what this actually is is a $130million campaign contribution to herself, so the pipeline she initially dismissed will be finished just in time for the next council elections.

It will cost the ratepayers $2million in interest EACH year until repaid, which will probably be … ummm … try never. And Madam Mullet won’t be around when the inevitable rate rise comes along to fund her largesse to herself.

Townsville won’t be running out of water in the next couple of years, so this unseemly rush is totally unnecessary, the government money will be delivered within a sensible framework. Of course, Mayor Mullet’s framework has March 2020 at its core.

If this mob of councillors actually cared about this city and its future, they should grow a spine and vote down this absolute rort.

Jesus, Do These Two Ever Deserve Each Other – But We Bloody Don’t.

And now today … Screen shot 2018-06-23 at 9.03.46 PM

In this story you will note the line: ‘In Mr Palmer’s affidavit, his lawyers said there has been no payment or settlement in the proceedings’.

Now unless this is a fresh claim, it means  our mayor has been less than truthful if reports in the Astonisher are to be taken at face value – she didn’t argue when the paper reported she offered a $50,000 settlement, and Palmer himself thanked her on his Facebook page for her apology. But if The ‘Pie is in error, as they say in court, then that’s even worse. It means that having paid out, she’s repeated the defamatory comments or similar ones. And having admitted through an initial payment, it will be kinda hard to defend.  But sorting that out will be the court’s job, presiding over a lip-smacking lawyers picnic.

Mayor Mullet really has no choice but to defend the claims, which means a legal bill for someone upwards of a million dollars. So no matter whose hand is raised in victory, it will be a pyrrhic one – the big pay day will be for the lawyers. It will be in the hundreds of thousands, and one way or the other, Townsville ratepayers will be paying for the privilege of witnessing this unedifying spectacle. Either through skyrocketing insurance premiums for the council no matter what the outcome, or a straight out payment to Palmer if he wins. Which, no matter how it disguised, will be tagged on future rates bills.

So thanks, Mayor Mullet, let’s see if this all escapes that fabled ‘short attention span’ of Townsville ratepayers.

 Here’s An Idea

There is a message for the voters of Townsville best summed up in this clever ad by American senate candidate Richard Painter … just change the name and circumstances to suit local conditions. It would be poetic justice with all that water.

Surprise Of The Week –Not.

Qantas somehow managed to overlook the two – yes, two – separate Townsville bids to be the home of the airline’s for the lucrative pilot training academy.

Airport manager Kevin Gill must have focused grouped his bid for the academy in the local head trauma unit. To this very day, even when seeking the grace and favour of Qantas, he was still doing this sort of juvenile stuff outside the Qantas lounge at the airport …


… because the airline refuses to agree to a ticket tax to fund a multi-million redevelopment that would skyrocket the value of Queensland Airports Limited.

Add to that the disgraceful, almost actionable call from our dopey mayor to boycott Qantas over that issue (which is none of the her or the council’s business), it is little wonder Gill’s submission hit the round file under the desk the moment it was received.

The other more professional submission was from the owners of the Bluewater airstrip, which suffered a similar fate, and probably suffered by association with the mayor. The ‘Pie was greatly interested to see that TEL told Bluewater airport owners that they weren’t interested in helping mount any bid … too busy, they said, although one can’t imagine on what. But you can bet with Kevin Gill as TEL board chairman and the mayor as his deputy chair, it was a different song they were singing down at Wishing Well House with QAL:’s abortive bid.  And if TEL had anything to do with it, there’s another reason we were left out in the cold. Mackay and Toowoomba weren’t, they were the only two Queensland submission to make the cut …  Wagner’s Wellcamp Airport at Toowoomba would have to be in with a chance in the final 9.

Speaking of The Dudley Do Nothings….

Seems good help is hard to find down at TEL’s Wishing Well House. But ‘jobs for the boys’ not so hard.

This bloke …


… is Labor man Michael McMillan, who made an unsuccessful bid for mayor in Rockhampton two years ago. He was beaten by Adani fan, Mullet political soul mate, and aviation enthusiast Margaret Strelow.

McMillan was a small business owner in Rocky, running a Coffee Club franchise, but in February last year, it all went pear shaped.

Screen shot 2018-06-24 at 12.06.07 AM

Mr McMillan was forced into involuntary administration by the Australian Tax Office. Seems Mr McMillan somehow overlooked to pay his GST money and PAYG taxes. A bank involved ended up getting an undisclosed amount on the dollar, the business was sold and Mr McMillan moved on.

But guess where to? And what position?

Turns out a bloke with strong Labor connections who was forced into involuntary administration with a dodgy tax record is now Townsville Enterprise Director of Policy and Investment.

But hey, don’t fear for your position Mr McMillan, your safe with TEL, because we, the great unwashed public and Townsville ratepayers who prop up this bogus organization never know what anybody does of any value down there … in fact, if they do anything at all.

So your secret is safe … from us.

And There’s Yet Another Brick About To Be Slotted Into The Local Labor Fortress

Mr McMillan could be seen as getting one of the jobs for the boys, since Labor Mayor Mullet is also deputy chair of TEL, and Mr McMillan wouldn’t be there if she didn’t want him to be. But when it comes to giving fellow travellers featherbedded jobs, looks like another one is coming up shortly.

And if you thought Shayne Sutton’s $50k a year hospital board appointment was a rorting Labor patronage reward, this next one is a doozy.

It’s hidden in the almost impenetrable buzz word bullshit about that the phantom battery factory that is set to save the town (and get mayor Mullet re-elected).

Magis asx It runs to a few pages, but lurking deep in the bowels of this document is this little gem of job creation for some chosen chum

To further highlight the level of importance of the project, Townsville City Council have hired a highly experienced dedicated resource to wholly focus on facilitating the fast tracking of key milestones and the Qld State Government is in the process of making a similar pledge on top of its commitment for $3.1 million in funding.

A resource, eh? Indeed an experienced and dedicated one, to boot? Here’s a plain language translation; another make-work position for a favoured someone, who will occasionally stroll out of his/her office and tell us how things are going … and you can bet it will always sound like positive news.  However you read this prize piece of sophistry, this is a job for the boys or gals, a task that will be made as complicated as its needs to be to be impressive and justified, but in truth could be done by the kid in the mailroom in his smoko break. But only if he’s a paid up member of the Labor Party, one assumes.

Dunno about the battery factory, but the Mullet/Impaler empire building is going just fine, thank you.

And while we’re here, Madam Mayor, don’t suppose you like to enlarge on this statement you made in that media release.

‘We are throwing all resources required to help fast track the project.”

The use of the word word ‘throwing’ has a nice laissez-faire tone about it, but what, pray tell, does ‘all resources’ amount to? Or is this another ‘Adani airfield’ exercise where the ratepayers aren’t privy to what you’re doing with our money? This mob have already conned the Palaszczuk government into coughing up more than three million for a study simply to see if the whole idea is viable … and while that is going on, it looks good for Magis on the stock exchange, hopefully propping up their share price. What are the chances that it might not prove to be viable? Unless the council coughs up more concessions?

Nah, that couldn’t happen, Mayor Mullet wouldn’t allow it.  Would she?

From comments during the week.

The Magpie
email hidden; JavaScript is required

Submitted on 2018/06/20 at 11:00 am

Ah, nothing like the relaxed NQ lifestyle of Cardwell, is there?

