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Sunday, June 11th, 2017   |   150 comments

Bazza Taylor’s Legal Outfit Takes On A Couple Of Colorful New Clients.

Big Bazza’s Emanate Legal (well not his but he;s still a director) has taken on a couple of new clients, which some legal chums suggest is a marriage made in hell. You can bet Bazza, who no business dill, will look at one of new client’s track record and want money up front. Or will it all end in tears? The Magpie speculates.

The ‘Pie holds no brief for Cathy O’Toole, but really, she must be trying to work out how the hell she can get the Astonisher on-side, after consecutive front pages directly contradicting each other about her during the week.

Some very angry people left looking foolish when Mayor Jenny Hill dodges a meeting she had agreed to explain/justify her use of ratepayer money to take a Bulletin reporter/PR flak on her Indian junket. The ‘Pie speculates there is another possible reason why she’s hiding out.

And you can’t keep the British down; they’re planning a very special greeting for donald Trump.

But first …

There was a distinctive aroma of vindaloo to the usual odour of bullshit being peddled around Townsville during the week. Yes, we’ve had a few days of extra hot bullshit.

It has all centered on the impudent strategic stroke of Indian mining outfit Adani to open an office in Townsville. But despite the flourish and the Astonisher’s brown-nosing, it was no more than an empty gesture, an Indian version of ‘she’ll be right on the day, mate’, to distract the yokels from the hard facts. Not that you’d know it from the masturbatory climaxing of the Bulletin and all the usual suspects. It takes a bit of Bentley brilliance to say it all in one picture.

Oh, Joy fin

It was a move that stripped bare any pretense of wanting just some pork barreling from the Feds … these questionable carpetbaggers want the whole bloody piggery.

Because the truth, according to various national observers, is that Adani is no closer to starting work on the Carmichael mine than they were five years ago. They simply haven’t been able to convince anybody to lend them the money for the project. Which puts a totally separate issue in a different light:, some savvy commentator are suggesting that if the Feds pony up a billion taxpayer dollars for Mr Dodgey’s railway line, it will be a bigger scandal than the Kemlani Affair that brought down the Whitlam Government. And the scandal will be even bigger when Adani will start sacking the few workers it will take on, as their implement their announced plans for total automation from mine to ship.

Oh, didn’t you see that in the Townsville Bulletin? Funny that, but should you want a balanced view of things, have a look here just for starters … a detailed and lengthy read, but if you’ve been getting your information only from the Astonisher, it is a timely eye-opener. Plenty of other real journalism can be Google, too, if you’re not totally fed up with the whole circus yet.

You’d Think Lewis Carroll Had Been Appointed Bulletin Editor

The Alice Through The Looking Glass dictum that ‘words mean whatever I want them to mean, nothing more nothing less’ is now confirmed as policy of our blighted community paper.

Last Thursday, Federal Member for Herbert Cathy O’Toole was caned for not embracing the Bulletin’s view of the Adani saga and therefore not sticking up for Townsville…

Screen shot 2017-06-10 at 11.05.24 PM

But the very next day, she copped it on the front page and in the iditorial for doing exactly that.

Screen shot 2017-06-10 at 11.06.51 PM

And just to make sure you got the point, that edition included a doozy of an editorial, suggesting The Tool had been a naighty and rude girl. Jeezuz, Bogan, give The Magpie a break, will ya?

It is getting increasingly difficult to make fun of the Bulletin’s iditorials, when they’re doing such a great job of it themselves. Take Friday’s effort for example …

Screen shot 2017-06-09 at 9.26.15 AM

You will take a long day’s match to find a more addled squeaking harangue than that which follows one of the paper’s classic contradictions in terms. (English and well as maths are not the paper’s strong points. Better add credibility in there, too.)

The plea for decorum – dictionary definition: behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety – is in bold print beneath a picture of two federal senators gleefully encouraging readers to display a specially minted Bulletin bumper sticker, with the decorum-laden slogan ‘Don’t take my coal job and I won’t take your soy latte.’ This bit of slack-jawed yukyukery is being endorsed in the picture by Canavan and Macdonald, the latter who has all decorum one can expect from someone slowly subsiding into alcohol-induced dementia – who else in his position would wear a Hi-Viz work vest for an office photo shoot – and occasionally for appearances in the Senate.

But the totally muddled reasoning in the iditorial is mesmerizing, flying directly in the face of the evidence of the Bulletin’s bias with this bit of prize hypocrisy:

We need to rigorously interrogate all aspects of the project, ensuring it is environmentally sound, that it creates a safe and desirable workplace for workers and that it delivers a fair return for both the company and Queensland as a whole.

Bit late to the party, Bogan, but a welcome change of heart after all this time. Sad but understandable that one believes you. But do go on ….

To that end, it is critical that any financial arrangements between Adani and the Australian Government, including, for instance, a loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, be beyond reproach. Any loan extended to Adani by the NAIF must be divorced from political influence.

That last bit of patronizing information is an introduction to further confused reasoning for sinking the slipper into The Tool.

Townsville’s federal MP for the seat of Herbert, Cathy O’Toole, has raised concerns about whether Rockhampton-based senator and Federal Cabinet member Matt Canavan has had any influence on that process. Her inference is that he could have offered assurance to Adani that if they deliver fly-in fly-out jobs to Rocky, they will stand a better chance of receiving NAIF funding.

That is a serious accusation, given NAIF is a statutory organisation that is constituted to make its decisions independent of any political input.

Let’s put aside the pendantic point that it was not an accusation, it was a question. And you can bet that if there was the slightest whiff that Macca Macdonald had a quite word with NAIF bum polishers – maybe he has – he would be hailed a hero, and we would be fed a different sort of cant.

More than passing strange that the paper is attacking O’Toole who is belatedly standing up for Townsville (insincerely but hey, that’s politics), perhaps because they’ve now chummed up with the sanctimonious Matt (‘we’re only doing this for the poor of India’) Canavan.

The iditorial then neatly hang a Damocles sword above its own head with this final ponderous admonition: Yes, we need to have a transparent debate about any funding for this project, but it must be conducted with respect and decorum,

The Bulletin, lecturing us on fairness and unbiased behaviour? Respect and decorum? Promising – nay, insisting – on same? Whoda thort?

Oh, well, at least they didn’t run it next to the Paid Premium Content that advises you where you can buy the best meat pie in Townsville.

What A Choice For A Front Page Celebration

What were they thinking when the Astonisher decided to have this front page celebration with a bottle of Yello bubbly?

Screen shot 2017-06-10 at 11.22.52 PM

The Bulletin’s choice is cheap and nasty, lacks taste, its bubbly characteristics are short-lasting, it tends to go flat very quickly, and it repeatedly fails to deliver on the promise of its first taste.

The wine isn’t much good either.

Seems Jenny Needs A Stiff Drink For Other Reasons

Jenny Hill

Mayor Mullet’s no-show at a meeting at Molly Malone’s last Monday night where she had was expected to discuss the use of ratepayers money to take a Bulletin reporter on her indian junket really pissed off those who had gathered there. Even The Angry Ant and Jenny syncophant, the foul mouthed Councillor Paul Jacob, managed to be both sheepish and angry at the same time.

Late plane or some such was the much delayed explanation, but as far as The ‘Pie knows, no apology.

But now it turns out the meeting was actually a Labor Party branch meeting, although which branch we know not. But what the old bird has been hearing from several Labor types is that up to three branches are trying get up a motion to run a Labor candidate in the next mayoral election. Of course, that can’t be Jenny Hill, because although still a party member, she has made the commitment to the community that she will remain independent as long as she is mayor. Yeah, right, Jen.

There have already been some Labor Party-style confrontations – one said to include the aforementioned Jacob – over the issue, but it does seem unlikely to get up, unless she keeps pissing off – an d on – the faithful.

Big Bazza And His Bad Boy Client

Barry Big BazzaTaylor

Barry ‘Big Bazza’ Taylor

Known to some in the legal trade as Boombox Barry for his megaphone approach to all matters that matter, Barry Taylor nowadays spends his time between his $10million mansion at Noosa and his Townsville motel-like home on Castle Hill. So he obviously has to keep the silver shekels coming in, thus he has just landed a couple of new clients.

