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Sunday, April 8th, 2018   |   130 comments

Beastly Behaviour: The The Walker Street Fright Bats Target Fido and Pussykins In Their Callous And Chaotic Cost Cutting.

This week, Mayor Jenny The Mullet Hill and CEO Adele The Impaler Young showed more cheek than a leap-frog competition in a nudist colony. In a cynical and callous move, they hyped up a feud with the RSPCA … and now the council says it will take over most of those duties from the traditional organisation. If the recent treatment of ratepayers is any yardstick, Rover, Spot and little Tiddums are in for tough – possibly terminal – times. Want the other side to the ‘official’ story? You’ve come to the right place.

And this week, the mayor provided us with the perfect visual metaphor for her stewardship of this city over the past few years … it’d be so hilariously apt if it wasn’t so tragic.

And has the Townsville Bulletin’s gone ino the brothel business? You’d be pardoned for thinking so.

…and a side-splitting example of the academia nanny state making complete twits of themselves over the F word

But first …

Is there a more pathetic sight than a retired politician craving the spotlight in the public arena once he has left office? That is, apart from a politician that is still in office?

That arch-oilster, former Premier Peter ‘Dentures’ Beattie – remember forced amalgamation, the poisoned chalice he handed Anna Bligh before swanning off for a few years to become a LA pool lizard on the taxpayers dollar – has become a major audio/visual irritant of late, with both the Commonwealth Games (‘It’s not about me, it’s about the athletes’, he kept virtue signalling) and his deeply embarrassing ignorance of the NRL, despite his mysterious appointment as head honcho of that outfit.

And our Pete, dismissively batting away pesky questions about organisational shortcomings likely to affect the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, sure as hell wasn’t about to let any a George Street successor swing the spotlight off him. Thus he had a hand in vetoing Premier Anna Palaszczuk’s opening ceremony speech as ‘too political’. This proved to be in line with the Beattie bullshit of old … the published speech she would’ve given was nothing more than an Ali-style ‘we are the greatest’ of the sort happens everywhere on these occasions no matter whose in power and it certainly wasn’t political.

That got Bentley’s dander up, and you don’t mess with Bentley when he’s on a mission. He took deadly aim, and you can bet if the premier views this, she will wish she had thought of this killer retort.

Games copy small

Squelch, Pete!

Of course, the issue of bus queues has no deep resonance here in the ‘ville … it’s not really an issue since no one knows where to queue as they wait for the fabled bus hub to open. Would you believe, today … yes today April 7 2018, tenders were finally called for someone to build the damn thing.

Bus Hub tender ws bus hub tender cu

More Bonk For Your Buck -The Astonisher’s Astonishing-Looking Offer

Seems free computer tablets, head phones and all sorts of other bribes haven’t worked for the Townsville Bulletin’s panicked and fruitless search for on-line subscribers – they eventually had to give the tablets away in a deal with the Townsville City Council (no details available, it’s Commercial In Confidence, of course). Distributed to TCC staff, you may rest assured each free tablet came with a free subscription – but even 700 dodgy numbers won’t cut it in this dismal failure to address to paper’s laughing stock unpopularity.

But it would seem desperate times call for desperate measures, and at first glance, it doesn’t seem to get more desperate than this. Really, just what are they offering?

Alas, all is not what it seems, Tootsie’s not for sale or hire, no subscriber sex, as far as The ‘Pie can see, it’s the same old mantra about ‘a dollar a day for the first six months’. That’d be OK if they were a little more honest in their sloganeering and made it ‘when it comes to news, we’re a day late and you’re a dollar short’.

WTF Now Stand For Where’s The Fuck

While at the Astonisher as Legal Affairs Editor, The Magpie occasionally received court transcripts from the Crown Prosecutors Office and was always amused about the nanny state censorship such transcripts were subject to. Often a word deemed too naughty for sensitive legal ears was bowlderised as in f**k or c#%t. Now the law is pretty particular and court rooms often resound to the expletives of the pub front bar (quite funny in such pompous surroundings) but barristers are particular that the exact quotes be used because the fate of their argument and the ultimate decision of a jury can depend on absolute contemporaneous accuracy. So the Nanny State has even reached into the bastion of legal accuracy.

But academia suffers the same fate from time to time, as the hanky wringers remain stuck in T.S Eliot ‘old miasmal mist’ of knock-kneed anxiety over whether their uni students will be corrupted by what used to be naughty words. This belly laugh example from a text book landed in the Nest this week.

Screen shot 2018-04-03 at 10.11.54 PM

Mating??? The filthy fucking swine!!

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Magpie decided a year or so ago that he would bow to the inevitable and allow the word fuck to appear in this blog … it is now heard across television, schoolyards, and at dinner parties, everywhere in fact unless proscribed in a work place. It has virtually lost all power to shock and certainly does not conjure up its original meaning and is now a common emphasizer. But the C word will still only appear if necessary for an accurate quote, as will the other modern no-no, nigger.

Speaking Of Naughtiness

America’s a new government regime, a Twitocracy ruled by tweets is now well established by the orange haystack in the White House. And it is a Trump triumph that he manages to continually distract attention with his bad grammar and unique world view in a few words. The New Yorker nailed the new prevailing order this week.

And at this time you“… and, at this time, you may switch on your electronic devices and see what he’s said now.”

Brute Force: It Doesn’t Get More Callous Than This

Onto the local scene.

The shameful idiocy goes on, but this time, it looks like becoming a cruel blow to the animals and animal lovers of this city.

Mayor Mullet and CEO Adele Young has decided in their usual inexplicable wisdom that the council will take over the management and day-to-day operation of the RSPCA pound in three weeks time. The official line is that that the RSPCA and the council have had a long running disagreement with funding for the crucial animal management, re-homing and euthanising of the animals brought to the pound. Now there is a massive shit storm on social media against the move. Every man and his dog is concerned.


In one of the most tissue thin attempts to make this bullying by the council to meet its panicked financial agenda, the media spin makes it all sound like a jolly back-slapping agreement, by pointing out that the RSPCA will still investigate animal cruelty cases. Well, duh, no shit, really. Maybe that’s why it’s called The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals, you dunderheads. And it’s a state –wide, indeed national, remit, to do so.


The real reasons are, as usual, hidden behind a smokescreen of official obfuscation and sheer professional laziness by the Townsville Bulletin. The TCC are claiming that the RSPCA’s requirements for council financial support will not be met and are unreasonable , which puts one in mind of the definition of a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and value of nothing.

