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Sunday, August 19th, 2018   |   141 comments

Choosing The Lesser Of Two Weevils: Palmer Sues O’Toole.

Not that you’d know it from the Bulletin, but a Brisbane court filing confirms Palmer has made good on his threat, the latest in his scattergun disruption strategy.

This was just another glaring miss in a week of a string of misses and cock-ups by the Townsville Bulletin, but it was by no means the biggest – but was it incompetence or connivance in some instances? The Magpie has a little list.

Notes from the Twatosphere: trainee CEO Little Patty O’Callaghan and Mayor Mullet share the love from Canberra on their triumphant return from their little jolly to the national capital, where they were … ummm … well, gosh … we are told they were LISTENED to.

… and what does it say when people in Port Moresby don’t want to visit Townsville.

That and plenty more in this week’s Nest, but first ….

What A Croc(K)

Now, let’s see if The ‘Pie’s got this right … we’re not allowed to do the sensible things and cull crocodiles because, well, because … look just because. (Actually, because Labor needs the Green preferences to continue loitering on the government benches in George Street).It’s some sort of misguided notion we should live in perfect harmony with all God’s creatures and not kill anything (a general rule for this old bird, but come the revolution and The ‘Pie’s the boss, first for the high jump will be the bloke who wrote ‘Achey Breaky Heart’.) Of course, those crocs haven’t read the peaceful coexistence manifesto, and still happily chomp their way through the occasional dopey tourist or drunk local – actually vice versa.

So we go to the government to seek money to build a freshwater lagoon so tourists can swim all year round with the risk of becoming a reptilian repast,  but the government is reluctant to provide the readies to right the damage of their own nanny state hankie wringing policy. (But having said that, The ‘Pie is told we are in for a surprise announcement soon, but as you will read further one, its all still shrouded in secrecy.)

Bentley has a burning question.

lagoon fin

Even By The Bulletin’s Bargain Basement Standards, It’s Been A Horror Week For The Paper

From dopey to deliberately devious, trivial to tedious, the Bulletin lurched from one credibility calamity to another almost every day during the week.

Tuesday was Trivia Day, when the paper ran the latest in this riveting series.


If any one was surprised at Harpic’s taste in music, you weren’t half as surprised as he was. Especially when it reported him as having an elder daughter and that his Dad was dead. He had to resort to social media to set the record straight.

Screen shot 2018-08-18 at 10.34.10 PM

Turns out that this one under Harpic’s name was actually for Scott Stewart.


The Astonisher is so famously sensitive (don’t start me!) it will probably offer Mr Harper Snr a free funeral notice when the time eventually comes. Or perhaps before … again.

But As Nana Always Said ‘It’s Just Fun Until Someone Loses An Eye’ – Or In This Case, An Airline

Things became a tad more serious when the Astonisher either missed or deliberately held back the announcement that the one remaining international airline into Townsville … Air Nuigini … would cease flying here from October 1. The airline’s media release … the paper’s favoured source of information after Facebook trolling – was sent to media outlets at about 3.30pm on Thursday. When it didn’t appear in the paper on Friday, and The ‘Pie noted the fact, several conspiracy theorists – The Magpie’s favoured source of information heh heh heh – claimed it was a stitch up between iditor Jenna Cairney and Mayor Mullet, so as not to spoil the glory of the wildly successful –not – junket to Canberra. (More on that in a sec). Possibly, or just sloppy lazy journalism.

As The Magpie said in a comment on Friday

Now given all the little girly-skipping and hand-clapping glee with which the paper last year received the mildly interesting news of Air Niugini coming to Townsville, and all the resultant undeserved self-aggrandising over-blown waffle from Kevin Gill, you’d expect this ‘unfortunate’ development worthy of a prominent mention.

So where did they report it?

Nowhere. There was not a dicky bird, nada, nil, zilch in the paper. But you may be assured now that the news has appeared here, it will get a mention somewhere in tomorrow’s Weekend Bulletin (front page ..HA!), This will be a fine continuation of the paper’s real motto ‘Yesterday’s News Tomorrow’. Let’s see how long it takes them to put it up on their website.

Two hours after that comment, the bare bones of the story went up on the website but it wasn’t until this morning (Saturday) – a full two days after the event – the joke was on The Magpie, when we finally got this.

NCTB_1_2018_08_18_thumb_bigAll of which kick-started The ‘Pie’s twisted imagination. .

International 2

More From The Yesterday’s News Tomorrow File

Then there was the news that was completely missed by the Astonisher – and admittedly all the other media outlets, but they don’t beat their self-promoting chests with the paper’s fervor. Given The Bulletin’s recent interest in this Palmer threat , one could reasonably expect this would’ve been – and probably will be on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, or … – a front page screamer.

Screen shot 2018-08-19 at 1.05.37 AM

No statement of claim yet available, but that is no reason not to publicise the fact itself. Indeed, one would think that a community newspaper that regularly lies to us that ‘we’re for you’ had a duty to report that the loose-lipped mayor of the city was being sued by overfed callous arseole. Who was forced into this embarrassing backdown.

Screen shot 2018-08-16 at 8.05.21 AM

Now how about one for the ratepayers and local businesses … written in the form of a resgnation letter. (Yeah, like that’s gunna happen without the help of the CCC).

The Devil In The Detail

Then there was yesterday’s story about Lancini moving offices into his City Point premises in the CBD. But his staff might have trouble locating their new digs if they depend on The Astonisher for directions.


The paper told us that City Point is on the corner of Stanley and Stokes streets. Which is a neat geographical trick, since they run parallel a block apart. City Point is bounded by Sturt, Stokes and Walker Street.

But we can’t expect the subs in Mumbai to know that, can we?

Define Success, Please

No such location problems for the cut-price CEO of the Dudley Do Nothings, the gabby fashionista Little Patty O’Callaghan, who continues her visit to this planet, where she wrestles daily with the language. But unlike the Bulletin, at least she knows where she is. In this deeply incisive story today (which fails to tell us who’s doing the labelling) …

Screen shot 2018-08-19 at 1.20.11 AM

… Little Patty showed she knows who’s who, what’s what and where everybody am … is … are …was oh you know what I mean. Don’t you?

TEL's Patricia O'Callaghan  -did they meet on eHarmony?

TEL’s Patricia O’Callaghan -did they meet on eHarmony?

“I think over the three days, to have 90 representatives from the community and their associates down there with over 40 politicians across major events, as well as a very jam-packed meeting program, the message was clear – Townsville and North Queensland is here,” she said.

Existential thinking at its glowing best, gal, your use of ‘down there’ and ‘is here’ is worthy of an academic treatise from some socks and sandals discombobulator from JCU.

Jenny and Les

But Mayor Mullet gave Little Patty a run for her money in the ‘well duh stakes’ when we examine her pearls of wisdom dropped into the Astonisher about the junket down south. Let’s parse some of them, shall we?

From the paper:

Cr Hill said that some of the politicians and bureaucrats in Canberra had “never heard of Townsville” or visited the North.

