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Saturday, December 23rd, 2017   |   166 comments

ASTOUNDING!!! Townsville Council CEO Adele The Impaler Young Threatens A Ratepayer With Court Action – Because He Asked Questions About The Mayor’s Adani Actions!

This sounds like another of The Magpie’s hokey, trumped up bits of juvenile yuk-yukery, but this time, he is deadly serious – and you should be genuinely outraged. It is no more and no less than described … Adele Young has put it in writing that she can and may use the Local Government Act to take the same ratepayer to court to face fines of more than $1200 if he again questions the mayor’s behaviour. The Magpie has it in black and white.

Also, in the same territory, a regular commenter to this blog gives the mayor a scorecard for the year – The Impaler would have a field day in defence of her BFF …. you check if he has missed anything.

More than 4000 people have signed a petition seeking a CCC investigation into our council. The ‘Pie provides the link if you want to join them.

And alas, Clive Palmer and reality, never shall the twain meet … he has a mind numbing answer to an objection to his quest to re-open a coal mine near Rockhampton.

But first … let’s have some seasonal fun before the serious stuff.

Bentley’s back from his travels, and joined The Magpie is some straight-talking, traditional greetings (look away NOW if your one of those PC dribblers).

Christmas flat

The Magpie takes this opportunity to thank his mate Bentley for his wonderful efforts, he has added a highly professional dimension to The Nest and picks up on the quirky as well as the obvious that The ‘Pie sometimes misses. Looking forward to what you can come up with in 2018, Benters.

But unfortunately, now to a matter so  serious, it dominates this week, so straight to it …

The Term ‘Townsville Bully’ Used To mean The Bumbling Bulletin – No Longer: The Term ‘Townsville Bully’ Now Refers To TCC CEO Adele The Impaler Young.

adele and jenny

So it has come to this, an inquiring ratepayer, who was referred to the council CEO by the CCC, has been told further complaints against Mayor Jenny Hill about her connection with the Adani group could land him in court.

Last week, The ‘Pie told you about a Mr Philip Batty, who has a complaint against Mayor Jenny Hill pending with the CCC, who has informed that if the TCC claims ownership of the proposed Adani Airstrip (which the mayor boasts it does) it may well be in breach of LG regs regarding tendering processes. Breaches that could amount to corrupt conduct. Last week, The ‘Pie reported that on certain other matters – like conflict of interest – the CCC directed Mr Batty to refer those questions to CEO Adele Young. Under the Local Government Act, a CEO ‘assesses’ any such complaint and decides on what action if any should be taken. Mr Batty pointed out that he tried to contact Ms Young with his questions more than 20 times, and had never received a reply.

This week, he got his reply. Boy, did he ever!

And if there was ever any doubt that a CEO so closely politically aligned with the mayor was not in any ethical position to ‘assess’ any mayoral behaviour – let alone her suitability to do so given her reported tantrum-studded abrasive office performance with staff – then all doubt was dispelled when she finally got back to Mr Batty and his list of questions.

This is the letter from Adele Young to Phillip Batty.

Screen shot 2017-12-23 at 10.15.56 PM Adele Letter 2

The penalty under the Local Government Act for this piece of self-serving flapdoodle is 10 penalty points … at $126 per penalty, a ratepayer could be fined more than $1200 for having the temerity to ask critical questions or make a complaint, if  CEO Young arbitrarily decides it is ‘vexatious, frivolous or has been made before.’ 

And that in a nutshell is what the governance of our city has become – a law-shielded lack of any accountability whatsoever to the community. Adele Young assessing any behaviour by her Labor pal Jenny Hill is would be laughable in itself if it her not for the deeply serious nature of the situation we find ourselves in now.

But It Is A Massive Misjudgement By The Impaler In More Ways Than One

But now, it seems that it’s Ms Young’s turn to get her tits caught in the wringer … because Phillip Batty never made a complaint – he simply asked a series of questions. So the bullying threat was not only poor judgement, it was completely unnecessary, anyway.

And if Adele Young and her legal gofer Graeme Finlayson were under the misapprehension that Phillip Batty would be scared off, they could not have been more mistaken. This was his reply to the threat.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I thank you for your e mail and the letter from Adele Young.

I do however feel it necessary to correct a few matters raised in the letter which are misleading.

Firstly in my e mail of the 27th October I did not make a complaint as you state, I did ask several questions of the CEO in relation to some matters regarding a real or perceived conflict of interest they mayor may have due to accepting hospitality gifts from Adani. The questions were of a procedural nature and require simply an answer. There were no allegations in my e mail.

At no time did I request the CEO to conduct a preliminary assessment of any material or allegations.

The CEO’s finding that my complaint , which does not exist, is lacking in substance, is therefore irrelevant.

I have, as you are aware, raised a complaint with the CCC who determined that the substance of my questions may indeed constitute misconduct by the Mayor and/or TCC and suggested I raised the questions with the CEO which as I informed them I had done on several occasions. I am awaiting their findings on this and other matters.

I am very offended by your attitude choosing to point out where I may have been in breach of legislation based on your misinterpretation of my request for answers to procedural questions, which I must point out have still to be addressed.

I would refer you and the CEO back to my original questions and my many subsequent e mails to seek answers and as I have asked all councillors to put these questions onto the next council meeting agenda for which I intend to be present.

I look forward to your CEO responding to my questions raised in my e mail of the 27th October 2017. These require simple answers which may or may not lead me to make a more substantive complaint to council in due course.

I look forward to your reply as soon as possible.


Philip Batty

Mr Batty is not going away. Why should he? He is not vexatious or frivolous in his questions, he has every right and reason to ask them – he deserves full from support this community for which he is fighting for some transparency and clarity from the increasingly secretive  regime of Walker Street.

If ever we needed an indepedent body to look into this council before it gets deeper into the mire of its own making, it is now. More than 4000 people have already signed a petition to the CCC seeking just such an investigation, and you can join them here.

Mayor Mullet’s Report Card

It seems the whole world … even the creatures of land and sea … have heard about Mayor Mullet and her Adani dealings. Their reactions are remarkable similar to humans …

mySuperLamePic_3dc29de84eca32d4ef9ba8c63d8c5a8b mySuperLamePic_3558aa07dd31f4d021c850920c44ece5 mySuperLamePic_5db49dd18e3661577ebac9c458312849 mySuperLamePic_8f7db92f13f84a86cf9ac1db979a71db

But for some – like Townsville ratepayers –  it is no laughing matters. Looking back at the year, a regular commenter summed up our mayor’s low lights of 2017 and her tenure generally.


email hidden; JavaScript is required

Submitted on 2017/12/19 at 7:57 pm |

Mayor Mullets achievements off the top of my head.

Sacking of staff in a brutal and undignified fashion, and it still is going on last I heard.

Failure of basic services and maintenance, hence the need for a ‘basic blitz’ to actually do what we pay rates for.

A long drawn out process on the water issue to create the appearance of action (no crisis remember Mayor Mullet said so), along with staged (fake?) photo opportunities.

