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Sunday, April 21st, 2019   |   119 comments

Caught Out!! Townsville Enterprise Doctors Political Survey Results

With three quarters of a million dollars of ratepayers money each year, this should be the trigger for a complete overhaul of this secretive, biased organisation run with staggering on-going incompetence. They’re certainly nowhere near clever enough to successfully lie. This is a clearly partisan … and let’s face it, totally dumb … attempt to manipulate voter intention with outright lies, and cannot be ignored – even in the highly unlikely case it was a mistake.

Also, Labor lass Jenny Hill believes big private business should get all the government assistance and public money they can, and although she unsuccessfully championed this for Adani, our mayor now has her public begging bowl out in Canberra for another set of n billionaires.

Why The Magpie supports Israel Filou in his row with those pompous, over-stepping rugger buggers.

And the legal loophole that means you can drive on illegal drugs and not be fined – or detected …

But First …

Bentley will be back next week, having, as old Sir Wally Scott would put it, home(ward) his footsteps he hath turn’d, from wandering on some a foreign strand. (Dear Mystified of Mysterton, it means he’s back from travelling overseas … sigh).

So until then, for those who like a little visual titillation, here’s a small selection of the state of play on the enormously enjoyable Brexit contortions.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.13.58 am Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.12.52 am Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.12.05 am

There is a certain schadenfreude is all this fall from arrogance that prompted that famous Times headline ‘Heavy Fog In Channel. Continent Cut Off’. The Times, October 22, 1957 … but this is regarded as a bit of triumphal chortle by the Times at pre-war Nazi propaganda which first invented the headline to criticise Britain in the 1930s.

While We’re Overseas, Let’s Duck Across That Channel

Notre Dame

It affects us all, atheists like The ‘Pie included. But, unusually, The ‘Pie upset a few folks in comment during the week when he posted this comment:

Notre Dame fire

OK let The Magpie be the first to call it … and condemn him as a negative conspiracy theorist if you will – you won’t be the first. But the first sign is there.

The Parisian authorities have been very quick … one would say with indecent and panicked haste …,. to declare that the Notre Dame fire was ‘definitely accidental’ … BUT THEY SAY THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT CAUSED IT!!! An oddity to say the least, we know the Frogs are a rum lot, but that conclusion is mysterious.

Here’s a conspiracy theory for you … authorities DO KNOW what caused it … arson of one sort of another, and the roster of restoration workers in the building prior to the blaze will be looked at in detail. The authorities fear … which some justification… that if they announced it was arson immediately, with public grief, anger and dismay running so dangerously high in a population renowned for its volatility, there would be bloody chaos, especially by right wing groups who would automatically blame the country’s somewhat militant Muslim minority.

And such almost certain mayhem could not be contained within the borders of France … so perhaps when the cause is made public, it will either be a Watergate-style exercise, or authorities will hope if they have to announce it was in fact arson, some of the heat will have been dialled down, unlikely as that may be.

Good luck, world.

The ‘Pie maintains this is a reasonable theory, reinforced subsequently by the vague official statement in the past 36 hours that the heart-breaking blaze was ‘probably’ started by an electrical short circuit … which may be correct, but such short circuits can be arranged (known in certain circles as a Jewish stocktake.) But humour inevitably found more than one joker making light of the tragedy – we do that from a distance don’t we? – when a commenter posted : ‘No one knows who started the fire, but Quasimodo has a hunch …’


Back To The Home Front, And The Dudley Do Nothings Finally Have Done Something …

… but not only is it the wrong thing, but could be actionable .

TEL ran this full page ad in the Bulletin today (Saturday), an ad which was paid for by ratepayers who involuntarily give this pointless outfit $750,000 and subsidised rent every year.

TEL LIES 1Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.02.03 am Tel lies 2 TEL lies 3Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.04.17 am

The odour of rodent was instantly overwhelming.

KAP Herbert candidate

KAP Candidate for Herbert Nanette Radeck

Particularly to the Katter Party and its candidate for Herbert, school teacher Nanette Radeck. She was quick out of the blocks soon after the paper hit the streets, to call out TEL for rigging the graph. Ms Radeck posted this immediate response on Facebook (the Paul Bunyan she mentions is the KAP candidate for Dawson.).

KAP scorecard

The most telling question posed there by Ms Radeck is ‘motive’. What on earth is a crowd like TEL doing underhand stuff like this, or will they have to admit to incompetence, which will surprise no one. Another question raised is can we actually trust the other Party’s replies as posted in this ad, or have they been fluffed up to suit whatever secret agenda the TEL board, CEO Patty O’Callaghan and Mayor Mullet have cooked up.

TEL using ratepayers money to influence those same ratepayers how to vote while at the same time enriching the Bulletin is a closed circuit power loop … at least that’s what they think. What neither TEL or the Bulletin seem to realize is that no matter what the reader’s politics, this inept, stumblebum attempt at playing political grown-ups has further shattered credibility and support within the community for both TEL and the Bulletin.

But hey, but don’t worry, now that Ms Radeck has outed TEL for either their sloppy and/or deceitful actions, you may rest assured Our Jenna is on the job … she has guaranteed that during this election campaign, nothing will get by her or her tough-questioning investigative journalists – she said so in the paper, remember?

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 9.35.19 am

Or is this pic sent in by an amused Magpie reader the literal truth? Fit only for the bottom of cockies cages?

bulletin saleIMG_3672

Jenny Hill’s Business Brainwave

Jenny Hill

No doubt inspired by the successful hordes of beggars she encountered while in India visiting her pal Got’em Adani, our Mayor Mullet has had yet another light bulb moment … or should that be begging bowl moment. While in on the sub-continent, Mayor Mullet had the opportunity to take a stroll through the surrounding city streets. And it proved to be an inspirational moment.

Desperate for people to believe that the unicorn battery factory will become a reality, the mayor regularly farts a rainbow update of twaddle spouted by a the Magnis company desperate to keep it’s wobbly share price up. Magnis and its consortium partners are considering eight – yes, EIGHT – Australian sites for a battery manufacturing operation. Geez, hope they don’t try to play one city off against another, a sort of bidding war. Cripes! …awww, no, they wouldn’t dare.

