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Sunday, September 30th, 2018   |   143 comments

As The Pie Was Saying Before He Was So Rudely Interrupted …

The ‘Pie will not dwell on it, but suffice to say’ Those whom the computer gods wish to destroy they first make mad’.  And this old bird is quite gaga by now. At least Longfellow’s quills didn’t die on him mid-poem, and anyway, if they did, his replacement costs would not be so wallet whacking. But anyway, here we go again

Laid bare in black and white: proof of Mayor Mullet’s vandalising of Townsville economy, as detailed in a council-commissioned report she didn’t want anyone to see. On this evidence, it’s a local version of the American saying, it’s  like putting trailer park trash in charge of the Treasury.

The Townsville Council’s well-documented (and officially criticised) culture of secrecy is alive and well …just ask the council contractor ‘sacked’ after 23 years of successful work because, he says, he continually raised questions about the council’s workplace safety practices.  But he is struggling to get to the bottom of the problem. And  a transcript of a meeting between the contractor and the council officers throw light on a culture of arrogance and bullying.

The mysterious case of the Trackless Trams proposal for Townsville …. will this be Mayor Mullet’s latest brain fart in her continuing, ratepayer-funded quest for re-election?

And in overseas fake news, can Trump The Musical be far away? The first hilarious and biting song for it has already been recorded … The ‘Pie has an exclusive preview.

But first …

How Refreshing – A ‘He Said-She Said’ Controversy That Doesn’t Involve Sex

Although he knows many a reader does not share the view, The Magpie is happy to declare himself an avid fan of THE IDEA of the ABC.  Born little more than a decade after its founding, The Magpie has had the ABC as part of his entire life, starting in pre-TV radio days – Blue Hills by Gwen Meredith (episode 3, 872 or some such) Russ Tyson’s unmissable Breakfast Show followed by the music requests of The Hospital Half Hour, to the the thrilling and exotic  test cricket broadcasts from England, listened to on a crystal radio set under the blankets. Then came the considerable wins of early television (This Day Tonight, Four Corners) , ground breaking kids TV,  to the introduction of the first REAL television reporting (Moonlight State, the Cash for Comment scandal et al) to this day, the exposure of the modern rorts and injustices, home grown Australian drama and comedy, and, then as now, the country’s most reliable news service. 

To The Magpie’s generation, an Australia without the ABC – warts and all – is unthinkable, indeed unimaginable. Sure it has its faults, perceived and real biases and minor conceits, but for The ‘Pie, it is a most necessary balance to the predatory almost Fascist ranting of dark revisionary forces  like Rupert’s sinister empire. So the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but truth is a moveable feast these days.

So it was with alarm at the unseemly nature of it all that The ‘Pie observed this week’s managerial uproar at Aunty. Mind you, it was a novelty to have a national ‘he said, she said’ controversy that did NOT involve sex. 

But Bentley got the blues by it all, seeing the claim and counter claim as a continuation of a disturbing trend started far from these shores.


On The Home Front, Our Wrecking Ball Mayor Owes The City An Explanation

pastedGraphic_1.pngJenny Hill

While others may make ambiguous and challenged statements, it is what Jenny Hill doesn’t say that is the scandal of her economic rampage since taking office. Her Adani airstrip imbroglio is almost laughable and her twisting and squirming under justifiable questioning about lying to councillors to win their approval for this little venture (if you can accept $18.5million of your dough can be termed little) has made her the subject of a current CCC/Dept of Local Government investigation. 

But what is far more tangible is the now-available report Culture Matters commissioned by the council itself regarding the state  and value of the arts to Townsville’s economy. Now before you sigh and mutter ‘No big deal, here he goes again’, here’s the thing … it turns out that it IS a big deal, and it is clear the arts have been vandalised by Jenny Hill and her Nous Consultancy-inspired ‘council restructure’ implemented by Adele The Impaler Young. 

Put aside the sheer spite of unknown origin involved in the sacking of Shane Fitzgerald, one of Australia’s most successful regional gallery directors  (although it has been widely reported to The ‘Pie that he and Mayor Mullet didn’t get on). A polite request by a major arts donor to reconsider that action was simply ignored, and subsequently cost the city’s cultural tourism $10million in bequest support. 

At a stroke, through the national arts media, Townsville was made both a ‘hicksville’ laughing stock and a cultural pariah, impacting on tourism in not a small way.


pastedGraphic_2.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-26 at 8.30.39 am

Indeed, it is inexplicable why our two fright bats were hell bent on so comprehensively damaging an institution that, as the chart shows, is more value to local business and the overall city economy than either the Cowboys or the V8 supercar. 

We are used to empty words about accountability and transparency, but we really are owed an explanation for this action alone, given the lie by a report hidden for years. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce might like to ask … oh, what’s that, not their remit, just matters that affect their members? Well ….

And of course, when all that’s been cleared up, maybe we can have a peek at KMPG report that said the CBD stadium was a you beaut move, which it clearly isn’t going to be. In fact,, there are those who firmly believe that it said quite the opposite but we’re not allowed to see because of spurious and unprovable Commercial In Confidence shields.


Our Local Newspaper Isn’t The Only Bully In Town

 During the week, The ‘Pie was contacted by Alan Sheret who runs a company called Mackenzie Road Repair. Mr Sheret says he has been effectively ‘sacked’ by the Townsville City Council after 23 years of successfully and satisfactorily doing council contracts. Mr Sheret claims, and appears to be supported by documents, that he was removed from the preferred tenders list, which is tantamount to ‘sacking’ in common terms. The council has clearly indicated to him that they had taken into account the number of ‘engagements’ i.e his complaints mainly about workplace safety, when declining a recent tender application.

The ‘Pie has been willing to accept that what Mr Sheret says is substantially true, because he was so aggrieved at his treatment he spent $4500 on an independent report by Employer Protect, investigating his allegations. The 40 page investigation, much of it involving industry and council jargon and technical detail was clear enough in its intent, and spell out in the opening context statement:

1. Context 

The Report arises from a belief by Mr. Alan Mackenzie Sheret regarding an issue that arose due to him making complaints to the Townsville City Council (‘TCC’) regarding various issues regarding health and safety when his workers worked for TCC onsite. Mr. Sheret feels like he is being alienated by the TCC and not being asked to tender for projects anymore due to the complaints that he has made. 

Employer Protect (EP) was engaged by Mr. Sheret to conduct an independent external investigation into the allegations made. The investigation was conducted by Antoine Franken a Senior Human Resources Advisor/ISO Team Lead Auditor from EP. 

Thinghs immediately became interesting when this was followed by Employer Protect’s suggested course of action. Note (e) in the recommendations, worthy of looking into under any circumstance. 

2. Recommendations 

Step 1: Initial Recommendations 

. 2.1  Arrange consultation with Townsville City Council officials to explore: 

a. Common ground to avoid unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding in future;
b. Related issue of reduction in work allocation;
c. To improve relationships between client and city council officials;
d. Obtaining clarity in regard to Council’s Accreditation; and
e. Establish whether exemption from Workplace Health and Safety Act exists, as proclaimed by Council Official.

The ‘Pie will be looking in to that last one.

Things get even more interesting when one looks at a transcript of the resultant consultation that took place on July 31. Present were Alan Sheret, Colin Dorber, a 43-year professional in such matters for Employer Direct, and the council reps, Mike Bissel, Lisa Jones, Scott Owen and Tony Bligh.