But there are very well grounded fears that this just simply won’t work, is a calamity waiting to happen and the end result will be a disastrously weakened standard of care and commitment to animals. So here’s the other side of this tawdry story, from a trusted Magpie source who has a fuller background knowledge of the ‘dispute’. Lengthy but necessary.

“The RSPCA have been negotiating in good faith with TCC to try and resolve the land tenure of the shelter for at least 5 years, and even as far back as the local government amalgamation election.

Unfortunately all to no avail. The RSPCA has already made a significant capital investment in the shelter, and I do not think it is reasonable to expect a not for profit community funded (through public donations) organization to invest in the upgrade of Council capital assets without any assurance of security of tenure. It is a bit like renting a house. No tenant in their right mind would invest in renovating the kitchen if their landlord had them on a week-to -week lease.

Keep in mind that RSPCA (not TCC) have already made the following capital investments in the shelter over the time they been there:

*Built the Dog Adoption kennels

*Built the Black Tag kennels and cattery

*Built Cat Adoptions

*Built Cat Hilton

*Built Pocket Pets

*Built Cat Isolation

*Re-roof the Council pound when it started to collapse.

So you can see that there has already been a significant investment by the RSPCA in improving the lives of the animals at the shelter.


It’s true that TCC  currently have a tender out for animal shelter services, and the RSPCA have chosen not to submit a tender. I think they have taken this position based on the following requirements that TCC have in their tender. (Based on these tender requirements I doubt if there would be any organization willing to submit a tender, but that is just my personal opinion).

1: The current TCC pound is 30 kennels. The tender requires the tendered to provide 120 kennels for Council use. At the moment there are a total of 119 kennels on site, including the broken kennels and kennels in disrepair that cannot safely be used. This includes the kennels in Dog Adoptions and Black Tags. In other words, there would be no room for RSPCA adoption and rehoming services, as TCC are saying they require all of these kennels (even built by the RSPCA).

2: The tender requires accommodation for 60 cats onsite. Again, this means that RSPCA would lose the Cat Adoption building to TCC usage.

Essentially what this means is that if the RSPCA wants to provide adoption and rehoming services in Townsville they will have to find a separate facility off-shelter, as all the kennels at the shelter would be required for TCC and could not be used for RSPCA animals welfare/rehoming/adoption work.

The tender also requires the tenderer to provide facilities for up to 20 birds, including poultry, and 5 head of livestock (goats, pigs, cattle and horses). Once again, none of these facilities currently exist and would have to be built.

3: The tender provides for a 7 day “processing period”. The current impounding period is 4 days, so this is a good move. However, my concern is that the tender explicitly states that the tenderer is required to “humanely euthanise the animals the tenderer is unable to accept and rehome” at the end of the processing period.

What this means is that, with every kennel on site, including the current dog and cat adoption centers, required for TCC use, practically speaking the RSPCA would need to euthanize for space, and this is what I think the RSPCA finds unacceptable. It would not be feasible or sustainable for the RSPCA  to continually transfer out those animals that could be adopted, because the existing kennels would have to be used only for council and not RSPCA animal welfare work.

4:The tender also has some other requirements that, while worthy, would impose a significant cost on any successful tenderer and have to be included in the tender price, but which TCC does not seem to acknowledge. For example:

*The tenderer must provide 24/7 vet services with all veterinary costs being borne by the tenderer.

*The tenderer must provide a qualified animal behaviourist engaged or have a staff member with a Professional Dog Trainer Certificate III.

*The tenderer must open the centre to the public between 7 am and 6 pm, 7 days a week, (which will require significantly increased staffing costs).

I just found out that for well over 12 months now the RSPCA has had to hire a portable toilet block because TCC are refusing to repair failing drainage and  plumbing at the shelter. And here is the kicker….AT A COST OF $105 PER DAY!!!!!

Our elected representatives with their snouts in the trough are putting a not for profit community charity in this position.

And the Council have the sheer unmitigated gall to say the RSPCA is being greedy.

This Council disgusts me.”

Needless to say, social media has gone into meltdown, and this looming debacle seems far from over.


But Under This Council Management, It’s Not Just Animals At Risk

The idea of a duty of care to keep all citizens safe – especially the most vulnerable –  seems to only extend to the executive staff feathering their own personal and political nests. “Bugger the general populace” may well become the official slogan.

Have a look at these pics, taken near the Show Ground Caravan Park (hey, welcome to Townsville, travellers!) ; the second one shows a sign that the photographer pulled from the water.

Sewage sewage 1

Not even a token barrier to reinforce a most important message. Kids and itinerants could be at particular risk. Surely if the council knows of a hazard, they have a duty to warn, secure and police the area.

And to take a typically venal point of view popular with council management, to avoid costly law suits if the worst happens.

What a bunch of dildos.

Meet The Team Selling Townsville

This HAS GOT TO BE a classic metaphor … Jenny Hill, chief carnival barker ‘selling’ Townsville to investors, enticing punters onto sideshow alley and into a shabby old tent to peruse her wonders.

Screen shot 2018-04-07 at 11.42.09 PM

‘Come one, come all, witness the slow apparition of the CBD bus hub, take part in a Qantas boycott, see if a new battery factory materializes before your very eyes, book a spot on the magical ferry to the new stadium, which defies low tide mud and a small matter of two bridges … you’ll be amazed at the effortless destruction of the city’s hard won reputation in the arts world. Marvel at plans for an council airstrip 400kms away. And a brand new attraction, a must for the kids, a dog or a cat will be euthanized every few minutes before your very eyes. Indeed, a Salon du Elegance to behold the wonders of the new Townsville under my mayoralty.’

Of course, as they say, there’s no show without Punch, so chief spruiker Mayor Mullet enlists the help of a man who thinks he will be her successor to pack in the crowds.

Jenny and Les


Jesus, are we in trouble.

Council Jewellery Now Available

Toilet Paper earrings

A must for Townsville ratepayers who can further help the Mullet./Impaler business initiative, these tasteful earrings have a great practical purpose too … every time you hear a statement from either of the Walker Street fright bats, you can wipe away the excess shit dribbling out of your ears.

Gawd, Was P.T Barnum Ever Right

Yep there’s one born every minute. The ‘Pie figured he’d never see bigger suckers than those who cough up to join the Dudley Do Nothings aka Townsville Enterprise.

Tel membership costs

But even that doesn’t match this little item the old bird came across during the week.