Desperate to breathe new life into this severely ailing unicorn, Mayor Mullet has resorted to a favourite Labor tactic; in the belief that she can scare up even more concessions of public money during an election campaign, she has dusted off the Townsville begging bowl, and is seeking commitments of $50million from both major parties for unspecified ‘infrastructure’ to benefit the council’s billionaire private sector partners.

It was best spelt out by old blog chum Memory Man during the week in comments.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 9.52.04 pm

So, the cat’s out of the bag. The Townsville battery factory needs more taxpayer funding to work. It got $3.5m to do a feasibility study from the State; it got some form of land gift from the Council; and now, the Mayor wants the federal government to chip in tens of millions for infrastructure. What this tells us is that the business case is looking pretty shaky, because if it wasn’t why would the mayor be calling for a taxpayer handout?  Sure, it’s her general style – take public money and give it to a handful or private investors or billionaires – but surely she can’t be that gullible. Or is it just desperation?

The ‘Pie’s guess … desperately gullible or gullibly desperate

Speaking Of Dopey Matters, Here’s An Interesting Snippet

From Sophisticates’ Corner in the Astonisher –

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 10.00.28 am

Well, that’s nothing next to our southern neighbours in NSW. Presumably this applies to Queensland too.

If That’s Given You The Munchies, This Will Be Of Interest

You’ll know who to curse when you pay for booze and tucker at the new stadium.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 11.04.32 amThe Folau Flapdoodle

Dizzy Izzy is just that, an intellectually childish twit … BUT … a twit with rights.

And Australian Rugby has clearly over-stepped the mark with their plan to sack Folau over ONE SINGLE WORD he used in a tweet professing his religious beliefs – which he has a right under Religious Freedom laws to do. This is what he tweeted.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.10.12 pm

So he certainly wasn’t singling out gays … and in fact, The ‘Pie felt a little put-upon himself, as he, over 70 years, fitted seven of the criteria, if you include shoplifting Freddo Frogs from J.C.Penny’s in Tamworth when aged 8 – got caught … never again … and idolised Debby Reynolds in Tammy when aged 11.

But the PC drunks and fornicators at Rugby Australia decided to do some very selective virtue signalling, and have now given a eminently ignorable tweet a thousand times the exposure it would’ve otherwise attracted. The New Zealand female Goth who is somehow Aussie Rugby’s boss insists it was against Folau’s contract to make any anti-gay statement publicly. Well, just for starters, whether RA has the legal power to impose such a rule in a contract is challengeable when it clashes with a right to religious freedom. Lawyers are already packing hampers for another legal picnic.

And if the only way to maintain team morale is to gag players and staff from expressing privately held views in privately operated public forums, then the game’s morally rooted off the field, matching their on-field chaos. And in all the huffing and puffing, there haven’t been too many, if any, voices in the gay community with anything much to say … frankly, they couldn’t care less, this sort of bible bashing is no doubt well beneath them. Columnist Miranda Devine is not someone with whom the ‘Pie usually agrees, but she was eloquent in expressing her … and The ‘Pie’s … take on this stupidity on the Today Show.

Israel Folau is a sad throwback to the missionary-inspired simplistic superstitious barbarism peddled to the less aware in the basic Pacific cultures, and he is your everyday bible bashing parrot with a fairytale-fried brain whose opinion should be discounted if ever encountered.

But nevertheless, The Magpie fully supports him in this matter, rather than support some self-righteous Colonel Blimps who would not allow The Magpie to express that aforesaid opinion if they had their way.

And a final note to the developmentally delayed who are back there still pondering Izzy’s naughty list: no, my dears, ‘idolator’ is not someone on the dole.

Health Check-Up

medical chaos

Indeed, something gotta give with Queensland Health soon. And Townsville Hospital won’t be exempt.

Last week’s correspondent, patient Richard Bingley is out of hospital but the battle with some health services goes on. This is his update of a couple of days ago.

Hi. I’ve been discharged on Wednesday. The system failures continued. On discharge I was advised I was having 8 heart related medications added to what I was already on. “Very important you don’t miss the top two as they support the stents put in your heart and stop them from clotting and failing.” The medical team advised the hospitals pharmacy spoke to my current pharmacist and provided new prescriptions and they would be ready Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon my chemist had still heard nothing. I attended dialysis Thursday then the TTH pharmacy to be informed “sorry Richard we weren’t told you had been discharged so we haven’t contacted your pharmacy yet. It was sorted by 4 pm and I had to do a double up on the dosage because I missed one. Another thing identified is appointments. There are office staff tripping over each other with bugger all to do up there. I have permanent appointments Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 06.45 am to 11.15 am at the dialysis clinic. Yet when the office staff schedule an appointment with another specialist they make that appointment during dialysis time. The you beaut computer booking system can’t tell the staff I am already booked in for an appointment therefore doubling up. Specialist clinics don’t have computer access to recent tests. Apparently they take up to 30 days to be uploaded onto the system. In my case that lead to three ECG heart scans over a 10 day period all showed irregularities in my heart that required immediate action, none were acted on or uploaded into the system for two specialist appointments I attended in that time. The question of why the test was given three times and someone else being delayed while tests are repeated. How many emergencies could have been prevented if the checks and balances were in place. My mother is drafting a full detailed letter of the shortcomings of the system up until my heart attack. She will send it on to Ross Bates and Deb Freckleton. Along with the Member of Mundingburra (again) and to the health minister (again) and complaints system at the hospital (again) Hopefully something may get accomplished this time. I’m supposed to be starting some form of cardiac rehabilitation treatments as soon as possible. In Qld health that must means 10 years at this stage. Just won’t hold my breath.

Pedants Corner

From comments during the week.

The Magpie

Good news for finger weary word pedants, fed up with going back through text to change ‘ize’ to ‘ise’, all the while muttering through gritted teeth something about bloody American cultural imperialism. It turns out that ‘ise’ is the newcomer, for reasons not totally clear, and no less than Prince Charles uses ‘ize’ because it is orginal English.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 5.05.21 pm

As The Guardian reports, Even the word bible Oxford Dictionary says either one is OK.