Glad to know that some places are still operating on the fabled ‘Queensland clock’, a great old ‘she’ll be right, mate’ ethos. Especially the Hinchinbrook mayor when this story broke.

Screen shot 2018-06-20 at 10.55.26 AM

Not to worry, folks, she’ll be apples, the mayor calmed everyone done, all under control. The Astonisher reported:
“Hinchinbrook Shire Council issued a statement, warning the public to avoid anchoring nearby the jetty.”

But fear not, Mayor Jayo strolled into action.

“Reports received this afternoon indicate that the jetty appears to have broken its mooring chains and shifted. Contractors will mobilise a rapid response vessel tomorrow to inspect the jetty and determine options for repair,” Hinchinbrook Mayor Ramon Jayo said in a statement.

Now where else would you hear the words ‘rapid response’ and ‘tomorrow’ in the one sentence? Why Ingham, of course, Hinchinbrook council hub abd  Laid Back Capital of NQ.

A Look At …

This cover from Time magazine was an eloquent statement on an issue likely to be the most damaging to the deranged man in the White House.

Screen shot 2018-06-22 at 7.59.36 AM

Some people who make a point of missing the point were quick to point out that 1. the picture was a ‘fake’ – of course it was photo-shopped, what did you think the Prez and The Kid were in a studio for a photo shoot, and 2. that the girl had not been separated from her parents. To which the obvious reply is so what, the image sums up what is turning out to be a definitive moment in American history. And yes, the little girl from Guatamala wasn’t separated from her mother, in the original photograph, she was crying because her mother was being searched by border police.

crying child

In the end, even this carrot-topped fuckwit had to bow to the global outrage at his policy of taking children from illegal immigrant parents, and back flip on his hard line. Which ended the week like this,

Trump pie

A Finally, One For Irony Corner

Clive Palmer has threatened to run against Cathy O’Toole in the next Federal election – something for which The Tool is now praying that he does. But the funny thing is that The Tool squeaked in by just 37 votes, because … well this sums it up.

Palmers preferences


That’s it for this week, but the comments keep revving along on all sorts of subjects, get in for your chop … or have a beef, don’t be chicken, mince your words if you like, even tell porkies, everyone else does. And don’t forget The ‘Pie … a donation to help out with blog expenses will be most appreciated, the how to donate button is below.

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  1. WTF says:

    $2m per year in interest is the price of the Mullet’s shameless vanity. Not only is it highly unlikely that Townsville will need the pipeline in the two year’s difference between Mullet’s election timeframe and the State’s funding program, one wonders whether the water team in the council have done any modelling to estimate the likely need for bringing forward the pipe’s construction? Betcha that if they have it would show the Mullet’s move is an unwarranted act of vainglorious irresponsibility.

    • Concerned says:

      The Impaler has mamgement at TCC by the balls. She will drive home the ALP agenda at all costs, after all when you look at her employment history this is what she does.

      • The Rolling Eye says:

        Impaler’s agenda isn’t an ALP agenda, it’s the stinking byproduct of a Mullet left in the swamp without any local friends. Mullet had to put up or shut up with whatever swamp dregs she could find, and now mullet just does what she’s told from Brisbane.
        Time to drain the swamp?

    • Alahazbin says:

      Doesn’t WTF stand for Brad’s little committee ‘Water Task Force’

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Just typical of Townsville to attract someone like McMillen, I think we need to come up with a slogan for Townsville Pie to be put on a plaque somewhere.
    The Statue of Liberty has “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free etc etc, Townsville could have, “ Give me your failures, your rejects, your unwanted parasites yearning to bludge on the system,

  3. SPQR says:

    How shocking searching someone at the border.
    I imagine that’s Trump policy too as was the policy separating children from the illegals, even though it was in place long before Trump’s inauguration. Yes and that video footage of the poor little waifs plastered everywhere, who cares that it was shot during the friggin Obama administration. Who gives a shit about truth when?
    Certainly not the media.

  4. Mike Douglas says:

    T.C.C.,s Tuesday budget will be a tipping point for Labor Mayor Mullet, Ceo, GM communications and other sycophant Councillors. Logan Council are scraping .5% merchant fee for ratepayers, 11% penalty rate penalty can be reviewed for hardship. It is not a competitive position for Townsville to have the highest rates in Queensland and simply irresponsible for the Councillors to let Mayor Mullet cost ratepayers $2 mil to finish a pipeline purely to retain Council at the next election.

  5. Council workers "shovel" says:

    I’ve been told that all capital works projects have been slashed for the upcoming budget. There has been numerous closed secret meetings by high level management in the last couple of weeks to finalize this. Watch the spin she puts on to the dickheads in the media who will swallow it like always. If palmer had half intelligence he’d sue her personally not as the mayor. Funny this story comes days after the otool bagging him at parliament house. He’s got both idiots in his sights because they can’t shut there mouths. If they had half intelligence they would let him burry himself. Dumb labour woman!!! And they want quotas on sexes. Still no word from any unions either on new EBA due by September this year. What with 130mil for Jane arllett second pipeline promise from last election that mullet said was a lie, then 3mil when palmer takes her to the budget slashing we won’t be getting any pay rises soon. Thought labour were for the workers.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Hey Shovel, if you are correct with your slashing remark then does it not follow that there may well be little, to no work to be done by the workforce, which includes you? Guess we wait until Tuesday to find out.

      Agree with your remark about Mullet – she should be putting HER money where her mouth is, NOT ratepayers (same for the Tool, if Palmer chooses to go after her too).

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Seriously that’s just a stupid comment about no work for us. What’s your motivation? Obviously you drive around this city with your eyes closed. Capital works in any council can be defined in many different ways and every council needs them. Come back and see me in a few years after the next poor council has to double your rates to play catch up for this stupidity. Frontline services like waste collection water treatment should be front and center, capital works like a complete road replacement (geaney lane, Mt low parkway ) as examples need to be done as priority. If you take this out of any budget now then you run the risk of triple the price and also the danger to the public when things start to deteriorate. Capital works also will include a much needed upgrade to our water treatment system. Mullet has been found wanting because she knows even with a second line in to the dam we can’t treat enough water to drink per day. This cost is millions and it’s criminal to not supply this to the public. I don’t care what you say about us workers if we whingeand whine but if all your going to do is make stupid remarks without point then everyone will ignore you. Make a contribution worthwhile.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Well you’re not ignoring me Shovel are you??? Don’t respond – simple!

          • Council workers "shovel" says:

            Your the one that responded and also started something you know nothing about. You’ve had your funny stuff now let us grownups talk about what’s going on in the real world. My comments are informitive yours are just plane stupid. You think your here to provide us comedy. Every person who works in the council who survived the sackings come to work everyday knowing it’s never been so low on moral! Like I said your smart arse comments are stupid concidering people like me have the power to shut off your drinking water not collect your rubbish and not treat your shit before it backs up through your toilet. So when you say we don’t have work think before you speak. Now it’s getting closer to the next election and more presure each day is on the mayor and ceo your kind needs to stay out of the way.

    • Critical says:

      Hopefully someone can closely analyse any capital works mentioned in the budget to see if $ have already been committed from previous budgets or if funding is from Commonwealth or Queensland government grants which she forgets to mention in her budget so she looks extra good to gullible misled ratepayers.