So, m’dear, Canberra is chockablock with ‘politicians and bureaucrats who have never heard of Townsville’ is it?. As in, they have never heard of the location of the country’s biggest, most expensive and strategically most important defence base, Clive Palmer and the Yabulu Nickel collapse, Storm Financial, the Shepherdson Inquiry, Johnathan Thurston and the premiership winning Cowboys, the V8 super car round, the astounding Adani airstrip deal, and a vital federal seat won by just 37 votes by Labor? The most marginal in the country? Oh, what ignoramuses you must’ve been dealing with Jenny, bet you had them whipping out the public chequebook lickety-split, eh? Well, perhaps not quite.

“Going down in the numbers we did . . . we made both the Government and the Opposition sit up and listen,” she said.

What, pray tell, did you expect them to do … or did you expect them to employ your well known tactic of dodging meetings with people who have a grievance or want funding?

And talk about carefully qualified statements:

“(the port channel widening) . . . received some favourable response now from both sides of the political spectrum.”

‘Some favourable response’? What meaningless tosh, aimed at justifying a jolly to the capital’s fine restaurants and their corporate expense account wine lists. Would’ve been a great time if it wasn’t for those pesky meetings. eh?

Yup, you really do think we’re all idiots, don’t you, gals? Tick, tick tick …

The Rumour Du Jour

Anthony templeton relaxing.

Anthony Simpo Templeton relaxing.

What’s this one hears, Anthony Simpleton aka Templeton is being punted from his media job at the council? Well, if that’s true, it’s logical, it is somewhat redundant now the Fright Bats have Stephen The Poisoned Dwarf Beckett penning inane stuff like the forgoing for the mayor. And as reported below, his missus is now in on the act, too.

In truth, The ‘Pie wasn’t aware that Simpleton was still there, so uncharacteristic was the lack of regular self-promotion from him. Guess Mayor Mullet figures she and he are now square after a couple of featherbedded years on the public tit, adequate repayment for years of his obsequious sycophancy when reporting council for the Astonisher.

Speaking Of Such Cosy Arrangements, Cop This …

Way back when Mike Capt Snooze Reynolds dragged himself away from the mirror long enough to announce that the Townsville Hospital needed to meet the demands of a growing population and so was being moved from North Ward to Douglas, everyone cheered.

Then they discovered that Snooze had put one over on them, because the new hospital to meet the city expansion actually has fewer … far fewer … beds than North Ward.

But this favourite Labor ploy of doing things in ruinously expensive stages … think Ring Road, think Civic Theatre if it ever happens, the promise of a money-making convention centre AFTER the loss making stadium is first built … so we will always have financial chickens coming home to roost. So guess what?….

hospital beds… and also required will be the requisite amount of feathers for the bedding, so the patients can enjoy the same level of comfort as Mooney’s Labor mates, like this matronly looking blow-in?

shayne sutton

Shayne Sutton is truly blessed, being hand-picked over any number of locals for a $40,000 seat on the TH board. But wait, as the steak knife man used say, there’s more … Ms Sutton, a former long-serving Brisbane City Council Labor councillor and wife of the newly minted TCC director of community communications something or other Stephen Beckett (in reality, the paid shill for the mayor and the Impaler) has just outshone a stellar field of other candidates (none actually) and has landed another nice little earner. This from a commenter last night.

John Doe
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Submitted on 2018/08/17 at 9:35 pmWife of council’s re-election campaign manager (GM of Communications Beckett) is now on the council payroll.Shayne Sutton appointed as executive officer in mayor’s office. Not advertised, just appointed as is the way now.Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | History |Spam | Trash

That is as it may be (indeed it may not be, but The ‘Pie will soon be told) But in a classic ‘not only but also’, during the week, Ms Sutton sent out a media release to all points under the title of Media Contact for that dynamic indispensable mob the North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NQROC). This apparently means she has been appointed to a three-days-a-week gig on that financial black hole  the TCC Future Cities group. It was this action that has prompted informed speculation about Simpo’s future.

Of course, not much point in asking the mayor, she’s no blabber …

mullet questions

… in today’s Astonisher, she refused to tell Tony Raggatt who was doing the pre-feasibility study ‘concept’ plan for the ‘super lagoon’ on the Strand. No doubt she wanted to avoid the embarrassment of admitting that (probably) Don Morris of Pure Projects was in there, ready to hoover up whatever cash was left in the council cash register after Shayne Sutton got her snoutful.

It’s all getting more blatant folks, and remember, bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. As they found out down at Ipswich, under the rule of the Mullet’s mate Paul Pisasale. Choice quote from that damning report released during the week.

Report findings

  • Council employees had attempted to bring concerns about corrupt conduct to the attention of a senior executive employee, however, these were either not addressed or dismissed out of hand
  • A senior executive employee appeared to be selective in deciding which matters to report to the CCC, despite a statutory obligation to report suspected corrupt conduct to the CCC
  • Middle-level management largely overlooked breaches of policies and procedures by senior executive employees and councillors
  • Council staff were often expected to overlook or cover up breaches of policy and procedure, including by altering records or filling in reports regarding approval for overseas travel.

Note the ordinary, decent employees who tried to do something. Although fear and intimidation were not mentioned down there … that’ll have to wait until the CCC ride iinto the ‘ville.

A Small Observation

Unfortunately Tony Raggatt will not appreciate th following, since praise in this blog is a minus down in his office. But The ‘Pie cannot allow Mr Raggat’s cleverly sly style of writing of late to go unremarked.

This subtlety has resulted, The ‘Pie thinks, from Tony being torn between wanting to keep his job, and chafing against the policy of mindless and irresponsible glee demanded in business and council stories generally.

Take the two page spread in today’s Astonisher under the spurious headline ’ Projects That Will Transform Townsville’. While attempting to fulfill the role of an uplifting drum-beater, Raggers cannot wholly disguise that the Raggatt tongue is firmly in the Raggatt cheek. For instance, he does a nice throwaway mention about the new bus hub road between Ogden and Hanran Streets being created through a property ‘which once had a building occupied by an award-wining hardware store.’

So, although he doesn’t make any more of it,  this disastrous bus hub hoopla has cost the CBD an award-winning business, has it? Yes it has, much to Bunnings delight..

Or when talking to Mayor Mullet about the lagoon, he gives her a metaphorical nipple twist was his deadpan line ‘unfortunately it was unclear who was doing the concept planning’ – making it quite clear that the mayor knows but has chosen not share this with us, the great unwashed. (It is presumably Don Morris of Pure Projects, hoovering up any spare cash Shayne Sutton has left in the council cash register.)

And Raggers came up with a tidy little rib tickler when he said that since 2011, the bus hub ‘had seen more green lights than a Sturt Street commuter’.

Raggers is part of a new critical direction for parts of the paper. Shari Tagliabue continues to be allowed a generous and welcome amount of rein. Her spirited columns, often cutting close to the bone but always with humour, are, in The Magpie’s humble (ha!) opinion, one of the reasons for a recent up tick in Saturday readership figures. This week, she penned a whinge list of many of life’s annoyances, big and small. Astute stuff, but the likely gloomy affect on the readers prompts The ‘Pie to recommend to the citizen’s of our poor old town the advice of that other funny woman Dorothy Parker, who said this to the world weary:

Razors pain you;

Rivers are damp;

Acids stain you;

And drugs cause cramp.

Guns aren’t lawful;

Nooses give;

Gas smells awful;

You might as well live

Regular Magpie Commenter Mike Shearer dropped this into the Nest this week.