Least Surprising Headline Of The Week …

The chickens are on final approach, undercarriage down, ready for landing back on the roost.,

Chickens on final approach to roostScreen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.53.19 am

In fact, staying abreast of all the happenings in America this week has kept The Magpie busier that an AFL turnstile ticket-taker. And for the first time in his experience, an unfortunate moment: never before has a President publicly and purposely used the word ‘bullshit’, but President Agent Orange (Caution: defoliates constitutions) used it several times in a number of tweets when he discovered his Mueller troubles are far from over.

The fun is just beginning but the American ‘toonist s continue to have a field day. A subtle one from The New Yorker kicks off this week’s gallery.

great news sire ...

separation_color Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.11.07 am lk041719dapc 20190416edptc-a 253_223979 9_75And Finally, For Book Lovers …

In these trying times for our beloved city, The ‘Pie thinks he has found some revealing reading matter, which may clarify things for you – he spied these while browsing through Booktopia. There is this handsome tome on the antecedents of our current council …

Potato history

… which has led to this academic follow-up summation …


… which was then naturally followed by …


But there is one book we will never get a peek into … it is Jenny Hill’s private ‘get even’ diary, The Book of Revenge.



That’s our lot for now, (full edit in the morning), hope you enjoy the rest of Easter break, and trust you find some fodder in here to inspire you to jump into comments, they run 24/7. And as always, you can help the blog to stay aloft with a donation, the how to button is below – sincere thanks to those who’ve helped out so far, it has been of great assistance.

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  1. Linda Ashton says:

    Is LONG term water security for Townsville really home and hosed? Not as far as WFTAG is concerned, so our lobbying hat is back on. The TEL green light for LNP’s water security funding did not flag the “pending $5 million business case” currently being done by JACOBS. This cost cutting opportunity is unlikely to be completed by the election so no party has to honour any pledge before then. ALP did not require a business case but would no doubt consider the findings if they win government.

    Meanwhile . … Does Council really want stage 2 as a concurrent build? If not, what is the status of Brad Webb’s final report with recommendations to do so, when stage 1 is forging ahead to be a stand alone infrastructure by March 2020? Might this mean some of the $55 million savings identified in the Taskforce Final Report, won’t be possible? Is any level of government talking to any other level of government in this 15 year intergovernmental City Deal?

    The contentious issues are discussed here ….

  2. Bing 4814 says:

    The you beaut battery factory has to go ahead so Chairman Billy and his Comrades have new batteries for his big red battery powered bus he is galavanting around the country in. Apparently it charges in under 10 minutes using a small solar panel at midnight. All those batteries will be needed to power all these new battery cars we will all get in the next 10 years. I wonder if they realise the plant is being planned in the catchment area for both the Ross River and Burdekin dams. Better hope we don’t get another one in 500 year weather event.

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    We got a glimpse on what Bill Shorten would be like as PM and he came up short clearly more focused on his self image than being across his policies firstly not responding after a determined Journalist on how much electricity prices would increase under Labors 50% renewables target and also the cost of carbon reduction. The independent group in the Senate have already signalled they wont support stopping imputation credits and with the possible loss of a few Greens Senators Labor wont get an easy ride . Chris Bowen isnt much better with a video resurfacing of an interview with Alan Jones Bowen, as opposition treasurer couldnt answer what the tax free thresehold was . These guys are setting policies that will effect the Country and clearly dont know the details . Have Labor written off Herbert as Cathy Otoole hasnt had the senior Labor ministers one would think for a marginal seat . What about Cathys $500,000 legal action Clive ? if Cathy wins the election will Labor pay ?.

  4. Bozza says:

    Folau is a victim of the insanely politically correct. I do hope that i live to witness the return of free speech.

  5. twobobsworth says:

    Happy Easter to all. Hope you enjoy whatever easter treats come your way.

  6. Hee-Haw says:

    Pie, the TEL stunt is unforgivable on so many levels and good on KAP for calling it out. I would be very curious to see what response Nanette has had from TEL.

    Also curious the the address given in the Authorisation at the bottom of the add as 330 Flinders Street? Have they already moved out of the prime Strand location?

    • The Magpie says:

      They moved to the Strand office of Magoo Incorporated (officially known as the 2020 Vision office) because of apparent rain damage to their HQ.

  7. The Truth says:

    Andrew McLeod, News Daily – Apr 20;

    “An active and vibrant democracy requires debate and disagreement.

    Tolerance is not defending views you like. Tolerance is defending views with which you disagree.

    Folau may not be tolerant, but nor are those who are calling for his career to be destroyed.”

    I agree totally, and that is ……………………………………………..

    The Truth


    • The Magpie says:

      As Voltaire so famously never said: ‘I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Or perhaps more apt in this case of moral manipulation, Samuel Butler nailed it centuries ago:
      He that complies against his will
      Is of his own opinion still
      Which he may adhere to, yet disown,
      For reasons to himself best known

  8. Hee-Haw says:

    How can Townsville City Council adjudicate on a development application for the battery plant when it plans to take an equity stake in the company????

    Surely this would be a direct conflict of interest at the very least and border on illegal??

    • The Magpie says:

      Isn’t that the reason for the arm’s length jiggery pokery of the council’s development corporation? To make this dangerous, amateur entity at arm’s length from the TCC? Not that that will stop any losses or other misadventures landing back in the lap mof the ratepayer.

  9. Dave of Kelso says:

    How can TEL be compelled to issue a correction in the Astonisher and reprint the scorecard with the KAP return included? Is there something about false and misleading being against the law?

    • The Magpie says:

      If there is something illegal about false and misleading, TEL would’ve been out of business ages ago.

      • Scientician79 says:

        Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act, administered by the ACCC.

        “The Section says that: A corporation shall not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.”

        I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing Political Parties and Government of all stripes avoid that by virtue of not being engaged in trade or commerce.

        Although one could probably argue the continued meddling in commercial affairs, such as battery factories and airstrips, should remove that protection?

        • The Magpie says:

          Just by virtue of the fact that the TCC is ‘partnering’ with this crowd playing on our collective vulnerability regarding jobs required by federal Government mandate the creation of a ‘development corporation’ to keep any problems at arms length is an open invitation to corruption and/or incompetence.

          BTW any one know who the two ‘independent’ board members on this corporation are, they were due to be appointed a year ago to join the mayor and TCC CEO to run things.