A rates cut that was actually an increase for most people, give with one hand (freeze) and take with the other (half discount)

Multiple announcements that have gone precisely no where including but not limited to battery factories, hotels, and my personal favourite, mud based ferries.

Vetoing of actual growth opportunities, and hindering crucial developments … Hive development anyone?

And then the real crowning achievement, funding an airport to the tune of $18.5m of ratepayers money with the increasingly likely outcome of no one to fly there.

A list of achievements her and every councillor should keep front of mind.

But hey, for a moment there, The ‘Pie thought scientists might have the answer to our problem of representation in Walker Street …

Screen shot 2017-12-23 at 11.53.59 AM

But the article doesn’t say if the research can be applied to councillors.

On the subject of the mayor, The Magpie is legally required to print the following disclaimer to avoid (yet another) civil suit in court.


Carefully consider these matters and join the more than 4000 people who have signed this petition seeking an investigation into aspects of the Townsville City Council and the behaviour of Mayor Jenny Hill.

But Hey, Let’s Put All That On Hold, It’s Christmas – Time For Fun

A Chrissy quiz: Santa of course has nine reindeers. Can you name them? … here are 10 names: which one is NOT a Santa sleigh puller.











But this modern world presents challenges for us all, and that includes Santa, so he may no longer have nine hoofers after this year’s run.

Wind Santa

And some presents are a real pain … literally …. But this delights the Devil, who has managed to cut his power bill in recent years.


Then there are always those doubters who do not believe that Santa is real. This problem arose at the White House staff Christmas party.

Trump santa

But The Donald DOES believe in Santa, in fact, with his tax bill for the rich passed just before the break, he knows he is Santa himself.

trump tax

Australian Politics In A Nutshell

This is the year that was in the political world … actually, the same as any year, really.

And On The Subject Of Clive Palmer

Just when you thought he was re-entering the real world and he had regained his sanity – he described our mayor as ‘a fool’ – he then zooms off in Weird World again.

During the week, Clive has applied to re-open one of his coal mines just north of Rocky. But since this operation straddles the Bruce Highway either side, an objection was raised of the dangers to motorists from noxious dust and blasting. Clive brushed this aside, saying the air wouldn’t affect anyone, and as for blasting, no problem, he told the ABC, ‘we can close the Bruce Highway for an hour or so when we need to any explosive work.’

He was serious.

It’s The Time Of Year To Visit Friends

This real pic won a nature Photography prize – ‘Pie’s captions, of course.


And Christmas time is catch-up time everywhere …


Sorry … bit of an in joke for our commenters who witter on about motorbikes occasionally.


That’s it for this week, and The ‘Pie intends just a watching brief over the next week or so – this is the time of year when our wonderfully open and transparent politicians at all levels like to make unpopular announcement while no one is looking. Bad luck, The Magpie is on duty. Which is even appreciated by other journalists, apparently.

 Love Magpies

Love ya right back, Paul.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and sincere thanks for your support and intelligent (weellll … sometimes..) debate throughout the year – comments remain open all the time (and so does The Magpie’s donation stocking, if you’ve got a bit of spare left over).

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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  1. Mike Douglas says:

    It is extremely concerning trend by T.C.C. to take such an aggressive approach of threatening ratepayers based on simple enquiries to a so called open and accountable local Council based on recent activities of Logan,Gold Coast,Fraser Coast. Based on the misfires by Mayor Mullet “there is no water issue”,adani,pr stunts like commencement of the dual pipeline and ‘commercial in confidence” activities and leaks from T.C.C staff and Paul Jacob,s comments ratepayers and the business community have a reason to have a lack of confidence in both the Mullet and the Impailer. Has Labors clean sweep win in the recent state Government election created even more arrogance and I note a photo of our Mayor at a recent Queensland Cabinet celebration(who paid for that or shouldn’t I ask).Thanks Pie and Phillip Batty for supplying the full response from the impailer but I cant feel Townsville “reaps what you sew” by providing Labor leadership at all 3 levels.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Exactly Mike, the return of the three local dickheads in the recent state election is a reminder of the simplicity of many of the brainless in this town. The new govt has barely been in place a week and the astonisher runs a story that local business people are calling on the state govt to do something about crime in Townsville, we just had an election you morons, the ballot box was the place to lodge your protest against the govt handling of crime in the North, why were you silent before the election, Labor were honest of the fact they were going to change nothing about the way they handle crime in Townsville, and were returned in all three seats, the old saying of “getting what you deserve” is as true today as it ever was.

      • Peter Sandery says:

        Precisely “Pie and no amount of spin from either of the major parties can hide the all pervading fact that both you and Mike have enunciated here. More than half my life has been spent explaining the rationale behind various systems of government , economies and voting systems in a third world country, many of whose residents first saw a wheel attached to an aeroplane. I quite enjoyed doing that but I was absolutely amazed at the lack of interest shown by Australian voters in the elections I have observed here since 2008. In fact, it irks me no end when there has been multiple advertisements all over town and in the media for some weeks before the elections, that seemingly competent citizens when going in to vote ask me, as a party voluntary worker, who the candidates are.
        I have never believed that old chestnut that “the voters always know best” and sadly, in the last few years my belief has been proven correct by the majority of the voters in this city.

  2. Alacan says:

    The Queensland Ombudsman is likely the next step in seeking a determination as to the handling by TCC of Mr Batty’s submission

    The role reads in part ..”We investigate complaints about the actions and decisions of state government departments and agencies (including state schools and TAFE), local councils and public universities. Our complaints assessment and investigation service is free and independent.”


    Tcc itself has a procedure that defines complaints and Mr Batty’s email would seem to indicate that his submission may not constitute a complaint by their own definition

    A ruling on a compliant issued to the Ccc and then referred to Council .. not sure if that then is considered a complaint TO the council.

    However ..
    the ombudsman is likely the next step.. and there needs to be the next step but a step taken in a direction that is independent of and therfore not dependent on TCC officials and certainly the elected members

    It is now about the what, the how and the who given what appears to be little seperation of powers..something that once upon a time meant something.

    • The Real Mr Batty says:

      Alacan, thanks for the summation but just to clarify one point.

      My questions to the council, specifically to the CEO predate any determination by the CCC by several weeks and the e mail of the 27th October she refers to predates my complaint to the CCC entirely.

      This is just a way to avoid answering the questions. I have received a lengthy second letter now trying to justify the assessment of it being a complaint and then classifying it a “without substance”

      I will pick up on this one after Xmas.

      • Paul says:

        Under the LGA, the CEO has to refer complaints about the Mayor to the DILGP – CEO has no jurisdiction to determine ( i.e. Investigate ) a complaint about the Mayor.

        • The Magpie says:

          Haven’t had time to look at the full legal implications, but does that mean then that the CEO cannot determine the merits of a complaint against the mayor? If so, would it not logically follow that the CEO has no power to bring a prosecution under the relevant quoted section of the Act, as her clearly implied threat suggests? And if that is correct, does this not make this ham fisted attempt at stand-over tactics against an inquiring ratepayer totally egregious?

          This council is one massive cock-up and a drag anchor on Townsville’s progress.

  3. Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

    What big teeth you’ve got Grumpy.