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Yes just like the 22mil that was gifted to TCC before last year’s election apparently to help with projects like fixing footpaths. Should have already been budgets for these. Just like our basic blitz crews!!

        • The Magpie says:

          Hi my name is The Magpie and I haven’t had a drink since 20.02 … that’s good going for me, considering it is now 20.18. 16 minutes, one of my best dry periods.

  6. A Keen Eye says:

    This includes the companies also named in Tony Raggatts story on 6/6/18 “BATTERY PLANT DEAL FORGES AHEAD”
    Probuild = $6000 to the CLP between 2001-2005 . $1000 to NT Labor 2004 , and $5500 to fed labor in 2015-15 , Libs/Nats babcock donations $ 866 000 since 2002 , labor $547 465 since 98 , between 98 and 2004 Siemens donated $11700 to Labor . http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/
    If you google “magnis resources subsidiaries” its a uranium company exploiting Africans “Uranex’
    Meg Tech is Babcock & Wilcox for the donors . Norman Disney young is now a subsidiary of Tetra Tech . Tetra Tech is a company that does environmental investigations and was criticised in the US by the military and others for allegedly , like Adani , tampering with samples. Coffey Environments , whom the Government got to do the draft EIS for the Joint strike fighter including Townsville is also now a subsidiary of Tetra Tech .

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      I’m sorry Keen Eye, but I’m lost…..what point are you making?

    • I'll be plucked says:

      WTF ‘Eye’???

    • Hercule Poirot says:

      I like reading A Keen Eye’s Informative comments

      • Sandgroper says:

        Like you, Hercule, The Eye is a great detective with a nose for bad smells. The mockers don’t have a clue.

        • The Magpie says:

          Oh FFS, don’t encourage him like that … The ‘Pie has been trying to educate Eye to have some consideration for readers … you folks haven’t seen the self-indulgent, disjointed rants that HAVEN’T been published. Some get through because Eye is clearly an idiot savant … which is literal French for ‘learned idiot’. And The ‘Pie is aware that he has some legal training, not a vocation that encourages clarity, brevity or less than three negatives in one sentence. In short, Eye can find the dots but can’t actually join them in any coherent way.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Mate, all you need are the dots ……particularly when, like myself, you’re too lazy to do the basic research.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie takes your point but it is the disjointed commentary that has no preamble that is disconcerting … no one knows what the hell, Eye is on about.

            But here is one that The ‘Pie has tidied up, as in a remove a couple of legal booby traps, which, since Eye is anonymous – although one imagines most of us know who he is – would just put Th ‘Pie at risk. Trouble is, there just isn’t the time to tidy up all of Eye’s self-indulgent stream of consciousness all the time … got one the other day which was about as long as the blog itself! But here’s one of interest to conspiracy theorists.

            “If you want to see where one nation gets there money from (that which is declared) go to http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ this site can be checked off against the AEC search https://periodicdisclosures.aec.gov.au/ and https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map . A very interesting one is on the QLD site. Sam Cox was the ONP QLD state candidate for “Burdekin” which was redistributed to cover from south of Townsville – way down to Moranbah. You will see repeated donations in quick succession from a “Pauline Cox “. Whether she is related or not I don’t know. But it would appear likely she was donating on behalf of others. Be interesting to know who they were.

            Pauline Cox

            Samuel Cox
            Unit 1/2 Victoria St North Ward Townsville
            Pauline Cox

            Samuel Cox
            Unit 1/2 Victoria St North Ward Townsville
            Pauline Cox

            Samuel Cox
            Unit 1/2 Victoria St North Ward Townsville
            Pauline Cox

            Samuel Cox
            Unit 1/2 Victoria St North Ward Townsville

          • A keen eye says:

            ……aaaawww , all warm and fuzzy

      • The Magpie says:

        His links are brilliant, his comments are anything but.

        • Sir Rabbittborough says:

          An employment opportunity for an experienced sock puppeteer/ventriloquist has arisen in our Brisbane and Canberra branches due our previous employee being glassed whilst trying to talk with a mouth full of liquid.
          The applicant must provide own Vaseline and be able to talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles . People with an aversion to Liberace style bling will be preferred , as the employer wishes to soften her appearance as ….”take a good look at her face , you’ll see her smile looks out of place , if you look closer its easy to trace the tracks of her tears.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnDnqEdjPNM
          To Apply send resumes and videos to :
          Pauline Hanson Suite 6, Level 36, Waterfront Place , 1 Eagle Street Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Postal address GPO Box 228 Brisbane, QLD, 4001 Telephone: (07) 3221 7644 Fax: (07) 3221 8422

  7. Old tradesman says:

    Before the Astonisher gets it Phillip Thompson OAM has been preselected to run for Herbert.

  8. Hee Haw says:

    This from the Strand today, while in the scheme of things this is
    insignificant, the fact that this is still displayed on the Strand shows the
    typical sloppy attitude in this town right now.
    Things really need to change and soon.

  9. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Very interesting reading burried in the news paper today about the local burger shop “tube” closing down. Very last paragraph the owner says anyone who thinks townsville economy is going well is kidding themselves. But the paper and our idiot mayor along with TEL keep telling us townsville is on the way up. He said outright that the downturn has closed his doors nothing else. Just another notch for our leaders in the worst run city category. We didn’t mind the burgers either they were pretty good.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      It’s not just TEL shovel, what’s the go with Debbie Rains from the chamber of commerce, she is supposed to be the mouthpiece of SME,s in this town and all she does is turn out for photo ops with the Mullet, smiling away, looks to me like she has been seduced by the attention. Her latest praise of Jenny Hill and the great job the council are doing in the CBD is a fucking disgrace, it’s about time the chamber gave her the arse and get someone in there to represent their interests.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Have you tried The Real Burger Compny?
      Council trucks can go anywhere allegedly.

  10. The Owl says:

    At an Origin party last night a mate told me that now Dumbo Jones has been dumped by the Libs he is thinking about running for mayor.
    What a choice if that happens – Dumbo or the Mullet.
    Says it all about Townsville really.

    • The Magpie says:

      That would be a meting of two great mounds.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        True Pie but at the very least, Jones has shed tears for our community (even if they were crocodile ones, as suggested by some at the time) and all that Mullet has done is cause them!

  11. Hee - Haw says:

    $9 million to be spent on the “Stadium Precinct” ?
    For a stadium fully funded by the Federal and State governments with some prepaid rent from the Cowboys, on land we, the ratepayers, donated to the project.
    I don’t recall anything previously about an extra $9 million to provide the infrastructure necessary to complete this.
    Or is this for the hotel to be built? we will never know as this was another “commercial in confidence” deal done behind closed doors.

    • The Magpie says:

      And BEWARE of the council’s new and totally unnecessary development corporation, more ability to hide deals and an ideal vehicle for corruption … alarmist? Check out Ipswich just for starters.

    • FNQ says:

      It maybe just coincidence but I’m pretty sure $9m is what the council paid Devine / Leighton for the site..
      May not have any relevance at all..

      • A keen eye says:

        Google “peter beattie sale of Townsville railway yards to Leightons” they are rebranded “cimic group ” now. Check the subsidiaries names that are the same too. Google “Leightons corruption foreign bribes” . google “Leightons tender Townsville v8s” . type Leightons then its subsidiaries into http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ the symptoms were there in 2008

    • Dave Nth says:

      Is this the same $9mil that was handed over in 2015 or are about to fork out more? Took me a couple of hours at the time it was announced in 2015 but all this is on the public record and can be found by google searches.