  10. I’ll be plucked says:

    Happy Raster day Pie, opps predictive text, I mean Easter! :) No Choccy eggs for the Swannies, just rotten ones me thinks!!!

  11. Cantankerous but happy says:

    The Dudley’s are suffering from a serious case of self promoting bullshit. They have completely abandoned their original charter that produced quantifiable results under the likes of Richard Power many years ago. How any of them could stand up and not be embarrassed by the current state of Townsville under their constant failings is beyond me, how the hell do any any of them walk to their new offices everyday in Flinders St, past the empty shops and squalor that is the Townsville CBD and not stop to think to themselves, I am failing miserably and getting paid under false pretences.

  12. One legged tap dancer says:

    Astonisher editor Jenna Carnie must have put her “We’re for you” pledge on hold over the Easter weekend.
    For as long as I can remember, with no paper printed on Good
    Friday, the local rag has always published Saturday’s race fields on the Thursday before Easter.
    But not this year. The punters were punted by Jenna, who obviously thinks she can serve up anything thinly disguised as a newspaper and get away with it.
    But there was worse to come on Saturday, with no report, or even just a result, for the biggest rugby league game of the month – the Storm v Roosters grand final replay – in the sports pages.
    What we got was a small post-it style ad saying “FOR A REPORT ON LAST NIGHT’S MATCH GO TO townsvillebulletin.com.au/sport/nrl”.
    Obviously with the game going to extra time, they couldn’t stay back for an extra 10 minutes to at least have the result on Saturday.

  13. Lady Byron says:

    Good morning Pie.

    Again you owe me a dry cleaning bill payment – yep, the almond soy latte with a twist I was sipping spilled over my silk YSL jammies when I saw this morning the name of that KAP candidate; I read “Nanette Redneck” – not Radeck.

    An unfortunate last name when you are a candidate for the huntin’ shootin’ & fishin’ type of voter?

    • Kirwan Joe says:

      Don’t care how her name is spelt or what it sounds like, she’s going to get my vote.

      I’m not sure who number two is going to be yet.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Pie, is Lady Byron Ms Lou in disguise ? Just asking !

      • The Magpie says:

        Hope not … The ‘Pie is counting on her being Rachel Finch. But with The ‘Pie’s luck, it’ll turn out to be Mayor Mullet.

  14. Guy says:

    The fastest, cheapest, short term and long term way of improving townsville water supply is to RECYCLE water.

    For 5 million they could have bought and installed bill gates’ “omniprocessor” that burns crap and uses the heat to create clean distilled water. Janicki bioenergy also makes a first world version of the water treatment process.

    Instead of building 200 million of pipeline ( and more) with all the hassle and maintenance costs they could have built infrastructure and jobs in townsville.

    Any kind of water recycling is going to improve the bottom line radically for minimal input.

    • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

      Townsville pumps a load of water more than clean enough for irrigation, process water, cooling or firefighting out every day in an effort to reduce the salinty of inshore reefs (Mt St John and Cleveland Bay treat and produce 37ML/day between them to pump out to sea, not to mention the many other little plants scattered around).

      Anyone with half a brain (and potentially those at TCC with less cognitive ability) could grab a pen and draw a line from those plants to major water users to provide Class A recycled water and reduce the crazy situation where we pump, pipe and treat water from the dam and Haughton to pour onto parks and cool machinery.

      Mt St John is a lay-down misere into the Bohle industrial area and all the new residential development infilling the Bohle Flood Plain. For Cleveland Bay, the red line goes through the State Development Area, Race Course, Lavarack, Hospital and JCU before it hits anything smaller (those more politically adventurous might end it at the Douglas Water Treatment Plant so we can further purify it for drinking – we are after all currently drinking Charters Towers sewage).

      Those with long memories might remember the Mooney-era proposed partnership with some bank to develop a water factory to pump this out.

  15. Alacan says:

    The Telling Scorecard .. is it possible KAP were not given green due to a thought they they cannot in their own right, as they wont form government in their own right, commit financially to the projects.

    Clearly they support the projects .. so on election of their members clearly their vote in the house(s) would count for something .. but maybe not a Telling full shade of Green.

    Still regardless of mutterings and musings what a crazy wasteful exercise by TEL. Telling to say the least

    • I’ll be plucked says:

      No way ‘Can’, as you say KAP support a fair few of the projects listed and should have been given a green light! As Pie said, doctored by TEL for reasons only known to them……….

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Plucker. I reckon if TEL commission a survey, the answers to their questions need to be reported accurately. If they don’t like the answers either don’t publish them or report hem accurately. Any thing else is total deception.
        Will the sock puppet be questioned on this.

  16. Bemused says:

    Disappointing but unsurprising that in TEL’s priority projects advertisement, there remains no meaningful work towards a new gallery. Every other comparable sized city in Australia worth its salt has committed to major (sometimes multiple major) gallery build or extension projects across the same 30+ years Perc Tucker has been operating, to the significant cultural and economic benefit of those communities, and operational improvements of the galleries.

    When Council walked away from an EOI process in 2016 it cited a huge annual rates increase as the issue. It stated its financial modelling which identified the rates increase has been independently confirmed by KPMG, though that model never made public to my knowledge. It also didn’t disclose whether the same model had been applied to the Stadium project, and how the potential for rate increases for each project compared – given the rate increase was the Mayor’s main stated reason for walking away from the gallery EOI, it would be interesting to know if a rates increase will flow from her per project. Realistically, she was just not interested in the arts, or worse, vindictive toward the arts community.

    In 2016 she stated, “My council is very supportive of the call for a cultural precinct in the CBD and I give my commitment that we will continue to pursue the idea however, we have a responsibility to ensure any development does not become a financial legacy for residents – now and into the future.”

    So in terms of the gallery, how has that been pursued to date??

    As a purely distraction tactic, the gesture that has been offered is the establishment of a new ‘Northern Australia’ Festival of the Arts (a title that makes sense as an aspiration for a city of Townsville’s size and potential, though laughable when not backed by actual commitment to the arts), and a companion Fringe Festival.

