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Saturday, December 23rd, 2017   |   166 comments

ASTOUNDING!!! Townsville Council CEO Adele The Impaler Young Threatens A Ratepayer With Court Action – Because He Asked Questions About The Mayor’s Adani Actions!

This sounds like another of The Magpie’s hokey, trumped up bits of juvenile yuk-yukery, but this time, he is deadly serious – and you should be genuinely outraged. It is no more and no less than described … Adele Young has put it in writing that she can and may use the Local Government Act to take the same ratepayer to court to face fines of more than $1200 if he again questions the mayor’s behaviour. The Magpie has it in black and white.

Also, in the same territory, a regular commenter to this blog gives the mayor a scorecard for the year – The Impaler would have a field day in defence of her BFF …. you check if he has missed anything.

More than 4000 people have signed a petition seeking a CCC investigation into our council. The ‘Pie provides the link if you want to join them.

And alas, Clive Palmer and reality, never shall the twain meet … he has a mind numbing answer to an objection to his quest to re-open a coal mine near Rockhampton.

But first … let’s have some seasonal fun before the serious stuff.

Bentley’s back from his travels, and joined The Magpie is some straight-talking, traditional greetings (look away NOW if your one of those PC dribblers).

Christmas flat

The Magpie takes this opportunity to thank his mate Bentley for his wonderful efforts, he has added a highly professional dimension to The Nest and picks up on the quirky as well as the obvious that The ‘Pie sometimes misses. Looking forward to what you can come up with in 2018, Benters.

But unfortunately, now to a matter so  serious, it dominates this week, so straight to it …

The Term ‘Townsville Bully’ Used To mean The Bumbling Bulletin – No Longer: The Term ‘Townsville Bully’ Now Refers To TCC CEO Adele The Impaler Young.

adele and jenny

So it has come to this, an inquiring ratepayer, who was referred to the council CEO by the CCC, has been told further complaints against Mayor Jenny Hill about her connection with the Adani group could land him in court.

Last week, The ‘Pie told you about a Mr Philip Batty, who has a complaint against Mayor Jenny Hill pending with the CCC, who has informed that if the TCC claims ownership of the proposed Adani Airstrip (which the mayor boasts it does) it may well be in breach of LG regs regarding tendering processes. Breaches that could amount to corrupt conduct. Last week, The ‘Pie reported that on certain other matters – like conflict of interest – the CCC directed Mr Batty to refer those questions to CEO Adele Young. Under the Local Government Act, a CEO ‘assesses’ any such complaint and decides on what action if any should be taken. Mr Batty pointed out that he tried to contact Ms Young with his questions more than 20 times, and had never received a reply.

This week, he got his reply. Boy, did he ever!

And if there was ever any doubt that a CEO so closely politically aligned with the mayor was not in any ethical position to ‘assess’ any mayoral behaviour – let alone her suitability to do so given her reported tantrum-studded abrasive office performance with staff – then all doubt was dispelled when she finally got back to Mr Batty and his list of questions.

This is the letter from Adele Young to Phillip Batty.

Screen shot 2017-12-23 at 10.15.56 PM Adele Letter 2

The penalty under the Local Government Act for this piece of self-serving flapdoodle is 10 penalty points … at $126 per penalty, a ratepayer could be fined more than $1200 for having the temerity to ask critical questions or make a complaint, if  CEO Young arbitrarily decides it is ‘vexatious, frivolous or has been made before.’ 

And that in a nutshell is what the governance of our city has become – a law-shielded lack of any accountability whatsoever to the community. Adele Young assessing any behaviour by her Labor pal Jenny Hill is would be laughable in itself if it her not for the deeply serious nature of the situation we find ourselves in now.

But It Is A Massive Misjudgement By The Impaler In More Ways Than One

But now, it seems that it’s Ms Young’s turn to get her tits caught in the wringer … because Phillip Batty never made a complaint – he simply asked a series of questions. So the bullying threat was not only poor judgement, it was completely unnecessary, anyway.

And if Adele Young and her legal gofer Graeme Finlayson were under the misapprehension that Phillip Batty would be scared off, they could not have been more mistaken. This was his reply to the threat.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I thank you for your e mail and the letter from Adele Young.

I do however feel it necessary to correct a few matters raised in the letter which are misleading.

Firstly in my e mail of the 27th October I did not make a complaint as you state, I did ask several questions of the CEO in relation to some matters regarding a real or perceived conflict of interest they mayor may have due to accepting hospitality gifts from Adani. The questions were of a procedural nature and require simply an answer. There were no allegations in my e mail.

At no time did I request the CEO to conduct a preliminary assessment of any material or allegations.

The CEO’s finding that my complaint , which does not exist, is lacking in substance, is therefore irrelevant.

I have, as you are aware, raised a complaint with the CCC who determined that the substance of my questions may indeed constitute misconduct by the Mayor and/or TCC and suggested I raised the questions with the CEO which as I informed them I had done on several occasions. I am awaiting their findings on this and other matters.

I am very offended by your attitude choosing to point out where I may have been in breach of legislation based on your misinterpretation of my request for answers to procedural questions, which I must point out have still to be addressed.