Screen shot 2018-04-03 at 10.00.22 AM

Well, at least our developmentally delayed idiots are safe if they won’t send it to Australia. Phew!!!


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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    The RSPCA debacle has Mayor Mullet and the impailers finger prints all over it and typical of the wraith from Mayor Mullet to anyone or Organization that highlights T.C.C,s incompetence especially in the media. let’s not forget in 2017 under the impailers watch T.C.C couldn’t even send out Food licence or pet registration renewals on time let alone manage kennels. The Councillors are complicit in these actions letting themselves be so micro managed the Mayors office tells them their seating at functions which is normally all together because god forgive what if a business person or rate payer may ask them a question.This action does nothing to dispel the comments from the ombudsmen that T.C.C is secretive and doesn’t respond to ratepayers. The further T.C.C strays away from its core business the more the city will suffer because Mayor Mullet and the Impailer don’t know the meaning of the word culture and working as a team.

    • The Third Reader says:

      The closest the Mullet will ever get to “culture” is to eat a tub of yogurt.

    • Dearie Me says:

      Don’t forget the collossal fuckup which saw the poor old dears around town sent registration notices for their long dead Fido’s

  2. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Great post Pie and finally we get the truth about the RSPCA debacle, what a pack of brainless minnows we have running the joint. I still have my old ABN somwhere, just a quick calculation on all the requirements of the tender, allowing a few bucks in my own pocket, $100 million a year for a nice round figure, but I will offer a 1% discount if the entire tender is paid within 7 days, do the righty by the community.

  3. Lucy M says:

    As a past resident of the ‘ville, it amazes me the number of times ratbag morons get into and eventually infest the TCC with egos, personal agendas and political thuggery toward ratepayers, they seem to grow 2 heads when past their first term in office, been going on for decades, but the Mullet and Co would have to be the grand pooh bars of dickheads and shafters that have ever run TCC.
    Townsville desperately needs to rid itself of this disease it’s suffering at the next council elections, The animal shelter issue is a prime example of political thuggery and incredible stupidity.

  4. Dave Nth says:

    Quick few google searches on the Go Kart woes that would affect the RSPCA as well. Interesting it seems Parkside is behind it, council shamefully passed the buck to the Impaler last year to try & settle out of court in Feb 28 Council Meeting Notes pg 9322. The same Jenny Hill who voted for this in 2009 was railing against Parkside for trying to rezone the land to begin with, seems this has been going on for nearly 10 years. Bully has a few paywalled articles but Go Kart website from 2009 pretty well much explains it. Now am wondering has Parkside done a deal with the Council to drop it’s opposition, I can’t seem to find the case on Austlii or any other website which makes me sus that the Go Karters have been sold down the river in an out of court settlement.

    On the Commonwealth Games sorry to be a grinch IMO it should have been handed off to Sri Lanka as soon as Newman was elected. These things are an utter waste of money in an area of the state that can look after itself and has become like I thought it would a honey pot for sleazy ex poly’s like you mention… I haven’t watched a second of it.

    • Alahazbin says:

      Go Kart land is freehold, so if Parkside want it, they will have to pay big $.
      No coincidence that RSPCA is in the same area.
      Will probably see a ‘proposed change of purpose’ on that sight within 24 months.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Cheers, still in the dark on what point of law they are stifling the Go Karters with I can’t find a way round the News.com paywall & there isn’t much else in the public sphere. As for the RSPCA site I reckon you will be right as they aren’t doing roadworks on Shaws Rd for nothing… Be interesting to see the bunfight with the Quarry if housing creeps up to that & complaints start, Holcim have much deeper pockets than the Tapiolas family…

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          What if they start making steel pipes at the old Granites site on Shaw’s Rd? Will the Cosgrove residents be happy with that? Or will the council give special compensation?

  5. SPQR says:

    Pie, do you think there is some prospect of the TCC being done for animal cruelty?
    I fucking hope so.

    • The Magpie says:

      Probably not, Senator, this state usually reserves those laws for farmers who shoot over-populated crocs to protect their livelihoods.

    • Grumpy says:

      My goodness, my old Patrician, how could that possibly be so?

      They have given troughs to porcine snouts, riches to inbred mongrels, fat to cats and unbelievable protection to a couple of right b…

      All the while displaying the morals and truthful advertising worthy of PETA.

  6. Achilles says:

    If the hanky wringers wont use Fucking why not Fornicating? then the 4 F’s makes sense.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Actually, it’s clever. Since everyone knows what the 4th F is for, getting something else is an old trick used by comedians and psychologists to give emphasis and improve the chances of remembering the meaning of the total expression.

      As for “c**n” I understand its long-way-back meaning was “split”. So it was correct to say, for instance, “that tree was cunted by lightning” or “I’ll meet you by the cunted rock”.

      • The Magpie says:

        ‘C**n? Oh, Mike, you weren’t meaning the word that would outrage PC word nazis (whisper ‘coon’).

        Love your tactic of starting out coy and then basically saying ah, what the fuck.

        • Mike Shearer says:

          “c**n” was a typo, should’ve been “c**t”. Another clever ploy, Pie, as you picked up. If we can keep this going long enough “cunt” will slip through. Not so long ago “fuck” slipped past the censors at the Oz.

          • The Magpie says:

            Tres droll, Mike … an just so folks know, The ‘Pie believes that if you’re discussing a particular word, it should be displayed in full … seems hypocritical to do otherwise. Interesting that research does not support your ‘split’ hypothesis, which in various spellings has always meant what it does today. Even more interesting is the suggestion that cunt should be preferred by feminists to vagina, which is Latin for ‘sword sheath’.

          • Mike Shearer says:

            Pie,. I’m always happy to concede to my betters, and you are supported by the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English language which states “… neither fuck nor cunt are recorded in old English…”. Until I can locate my source I will leave it at that.

          • The Magpie says:

            The word has existed in various and now obsolete spellings meaning the same thing (even in Shakespeare of the Willy) and The ‘Pie will admit to a snigger or to when he learned that the word was combined into place names, many of which led to deep contemplations of how they came about. But the most famous of all was … in several cities … ‘Gropecunt Lane’ which was the old term for red light district. The cunt part was dropped a couple of hundred years ago, but even that was too much for the Victorians, and ‘grope’ became ‘grape’ in many instances.