    The Festivals have further exposed Council’s failings however. Both were notbale absentees (as was Strand Ephemera) from a national listing of all important arts festivals earlier this year in arts publications. AFCM, unhampered by Council, did feature. Just 2.5 months out, even if wanting to know what will feature and delight in the new festivals, it seems impossible to get such information. Pretty poor if the Council wants to push the barrow that it will drive tourism. Nobody outside of Townsville knows it exists, let alone having heard of some component of it to excite and motivate them to travel!

    But diminishing the identity of the gallery, and ensuring Townsville’s own identity is not linked with the arts, is nothing new. One need only compare the identity of regional galleries of comparable size and potential. Each, as a minimum, enjoys the capacity to promote themselves through attractive, functional standalone websites, rather than buried in the subpages of their parent Council. TCC can preach best practice and commitment, but it fails to genuinely assess the national arts landscape and how it can be level, let alone lead.

    • The Magpie says:

      A very articulate summation of a major issue of neglect and vindictive intent, not by council, but by one person alone. The woman, not just in this area but in all others, is a stupid, self-centred, politically power hungry ignorant bogan. She will forever be a massively damaging Mooney-lite, without the basic nous of the flawed but most successful leader this city has ever had. But, as one of her principal minders once told The Magpie in ecstatic terms’ She’s got it, she has a connection with ordinary people, she talks to them, and they love her’. We’re in trouble, folks, just how long is this going to go on before the damage seeps through to walking dead of the electorate? The Magpie’s proposed motto for her council is never held truer: ‘Townsville Council – Serves You Right’.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Which would make one ask what is a city, town, etc. Is it the location, buildings, environement or is it the community and people, because if it’s the latter then we are well and truly screwed, if the majority of that community continue to vote for a toxic grub like Jenny Hill then what does that say about the place in which we live and the people who live here. The fact is when you are standing in a supermarket line 6 out of 10 of the brainless tossers around you voted for Jenny Hill, and many of them will do it again despite story after story of just what a horrible, shallow human being this woman actually is, what hope has the joint got, the Walking Dead of Townsville indeed Pie, summed it up perfectly.

        • Mike Douglas says:

          Good summation Pie and Cantankerous but happy ! Walking dead of Townsville !. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result so we have Labor in all 3 levels of Government in the Ville . Is it a wonder Lancini, Carmichael, Ireland, Pickerings all left town . Don’t worry the Cavalry is coming with Cathy Otoole demanding her 3 Labor State MP,s sign a pledge for their support for Adani ( she mustn’t be polling well) which of course they won’t unless Jackie Trad let’s them . Let’s see what strings Bill Shorten can pull basing himself in Townsville for 3 days .

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            The ShortOne will parrot the same lines the local ALP sock puppets utter. “Stack up financially and environmentally.”

            These are subjective terms meaning different things to different people. The word “Weasel” comes to mind.

            Watch the sock puppets fawn all over Dear Short Leader.

          • Lofty says:

            Hey Dave of Kelso, enough of the bloody short man jokes.
            I happen to be vertically challenged as well.
            Play the ball not the man.

            If you don’t stop we might have to talk about your ever expanding arse and gut and your folically challenged head

          • The Magpie says:

            OOOhhh – ahhh … Shorty’s got shirty.

          • Grumpy says:

            Leave him alone. Short people are always being overlooked

          • The Magpie says:

            Really, Grumpy!!! That’s beneath you.

          • Dave of Kelso says:


            I assume you are a member of that feared organisation SPAG!

            Short People’s Action Group.

          • Lofty says:

            Yuk Yuk Yuk …..It’s all very funny until someone loses an eye.

            Leave us short bastards alone, you long streaks of shit!

          • The Magpie says:

            That happens when you walk into a knee …

          • Lofty says:

            Thats it! You can all get stuffed.

            I’m off to join the ALP. At least they know how to show respect to short arses.
            It doesn’t matter how short and ugly you are you can get to the top in the ALP. Count me in.

          • Dave of Kelso says:

            It is OK Lofty,

            My wife, sister-in-law, and late mother-in-law are/were active members of SPAG .

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Sadly, ‘Pie, no matter how charitable to the Townsville voters I would like to be and after 10 plus years of careful observation, I must totally and completely agree with you. Further afield I think the same can be said for most Australian voters and unfortunately things will only change when we are bankrupt and the voters will understand that the whole world does not owe them a living.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Her reaction to the Townsville Performing Arts Centre presentation some time ago now demonstrated that the Mullet’s negligent disinterest in extends to both aspects of the arts, visual and performing.

      Ticket sales data inform that more people attend the arts than sport.



      • Bemused says:

        Agree Dave, and both should be key projects. The only differences I would suggest are that, while still not significant enough, the Civic has received multiple renovation/extension commitments over the 30+ years Perc Tucker has been left to stagnate, while there is also some movement toward a Concert Hall (at least theoretically)

        • The Magpie says:

          An ideal opportunity to plan and seek an integrated project (concert hall, larger entertainment/convention centre) of far more value than unnecessary copy-cat lagoons and Castle Hill zip-lines and food trucks.

          • Bemused says:

            Precisely what the original EOI was, which also would have seen the Library accommodated also, and one could assume delivering savings to Council on the Northtown premises.

          • Hee-Haw says:


            According to the TEL full page survey you posted NONE , that is NONE (taking out KAP as we know their section is wrong) of the parties support a Townsville Entertainment and Exhibition Center or a Concert Hall.

            It seems what was the number one priority only a few years ago now has no chance of getting up, and it seems the priority status has probably gone with it too.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        Most likely Mullet’s definition of art is the old Winfield Cup footy poster she has pinned up in her lounge room, signed by the great Artie Beetson !

  17. The Truth says:

    Townsville Bulletin 22/4: Herbert MP Cathy O’Toole demands three local state MPs sign Galilee Basin pledge.

    Amazing how the threat of unemployment focuses the attention and constricts the sphincter of a politician.

    I think too little, too late Ms O’Toole and that’s ………………………………………..

    The Truth

    • Corrector says:

      Don’t you mean loosens the sphincter and


      No bullshit!

    • No More Dredging says:

      Truthy, pardon my ignorance but what is the Galilee Basin pledge?

      • The Truth says:

        FIRED-UP Herbert MP Cathy O’Toole has launched an attack against her own state Labor colleagues, ­demanding Townsville’s three local MPs pledge their support to opening of the Galilee Basin, saying “enough is enough”.