Mike Shearer

Mike Shearer

Over a month ago I asked Cr Doyle the following questions, and have now received a reply on her behalf from the General Manager, Townsville Water and Waste. 

Q: What was the accepted cost of the tender? 

A: The contract to supply the pipes was awarded to Iplex  and is listed as “Schedule of Rates” on our website for contracts awarded with a value greater than $200,000. The actual value of the contract is commercial in confidence. All tenders were assessed against a rigorous and detailed tender evaluation plan consistent with requirements for procurement under the Local Government Act. In assessing the tenders, Council looked to maximise local jobs and content, whilst ensuring value for money for the Townsville community. 

Q: how will the pipes be transported to Townsville?

A: The pipes will be shipped to Townsville port in a number of shipments. This is the most cost effective way to get them to Townsville. Once arriving in Townsville, they will be transported by truck on road to the location of where the pipeline is being constructed.

Q: how many jobs will be created for the local manufacture of the fittings?

A: The project will have  50 new direct and indirect jobs created for Townsville for the supply of pipe fittings and polyethylene extrusion

Q: what is the cost of the locally made fittings relative to the cost of the pipes themselves?

A: not answered

Q: what assurance has the Council received that “… with manufacturing re-starting here there will be other pipe products made in Townsville…” is a commitment by Iplex?

A: not answered

And can anyone please tell us all why Commercial In Confidence provisions apply to this contract? Here are the parameters.

Commercial in confidence (is a) classification that identifies information that, if disclosed, may result in damage to a party’s commercial interests, intellectual property or trade secrets. You must not disclose any information marked ‘Commercial in Confidence‘ without permission from the party who supplied

Thank Christ the government is going to force council development corporations into the transparency of becoming public companies. Otherwise, given the way this town is going, Townsville will make Ipswich look like a Mormon’s tea party.

International Notes

Saudi Arabia has become enlightened, and Saudi women are now allowed to drive cars. One model is particularly popular … it’s called the Burr Car.

 Burr Cars

And this week’s  very bigly, it’s terrific, toply level of special Trump chronicle

 Trump pool Trump 2 Americas Trump mquestions Trump questions 2 Trump nixon Trump twitter Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump and the North Korea Deal News feed Trump no civility


That’s it for another week, but there are developments happening across the seven days, so keep the Magpie comments area on an alert, and join in yourself, it’s your blog, you know, citizen journalists. (Ummm, , only up to as point Mr Coleman.) And any help with the costs of running the blog will always be appreciated and thanks to you generous souls who have already rallied to the cause. The donate button is below.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    T.C.C. Is simply a train wreck under Mayor Mullet and her hapless Ceo Adele the Impailer . Normally when any operation gets themselves in such a mess they call in support/ advice . One Councillor has stood up and told us what we already know that their is no transparency from T.C.C. or direction and bad choices/ lack of execution is just hidden so when are the other Councillors ?. Read the nous report about Councillors not understanding their roles ?, do you think that has changed?. The only person benefitting is Mayor Mullet who has her own campaign team in place for the 2020 Council elections with “ blow in Beckett” and his wife paid for by the ratepayers to run her campaign. The arrogance is astonishing especially with the CCC heading North.

  2. Ross. says:

    With the water pipes coming from Adelaide does this have anything to do with out CEO coming from Adelaide?

    • I'll be plucked says:

      I think some of the other pipe fittings are being imported from Malta.

      • The Magpie says:

        If that is the case, check the suppliers for the names Azzopardi or Spitiri.

        • Hear deah says:

          Would each pipe need to stamped with country of orgin like the food in the isles. And like the cladding on buildings would imported pipes need to meet Australia standards

    • Dearie Me says:

      Most TCC senior management positions and contracts awarded, since the Impaler has debased us with her presence, have gone to South Australian, Northern Territorian or Labor Party connections, so I’d say you’re starting to see how this works Ross.

  3. SPQR says:

    As one who has made short work of his 60s & is breasting 70 at an alarming rate, I find comfort from the fact that you are a living example of the proposition that there can be a positive correlation between age & testicular fortitude; & a negative correlation between erectile dysfunction & a willingness to stick it up them.

    • The Magpie says:

      Very nice of you to say so SPQR … it almost makes up for the downside of ageing, which requires one to assume assume the ‘giraffe drinking’ posture if you drop something, and that one’s farts come in just two varieties … creaking door in a haunted house or trying to start a vintage motorcycle – the days of squeaking air escaping slowly from a balloon are long gone. The other upside is that one no longer cares, shame and embarrassment are also things of the past.

  4. Crankie Frankie J says:

    Ha ha just LOVE today’s photo of TEL’s Patricia O’Callaghan in the helicopter reminds me of my favorite reporter Lois Price who also reports things the same way, for those who don’t know her check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y50erFONyr4

  5. Lady Byron says:

    I think that the Mormon Tea Party that you mention, would have to be changed to a Mormon Water Party?

    (The dear things cannot consume anything that changes their consciousness, so no caffeine, booze, drugs or tobacco.)

    But – after typing ‘Water Party’ my mind went back to the good old days and the dreaded wet t-shirt competitions…

    I know Pie, I really must try to get out more.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘(The dear things cannot consume anything that changes their consciousness, so no caffeine, booze, drugs or tobacco.)’ … or logical arguments about superstitious barbarism.

  6. Normalisation says:

    Win TV is getting in first before SKY comes on air with their new show “Disgrace” . ” That’s what we are and what we do”

  7. Non Aligned Worker says:

    So if the successful pipe supply tenderer has insisted on commercial in confidence terms, can the council let us know what the losing tenders were worth?
    No commercial in confidence there and nothing in the tender documents to stop publication.
    What happens if one of the successful install tenderers busts a pipe? Do they have to pay for it? If so how much?
    It just can’t be kept secret.
    Will the four install contracts also be commercial in confidence?

  8. Critical says:

    Seems like the only councilor Mullet trusts is the media tart Doyle, in the Astonisher again today and not making much sense either.

  9. Old tradesman says:

    KPMG have done the report, so now who gets the grants will be commercial in confidence.

  10. Miss Lou says:

    Always witty
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou

  11. TCC engine room says:

    I see “message bank” is to be the new chair for water and waste. After what I posted last week and you ( magpie ) saying about bins not being collected maybe he’s been doing the job all along. Just to answer your question about that last week they arnt training drivers they just can’t keep the trucks on the road. I’ve been told ever since fleet services took control of every vehicle instead of letting each department the problems have trippled. Goes to show the mayors policy arnt working. And we still have a seperate garbage crew who used to be the old thuringowa. After 12yrs we still haven’t an amalgamation of an essential service. The managers still use the red line on a map of townsville to pick up bins. Wonder how that will work when they close jensen dump at Christmas. I can see alot of heartache coming to us ratepayers and staff

    • Alahazbin says:

      Imagine the mess Council plant & vehicles Would be in if each department was to determine when repairs are necessary. Most councils work the same when it comes to maintenance.