  7. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Great piece by Shari in the astonisher online, not behind the paywall either, giving it to Townsville Airport , the $3 levy and the seating out the front of the Qclub. It takes a bit of ticker to criticise the toxic culture that has developed in this town, knowing full well the toxicity will be immediately turned on anyone who speaks out publicly, well done Shari.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie heartily seconds those comments.
      Iditor Jenna Cairney has got herself into an interesting position here. Early in the new iditor’s tenure, Shari appeared to have an ‘oh, what the hell’ moment and wrote a column that not only sunk a right royal slipper into a couple of the Bulletin’s protected species, Mayor Mullet and Anna Alphabet but also by either inattention or sheer ignorance by the paper’s gatekeepers (take your choice) that column by clear implication had a shot at the paper itself and some of its reporting. Not too strident and well reasoned. And boy, was it well received. Shari has gone on to further throw off the traces on other subjects that hitherto the paper has chosen to ignore or downplay. So what’s Ms Cairney’s pickle? Just this. The Bulletin runs regular focus groups, and The ‘Pie’s bet is that Shari has shot up in popularity, slowing the flood of defections from the flagship weekend paper. Dropping her now for sins against policy would be risking a more rapid deterioration in circulation which is already on life support. There is a very good precedent for this situation … when The Magpie had finally had enough toxic attitudes towards news and staff and left in 2010, within three weeks the Saturday paper which had carried the Magpie column dropped 4000 … yup, 4000 – in circulation – from approx 41,000 to 37000. They never got those lost sales back. That may sound like boasting, but it is a statement of fact, and indeed exactly highlights the problem for Ms Cairney. Especially with Saturday hovering precariously in the low to mid 20s nowadays.

      • seagull says:

        actually bought a Sat edition yestrday ….. first time in over 10 yr or so….. for the real estate…… isn’t much else is there… 3 whole pages of jobs ! looks like that’s all gone online these days….. lots of full page $1 a day subscription ads… hopeless… best bit was, as mentioned Shari’s piece…. anyhow I’m ok for paper to clean the fat off the bbq hot plate now….about all the bullsheet is good for… FFS

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Whilst it was great to read Shari’s comments, it stinks of the stage-managed bullshit that seems to run our city. You may be right Pie with your assessment – the ONLY outcome that will be right for this one is that the airport owners fund their own upgrade. The minion Gill and his masters need to listen, which they have not done on this matter so far!

        Next stage-managed issue please……….

        • The Magpie says:

          Just to be clear on the grammar, you mean the situation stinks etc, not the column?

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Pie, the column and the opinion on the topic are to be applauded – Gill the minion and his masters are to be scorned; the TB Editor – I don’t know what’s she’s up to, but at least Shari’s opinion piece made it to ‘print’……

        • Airline says:

          One of the Masters of Gill Is a Former Sunstate and Australian Airlines QLD Manger .. He issued a edict that no staff were to wear Sneakers while travelling on concessional tickets .. 2 Weeks later He arrived at Townsville Airport for a business function wearing Sneakers . (The staff on Duty wanted a Stop Work Meeting) Once Qantas and Australian Airlines Amalgamated he quickly Was Shafted….

          • I'll be plucked says:

            What are ‘sneakers’ Airline? Sound like creeping undies??? More info please………

          • The Magpie says:

            You should get out more mate … in your sneakers, a pair of which you surely own.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Our current WA premier, Mark McGowan, is nicknamed “Sneakers”. He is so-called because his critics reckon that was all you could see of him sticking from the arse of a previous Labor premier who fostered his political career.

            The nickname has stuck. A Dean Alston cartoon here last week showed former Federal Labor leader Kim Beasley, a surprise choice for WA Governor at more than $450,000 per annum, being sworn-in complete with morning suit and a pair of rear-mounted sneakers.

            Bentley could not have better summed-up the ‘Jobs For The Faithful’ curse that afflicts all levels of politics.

        • Non Aligned Worker says:

          Townsville Airport used to have a Qantas Club and an Ansett Golden Wing lounge. Surely couldn’t cost too much to reinstate the pre 1998 setup?

          • Airline says:

            For Non-Aligned Worker… After The Demise of Ansett, Qantas moved their Qantas Club Airside ie It could only be accessed once passengers & visitors had gone thru the Security checks. In the old days it was a fair walk from the Flight Deck/Qantas Club to the Security check point and with the schedule of Ansett and Qantas close together Aircraft were being delayed waiting for passengers to clear the Security Point you could have 30-40 Qantas pasengers go to the security point at the one time . i know of no Airport/Airline in Australia that has a Guest Lounge Non-Airside It would require a Major Rebuild to have a Virgin Louge (Before a Major Rebuild) their is just no room at the moment….

  8. Bentley says:

    I was one of those 4000, which led to supporting the Magpie blog. Shari also deserves our respect for her fearless journalism. Sock it to ‘em Shari.

  9. Santa's Little Helper says:

    The RSPCA is being moved from its present site so a housing estate can be built.The drag track has been removed and go- kart site is being moved on.

    A few people make money from housing estates but not many, we can look forward to the usual pencil thin, labyrinthine road network with a lick of asphalt and cardboard houses being sold to unsuspecting mugs. The ratepayer can pick up the bill for the disaster later on ( taking loans to build / repair roads to housing estates that someone made a fortune selling).

    You want to get rid of Hill yet whats waiting in the wings as the opposition is WORSE. No doubt we’ll see some personalities from the water group stand for council trying to get their snout into the trough.



  10. Just curious says:

    Don’t know who is waiting in the wings SLH but it what way could they be worse than the Mullet, the impaler and this on the nose council? Just curious.

  11. Airline says:

    If you google Townsville Airport The Shari T story is posted on the Header Page.. Seems to have been posted by the T/Bully 3 Hours ago. Probably more people will read the story as they check Arrival/Departure Flight information than those that read the T/Bully….

  12. One legged tap dancer says:

    Spent a few days on Maggie Island last week and sorry to report that Townsville’s biggest tourist attraction is suffering badly from council neglect.
    Rubbish, some of which appears to have been lying there for months, fills the gutters.
    Poor old Picnic Bay is a disgrace. The waterfront mall looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for years, with moss an inch thick in some places along the walking path.
    Here’s a thought – instead of warming their plush chairs at Wishing Well House next week, what about the TEL staff including Patty the Puppet actually doing something except talking, and heading over to Maggie to clean up the mess?