The talks proved inconclusive and at times verged on the unprofessional and almost abusive, particularly by council long serving step[‘n;fetchit lawyer Tony Bligh. And given the fractured culture of the council, this aspect is of much community interest, if it indicates the treatment that can be expected by someone who challenges the council’s work safety practices.

Mr Bligh, with whom The ‘Pie had a friendly professional relationship when The ‘Pie was the Bulletin’s Legal Affairs editor, has always given the impression that he sees himself as a no-nonsense legal hard ass, who calls a spade a bloody shovel. But it would appear on this occasion, even just on the written words, that Mr Bligh’s attitude descended into hectoring bluster and lofty arrogance.

The following quotes do not depend on context to convey the council’s approach to such ‘negotiations’.

Dorber: So the files disclose those as to be arguments between people. 

Bligh: Colin, I’m not going to do this backwards and forwards about I say this and you say that and then I have to correct you because you’ve misinterpreted what I’ve said. 

And a little later:

Bissell: I don’t know why you’re not hearing what’s been made very explicit to you several times now. 

Colin – Well give me one example if you can. 

Bligh: No we’re not going to go down this, you give me an example and you then criticise, you can do it as you choose. 

And Mr Bligh was not shy in calling Mr Sheret a liar …. but carefully phrased, it when Mr Sheret said he had never received a promised report regarding his company’s performance.

Bligh: I accept your claim about that Alan, whether it’s accurate or not I don’t know, but I accept your claim about it. 

And he does a nice line in off-hand insults with an airy and totally inappropriate dismissal of a respected industry professional.

Dorber: … you especially would be in no doubt how much money people spend on these sorts matters, I’m not going to recommend he spend a dollar dealing with a Council if the Council has a rock-solid position that is unchallengeable. But will spend a lot of money if we think it doesn’t and out of respect to you, the position holders, not the people, I don’t know any of you personally, we have a duty on behalf of Alan to look at process, procedure, practices, published policies, tender protocols, assessment guidelines, immune to the names of the people involved, and that’s what we’re doing. 

Bligh: …we’ve heard that before today as well, during this meeting, we’ve heard it during this meeting, so; 

Dorber: Well I think it’s important; 

Bligh: We don’t need that repeated to us. 

And then toward the end of the meeting, when Mr Sheret had said he didn’t  understands the action against his company because he had only ever received praise council employees:

Bligh: Alan, we, look I’ll simply place on it on record, that your little soliloquy a moment ago, is not agreed to, I’m not going to argue about it today, it’s not agreed to.

‘…little soliloquy?’ From a man defending not only himself but his employees from what he believes is economically damaging discrimination?

Christ, The Impaler must love you, Tony.

 And a footnote of interest from something Mr Dober said at one stage of the meeting, quote: 

I wrote to the Mayor, saying who do we sit down, who do we talk to, who do we try to address the issues we’ve identified here with and like no other Council I’ve dealt with, I didn’t even get an acknowledgement you’d received a letter, let alone the report. So I’ve got to help Alan understand what to do with that. 

‘Like no other council I’ve dealt with?’ We hear you, pal, we hear you, should be on a sign hung over the front door of Walker Street.

Are Trackless Trams Going To Be Mayor Mullet’s Latest Trinket ?

pastedGraphic_3.pngtrackless tram

This mildly interesting little article in The Conversation during the week suddenly became intriguing during the week when we read this:

“Cities across the world are lining up to trial these trackless tram systems. So far, Australian cities moving to use them are Townsville, Hobart, Melbourne (in Fishermans Bend and other sites), Sydney (in Liverpool and perhaps Parramatta Road where the first studies were done) and Perth – where five separate corridors are competing to run the first ART trial.”

Townsville, eh? Well, that was the first anyone had heard of that, so we wondered what was fermnting in the toxic fantasy factory of the Walker Street Wankery, and started to investigate.

Turns out that the idea … worthy no doubt but of little immediate practical value to a city that needs some here and now action … is an initiative of JCU and the council has shown some interest.  And the author of the article, Peter Newman, Professor of Sustainability at WA’s Curtin University, will be gracing us with his presence on October 24 to sing the praises of this new transport system. 

Which is all OK nothing like a little bit of an academic navel gazing to while away the until the emeritus tag is bestowed, but the acadils and boogademics involved are sensible enough to know that this is not about to happen any time soon, although Townsville is seen as an ideal layout to test some theories for practical application, perhaps in a couple of decades( however, it’s a sure bet that it will happen well  before any battery factory opens in the ‘ville.)

But The ‘Pie isn’t alone in betting that Mayor Mullet has considered trotting out this little bauble to dazzle the local punters in the fervent hope they will be their shame X in the box next her name come March 2020.

In fact, regular Nester Mike Shearer, despite looking like a bargain basement Dumbledore, has a nice witty turn of mind occasionally. He reckons sooner or later, Mayor Mullet will claim the trams are her initiative, they’ll be powered bt batteries from Woodstock, and they’ll be great for Adani FIFO workers getting to the airport. Or day trips to view our brimming dam. Or, The ‘Pie might add,  a trip to Mayor Mullet’s planned retirement business of a unicorn shoeing service. 

But talk is cheap (unless you’re paying the professor’s air fares accommodation and fee to prate about this … oh, what’s that, we are? Oh, yeah, guess we are, given either ratepayers or taxpayers money will foot the bill). So rather than just sit in lofty judgement from the top branch, The ‘Pie will give a short and sharp example of the more beneficial way to assist our city in the here and now, rather than maybe-could-perhaps land so beloved of our mayor and her paper.

It’s simple really … reinstate the rail motors that radiated out of from Townsville a couple of decades ago. The environmental aspect alone should persuade the necessary dollars from state and the feds. Commuter stations all along the North Shore to Rollingstone and beyond, Ayr, and Charters Towers, would be an immediate and permanent boost to the flagging fortunes of local business. If we create a commuter culture, promising more affordable housing outside the urban footprint, and take literally thousands of cars off the roads each week, crikey, even the Greens might get aboard – with the developers. 

In Passing

The humble comma can be a miracle worker – when it goes missing.

pastedGraphic_4.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-27 at 10.42.20 am

As someone noted on Twitter, he was probably even more generous when he was alive.


And is Donald Trump doing headlines for the Astonisher. This probably isn’t the ‘most biggest’ mistake in the paper, but it’ll do.

pastedGraphic_5.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-28 at 9.40.35 am

Oh, well, we’ll all be a little bit dead one day.

And speaking of The Trumpet, what a boon this buffoon has been to the arts.  His nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh is in more strife than the early explorers, and his dilemma is so neatly and so very funnily summed up in this chortle-worthy version of Camelot from the colourfully named Randy Rainbow.


And that’s it for this week, bit shorter than usual while the new gear is whipped into shape … and what a bugger of a week its been in the Nest. A big thanks to all those who generously helped with offers to ease the sudden financial disaster of a complete computer meltdown. The ’Pie is still encountering some annoying glitches, so if emails aren’t replied to (as they usually always are), hang in there, hope to have everything back ticketeyboo early in the week. And happily, The ‘Pie has discovered he can still receive the thoughtful donation or two from his ‘most unique’ readers … the how to donate button is below.


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  1. Grumpy says:

    Not picking up the graphics, mate.