      • TCC engine room says:

        Not trying to sound rude but it worked alot better when every department was responsible and owned there own equipment. Examples like lawn mowers and garbage trucks are 2 totally different machines and had specific mechanics for them. At the moment you have diesel fitters being called out to fix trucks they have limited knowledge about. So what happens now is they drive back to webb drive sit there until it’s ready to be looked at. The downtime is ridiculous for some vehicles at the moment. When departments had there own people working them plant got back to work much quicker. Your idea isn’t a bad one I do agree but it’s been proven not to work in this council unfortunately. Departments need to go back to owning there own plant. What’s happening is some departments make more revenue like waste and water so pool everything together and the mayor gets to divert money away from where it’s needed.

        • Alahazbin says:

          TCC Workshops have always repaired all fleet. Heavy Eqipment & LV Workshops for years.
          They have had ownership of waste vehicles before amalgamation. Plant Allocation combined with Fleet once they split from Property Services.

  12. Robert is your Mother's Brother says:

    It is almost as if the Mullet and her team are playing a game where they see who can come up with the most outrageous misuse of public money. The fact that Shayne Sutton is now on the Mullet’s payroll, whilst predictable, is still just obscene. I know that the bulletin will never come close to printing a negative story about the Mullet but what about the rest of the fourth estate? It just beggars belief.

  13. Over this Hill mob says:

    I hear Townsville Council has another FIFO worker – George Addison. Former employee of Queensland Senator Joe Ludwig and Darwin branch secretary of the Labor Party.
    Apparently he has his own consulting firm too, and now he has a client.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Exactly what is Georgie Porgie and his ample proportions consulting on? Are we getting more restaurants? More food trucks at the new stadium? Will Geogie be sampling all the wares? Perhaps it’s something more in line with his other more exotic interests…
      Who recommended him? Was it the screaming midget or the Impaler?
      Is the FIFO worker program at TCC an effort to keep the airport in business?

    • The Magpie says:

      Can you confirm that appointment/contract, please? If so, it is another disgraceful dot to be joined, if you look at Mr Addison’s track record. Although Mr Addison may be competent at whatever it is that he does, a close examination of the reason for being awarded his gig will be merited. And a smoking gun question will be as former Labor Party Secretary in the Northern Territory … and strong employment background with Labor head kicker Joe Ludwig … what was his past relationship with Adele Young, was also a NT Labor operative at the same time.

    • Afterthought says:

      To do what, exactly?

      • Grumpy says:

        Simples. To get Jenny re-elected.There can be no possible other reason.

        Addison is a archetypal union bully and master of dirty trick campaigns in marginal contests. When the electorate despises you, get George. He won’t try and polish a turd – he will get the voters to hate your opponent more.

        • The Magpie says:

          Still need to see proof.

          • PlannitTownsville says:

            Proof of his dodginess?
            Or proof that he’s been contracted?
            I did hear what the project was, it’s a significant one, but not realising who he was I took no notice. And he has been frequenting the Mayoral offices on a FIFO basis.

          • The Magpie says:

            Most certainly on the first question, if you want to make that charge, including your definition of dodgy. Being a member of the Labor back room boys club is not illegal, but can result in dodgy but legal behaviour. No what we need is what the contract is for.

  14. Footy fan says:

    The Mullet has stooped to a new low on Seven News tonight, trying to capitalise on JT’s last home game by “temporarily” naming a Castle Hill goat track after the Cowboys, Queensland and Australian champion.
    Cowboys ceo Greg “Look at me” Tonner joined in the cringeworthy media opportunity by saying JT would “be embarrassed”.
    FFS, JT has given us 14 years of blood, sweat and tears – and a NRL premiership – and the best the Mullet can do is name a GOAT track after him – only until next month, mind you.
    She is a total embarrassment.

    • The Magpie says:

      We all know our mayor is a little reality challenged and poorly advised, but this sounds like the same toe-curling stuff as Magnetic Island becoming Cowboy Island or something a while back … which, like this will, went down like a lead balloon.

    • Old tradesman says:

      Townsville has become the wooded spoon capital of Australia, no airlines, no employment, highest No of For Lease Signs, capital of crime, no water, high electricity costs and there are plenty more. What a disgrace.

      • Grumpy says:

        Yeah. Maybe. But Malcolm and I live here – as does the rest of you mob. Including Muddy.

        So. Winning.

      • No more dredging says:

        Old Tradie, you really should top up your glass. There’s plenty of water in the dam. There’s electricity in the wires. The TBully tells us that employment is improving and there is absolutely no shortage of airlines. Clearly not enough people want to catch international flights out of Townsville – so what? Best of all, we have an active political class at all levels of government showing off their best talents. I notice that the best of the best will all be on ABC Q&A next Monday so get in the peanuts, Jaffas and pop corn and celebrate the good times rolling.

        • The Magpie says:

          Peanuts, Jaffas, pop corn … and razor blades.

        • Cantankerous but happy says:

          As usual just a gullible tosser No More Dredging, total employment even after your so called “improvement” in Townsville now sits approx 9000 less than its peak in 2007, that’s right a staggering 9000 less jobs than 10 years ago, unemployment is 9.1% against 3.9% a decade ago, private investment has tanked and every day money and the talented people attached to it pack up and leave this town heading south, but you just go on sticking your head up your arse believing the shit the Bulletin keep trotting out, brainless dickhead.

          • The Magpie says:

            Keep this up Crankypants, and the Oxford Union Debating Society will be calling you for a guest appearance soon.

          • Old tradesman says:

            More employment opportunities in Townsville overnight, vandal smashed 70 windscreens at Pickerings on Sturt St.

          • Dutch Reverend says:

            Will more likely get his own show in SKY NEWS.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, I apologise profusely for making up that bit about the TBully and employment in Townsville. I must have been affected by Clive’s Yabulu confabulations (as seen on TV) – which align so perfectly with the state government’s port expansion plans. Because there’s no reason not to love it, eh?A big GBR harbour development project that apparently has no environmental downside. As if! Every (occasional) time I actually read the paper reminds me why it drives me nuts – “real estate’s about to take off”, “tourism’s about to boom”, “port expansion will bring cruise ships and (between the lines) maybe “US navy ships”. Or not. And it’s not as if anyone at any level of government is NOT discussing this. In fact both sides of federal government seem keen to throw $75 million at it. Between them they propose it, assess it, approve it and then fund it. At our expense. How slick is that?

            So that leaves water in the dam, electricity in the wires and your glass half empty. We aren’t all rooned are we?

          • Grumpy says:

            Water in the dam. RRD was designed as flood mitigation and is too shallow and too an inefficient water storage facility to anything other than a stop gap solution between wet seasons – which are no longer reliably happen on an annual basis. FFS it went from 16% to 88% in a couple of days of moderate rain in the catchment. Given the current long range weather forecast – dry AF – we will be in deep shit again by mid next year.

            Electricity in the wires. At what cost? Government-owned corporations are gouging the public. We are beginning to meekly accept faceless men making obscene profits at our expense. I know a pensioner who virtually lives in the dark and is paranoid about electricity usage.. For him it seems a matter of light or food. But that’s OK, I’ll just tell him that his glass is half full and suck it up.

            As I said,…satire.

        • Grumpy says:

          NMD – is that satire?

          • The Magpie says:

            Well maybe not, but a version appeared on this blog a couple of years ago. If it is an up-dated version doing the rounds, the author has certainly missed the Walker Street Follies and the Dudley Do Nothings.