    • Critical says:

      Or how about rounding up some of Anna’s and the Social Engineers Protected Species, supervised by their Elders, and sending them over to clean up the mall and ither areas and learn what work is. I’m certain that one of the many Indigenous organisations that get thousands of dollars in government handouts will be able to pay the Elders for their supervision and the ferry fares etc. for the young members of Anna’s Protected Species.

    • Lady Byron says:

      Dear One Legged Tap Dancer

      Yes – you are right on the money; things are not looking good over here on Magnetic Island.

      And here’s why: our long-serving local TCC ranger, who for yonks did dog pickups, cleaned the Picnic Bay Mall, and dealt with abandoned vehicles, was told his ‘services’ were no longer needed and they had been tendered out.

      Well, the results are plain to see. The TCC dog/animal ranger, I am told, comes over here once a month, drives around, has lunch and goes back on the barge. We need a ranger who lives here on the island, but this concept is obviously foreign to TCC?

      Maybe its time this Council was booted out and an administrator installed?


  13. Terry Smith says:

    Q. What does Jenny Hill and the EU have in common?
    A. They both fucked the pound!

  14. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou

  15. Bloodhound says:

    Morning Pie.

    Just letting you know The Bloodhound has been called back from snuffling in the back of of the TCC body farm, to sit at the feet of his mistress where he has been commanded to remain for the time being.

    He is very much looking forward to being rewarded with a few of her tasty treats should he show some good behavior for a change, perhaps letting rip with a couple of mefitik farts at the most inappropriate of times, and when the urge takes him, laying in the sun at the front door licking his nether regions.

    So you might not be hearing from him for a while. But rest assured he will be following the blog with interest. And as a parting gesture, in the early hours of this morning he sent you an interesting ‘join the dots’ email for you to perus.

    Cheers and keep on fighting the good fight!

  16. Sandgroper says:

    #GoFundYourselfQAL……….definitely hashtag of the year, courtesy of Ms Tagliabue.

    We have not met, Shari, but I enjoy your writing and applaud your principled efforts to expose the rorting and incompetence so rife today in Townsville.

    You deserve a much wider audience, and I trust this will be recognised and you go on to bigger things.

    Meanwhile, continue to peel the scales from the eyes of those poor wretches who appear hypnotised by the trough-snufflers and carpetbaggers currently in the ascendancy.

    • Grumpy says:

      I actually used it myself this afternoon at the gate. Probably was not the first. Was told by the ladies in the Q club that the embarrassing infantile seating farce will end soon. Gill is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic that is his career.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        That’s a valid point Grumpy, Numbskull has proven himself to be the incompetent CEO must think him to be, after sending Macair into the abyss you would wonder why QAL would trust him with their Townsville business. I would suspect he is a CEO in name only and just a patsy that QAL thought couldn’t harm their business in any way as long as they kept an eye on him, now they have been proven wrong and this total debacle around the airport upgrade has shown him up for the failure he is.
        QAL would be mindfull of its monopoly position it enjoys in each of its airport locations, it doesn’t go well when the community overwhelmingly rejects a local business as a poor corporate citizen with no regard for its customers and would be questioning Gills handing of the whole thing.

  17. Simon Templar says:

    Wow. Forget beach volleyball. I’m watching ladies lawn balls from now on.

  18. Achilles says:

    Pie, as you correctly state vagina, which is Latin for ‘sword sheath’. So why is a phallus not called a gladius after all we often refer to it as my weapon?

    • The Magpie says:

      As in ‘Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just gladius to see me?’

      • Achilles says:

        or maybe rudius is more applicable?

        • Polythene Pam says:

          Perhaps now is the time to discuss the many implications as arise from the title of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

          • Sandgroper says:

            They all had deprived childhoods, Pam. No toys to play with, so they made do with what was to hand.

          • The Magpie says:

            And The ‘Pie hears the bell ringing for all year 4s, so that will end this thread.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Yes Achilles, as you know the Rudius Sword was made of wood. Is that where the term ‘Woody’ has come from, or is this bar room slang/smut? You know, cracking a woody?……..

          • Sandgroper says:

            Had one of those when I was a young surfer. An old Ford V8 delivery van that had been tarted with a few panels of varnished marine ply and a tatty mattress. Flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

  19. One legged tap dancer says:

    Another “commercial in confidence” coverup in today’s Astonisher with the Mullet facing claims of providing favours to a company that made a last minute donation of $5000 to her election campaign.
    Its all part of the murky deal done for the Hilton Double Tree hotel to be built adjacent to the Cowboys Stadium site.
    Surely the CCC can’t keep ignoring the goings-on at TCC just because the Mullet is a protected (Labor) species.

  20. Mike Shearer says:

    Some info relevant to the TCC misuse of $$s on the one hand and cutting of essential services on the other: a few years back a group called Better Uses for Reid Park tried hard to show that the V8 circus actually costs Townsville money, and that the TCC was contributing but not acknowledging openly just how much. I managed to get details of “In Kind Townsville 400 Support Operating Costs” for 2009 thru 2012 events. The items were Event support; Precinct preparation/improvement, Precinct repairs, Storage, Track works, Traffic improvement works, and Waste. Those were the only items that someone had to find and extract; there were probably more, such as wages of parking inspectors, and the TCC hospitality tent. In 2009 the total was $407k, in 2010 $572k, in 2011 $561k and 2012 $549k. If the annual increase indicated by those amounts is assumed as 8% the cost last year would have been $894k, or if 10% $980k.

    I also got costs for owning and operating the Pit Buildings for the year when Palmer used them to store his give-away Mercedes. The cost of lighting and security alone exceeded the income from use of the building (which the V8s got for free)

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      So what you are saying Mike is you want the V8’s to fuck off, you don’t want the event here and would rather the event go somewhere else, like Cairns who have already expressed an interest in holding the event. Whilst I agree the corporate facility for the Mullet and other Walker St parasites to attend is wasteful and not required many of the other expenses are part of putting on any sort of major event, anywhere.
      The event brings thousands of people to Townsville who would normally fly right over us on their way to somewhere else, anywhere else actually as our tourists numbers are worse than ever, losing a major event that makes the situation worse is hardly a desirable outcome at the moment.
      Anyone who thinks the V8’s should stand on its own with no council of state funding is just delusional, it’s a competitive space with a long list of places who want to secure the event and happy to pay $$ to do so, so the choice is either pay up or lose it, simple.

      • The Magpie says:

        Now, now Cranky Pants. We all know Mike is capable of speaking for himself – at length – so he certainly doesn’t need words put in his mouth. So allow The ‘Pie to point out that his reading of Mike’s comment was posing the question of value for money … it would seem he has long got over his noise/parking objections – which it would seem proved to be somewhat overstated in the beginning.