    • Sandgroper says:

      You’ve got us mixed up, Muddy. That’s me on the pillion, but I’d like to thank the ‘Pie for the free plug because Grumpy and I are signing lucrative modelling contracts.
      He’s the new poster boy for Uber and I’m doing toothpaste ads for Colgate-Palmolive.

      • The Magpie says:

        You clearly don’t understand the difference between ‘model’ and ‘horrible example’.

      • Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

        Put some pants on then Gropes. Your right leg so professionally posed has unwittingly revealed a disturbing image. And just what is your left arm up to. No wonder you are smiling.

  4. Crow says:

    I smell desperation in the air at Walker street. On another matter; I have just returned from a Strand walk. I was shocked to see the Strand Park has been destroyed by a recent event. About 80% of the grass is dead, there are many areas that have been dug up completely and large areas of grass have been worn through to the dirt beneath. There is also an area where there is straw all over the ground and it seems to be mixed with lots of animal droppings…uck! How can the TCC let the park be left so badly damaged and be left in this condition? This is peak holiday time when so many people will want to use the park. It is sad and a disgrace as this is such a popular place for families. To let one group ruin a popular public asset is just so wrong.

    • The Magpie says:

      If you can get some pics, happy to publish them.

      Merry Chrissy, my fellow avian.

      • Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

        You are absolutely right Crow. Strand Park is a disgrace.
        2 things. It should be the users who return the park back to its original state.
        When I use the Strand Parks, I put my rubbish in the bin and clean the barby. The other is, are we all allowed to go and have a barby and a game of cricket inside the churches around town now our park is ruined. Seems fair to me.

    • Kingswood says:

      geez Louise, stable on strand only finished 1 night ago, it takes a few days to clean up and is largely volunteer run. And a Merry Christmas to you…

  5. Cajun says:

    Thanks for a great year of reporting! We, the great un-washed, apppreciate all your efforts at cleaning up our little village …. it seems we have more than our fair share of village idiots though, so I foresee many more commentary opportunities a-coming! Ever the optimist, though, I do hope 2018 bring some promising changes with it! In the meantime: merry days Pie!

    • The Magpie says:

      In turn, The ‘Pie is well aware it his readers who provide many of the tip offs and leads for the blog, so thanks to them in equal share … you now have a place where you can report what the Bulletin won’t or can’t. Although The ‘Pie does have to make certain decisions about comments, he will always lean towards what is in the community interest.

      Thanks to all of you.

  6. Alahazbin says:

    So Pie, if 4000 of us have signed Phil’s petition, are we all going to get a letter from the Impaler?
    After all they know who we are!

    • The Magpie says:

      Its even getting dangerous to make jokes around this town, given the workplace psychopaths running (down) the joint.

  7. Colin Foley says:

    Assuming Phillip Batty is forwarding all correspondence, I sincerely hope that the CCC will sniff that the TCC CEO “… protesteth too much”!

  8. Parson Blossomnose says:

    Doubt Grumpy and Gropes have that many teeth between them.

    Happy days, boys and gals.

  9. Hercule Poirot says:

    Any confidence that the Townsville Rate-Payers have had in the CEO & Mayor of the current Council is rapidly heading towards the U-Bend of a Toilet Bowl

  10. The Wulguru Wonder says:

    Here’s a tip for TCC, something I learnt very early on in my married life…..

    Whether or not you have done anything wrong is not really the issue, it is how it is perceived by those in a position to punish or reward you for your actions.

    All the dealings between TCC, Adani, and Wagners in regard to the airport deal may well be above board and squeaky clean, but their ongoing obfuscation, stonewalling and now legal threats in response to quite legitimate questions certainly give the impression they have something to hide and the perception is that some shady deal has taken place.

    Oh, and one other thing married life has taught me….when you are have stuffed up you are much better off doing a mea culpa and admitting all. You are much better off in the long run.

  11. Bentley says:

    If you want to see evidence of a city council doing its job take a drive around Perth (which is reportedly suffering an economic slow-down). The city and suburbs are spotless, landscaping immaculate, lawns like bowling greens.

  12. Dave of Kelso says:

    Dear ‘Pie, I wish you and your flock a Merry Christmas and a fruitful new year.

    For us all I have asked Santa for; honesty, truthfulness, and transparency at all levels of Government and also the Catholic Church. Not too much of an ask?

    • The Magpie says:

      Sadly Dave, and most unseasonal of The ‘Pie, but both entities you mention are mythical … one of them very destructive, so transparency will not happen because it will challenge their already diminishing ill-gotten power, gifted to them by the gullible. But for all that, thank you for your friendship, and hope you and the family have a great day and an even better 2018.

  13. The old peterbuilt says:

    Well done young Mr Batty. It would seem you are quite the bull dog when you get your teeth into something. OnIy, is it possible that I may have married your sister? With out The ‘Pie, most of us would not have been aware of this TCC crap, so a jolly well done old bird.
    I see in yesterday’s Astonisher Chris Condon calling for the three labour stooges to fix the crime or resign. Yeh fat chance on either Chris. I’ve known him since he was a teenager and I am pretty sure he was a alp member. Lucky he isn’t an Lnp member he would have been asked to resign. As much as I hate it, a raging right winger like me thinks that while paddleduck is in power our only chance of getting anything done is by having the three stooges there. It could just be the circles I move in but I’m yet to meet anyone that voted for them. Oh well the house is full of kids and their kids and the driveway is full of cars that I can’t afford and the boss and I have moved to the motor home, must be Xmas. Yep! Must be just got permission to open the bar early . A safe and happy time to all!

  14. Gonzo says:

    Hi Pie, Great blog post as usual, from the newsbreaking Ms Young to the funny cartoons at the end (and the ones in the middle on Trump). You’ve had a great year of blogging. May you continue to fight the good fight in 2018.
    Merry Christmas from Sydney.
    Cheers, Gonzo.

    • The Magpie says:

      And like wise to you and your family, Gonzo, remember the French admonition – everything in moderation, including moderation.

  15. Dutch Reverend says:

    It has been an interesting year to say the least. Very frustrating indeed. Thanks ‘pie for the forum you provide. I will be sure to continue with the anticipation to which has become my Sunday morning ritual. A very Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year. Yes, even you Muddy you big pot stirrer you.

  16. upagumtreeperson says:

    The Stable on the Strand has just finished which means the TCC have not had a chance to clean up the area allocated on the Strand for this event. Boo hoo. So the area has been damaged. This is no big deal as I feel confident that the TCC will attend to the area when able. Trust the Council to be responsible.The Stable on the Strand which I believe has just completed its fifteenth year, attracts many who wish to partake in the story of Christmas. It is a pity that Old Mudpicker and Crow are so bitter that Christians and their supporters should have the opportunity to demonstrate goodwill and love to all through the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To those who condemn Christians I say… Get a life! I am glad that Old Mudpicker cleans up after himself, as we all should. Well done. The comment about a baby and cricket inside a church are ridiculous. However, real babies and people including our commentators are welcome inside churches at anytime including Christmas and Easter. What I will do for Old Mudpicker and Crow is I will mention them in my prayers so that they may show more tolerance to others and that they may see the light of the world. The light and the way is open to all; just ask.