      That $9mil went to Devine Ltd for the sale of some land for the Stadium precinct.

      The same Devine Ltd that had a notorious Mr Terry Mackinroth on it’s payroll till just before the sale and the company was in a tight situation due to the property downturn at the time trying to offload some assets for cashflow.

      It had the appearance at the time of helping out the mates & just grows rancid with time seeing the other smells emanating from this circus…

  12. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie rarely ventures into the pointless playground of sports commentary, but he is compelled to make an exception this time.

    It is fair enough that those news outlets serving Queensland would try to salve the wounds readers over the SOO loss, and dig up some positives.

    But to suggest this …

    … is more than a tad disingenuous.

    Champion player, champion ‘water boy’ and champion bloke Alfie Langer, a master tactician of the game, has long been known as the on-field coach of the Maroons (and Broncos) when ostensibly acting as ‘water boy’, so when Blue’s skipper Cordner went down, Alfie made sure that no matter how serious a state the player was in (which turned out to be not much) that he made a soap opera out of it to ensure that the ref blew time. Alfie then even butted in telling Cordner he should go off, when Cordner, a damaging and inspirational leader, was arguing with his own runner that he was OK to stay on. Alfie put the doubt there with all parties knowing that the nancy boy nanny staters who run the game would go on a virtue-signalling picnic if he stayed on – not to mention what the media would pompously go ape-shit about.

    Frankly, well done, Alfie, and fair enough, but let’s not ascribe some sort of sainthood to what was a canny and calculated action by a master tactician of Rugby League, a Queenslander who would have happily given Cordner one in the goolies as he lay there if he thought he could get away with it.

  13. Jatzcrackers says:

    What an absolute balls up by both our fool of a mayor and that useless waste of oxygen, Fed member O’toole ! Townsville Airport is owned by Aust Defence, with plenty of aviation training with the Air Force happening almost 24/7. Our idiots of local and Fed Govt didn’t think to put two and two together and push for the merits of Qantas putting their training operation here to everyone’s benefit.
    Plenty of Air Force aviators become commercial pilots and the airlines welcome them with open arms due to the first class training they receive early. It’s a no brainer that companies like Qantas are always needing pilots and Townsville’s Defence/Air Force set up could have been the perfect foil. Another quality opportunity lost by the idiots supposedly running this place !

    • The Magpie says:

      We were never in with a chance, courtesy Mayor Mullet and the child manager of the airport, Dill Gill.

  14. Gonzo says:

    Good blog, Pie. I loved the subhead to the suit by Clive against Mayor Mullet: “Do these two ever deserve each other … We don’t.” and your point about the Time Magazine cover, which was great by the way, that of course the toddler was not separated from her mother. It so happened the border police were searching her Mum. It was a mag cover for the ages. I must get a copy and put it on my wall!
    Keep up the good work and investigations. Cheers.

  15. The Grudge says:

    How will they sell all those lovely houses they are building in Townsville once those new house rates go up to pay for the pipeline (unless there’s a sweet heart deal for the new house owners) ? Sure , keep putting up the rates, see what happens.

    Ewen Jones for El Presidente ? The man’s walking time bomb.

    Nice to see a council worker gobbing off and threatening to cut our water and leave our rubbish in the street. IT’S YOUR JOB not unpaid community service, do it or find work elsewhere.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      Well said grudge I expect that from a rusted on labour voter. Always saying something but never actually understanding what they are saying. I never threatened to cut or leave anything. But I can make an exception for you too. You all think we just drive around all day doing nothing. Well you ratepayers put us in the situation we find now but have done nothing except write on blogs and Facebook and hope someone else will do the dirty work for you. Change is coming but sitting on your arse ding, nothing but bag the people who keep this city going won’t help. Mullet has now started a 20yrs cycle of pain. Next council will double rates to play catch up, council after that will say what nasty people they are for doing this and promise to keep rates low just to get your vote. Whinge whinge whinge. Come out with us one day and see what we do rather than sit on your keyboard warriors phone

      • The Magpie says:

        “You ratepayers’? As Pauline would say, please explain. You’ve gone a bit wobbly there in your angry reasoning, one thinks.

        Allow The ‘Pie point out as gently as he can, that in this day and age of social media that ‘writing on blogs and Facebook’ IS doing something. You comment is almost incoherent. What do you expect people to do – this side of Match 2020 anyway?

      • The Magpie says:

        Just for the record: You say today, quote’I never threatened to cut or leave anything.’Unquote.

        Two days ago, in a comment on this blog, you said, quote:’Like I said your smart arse comments are stupid concidering (sic) people like me have the power to shut off your drinking water not collect your rubbish and not treat your shit before it backs up through your toilet’.

        Sounds like a threat, actually, and an empty one at that … no matter who sits in power in Walker Street, try a stunt like using your position for spite should and would get you the well deserved sack immediately. Try a little more thinking before you become what you see as your worst enemy, a keyboard warrior.

        • Kingswood says:

          God I’d love to do that to a treasured few. Imagine the power of foisting a non collection of rubbish, no tap water and having a person’s loo contents come back to greet them in an explosive way. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it, there’s so many deserving souls out there. Perhaps in the not so distant future all it will take is a hack or virus to achieve this through council’s central CPU.

          The power…

    • Gob says:

      Gobbing off is army slang

  16. Mike Douglas says:

    A typical Labor class warfare T.C.C. Budget from Mayor Mullet because that’s all she knows. Add in last years 1.1% rise( reduction in early payment discount) that’s a 3 % rise in 2 years! . Where are the savings in wages from 200 staff redundancies and without carry over transition package $6.4 mil the Impailer has a deficit of $5.7 mil ???. The Mullet states “ we have kept rates pain minimal” but how would someone on $200k salary+ car+ phone+ Travel+ + + know what pain minimal was?.

  17. The Magpie says:

    Jenny’s Budget Dilemma.

    • Critical says:

      Reading in a Cairns paper today that after the Cairns Regional Council handed down its budget yesterday, that council still maintains the second lowest debt per capita among medium to large councils in Queensland. Does anyone know where Townsville City Council ranks on that debt per capita scale in Queensland?.

      • The Magpie says:

        Do you really want to?

        • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

          According to the Budget papers (documents) posted the projected total debt is $607 Million for the next financial year 2018/2019/ Very interesting. To the last financial year, Townsville was number two in debt stakes after the Gold coast.

  18. The Magpie says:

    This says it all: “Introducing free parking will allow everyone the chance to drop into the city to pick up a coffee, return a library book, post a letter or run errands without having to pay for a park,” she (Cr Greaney) said.

    Before the free time runs out, someone will have time for what? Well, according to the good councillor, a person could do 2 things that don’t contribute one iota of spending to a cbd business (which can be done elsewhere one should add) or buy a takeaway coffee. Yup, that’s it.

    Incidentally after penalties for “overstaying” were “slashed” (the Astonisher’s word choice) one wonders what economic impact this had on the CBD. Oh shit, the Bully forgot to ask that.