One is none other than mega financial grub Craig Gore, the ill tempered financial scammer nabbed by ATSIC and banned from directorships for some years. Gore, recently sacked as a consultant to the new owners of Cardwell’s Hinchinbrook Resort, was nabbed by the wallopers while trying to flee the country in April, and now faces 12 charges of fraud.

Craig Gore

A bagman of sorts: Craig Gore leaves the Brisbane Watch House after being charged with fraud.

He has been living with a friend in Cardwell while awaiting his day in court. When that comes, his instructing solicitors will be Emanate Legal, Big Bazza Taylor’s old firm, which he recently sold but remains involved as a director under a condition of the sale.

There is some slight history on record. Mr Taylor was briefly involved with Gore about a decade ago when the white shoe brigadier was trying to scam Townsville over a proposed canal estate development in front of the casino. To be clear,  no aspersions can be cast on Taylor’s professional behaviour at that time.

This time, Bazza may not himself grace the bar table at a barrister’s elbow, but The ‘Pie wonders if one of his star staff, one Venesa Gleeson, will get the gig.

Venesa waltzed into her job the day she arrived in Townsville with her hubby, the newly appointed editor of the Bulletin, Peter Typo Gleeson. Soon after arriving,  Gleeson received  a grammatically appalling and legally blustering letter from Barry threatening to sue the paper and The Magpie for simply mentioning his name in a column. Turned out to be a put-up con job, since Typo had actually met Taylor on the Gold Coast on at least three occasions with the missus before arriving in Townsville. But never mind, it eventuated that that sort of thing was par for the course for Gleeson. But it meant no more mentions of Bazza in the Magpie column, (or anywhere else in the paper for that matter, despite being a major behind-the-scenes operator) it would’ve spoiled Typo’s afternoons of punting with Cuddlepie Wallace et al at Barry’s Castle Hill eyrie

Mrs Gleeson is by all accounts a competent lawyer, and a nice enough person on the one occasion The Magpie met her. Of course, the old bird will reserve his opinion of her choice of partners but it would be interesting if she ends up in a court representing a man her husband obviously knew of from his days at the Gold Coast Bulletin. It had been suggested back then that it was indeed Typo who recommended Bazza to Gore.

Emanate’s other client is the American company of colourful background The Passage Holdings – or perhaps now known as Port Hinchinbrook Services – who are the new owners (almost) of Hinchinbrook resort. And they have their own legal problems, which on the face of it, do not involve Gore, although this bad tempered wanker took it upon self to trash the resort restaurant a few months ago by throwing the late Keith Williams’ fishing trophies into the resort harbour.

Which was dead stupid of him, because the publicity of that little bully boy tantrum is what tipped the wallopers off before he could scarper off to his wife’s home in Sweden.

But The Passage Holdings – Hinchinbrook Services have been trying their own bit of bullying, and have lost two matters in Cairns Supreme Court in the past couple of weeks. Court documents indicate they have been closing roads, taking over easements they are not entitled to, and trying to hit up residents with extra charges. When they told residents to like it or lump it, they promptly lumped it into court where the beak ruled against them. The company also lost its claim that they had bought the right to take such actions from the previous owners, but that fell on a technicality, so it is back to square one. Costs of $123,113.50 were awarded against Passage in this action.

The thing to keep an eye on is the totally separate matter of Gore. A few years back, he brought a defamation case against his former helicopter pilot and his wife on the laughable grounds of besmirching his good name, after the pilot was not paid a considerable sum owed. Gore not only lost but never paid his lawyers, and went bankrupt (a second time) instead.

If The ‘Pie knows canny Barry Taylor, it’ll be money up front from Gore, or forget it. Not wise to mess with our Bazza.

Funny ol’ world, ain’t it?

The Other ‘Yeah Right’ Story Of The Week Was About A Different sort Of Mayoral Bagman.

This man …

Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale

Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale

… is Paul Pisasale who was the mayor of Ipswich when he was apprehended at Melbourne Airport in May with a carry-bag containing $50,000. There is a CCC investigation. Although it isn’t illegal to carry such sums of money within Australia, pesky people like the ATO and corruption watchdogs are such suspicious bastards. Mr Pisasale resigned as Ipswich Mayor during the week, citing health reasons.

This man …

Brisbane barrister Sam di Carlo

Brisbane barrister Sam di Carlo

… is Brisbane barrister Sam di Carlo, who mightily muddied the waters of this strange pond when he said he had asked Mr Pisasale to bring the money from a friend in Melbourne to settle a gambling debt in Brisbane. Cue a whole lot of other questions, and bugger all real answers.

So imagine The Magpie’s surprise when a letter wafted into the Nest, addressing the matter.

From: Dover McCavity Partners, Townsville 4810

June 8 2017

To: Mr Sam di Carlo


Brisbane Chambers

Dear Mr di Carlo,

We are a small business partnership based in Townsville with certain specialist skills, and I am writing to offer same to you.

Should you again require, as apparently Brisbane barristers do, the transport of large sums of client cash from one place to another through airports, we can guarantee delivery, on time any time.

You will have unfortunately already become aware of the pitfalls of using unskilled operatives for this highly specialised service.

We at Dover McCavity Partners have built up a solid clientele over the years, and there have been no reportable incidents of our operations. We can advise you on the best methods of cash transportation regarding airlines (no boogie boards), and we handle only money already laundered to avoid the attention of sniffer dogs. We do not recommend certain methods (e,g transporting in bodily cavities, as this would necessitate the a second laundering of the money once received). However should you insist on this method, we have a private arrangement with Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart and/or George Christiansen for amounts over $100,000,000.

NB We have just been advised that we can no longer count on the services of Mr Palmer, as he has suddenly become a tight arse.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ben Dover and Phil McCavity.

Is This Woman Completely Mad, Or Just Mildly Stupid?

The ‘Pie generally tries to avoid such blunt abuse, but in this case, he is just returning the compliment.


Mayor Mullet appeared to be of the stunned variety when her Public Relations people (aka the Townsville Bulletin) ran this hilarious bit of self-incriminatory idiocy in Saturday’s paper. She is quoted as saying ‘I have spoken to the CEO and chair of NAIF, and was advised that the process did not require any further government intervention

Newsflash for the mayor … 1. You are a politician, councils are the third tier of government and 2, you have the self-inflated pomposity to tell other politicians NOT TO DO WHAT YOU OPENLY ADMIT YOU HAVE DONE.

And then, for Christ’s sake, you write about it, like we won’t notice!

Really, Jenny, you should get Dolan to look over the stuff you feed the Astonisher. This makes you look like an up-yourself prize dill …. hmmm, if the cap and all that …

Worth Pondering

Speaking of mayors, here’s a thought provoking bit of info from a commenter, suggesting some dots to join in the trajectory of His Radiance, current enjoying his political rewards as Townsville Hospital chairman.


June 9, 2017 at 11:33 am  (Edit)

This little morsel is interesting but when you add this to the fact that Team Jenny Hill received a loan from Maynelion of $10,000 towards her campaign, (wonder if this has been repaid and from what funds?) which as you see below Maynelion lobbies for Dinorden who advise Adani. The closer you get the more it smells.

Tony Mooney – from Mayor of Townsville (1989-2008); to board member of Ergon Energy Corporation; director of Maynelion from 2008 (Maynelion lobbies for Dinorden, and Dinorden advises Adani Mining); to board member of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority from 2011; and a Guildford Coal mining executive.

Lets see if anyone in other media ask any questions of this.

And shortly afterwards …


 June 9, 2017 at 12:58 pm  (Edit)

Maynelion also lobby for AEC Group – or is that AECOM – who coincidentally wrote the stadium study for TEL and are currently working on the Hells Gate study again for TEL and ohh what a surprise they are also awarded the survey and design for the Adani rail link project.

When Humour Is The Best Weapon

Sometimes, there’s not much left to do but laugh. Some in the USA have been inventive about it.

Trump tweets of trouble

Britons To Give Trump The Arse

When it comes to resilience, you’ve have to hand it to the Poms. From the nation that brought you the popular wartime ditty ‘Hitler Only Has One Ball’ , the British have repeatedly shown they can make their public protest using humour.