        The ‘Pie cares little one way or the other about the event – except that it encourages Mayor Mullet to embarrass us when she dons her red vinyl bomber jacket and appears unsteady on her pins as she totters about at apres race ceremonies – but surely it is worth questioning whether ratepayers out in the vast ‘burbs are getting that monetary boost promised from the outset. So many stats that are offered up are always so wildly slanted that it is hard to know the truth of the matter.

        On this and so many other issues, we now find we have a newspaper we cannot believe with their biased half-stories, a council that despite denials, still operates its proven ‘culture of secrecy’, and a tourism/investment blood-sucking organisation Townsville Enterprise that could not find their own arse with a mirror and two hands … even if you threw in a torch to help.

        You need only look to what is happening in Cairns (which The Magpie will do in this weekend’s Nest blog) to realise the depth of the shit Townsville is in. It’s all about attitude and transparency.

      • Mike Shearer says:

        CBH, my beef is about councils, governments etc using our money to promote or prop-up activities that are supposedly in the community’s interests but claims to support the projects are never substantiated and contrary information is ignored or denied. The Adani airstrip is the most obvious case right now. In July the V8s will be another.

        • Grumpy says:

          Your wasting your breath, Mike. One of Crankypants’ few failings is that he supports the V8s. He just loves those hospitality tents.

  21. Just curious says:

    Supporters of the RSPCA are staging a protest rally at Walker Street tomorrow morning Thursday from 7.30am until 10.30am. I believe the media are coming at 8am. From what I can see there could be large numbers. I hope so anyway. It is high time this community stood up against this disgraceful council who now put not spending money ahead if animal welfare.

  22. No more dredging says:

    “Pie, the world knows you’re all over the shop, all year round, now they’re exhibiting a family portrait:


  23. Grumpy says:

    Interesting sight on Balls Lane around lunchtime today, Wednesday. A white compactor truck was parked up with transport police swarming over it with several nonplussed-looking hi-vis shirts looking on.

    Maybe one of our council moles can let us know if it was one of the new second-hand hard collection trucks. And why the mermaids were taking such an interest. It was not a static stop – they obviously had pulled it over.

    • No more dredging says:

      Is it possible they were actually up to something?

    • Sandgroper says:

      Grumps, what a treat to see somebody use the term “mermaids” for the transport inspectors, who we also called “scalies” when I drove for my family’s farming and trucking businesses.
      Top (our old truckie) will know what it means, but those who want to learn more should google ‘mermaids — trucking slang. ‘ It so aptly describes many of these weights-and-measures blokes, who were among the most arrogant enforcers on Australian roads.

  24. Critical says:

    You need to confirm but I’m told that it was announced today that Jonathon McBurnie, current or maybe now ex Director of Umbrella Studio in Flinders Street has been appointed Creative Director, Perc Tucker Gallery.
    What happened to the woman that was appointed with much fanfare a couple of months ago. TCC certainly kept that quiet.
    Over to you to investigate.

    • The Magpie says:

      A ‘Pie spy says that it is sort of right … some sort of temporary appointment until the end of the year or thereabouts. No word about the fate of Lee-Ann Joy. We could do a lot worse than the dedicated Mr McBurnie …. but we could’ve done better (with all respect, Mr M) if they had just left Shane Fitzgerald in the job he was doing so spectacularly well.

      • Inside TCC says:

        One of many to have come and gone. Would be an interesting story for a local paper to have a look into how many of the chosen few that have been handpicked by the CEO and paraded in front of the cameras and media releases still have a position. Not very many is the answer! Of the bunch on the front page of the Bully in early 2017 there’s 2 remaining, not a great look when even the handpicked minions can’t stand to work with this CEO

  25. Footy Fan says:

    I was on holiday in NSW, recently and took a nostalgic trip to the sea side tourist destination of Manly – last time I was there was about 10 years ago. Sadly nothing has changed – still smells of old vomit and garbage. The place needs a good disinfect and scrub. A total embarrassment of a place.

  26. The old peterbuilt says:

    Hey gropes it is amazing how long it’s been since I’ve heard the term mermaid in relation to gentlemen with scales. Yep. Best that they google the origins of the slang. Around about the time I was winding down I was asked if I would consider a position with the department. FFS. It would have been like Pauline Hanson being the media spokesperson for the greens. PS. July I’m heading off across the top with the bride and the motor home. Down the west coast and back across the Nullarbor. Would appreciate it if you could organise some wild flowers and some of that nice weather you have over there.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Top, I’ll make sure the weather and wildflowers turn it on for you. If you contact The ‘Pie, he has my blessing to give you my details so we can get in touch.
      I love showing visitors the best of Perth and I should be in WA at that time.
      As for you joining the department, that would certainly put a cat among the pigeons. They were probably thinking of the old saying, “Set a thief, etc……”

  27. Realist says:

    Channel 7 local news put on its rose coloured TCC glasses again last night, claiming the Commonwealth Games basketball preliminary games at the Entertainment Centre were close to sold out.
    Didn’t go myself – not interested in seeing Australia thrash a third-world country by 80 odd points – but a mate who did told me they made everyone sit on one side of the court facing the tv cameras so it would look like the stadium was close to full.
    The basketball now moves on to the Gold Coast, where the Aussie men and women will play the games that actually matter in front of capacity crowds.
    Council was also beating its chest about Townsville’s Festival 2018 events being mostly sold out, which they are, but mainly because the majority of them are free admittance.
    No mention of the fact that all the festival events were paid for and organsied by the State Government. Full marks to them for putting on a great show with something for all ages and tastes.
    But according to our local media it is all thanks to the Mullet.
    Yeah, right.

  28. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Beckett’s propaganda machine is in overdrive at the moment, just no end to the worthless shit this fuckwit puts out, how about this, “ the commonwealth games are on in Townsville so it’s most likely a busy time for your business” it then craps on about some cyber crime garbage. It is endless, almost everyday he throws shit out trying to create a perception that the economy in Townsville is anything but the terrible state is truly is, and getting worse by any parameter you could possibly apply, he would be right at home in North Korea this clown.