  2. Narbloc says:

    Sorry Pie no graphics embedded

  3. Mike Douglas says:

    Welcome back Pie and hope your hardware/ software issues are a thing of the past. With the awarding of one of the two Qantas regional training schools to Toowoomba it further highlights Mayor Mullet is a liability to Townsville. What other Mayor,s openly went in their local paper and told their city/ town not to fly Qantas?. The list of businesses that have received retaliation and warned off “ back off Townsville City Council” purely due to T.C.C,s turnstile of staff not even being aware of T.C.C own policies is a disgrace in a democracy. I hope Alan Sheret reports T.C.C. to the C.C.C as failure to act on safety warnings would cost the Council ( ratepayers)a fortune if an accident happened. The report the Pie refers to is “ Culture Matters” and along with many other ratepayer funded reports T.C.C. just ignored them leaving local businesses even more puzzled. Business confidence is up but not confidence in Mayor Mullet, Councillors, Ceo by the business community.

    • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

      We would hope that the people of Townsville are starting to wake up that they are being taken for a ride by the Council and its cronies. The greatest benefit to the Mayor and others at the political level that the population of Townsville remains ignorant to what is really happening to their town. We are hoping that it will not be too late when they wake up.

      There is the situation for the people of Townsville to believe what they are fed by the Bulletin and Political figures but if you dig a little you start to see just what is happening. As the Pie has outlined in Mr. Alan Sherret particular saga. Remember it was not only him it was the also the representation of the Company he hired to do the report as well. If they were not acknowledged by the Council, Mayor and CEO on a Workplace health and safety issue then what change as anyone else got. We are aware of the deals being done in the background and the moves to redirect money to the A2 companies along the lines of the Adani deals and the question is why is the Council trying to hoodwink the Ratepayers?

      We are also following the Mr. A Sheret saga with considerable interest as it would seem to tie in the so-called “Buy Local ” scheme and Company operated by the LGAQ which is pushing out Local knowledgeable contractors and attracting out of state supposedly cheaper service. How cheap do you want the work to be done for and has the Council dropped the standard of service for a price should be well and truely investigated.

  4. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings Dear ‘Pie,

    How do I open the pasted graphics?

  5. The Owl says:

    Also note that the Sunshine Coast is also getting a wave pool. Can’t wait for our turd pool, sorry lagoon.

    • Critical says:

      The Owl if you’re a Cairns local you don’t swim in the Lagoons as it’s well known that it’s become the bath for backpackers and the bath and toilet for other groups of people who inhabit and wander the city’s streets and no-one can touch without the social engineers jumping up and down about their rights and harassment if police and security try to move them. Think about it TCC.

  6. Alahazbin says:

    Tony Bligh is a great asset to TCC. not. I have heard the TCC had not won a case in the Land Court while he was on the case. Allegedly!

  7. Pat Coleman says:

    I got a special place in my heart for council legal officer Bligh . During the free speech trial that ultimately lead to me getting gaoled and bankrupted and the United Nations Human Rights Committee taking my side , he and Labor right barrister and council prosecutor Pat Lafferty threatened me just outside the court room.

    They had been embarrassed in court cos they had got a cop in Brisbane communications to access and fax them info they wernt allowed to have.

    They handed it up with the cop fax terminal number on it, red handed and it was struck out. The then CJC had just done an inquiry on that. Cop got a slap on the wrist and nothing happened to Lafferty or Bligh as public officers.

    They threatened me by getting in my face and telling me that if I finished my law degree and sought admission as a solicitor they would get 5000 signatures against me.

    Just so happened that was around the number of signatures I got for and against various issues whilst getting arrested for the heinous crimes.

  8. SPQR says:

    Yes I also have fond memories of the ABC when growing up & even through to the 80s. Some programming had a lefty tinge, some presentations were conservative in flavour, but overall the ABC was redolent of independence & without bias. But WTF happened?
    Oh Pie you can’t possibly be suggesting that this now neo-Marxist, staff-centred, Sydney /Melbourne centric, bloated carbuncle on the rump of Australian media has much left that is redeeming!
    Shit it is not just Malcolm & a few Government Ministers that loath Emma Imasmartrase & John Paine. Everyone I know does.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie agrees that there has been some unsubtle excess allowed to become prominent on the ABC, which is regrettable but not disastrous if for no other reason that it counters fascist tendencies of the Fox/News/Australia/Telegraph – but you don’t shoot all the dogs just because one of ‘em’s got fleas.

      • No more dredging says:

        SPQR, I just watched Insiders on ABC TV. It featured an interview with the PM and a run around many of the topics of political and social interest from the past week. On the panel with Barrie Cassidy was the relatively new political head honcho of 7.30, Laura Tingle, and a couple of newspaper journalists. I thought it was a pretty typical version of Insiders which, amongst other things, went to the central Queensland agricultural jobs issue (a matter of tension in the Coalition party room) and touched on Tony Abbott’s visit to an unwelcoming NT town as the new envoy. Apparently though, you think this: ” . . . . neo-Marxist, staff-centred, Sydney /Melbourne centric, bloated carbuncle on the rump of Australian media has [not?] much left that is redeeming!” I wonder if you actually watch ABC TV news and current affairs? If so, what for? Why would you do this to yourself?

        • The Magpie says:

          Ms Tingle,who is still on trainer wheels regarding TV (bunny caught in the headlights syndrome) knows her stuff but certainly leans well left. She’d certainly be well schooled having been married to the smh’s former in house left wing Canberra curmudgeon Alan Ramsay before playing footsie recently with actor Sam Neill.

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, if you were thinking that Laura Tingle was leaning “well left” on Insiders today then I s’pose Barrie Cassidy was a complete communist when he poked the prime minister with a stick about why the Liberals had to change their leader or why Morrison had objected so strongly to a banking royal commission. I thought this was a standard, normal, straight down the middle political questionnaire which the PM batted all over the ground in standard normal style. I can’t imagine how anyone could conclude that there was bias or imbalance or that anyone didn’t get a fair go. It’s not as if our politicians are out of bounds or anything, even if that is where they want to hit the questions.

        • Grumpy says:

          NMD. That “interview” of ScoMo by Cassidy this morning should have been taped by every School of Journalism in the country. It was a classic example of how NOT to conduct an interview. Cassidy lost control – and his temper. So focussed was he on getting an admission from Morrison that he started to argue the point and express his personal views. To his credit, he realised where he was going and adopted a more professional approach to the interview.

          And I like Emma. But…that piece on corporate tax was a shocker. Not necessarily her fault, but even a simple man such as myself thought, “That simply is not true.” when I watched it. She is a smart cookie and you can’t tell me she didn’t realise that the assumptions were dodgy.

          • No more dredging says:

            Grumpy, First Dog on The Moon has written a cartoon just for you and Kelsie. Search: “Leave the ABC alone you miscreants, says Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin”

          • Grumpy says:

            Once again a childish, irrelevant and plain stupid comment.

            Please point where I have ever – once – criticised the ABC? Employed journalists are fair game – but the institution itself?

            You really are not scoring that well lately, are you?

          • The Magpie says:

            Err, that Grumpy in reply to Grumpy … you know all the cliches about talking to yourself ….

  9. Pat Coleman says:

    Sunday Mail p5 reported that Former Labor Senator Bob Hogg who is Maxine McKews fella got appointed as a director of the Far North Qld Ports Board.

    Jim Soorley who is a former Lord Mayor of Brisbane and a director of Guilford Coal (see comments week before last) got appointed chairman of CS Energy. Google “Guilford coal subsidiaries” to see how big they are getting in different countries.

    • Old tradesman says:

      Pat you have got the wrong Hogg with his snout in the trough, it is former Senator John Hogg who also was the speaker.

      • The Magpie says:

        Yep, as The ‘Pie remembers, BobHogg was a big noise in Labor’s back room but don’t think ever elected. He’s the one that ensured Maxine got the nod for a somewhat ill starred stint on the Canberra plush.