    • The Magpie says:

      Ask who? Adele The Impaler?

      And ‘trust the council to be responsible?’- are you from Planet Malcolm Roberts?

      But yes, you one sensible point is that maybe the council hasn’t had time, so let’s see what happens in the next few days after Christmas

      … but is it worth it before NYE fireworks?

    • Crow says:

      I did not mention any organization. So the ratepayers/TCC should be responsible for a “clean-up”, love that concept. Just what do you expect a clean-up to achieve, the sudden rewgrowth of all that grass from bare earth? This will take months to repair. I thought miracles were your responsibility. Your attitude seems quite selfish to me.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Why should the ratepayers thru the TCC have to pay for the churches to turn the Park into a sideshow for a mythical happening with a mythical demigod, and then fix up their damage and mess. Oh yes, the TCC as a sponsor spends our money, hides the exact amount by spreading it over many sub-headings in the accounts. The excuse given to me in earlier years was that the Stable brings people to Townsville and they spend zillions to the benefit of everybody. Never proved. If the Christians want to proselytise their beliefs and brainwash children let them do it on their own (rates-free?) properties (e.g. the acres in Leopold St or on Bayswater Rd at Mt Louisa) at their own expense.

      • Tenacious D says:

        Very well put Mike, agree wholeheartedly.

      • Alahazbin says:

        Mythical eh! So do you sit down to today and have a big lunch with family? Buy your kids presents? Have time off? Remember the reason for the season!

        • Mike Shearer says:

          No. No. Retired. What reason?

          When I was employed every year on my office door I had a sign (the usual red circle with bar): Christmas Free Zone. Below was the text: “Christ’s Mass” celebrates the birth of a demi-god to “save” earthlings from “sins” and ensure their eternal life in “heaven”. Christian celebrations are mixed up with pagan rites. The popular apparel of “Father Christmas” is an invention of Coca Cola. What exactly is being celebrated???

          The sign was popular; I provided many requested copies to colleagues.

          I also requested the OK to work through the end-of-year public holidays and works shutdown. Always refused. Colleagues didn’t support that idea.

          You see, Alahazbin, questioning the origins etc of the current festivities and deciding to not go along with them is rather similar to questioning the goings-on at Walker St and deciding to try to do something about them. It can take a long time to see results, but in the end consistency, rationality and facts succeed.

          BTW I admire your courage in your choice of pseudonym. I agree, Allah is a has-been.

          • Kenny Kennett says:

            I feel sorry for you Mike. Lighten up ol’ mate and enjoy what this time of year brings to us all.

          • The Wulguru Wonder says:

            Geez Mike….I bet your old workmates were overjoyed to pull your name out of the hat for the office Secret Santa.

            I think you have a bit more in common with my dour old Protestant forebears, who (literally) wanted to lock up the swings in the park every Sunday just in case the neighborhood kids enjoyed themselves, than you may realise.

        • Kingswood says:

          Good stuff AZ. If this was the cultural fest (used to be there previously), a corporate event, or the Anzac day marshaling ground (used previously) most wouldn’t have a problem. Grass is having issues as we’re in severe drought and it was already stressed and worn from the regular markets and events plus less watering as per other TCC parks (seen Anderson if you’re a regular jogger/walker as per I?). But heavens above, a Christian event at Christmas, noooo!

          95% anti Christian, 5% concern for the grass by detractors….MERRY CHRISTMAS

          Seriously, misery truly loves company with some of you lot.

          And those damn magpies in nesting/randy season, don’t get me started…;)

    • Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

      Mudpickers view of Christianity.

      You pray to God for a new car but are told God does not work that way.
      You steal the car, drive it for a while, then pray for forgiveness.
      All’s good. You are forgiven.

  17. upagumtreeperson says:

    To you Magpie, may your Christmas stocking be filled with many good wishes from all your merry readers You are a blessing and a very special voice of reason in this city. Please, please keep your blog going.

  18. Garbutt Guru says:

    I find Mikes comments quite bizarre as I know most people who take part are ordinary members of Townsville. One who works for me and does a lot of after hours social work. I’m not a do gooder or greeny but I appreciate people who are willing to give their time to try and make this world a better place.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      There is no connection between making the world a better place and setting up a theme park to celebrate (1) the supposed virgin conception and birth of a demigod 2000 years ago(2) , earlier pagan beliefs and (3) subsequent commercialisation of the lot. Spending our dollars on the spectacle is not a modern instance of Matthew 26:11. (I wonder how many of the persons involved in the Stable would recognise and could quote that reference, and how many would understand it’s relevance to this issue?)

      • Rusty Nail says:

        Thanks Mike, point made. You are about as unlikely to change the mind of believers as they are to change yours. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the New Year be as kind to you as I hope it will be to me.

      • Grumpy says:

        You are a sad and pathetic old man, Shearer.

        Small wonder everyone in the office despised you.

        • Mike Shearer says:

          Oh dearie me, Grumpy! do you always jump to such unsubstantiated conclusions about people who you don’t agree with or do you have privileged info? As a grumpy person myself I know quite a few other grumpies, and now you’ve got me worried – might you be one of them, having a bit of a tease, maybe?

  19. Woodduck says:

    Aaron Harper is a moron, he was a union delegate in the QAS, he had us protesting in the mall about a wage increase a few years ago. We were all stopped by a couple of police officers,who asked if we had obtained the correct permission to stage the protest. Harper never had a clue, so he was quickly shuffled off to sort the paperwork so we wouldn’t end up in the shit. Around this time the QAS has also started to use the term Paramedic,instead of Ambulance Officer but required a little extra training. Harper was one who wanted the tag of paramedic and was told by management to pull his head in or he would not get his training, good ol Harpic sold us all out for his own gain. In my eyes he is and always will be a piece of crap. Oh and once again Merry Christmas you old feather duster.

    • Peter Sandery says:

      Wood-duck, this could well be one of the reasons why another organisation called APAQ was setup as an alternative; a similar organisation called NPAQ has been set as an alternative for the QNU, for nurses. The idea is that all officials must be members of the professions and be volunteers, ie no paid permanent employees of the union. In the case of the NPAQ, the fees are about half what the QNU’s are.

  20. The Minstrel says:

    A Christmas Carol from the Minstrel:
    ( from the upcoming album Townsville’s Greatest Hits (and misses).

    On the first Day of Christmas my council gave to me
    a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the second day of Christmas my council gave to me
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the third day of Christmas my council gave to me
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the fourth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the fifth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the sixth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the seventh day of Christmas my council gave to me
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the eighth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    Hard rubbish stalling
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the ninth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    Parks that are appalling
    Hard rubbish stalling
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the tenth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    No councillors opposing
    Parks that are appalling
    Hard rubbish stalling
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the eleventh day of Christmas my council gave to me
    A few days of hosing
    No councillors opposing
    Parks that are appalling
    Hard rubbish stalling
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas my council gave to me
    12 months of pumping
    A few days of hosing
    No councillors opposing
    Parks that are appalling
    Hard rubbish stalling
    House prices falling
    Labor mates a’calling
    A…BASIC… BLITZ!!!!
    4 Union’s backing
    3 Hundred sackings
    2 Wheelie Bins
    And a bogan Mayor called Jen..ney.