  19. The Magpie says:

    Mayor Mullet’s brilliant ’15 minute free parking’ strategy to solve the woes of City Heart businesses.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      What a pack of dickheads, do these people actually think you can just pull up right outside the premises and walk in, half the time it will take 5 minutes each way walking for starters, this is just propaganda garbage to make people think they give a fuck, which they clearly don’t.

      • Grumpy says:

        Aye to that. Plus…you may return your library book, but no chance of browsing for a new one.

        Seriously, who comes up with this shit?

      • Scotty says:

        It would take 15 minutes to get past all the For Lease signs

        • Kingswood says:

          That time would easily be used up dodging shady types, avoiding piles of excrement that I’m certain aren’t from fido and declining requests for spare change & smokes. Although time is saved when you have to walk at olympic speed after being abused for politely refusing requests…

    • Alahazbin says:

      Until they get off their overpaid fat arses and encourage a big retailer back to the CBD, it’s no use promising 15 minutes free parking.
      But hang on! Isn’t the CBD fucked already due this useless lot of wankers.

      • Droopy draws says:

        I don’t know how many times I’ve heard old chestnut rolled out in the past. ‘We need to attract a big retailer to the CBD’.

        What are you referring to; David Jones? DFO?

        Seriously, we need to move past this thought fart that a retailer is going to solve the problems of City Heart. Castletown has killed that off and continues too and to a similar extent, Stockland adds to the issue.

        The CBD needs residents; that’s what it needs. Residents that will choose to live there because they work there and or wants to be there.

        It’ll be a long, long time before there is enough density occupying the area before any flash shopping Mecca ever happens again….

    • Dearie Me says:

      If you read the small print of the 15 minutes parking some genius has decided you have to buy a 2 hour parking ticket first. Now how the fuck is that free parking! Sounds like a scam to me

      • The Magpie says:

        Please send in the relevant ‘small print’ … that surely can’t be right.

        • Mangrove Jack says:

          “Introducing the 15-minute free parking is another strategy Council has developed to make the CBD a more attractive place to visit.”
          Motorists will be able to park for the first 15 minutes free in any 2-hour parking space within the city centre.


          • The Magpie says:

            It is very obscure how this will work, and since you seem to be VERY well informed about the council doings, MJ, can you tell us how this will work? Do you get a special 15 minute ticket for nix, and if so, does this require all the CBD parking meters to be modified (at god knows what cost)? And if you overstay by a few minutes, what are the fines (low they may be, as Clr Greaney boasts)? This may be a good idea but why for once can’t the council get its head out of its arse and see the obvious questions people want to know.

          • Mangrove Jack says:

            Jeez Pie, you asked for the relevant small print, so I supplied the link and two sentences from the Council Media release, but if you still think I am VERY informed (which I am not), I would again refer the article.

            Cr Hill said motorists would still need to collect a ticket from the machine in order to access the free 15-minute parking throughout the CBD.
            “Collecting a ticket, even if there’s no charge, will allow our inspectors to know exactly when a car has been parked to ensure people aren’t overstaying and there is a regular turnover of those car parks,” Cr Hill said.

            The Media release creates more questions than answers, and unless the ticket machines are modified, I don’t know how you can get a ticket from the machine without paying If you only intend to stay for the “Free” 15 minutes.

            Perhaps someone who frequents the City may be able to check a ticket machine and report back, and as regards overstaying the 15 Free minutes, do you reckon the Council will let you off without a Parking fine? I doubt it and I won’t be trying my luck any time soon.

          • The Magpie says:

            OK, guess we’ll find out soon enough. Would’ve been nice if they had given a simple example of how this will work. In any case, it’s a fuzzy feel good move of absolutely no value to the health of the CBD unless apparently you own a coffee shop.

          • Dearie Me says:

            Oh Pie… it’s hard to give a simple example, if you’re too simple to work out the mechanics of these brilliant ideas to save the parking woes of the city. Especially when they probably haven’t even consulted with the parking inspectors, who will now require scooters to monitor the 15 minutes free parking.

          • Mike Shearer says:

            Is it so long since any of you used a parking meter that you don’t remember the drill? The 2 hours is MAXIMUM, you select how long within that range you expect to be and pay the assigned amount. The ticket that is printed out shows when you paid, how much and for how long. All that has to be done to the meters is for them to allow 15 minutes before the cash register starts whirring. Easy

          • FNQ says:

            Mike, “Easy” is free parking. That at least gives CBD businesses a chance. Why would you set up in there? sure the rents cheap but the traffic is zero.. Look at businesses that have been there for 50 / 60 / 70 years and recently closed.. they held out for at least 10 years longer than they should have or could have on TCC promises to invigorate the CBD.
            Yes workers will park there.. who cares, they make it look busy.. and guess what.. they spend where they work…
            As for the deficit.. how the fuck do we get so deep in the red with rates at the level they are? I understand we are second in QLD and close to the top in the country for Rates.. The town has to work too.. thats TCC.. you can’t just keep spending and nailing the locals again and again.. They will leave..
            “Oh Townsville.. awesome place to visit.. Magnetic island.. stop it! the best island and beaches on the Great barrier reef.. what you’ve never heard about it?????”

          • The Magpie says:

            You apparently missed the start of the movie, FNQ. BECAUSE workers were parking there when it was free in two hour time slots, and were moving their cars three or four times a day, that was a major factor in why a lot of CBD trade traffic dropped off. Looking busy doesn’t mean you are busy. The ‘Pie has long advocated that on this issue, all parking should be free in the CBD, and the CofC should have a member campaign to strongly advise owners and employees to use the free satellite parking station on the CBD fringe so paying customers can drive to the door. It wouldn’t solve wider problems, but it would be a start.

          • FNQ says:

            Oh I remember the two hour free.. if anything that was a pain in the arse for employers, with staff moving cars every 2 hours.
            Just make it free. Continue to run the buses because the carparks will fill up..
            I don’t agree looking busy is not being busy.. Perception can become reality.. A quick way to make the place look vibrant is to have cars in the city.
            I remember the multi story car park being full.. not anymore.. We are lucky we have people willing to try to give it a lift by developing but why isn’t the council in step?? it beggars belief..

  20. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Dear ‘Pie,

    On a completely different subject, Townsville and Charters Towers both have a flying fox problem. Gutless governments, beholden to the Greens have taken no effective action.

    Mataranka Homestead NT, had a flying fox problem but not now! They installed a series of standpipes with sprinklers on top, at tree top height. Each evening as flying foxes arrive on go the sprinklers. Eventually they stop using the area as a communal roost. On the rare occasion a few start to return, on go the sprinklers. Easy, cost effective, and the greenies would have little to bitch about.

    Will a member of the flock please pass this on to the powers that be (and take the credit) as I will again soon be without network coverage.

  21. seagull says:

    for those of you who say Cathy does nothing….
    from todays OL bullsheet

    “Tool stops drunken attacks in Flinders St

    Safe Night Precinct A POWERFUL deterrent for troublemakers in the safe night precinct of Townsville is helping to curb the number of drunken assaults. ”

    I think I got that right.. ?

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Seagull, The Tool needs to give herself a few stiff uppercuts and then she might come to her senses and start REPRESENTING our community in Canberra……….then again, she was accidentally elected by 37 votes on minor party preferences, so maybe not! Bring on the fed election – bye, bye Tool, bye, bye!