  29. No more dredging says:

    Realist, I went to Queens Gardens on Tuesday night with a paid-up ticket to see Archie Roach’s packed out performance in the Spiegeltent – itself an architectural and cultural experience which you apparently missed or avoided. After that show there was a huge queue for the next (free) musical performance there and mobs of people around the food stalls. Queens Gardens is a pretty special venue to showcase Townsville at night and some creative types went out of their way to dress the place up for the occasion. Later I caught up with mates who had been at the Entertainment Centre – they had a great time. And of course they put the crowd in front of the cameras – they’re playing to a huge international audience who want to see that their team/s have great venues with enthusiastic locals. So, regardless of who paid for the set-up and who took or takes credit for it, it’s downright tight-arsed of you to whinge about stuff you didn’t even bother to attend.

    • The Magpie says:

      Take on board and accept your overall summation – God knows we need some diversion that doesn’t cost the ratepayers a poultice – but really, NMD, ‘a huge international audience’? No matter what that untelegenic irritant Dentures Beattie says, let The ‘Pie put it this way – Australia is like a bully at his/her own birthday party, whacking the smaller kids at every opportunity and the medal tally has become almost embarrassing and does absolutely nothing for the credibility of the Comm Games as a yardstick of anything – world records are world records wherever they are set, be it on the Gold Coast or at the Goodiwindi Annual Aquatic and Chiko Roll Eating Festival. So the local TV ratings will be most interesting, since we are not only host but also the country doing the best, one would reasonably expect our ratings would be far and away the best, even taking into account the widespread too-much-of-a-good-thing ho-hum factor.

      Best funny line about the Games stirring up general apathy came from Mad As Hell, when S McA. suggested the reason those Indian guys posing as journalists to get into the country illegally were rumbled was because the customs blokes couldn’t believe eight people were interested in the Commonwealth Games.

      BTW the same argument about TV goes for the convenient codswallop talked about the V8’s international reception and the great publicity it has offered Townsville … geez, that’s had the world flocking in, eh?

      • Les Miserables says:

        I couldn’t care less about the little orange balls going into the little baskets, but I have enjoyed a lot of the (thankfully very affordable) music at the Queens Gardens. Diesel, Archie Roach, Ian Moss so far, and a couple more to come! VERY reasonable at $35 a pop. Frankly, I am pretty stoked that there IS money being thrown at this along with the games. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? It’s a good atmosphere down there, and I am told that Strand Park is fun too, though the music isn’t so much to my own taste.

        • The Magpie says:

          Couldn’t agree more, well said. It is a great opportunity to get temporarily escape the general slough of despond pervading the city.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Yes the word “ international” in regards to audiences about any event in Townsville are about as relevant as the word “ international” at Townsville International Airport.

        • No more dredging says:

          Cantankerous, when an “international” team plays in Townsville against either the Australian national side or another ‘international’ side, if there is TV coverage and it is broadcast in that ‘international’ country the TV audience there will dwarf the population of Townsville (i.e. 200,000). That’s all that matters to Channel 7.

          • Grumpy says:

            Big “if”. I thumbed (electronically speaking) through a number of television guides for competing African countries. Could not find one reference to the Commonwealth Games. Happy to be corrected if someone finds a broadcast, but soccer seems to be the prime focus of sports programming on the dark continent.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Pie, when ‘Dentures is finished with this Comm Games gig. Watch him get his dentures into his new job at the ARL. and fuck that up.
        He gave us amalgamation and look where we are now as a city.

    • Grumpy says:

      Christ, NMD, us it possible that you keep on topic for once, rather than waffle on with your us pious crap?

      Realist was not whinging about the events – in fact, he was quite complimentary about them.

      He was merely pointing out the Clinton-style arrangement of audiences to inflate perceived attendance and the Mullet’s press sycophants giviving her credit where none is due.

      • No more dredging says:

        Grumpy, how would you know what happened at the basketball? Neither you nor Realist were there, you know nothing about what happened, you might as well just make shit up. Realist actually wrote:
        “Council was also beating its chest about Townsville’s Festival 2018 events being mostly sold out, which they are, but mainly because the majority of them are free admittance.”
        Now that’s bullshit and I gave Realist an example: a non-free concert which was sold out. Others have written about other ‘sold out’ concerts. Plus a park full of people on a week night – why shouldn’t the Council take some credit?
        As to the Entertainment Centre – Realist threw caution to the wind claiming “they made everyone sit on one side of the court facing the tv cameras so it would look like the stadium was close to full.” Is that actually the truth? Did nobody at all sit on the camera side of the court? Or is Realist just like Grumpy; pissed off that someone had a good time while they stayed home crying in their beer. Get a life man, you’re boring.

        • The Magpie says:

          While The ‘Pie is happy to let you fellas dook it out amongst yourselves, allow The ‘Pie to observe that in terms of plain language, an event that is free cannot be ‘sold out’ but it can be ‘booked out’. And as to whether the council should ‘get some credit’, there are many who would be happy to do so if only the TCC could do the basics it is paid to do, as well as operating on the perimeter and reflected glory of this one-off flashy stuff.

          • Grumpy says:

            Couple of regular contributors and I were placing bets on how quickly you would come back with an ad hominem comment and a sook.

            Reading comprehension not your strong point is it? Did I say that any of Realist’s comments were true?

            Person A makes comment. Person B makes contradictory comment. Welcome to the Internet, Dopey.

          • The Magpie says:

            Not sure why this is a reply to The ‘Pie, although it is a given that reading comprehension offers its challenges to the old bird.

          • Grumpy says:

            Sorry, Pie. Massive fingers, tiny phone

          • The Magpie says:

            You know what they say about massive fingers, Grumps … ummm, sorry, think that might be feet.

        • Achilles says:

          Sounds more and more like “No More Sledging” is playing for a position as Mullet’s Toy Boy

        • Realist says:

          So Dredger, can you ask your idol Jenny to provide details of the ticket sales for the basketball in Townsville?
          And don’t include the hundreds of freebies that were given out.

          • The Magpie says:

            Now c’mon, that’s a bit of over-eager overkill, mate … why ask the mayor, how would she know? Ask Beattie or some Comm Games official (and believe them at your own peril) but the TCC had nothing to do with ticket sales, surely? It’s always good to remember that every time you try to unfairly and incorrectly sheet home some short-coming to the mayor, she gains sympathy as a victim … she has enough real misdeeds and incompetence with which to be nailed without trying to invent non-existent ones … althoiugh The ‘pie does believe there is truth in the belief she is responsible for the Cowboys rotten start to the season.