        As I previously said, too little and too late to save the Tool and that is …………….

        The Truth

        • The Magpie says:

          Your posturing as being the keeper of the truth (a very sometimes thing) reminds The ‘Pie of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s caution ‘The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons’.

          (Spoons being made of silver or other valuable metals and often a target for dinner guest thieves.)

          • The Truth says:

            (Edited by The Magpie)Franklin Graham: “I’ve never really been one to try to be politically correct. I just feel truth is truth, and sometimes I probably offend some people”

            I wholeheartedly agree with Graham and this summarises my ethos (whether I have to steal the silverware or not) and that’s …………………………………..

            My Opinion.

          • The Magpie says:

            Wonder if Mr Graham ever heard the tale of the young lady at job interview, was asked what she thought was her greatest weakness. ‘Honesty’, she replied. The interviewer was surprised and said ‘I don’t think I’d say honesty was a weakness,’ to which the young lady replied ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think.’ Truth is sometimes better tempered (keeps you out of court, too.)

        • No More Dredging says:

          Truthy, thanks for that. The TBulletin and TEL must think they’re on a winner with Labor now that Ms O’Toole is on the Galilee Kool Aid. And looking a bit deeper they may just be right. You won’t have noticed it but ALP heavyweights are now mighty invested in Galilee Basin coal but not in the way you’d immediately think.
          The ALP has almost succeeded in stepping around the bunfight in the southern Galilee (Adani, Palmer, Rinehart, China Stone, Abbot Point etc) and is promoting its own corporate mates in the ‘other’ Galilee and just in case you simply will not look at company directors and all that ‘business’ stuff, let me help you out. But first, look up Terracom, have a look at the maps of their coal holdings at Pentland, Clyde Park and Hughenden and get a grip on the fact that the Galilee Basin coalfield extends way up into north Queensland, north of the highway to Mount Isa and has an already-built railway connecting directly to the coast at Townsville. Take note too of the proudly presented fact that Terracom (formerly Guildford Coal, sponsors of the Cowboys) has an MOU with the Port of Townsville. They are determined to export coal from the port and step by step they are working to get their way. The Port Expansion Project (PEP) and channel widening, funded by federal and state government (taxpayers), is the final link in the coal chain.

          The board of Terracom consists of, amongst others:
          Dep. Chair Craig Wallace, ex-ALP state Member for Thuringowa, Independent [ha ha] non-executive director Jim Soorley, ex-ALP Mayor of Brisbane plus
          General Manager Stakeholder Relations Tony Mooney, ex-ALP Mayor of Townsville, ex-federal ALP appointed board member GBRMPA, ex-Townsville Port Authority, current ALP-appointed Chair of the Hospital Board etc. Do they need any more entree to the big end of that part of town?

          Meanwhile over at the Port of Townsville Ltd (PoTL), two ALP government ministers are the sole directors of the government-owned corporation:
          Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, Curtis Pitt, and Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply, Mark Bailey. Which would just about cover it but just in case, there is a 2016 addition to the Board of PoTL:
          Non-executive director Mike Reynolds, ex-Mayor of Townsville, ex-Chair Townsville Port Authority, ex-Member for Townsville and ex-Speaker of the House.

          If Cathy O’Toole really is pledging to support coal mining and rallying the ALP troops to back development of Galilee Basin coal resources, the three whipped-into-line local state members won’t be lonely on the Terracom coal express heading out onto the 152 hectare reclaim site being prepared for their Abbot Point-style coal stockpile and loading facility in downtown Cleveland Bay. All their ALP mates are already on board, some sitting in seats previously occupied by Liberals like Peter Lindsay, ex-Member for Herbert and ex-alderman Townsville City Council.

          So when you think about it, a vote for Cathy O’Toole will be a vote for a dirty stinking ALP-sponsored coal stockpile and bulk ship loader, mainly built with taxpayers dollars and a mighty attraction for foreign buyers searching for government assets. Notice how Adani doesn’t get a mention? Funny about that. It looks like the whole of the electorate of Herbert wants Townsville to become a coal export town.

          • Grey says:

            Here we go again. Let me be clear, there is zero to nil chance of coal being extracted from any of Terracom’s (aka m Guilford Coal) shit box tenements. If they were worth anything, they would have been mined by now. Don’t let the truth get in the way of another of your bullshit yarns …

          • Whykickamoocow says:

            You are correct about some of this story NMD.
            Australian Future Energy have the Townsville Port in their sights and with trade the way it is (slower than a one armed paper shuffler), they’ll sell their own children to make it happen. The proposal is currently sitting on some red tape wrangler’s a desk in the bowels of the QLD Government. The black gold will be stockpiled on the Port access road site.
            Project Link here me matey


          • No More Dredging says:

            Grey, you seem to be missing a vital point in this equation. Even if north Galilee coal was the best in the world there has been nowhere available to load it on a ship. With the port expansion plan (152 hectares on which to stockpile and retrieve coal just like at Abbot Point), channel widening (bigger coal carriers) and port rail plan (direct access to the dump site), north Galilee coal will, possibly, be economically viable, so long as the coal miners don’t have to pay for anything. Both major parties appear willing to either spend or lend to provide infrastructure for miners and now it looks like Labor will bend over backwards to force the Galilee Basin issue. The stockpile has to be very close to the ship because double handling will never make a dollar. A government funded port channel upgrade, dump site and streamlined rail access will line up the ducks like never before.

          • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

            NMD, not wanting to drop facts in the way of your theory, but coal trains to Townsville face a fairly significant structural impediment in the form of (without order of priority): no electrified rail line infrastructure, overpasses and bridges which are too low/narrow/weight restricted, curves on the rail line which are too tight for the long trains, and track construction which is not suitable for the heavy coal trains, among others.

            All this before you even get to the port and start to build the huge stockpile and loader facility required.

            Even if if was a good idea, the cost and impact barrier is prohibitive compared to expanding the existing dedicated coal ports (which are also not downwind of major cities).

          • No More Dredging says:

            Don’t worry, Mostly Civil, Bill Shorten has pledged, in today’s TBully, to invest $100 million in the Mount Isa to Townsville rail line. That should straighten out a few of the curves. And the Bulletin itself is now backing the ALP, editorialising that Shorten’s promises are “adding up” and that Cathy O’Toole is “on-song with Townsville’s pressing needs”. Whodathought?