  10. Rebecca Ryan says:

    Your analysis is uncanny in its accuracy. As a Townsville Greens representative, as a cyclist and as a rational thinking Townsville local, Ped, bike, trans issues are very close to my heart. I’d love to discuss reinstating the rail. Please let me know if you’re interested in meeting.

    • Grumpy says:

      Greens representative? Rational thinker? Sorry Becky, can’t be both. At least not at the same time.

      • Mike Shearer says:

        Grumpy: “As a Townsville Greens representative … and as a rational thinking Townsville local” – why not at the same time? Have you ever actually looked at the Greens websites and read their policies? And compared them to the policies of the other parties?

        But maybe I’m assuming that I know what you mean by “Greens” and maybe I’ve got it wrong. You see, I think of myself and my many friends and acquaintances as “green” and rational. So please, give me your definition of a “Green” and some examples of irrational Green thinking?

        • The Magpie says:

          If The ‘Pie may interject, Dumbledore, you are confusing the the noun ‘environmentalist’ (good) with the political term Green (dingbat rabble). Believe it or not, The ‘Pie shares many of the less excessive and extreme concerns of environmentalists, but will never buy the censorious and pompous self-righteousness of the Greens – sadly, Rebecca, who sounds anything but rabid and is probably a perfectly intelligent person, like many others before her, will just have to find out this self evident truth for herself.

          • Grumpy says:

            Mike – you know exactly what I meant, you silly old gobshite. Read the LNP website, or the ALP one, or even the ON one and you see similar meaningless codswallop that bears no similarity to what they actually do once they get their arses on the leather seats.

            All you have to do is look at the Green’s ridiculous voodoo economics they preach in the Senate (but not practised personally – Di Natale is as materialistic and capitalistic as anyone from the Liberals), their faux-righteous obsession with gender and political correctness generally, Their stated pacifist credentials are belied by their absolute loathing of Israel and their support of terror organisations that attack her. They share common membership with the thuggish Antifa.

            As Joe H said “The problem with the Greens is that they are ideologues, more consumed by an imaginary post-capitalist utopia than they are with real people in the real world.” You do realise that the 1930’s German equivalent of the Greens flocked to Hitler’s banner…?

            A more cynical bunch of hypocritical rogues you would never meet – except for the ALP, The Libs, the LNP, One Nation, KAP, and the rest of the bloody mob.

            Every person who is capable of rational thought is concerned for the environment. Even this old neo-con goes out collecting rubbish from the foreshore a few times a year. Don’t need patronising by some Nigel.

    • Grumpy says:

      Oh, and, Becca…as a “Townsville Green”, what are your thoughts on vaccinations for children? Do you subscribe to the anti-vaxxer sentiments expressed by the Townsville branch a couple of years ago?

      Do tell.

  11. Cowboy says:

    If the ABC want to be truely independent then stop taking tax payers money. If you are really that good people will pay for it. The journos are Over-paid at their ABC.

  12. Kelsie J says:

    Lucky we Townsvillians weren’t holding our breath for the long awaited Water Security Taskforce (better known as WTF) final report in September. Every time we asked questions we were told wait for the final report. We rate/taxpayers who have paid for this report are obviously going to be the LAST to find out what this report has concluded. Will we finally get LONG term water security, (meaning 30 to 50 years) or are we just getting a Fibreglass Reinforced Pipe that will be too expensive to pump water through. The longer we delay Stage 2 that bypasses Ross Dam, the more exorbitant the cost will be. We need to bypass Ross Dam because over a quarter of pumped Burdekin water evaporates from Ross Dam. We are paying for a lot of hot air as usual

    • Alahazbin says:

      What’s the bet that when that 1800mm pipe is finished that the old existing pipe is decommissioned because it is uneconomical to operate/repair.

  13. No more dredging says:

    “It’s simple really … reinstate the rail motors that radiated out of from Townsville a couple of decades ago.”

    The trouble with rail motors is that they need rails. The trackless tram runs on ordinary roads and streets, is guided by GPS so that it always follows a predictable path, is rubber-tyred like a bus but has a sophisticated suspension system that (apparently) keeps it level and sway free. If eventually we are going to get new buses (or rail motors for that matter), why wouldn’t we consider trackless trams?

    • The Magpie says:

      That’s just plain dopey as a comment in reply,Dredger. The rails are there already, business is suffering NOW, trackless trams, excellent idea though they seem to be,are years if not decades away and still would run on roads … and modern rail motor rolling stock would be an immediate boon or both business in town and affordable housing out of it.

      • No more dredging says:

        Sorry ‘Pie but I can’t see the “rails” you seem to be talking about. Sure, there are railway lines north, west and south (roughly speaking); I get that. But how does that help the actual population nodes along the main roads such as Aitkenvale, Thuringowa, Kelso, Belgian Gardens etc? A lot of the existing Queensland Rail network around the city is along half empty zones like Oonoonba, Ingham Rd etc. Sure, you could install carparks at stops along those routes but once people get in their cars they aren’t going to stop until they reach their intended destination. That’s why our current bus service, which I regularly use, wanders around the suburbs. If we want people to leave their cars at home we have to have public transport pass relatively nearby. Townsville’s existing rail network does not appear to do that – although I am open to persuasion.

        • The Magpie says:

          Look, don’t want to be harsh, but what you should be open to is reading what is written, and not obsess with mistakenly conflating two totally separate issues. Your points are correct in themselves but have nothing to do with what I have suggested, which is an immediate start on a project that will slowly grow over the years but deliver tangible benefits straight away o.e modern rail motors servicing (and encouraging) commuter areas outside the current city footprint … northern beaches are already there, Rocky Springs or whatever it’s called this week, even Mingela and other sites along the rail corridor to CT. Common understanding of plain English must surely inform you that there was no mention of relatively inner areas like Oonoomba or any other suburban areas currently serviced by buses … the comment was about a totally different concept.

          • Grumpy says:

            Where’s Mutty when we need him?

          • The Magpie says:

            Still sulking.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Pie! It’s a bit late to bring back the rail motors.
            Successive councils have stuffed the city. So why would anyone want to come to town to do shopping. That was what that generation from the nearby country used the rail for. Besides, the Great Northern pub isn’t even open.

          • The Magpie says:

            And it is exactly that mind set that help keep the city stuffed. Mayor Mullet and the clueless “Little Patty of the Dudley’s can blather as much they like about ‘the Regional hub of Townsville’ but the reality is that just talking doesn’t restore and make it so. In this area, only Townsville has any hope of supporting businesses like Myers (and that’s a bit shaky one is hearing) maintain the leading hospital of the area, have JCU (students travel you know) and have the facilities to host regional events, conferences and entertainment – well, if this mob would get off their arses, we would, anyway. And rail motors tick all the boxes, even in this on line cyber age.

          • No more dredging says:

            ‘Pie, what you have suggested is ” . . . an immediate start on a project that will slowly grow over the years but deliver tangible benefits straight away o.e modern rail motors servicing (and encouraging) commuter areas outside the current city footprint … northern beaches are already there, Rocky Springs or whatever it’s called this week, even Mingela and other sites along the rail corridor to CT.”

            By “immediate start” I guess you mean purchasing new ‘rail motor’ rolling stock – say two sets each for north, south and west, and building a few platforms along the way. Business might be a bit lean past Woodstock on the ‘western’ line (which actually runs south), Alligator Creek on the southern line and say Yabulu to the north but working on the premise ‘build it and they will come’ I’m sure you could find someone at Townsville Enterprise prepared to form a working group to write the funding application. Who did you think might fund such a proposal? Surely not the Morrison government?