So when the execrable Donald Trump descends on Britain for a state visit shortly, a growing movement is planning a mass on-the-spot opinion poll. The ‘Pie would gladly join in if he was there. Check #ShowYourRumpToTrump.

trump rumpThe Tallest Tale Of All

Much of this week’s blog has – as always – been taken up with bullshit fed to us from varying sources. But when its all said and done, Mayor Mullet, The Astonisher, even Rupert Murdoch and his pal Donald Trump don’t get anywhere near the biggest bullshit story of all time. As the late great George Carlin explains.

Don’t forget to join in the comments during the week. And The Magpie notes that some appreciastive readers have set up a small donation to help defray the costs of this blog, recurring monthly. Easy to do, check out the instructions below. Thanks if you can help, OK if you can’t.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    Spare a thought for the 400,000+ small businesses in Qld who employ 60% + private sector workers a month out from the new financial year have to rejig their budgets with Fair Work delivering a 3+% wage increase vs predictions of 2%.Then the QCA (who set electricity prices) and about 100% out on 16/17 charges have changed their pricing for 17/18 from 1.5 to 8%+ but the treasurer wants 4%.No surprises that Qld had nil march qtr gdp growth and flat line retail sales last two abs reporting mths so buckleys on trying to raise their prices to cover over CPI rego increases and others.Then TCC and State Government who don’t understand small business announce their budgets mid June vs other states like Vic going in May.Instead of a clean start to the financial year Qld businesses are adjusting their budgets to make decisions to stay afloat.

    • The Magpie says:

      And while we’re in thisneck of the woods, The ‘Pie meant to make this point in the blog … the notoriously short memories of some north Queenslander who stubbornly refused to learn from history have not taken into account the phenomenon of mining’s big money lure … it wasn’t so long ago in NQ in general and Townsville in particular that you couldn’t hire a truckie for love nor money, they’d all gone a’minin’. Same with many of the trades, including plumbers and storemen, even carpenters. So this persistent bullshit about job creation is selective and dishonest politicking, because Joe Wannawork can’t just walk in off the street and become a plumber, truck driver, fitter and turner et al.

      Anyway, the Adani shapeshifters will probably fix that up … they’ll call the tune on wage rates, providing they meet the required minimum. Maybe no more mega bucks from the mega mines. Workers will take what they can get until Adani’s massiv automation plans kick in ,,, and they’re kicked out.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        And as reported today a 60% slump in apprenticeships in Qld since 2013, so chances of getting a plumber or sparky into the future without paying an arm and leg will be difficult also. I am all for private enterprise but the training of our young has been nothing but one giant rip off for a few smooth talkers and spin merchants. The days of the likes of Qbuild, Asset services, Qld rail, and others with a yearly intake of apprentices has to be revisited, whilst not perfect it gauranteed a volume for the future, it won’t be long before the plumber knocking on your door to fix your plumbing will be Ravi or Abdul on a 457 happy with his $50 an hour the Aussies won’t get out of bed for.

  2. Regular reader says:

    Is Ben Bogan getting cold feet about his cozy relationship with Adani?
    After a days of wall to wall Adani in the Astonisher nothing on Friday or Saturday.
    Surely the stories about Adani coal being so clean it will actually assist with reducing world carbon emissions and the shameless championing of the mere opening of a Townsville office as a “green light” for the entire Adani project would have set alarm bells ringing at News Limited in Sydney.
    After all, the boys down there read the Sydney Morning Herald (if only to check what stories the Daily Telegraph has missed), a newspaper which has consistently refused to fall for the bullshit being fed to the media by the Adani PR machine.
    Ben old boy, you must be looking either like a prize fool or a bum licker – qualities which invariably lead to promotion at News Limited.
    So come on Michael Miller – yes, I know you read the Magpie too – please give Ben a career move to, well, anywhere other than Townsville.

    • The Magpie says:

      There is a rumour that the latest marketing promotion from the Astonisher is their own brand of soap made from clean coal. Don’t think it will work, the PC brigade have outlawed dressing up in blackface.

  3. Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

    10-17am on Sunday and not one comment yet.
    Has the cooler weather got all the regular commentators still tucked up in a nice warm bed?

    • The Magpie says:

      No, a Magpie mea culpa … it was he who was tucked up in bed and as you know, comments don’t get published without the beady eye and keyboard claw of the old bird first.

  4. Crinkles says:

    A good read Pie.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Investigative journo says:

    If anyone was thinking (Ben Boagan, Mayor Mullet, Patricia Puppet take note) that the Sydney Morning Herald (see last weeks blog comments) was alone in seeing through Adani’s bullshit media releases, read this:
    Seems The Astonisher is the only newspaper in Australia that has Adani vision.

  6. Achilles says:

    As I alluded to in last weeks blog and the Pie has reiterated in this weeks post, the shades of Khemlani are eerily reminiscent.

    Unfortunately there is no Jim Cairns/Junnie Morosi to add some “color” to this Adani resurrection of the misdeeds of 74-75, which as the Pie recounts, ended the government of the day.

    The Mullet and Palettruck are no substitute for Junnie at the tabloid level of TB.

    • The Magpie says:

      Given this age of whatever you fancy, perhaps a rumour that George Christiansen and Barbaby Joyce are a secret item woukld fit the bill. Now get THAT image out of your mind (and if you want to know who is hubby, rememeber it’s George with the whip and tatts.)

      • Achilles says:

        Fat chance with George and Barbaby [sic] is too busy “picking” his nose and making sure that the hat fits…….

  7. Gonzo says:

    Pie, One of your best. It’s astonishing what the Astonisher, pollies and bagmen (and women) get up to in Townsville. But you can read all about it in The Townsville Magpie. Cheers, Gonzo PS My regards to Ben Dover and Phil McCavity. They sound as if they have a tight business partnership.

  8. Hee-Haw says:

    Just add to comment included in the blog post. The team hill campaign also took out a loan from Empower Ltd for $15,000 the terms of which I have no knowledge, again not sure how this was meant to be repaid and you draw your own conclusion here but in the past 12 months Empower or its companies have “won” over $5,000,000 worth of contracts form Townsville City Council. Interestingly Team Hill also took a loan for $10,000 from one Jenny Hill, wonder if that has been repaid?

    • The Magpie says:

      The last The Magpie heard Empower was Dolan Hayes PR consultancy company. If so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with such a donation, he has always been a Labor stalwart and Jenny Hill booster – sometimes paid to be so, but he is the genuine Light On The Hill bloke. And $5m in contracts? The ‘Pie would need proof that this wasn’t the stock standard back scratching that goes in ALL side of politics, but would love to know what some of the contracts are and if one R Krayem is involved with mayor Mooney former media adviser.

      • Hee-Haw says:

        Morning Pie, to clarify my post there are three “donations” from Empower one from Empower Engineers and Managers BMD Group for $10,000, One from Empower North for $990 and one from Empower Pty Ltd for a loan of $15,000.

        Empower Engineers BMD have received contracts worth $5,000,000 from TCC over the last year.

        Empower Pty Ltd look like it was deregistered several years ago and seems to be Dolan Hayes and David Lynch

        Empower North is Dolan Hayes and David Lynch.

        No wonder it is confusing

        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, but can’t see anything improper there. If there was – especially on the $5mill contract – you can bet your Kung Fu undies that Jenny would not be going along with Adele Young’s plan for two council internal investigators.

  9. Miss Lou says:

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Miss Lou.

  10. Regular reader says:

    Silly me, thinking The Astonisher would go two days without promoting the Adani project.
    I had read The Astonisher’s online version around 3pm on Saturday and there was no Adani story.
    Then I was having a coffee in a café today and read the print edition to find a media release re-write from Tony “Clean Coal” Raggatt about Mayor Mullet telling everyone to butt out and leave Adani to her.
    So I checked the online version again to find that the story had finally been posted online at 1.55pm today (Sunday) – more than 36 hours after it was written and printed.
    Think the time has come to cancel my online subscription.

    • The Magpie says:

      It is so ridiculously easy to get the Astonisher’s Premium Content through google … can take a little bit of fiddling but easy to do with practice.