  22. Critical says:

    The rates rise discussion generally seems to be around property owners but forgets that it impacts on all residents such as people renting as landlords increase rents to recoup the cost of increased rates (unless of course you are are getting heavily subsided rent at taxpayers cost via Anna and her useless government); business owners increase their costs to cover the increased rates cost and so the merry-go-round continues.

    • Just Curious says:

      I’m sorry Critical but to suggest that owners of rental properties can simply put up the rent to cover increases in rates is simply not the case.

      In our currently depressed economy simply raising your rent will result in a vacant property. It’s a renters market and many are bartering down their rental costs.

      If the investor doesn’t own the rental property and many investors don’t, they are currently losing money on the deal.

      That’s the risk you take but to simply make the assumption that investors can simply raise the rent to cover rates increases is simply not true.

  23. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Further to my previous comment Pie, there is this little nugget hidden away in the budget papers, that TCC seem far less keen to publicise….I wonder if the Astonisher will also be reluctant to highlight?

    Table 11: Measures of Financial Sustainability

    Operating surplus ratio – (Target 0 – 10%)
    TCC 2018/19: -1.5% 2019/20: 0%

    Net financial liability ratio (Target 90%)
    TCC 2018/19: 80% 2019/29: 50%

    Very scary stuff indeed…..

  24. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Sonething seems to be pkaying up in my comments Pie, it just seems to be repeating my first initial comment with an error, even if I resubmit with the corrections.

    I will wait for a bit an then try again. In tbe meantime just ignore my last 2 comments about financial sustainability.

    • The Magpie says:

      Certainly seems to be ‘sonething’ ‘pkaying up’but don’t worry, in ‘tbe’ meantime, consider your comments ignored. Maybe you’ve got the same technical problem as The Magpie – loose nut on the keyboard.

  25. A keen Eye says:

    They went to war in bluewater/toolakea Magpie. Its was just on win TSV

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I do not have a Facebook account. Please put in a format that we can all access if possible.

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s beyond The ‘Pie’s capability, even if it is possible.

      • Mangrove Jack says:

        RESIDENTS neighbouring The Esplanade at Toolakea have called firebreaks “complete overkill” after “100-year-old” trees were bulldozed.
        One woman was arrested for protesting against the firebreaks.
        Toolakea property owner Doug Gage said he woke up yesterday morning to bulldozers knocking down paperbark trees and scrub.


        • The Magpie says:

          As with so many things around this city, it is not what was done by authorities but how it was done. Arrogant lack of consultation or even advice and explanation for the action in this case, even if neighbours have no say in the land in question. But there are quite a few smelly things surrounding the bush fire brigade up that way – just ask Sandra Richards.

        • The Grudge says:

          Most likely so they can clear the way to build houses, its all about building houses , sucking in money into a bad investment. Some poor saps have lost a fortune investing in townsville. You turn the trees into matchsticks on the taxpayer dime then the developers move in ( or start the odd fire to clear land).

        • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

          Not a single peep from the Council nor the Councilors that live in the area and represent the people of the area. Shows that they care doesn’t? In case you don’t know who that are …Cr Paul Jacob and Cr Margie Ryder.

  26. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Everyone seems to be missing the bucks from the tourism potential if we highjack this corrupt from the start stadium. And turn it to our advantage. We cut sick on the bent fucks . Change the law for mandatory remand , to allow special sentances too. We sentence them to be sold to online cannibals but they have to be eaten alive at the stadium. 1 every few months to allow for ticket sales marketing. The cannibals would be rich Europeans and the tourists dumb rich yanks. All profits to public revenue. Can’t lose, we’fill the fucken thing every time make a killing at the meat auctions!

  27. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    The nuts have gone completely and there’s definitely a few screws loose Pie!

    Fourth time lucky. Here goes:

    From TCC’s budget documents. I am assuming they have to include this in the report as a legislative requirement, and the targets are set by the QLD Govt.  TCC are certainly not shouting the results from the rooftops.

    Table 11: Measures of financial sustainability

    Operating suplus ratio (Target 0 – 10%)
    TCC 2018/19: -1.5% 2019/20: 0%

    Net financial liability ratio (Target 90%)
    TCC 2018/19: 80% 2019/20: 50%

    Bottom line seems to be that Council is not financially sustainable.

    Also, I’m certainly no expert in analysing financial statements, but my gut feeling tells me that TCC are up to some jiggery – pokery with their claim in the budget summary graphic in their budget papers (and regurgitated by the Astonisher without any analysis) that somehow $6.4M of the Federal Water Transition Package grant should be excluded from the budget for the year. Somewhat conveniently, this reverses a forecast “Reportable Operating Deficit” of $5.7M into a “Underlying Operating Surplus” of $0.7M.

    They do this on the basis that the $9.1M grant was received in 2017/18 “to be spent over the next two years”. I’m inferring from this that $2.7M was spent in 2017/18.

    Comparing the budget summary graphic to the detailed Statement of Income and Expenditure in the budget papers it seems all they have done is exclude $6.4M from the materials and services expense line item. ($124.7M in the Statement compared to $118.3M in the budget summary graphic).

    I suspect they have just done a bit of a financial flap – doodle in the budget summary graphic to make it an actual real financial deficit magically appear as a surplus, knowing that most people never read past the fancy graphic to the accompanying reports. (Well, certainly tbe Astonisher doesn’t seem to).

    This seems to have a distinct odour of rodent to it. Perhaps someone with more financial analysis experience and knowledge of accounting standards and practices can offer their opinion. Is this normal and expected accounting reporting practice?

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      This type of manipulation also occurred in Ipswich City Council, orchestrated by the previous Mayor now under CCC investigation. Apparently, this costs the Council and Ratepayers in excess of $80 million dollar LOSS with the added secretive Company, which Townsville Council have also introduced with no transparency and accountability. These people rely on the fact that most of the ratepayers do not take the time or have the expertise to analyze the financial budget. We also have a gut feeling that this town is heading into financial oblivion.THanks to The Wulguru Wonder

      • The Magpie says:

        Oh you terrible old doubting thomas, Peter … our mayor has already promised that the new development corporation will have an INDEPENDENT BOARD. Which she and The Impaler, withg bthe advice of Premier Alphabet, wills elect. So corruption? Perish the thought, oh, dearie me no, heaven’s to Betsy how could you even think such a thing?

  28. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Fifth time is a charm:

    Net financial liability ratio (Target 90%)
    TCC 2018/19: 80% 2019/20: 50%

  29. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I’m giving up!!!!! Just look up the bloody table in tbe budget papers!!!

    In short ot shows the Council is screwed in terms of financial sustainability.. .

  30. Piece of cake says:

    Is this the rate rise we had have to cover the Mayors “donations” to her billionaire “friends.”

  31. Frank says:

    None of this matters at all. The labor team (which is all the councillors on the TCC) will be voted back in again. So everyone take a bex and have a good lie down.

    • The Magpie says:

      Remember Frank, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem … there are no innocent bystanders with this council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Lie down? Interesting advice Frank, but voters taking your recommendation should remember, if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

  32. Mangrove Jack says:

    There seems to be a lot of stuff planned for “in and around 2020″

    MAYOR Jenny Hill is confident construction of a Lagoon water precinct at The Strand could start by 2020 if development approvals are secured.
    The 6ha Lagoon was a key component of the Townsville City Council’s bold masterplan to revitalise the city and make it more appealing to younger generations and visitors by 2020.
    The council’s 2018-19 Budget included about $900,000 for a feasibility study to assess the viability of the proposal.
    Cr Hill said she did not think the council would have “any trouble” constructing the Lagoon “in and around 2020”.