          • The Magpie says:

            OK let’s just sit on our arses thinking up reasons to do nothing … except whinge.
            Again, you’re simply reading what you want to see, not what is said, and the possibilities therein
            And yes, when a proper submission, preferably by people with no hidden agendas and a bit of talent in the lobbying area, is presented outlining the environmental, social and safety aspects of the scheme (cars off roads is a big one, safer travel for school kids is another), it could be an election issue of some import, and the state and the feds would ignore it at their peril. Be a better investment than that public money sinkhole of a stadium – and it’s a sure thing YOU didn’t bet that piece of crass political cynicism would be funded but look at what politics can do when threatened. What about people living in Rollingstone, or even Ingham, commuting to Townsville to work, to study (school and university), big ticket shopping and entertainment, sporting or otherwise. In and out of Townsville on modern, comfortable and fast rolling stock, which in fact could make it a pleasant experience on-going. Same at Elliot Springs, Giru and maybe even Ayr, and for you our sparkling friend, a free plot of land on which to put your trailer home at Mingela near the station … and just to make it irresistible for you, near the pub.

            The ‘Pie is the first to agree that he leads the charge against some of the more inane proposals from the head fright bat, but this is a tangible, do-able and desirable idea that worked before and will work even more beneficially now.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Trackless trams are a technical option that should be considered when thinking about Townsville in 10, 20, 30 years time. Clearly the CBD isn’t working as a hub for anything, instead Aitkenvale and Thuringowa have taken on many CBD roles. It makes sense to link them by a fast reliable comfortable passenger transport service down CT Rd and RR Rd, extended to the hospital and JCU, and into the CBD. The railway station could be where a fast rail service from the northern suburbs links to the trams at the railway station. The rail service could also have a line into the Stadium. The rail corridor exists and is rarely used. CT and RR roads are wide enough to take the trams without having to resume any properties, which is one reason why Townsville is being considered.

      As the 2011 “Townsville Area Study Report” by Transport and Main Roads states: “Limited forward planning in new development areas makes delivery of efficient public transport and active mode networks difficult to achieve”. Limited forward planning has been a bugbear for Townsville for decades. It makes a lot of sense to explore options like the trams so Townsville’s future plans are less limited.

      • Alahazbin says:

        If they did re-instate rail motors from CT. Ayr & Ingham, first thing to would be to put the sidings back at Oonoonb for Fairfield shopping precinct and at West End for Castletown. Don’t worry about the city. There is nothing in there regards to decent retail shopping.

        • The Magpie says:

          Indeed, relatively inexpensive ‘stations’, with the new rolling stock accessible from ground level, should be in places such as you mention, and in the suburban areas, be accompanied by a secured car park. Mini-buses supported by a road/rail ticket arrangement could be instituted on a trial basis.

  14. Narbloc says:

    Thanks for fixing graphics

    • The Magpie says:

      Bloody computers – but easily fixed if we just attend to the loose nut in front of the keyboard. Hope you’re mending well mate and not in too much pain.

  15. Non Aligned Worker says:

    New stadium = Jobs.
    Pipeline = Jobs.
    Now that the stadium is at about 40% and the pipeline at about the same, latest figures show that unemployment has increased.
    Jenny, where are the jobs?
    Anna handbag had a motto during the election “jobs for our kids”.
    Where are the jobs?

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Non aligned worker, can you review your status on the pipeline as RPC have just begun advertising for fibreglass laminators, pipefitters, labourers on seek. My understanding is the Townsville region unemployment % includes Palm island where sadly the rate is 50% which skews Townsville only position. Projects in motion Port upgrade, extension of Fairfield Shopping centre, Mater Hospital upgrade, Hilton subsidiary next stadium, Lion microbrewery + taphouse Palmer st, large retirement complex Douglas and numerous other projects. Reskilling and motivating current unemployed is a challenge where business owners are waiting months to fill receptionist, audio installers, bakers, taxi drivers as well as retail and hospitality positions. That doesn’t include a list of key trades in short supply.

      • Non Aligned Worker says:

        I am talking about an increase in the long term unemployment figures. Highlights that these high profile projects aren’t able to improve / reduce the unemployment rate. They are not delivering on their promises. Nothing to do with population demographics.

  16. Con Ayr says:

    The Culture Matters report is an excellent document because it is so clear. As an artist and teacher, I have worked with, and exhibited at, Perc Tucker Gallery for many a year, and have seen a number of directors through its halls. Fitzgerald was by no means perfect, but the guy got things done.
    I, like may of my friends and colleagues, have watched this situation unfold very closely. I have to say that securing the new director, Jonathon McBurnie, is a bit of a coup on the Council’s part, and a canny strategic move, for several reasons, but it boils down to this: He’s a local boy with skin in the game, so you know that he wants to see the gallery succeed.
    He is a practicing artist himself of some note, and his parents are both artists as well (they taught half if Townsville’s artists at JCU, me included), and they’re both good, people. So already, that’s half the community on side, and a bit of a face saver after the disaster that was Lee-Anne Joy. You may not know this, Pie, but after a month of her, the guys at Perc were close to mutiny, so this is a move that makes sense. He’s good with people. He’s a decent public speaker. He’s a good manager, he did wonders at Umbrella while he was there… I think he’ll be the guy to get things back on track… if council lets him.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has spoken with Mr McBurnie on several occasions, and he has always been informative, measured in his judgements and as friendly as many find it prudent to be with Magpie. Agree he’s a fine choice for all the reasons you state, but the guts of your message are the last four words… and good luck with that, given the Goths and Vandals of Walker Street.

      • Fitzgerald inquiry says:

        Totally agree Con Ayr, a very good move, but I do worry given TCCs track record. I was at a meeting at umbrella studio last Sunday where he was one of four speakers addressing various issues. Colleen Doyle was also a speaker, and two others. It appears that there is some good stuff going on, but I’m still pretty jaded, so watch this space.

      • Rabbitoh stew says:

        That’s Doctor McBurnie, pie. Not that he makes a big point of it, but I know that he’s got the bit of paper from Sydney uni. Shows some discipline, if nothing else.

  17. Miss Lou says:

    An excellent week of information.

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.


    Mss Lou.

  18. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Does this project look familiar? It sure does, after being endlessly fucked around by the Mullet, the Geon Group have taken their abandoned Hive concept from Townsville and are going to plonk it straight on top of the Albion train station in Brisbane, $750 million complete with fast track approvals by the Qld state govt and Brisbane Council, add this to Jenny Hills other complete fuck ups and she is well over a $billion in damages to the Townsville economy, March 2020 cannot come quick enough.


    • Sir Rabbittborough says:

      Gleeson donor development is the hive. So they say.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Indeed Sir Rabbit, thats what is so unique about Townsville, most places in the world you make a political donation for some consideration, but not the old Mullet, give me your money and then I will fuck you around and screw you over, no wonder developers have abandoned the joint.

    • Droopy draws says:

      Cantankerous, you seriously don’t think that Geon would have taken their bat & ball back to Brisbane and just ‘plonked’ their proposal over the Albion railway station???

      They had been working on that for donks; as they were the Hive all at the same time so you’re comments are just a little exaggerated aren’t they?