  11. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Amusing to see the amateurs following a mining project from concept to fruition. Sorry newbies it takes years not weeks or months. Ups and downs, concept, planing, study, bankable study, EIS, Native title, protests finance, re finance etc.. and then repeat. See Roy Hill and Twiggies projects in the West. Time to get over this one trick pony and get onto the norths future. Stupid to rely on one project as the saviour to our current problems. Still it does get the proletarian mind away from water and power charge issues and it makes good press.

    • The Magpie says:

      You’re final point sounds plausible, and is probably correct as far as motivation of the mayor and the Astonisher go, but you are dead wrong on the outcome, it is a classic case of Unintended Consequences … slowly, slowly, people are tumbling to the tactic, and The ‘Pie is hearing mounting evidence that it is making them angrier and angrier. Water is still coming out of the taps,which takes some of the urgency out of that issue, but there is no getting away from the reminder of energy costs … we all get regular quarterly bills. When the next one lands, it will be a shock to the system which will start a universal cry of WTF … the paper’s coverage of this issue is swamped by the Adani bullshit, and anyway, Adani coverage is just the latest in a long line of reasons why you cannot depend on the Townsville Bulletin to have any credibility with a self-serving ‘campaign’ on anything anymore.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Like their fair go bullshit they keep spitting out, story yesterday about how Townsville is somehow disadvantaged against people in capital cities in regards to education, no substance to the story, no facts delving into how Townsville is disadvantaged, just a few stats about grade outcomes that will be a reflection of social and family status. This constant harping on about demographic disadvantages play right into the hands of the Mullet and her Labor spin merchants, just keep telling everyone it’s someone else’s fault their lives are pathetic and they are busted arse broke, but Jenny and Labor are on your side, we will stick up for you.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        Agree 100%, There are more important issues for us than Adani and the Stadium. We need long term employment solutions and must be able to expect affordable power and an adequate water supply. These are the community expectations and these expectations should be championed by media and our 3 tiers of politics.

        • The Magpie says:

          Ah, yes, but forget council and state … distraction is the only option when you’re broke. Note that Adani doesn’t require any outlay and offers income (they say).

  12. Wally the worker says:

    See The Astonisher is acting as public relations consultant for Adani again this morning with a long list of Dorothy Dix questions and limp answers from the Indians.
    Particularly interesting was the assertion by Adani that the claim of 10,000 jobs is accurate.
    I’ve worked on major projects and I can assure you that due diligence requires the proponent to provide a detailed list of the jobs being created eg: 20 fitters and turners, 10 section heads or managers – even down to cleaners and landscape gardeners, although Adani won’t need any of them. Justification of flow-on job numbers is also mandatory.
    So if The Astonisher wants to at least give the impression that it is credible the editor should demand that Adani produce their list of jobs. Be assured, one definitely exists.
    Failure to do so will confirm what we already know, and Adani has confirmed under oath – there will be less than 1500 jobs created and some of them only during the construction of the mine and rail line.

    • The Magpie says:

      And at the risk of repetition (a Magpie speciality) no one seems to have factored in that many currently EMPLOYED people will seek mining work if the money is again as stratospheric as it used to be. And it cannot be argued that those vacancies left by them will be filled anyway for a net gain … just a few short years ago, as previously pointed out, there was a crippling shortage of tradies and truck drivers in Townsville and in the north generally as they all went chasing top dollar. And those skills cannot be replaced by Joe Centrelink.

  13. The old peterbuilt says:

    I suspect Townsville is about to take another hit in the jobs area. Not as dramatic as qnpl but at this stage of the down turn every pin prick feels like a dagger. In another life top was in middle management at TNT and not too long after toll took control top managed to secure a redundancy but has maintained some good contacts within the organisation. After the down turn in the mining those in the know were of the option that toll was only a couple of years from following in TNTs footsteps but share holders were kissed on the small appendix by a fairy when Japan post paid a premium for it.. they took their time in their assessment of the operation but now have appointed a new CEO with the instructions that they are only interested in parcel freight, express and air freight and to sell or shut down the rest as its bleeding cash. If divisions are sold off they will most certainly be down sized and the new CEO has publicly stated that in the first restructure 1000 jobs will go nationally. Toll employ a lot of people in this town.

    • Sandgroper says:

      This was Japan Post’s intention from the beginning and it has acquired transport companies around the world to build its express, air freight and parcel freight network.
      Unfortunately, there is excess capacity in all Toll’s other business areas and rates have been slashed to the point of unprofitability. The result, as the old truckie points out, will be jobs down the drain.

  14. Kenny Kennett says:

    Just found out that one of the long time TCC employees in the Health section was a victim of Hill’s cuts about a fortnight ago. Gavin Hammond was with the Council for 25-30 years and was a good operator. Pleasant, well presented and knew his business. Apparently he didn’t see it coming when he was served the paper work. I don’t know what’s going on in there but when a guy like Gavin gets chopped there is definitely an ulterior motive. Hill, her Coucilors and the Bimbo have to go for the sake of the city.

  15. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    I’ve seen a couple of notices in the Astonisher lately cancelling scheduled meetings of several TCC standing committees. Water and Waste was one. Have they absolutely nothing to discuss? Surely something is happening in Council?

    • The Magpie says:

      Nah, nuthin’ in it, your going in for conspiracy theory again, Wonderman (or is it woman). Surely you realise the Astonisher would’ve immediately asked the council why and received a perfectly reasonable explanation with which they need not bother the punters, allowing them to get on reading the hard news stuff about why the Pope is to be petitioned to canonise St. Jennifer or more importantly, which shop sells the best fish and chips. Wake up, mate, bit of trust please.

  16. Nellie says:

    Stone the crows! What a week and what a cartoon.

  17. The Magpie says:

    Editor’s Note to Charli of Wulguru:
    Not the sort of unsupported attack comment allowed here. It was trashed. Good or bad, the bloke is out of a job, and The ‘Pie is old enough to remember when kicking a bloke when he was down was considered cowardly.

  18. Momentus says:

    It’s Budget Week People at least the conversation will change to ?

  19. Mike Douglas says:

    Great return serve from southern journalist Anna Kriem about our one dimensional Mayor Mullet!.Twice in a week Mayor Mullet has been found wanting when hard questions from journalist including the abc about Adani and the mayors limited views.Mayor Mullets bogan comments are making the ville look like Hicksville at a time many institutions like JCU, GBR marine park authority are considered world leaders and our local companies are breaking thru nationally and internationally.

  20. Sandgroper says:

    It’s great to see the rest of the media is starting to catch up with The Magpie’s Nest and realise Emperor Adani and his crawling cohort have no clothes.
    Not before time, Media Watch last night joined the dissident chorus.
    Now the cat is well and truly out of the bag, it will be interesting to see if Adani’s fellow-travellers start to hedge their bets or even take a u-turn.

  21. Regular reader says:

    Mayor Mullet is showing signs of wear, tear and despair.
    On Ch 7 news last night she looked like Tiger Woods in that recent photo after being done for driving under the influence, and came across as an arrogant bogan.
    Unfortunately she is giving Townsville a bad name and is being exposed, everywhere bar Townsville where she enjoys the protection of The Astonisher, as as being out of touch with reality.
    If she has any brains at all she won’t do any more interviews with southern media, who are prepared to ask questions, rather than just print her media releases.
    The fiasco of her recent announcements regarding Adani even made Media Watch last night.
    The chickens are coming home to roost.

  22. Jack Flash says:

    Nice to see that Premier Puddleduck is going to solve Townsville’s water woes, apparently in response to a shouted comment from a passer-by.
    I reckon it would be safe to bet any action will be preceded by a series of studies and gabfests that will extend way past the next election.

  23. Hee-Haw says:

    For anyone who missed Media Watch last night here is the link. Its worth a look.


  24. Achilles says:

    What are we breeding in generation snowflake, now the poor ickle teens show they are nowhere like the MEN and WOMEN who made this great nation.

    This is part of an article by a DR Zoellner from Charles Darwin UNi.

    New tradies can’t cop summer tropics heat

    Socio-economic development in Australia’s north is being hampered by the inability of almost 60 per cent of outdoor apprentice tradies to complete their training, new data shows.

    More than half of apprentice tradies in Australia’s north have dropped out in the past two decades as they struggle to cope with the region’s tropical heat, with implications for the economy, researchers from Charles Darwin University found.