  21. Paul says:

    Preliminary Assessment by a CEO of a complaint against a Mayor or Deputy Mayor:

    A Local Council Chief Executive Officer has no authority or jurisdiction to investigate complaints of inappropriate conduct and misconduct by Mayors and Deputy Mayors and any findings as such are void. The CEO only has the authority to refer the complaint to the Chief Executive of the DILGP

    ‘The referral to the department’s chief executive is to prevent the chief executive officer of the council being put in a potentially difficult position of assessing complaints about inappropriate conduct by the mayor or deputy mayor’ – s176A-C Local Government Amendment Bill 2012.

    If a Preliminary Assessment finds complaints about Mayor/Deputy Mayor are of alleged inappropriate conduct and misconduct, those findings are the only findings the CEO has jurisdiction to make. Any other findings by the CEO are void for lack of jurisdiction and can only be made by the Departments Chief Executive.

    Complaints about the conduct of the Deputy Mayor and Mayor MUST be referred to the Departments Chief Executive pursuant to s176C(3)(a)(i) and s176C(4)(a) of the LGA.

    These sections of the Act are specific provisions of s176C and as such prevail over the general provisions of s176C(2) and s176B(4)(a) and s176B(4)(c).

    ‘Where there is a conflict between general and specific provisions, the specific provision prevails’, and ‘to the extent of any such repugnancy, the general provisions will be inapplicable to the subject matter of the special provisions’. Johnston v Brisbane City Council & Ors [2014] QSC 268

    • The Magpie says:

      Thank you Paul … The ‘Pie edited your email for length but has retained the unpublished part for future use. This comment will be republished after the seasonal distractions are over and we reluctantly return to reality.

      Loved this bit; ‘The referral to the department’s chief executive is to prevent the chief executive officer of the council being put in a potentially difficult position of assessing complaints about inappropriate conduct by the mayor or deputy mayor’

      In Adele Young’s case, the word ‘difficult’ should be replaced with the words ‘conveniently favourable’. But for all that, it would appear the CEO can initiate action if her (inevitable in this instance) assessment is that the ‘complaint’ has no substance.

      The ‘Pie will put his finest bottle of Ol’ White Infuriator Sav Blanc on ice in anticipation of this lawyers’ picnic.

      • Paul says:

        It would appear there are a number of CEOs across the state making Preliminary Assessments about complaints of misconduct against Mayors and Deputy Mayors despite this being clearly outside of their jurisdiction and power to do so.

        The DILGPs response to this exact scenario is that they won’t do anything about it as ‘they have always done it this way’.

  22. Achilles says:

    WE know the shortcomings of the BT but try this little number from the front page of TODAYS Philippine Star. Telling everyone how great things are down in Mindanao, yeh right the whole bloody place has been under water for over a week and 100’s dead.

    Must have been written over a week ago but still made today’s front page, mate of mine sent it and said its SNAFU.

    Expectations of a happy Christmas were highest in Mindanao, a region placed under martial law, and among the extremely poor,


  23. J jones says:

    Always despair at how Strand Park is after the stable closes. Surely there is a better option that doesn’t leave such a public place unusable for the public.

    • Alahazbin says:

      That is why these public spaces exist. For events like Stable on the Strand, Car Shows, Markets, Chamber Music Festival, Cultural Fest, etc etc etc.
      Imagine the whinge from the public if nothing happened in this town. We are in a bit of drought at the moment. It will recover.
      Council can put it on their “Basic Blitz” programme.

      • Grumpy says:

        Concern yourself not, Al. The fun police eventually disappear up their own puckered arseholes.

        Aethist I may be, but Christmas is a western tradition more honoured in its keeping. The joy and laughter of my grandchildren in my home yesterday was worth a million bitter old cumquats.

        I also respect the right of others to practice whatever faith to which they see fit to adhere. I find it crass and simply plain rude to mock such people for such beliefs.

        So…a big merry fuck you to the Big Troll Muddy and Shearer.

        • Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

          Thank you for your kind sentiments Grumps. When the churches start paying taxes, they can start using public parks for their indoctrination techniques. In the meantime, they should keep their Kool Aid to themselves.
          If Jesus was born in Australia today, it would be on Manus Island or something similar. Joseph would have been separated from his family and relocated to New Guinea. The thing to remember is that Jesus at 33 would have looked more like Bin Laden than Brad Pitt. Joseph and Mary were refugees. Time for some realism in religion, not the whitewash we have seen for centuries.

          • Grumpy says:

            Dopey dickhead.

            I said I was atheist.

            Critical reading obviously not in your curriculum.

            Perhaps you should focus more on my comments regarding individual rights and joy certain traditions bring to children, rather than confirming the view of all of us that you a fucking moron.

            You are also boring.

        • Sandgroper says:

          An atheist like Grumpy, I felt obliged yesterday to attend Christmas mass at Perth’s Roman Catholic cathedral because my youngest grandchild is an enthusiastic and talented chorister.
          Loved the music and singing, but found it hard to hide my contempt for the priests as they ponced about in their fancy dresses and clouds of stinking incense.
          Then I looked around the packed congregation — black, white and brindle, from all parts of the globe — and saw the looks of joy and wonderment on literally thousands of faces.
          At that point, I resolved to keep my beliefs (or lack thereof) to myself and not mock those who find comfort in their faith. I will, however, continue to crusade against the kiddy-fiddlers and charlatans who use religion as a cover for their criminality.

          • The Magpie says:

            There are those who believe that religion … all religions … are criminal in all their activities.

  24. upagumtreeperson says:

    Regarding The Stable on the Strand. Thanks for the responses. Be thankful that we can voice our opinions. I am positive a minor miracle will happen soon to restore the Strand Park to pristine beauty. Watch.

  25. J jones says:

    I’m not saying get rid of it….I just wonder if there’s a better option than Strand Park getting smashed every year before Christmas.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      The Stable at Riverway? Or how about the stable at Reid Park Pit Complex, that’s got a nice ring to it, instead of three wise men they could have 3 dopey grid girls, do our bit for equality.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Looking at some of this week’s comments by the killjoys, you’d be hard-pressed to find three wise men in Townsville.

    • Cajun says:

      Strand Park gets ‘trashed’, although thrashed is probably a better word, because of the feet of the 1,000s of Townsville residents who are using Strand Park to see the festival. Why are they less important in their use of the park than the dozens who might want to play cricket on it for a few hours, a few days later?

  26. The Magpie says:

    Sad irony corner … but One supposes it figures.

    From today’s SMH:

    ‘Stuart Wenham, who invented groundbreaking technology that significantly increased the efficiency of solar panels while cutting their cost, died on Saturday from malignant melanoma.’


    • Grumpy says:

      Wow. As a Purple Heart veteran of The Tower Mill rampage in 1971 and as a young ALA lawyer in the 70’s, I have no love for Bjelke-Petersen. None. But this type of hyperbolic, vulgar journalism is unnecessary and too look-at-me-I’m-so-clever. You don’t have to offend to impress, you potty-mouthed imbecile.