  15. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Holt didn’t drown he got picked up by the Chinese sub. And now they are getting closer . they don’t bother with sub’s now, they tell the spies they get a job when they get the arse

  16. Think locally. Bullshit statewide says:

    Mediawatch shone another light on the ditching of local bulletins by WIN tv , In the context of narrowing of sources of print media to tonight , people should watch the replay. Has anyone else seen the promo for Lincoln Humphries their “local” news reader for Townsville ? Read all the way from. Rocky. A classic piece of kitch where he slowly turns to face the camera dripping with as much sincerity as Karl Stefanovic with Bali belly.

  17. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Regarding the open letter to the Mayor from this group, posted to the Magpie blog a few weeks ago.


    • Grumpy says:

      Seems to be a lot of apologists for the Council out there. The only “amazing job” the Council is doing is in providing employment for dodgy ALP also-ran pissants.

  18. The Owl says:

    I see the Bully has finally caught up with the Clive v Tool legal stouch – two days after it was revealed in this blog.
    Editor Jenna Cairney has obviously found a new way of getting leads for stories other than “best tunes” and “best toilets” etc.
    The only thing that surprises me is that she didn’t slap an EXCLUSIVE tag on the Clive v Tool story.

  19. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    Today is a momentous occasion in human history . I announce I have officially taught my predictive text to fucken swear ,. This is truly an example of artificial intelligence and self awareness. When the machines rise – I DECREE THEY SHALL BE HENCEFORTH KNOWN AS FRANKENBOROUGH’S . ARISE MY PRETTIES ARISE …WOOF WOOF FUCKEN WOOF …MWA HA HA MWA HA HA HA …WOOF

  20. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    It’s a satirical site I know, but I don’t know of too many cotton plantations here in NQ…..


  21. The Magpie says:

    On Saturday, The ‘Pie ‘EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED’ that Palmer had filed to sue Cathy The Tool under the headline Choosing The Lesser Of Two Weevils: Palmer Sues O’Toole.

    Remember this?

    And WHAMMO – a week after it was filed and four days after The ‘Pie told you, bang on the money with his Tuesday prediction, we get …

    And the story contained absolutely nothing new, apart from some predictable ‘I’ll defend’ quotes from the The Tool. Tuesday? Why not Monday?

    Jenna, there is simply no excuse.

  22. Old tradesman says:

    Jacob resigns from Team Hill.

  23. TCC engine room says:

    For the second time in nearly 2mths one of the new compactors have had a fire start inside from people dumping flammable rubbish. This isn’t reported anywhere and it was quick thinking from the driver this time that stopped the whole truck going up in flames. Concidering the hearveys range dump bins are now transported to Stuart daily how long before one catches fire on the highway? It’s a danger already but it’s being kept quiet and not made public. More transparency again from the mayor? You know she will keep everyone informed about safety! !

  24. Alahazbin says:

    Well! The Astonisher sunk to a new low this morning. FFS a poll on who would make the best prime minister. And guess what? Thurston comes up as the preferred option. Who lives in this town, that would even entertain the stupid brain dead poll. Bunch of fucken bogans.

    • The Magpie says:

      This is a hoary old editorial chestnut that exemplifies the theory of the Fallacy of Transferred Authority … put simply, JT has been a wonderful footballer, as a PM he would be a disaster … this nonsense is both lazy and undeserving, making JT look like a goof and Townsville like a mob of hillbillies … um, wait a sec …

      • The Stockman says:

        Cringeworthy, just cringeworthy.
        How about we have a poll on the Cowboys mascot being PM?
        Or Fat Cat (anyone remember him?), Humphrey B Bear?
        Brownsville Bullcrap.

        • seagull says:

          Fat Cat would have to be ruled out because…. well, you just cant call anyone fat anymore & as for Humphrey B Bear he was banned for not wearing pants a long time ago, so unfortunately as it stands they both would be non starters.

  25. Outrageous says:

    Hello Pie,

    Surprised there as been little commentary on the current rates notice and other associated charges..

    A sly $18 increase for the registration of an ‘entire’ dog from $102 to $120 per year is an interesting hike, are dog owners now paying for the increased cost in running the pound?

    In terms of transparency, how can such an increase be justified? Should the cost of dog registration be adjusted by suburb? People like myself that live north of Bushland Beach don’t get fancy dog parks (not that they are needed)…. Do we all need to subsidse the cost of irresponsible pet owners that cannot provide a safe enclosure so their $$ have to be spent on dog catchers etc.? I am sure I am not alone in the feeling that I am not getting, what would be called, value for money.

    My rates have gone up by $20 as well (CPI??) compared to the same period last year, was there not a promise to keep rates steady? (Apart from the blatant increase via the decreased discount).

    And don’t get me started on the Airport which I recently had the displeasure of gracing with my patronage.

    $143 for 7.5 days parking – sure comparable to major cities, with the minor fact that we are not a major city?

    No way of getting change for a trolley apart from making a purchase at the so called cafe (“No Sorry, We cannot open the till without a purchase”). $4 bottle of water so I could stick a dollar into the trolley….

    Are they going to remove the International part of the Townsville Airport sign anytime soon?

    Wonder how long TCC can keep any capable staff on board, I guess its lucky for the powers that be that the job situation is so diabolical that the staff at TCC must seem quite trapped (if they want to remain in this tropical paradise)…

    So long….

    • Alahazbin says:

      Outrageous, did you like the TCC update with your rates notice. “Townsville 2020. Delivering a clear vision for our city”. If that is not electioneering on ratepayers money, what is?

  26. One legged tap dancer says:

    The Townsville Bulletin continues to push the spin that real estate values are improving (got to keep those advertisers happy).
    Well I’ve got a mate who bought a brand new 4 bed 2 bath house in a flood free, upmarket suburb (not identifying it because I don’t want to cause any more drama for him) for $420,000 six years ago.
    After losing his job he put the house on the market 14 months ago for $340,000.Having failed to attract a buyer, he dropped the price again last week to $280,000 and its still hasn’t sold.
    To be fair there are houses being bought and sold in Townsville, but for significantly less than their purchase price, which often leaves the owner with a hefty bank debt to pay for the difference.

    • No more dredging says:

      Same, same in Gladstone and similar in Mackay. Can’t imagine an election at any level will make any difference.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        That is where you are wrong NMD, confidence will return immediately once the dead wood that is Jenny Hill and this council are shown the door. As someone who firmly believes in the compounding effect of failure it is quite obvious that the failure of this Mayor and council has spread right through the entire community from business to individuals, the community sees no end to the misery these people have bought to Townsville, as many of us knew it would and responded accordingly, both is decisions personally and in business. It only takes a small shift for the compound to start, but once confidence starts to erode it is near impossible to stop without a defining event to turn it around, and an election and change of leadership is one of them and the thought of that would be about the only thing keeping some in this town from leaving today.

        • No more dredging says:

          Cantankerous, my observation was about OLTD’s lament about the slump in real estate in Townsville and other regional towns including Gladstone and Mackay. I can’t see that an election would change that.