    The researchers who analysed more than 20 years of apprenticeship data found extreme conditions in the summer months have proven too much for many outdoor tradies, with 58 per cent of the 105,000 apprenticeships not completed.

    The full article is at http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/new-tradies-cant-cop-summer-tropics-heat/news-story/b5451a5724d8d6b451d6b94234f46098

    • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

      Its lucky that PM Mal and Treasurer Scott are going to raise the retiring age to 70 then, Plenty of old tradies will cherish the thought of 5 years more work.

      • Rusty Nail says:

        Must be nearly time we all stop referring to “Age Pension Age” as “Retirement Age”. In these days of statutory employer superannuation it should not be unreasonable to retire at (say) 65 and live on your super until such time as you qualify for the Age Pension, whatever that may end up being. For what it’s worth, I have downloaded the ABS population age distribution predictions (easy to do) and looked at the ratio of people of working age (say 19 years to Age Pension age) and those above Age Pension age, and it’s not pretty. In a nutshell there won’t be enough of them (workers) to support us (Retirees) within a very short time – specifically after the Age Pension age reaches 67 – and that’s a fact.

  25. Regular reader says:

    The Astonisher has shot itself in the foot again.
    In an “exclusive” front page splash this morning it announced that Premier Alphabet would “fix” Townsville’s water problems.
    Hope Townsvilleans were not expecting a quick “fix”.
    What we got in the budget was a promise of $225 million over 4 years. That’s a tad over $56 million in the next year and barely enough to draw up plans.
    Meanwhile Brisbane gets $1.9 billion for cross-river rail.
    Lets hope it rains sometime soon.
    Waiting now with interest to see how The Astonisher reacts to the 4 year plan.
    Bet it doesn’t mention the 4 years.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      It means we have been given the arse. In Anna’s local Townsville video wish list she said they would seriously consider water. No mention of power prices and the escalating crime rate. Looks like the voters have now got what they voted for. It is now up to our local state members to sell it….or to sell us out. they cannot be happy? I am almost certain we have a local member that represents the north? Or do they have buckets and are hand digging the new tunnel?

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Everyone needs to takes a very deep breath regarding Puddleduck’s budget commitment to “fix Townsville’s water security”….and that includes the Astonisher. While any recognition of Townsville in the budget is welcome, the fact remains that nothing will happen on the ground until at least the submission of the final report of the Water Task Force in late 2018. (And then there is the period while the recommendations are considered and a decision made).

      And the elephant in the room is how much the eventual solution is going to cost the poor old ratepayer in increased water charges. As my builder told me when doing some bathroom renos a few years back, ‘I can build you anything you want, it all depends on how much you want to pay’.

      And on that note, can anyone tell me if the Brisbane public transport users of the cross river rail that Puddleduck Is funding to the tune of billions will be billed to recover the cost of construction on a user pays basis, as we will no doubt be paying in increased water charges for any water security infrastructure for Townsville?

  26. Achilles says:

    Interesting debate on the ABC News from India, regarding concerns about continued and planned expanded use of coal.

    Adani’s response was “with all of the extra coal we will be delivering from Australia we could electrify a million people”, no mention if their homes will get any.

    Similar to the effect it will have here in Oz when they scoot off and squirrel away OUR hard earned in the Cayman Islands. Look out for the incandescent rage of electrifried people. That’ll be an interesting spectacle for the CYA brigade of pollies and consultants, advisers et al.

  27. The old peterbuilt says:

    The news keeps getting worse for the district. I spoke the other day about toll and now I’m hearing that aurizon could shut down the entire Stuart facility. They are losing work hand over foot and need to cut costs. Add to that the job loses have started in earnest at tcc. Stories are coming out of people being emailed at home and told not to go in or people being met at the gate and refused entry because their name has come up. Apparently one manager of forty years was made wait in the reception area while his desk was cleaned out. Paranoid is the word being used. The good news coming out of tcc is a rumour that adel the impaler will be gone by October .onto the next alp project..a CEO with national and international experience once told me anyone can cut costs but to build a business unit and deliver services takes real skill. Hope the rate payers of tsv don’t expect too much over the next decade. I’m also told that the architects of the tcc restructure, neaus, I think it is called, are now at TGH.

    • The Magpie says:

      That would be Nous, perhaps, and what the hell are they doing a state government facility … oh, that’s right, the hospital chairman is former Labor mayor and mining executive Tony His Radiance Mooney. Silly old ‘Pie, what a question.

      • Hurtle Duffield says:

        I find it completely flabbergasting that after all the bullshit that Jenny Hill has put our excellent arts community through in the last year that she has the audacity to spruik it as vibrant when it’s convenient. If it is so vibrant, why cut the guts out of its staffing, Hill? Why put in constraints to the only wing of council that was actually functioning at peak efficiency, on a national level?

        We have a cartoon version of a mayor.

  28. Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

    What a wonderful budget for Townsville. Well done Anna P, Jackie T and all our local members.
    A far cry from the last lot who were going to sell our assets and take the money to Brisbane.
    I can hear the teeth gnashing of you rabid righties on here.
    And we get a stadium as well.
    Townsville, thanks to Labor, is on the move again.

    • The Magpie says:

      Certainly is on the move … south.

    • Regular reader says:

      What we got was a possible water solution – in 4 years time.
      No questions asked by The Astonisher or tv news about how much will actually be available in the first year. My guess is just enough to cover the Water Task Force and maybe a preliminary study into a new pipeline.
      At the end of the day, Townsville got nothing except smoke and mirrors.
      Even if a new pipeline is built in 4 years time we will still have to pay for the water.
      Anna Alphabet promised a”fix” and that’s what we got “fixed up”.

    • Dutch Reverand says:

      Muddy, Muddy, Muddy. Still pushing the ‘last lot were going to sell the assets barrow ‘ My understanding was that they were going to lease the assets. By all means correct me if I am wrong. There is a vast difference between selling an asset and leasing it. Just ask China how leasing Honkers went for them. I’m sure they’re not complaining with what was handed back to them.

  29. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Ecstatic MP hails job plan in today’s rag. Who is this MP called Stewart Scott?

  30. The Magpie says:

    Call him an old cynic, but listening to a Premier whose eyes and nervous wavering fake smiles couldn’t hide the fact that she was lying, The Magpie’s verdict: the next state election would be a good one for her to lose.

  31. The Magpie says:

    What’s in a name indeed. Fuck all, answers the Bulletin. Seems the photographer got it right, shame the sub figured close enough was good enough. And they wonder why we don’t believe a word they say.

  32. The old peterbuilt says:

    Good call by the old bird. The abc reported yesterday that many of Anna alphabets promises came on the back of coal royalties in excess of a billion dollars. Next year those royalties drop to 140 million. Next election could be a good one to lose. I might vote for her just to see how many back flips she can do. Hope she wears her nickers. Sorry about that image

  33. Non Aligned Worker says:

    Budget allocates $56 million pa for water infrastructure. If they start the pumps today it will only use $12.4 million to keep them going for 365 days. That leaves $43.6 million for infrastructure development for this year. Start pumping.

  34. Achilles says:

    Judgement handed down in Melbourne to pay foreign intruder criminals to break our laws, we also have to pick up the tab for the legal “council”.

    Now we know what a mob of inhumane arseholes we are, so just break our laws and be put up and fed in safe clean airconditioned accommodation, which you will regularly trash and your benighted patron the UN will be your advocate along with the deluded PC’s Greenies and any another mob of attention grabbers.

    When we send our troops to fight and in their shit-hole corrupt countries they are housed in bivouacs, no aircon, and almost everyone who pretends to be your friend will cheerfully slit your throat.

    Send the bloody bill to the denizen of failed politicians and their fellow gravy train passengers at the UN paper tiger headquarters. Or better still make Indonesia pay as they are party to this crime and made shit loads of cash from these “poor” persecuted fellow moon worshipers.

  35. Mike Douglas says:

    Old Mud Picker have you actually read the details of the budget?????.The $225 mil water security is over 4 years, I think you will find the new Burdell School had already been announced.State debt will rise to $80 bil and whilst households and business struggled paying their electricity Ergon and Energex made an extra $200 mil profit.More public servants in Qld than Vic and Qld public servants cost are 40+% of the budget.No reduction in unemployment % years 2+3.Theres more but would require removal of your rose coloured glasses.

    • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

      Are you saying The Townsville Bulletin makes things up? They say its a beauty. They would not lie to a loyal subscriber like me.

  36. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Telstra to lay off another 1400, doubt the Townsville workers will be immune from the cutbacks, another kick for the Ville, of course this won’t stop the Mullet from telling us all what a pack of bastards Telstra are despite herself sending a few hundred onto the street.

    • The Wulguru Wonder says:

      Or the Astonisher…..haven’t they been shedding staff like crazy over the last few years yet they stick the boot into everyone else for doing the same…except Mullet and The Impaler….

  37. Sandgroper says:

    As The ‘Pie would say, “It made you want to scrub your eyes with a wire brush.”
    I refer, of course, to last night’s TV vision of male and female geriatrics taking part
    in a body-builders’ competion.
    As they popped their pecs while being painted a uniform shade of mission brown,
    the scene brought to mind a mass exhumation of ancient Egyptian mummies.
    Those who know me might say that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle
    spray-tanned, but I can’t fathom why people of a ‘certain age’ would want to scare
    the horses by donning glitter makeup and posing in miniscule bikinis and budgie smugglers.

  38. Kenny Kennett says:

    How very apt was a blunder yesterday morning at Walker street palace. Whilst having a chat across the road from the palace, a couple of retired gents looked up to see the Australian flag flying upside down over deadheadquarters. An appropriate blunder perhaps?

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Oh, and one of the said gents rang the Astonisher to give them the scoop so as to have a play at a politicians expense…but no such response.

  39. Regular reader says:

    Had to laugh when our Water Task Force was interviewed on the telly last night. When asked what they planned to do with the $225 million (spread over 4 bloody years) for water security from the budget they didn’t have a clue.
    So Anna has allocated millions of dollars of our money for what – a solution that has yet to be found?

  40. Wally the worker says:

    Messagebank Walker once again proved what a dill he is on Channel 7 news last night.
    Talking up the chances of Townsville hosting games in the 2023 Women’s World Football Cup, which Australia may or may not host, Messagebank gushed about the new Cowboys stadium saying “this proves its not just for football”.
    And this bloke is being touted as the next Townsville Mayor!!!!!!
    The way he struts around town at public functions you’d think he was already wearing the robes.
    Stewth, even makes one hope the Mullet stays around.

  41. Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

    Agent Turnbull is wreaking havoc in the flat earth society faction of the LNP. Having successfully handed down the Labor Budget, he is now putting our climate policies to the forefront.
    Well done Comrade Mal. Now about that Republic.

  42. Cantankerous but happy says:

    I see demand management has snuck into the water equation in Townsville and gradually making it’s way up the front of the queue. Be prepared for millions to be wasted on so called smart meters that have been rejected by the majority of major water authorities around the world, these meters work out about $400 a hit installed and data compliant, ( when they work) for basically no gain and major issues with reading accuracy over the meter life. This will chew up quite a bit of the $225 million and not add one single drop in additional storage to the equation, I can smell a big fat consulting fee for some well connected arse kisser around town.

  43. The Magpie says:

    Well, one of them is right and I know who I’d be backing every time. The ‘million’ figure also appeared on the front page the other day.

  44. The Magpie says:

    A top Adele Young recruit to Townsville City Council was abruptly marched out the offices yesterday. He will be paid out to the end of June.

    Mike Schuman joined the council in February as itrs first Chief Information Officer, with responsibilities for covering customer and frontline officer mobility, digital enablement, front-of-house and BI solutions. The position reports to the CFO, and the function encompasses 111 staff. And no doubt a lot of other buzz words.

    He formerly worked for the WA police and for Woodside.

    Two weeks ago, The ‘Pie is told, Mr Schuman went to the mayor and Young and said he couldn’t work under the present ‘toxic’ atmosphere that had been created among staff, who were fighting among themselves because of the intimidation and fear created by the handling of the council restructure.

    He was told his comments had been duly noted but yesterday without warning, council security officers suddenly marched him out of the building.

    The Magpie informant says that the word has already gone out to the Australian IT community and it will now be hard for the council to find a replacement.

    Unless of course Mayor Mullet mate that nice Mr Adani has a cousin to fill the spot on a 457 visa.

    • Stuart McGregor says:

      Now if only the CEO would start cutting the real costs. Like her 9 or 10 assistants. The previous CEO shared one with the deputy mayor. Explain that please? Not to mention a certain CEO’s links to a certain political party that both she and the mayor are members of. Pretty sure a few people in Brisbane would like to know about that. Can any one say CCC?

    • Clarity says:

      Mr. Schuman had resigned at the end of May, effective 30 June.
      Mr. Schuman was asked to exit early by HR on the 14th of June for unstated reasons. There was no use of security personnel during this exit.

      • The Magpie says:

        So he didn’t resign, he was fired. And while The ‘Pie appreciates your input, when someone involved in the belly of an organisations IT operations, they are generally escorted from the building with little warning.
        Since you are well informed on this matter, Clarity, care to comment on allegations of a ‘toxic’ atmosphere in the council? Is that you, Chopper?

        • Clarity says:

          Whilst I can’t comment on who said what to who, we are all dismayed at the treatment of our boss. Mr. Schuman was building a cohesive team despite what was happening at council. He will be missed.

    • WTF! says:

      Isn’t it obvious what’s happening there? We hire people from the other side of the country and they turn around and say it’s f@&!$!

      • WTF! says:

        So I called a friend. One of the few who still work at council and apparently the new chief procurement person has resigned as well and all the new general managers are unhappy. She told me that most have been seeing the EAP provided psychologist because it’s so bad there.

  45. The Gnome from Nome says:

    What a comparison between the toxic atmosphere that the Impaler and Mullet have created at TCC and the emotional and heartwarming farewell that CEO Ken Diehm received from the staff AND Mayor and councillors at the Greater Geraldton City Council.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie hears you, Shortarse.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Ken should have been appointed CEO in Townsville. He is hard-nosed administrator who can drive meaningful change with minimum disruption.
      He was the new broom who brought much-needed reform to Geraldton City, yet managed it in a way that garnered him the respect of councillors, council employees and ratepayers.
      Who would want to bet the Impaler receives “an emotional and heartwarming farewell” upon her departure? More likely tar and feathers.

      • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

        I have given her your name and whereabouts Gropes. You are now on her list. The ‘Pie is there already. He is on everybodys lists apparently. Bloody feathered troublemaker he is.

        • The Magpie says:

          Flattery won’t get you anywhere, Stick-in-the-Mud.

        • Sandgroper says:

          Think she already knows my address, Muddy, so will you please thank her for the horse’s head I received by courier the other day. My cousin’s pigs thought it was delicious.

          • Old Moll says:

            Hope the donor horse wasn’t the nag raced in partnership by Townsville’s ‘Power Ladies.’

          • Old Mudpicker- The Happy Socialist says:

            Are you sure it wasn’t a horses arse. I haven’t heard from Grumpy for a while.

          • Louise Leftard says:

            Pigs would turn up their snouts at that dish.

      • The Wulguru Wonder says:

        I agree completely with your comments about Ken Diehm. A skillful administrator and a talented people manager who always treats people with honesty and frespect even when having to make the tough decisions. Pity he was lost to Townsville.

  46. Rasmussen Rum King says:

    Hey who is this Matt Derlagen and Emma Scott I keep hearing about?

  47. Regular reader says:

    Here’s another Adani story you won’t see in The Astonisher:

  48. Guy says:

    Smart meters only have one purpose – to make water more expensive. The only ones to make any money out of them are the meter manufacturer and installer. Smart meters are used to make water more expensive peak times in a city reeling from council debt and massive unemployment. Its a step towards privatisation by stealth whether the councillors know it or not. Then you’ll have all the maintenance issues. I wasted valuable years of my life getting involved with the water issue in townsville. When i see this and shrug my shoulders, people are generally happy to be smashed with bills.

    I’d be sad if they waste all that money duplicating the pipeline – we’ll only be paying for the water anyway, it won’t solve the supply problem. The lazy man’s way of solving the problem is making water more expensive ( thus driving out of town more residents and businesses).