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        No, they are not. Geon do not have the the working capital to work on $1.5 billion simultaneously, so they would choose the most viable to proceed with. It is essentially the same design concept from the same architect without the Queens hotel, which only surfaced about 12 months ago, about the same time it became apparent the Mullet had fucked them over regarding the project here. They have abandoned the project here and putting all energies into Albion and why wouldn’t they, priority status from the state development Corp and approvals through BCC, meanwhile in Townsville just another vacant lot for years to come.

  19. Litewait says:

    Pie Scott Owen has resigned from council. He was my manager.

    • The Magpie says:

      Why did he resign? Anything to do with the matters raised in Saturday’s blog?

      • Sharted says:

        It’s possibly unrelated, but the council restructure is still being tinkered with. More shuffling of departments and heads. Beckett is now head of the office of the mayor or somesuch. Interesting move considering the department under him is in a tailspin, which is not necessarily his fault alone. People are not being replaced quickly enough, and are being inundated. Without him acting as whip, I wonder if we’ll see improvement or further despair.

  20. DG 4814 says:

    Seems JCU is in bit of a mess not following their own policies. Seems not all jobs are advertised correctly. Those that should be advertised in the community just aren’t. They are given to the chosen few out there.

    • Mike Shearer says:

      Had a look at job vacancies at TCC. It seems that the position statement for every job whether it’s for a professional engineers or a ticket seller starts with this garbage:

      The … will contribute to implementing a holistic program of change across the … Division in collaboration with the section leadership team and in consultation with the Townsville community. This will involve leading the … Services section on a transformative journey focusing on the needs and aspirations of the Townsville community developing a culture of customer-centricity and personal accountability; and reshaping how we deliver services to maximise value.
      Keeping the customer at the heart of all activities, the … will:
       Deliver an outcomes-focused culture where leaders and staff take personal accountability for delivering on Council’s vision and policy.
       Ensure that the … Services delivers on co-design of services with the community, a whole-of-Council approach to integrating service delivery, and an innovative view of Council’s long-term opportunities.

      Just trying to understand those conditions must deter intelligent persons from applying.

      • The Magpie says:

        Mike can you find out when wrote that, The ‘Pie is just reloading his over-and-under double barrelled debater to instigate said person’s own personal transformative journey – as you can tell, The ‘Pie is a very outcome-focused person with his own vision and policy.

        And doncha just love the line ‘innovative view of council’s long-term opportunities’, if that’s not an open invitation to join a rort ….

        • The Wulguru Wonder says:

          The sad thing is that the increasing use of such language in official letters, reports, statements and forms just results in incomprehensible gobbledygook.

          The really scary thing is that the authors usually do not see it as such, and indeed, probably consider the production of such meaningless twaddle as denoting intelligence and education on their part.

      • Achilles says:

        Reminds me of the verbiage of Arthur Anderson’s reports in the recent past. Concise is not in their dictionary.

      • Kingswood says:

        Probably written by an external southern consultant who’s never been here….

  21. Critical says:

    Fit Feet or more recently called My Foot Doctor on Sturt Street has closed. Another business closed and another vacant shop in the CBD for Mullet to add to the increasing number of CBD vacancies created under her regime.

    • The Magpie says:

      You dastardly unbeliever, you!!!! Can’t you bloody read, everything is fine … or is about to be. Here’s the proof …

      … and in this uplifting story, some real estate wallah, who of course has zero personal or professional interest in the leasing market, tells us …

      And Mayor Mullet is doing well up at Walker Street; in another separate story on Friday, in a nutshell, she spelled out her plan for success as our re-elected leader …

      So just stop it with the whingeing and negativity, the mayor’s got it covered. And really, are you going to believe all those doctored figures about unemployment … Christ what a sucker.

      • Jatzcrackers says:

        And of course, the good old ‘we need to ramp up the advertising’ brainstrust at the Bulletin have quoted their pet dill, Colin Dwyer. It’s all sunshine and the markets out of control with this bloke. Records apparently show that good old Dwyer the Dill has had his own property on the market since 2014. Says a lot really !

  22. DB2 says:

    Anyone know why the following is contained in the rates package sent by the Charters Towers Regional Council and not ours:-
    “Sprinklers and fixed irrigation systems can only be used between… 4:00PM and 8:00AM. This means that on the allocated watering day for your property, you can water ‘Midnight to 8:00AM’ and ‘4:00PM to Midnight.”
    Seems more than sensible to use watering systems in the wee small hours of the morning to avoid any potential for evaporation etc.
    TCC only permits watering from 6PM to 8PM twice a week on any sprinkler system.

    • No more dredging says:

      DB2, the two councils are in different locations with different water sources and therefore different management strategies. On the face of it, Charters Towers allows twelve hours of watering on the allocated day whereas Townsville Council only allows two hours of watering on the allocated day. Both cities provide for watering at night (more or less) rather than in (high evaporation) day time. By the way, Charters Towers gets its water from a weir on the Burdekin River well above the Burdekin Dam whereas Townsville’s water supply is from a dam on the Ross River – supplemented when necessary by pipeline (indirectly) from the Burdekin Dam.

    • Dave Nth says:

      Might be wrong but I reckon they are restricting flows during watering times as well. My sprinklers that before the dry would cover the yard now barely half. Couldn’t be all to everyone watering at the same time due to the timing they had them before the present dry period…

      • The Magpie says:

        ell, it would make sense to lower the pressure to force involuntary lower use, but what is not acceptable is NOT BEING TOLD.

        Sound familiar? The Hermit Kingdom of the Walker Street Wankery marches on.

      • No more dredging says:

        But Dave, it MIGHT be because everyone is using them at once. Don’t start a conspiracy theory based on more or less nothing.

        • The Magpie says:

          Sounds like you’re starting a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories, NMD.

          • Water Water Everyhwere says:

            Hear Ye, Hear Ye

            Let it be known that TCC does not reduce the pressure of the water reticulation network during watering times.

            P.S. not an opinion but an informed statement.

  23. Critical says:

    Just got told that the Screaming Midget has been sideswiped to become Head of the Mayors Office. Is this a sign that the Mullet is changing her knickers at a rapid pace because she’s shit scared of being booted out at the next election and is bringing the Screaming Midget into her office to control propaganda and run her election campaign.

  24. The Magpie says:

    Vale, Ron Casey, dead at 89.

    Ron was a contradictory character who suffered a television version of footballers’ white line fever – a complete change of character when the line is crossed on to the field of play before the public.

    In personal relations with co-workers – of which I was one over several years – Ron was affable, a bit of a practical joker but generally more thoughtful and intelligent than one be led to believe by his goofy, belligerent public persona. He just HAD to play to the gallery, he couldn’t help himself, he felt he just HAD to be outrageous. And almost always was.
    Many a tale can be told of ‘Won’ – including by The ‘Pie, who was Ron’s tv producer at both 9 and 10 in Sydney in the 70s and 80s. A personal little tribute in this weekend’s Townsville Magpie.