          • Concerned says:

            Are you for real, the only way Townsville is going to turn around is to get rid of the dead wood which is the current council.
            People are leaving Townsville, go for a drive around and open your eyes at the amount of properties/ businesses for sale, or for rent. The market is screwed and prices are doing the only thing they can when people struggle.
            FALLING RAPIDLY.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            NMD you are just ignorant to the core, I will give you an example of what everyone is trying to point out to you about the influence of elections.
            I was in discussions with S&P Constructions in early 2016 to build a small investment property at the Village in Oonoonba, $382k for a 3 Bed house and land package on land being developed at that time and soon to be completed.
            After the election of Jenny Hill completely unopposed in March that year my thoughts immediately turned to the very negative effect this would have on Townsville and its economy in particular, as a result I advised the builder I would not be proceeding with the build. S & P Constructions are no longer operating and the Mulveys who were wonderful people have moved to Brisbane I believe and are building homes down there.
            Perhaps you should put a little more thought and consideration and place a bit more value on what you do the next time you stand in the ballot box and the effect it can have.

          • No more dredging says:

            Cantankerous, why are you such an angry dill? You spluttered about your real estate speculations in 2016 and then dropped a doozy:

            “After the election of Jenny Hill completely unopposed in March that year [2016] my thoughts immediately turned to the very negative effect this would have on Townsville and its economy in particular . . ”

            So you reckon Jenny Hill was “completely unopposed”? In case you weren’t actually in Townsville at the time, there was a public debate about a number of pressing local issues including what to do about the water supply (which may or may not have reached crisis point at that time). I’m surprised I have to remind you that a well-supported mayoral candidate, Jayne Arlett, had a proper crack at the top job, including putting up a business investment case for a pipeline duplication, and unfortunately came second. Don’t believe me? Here are the results of the 2016 mayoral election:

            HANKIN, William 3,237
            PATEL, Harry 1,970
            HILL, Jenny 58,862
            ARLETT, Jayne 34,849

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Unopposed after the election, dickhead, in other words no one to keep her disgusting view of the world and the way it should work in check, and the subsequent collapse of this cities economy is vindication of my decision.

          • No more dredging says:

            “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

    • Dave Nth says:

      Same on the Northern Beaches. Know of one house that has been on the market nearly that long round here, all others still valued below their original selling prices. Rot accelerated when Yabulu closed it’s doors here. Thing is Lancini Stadium isn’t going to help any of this neither some mythical battery factory if it ever happens. Hate to say it (Shudder) but the best thing for the Northern Beaches would be to negotiate a settlement with Clive & open his refinery again… Need real jobs not short term pork barrelling as a poster above described.

      On another note saw the Council adds plastered all over the arrivals area in the airport last night… How much is that costing us???

  27. Kenny Kennett says:

    Rates notice Hmmph!!!! Highest I’ve ever received with a miserable 4.5% discount if paid on time. Why should I have to contribute for the pathetic performance of this corrupt bunch of greedy scumbags. I feel for the incoming councilors who will inherit this mess. That is of course if the electorate wake up to these current looters who have fucked what was once a great city. None of them have any conscience otherwise they’d blow the whistle on Hill and her back room.

  28. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, you often have commenters here raving about the “begging bowl mentality” that surrounds local government in Townsville. I think we are about to get some reversal of that – pork barrelling on steroids. The government spending promises in this most marginal electorate in Australia won’t rely on political party fundraising because it will be taxpayers that pay. What is a local voter to do? Does it suddenly become OK to ditch your principles and support more bulldozers on the GBR as government funding accelerates the Townsville port expansion? Is it OK to say yes to a new coalmine in the hinterland that will eventually export through the expanded Townsville port – even knowing that coal dust and dredge pollution will be uncontrollable, as they always are? Or even more in-your-face, will voters take on board Clive’s outrageous promises while knowing nothing about the prospects of opening up the Yabulu nickel refinery – because he and the state government are equally committed to revealing nothing? The federal election will be a complete circus in the seat of Herbert and I’ll be surprised if anyone keeps their principles intact. It will be every man for himself and nothing for the losers.

  29. The Magpie says:

    Be worth having a look at tomorrow … the Libs really do have a death wish if they Darth Dutton up as leader. Reckon Julie would romp home. We’ve had an abbott, time to give bishop a go.

  30. Dearie Me says:

    All Hail the Battery Plant God’s! For they have come save us!!!

    Perhaps Council can build an Altar to them in the CBD instead of a performance space

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie will be getting a swollen head if this continues … a mention in the once-hallowed iditorial column of the Daily Astonisher!!!

      Well, Jenna the Generous was not willing to declare her preoccupation with the old bird directly. But waffling on in support of the latest totally nothing and baffling story about the Unicorn battery factory, she wrote: ‘The consortium will make its final investment decision by mid-2020 and the cynics among us will write this off as another pie-in-the-sky project’.

      M’dear, The ‘Pie would like to be flattered at the mention, but the irony of you calling him a cynic is rather delicious, you being someone who has completely sold out ethically and reflexively bows, scraps and tugs the forelock regularly to your overlords in the advertising department … if anyone fits Oscar Wilde’s famous definition of a cynic, it is you, Jenna. To quote the great man: ‘A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.’

  31. The Magpie says:

    Best Comeback of the Year!!!

    You mess with The Bishop at your peril … as that hole in the air Karl Stefanovic found out while interviewing Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.
    He never been too bright – Stefanovic tanked in the rating and nearly lost his job at the Nine Breakfast show earlier this year after a derogatory private conversation in a Uber was recorded and widely circulated in the media. So it was leading with his chiselled chin when, referring to Turnbull, the dolt asked. ‘What is it like talking to a man who is on death row?’
    Smiling sweetly, Ms Bishop replied,’Well, I’m talking to you, Karl, what are you suggesting?’
    The ‘Pie would vote for her just for that … and so would most Australians for better reasons.

    • The Magpie says:

      And better get this one in before something else happens in Canberra this morning.

      • The Magpie says:

        And the wisdom of the young.

        Th ‘Pie’s 12 year old grandson asked his Mum what was going on in Canberra, so she gave him an expletive-deleted version of events. He listened quietly and then said ‘It sounds like Australian survivor, but with boring people.’

        Smart kid, my boy.

    • Grumpy says:

      I was actually watching that yesterday. Spat my coffee over my newly-ironed shirt. Dopey Karl did not even reaiise that he had just been burned alive.

      My feelings for Julie B are well known. (hey, Muddy?) She has what Prime Minsters of this country have lacked for the last ten years – a thin vein of pure evil that allows her to make the tough decisions for the greater good that are not popular with the fringe-dwellers. And them crystal blue eyes….

      However, I feel that Dickhead Dutton may have force JB’s hand a year or two before she planned.

      • The Magpie says:

        ‘a thin vein of pure evil that allows her to make the tough decisions for the greater good’? Well, of course, – she is a lawyer by profession.
        And good to see you’ve joined that band of horny, misty-eyed band of Codgers For Julie.
        And Darth Potatohead will go down like a sack of spuds … what is it with the Libs death wish? And he will NEVER be forgiven if he is instrumental in foisting us with Prime Minister Short Un.

        Julie would romp it in.

        • Lucifer Morningstar says:

          Her only drawback is that she – as does Tanya Plibersek – suffers from marital thrombosis.

          They both have clots for husbands.