    • The Magpie says:

      The stingers and crocs we should fear are sitting on their arses in Walker Street. This is a dodgy budget.

  33. Frank says:

    I didn’t vote for any of those people on Council.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well … and not having a go. but … why the defeatist attitude? It’s an attitude that is equal to a vote for Mayor Mullet and her team. And is just the sort of thing she and her minions spread about.

  34. Sceptical says:

    Good to see big Jen reads your blog Magpie and has adopted the treated water opportunity outlined in this blog in recent times.

  35. Dutch Reverend says:

    I’m no financial genius (you are welcome to have a crack at me) but didn’t Mullet say she had $18.5mill already put aside for Adani airstrip courtesy of the Townsville ratepayer. Now she has pulled that money back and is benevolently giving the ratepayers back $9mill for shovel ready projects ? Seems to me about $9mill short. Obviously we are not as deserving as Adani even though we provide the capital. And on top of that going to borrow money to start the pipeline for our water security which we the ratepayer will cover in the way of interest. We are so lucky

  36. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The bench chairs have definitely gone from the aisle leading into the Qantas Club, replaced by lovely cheap laminated long rectangle workstations with chairs, diagonally positioned across the aisle which has been recovered with some tacky looking vinyl flooring, it looks like a Phillipines or Mumbai call centre, just bloody horrible.

  37. Droopy draws says:

    You’re right, Cantankerous. A mate showed me a pic on Monday after he flew in Sunday night.

    It looks so out of place. And cheap. Nice greeting for our visitors coming down the escalators….

    I would exp ct that sort of behaviour from a 5 yr old in the playground trying to stop another kid form getting on his slide. Not corporate business dealing with another.

  38. Kelsie J says:

    Does Townsville want to attract tourists or not? Grey nomads are staying at the Ross Dam for some peace and quiet. What does SunWater do? Mow the whole Ross Dam wall then have beeping heavy machinery, scraping and moving dirt all day. $110Million Ross Dam upgrade was done in 2007. Ross Dam never needed mowing before this “upgrade”. To add insult to injury the ridiculous temporary round about on the Riverway Road duplication claimed another scalp, a grey nomad rear ended a little green car. 18 months to build 3 KILOMETRES Riverway Drive Duplication and it is not even gold plated. They even planted grass with expensive irrigation pipes for us to watch die. We are forced to look at Aaron Harper MP huge billboard claiming to be proud of this $35MILLION joke.

  39. The Magpie says:

    The following group of comments were submitted by Memory Man. The ‘Pie thinks it worth noting that while he believes in the merits and benefits of metred systems as described, all three examples submitted by Memory Man have been written by or under the letterhead of Taggle, the manufacturers of the systems adopted by the mentioned councils.

    Memory Man wrote:
    Mackay saved ratepayers over $100m. Townsville goes out of its way to incur an unnecessary $2m pa Interest bill to “bring forward” a pipeline by two years. No clearer contrast could be had between prudence and profligacy.


    There are smart water cities, and then there’s Townsville.


    If it isn’t enough for Mackay to lead the way, Cassowary Coast also shows that they’ve got the brains.


    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      These examples from memory man are very selective, and as usual contain selective accounting on behalf of either A. Someone trying to secure an outcome to enforce their agenda or B. a business looking to secure a commercial outcome, and should be analysed from that context, all is not what it seems and I will point out just one simple fact, that not one major water utility in this country has rolled out a data compliant package on a domestic fleet through either initial install or retrospectively for one simple reason, the numbers don’t stack up and are a long way from even being cost neutral at this point in time.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        Then Bad Tempered Yet Contented One, you’ll be interested in this extract from p32 of the Townsville Water Performance Plan, which forms part of the Council budget papers.

        “Digital Utilities of the Future

        Townsville Water has embarked down the path of becoming North Queensland’s leading Digital Utility. Over the next five years, a series of programs will transform the way Townsville Water delivers services to the community. Pilot projects and trials like the Smart Water Metering and Sensor Q – Smart Water Quality Monitoring is currently underway and will continue during the 2018/19 financial year. These trials will help inform the pathway to becoming a more customer focused, safe and efficient Digital Utility of the future.”

        And then this line item from Table 4.4 Proposed Major Investments 2018/19 on p40:

        “Project/Initiative: Smart Meters
        Investment Type: Capital Investment
        Completion Date: 30 June 2019
        Cost: $6M”

        It seems to me that a $6M capital investment is a bit more than a “pilot project or trial.”

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          Actually Wulguru Wonder $6 million is a pilot trial , just a bit of selective placement throughout the network where they know an outcome will be positive, then take that data multiply it across the network expecting a similar outcome across the entire fleet, but it doesn’t work that way, hence why no major water utility across Australia has gone down this path, the numbers don’t wash out at the end of the cycle, just far too many variables. I would expect an outlay of $80-90 million for initial fleet replacement then another $20-30 million over the life cycle of the meter fleet, somwhere between 8-10 years, a fuckng lot of money to save a few drops from a storage that loses more in evaporation than it does in supply on a daily basis, just a gigantic waste of money.

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            Yes Tetchy Yet Contented, I agree with you. My issue is that the decision to go down the path of being a “Digital Utility of the Future” isn’t raised or discussed with ratepayers and we have to go ferreting around the small print in the budget reports to find out that they are spending  $6M of our money on this.

            These are the types of issues that Council need to be discussing and genuinely consulting ratepayers about and seeking their input and opinion on. Another example is informing and discussing with the conmunity the potential impacts (financial and environmental) on ratepayers and Council’s operations of China’s change in accepting recycled materials.  I see that this was actually an agenda item on the monthly Council meeting a couple of months ago, but no information has been provided to ratepayers or residents on the background of the issue, the outcome of meeting or the Council decision beyond a very uninformative paragraph in the minutes of the meeting. (Which states that the recycling contractor will be compensated for the impacts but again no mention of the amount of compensation or circumstances in which it will be paid…..no doubt because it is considered “commerical in confidence”.

            Instead we get wiffle-waffle and piffle about potential dream projects, spin around free CBD parking and other “look there’s something shiny over there” claptrap.

            And don’t even get me started on their constant need to capitalise perfectly ordinary  words (“Digital Utility”) to imbue them with some mythical authority or gravity.

  40. J.B says:

    Townsville Council loses $80 million through secretive development arm, whoops, I mean Ipswich.

  41. The Magpie says:


    Which makes everything Ok, then, right?

    But it was the front page of The New Yorker that nailed the hypocrisy of not just Trump but a majority of Americans, whose most proud symbolic statue carries the exhortation encouraging migrants to a new life in the United States.. Eloquent!

  42. Kelsie J says:

    Re $35 MILLION 3 km Riverway Drive Duplication tender . Who investigates these choices of tenders? 18 month $35 Million for 3 KILOMETRE seems outrageous. Another tender question, does anyone investigate why Council reduced the choice of tenders to 2 for the Burdekin pipeline then surprised everyone with a plastic pipeline that wasn’t even recommended by the Water Security Taskforce and funded by the Qld gov. We would just like to know who does all the checks and balances, because after all it is the taxpayers’ money… are we being charged toooooo much? Is someone making a massive profit at the taxpayers’ expense? After all Australia has enormous debt already. This is probably happening all over Australia….