          • No More Dredging says:

            Civil Engineer, as a matter of interest, just how constrained and load-limited is the Mount Isa to Townsville railway (when it is not washed away in floods)? At the present time South 32 moves very large quantities of lead and zinc concentrate from the Cannington mine to its shed in the port (connected by conveyor to its loading wharf outside the harbour) and whoever owns Phosphate Hill moves large quantities of fertiliser. Their trains seem to go round corners and over bridges without difficulty. Townsville port will never serve ships as large as the ones that go to Abbot Point so perhaps smaller trains and stockpiles will suffice – as long as it all stacks up – as someone Labor-aligned has recently reiterated. Electrification might not be necessary either.

          • The (Mostly) Civil Engineer says:

            NMD – the western line is designed as a heavy freight link while it is the east coast line (Bowen to Townsville) which has the problems.

            Simple economics would dictate that the cost of marginally expanding a dedicated coal terminal is less than the cost to upgrade the line, build a new (smaller and less cost-efficient) terminal in Townsville, then use little ships.

            In politics land it might be nice to talk about, but regardless of what the chattering masses say, it isn’t a good idea unless we dredge the crud out of the bay and put a REALLY big coal terminal in – – people will have real black dust to worry about.

          • No More Dredging says:

            Hey Civil, they are already going to “dredge the crud out of the bay”, that’s why it’s costing taxpayers over a billion dollars. They are also going to quarry about 8 million tonnes of rock around 50 kms from the site and cart it into Townsville for breakwaters and revetment walls around the 152 hectare site. This huge thing is about to get underway. But it was never suggested that Galilee Basin coal might be part of the plan and I notice that the ALP isn’t trumpeting it now. They don’t have to. The StopAdani crew have already pledged support for Labor, they’re in the bag. So Labor might as well go for broke. No one is looking, no one seems to care.

          • Dave Sth says:

            I came across the connections between the ALP & Guildford Coal during the Obeid/McDonald trial and had a feeling of Deja vu. I did admit I did go hmmm but in the absence of any evidence of wrong doing got to give them the benefit of the doubt. Interesting no one has looked into it or if they have then maybe there is nothing in it or maybe ICAC is a bit more bolder than Qld’s CCC… Who knows, I’d say the balance of probabilities they tarted up a lemon and sold it to the Chinese for a killing like I have seen done with other resource companies.

            As for the coal out that way I am informed it isn’t that great and even with rail lines near there are logistical problems that engineers above have highlighted. Also Mackay’s two coal loaders well to the south of town and NE of Sarina all out of the way of the prevailing south easterlies and that coal dust. Even the coal Terminal at Newcastle as I have found out recently is a handy distance to the N of the city for similar reasons. Also Townsville is drier than Mackay so the dust problem would be magnified probably adding to feasibility issues.

          • No More Dredging says:

            No problem, Dave Sth, the regulator is totally in the ALP state government’s bag and won’t be getting out. Dust, noise, dredge spoil, sedimentation of Cleveland Bay – all just shit issues that the state government can sweep aside with the stroke of a pen. The Sustainable Ports legislation is irrelevant because the Port of Townsville has just stepped right around it and can ignore it. As for your opinion about the “coal out that way”, what the fuck do you know about its quality? I mean really, no one commenting here as ever conceived of the possibility that Labor might foist this one on us, have youse? But then you didn’t know that Guildford/Terracom have had an MOU with the Port for several years. They are just patiently lining up the ducks and all of a sudden, if Shorten can get Cathy O’Toole over the line and get himself into the Lodge, all things are suddenly possible. Why not go for the big grab? Does Townsville really give a fuck either? The electorate might just entertain the idea that Clive Palmer is just another circus star like Bob Katter or Pauline Hanson and give him a vote just for the hell of it. No surprises there. The Magpie’s ‘sheeple’ are lining up to deliver, even if it’s a stinking turd onto their own doorstep.

      • NQGal says:

        The CMFEU is finally putting the heavies on Labor candidates and members to support the mine, or they won’t donate to the candidates campaign. One way or another, we will find out who the Labor party is beholden to – the historical unions or the socialist greens.

  18. The Magpie says:

    This from the man who tells us the US economy is ‘maybe’ the best it’s ever been, and his inauguration drew the bigliest, terrific huge, crowd in history.

    When he is impeached or voted out, there’s a job waiting for Little Donny as mathematical checker at the Bulletin.

  19. The Magpie says:


    Reminder, Jenna Cairney.

  20. Dearie Me says:

    Having a chat to a few TCC people today and learned a few things

    The TCCs Future Cities 2020 Office in Flinders St, which was a poorly disguised election office for the Mullet, is not council owned and is rented. It cost somewhere around $750k to renovate. When the rains arrived, it leaked. So they shut up shop and left it to go mouldy. Thanks Mullet and friends. Love to see my rates money well spent.

    The maintenance budget for council has been cut yet again. Another 2%. With funds being diverted to those yet undelivered capital projects that were part of the Mullets election promises.
    So don’t expect your parks and gardens to be maintained as the Mullet and her gang of dead heads are too busy planning to build new things that will require… you guessed it…maintenance they haven’t budgeted for.

    • Waste " OFTAM" says:

      Funny you say that dearie you only need to look at the debacle of our refuse tips or lack of!!!! As well as our fleet. Essential services are being cut everywhere. Only need to drive around at all the long grass again in the city. You might see some new trucks around that look good, that’s because the drivers take what pride is left in TCC about there appearance. It’s the ones you don’t see that are broken down that tell the true story of the cuts. TCC would rather pay huge amounts of overtime instead of actually buying the equipment needed to run a service that people pay for. It’s the staff that suffer with lost family time and constant ridicule from the public. Although there are lots of people who still appreciate what is done which is a blessing to know good people still live in Townsville. Which means they arent all labour voters

    • Stillnotalocal says:

      Shut up shop and left go mouldy…. what a load of hogwash!
      Future cities relocated so Umbrella Studios (downstairs section) and TEL (upstairs section), whose premises were both affected by the monsoon event, could occupy temporarily.