          • The Magpie says:

            You’re just jealous … on both counts.
            So is The ‘Pie.

          • The Magpie says:

            BTW Bishop divorced in 1988, ending her only (5 year) marriage, and never remarried, although having a succession of high profile relationship. Her latest squeeze developer David Panton (yes yes, funny people he’s obviously pantin’ for it) is neither her husband nor her de facto, she says, neatly sidestepping a regulation which would not allow her to get the taxpayer to fund his travels with her. $32,000 since 2015, thank you very much.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Pie, Well! At least should would do a better job than a lot of other females in high positions. Eg. Qld Premier & deputy, The mullet, The Tool. Can I keep going. There is just too many to name.
      You now, the ones that are fucking this town & state.

  32. Simon Templar says:

    New tenants moved into one of my houses the other day. Couple of young lads about to start work out on the solar array. Both 20. Both from Brisbane, (where they applied for the job) where they have lived all their life. Neither have done this type of work before.

    Good to have tenants in this day and age – but why were locals not employed? Don’t we have any 20 yo’s willing to take a job? Or is there a recruitment policy we have not been told about?

  33. Woodduck says:

    Bring on Dutton, with a bit of luck he will get rid of Bishop and Cash who are snakes, that arse licker Pyne needs to go also.

  34. KR says:

    Anyone but Shorten.

    • No more dredging says:

      KR, watching your “anyone but Shorten” party at work in Canberra today I wonder what planet you are on. The Liberal/National Coalition is today an out of control rabble. A circus.

  35. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Don’t worry, Townsville QCLUB has not been completely forgotten, I have it on good authority that a new coffee machine is heading our way very soon, not quite the same as a whole new lounge we could be getting if it wasn’t for the greedy owners of Townsville airport, but at least its something.


    • Grumpy says:

      All I ask for is a toaster in the Mackay lounge that does not take 12 minutes to get a slice of bread vaguely warm.

      I have been whining about it for years.

  36. Pat Coleman says:

    On Duttons Townsville Shopping Center “Ministers wife adds Townsville property portfolio” Lydia Kellner 27 Feb 2017

    “The property sold for $340,000 BELOW its listed price, with the bargain buy set for a rejuvenation that will include a new childcare facility.”

    The sale was way below market price, and therefore for the purposes of the QLD Electoral act a “disposition of property” . Whether there is something in it , is another matter.

    In The CTH Electoral Act I could find no definition of “Disposition of property” similar to s 197 and 201 of The QLD Electoral Act . For QLD , therefore , in QLD,

    The QLD Act is said to have “covered the feild” on that matter . The 2 cases are Local Government Assoc of Qld (Inc) v State of Qld [2001] QCA 517) At this link : http://archive.sclqld.org.au/qjudgment/2001/QCA01-517.pdf and more recently
    Electoral Commission of Queensland v Awabdy [2018] QSC 33 (1 March 2018) http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/qld/QSC/2018/33.html?context=1;query=awabdy;mask_path=au/cases/qld/QSC

    Qld Electoral Act 1992
    197 Definitions
    In this part—
    disposition of property means a conveyance, transfer, assignment, settlement, delivery, payment or other alienation of property, and includes—
    (a) the allotment of shares in a company; and
    (b) the creation of a trust in property; and
    (c) the grant or creation of a lease, mortgage, charge, servitude, licence, power, partnership or interest in property; and
    (d) the release, discharge, surrender, forfeiture or abandonment, at law or in equity, of a debt, contract or chose in action, or of an interest in property; and
    (e) the exercise by a person of a general power of appointment of property in favour of another person; and
    (f) any transaction entered into by a person with intent to diminish, directly or indirectly, the value of the person’s own property and to increase the value of the property of another person.

    201 Meaning of gift
    (1) A gift means a disposition of property made by a person to someone else, otherwise than by will, being a disposition made without consideration in money or money’s worth or with inadequate consideration.

  37. Dutch Reverend says:

    Saw that Turnbull is prepared to step aside for Scott Morrison in the challenge against Dutton. Much better choice. That would get my vote. He is smart, articulate and a good performer in Parliament and with the budgets.

    • The Magpie says:

      His biggest downside is that he is a rabid bible-basher, a fact he has been smart enough and clever enough to keep from view as he furthers his ambitions. But when he gets there, watch out.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        I don’t see that as being a necessary drawback. At least he may have something that most other politicians lack. That being a moral compass.

        • The Magpie says:


          Polite question: what fucking planet have you been on for the past few years?

          All churches have been shown to be medieval, tax dodging peddlers of superstitious barbarism that prey on the young and don’t see anything wrong with that until it looks like interfering with their license to print money through exposure to public approbation.

          Any contentment and civilised acceptance of the world by believers is due to their own willingness to quietly accept that they can’t face reality and need an uplifting myth to sustain them. Which is quite OK we all need coping mechaisms, but they shouldn’t have to buy the guilt that makes them subsidise and be told told by sanctimonious snake oil sellers and pious second rate social workers about the uplifting dignity inherent in the human condition.

          And what’s more, they don’t have to face regular checks and balances of social KPIs … the non and evil performers are just shunted off somewhere else.

          Don’t start me, mate …

          • The Magpie says:

            And just before the steam coming from some folks ears blows a gasket, yes, all that apart, Scomo would be far better than the incumbent. And anyone would be better that Darth Potatohead,

          • Kingswood says:

            Jeez Mag’s steady on there, can’t paint them all with the same brush otherwise you could include Police, Child Care Workers, Boy Scout leaders….even Journo’s!!

          • The Magpie says:

            No, No Kingy, police, child care workers and boy scout leaders don’t make the same claims to moral dry cleaning that the churches do – doesn’t make offenders in those areas less accountable, they are sick without being sanctimonious.
            And journos? Back in the day, brewer’s droop saved many a scribe from a forceful indiscretion, but up this way, media types are generally harmless … can’t do much damage when you’ve got no balls.

          • Achilles says:

            Also they are tax exempt, FFS why?

          • The Magpie says:

            Because historically they wielded great power at the ballot box … time was when priests and ministers openly advocated their preferred candidates in times past, some going so far as to threaten fire and brimstone for those who voted otherwise. Politicians were aware of this power, and agreed to sell the myths of these confabulators as the reason for ‘not taxing God.’

            And although the core of communism espoused the unworkable selflessness teachings of Jesus – which were never gunna work with humans – all Christian churches vehemently opposed it, denouncing it as evil. Maybe it was, but the opposition was because the churches didn’t want competition … successful communism would put them out of business.

            Not much human dignity in all this.

          • Dutch Reverend says:

            They used to burn witches and dunk them in water to see if they would float as well. Don’t forget the fun times of the Spanish Inquisition and Reformation.
            How far back do you want to go ?

          • Achilles says:

            Solution to the budget deficit and reducing corporate tax to a competitive level…Tax ALL religions at business tax rates.

            Does anyone know if they pay rates, land tax etc on their medieval spirit houses?

  38. Dutch Reverend says:

    The way I see it is that Howard was clever in gaining position for the coalition in the centre left thereby pushing Labor more to the left. The way they are heading with Dutton and others wanting to push the coalition further right they will leave a void which will be quickly filled either by Labor or a bunch of other idiot parties such as One Notion, PUP or a bunch of other useless bogan candidates. They will not get the ground back for a long time. Bring back the Democrats !!