    • The Magpie says:

      Hey, The ‘Pie has an idea (as usual).
      Let’s appoint a committee to investigate your points, we have plenty of local experts in that area.
      For instance, when the ring road was being built (Motorway? hahahahaha), a one-lane ach plain blacktop was constructed, and then some years later, stage two was built, at least doubling the cost.

      So who better to chair these investigates of council matters than the unbiased, fair minded and self-effacing bloke who presided over the ring road cost blow-out.

      Who else but ….

      And Craig Cuddlepie Wallace could be his co-chair. Boy, are they likely to come down really hard on this Labor Council.

      • Rosie Wood says:

        Maybe they can also investigate the fucking moron who activated the traffic lights at Santal Drive, creating massive traffic congestion and delays in the morning and afternoon rushes. The signals are designed for the control of four/six lanes of well regulated traffic. The existing road is a single-lane detour track with unregulated traffic flow and constantly changing conditions. Putting a set of traffic signals into that mix is contrary to all principles of sensible and responsible traffic management.

        When I raised this with some rude cow at Aaron Harper’s office, she was totally dismissive and quite unhelpful. Apart from demonstrating a total lack of capacity for intelligent thought, her basic attitude was “So? What do you want us to do about it?” Well, Chookie, you are the local state member and it is a state project in your electorate. There is an issue effecting members of your elctorate. It is your business – when the road is opened, I bet young Aaron will be front and centre on the dais, taking all credit where credit is not due.

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Bloody hell Pie!!! You scared the shit out of my Granddaughter with that photo of Snooze – she was sitting next to me drawing when she saw it on my iPad screen and she bolted screaming!!! Can you please consider warning us if these type of pics are to be posted. S’pose the other thing I could do is only read your blog away from the little ones………Off to find little Lucy now.

  43. The Magpie says:

    This is a suitably edited post by Pat Coleman (Pat, you are a bloody sub editor’s nightmare who gets a good idea and info but hasn’t a clue how to present it! Harumph!!)
    The ‘Pie has added some littl flourishes.

    Pat writes:
    Fatal foam – why is Cathy O’Toole hiding on this crucial Townsville issue?
    The submissions for the most recent senate inquiry into the health and environmental impacts of toxic PFASS (Legacy Fire Fighting Foam) close on the 7 TH of July and we have heard nothing about it from our local Herbert MP Cathy O’Toole or  the LNP’s Thompson, WHY?

    The people of this town ARE concerned about such health impacts that may include cancer. A recent SMH Story has highlighted clusters that MAY have caused by it. It has impacts on our fishing lifestyle and industry too.
    Could it be with tight numbers (The Tool won the seat by just 37 votes, dragged over the line by Palmer preferences) this is a potential runaway issue for both sides in this important national seat?
    Could it be she might be left to explain why , immediately preceding the RAAF dropping use the foam in 2004, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, the multinational that specialises in cleaning up environmental nasties, and was eventually given the tender for the nationwide investigation – started donating politically on such a massive scale. First to the Howard government, then to Labor, only ceasing when it would not be a good look to change sides again?
    A simple donations search using the DEMOCRACY FOR SALE http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ site turned up
    Search AEC Donations

    $26925  to Labor  and  $72550 to Libs since 2004. Just type in “Parsons” in the donor search
    Anwhere else this would be a conflict of interest.

    But O’Toole is missing in action on this vital matter.

  44. The Magpie says:

    The ‘Pie has noticed with alarm that he hasn’t upset or insulted anyone for a while – gosh, it must be three hours since Capt Snooze got a serve in comments.

    So here’s an easy lazy way to upset the hanky wringers – especially the three-wheelers. But The ‘Pie found this hilarious, being as it was an exchange between two of the parliament’s extremist nutters.


    • The Magpie says:

      C;lassy stuff … but now, if only Jenny Hill would stop shagging Townsville ratepayers, we’d be right.

  45. Scientician79 says:

    So this is the style of development corporation Mullet and Impaler have setup?


    Interesting to note the quote from the Local Government Minister:

    “Mr Hinchliffe said he had directed his department to examine reforms to “keep residents and ratepayers informed” about council-owned companies.”

    Let’s see how that works out for us, given the deception and spin around the budget this year I suspect not well.

  46. Lucifer's love child says:

    Looking forward to the rate rises now.

  47. The Magpie says:

    That’s not a promise … that’s a threat.

  48. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Crown on Palmer bites the dust this weekend , leaving that whole end of Palmer St a ghost town, it just never seems to end at the moment, one busiensss after another, the Mullet will be able to claim that she has improved parking in the area, lots of spare spots at the moment.

    • The Magpie says:

      Whoa, hang on, what about the Metropole?

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yes, good point Pie, forgot about that one, not very often I forget about a pub, haven’t been in years, best they let everyone know as I am sure many like me would have forgotten about them,

        • The Magpie says:

          Crown on Palmer was never going to work because of southern arrogance and some colourful identities being involved in its structure. ConP was always going to be a destination venue, but the arrogance of th original Sydney owners just would not bend to the reality of both their location and of Townsville. The inaugural lunch food operation was a nightmare … menus given at the table, then get up, line up at register to order and pay (before you received any ‘goods’ – too bad if you wanted to complain) and no table service for booze, another trip to the bar this time was needed. The new owners were strongly advised that the lunch trade was there for the right operation (the Metropole was and is doing well in that area and ConP had the view) but none of the CBD monied folks – legals and so on – would go for all that sort of palaver (food was very ordinary anyway). Lunches didn’t so much go down the tube, they just never happened as predicted. Then as a music venue ConP proved a great boon for the Yacht Club … these complete fuckwits even banned shorts after 5pm, and whole phalanxes of would-be music loving drinkers literally gave it the finger and trooped up to the Yachties. We won’t go into the dodgy company and financial background to this venture.

          In short, ConP was a microcosm of a wider problem here … arrogant blow-ins with a father-knows-best or at least better than the local yokels attitude, not listening to the fact that many ordinary Townsvilleans are far better travelled and experienced with expectations to match than say Blacktown in wstern Sydney, where the first manager/owner had been used to serving a clientele that was 50% the dregs of the social underclass.

          Anyone for a ruinous freshwater lagoon on The Strand? Sure we’ll use it, but it ain’t gunna be the reason anyone visits us here. And we’ll be paying for it. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

          • Lucifer's Love Child says:

            It was also deafening when anymore than 10 people were inside due to the hard floors and no noise abatement.

  49. TCC engineroom says:

    You thought the budget was fucked? Waiting for a confirmation but have been told that bowen Rd bridge is off limits to vehicals over 13tonne for 12 mths. Is this because of failed maintenance or neglect. How long have they known about this? You only have to look at the city sinkhole and hoWitt st to see the neglect from the Mooney/renolds councils that was going on underground. Get back to you when hear more

  50. Peter D says:

    All this hoohah and nonsense going around in the political world and no one seems to join the crowd and realise what this is doing to our town. One business after another is shutting down and closing their doors because the big dogs upstairs can’t focus on the matter at hand.

    This is a really good read if anyone is interested.

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