  25. Angry at tcc says:

    So called free dumping coming soon to woo the voters. , while this is going on the managers are screwing the dump staff. Jensen is closing which only leaves Stuart landfill. The heraveys range transfer is a joke. Every day soon all day 1 truck will just be transferring bins from there to Stuart. Waste of money. Management believe that only 7 staff are needed to run the main dump. 5 permanent 2 council contracted and 1 casual. The leading hand is only to work from 7-3 5days a week. Why is that relevant, our license to run a waste facility also needs a ticketed operator there from open to close. 6am to 6pm. This is a major breach of the state law regarding regulations of landfills. The staff are being told that is what’s happening without question. The EBA at present does not allow this and is being kept quiet. Cfmeu have promised to help and haven’t done anything as yet. Fucken joke. Last month a major breach of asbestos was uncovered and nothing was reported anywhere in media. The public were exposed along with other staff and contractors. How long I don’t know. The waste department surprisingly now chaired by the mullet is diverting money from this unit to cover a lot of things at the expense of services. Why do yiu think council borrowed 60mil? Apparently a computer from some Sydney consultant is now giving council information needed to re run the entire cities rubbish collection of wheelie bins. No contact with staff. Interesting that your contractor alan sheret on the blog this week who lost work is heavily involved in Cfmeu. Had a lot to do with that grub over many years now did he disclose that when you asked him questions? He is a big reason plant hire fees were through the roof for years. It would be great to see some digging around the staff instead. All this is the tip of the iceberg in one department. You’ve done ok ao far leaking but all of your readers have no idea how bad it really is. I also know that Clive palmer is asking lots of outdoor staff about things gearing up for the election in 12mths. Just a disclosure for the staff at waste services im not part of them im in water which is in the same department. I don’t want them getting screwed by a witch hunt

    • Mike Douglas says:

      Look no further of the continued failures at T.C.C. when they pat themselves on the back for finding $30 mil in savings from reducing the number of credit cards by 60%. $30 mil in savings from a $775.4 mil budget all going on under Mayor Mullet and Adele the Impailers watch. If there was personal misuse is T.C.C. going to seek reimbursement. Normal Business standards if $30 mil was being misused the CEO, audit Committee, Auditors would be terminated or at least given warning letters.

    • Cool Bananas says:

      I’d say Angry at TCC was most likely a council troll that is directly implicated with all the problems exposed by the contractor Alan Sheret. If they don’t like it i suggest they read through the report to find the error of their ways instead of sacking contractors because they are causing “problems”.

      As usual these “managers” in council have been sat making stupid decisions for years, creating timebombs waiting to go off. What’s worse is that the incoming councillors listen to the shit that’s served up to them.

      In conclusion : it’s time for another purge.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Angry, you appear to be a plucker. That is all.

  26. Sir Rabbittborough says:

    There’s a saying , “you’ve got a good head for radio” .

    Well, “I’m not Richo , I’m Gleeso” has changed the ballgame on Sky TV to “you’ve got no neck and a high pitched speech impediment so even if they hold you in contempt the contrast is hilarious”

    (Apols to Shane Webke)

    • Sir Rabbittborough says:

      And ch7 has started a new ad with Boonie getting all patriotic “under the southern cross.. Sprig of wattle in my hand ” blah blah blah – saying they are the new home of cricket.

      The music they use for the ad is the same as using a gawdy yank marching band for an Australian Olympics. It was Levine’s “Fanfare for the common man”

      Seven’s ‘defender of the Anzac legend'(his words) general manager could have pointed out that there are Australian composers out there if you are gonna claim to be a patriot.

      Lucky for 7 , excuse the pun for those old enough to get the joke , ch7’s market ain’t that smart, and that’s the way they like it !

  27. Alan Sheret says:

    Dear Mr Angry at TCC,
    Sorry to hear that you think I am a grub. That aside let me point out some facts to you. I was a member of the CFMEU because of safety concerns but resigned when these numerous safety concerns that I had pointed out to the Union and Cr Mark Molachino were ignored.
    I proudly stood beside my mate at his mothers funeral after he was sacked by the TCC for leaving site to say his last goodbye to his mother when she was gravely ill at the request of the Doctor. I also supported another TCC mate in hospital after he had a heart attack due to the extreme stress the TCC had put on him. It doesn’t matter whether you are a contractor or employee of the TCC you get the same rough end of the pineapple.
    I wonder have you ever had the back bone to stand up for what you believed in ?

    • Angry at tcc says:

      Let’s start with your last entry then we can talk about how much of an angel you are for visiting people in hospital shall we! I last used my backbone to try help some of the 300 staff sacked by your cfmeu backed mayor only to have them replaced with labour party members. Including Mr Fitzgerald from perc tucker. I also used my backbone to no avail when union organizer’s like cowboy stockham and tom pfund as well as cfmeu were running around telling everyone that the last council will cull jobs. How has that gone for you? The amount of money you have fleeced from ratepayers over the years from jobs is amazing and bordering on criminal if or wasn’t for labour party protection. And I mean in charge’s for jobs. I would like a dollar for every time sherrin hire vehicles turned up to jobs and then got serviced on the day before commecment. Who cares if you visited tcc employees in hospital great your a martyr just like rebels bikies who have a toy run. Its all a big okescreen to how much of a grub you are. I’m more then happy to email the magpie various documents involving wherein hire over the years but I’m wondering if he will be sued for using the company name in defamation. You have come on to an anonymous comments blog to tell the world your hard done by and expect nobody who knows you not say something. I think you’ve had your fame now just roll away because like most loud mouths in unions in Townsville, your a Little fish in a very small pond. Walk down The street nobody knows you. Yours sincerely little truthful troll.


      • The Magpie says:

        Ahem… listen up, Angry. The ‘Pie really does not have the time to sub edit comments, and he generally allows everyone to have their say, hopefully within legal limits. But allow me to point out a few things which obviously have not seeped in up there just yet.

        Try and be clear in what your saying … by all means write in haste and anger, but wait a while, go back and correct what you’ve written so it makes sense, then send it in. In English, you make it sound like Shane Fitzgerald was a Labor party member who replaced himself at the Perc Tucker Gallery … even Dr Who would have trouble with that. Also who is tom pfund … if that is a real name, the bloke has my sympathy. And you seem to want to undermine whatever points you want to make by continually (you did it last time) failing to get the name of your target correct. And – TO ALL OF YOU … it’s Labor, no ‘u’, thanks Gough. And regarding The ‘Pie being sued: anyone with that in mind should make sure to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle, the queue is long and the weather hot.

        And The ‘Pie removed your gratuitously insulting remark about Mr Sheret paying The Magpie to ‘advertise’ on the blog – he clearly doesn’t and nowadays nobody does – but if you actually meant for allowing him to put his point of view – which The Magpie neither endorses or discredits, but believes the arrogance of our council in these star chamber ‘negotiations’ needs highlighting – well, chum, the same applies to you. By your standard then, you are a hypocrite because you are ‘advertising’ your point of view, too. Just remember that please

  28. No more dredging says:

    Angry, you write: “The herveys range transfer is a joke. Every day soon all day 1 truck will just be transferring bins from there to Stuart. Waste of money.”

    Why is this a waste of money? Do you mean the Council should close that transfer station and that people from that side of town should take their stuff to Stuart themselves?

    • Grumpy says:

      NMD, that comment (by AATCC) had me puzzled as well. It’s at least an hour return trip between the two locations. Allowing for loading/unloading times, that would mean a maximum of 8-10 trips a day. Surely there would be far more refuse deposited at HR on a normal day than that what could be carried in 10 truck loads?

      I smell a rat…

  29. Old tradesman says:

    Talking of rubbish you need go no further than one of our tourist attractions, the Kissing Point walk, you look over the side of the lookouts, littered with water bottles and doggie poo bags. Not a bin in sight, and same rubbish has been there for weeks. Was told bins are not allowed as they could be places where bombs could be hidden. WTF.

    • The Magpie says:

      Who told you about bombs in bins, OT? Have you got that in writing?

      • Old tradesman says:

        No I haven’t Pie, but is a good person who is well connected with the fabulous TCC.