I would refer you and the CEO back to my original questions and my many subsequent e mails to seek answers and as I have asked all councillors to put these questions onto the next council meeting agenda for which I intend to be present.

I look forward to your CEO responding to my questions raised in my e mail of the 27th October 2017. These require simple answers which may or may not lead me to make a more substantive complaint to council in due course.

I look forward to your reply as soon as possible.


Philip Batty

Mr Batty is not going away. Why should he? He is not vexatious or frivolous in his questions, he has every right and reason to ask them – he deserves full from support this community for which he is fighting for some transparency and clarity from the increasingly secretive  regime of Walker Street.

If ever we needed an indepedent body to look into this council before it gets deeper into the mire of its own making, it is now. More than 4000 people have already signed a petition to the CCC seeking just such an investigation, and you can join them here.

Mayor Mullet’s Report Card

It seems the whole world … even the creatures of land and sea … have heard about Mayor Mullet and her Adani dealings. Their reactions are remarkable similar to humans …

mySuperLamePic_3dc29de84eca32d4ef9ba8c63d8c5a8b mySuperLamePic_3558aa07dd31f4d021c850920c44ece5 mySuperLamePic_5db49dd18e3661577ebac9c458312849 mySuperLamePic_8f7db92f13f84a86cf9ac1db979a71db

But for some – like Townsville ratepayers –  it is no laughing matters. Looking back at the year, a regular commenter summed up our mayor’s low lights of 2017 and her tenure generally.


email hidden; JavaScript is required

Submitted on 2017/12/19 at 7:57 pm |

Mayor Mullets achievements off the top of my head.

Sacking of staff in a brutal and undignified fashion, and it still is going on last I heard.

Failure of basic services and maintenance, hence the need for a ‘basic blitz’ to actually do what we pay rates for.

A long drawn out process on the water issue to create the appearance of action (no crisis remember Mayor Mullet said so), along with staged (fake?) photo opportunities.

A rates cut that was actually an increase for most people, give with one hand (freeze) and take with the other (half discount)

Multiple announcements that have gone precisely no where including but not limited to battery factories, hotels, and my personal favourite, mud based ferries.

Vetoing of actual growth opportunities, and hindering crucial developments … Hive development anyone?

And then the real crowning achievement, funding an airport to the tune of $18.5m of ratepayers money with the increasingly likely outcome of no one to fly there.

A list of achievements her and every councillor should keep front of mind.

But hey, for a moment there, The ‘Pie thought scientists might have the answer to our problem of representation in Walker Street …

Screen shot 2017-12-23 at 11.53.59 AM

But the article doesn’t say if the research can be applied to councillors.

On the subject of the mayor, The Magpie is legally required to print the following disclaimer to avoid (yet another) civil suit in court.


Carefully consider these matters and join the more than 4000 people who have signed this petition seeking an investigation into aspects of the Townsville City Council and the behaviour of Mayor Jenny Hill.

But Hey, Let’s Put All That On Hold, It’s Christmas – Time For Fun

A Chrissy quiz: Santa of course has nine reindeers. Can you name them? … here are 10 names: which one is NOT a Santa sleigh puller.











But this modern world presents challenges for us all, and that includes Santa, so he may no longer have nine hoofers after this year’s run.

Wind Santa

And some presents are a real pain … literally …. But this delights the Devil, who has managed to cut his power bill in recent years.


Then there are always those doubters who do not believe that Santa is real. This problem arose at the White House staff Christmas party.

Trump santa

But The Donald DOES believe in Santa, in fact, with his tax bill for the rich passed just before the break, he knows he is Santa himself.

trump tax

Australian Politics In A Nutshell

This is the year that was in the political world … actually, the same as any year, really.

And On The Subject Of Clive Palmer

Just when you thought he was re-entering the real world and he had regained his sanity – he described our mayor as ‘a fool’ – he then zooms off in Weird World again.

During the week, Clive has applied to re-open one of his coal mines just north of Rocky. But since this operation straddles the Bruce Highway either side, an objection was raised of the dangers to motorists from noxious dust and blasting. Clive brushed this aside, saying the air wouldn’t affect anyone, and as for blasting, no problem, he told the ABC, ‘we can close the Bruce Highway for an hour or so when we need to any explosive work.’

He was serious.

It’s The Time Of Year To Visit Friends

This real pic won a nature Photography prize – ‘Pie’s captions, of course.


And Christmas time is catch-up time everywhere …


Sorry … bit of an in joke for our commenters who witter on about motorbikes occasionally.


That’s it for this week, and The ‘Pie intends just a watching brief over the next week or so – this is the time of year when our wonderfully open and transparent politicians at all levels like to make unpopular announcement while no one is looking. Bad luck, The Magpie is on duty. Which is even appreciated by other journalists, apparently.

 Love Magpies

Love ya right back, Paul.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and sincere thanks for your support and intelligent (weellll … sometimes..) debate throughout the year – comments remain open all the time (and so does The Magpie’s donation stocking, if you’ve got a bit of spare left over).

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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