    Its as i said before, full water recycling is the only way to go unless you build a water channel from the burdekin dam and pay a pittance for that water ( or you can blow billions on hells gates). With recycling the water is already here, you arent pumping for kilometers or paying sunwater millions of dollars.

    • Dutch Reverand says:

      I’m with you Guy. Apart for the black water recycling, I nearly cry when we get a morsel of rain just to see it go down the drain and out to the ocean. (The streets and roads are a huge catchment area. I’m sure the Uni could do a study to find a way to have the water put through a natural process to remove most of the nutrients before it is pumped back to the dam. Could also benefit the reef.

  49. Bully boy says:

    This week The Astonisher published a Q&A on the Adani mine, posing a list of Dorothy Dix questions to the Adani PR department.
    Came across this Q&A yesterday from the Mackay Mercury –
    Removes any doubt about Ben Bogan running his own agenda.

  50. Guy says:

    For what its worth why doesnt the gov open up a coal mine themselves ??

    Instead of having a profit motive just try and employ as many as you can leaving money in reserve for maintenance.

    1 it creates employment

    2 the correct tax is paid by those in employ

    3 maybe it could even be used to lay down thick concrete highways around the regional areas? Maintenance on the highways in those regions would become superficial for hundreds of years.

    You’d need to reduce the wages of the miners and run everyone one week on, one week off.

  51. Interested Observer says:

    The word coming out of the City Council today is that every single employee has received an email and has been offered redundancy. It seems this whole restructuring of the council is clearly not about streamlining the organisation. It’s just about numbers.

    Didn’t the CEO tell us there was an imbalance between office staff and field staff and the office staff had to go. Now it’s all in and anyone from parks, maintainance, waste or anywhere else can go if they like. If enough of the field staff take the offer does the CEO go back and sack a few more from the office staff to get this bullshit balance.

    Add to that if you have more than four weeks leave the Mullet and her mate have offered to pay out any excess in cash with 27% loading. 10% more than the standard 17%.

    This council has paid out an absolute fortune in redundancies. There can’t possibly any savings from the sackings so far. The end result of this chronic mismanagement is the mayor has been forced to borrow more money to pay wages. The cupboard is bare.

    Is there going to be anybody left to run this city. Where is the Townsville Bulletin in all this? No where to be found. The Mullet has become the councils version of Clive Palmer and not a word from Ben Bogan and the rag.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      Word travels fast on this blog. Well I shortened my name as im now former employee of the council. Interested observer must know someone in council because this email was released today. Im taking the money and running. 21yrs and 86000 dollars of all of your rates paid to me. Thank you townsville! Good luck with the fuck wits you voted in. I must say though it was nice to see people who worked in the council who surrounded mullet like a bad smell giving her information before the election to beat arlett are now gone. I laughed very hard as they pulled the knives out of there back as they walked out the door.

      Yeah it’s not nice to put people down when they are suffering but to the idiots who sucked up mullets arse, you have helped destroy a great employment supplier in North Queensland. Even the workshop apprenticeship numbers have been hacked apart. What future has this council got if we aren’t employing younger people to continue our work.

      Hill is a vote chasing succubus. If anyone has ever seen the movie “Aliens” those spider thing’s that suck your face well that’s how she was born. You are a joke townsville. Do you realize that you not just let her sack 300+ people out of a job but also put pressure on the rest of the family they come from. Not many people who have been made redundant are less than 30yrs of age without kids and a mortgage. This has a flow on effect with everything they spent money on.

      As for front line employees not being sacked well the next option that has been talked about is full contracted services. Think your paying too much at the tip wait until she sells that off. Rubbish collection gone, and the best will be when she let’s water go (if the dam was full) along with sewage. Your household budget will be destroyed. But hey at least the council will be full of all the mudpickers of the world and when they realize that they have a problem when they turn around the mullet will have disappeared.

      I won’t say suck eggsTownsville because I grew up here and love the city but I’m going somewhere where I know that developments like the Gleason project won’t be rejected by half wits and labour. Enjoy your smaller stadium and new beachfront behind the dam wall. Can anyone list her achievements?????????

      Thanks pie for always providing a good read.

      • The Magpie says:

        Crumbs. Any read from The ‘Pie ain’t as good as that. Whew!

      • Old Hack says:

        This comment is more truthful, enlightening, interesting and newsworthy than most Astonisher reports in recent years. It graphically illustrates the importance of The Magpie’s Nest as a provider of real-time news and opinion.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        Keep in touch WAZA. I feel for you. I personally know a couple of people that were affected by this mob very early on the piece. The real shame is that whenever you talk to anyone here the conversation is always about the potential this city has but now is just shit.

    • Cast Netter says:

      Waz CEOC number 1 and Interested Observer how true you are, why haven’t the ratepayers been advised of this improvidence, a trip to India ++ ensures silence to the public from the Astonisher. The A/L buy out it’s interesting. Factor in Super if you where to take that week off and compare that to selling the week off and I think you will find you lose 2-3%+. Funny that.
      The once GREAT TOWN HALL is a very very sad place. Our councillors must be aware as they voted for Adele and the Nous report. I am sure an interpretation is just around the corner. Just don’t look for it in the Astonisher. Great work Pie.

  52. The old peterbuilt says:

    Another gun amnesty. Just another attempt to score points with the metrosexual latte set. What a joke. I was raised on the land and we grew up with guns. For a short time as a young man I worked in the nt with a professional shooting crew. I am still a registered gun owner and a member of ssaa and have often been critised for my stance on gun ownership . I see no need for automatic weapons or hand guns in the community but I am yet to see a plan put forward by police, politician, jouranist, news networks or any other member of society that will take the guns off the bad guys. When that plan is put forward and implemented I will hand in my weapons .A couple of years back a rumour was floating around town that two guys were selling Chinese made pistols out of the boot of a car on the strand. If you think any of the bad guys are going to rush in with their guns you need to get your hand off it.

    • Dutch Reverand says:

      Seems to me that the best option, which would upset the civil libiterians, is that if anyone caught in possession of an illegal or unregistered firearm, should be handed a mandatory sentence of no less than 10 years and anyone caught supplying these weapons, a mandatory 25 years and no less. That should have them thinking twice about having them.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Hear, hear! A load of bullshit.
      During the Port Arthur buyback, I handed in my modern Mossberg pump-action shotgun and, very reluctantly, an automatic Browning .22 rifle and auto Winchester shotgun tbat had been owned by three generations of my family.
      From all accounts, the purge did not result in great numbers of high-powered assault rifles and handguns being surrendered.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        Spot on . Their efforts and millions of dollars have only effected the honest people.

        • The Magpie says:

          While The ‘Pie doesn’t subscribe to the American argument that only the baddies will have the guns – almost all honest gun owners in Australia do not keep weapons for the purpose of protection from arseholes – it would bve most instructive and fair if the public was provided with stats about how many legally owned guns have 1) been stolen, 2) used in committing an offence. Bet it’s not many.

          • The old peterbuilt says:

            The sporting shooters assos of Australia can provide all that info and the pie is correct as usual. Think I must have married his sister

  53. Kenny Kennett says:

    The news on the Mullets latest cull is very distressing and she should be held accountable for the damage she is creating to the city. What I am also disappointed in is the previous councilors and elected reps. Not for what they did or didn’t do during their term but what they are not doing now. When they stood for office they swore that they weren’t in it for any other reason than their love of the city and they weren’t in it for the money. Then why, when the city is bleeding aren’t you vocal? Why aren’t the State and Federal past and present reps vocal? Parsons, Veitch, Gartrell, Roberts, Eddinghausen, even Virgo and Ewen Jones. You tell us you are concerned for us and are genuine. So, where the bloody hell are you now? Nowhere to be seen or heard. So much for your love of the city and not the pay cheque. And when will you appear? As soon as an election is called. Shame, shame, shame.

    • Kenny Kennett says:

      Further to the above, the Mullet is doing what she wants because no one is disputing it. No one (apart from those on this blog) is doing anything. No media, no fat cats, no shiny shoes, no rich list, no nothing. All we are doing is opening the door and telling her to do what she wants, and there’s three more fucking years of that to come. Unless you’ve dealt with her you don’t know how poisonous she and her backers are. ‘The norths own paper’ won’t do anything so it’s time that those who have sucked on the public tit for years stood up against this blatant robbery.