        • The Magpie says:

          Proof of that claim … which I can well believe … would be most interesting, if your mate can provide something. Such an excuse begs the question about why it is less desirable to blow up people looking at a view than it is blow mums doing their shopping, kids waiting at bus stops, or Mayor Mullet just walking down the street … oh, hang on, about that last one …

  30. For Whom The Bell Tolls says:

    533 days until the next Local Government election.
    Waiting with a baseball bat

    • No more dredging says:

      FWTBT, the electoral commission provides writing devices to fill out the ballot paper. Leave your baseball bat at home, you’ll scare the children in the car park.

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Yes, the pencil is mightier than the base ball bat.

      • Dutch Reverend says:

        What would be really good is for the Electoral Commission to demand that anyone running in any election as a so called “Independent” declare any membership to a political party.

        • Old tradesman says:

          What would be really good would be for people to provide ID at voting stations. Saw one vote early vote often person go in 3 times last year at the prepoll station.

          • The Magpie says:

            When you reported the person – which of course you did, didn’t you? – what was the outcome. Of course, if you didn’t, you’re as bigger problem as the multiple voter – bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.

  31. Hande Hoche says:

    On this council legal officer Tony Bligh -One thing that is indicative of personality is a film of a competition at the pistol club by win or 7 from years ago.

    It shows Bligh competing with what appeared to be a “Walther” or a “Luger” .

  32. Cantankerous but happy says:

    They can’t even get the smallest details right at the Astonisher, the Oonoonba Hotel in Idalia was robbed last night, really, it’s called the Oonoonba Hotel for a reason dickheads, it is located in Oonoonba.

    • Achilles says:

      Yep! they placed a picture of a helicopter on an article about a light plane crash, where’s the relevance?

    • Cockie says:

      Tankers, is that the same as the Oonoonba school being in Idalia ?

      • The Magpie says:

        (sigh) No it isn’t, state schools are named by the government as a general area guide from which pupils can be drawn (or that’s the way it used to be, when it was named). But a quick check in the phone book – remember phone books? – shows that yes, the Oonoonba State School is in idalia, and the Oonoonba Hotel in Oonoonba.

        • Grumpy says:

          The Oonoonba School was actually relocated to its present site from….Oonoonba. Well, not relocated per se, but the old school demolished and a new one built a kilometre or so away.

  33. I'll be plucked says:

    State ALP ‘member’ for Townsville speaking crap again (nevers stops)! Captain Cupcake (doughy, no substance, full of crap) trying to score points with remarks about the GST carve up to states and territories – this bloke hasn’t an economic bone in his body, or brain! The Feds are reviewing the carve up because its currently unfair Captain Cupcake – ONE cake to carve and it needs to be done fairly – your remarks are pointless. Why don’t you have a closer look at the Qld ALP govt. rorting our power prices, by diverting profits from Ergon to prop up the state budget, instead of reducing power prices significantly? Too busy trying to capture a headline with nonsensical rubbish?!! You are an embarrassment Stewart, STFU!

    • Concerned says:

      Well said

    • Old tradesman says:

      Anthony Lynham is forever putting letters in the Astonisher telling us how his government is subsidising cheap power for North Queensland, wait until the AC units get turned on.

      • Old tradesman says:

        Oh I forgot one thing IBP, how do you pay for an additional 27,000 new public servants, when Cairns got 1400 and Townsville got sfa.

      • Dave Nth says:

        Lynham should go back to being an oral surgeon, he may have been good at that. As for a politician he has made an absolute mess of every department he has run. But he’s not alone, all levels of Government are a hive of mediocrity these days…

        • The Magpie says:

          Forget Lynham, what sort of yardstick are they using in this club-foooted government that allows the clear and obvious ministerial failure Mark Bailey to continue? What greater measure of abject failure is required to get oneself removed from the front bench plush in Anna Alphabet’s cobbled-together tag team of snuffling snouts. LNP probably not much better, but for the pure entertainment (and probably effectiveness) of it, she should do a deal and appoint an outsider as Minister for Rail … Robbie Katter.

  34. Droopy draws says:

    An interesting real estate listing just came through on email. 76-78 Denham Street, the City….

    Previously a real estate agency [Koala Blue] but until the other day when I drove past it was Uncle Clive’s office.

    FOR SALE – Vacant possession….


    So does this mean that he’s closed up shop already??

  35. Angry at tcc says:

    Unfortunate for you magpie you have lost all credibility when you wrote about our new hero of the people Mr sheret. Your reply is all over the place and very hard to understand and long winded. No less then 6 people read mine and had no trouble understanding what I wrote. I’ve given you 2 major stories that can bring this council to account with the exposed asbestos and the treatment of staff at Stuart landfill, changing hours and not having the correct accredited staff on site at all times. And the failure to report the asbestos danger to the public when it occurred. A council in NSW is about to be sacked for asbestos mismanagement. You ignored everything else I said. You say your a scoop in front of the bulletin? Hardly. I’m guessing because you read the word “dump” perhaps you ignored it because I didn’t say “trump” I would stick to local interests. As soon as you mentioned sheret you lost a lot of readers from tcc. By the way ask Alan why the cfmeu has left dump staff high and dry and not supporting them. There’s a third story for your blog to investigate. Good luck

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie has generally followed the rule that when a donkey brays at him, he doesn’t bray back. But at the risk of mocking the afflicted, The ‘Pie will on this occasion make comment on your foam flecked almost incoherent diatribe.
      First, you write: ‘No less then 6 people read mine and had no trouble understanding what I wrote’. The ‘Pie wishes he’d been there for that Mensa meeting. Lots of moving lips.
      What asbestos story was ignored? … seem to remember some comment was published re same, but of course, you will understand how The Magpie will not brook criticism of our fine upstanding and ‘stable genius’ of a council and would do nothing to tarnish its burnished image. So illegal asbestos handling by the council? Phht, and pshaw!! And forgive the old bird for not rushing headlong into print quoting an almost illiterate tip from an anonymous thought-disordered knobthrottler harbouring secret agendas who offers not a scintilla of evidence for his claims.At least Sheret (note capital but get an A for spelling) came to the table with tangible evidence of the cavalier approach adopted by the council officers towards a highly experienced arbitration specialist hired by Sheret to negotiate his case with the council. And as previously explained, Sheret is no hero of The Magpie’s, he can fight his own battles of claimed injustice, the whole thrust of the blog piece was the council’s bullying and heavy handed approach to such matters.

      And here’s a little bit of investigative journalism for you … your identity has been relayed to The Magpie, but he will not reveal it, just to assure that people who write here can remain anonymous, usually for good reason, given the menu of spite on which so many in Walker Street dine. But here’s a bit of advice, pal … just hope and pray the poobahs in the pay office don’t look too closely at your general hours and overtime sheets, or you and your fellow Mensa members may find yourselves able to lounge around indefinitely on our sunny shores – like many of the other unemployed.

      Don’t like the Trump bits and pieces? Then don’t phuckin’ read them, but it is probably the pictures and short words that force you to. And thanks for the advice on what not to write, but The ‘Pie ain’t short of that sort of advice.

      • Kirwan Joe says:

        Hey Pie,
        Don’t worry about AATCC. You’re right, he is a knobthrottler.
        I love the Trump cartoons – keep them coming.

        • The Magpie says:

          Yup, all sorts of knobthrottlers to keep us amused … on the local scene, Messagebank Walker and legal foghorn Bazza Taylor joins their ranks in tonight’s Nest.

    • Achilles says:

      Looks like he had a liquid breakfast.

  36. The Magpie says:

    Tres droll, ageing nail banger.

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