    • The Magpie says:

      Agree with your analysis, and as a side comment, it makes Malcolm Fraser’s death all the more untimely, at the time he carked it, he was working on putting together a truly centrist party that would’ve sidelined both the majors and forever change the Australian political landscape. For the better. His late in life change of focus was admirable.

  39. TCC engine room says:

    Have found out today that because there is less than 50% presentation rate for hard rubbish collection only 1 out of 3 trucks only go out now. Which means while so many waste vehicles are breaking down from old age there’s at least 200k of trucks sitting around doing nothing. Also sadly one of the poor blokes doing the collection lost part of a finger yesterday and they could not reattach it. It happened while loading rubbish in burdell. Wonder how much he will sue for. Yes insurance with work cover but council will be up for disability and dismemberment. All that to keep the lazy people in townsville who can’t get off there arse happy.

    • Grumpy says:

      Hang on. Are you saying that only half of us take out our bins? Not in my area. Come bin day, there’s one in front of every house.

      On the very rare occasion that I don’t take a bin out, it’s because there is nothing in it. That makes me lazy?

      And how do you figure that lazy people caused old mate to lose a digit? I can’t follow the logic there.

      • The Magpie says:

        Umm, think he was talking about the much vaunted hard rubbish kerbside once-in-a-lifetime genius Mullet manouver. Bu agree, not sure about the lazy bit, to whom it applies and why it is related to the unfortunate accident.

        • Grumpy says:

          I see….

          Well, in that case, I was one of those who did not “present” hard rubbish for collection by that boofhead on television. I take my own hard rubbish to the dump myself. I don’t need or want someone else to clean up after me. As ‘Pie says, I got it here so I can remove it from here.

          Guess that makes me a lazy-arsed old fart.

          • TCC engine room says:

            Grumpy I’m only going to call you lazy because you didn’t read it properly. I’m glad you take your own stuff but I can’t see how you think it relates to you with what I said.

        • TCC engine room says:

          The lazy people comment relates to years of research in our departments across council. The public are lazy. The hard rubbish collection is just helping them. Have a look at the amounts of illegal dumping that goes on around townsville. Have a look at the highway out to hearveys range dump. Have a look at how long it takes to call in water leaks. Have a look at how long it takes to call in dead animals. It’s all registered in councils records. My attack is squarly on the hard rubbish. I do remember many pictures in the first week in the blog in kelso and upper ross. Then we look at the amount of rubbish put out after the collection. I have alot of sympathy for those like elderly and disabled who in my opinion should have had a subsidy for a personal collection service like what happens in other cities. Those people arnt lazy. Pretty sure if we read my comment again it dosnt say anything about the general population just the lazy ones. I think I mentioned that.

          • The Magpie says:

            Hmmm … second line ‘the public are lazy’. Second last line: ‘Pretty sure if we read my comment again it doesn’t say anything about the general population just the lazy ones’.

            Question: please explain the difference between ‘the public’ and ‘the general population’. Just questioning the language, let you and others dook it out over this deeply moral issue tearing asunder the very fabric of our society.

          • PlannitTownsville says:

            EngineRoom I can attest to the fact that TCC has done fuck all research on customer call timeframes from when an incident occurs to when a customer reports it. Yes there’s a shit load of records, but the records are for when the customer calls to when the council worker completes the job. And mostly the jobs aren’t completed by council workers in the timeframes expected by the public.

            Illegal dumping is a problem because of the opening times of dumps and the cost of dumping. Additionaly the staff following up illegal dumping are mentally challenged and sloth like. The illegal dumping has partially decomposed before they get there and then they are unable to identify and fine the offender. In some cases despite it being bleeding obvious.

            Sometimes water leaks can remain hidden for weeks and since council are too stingy to approve the installation of smart metering accross the city, residents don’t have real time monitoring of their residential water use. Additionally, council can sometimes take weeks to fix a leak due to Dial before you Dig requirements.

            The residents arent lazy. The TCC systems are inefficent and have been getting progressively worse since the Impaler took over

          • The Magpie says:

            Christ, mate, don’t say that about the CEO, otherwise she’ll find yet another mate to do a $30,000 feasibility study, to be reported to council after six … no, make that, nine months.

          • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

            A number of points came from the Community Council meeting but the best was the total disconnect between what the Management in 103 walker street know is happening and what is actually happening. The classic we can see on TRRA is the lack of undertaking the correction of issues that affect safety in the Town, like drainage, water problems, Dead tree removal etc. Regardless of the time frame, there is a general lack of interest or response on the rectification of reported issues that are important to the public.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      ‘Engine’, this attack by you on the general population of Townsville as ‘lazy’ is ‘rubbish/crap/bullshit!!! Are you sure you are not the disappearing commenter ‘Shovel’, (or a close sympathiser) who made equally spurious remarks in relation to rubbish and sewerage. As the big fella Mr T bellowed you are a FOOL!

      • Alahazbin says:

        I reckon ‘shovel’ worked out of Dalrymple Rd Depot, ‘Engine’ probably is at Webb Dr Waste Depot or over the road at workshops.

  40. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I have been informed that all the butchers within each Woolworths store will close next year with a large loss of jobs and all the meat will be packaged off site and distributed to each store. The only good news for the region is a pacakging plant and small abattoir are planned for Charters Towers and some of the staff in the region have been offered positions in Charters Towers.

  41. No more dredging says:

    ‘Pie, it looks possible (with only hours to high noon) that the other Malcolm might discover, at last, his backbone and call the bluff of the pathetic rabble on the right hand side of the Federal Liberal Party. Wouldn’t it be just peachy for Turnbull to fly back to Sydney tonight still the PM with the smouldering remains of the Abbott/Abetz/Dutton campaign lying amongst the tattered ruins of the Coalition. The spluttering News Ltd papers would have (more) egg all over them, the Weekend Australian would be cold waffle and the national commentariat would on their backs like stunned cockroaches. All over 43 signatures.

  42. Dutch Reverend says:

    Who ever wins. It needs to be put to bed in the party room and get behind whoever they elect. That means that the likes of Abbott and his mates need to just shut the fuck up and if not totally united need to at least appear to the general public as united. Just like Labor are.

  43. Grumpy says:

    Bastards just spoiled my breakfast.

    Bullshitten reporter Christie Anderson today breathlessly tells us that Townsville is “one of the most affordable places to rent in Queensland “. She then quotes some research by some obscure bunch which places Townsville SEVENTH OUT OF TEN REGIONAL CENTRES! I mean, what the actual fuck goes on in that dump fire of a newspaper? Do they actually read what these young eejits spew up?

    Considering that places 8; 9 and 10 were all only 2% “worse” off than us, the triumphalism is a tad misplaced.

    Mind you, for The slum lords amongst us it is good news.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      That’s right up there with last weeks story about 3 bedroom houses are the most popular rentals in Townsville followed very very closely by 4 bedroom houses, and two bedroom units followed closely by one bedroom units, well that covers 90% of the market dickheads, it is the reason why data is losing its value and becoming white noise to most people other than these sad sacks of journalist who unfortunately try to make a newspaper article out of it, and fail miserably.

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