      • I'm out says:

        What has the new CEO delivered since she started?
        Almost 12 months and she can’t even close out yet on the restructure. Smoke and mirrors. Trying to confuse everyone including the union – although I question their lack of involvement in all of this. The rules keep changing making it difficult for genuine hard working staff to make any rational decision about their future. I feel sorry for them.
        She’s spent an abundance of rate payers money on contracts and consultants from outside of Townsvile on a dismal attempt to deliver on the Nous report – so much for local buy – so they go spend it in some other city. Leaving businesses in our city to rot.
        Someone must be reaping great benefits from these contracts. It’s certainly not the City of Townsville.
        So back to my question. Can anyone tell me what has actually been delivered in the past 12 months out of the Nous report??? Maybe the Astonisher will come up with some bullshit article in the near future. I’m sure Mayor Mullet and The Impaler have gone into damage control now the Magpie’s followers are finally having a voice.
        These people need to be held accountable. Did the CEO have any KPIs built into her contract? I’m guessing she hasn’t reached any of her targets yet. Apart from a poorly executed restructure that borders on bullying and harassment of TCC staff. It’s time to let her go Mayor Mullet.
        As for outsourcing Council services. I’m sure that’s next on Mayor Mullet and The Impalers list. Be careful Townsville, we don’t want those contracts to go to organisations outside of our great City. The money and the jobs need to stay local – start having a voice rate payers. It is your money after all and we want it spent in this city to support our local businesses.

        • The Magpie says:

          Xlt analysis, IO. The Magpie has been saying for a long time now that the enemy isn’t at the gates, their inside and they’ve taken the city by stealth. We really are in deep, deep, trouble … but at least it seems people are starting to wake up to the fact. It’ll be a long hard road back once we clean out the gang of ten (like G&S’s Lord High Executioner Nanki Poo, the old bird has a little list). What respected person will put up his or her hand, and take the first step in of sensible rescue plan for this blighted city. We deserve better … much better, and there many much better people out there … it will just take a lot of selfless courage to take that first step.

    • Karma's a bitch says:

      Why should they when they DEALT with your whinging crap for 8 years and then you all threw them under the bus for a rates freeze! Guess what that’s going to come and bite you in the a&$e real quick.

      If they were out there speaking in public YOU would clearly be the FIRST to say they were bitter, twisted sore losers that should crawl back to where they came from we dont want your opinion.

      They aren’t coming to save you, deal with your mistake for voting the trash in like a grown up instead of playing the blame game.

      You got what you voted for and as the name states….. Karma’s a bitch and Townsville, karma has come knocking on your door hahaha

      • The Magpie says:

        When someone decide to speak the truth, or at the very least, reveal things others would prefer remain hidden, charges of bitter and twisted – and sore loser – fill the air. Ask The Magpie.

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        The simple answer to you is this: because a lot of us voted for them and not the trash we have in Walker street today. A lot of us spread the ‘word’ through campaigning, handing out how to vote cards, posting on social media; all because we trusted them. Not because we thought they’d pack it in and take their bat and ball and hit the road. If John Howard had your attitude we would never have had arguably the best prime minister the country has seen.

    • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

      I’ll tell you what old mate kenny I was a surporter of the last mob and guess what. … they didn’t get voted in. What do you think they are going to do for 4yrs? ??? Most have got better jobs because townsville gave them the finger and said goodbye. Crisafulli????? Sorry no idea how to spell his name. I’d bet money they are sitting back in another town or in there better jobs thinking why would you come back after reading about all this shit. You have to wake up mate, and before you say im disgruntled im walking away with thousands of dollars in redundant funds. Why don’t you put your name up for election instead of judging people you don’t know. I don’t know them but I tell you what if some did run again id vote for them because I knew how good the council was under them. You also need to be reminded about the thing called a news paper didn’t want them in and the mayor paid for everything that’s written in it. Try getting anything published negative about the mullet, go on give it a go! I know some of the ex councilors tried to write in after last election and guess what? Fell in the bin. Open your eyes mate! !!!

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, yes, maybe, but the Adani backlash is growing so big that the Astonisher has been forced to run some items that criticise the mayor … who of course, gets twice the space (with pics) as a right of reply with highly biased interpretation of the facts. First we had ‘alternative facts’, then ‘fake news’, and now the Bulletin adds ‘selective integrity’. Does anyone realise how deeply serious all this is?

      • Kenny Kennett says:

        FYI whoever you were, I know them all very well and know they did a great job against the odds when in office. They only got rubbished by those who were political assassins and a very bias rag. And to be truthful, they picked the wrong leader in both campaigns. I’m not against them, I’m disappointed that they are not speaking up now because they know a hell of a lot that could build a case against this Stormtrooper and it needs to come out.

        • Waz CEOC number 1 says:

          WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO SAY???? They done there job now they moved on. You just contradicted yourself. And another question is WHY WOULD THEY SAY ANYTHING????? Your angry at them for not running again, why do they have to just to make you happy. Im very confused with you im afraid. THEY DON’T WANT TO COME BACK!!!!! You want them to spend all that money with no guarantee they will get back in and then you want them to fix everything. Stuff that shit.

    • Bemused says:

      To be fair, those mentioned did, whilst holding office, try to right the ship and warn the city against what is now happening. To no effect, and often earning them the spite (and a losing vote) from their community. I’ve seen the personal toll that took on some, so then to lay the blame for not now voicing against it at their feet would be a bit tough to swallow.

  54. Bully Boy says:

    If someone were to start a petition calling on News Limited to shift Biased Ben elsewhere and appoint a local with ethics as editor of The Astonisher could they be sued for defamation?

    • The Magpie says:

      No, but we’d just get another southern carpetbagger … think Holt Street sees the end is nearing so why not just leave him where he is. And anyone on the staff of the Astonisher who has timidly accepted the gross twisting of the news pages and not protested has lost all claim to integrity … although one or two might be ‘sitting it out’ in the hope the change will come. Good luck, there, o brave souls.

  55. Dutch Reverend says:

    Hey Bogan !!! I hope your bosses read the blog because you should be sacked on the spot. Do your job properly and report what is really happening here. If you think for one minute that Mullet wouldn’t turn on you at the drop of a hat …. think again. Take control and own the reporting of truth. This may hurt at first, but once you break with the coven you will feel released. Just talk to all those that no longer work for the Council. I’m sure most would relate a sense of peace and harmony that has eluded them for the past year or two.

  56. Wally the worker says:

    See in today’s Astonisher that the ad department is also making cock-ups.
    Poor old Lamberts – wrong specials published on Friday leaving them red faced when customers turned up to buy the things that weren’t on special at all.
    Free full page in today’s rag with the real specials – and an apology for the inconvenience.
    One of the few poor souls that still work there told me last week that morale isn’t just low – it doesn’t exist.

  57. Sandgroper says:

    What is happening in Townsville and around the world disproves the myth that “cream always rises to the top.” Nowadays, it would seem, the liars rule while the principled sink without trace.
    Sadly, it is all the fault of gullible voters who believe the empty words of every charlatan who promises nirvana.
    You would hope the PUP debacle might have taught electors a lesson, but they continue to be led along the road to ruin by self-seeking opportunists who are aided and abetted by a compliant and incompetent suite of media.

  58. Dutch Reverend says:

    I notice that Mullet has changed her Facebook page to a recent CBD mural. She is also bragging as if she had something to do with it. I recall that she cracked the shits on the previous gallery services because they wouldn’t have a mural done of Keith Urban. Funny …… I don’t see Keith in the mural she is trying to associate herself with and engraciat herself with the art community she fucked over. I notice also that Watpac are the sponsors of the V8’s and they are doing the Stadium. Coincidence…… I think not.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Bit conspiritorial, Dutchy. Watpac took the sponsorship after gaining the contract. Looks to me like a smart way to advertise the company widely while generating goodwill within the Townsville community.

  59. Mysterfied of Mysterton says:

    A great read this week.
    Looking forward to watching all that unfolds in the coming days on all topics!
    It would be great entertainment if it weren’t so scary!!

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