  21. One legged tap dancer says:

    Anyone else notice the hopelessly out of date story in the sports pages of today’s Astonisher.
    Our Aussie girls headed by Ash Barty qualified for the final of the Fed Cup tennis by winning a deciding doubles match in Brisbane on Sunday afternoon, but the story in today’s rag says there are still two matches, including the doubles, to be played.
    Was the sports editor on holidays over Easter or just pissed?

  22. Critical says:

    Another huge waste of ratepayers money. Been told that virtually all of the office accommodation opposite the library on the first floor of Northtown is leased by TCC and has been vacated and has been empty since around December 2018 / January 2019. Also add in the lease cost of several several parking spaces in the basement.

  23. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Looks like Shortun has dropped Cathy like o hot turd and backed our 3 state Polly’s. Interesting!

  24. Cantankerous but happy says:

    A little slip last night by Graham Richardson on Paul Maury’s show when discussing the news poll on Herbert and possible outcome. Richo advising Herbert will be hard to pick and that people from Townsville are a little bit different to most places, then he added he was only saying this to Jenny Hill in Noosa a couple of days ago of which she agreed. So since Jenny Hill has right royally screwed Townsville and stuffed the place for years to come is she also planning on leaving town, perhaps looking at property in Noosa, maybe somewhere near her old mate the foghorn.

    • The Magpie says:

      Maybe (chance would be a fine thing), but there is a different reason she was in Noosa and pops down often … she is a frequent house guest of Barry Taylor in his water front mansion down there. Was spotted not so long ago taking spin with him and an Esky in his plush bogan tinnie he parks on his private backyard jetty. With Bazza’s Labor leanings of self-interest, makes sense that Richo is around, too, as well as being a co-Sky host with Typo Gleeson, Bazza’s betting buddy from Townsville.

      Wouldn’t surprise The ‘Pie if Mayor Mullet was in on the ‘council of war’ held with Krayem and Peter and Vanesa Gleeson when they hatched up a plan to sue The Magpie over some innocuous comments made in this blog. Mullet and the Legal Foghorn are old buddies, with Bazza more than once strong-arming local business people to contribute to her political campaigns, and in return got selective council work, much of it done by the now departed Connie Navarro.

  25. Fat Tony says:

    Interesting article on my newsfeed this afternoon about Clive Palmer star recruit Greg “The Dish-head” Dowling threatening to walk away from the Palmer’s United Australia Party if Clive forces him to give his preferences to Labour.


    This shouldn’t come as no surprise to Clive given everyone else has walks away from his party. However, they usually wait till they’re at least elected before making haste to the door.

    Given this common trait with all his party comrades, you would have through someone with the astute business credentials as Professor Palmer that he’d done a complete and thorough due diligence before announcing Dish-heads candidacy. If he had, he’ll know that our second favorited Ingham boy (Laurie Spina’s still No.1) has history of walking away.

    Since retiring from league, Dowling has been a McDonalds franchisee in his home Town of Ingham, before walking away. Then trying an Oporto franchise before walking away from that without paying rent. He then popped up as the CEO of the Northern Pride before, you guessed it, he walked away. This time leaving a few dodgy players contracts.

    I guess if he walks now, it won’t be so messy if, god forbid, he gets elected.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Doesn’t quite add up the Greg Dowling that I know Fatso, Greg Dowling owned the McDonalds franchise in Atherton, worked his arse off for many years and pocketed a tidy sum when selling it years later, no crime in that. He owns an Oporto Franchise in the Willows shopping centre and to the best of my knowledge still owns it today, as far as I know Dexus the owners of Willows have no issues with payment of rent or any other issues with him as a tenant, and I would want to make sure of my facts before casting those aspersions. Your comment also harps on about walking away from things as if it’s some sort of failing, yet you site 3 different endeavours over a 20 year period, hardly the turnstile of events you make it out to be. Why the hell he would want to stand for politics with Palmer I really don’t know and escapes me but given the fact you can’t even get the smallest of details correct you should treat some bullshit you heard down the pub with the suspicion it deserves before going out publicly and bagging someone you obviously don’t know.

  26. Non Aligned Worker says:

    You need to check you facts.
    Atherton in a long way from Ingham even for a Maccas franchise. (240 km out my friend)
    Given your lack of research I call bullshit on your post.
    I welcome your reply.

  27. Dave of Kelso says:

    Below is link to election candidates. Scroll down to Qld Senate. It reminds me of the tavern scene from the first Star Wars movie. (a bit of a freak show)


  28. The gnome from Nome says:

    Re matters of water. Paluma Dam 101% full. Ross River Dam 98% full. Taxpayers still paying the idiot Tim Flannery who predicted that by now we would have empty dams and ocean water levels metres higher than they are now. Climate change religion pays well!

  29. punxsutawney phil says:


    Another one goes down.

    Logan councillors get nabbed by the CCC

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Give us a link. I want to savour the juicy details.

      • The Magpie says:

        Now maybe they’ll be freed up to step up the so far hush-hush investigation into our mayor’s cosiness with Got’em Adani … not that they’ll expose anything that might reflect on Anna Alphabet (who sponsored the Indian trip).

        • Parson Blossomnose says:

          Hang on, this bloke looks like Messagebank Walker!!! Is this an omen of some sort??

          • I’ll be plucked says:

            Errr Nose, you got something in your eyes??? Looks nothing like him, unless you count ears, nose, neck……..

        • Achilles says:

          Just as you say Anna Alphabet will give our spinning Jenny a heads up and she`ll be on the next plane to Malta faster than an outhouse rodent.

  30. Dave of Kelso says:

    So the Cleveland Youth Respite Centre is full. Forget the limp-wrist GPS alternative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (the ‘Pie permitting) the stocks are the answer. A bank of them outside of every shopping centre. One month for first offence, in full view of the public, who may, on occasion, provide free counselling.

    And this is the important bit, the family of the incarcerated little snots are responsible for their daily necessities of life. Yes, that means their food, water and wiping their arse.


    • The Magpie says:

      No, No, mate, you’ve got it arse about … it’s the parents who should be put in the stocks for public review and advice. Bring back Judge Clive Wall!!!

  31. The Stockman says:

    So Aaron Harper just stuck it up to Kevin Gill.
    This will get interesting. The top end of town in an all out war.

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