  30. The Stockman says:

    Festival? You mean the squillions of purple banners and billions of zip ties?
    Jesus christ my internal organs ache at the waste of tax payer money.
    I reckon my wallet hurts more than a livex sheep transporter on its way to the Middle East in summer.

    • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

      Not actually so expensive, Stockman. A measly $1.65 mil in fact, per city. In terms of tax dollars, it’s a drop in the ocean- if you want to gripe look at our $100 million stadium. What’s better, an expensive stadium that’ll employ, what it it? 50 people? Or an affordable festival that employs hundreds? Hmmmm

      • The Magpie says:

        Perhaps there is also the point that should the CG activity have been restricted to the SE corner there would’ve been justifiable howls from, as they say, arsesole to breakfast time (no, I don’t know either). But even the puny amount of stadium jobs are at least permanent, so the comparison is a bit wonky.

        • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

          I completely understand the disparity between north and south. I bring this up because it is a good festival and it really didn’t cost much, whereas it seems to cop a lot of gripes based on cost alone.

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed … as The ‘Pie has said elsewhere, we cannot live in a sulky bubble just because there are some ver-arching problems, like the council, TEL. airport management and the Astonisher … although the latter may have seen the light … see the Nest blog later today.

    • Aussiemandias says:

      I notice that none of the whingers actually go to anything before they start their griping. If they had their way nobody would spend any money on anything. Great plan.

  31. Rusty Nail says:

    In this morning’s Bulletin the Mayor is quoted as saying “I drive a Holden, you won’t ever catch me in an electric car”. I can’t help thinking this is diametrically opposite to the position being taken by the Labor Party in relation to clean energy etc. Or am I missing something?

  32. The Magpie says:

    Th hypocrisy is breathtaking and can’t be far away from official corruption in the misuse of position.

    TEL CEO Patrcia O’Callaghan tells the Astonisher that regional airfares are acting as an impediment to increased investment and – believe this! – goes on to say ‘Reducing the cost of Townsville airfares will not only support investment attraction and encourage visitation, but it will enhance liveability amongst our community’.

    It doesn’t come more mealy-mouthed than that, given that Ms O’Callaghgan’s Board Chairman Kevin Gill is trying all sorts of juvenile tricks to lift ALL airfares at Townsville airport with a ticket tax for the sole objective of getting a captive public – passengers – to fund an upgrade that would only enhance his company’s assessment base at no cost.

    hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|
    noun ( pl. -sies)
    the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Cognitive dissonance also comes to mind…

    • Anonagain says:

      Cut her some slack this time. All councils that attended the senate inquiry yesterday said exactly the same thing. There is truth in her statement regardless of the airport’s grab for cash.

      • The Magpie says:

        Surely you jest, or you’ve had a moral bypass … no matter who else said anything is totally irrelevant and her parroting of the overall complaint shows a massive conflict of both interest and integrity. (‘… other councils? Ms O’Callghan is NOT the council and DOES NOT speak for this city’s ratepayers and voters, they have not manadated her that right).

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Cut her some slack, what are you serious Anonagain? There is no slack nor goodwill if you are a puppet doing the begging of your puppeteer. If little Patty had delivered a generic statement about airfares and access to regional areas ther would be no need for any criticism, but it was her choice to once again try and look like the big business wizz and baffle everyone with numbers and as usual she has looked like the complete lightweight she is. If you are going to argue that even small increments in the costs of airfares are detrimental to the local economy whilst completely ignoring Townsville Airports bid to lift landing charges by 20% because of a financial association then you deserve every bit of criticism that comes your way.

  33. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Praise God last night a former councilor raises his head on TV news at rspca protest to make a couple of comments that everyone in this city has been wanting to say but to gutless for fear of the mayor. Maybe my prayers are being answered. If he’s willing to step up now where are the future mayor and others want to be’s hidding? Come on now ones done it don’t sit on your arse and let the mayor keep getting away with her shit because people are loosing jobs still and our city is getting beyond repair. Economically that is. And no I’m not running for office I’m happy with my basic blitz job thank you. Just like a union organizer that covers Jennys arse I can do my damage without running. Sorry been busy week with comm games have just caught up. More about Jenny less about trump, nobody cares what he’s doing its boring.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’ll care when the missiles come whistling in from up north because of this clown. And generally speaking, no subjects are barred from this blog unless The ‘Pie thinks they’re boring.

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Lol its your blog put what you want up. Maybe I should have put some more punchiation up to let you know I was joking. Anyway that one’s on me I’ll wear it. As for the missiles the baldy who likes to shoot passenger jets down seems to be the only one sending them so far, one was democratically elected and the other had his opponents jailed before the election. All im saying is the last thing I think about when I read your blog is trump and his twitters. The mullet has just signed another sacking order for 20 odd people at the RSPCA and keeps getting away with it, I think that’s more important at the moment. If missiles come it won’t matter what this blog or any blog thinks we’ll all be gone, but then again if the mayor keeps going nobody will be in townsville so nobody will aim anything at us. As for pluka not even going to waste time with that, yeah way to much time in hand there.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Trump might be ‘boring’ to you Shovel, however his actions could end in another massive world conflict!……..

      • The Magpie says:

        Yeah, funny you know, one would’ve thought someone in Shovel’s position would’ve had at least a hobby interest in disruptive egotistical incompetent leaders.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Shovel might just be too busy with his ‘basic blitz gig’ Pie, as he points out. Prolly sitting on his arse, with his eyes and ears closed………

          • The Magpie says:

            Bit unfair … and it must be said, old bare bummed chook, you seem to have a lot of time on your own hands.

    • Mangrove Jack says:

      Hey Shovel, as I rarely get to to see the nightly news or the Bullsheet, please pass on who stood up and said what at the protest rally?

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Trevor roberts was the blokes name. I never had anything to do with him in my department. I think we had uncle fester, aka vren veitch! Hope that helps.

  34. One legged tap dancer says:

    Another howler on page 40 of Thursday’s Astonisher with the headline “Stosur resumes Davis Cup career”.
    Has she had a gender change?
    Ahh, no.
    The story itself refers to the Fed Cup, but obviously they don’t follow the tennis much in Mumbai, where the sub editors live these days.

  35. The Magpie says:

    Could it be, oh, Lord please let it be ….

    Darwin journos have been ringing some local magpie mates this morning … they say they are hearing that Adele The Impaler Young has got the job as CEO of Darwin City Council.

    Geez, as if a destructive cyclone wasn’t enough for one year … poor bloody Darwin.

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