      Muddy – the fact that you a regular reader of this dickhead says much.

    • The Accountant says:

      Birmingham sums up well how I feel about this radical right wing junta that scared my youth. Unless you were there, you just can’t understand how repressive this regime was, or how Queenslanders, especially in the regions, are still paying for their lack of foresight and investment. How far behind the cultural life of the nation Queensland’s regions are is the direct result of the gripping social conservativism and fascist outlook of this gang of deeply corrupt and self-serving criminals.

      I recall corresponding with Phil Adams about Joh’s death and my call for a public urinal to be erected on Joh’s grave, not the public state funeral that Beattie cynically offered. Palaszczuk is clearly no better than Beattie.

      God help us all.

      • The Unbeliever says:

        Well Birmingham eloquently shows what a vitriolic nut case he is and how he has the capacity to gather together in a few paragraphs all the foul nomenclature accumulated from his school days, while …

        The Accountant is clearly an adherent of the same ilk . Discussing urinals on graves with the lefty nut case Adams would suggest that The Accountants debits are definitely on the left side of his ledger!!

      • Sam1 says:

        We all know that Joh was no angel but when he was running the state the shit were not running the streets. We didn’t have cars being stolen night and day, armed robberies and elderly people barricading themselves in their homes scared shitless. Birmingham’s lefty mates and the bleeding hearts should take some of the blame for what we have today.

      • Grumpy says:

        Tell us, how did Joh “scare your youth”?

        In what capacity where you “there”?

        Can’t recall ever seeing any boring old BComs manning the barricades or ever linking arms with one along North Quay.

        To get a scar, you have to have been in the fight.

        • Sandgroper says:

          The Queensland coppers, under the command of Ray Whitrod and later Terry Lewis, brought fresh relevance to the “wallopers” nickname.
          I was a newsman at the time for Channel 9 in Perth and recall arguing with some of my mates in the WA force who reckoned they should be given the same degree of immunity if they had to “pull those lomg-haired poofters into line.”

        • The Accountant says:


          as Sandgroper below indicates, this was an era of literal wallopers. I will not detail even tiny parts of my story. However, my family are related by blood to one of the figures named in Sandgropers post below and also to figures in the media that we exposing the corruption and illegal activity of Joh and the Joke. Several of my family are mentioned in the Fitzgerald Inquiry reports.

          Needless to say, I saw a lot from the inside and this destroyed many family relationships to this day. When the wallopers bust up teenage birthday parties, dust you up and spit warnings at you (to pass back to your parents), you get a view of Joh and the Joke that will haunt you forever. I hate them all. They held back Queensland for a generation and hurt us all today. They should rot in hell.

  27. Old Mudpicker- The Radical Conservative says:

    I have been reading Birmingham for a few years. I can understand his sentiment towards Joh completely. Queenslanders, Home of Joh, Pauline and Bob Katter. There is something in the water up here, that’s for sure.

    • Ozzie John says:

      Oi Maggers, Joh was the greatest Queenslander ever. Bloody triffic job he did. Want something done, Joh found a way. Old building needed coming down, bang, the Dean bros did the job. Nun of that holding up the traffik in the day. Dun it at night when no one was around. Thats how ya build a modern city. Want to stop unruly demonstraiters, bang , send in the boys in blue, crash, wallop. sorted.
      He even let his wife help. Bloody top sheila she was.
      Its a damn shame that he wasnt elected PM. Woulda got rid of that tossa Hawke . Still the rest of Oz wasnt reddy for his genius. he woulda sorted out these car theeves in 10 minutes. And our dams woulda been full as well. This Birmingham idjut woulda been shunted cross the Tweed where he belonged with all his lefty greeny mates. Remember Cedar Bay. Thats how ya deal with those types. Classic. Anyway, elect Bobby K as premier. No crocs to eat our kids. Dams up the wazoo. Roads be better. I have a dream.

  28. Achilles says:

    This is from the front page of a Filipino rag, you couldn’t make this stuff up, What is he kissing?.


    • Alex DeLarge says:


      Will power a third of the homes in Townsville for 10 minutes.

      For how many taxpayers dollars?

      • The Accountant says:

        Alex, have you even read the article?

        The Tesla battery is not intended to run whole cities for hours at a time. That’s not the intent. Instead it’s designed to run just long-enough to give time for gas-turbines to run up, covering unexpected network outages or reductions in renewable (or in this specific case coal fired) generation. In time the battery will now doubt run on the FACS (Frequency and Ancillary Services) market as well as the spot electrcity market. The Tesla battery is, so far, running beautifully and just as intended. There will be many more on the grid, even locally in the next few years.

    • Tropical says:

      The world’s biggest battery has a maximum output of 100MW – and only for 79 minutes before running flat – giving a maximum output of 129 megawatt hours of electricity.
      It can power up about 30,000 homes for one hour. so where do the other 297,000 homes get their power from?

      On a hot summer’s day, South Australia will need around 50,000 megawatt hours of electricity – and the world’s biggest battery can only supply 129 megawatt hours before running flat. That’s around 1/400th of SA’s daily electricity demand on a hot day.

      And peak demand (at around 6pm in the evening) in South Australia is around 3,200 MW (for the national grid it’s around 35,000MW) – and the world’s biggest battery can only supply just 100MW (and only for 79 minutes).
      The reason it’s the ‘world’s largest battery’ – is that it’s a farce, a con job, a publicity stunt – a very expensive publicity stunt that has Mr. Musk laughing all the way to the bank.

      Has anybody ever wondered why it’s the ‘world’s biggest’ ?
      The simple reason is that elsewhere in the world they consider grid-scale big batteries as ‘economically unfeasible’. In short, no one else in the world is so stupid or reckless with taxpayer’ money as Labor are in South Australia.

      Ultimately, ‘the world’s biggest battery’ is simply a publicity stunt. A very expensive publicity stunt to divert attention away from the fact that SA 200MW of imported diesel turbine generators (that can operate around the clock) that South Australia will really be relying upon to avoid blackouts.
      Oh, and those diesel generators burn through 80,000 litres of diesel an hour.
      Weatherdill in SA is an idiot and we have morons in Qld who want to inflict this crap on us as well.

      SA is the perfect example of Labor/green renewable energy stupidity and to prove Wetherdills and Labors stupidy they blew up a perfect coal fired power station.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, cripes, The ‘Pie sure ain’t getting involved in that somewhat lop-sided spray – except to point out a small factoid …’ ….where do the other 297,000 homes get their power from?’ you ask. Umm, if that is a reference to Townsville (although your bile may have obscured your desired clarity on this point) the 2016 census tells us that in that year, there were just 79,982 ‘private dwellings’ in Townsville.

        • Tropical says:

          (edited) The 297,000 is homes in SA that will be without power during the next SA total blackout. Musks useless battery can only power 30,000 homes for one hour.
          Heres another factoid for you. Sales of generators in SA have increased by 425% in the last twelve months. Tells you something about the energy situation in SA and the reliability of their grid.

          • The Magpie says:

            OK, so write more clearly in future, cloth-head … and when addressing the head of the Nest, get the name right, you pizzlewit.

      • Alex DeLarge says:

        So…the batteries are designed for a short term powers supply until gas/diesel/coal generators fire up. Something like the thing that sits in the computer room at work, I assume. APS?

        Have I got that right, Accountant?

        Then why the reference in the article to 10 minutes and 3 hours? How are those facts relevant if it is but a stop-gap thingo.

        And how many homes/businesses will actually benefit?

        And what is the real benefit environmentally wise?

        And, rhetorically only, why the hell did we give the Socialist State of South Australia billions of dollars for a power-hungry industry such as shipbuilding if they cannot keep the lights on?

        • Ronny Rotten says:

          Alex, the answer to your last question? To keep Christopher Pyne’s skinny arse on the seat of Sturt.

        • The Accountant says:

          Hi Alex,

          One of my old electrical engineering lecturers at UQ used to insist the electricity grid was the worlds most complicated machine, and that was 40 years ago. Balancing the supply/demand, ‘micro’ responses to frequency variation, reactive loads, it goes on and on. Needless to say they are bloody complex and one of those things that unless you understand, well you really don’t understand at all. The grid I learned about 40 years back, the grid of today and the ‘digital’ grid of tomorrow with distributed micro-generation, variable supply and demand management are all very different things, yet in ways they have to work together at the same time. Needless to say, I have huge respect for the people that plan, design and operate our grids. I have little to no respect for the financial engineers who wrecked the current grid economics or politicians who want to hold back future progress and new innovation.

          All that said, your analogy about the Tesla Battery being similar to UPS is a reasonable one, albeit one that has a grid wide impact, not so much with its MW output, but to control frequency enhance grid stability. With this battery in place there is a much reduced chance of the Vic/SA interconnector tripping out because of frequency/phase imbalance between the two grids. This ‘value’ can also be paid for by the battery working in the electricity spot market running for short periods when the wholesale price is extremely high, moderating the price fluctuations. Lot’s of good stuff. If you search around I am sure you will find a lot of good content about grid batteries and their growing role.

      • The Abbott from Oonoonba says:

        Tropical thanks for a common sense analysis of the Tesla con job.

        If Xenophon becomes the next premier, is he likely to follow the same line?

        • Peter Sandery says:

          If we are to believe Xenophon, Abbott from Oo, he does not want to be Premier and also, none of his candidates, if elected, will accept ministerial positions if offered. Looks like The Big X has finally shown his true colours in his refusal to take final responsibility for any of his or his members’ actions in relation to government or governance

      • Mike Shearer says:

        I recall that the CEO of IBM is reputed to have once said that he could see the use for maybe five (5) computers in the whole world. The founder of Microsoft thought that nobody could ever want more than 640 kb of memory in a desktop computer. The founder of DEC could not see why anyone would ever want a home computer. All fair enough, given the technology at those times.

        The electricity supply system including theTesla battery is a reflection of the technology available today. Given time an acorn can grow to be an oak tree. Be grateful that there are people who can envisage the forests when they develop and nurture acorns.

        • Jatzcrackers says:

          An excellent point Mike Shearer. In 10 years time petrol/diesel vehicles will be a minority in car sales worldwide ! Not hard to see where it’s all heading and Mr Musk is miles ahead in his thinking. Anyone doubting the future could Google up his talk/show and tell re large electric semi trailers direction and the changes to transportation throughout the world !

  29. The Magpie says:

    Here’s a toe-tapper seasonal tribute, done with the showbiz panache that the Yanks excel at …. full screen and up volume. Thanks, Gropes.

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/ khQN5ylb3H0?rel=0

  30. Cantankerous but happy says:

    A couple of useful sites if anyone is interested in the actual numbers around power generation in Australia. I have followed it for some time and whilst SA is a drain on many days Vic is actually the great parasite of power generation and is in deficit about 90% of the time. The first site shows total generation and source and the second is five minute data updates of generation flow and the current price, and the fluctuations in price as demand changes, which is the interesting one for a numbers man like me.



    • The Magpie says:

      There ya go, folks, some light holiday reading.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Fascinating reading, Cranky. WA is not part of the national grid and produces power at a reasonable cost with no major outages.
      Despite this, our domestic charges are now skyrocketting as the new Labor government uses householders as cash cows to plug holes in the budget.
      One of main reasons for this is that WA gets back just 34 cents in every dollar of GST raised because of archaic Grants Commission rules — and the other states refuse to address this inequity.
      You greedy bastards should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Where in the first one will I find “Total generation and source” neatly summarised, Cranky?
      Actually, if it’s not too difficult, how about a quick summary for those who are not “numbers men”. Thanks in anticipation.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        The data should load on the page as it opens, looks like the site is not working properly at the moment unfortunately , hopefully they will fix it soon. Basically the data reads as follows on an average day with about 28,000 mw/h
        Black Coal 12000 -14,000
        Brown Coal 3000 – 4000
        Gas 3000
        Hydro up to 2000
        Wind anywhere between zero to 2500
        Solar anywhere between zero and 3000 depending on time of day.
        Two main points, without coal for the foreseeable future we are completely fucked, a cloudy day in Qld whilst a hot day in the southern states and there isn’t enough power to go around and second despite the billions of dollars and subsidies spent on solar it’s an absolute dud supplying only 10% of current demand even at its peak performance 8AM – 4 PM.

        • Swinger says:

          Happy new year, Grumblenuts, chill out, what a miserable way of stating a problem without suggesting a solution.

          For obvious reasons to anyone educated, new coal power stations are out of the question, and the ones we have will run out of puff eventually.

          Agreed, enough new renewable energy will cost billions, and we need to built the storage needed for night and bad weather as well. So let’s get cracking and do it.

          As well as addressing energy efficiency.

          We need a few jobs around here.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Fine idea Swinger, and how many dollars should we put you down for to pay all this renewable energy, pick a figure, would you like to pay 50c a kw/h which would more than double your current power bill, how about a gold plated $1.00 kw/h and quadruple your current bill with a gaurenteed feel good about the world experience to go with it, or you could just hope someone else pays for it like most people in this country.

          • Swinger says:

            Why not share the cost between everyone?

            After all what alternative is there? Do without?

  31. The old peterbuilt says:

    A couple of facts the greens don’t want to discuss. 1 if two thirds of the Australian car fleet were electric there wouldn’t be enough power in the current grid to recharge them. 2. Most big ships on the oceans use bunker fuel. It is only marginally more refined than crude oil. The biggest twenty ships on the ocean produce more polluting emissions than the entire worlds cars. I and a lot of people embrace the new technology but not over night. It will take a generation or two in conjunction with existing technologies before we can rely on it.
    If anyone in the Burdekin or Townsville is thinking of solar panels just wait until we get another cyclone, they will be spread all over the district. Go for a drive and have a look at the frames they are building the sun metals farm out of,

    • The Accountant says:

      Hi PeterBuilt,

      Of course it would not be possible to move to grid supplied electric car fleet overnight, but this is not being considered or planned. The rollout of electric vehicles as projected by most of the auto makers will be gradual over 1.5-2 decades giving ample time for additional generation to be built and integrated. Even AEMO in its long-term planning documents are developing strategies about this transition. The move to mass-scale distributed generation (principally solar in Australia) with distributed storage in domestic and even the batteries inside vehicles, and sophisticated demand management and trading strategies is well underway. I see this as an exciting move and one that will put more control into individuals own hands. It is a very different model to the one we are used to, but so what? The current model is one that pretty well everyone agrees is crap. An orderly transition in Old and Aust. would be one that doesn’t provide incentives for too many folk to off-grid themselves and push the grid into a financial death spiral, and instead create new value and services from the existing poles and wires infrastructure. This isn’t a green-leftie dream but a new financial opportunity and one NQ would be stupid to ignore…

      Second, the Guardian report you refer to about the 15 largest ocean going freighters producing emissions equivalent to the worlds car fleet only refers to sulphur and nitrogen oxides. Nasties indeed, but these are not CO2 emissions. The 2-stroke turbo diesel plants of these vessels are perhaps the world’s most thermodynamically efficient heat engines. But that bunker crude is full of crap.

      • The Magpie says:

        Well, with your exciting presentation of facts and projections, there is little doubt that you are … an accountant.

        • The Accountant says:

          Retired now ;-)

        • Rusty Nail says:

          Yep, an accountant for sure. Lots of feel-good prophesying in there. Hope it all works out at reasonable cost but don’t hold your breath. Solar and wind are NOT the long term solution no matter how widely distributed to allow for failures (think line losses like we now have between Stanwell and us and the certainty of several cloudy, low wind days occurring simultaneously at some stage). And please don’t push demand management down my throat as if my wanting to run my air-conditioner on very hot days is the worst thing anyone could possibly wish for.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        I didn’t refer to the guardian report but I did spend 2decades carting that crap as you call it to ships side. I do agree with your take on renewable energy just a pity the screech and scream greenies didn’t have the same practical approach.

  32. Old Hack says:

    The Astonisher’s reporters won’t ask the hard questions, but one of them has now thrown a hissy-fit because the three state members didn’t answer calls on Boxing Day.
    Their explanations appear reasonable, but this trivial nonsense was blown into a story of epic proportions.
    No wonder the paper is withering.

    • Old tradesman says:

      It’s because of soft idiots like yourself that the three do nothing stooges have been reelected, they should be on call 24/7.

      • Old Hack says:

        And like you, tradie, will they be able to slug us with an eye-watering callout charge after hours?

        • Old tradesman says:

          It’s like this old hack, when you mates in the Labor/Union/Green movement tell you that you have to pay 4 hours minimum call charges and penalty rates, then you have these eye watering charges. Anyhow have a few for New Year and let you eyes water.

          • Old Hack says:

            You haven’t been reading my posts if you think I have any mates in the ranks of Labor, the unions or the greenies. And you’ve totally misinterpreted my original comment, which was a shot at the Astonisher and its adolescent reporters.
            Like you, I have zero respect for the three no-hopers representing us in state parliament. Unlike you, I am able to comprehend the sense of written words.

          • The Magpie says:

            The ‘Pie is moved to note to all commenters that he gets the feeling that the peace and goodwill towards all men ethos has quickly dissipated.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        Correct townsville you voted them in . You deserve what you get. Don’t complain to me.

  33. upagumtreeperson says:

    A quick word to all those complaining about the state of Strand Park following the Stable on the Strand. Have a look at the carnage following a 5000 person wild Xmas party on the beach at St Kilda in Melbourne. It will cost local council squillions plus assault police in action. Do not ever complain again about the orderly behavior of those who attended the Stable on the Strand. No rubbish or broken bottles or drunken behavior. Takes us Christians to set a good example. Oh and the grass will regrow.

    • Kingswood says:

      But the great Australian tradition of being a yobbo is accepted. However Christian bashing is now the in thing among the intelligentsia and their voice piece, the ABC.

      • The old peterbuilt says:

        That’s the socialist way. If you don’t agree with something bad mouth it long and hard until it’s the norm.

    • Swinger says:

      Perhaps the Council is charging the churches for the cost of rehabilitating the Park. Do you think so?

      I was recently involved in helping organise an event at Strand Park. The Council charged us $300 for repair to a sprinkler line in an area of the park we did not even use-no discussion or correspondence entered into.

  34. I'll be plucked says:

    Hey Mr Pie, did the beaver come good?

  35. Mick says:

    Who is running the TCC website?? No sub-editors at TCC either.
    (Last paragraph)
    Thank you for contacting the Townsville City Council.  Please note the important information below in regards to council’s operating hours over the Christmas/New Year period.
    Council’s administration and Customer Service Centres will be closed from 3pm Friday 22nd December 2017 and will re-open to the public on Tuesday 2nd  January 2018.
    During this time, the Customer Service Call Centre 1300 878 001 will be operating (with the exception of Public Holidays) and should be contacted for any urgent matters.  Otherwise, your email will be attended to when council’s administration resumes on Monday 5 January 2014.

  36. Alahazbin says:

    I see Bazza the Foghorns block of dirt on the side of Castle Hill is advertised in the Astonisher today with the heading “This must be sold”
    We can only hope once he sells everything, he won’t grace us with his presence again. But his mate ‘His Radiance’ is still here.

    • The Magpie says:

      Have heard rumors that The Foghorn isn’t travelling as well financially as he would like us to think … somewhat over-extended, it is said. Plus he’s got the worry of maybe being sent to the naughty corner and losing some pocket money over an alleged misdeed in a recent court matter. And to top that off, he has made the error of getting his ‘mate’ Rabeah K to sue The ‘Pie, knowing full well there is no money at the end of that false rainbow. Which means RK will be out of pocket and guess who won’t be? As they say ‘with friends like that ….’

      All that aside, Happy New Year, Bazza!

    • Kingswood says:

      Seriously!! If it must be sold, the ashtrays in the Kingswood have heaps of 1 & 2c coins still there. Heck, I’ll even swap him the block & shed at Ravenswood! Sold!

  37. Old tradesman says:

    Hello Pie, have just heard that TCC Mayor, Councillors and their partners had a nice flash knees up over on Maggie just recently!
    Rumour has it that no expense was spared,with oysters flooding the exquisite banquet table with even enough of the ocean aphrodisiac to get Message Bank aroused over a hair flick from the Mullet! Even the beer and wine was pushed aside for top shelf spirits. They tell me a great time was had by all at the Ratepayers expense.

  38. Dave Nth says:

    Happy New Year all & pie. Been out of circ lately in South East Asia & just dropped in to see how the nest was going. Will tip my glass tomorrow night from Thailand that 2018 sees change. Seems like I have missed a little attempted bullying by a second rate ALP hack who is pretentious enough to use her post noms on her threat. Sheesh I have post noms & probably like quite a few others here choose not to use. What an idiot.

    Anyway with an ALP Govt & LNP taking substantial donations from local developers as well still don’t think CCC will go in a meaningful way near this… I do hope I am wrong however…

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