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Sunday, January 14th, 2018   |   210 comments

As Alice Said. Curiouser And Curiouser  … But Our Wonderland Is The Townsville Council’s Answer The Adani Airstrip Criticism.

And appropriately, the half truth and selective reporting in the Astonisher has come from Domanii Cameron on her final day with the paper.

During the week, the big stink around town was literal and maybe turned deadly … the council is tight-lipped about a mishap at a sewerage works that is reportedly killing wildlife on the Town Common …

And a tale of two cities: the latest newspaper readership figures show the Townsville Bulletin continues its slide into irrelevance, while the Cairns Post is on the rebound.

And what Fido can tell you about fidelity.

And please note on the right of your screen, rolling through every few seconds, two new advertisers have decided to get valuable exposure in the weekly Nest

But first …

Rocky Horror Irony

The overblown and questionable (as in unproven and unprovable) claims against song and dance man Craig McLachlan has had everybody clutching their pearls to their throats during the week. But most have missed the massive irony that McLachlan’s alleged sins took place during a musical show that has remained popular and lauded for more than 40 years for its promotion of kinky naughtiness and depiction of rape-like seduction.

But that irony hasn’t been lost on our cleverman Bentley, who allows some of the Rocky Horror Show lyrics – with one tiny alteration, see if you can spot it – to highlight the hypocrisy of life imitating art.

Sweet transvestite

But The ‘Pie must ask, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? If the multiple claims (and numbers are not proof) are true – one in particular which would be classed legally as digital rape – then he’s a grub who deserves all the censure and cost he has incurred. But what if they’re not true? The cost will be just the same.

And we will never know the truth of the matter unless McLachlan admits to it, which he vehemently does not – boy, have we ever awarded ourselves a dystopian world of its own special rocky horror.


During the week, a deep thinker and dog lover posted this guide to infidelity.

dog sex scandal

Obviously an American import, but The ‘Pie suddenly realised that we shouldn’t be laughing too loud in this neck of the woods. Those depicted have all been found out, but seems we in Oz have the tell-tale proof of our own down-in-the-mouth doggies yet to declare the extracurricular activities. We speak of course to what are referred to in polite circles as Canberra Calisthenics, otherwise described as Political Playtime On The Posturepedic’.

Are certain people in Canberra thinking about Craig McLachlan and muttering ‘There but for the grace of God ….’

Bill Shorten grimacing

And it goes across party lines.

Malcolm Turnbull

There’s a lot of sheep in New England, or New Zealand, or wherever, who probably have sent secret emails of their dags …

Barnaby Joyce 2

… and other daydreaming about how green is her valley…

Richard di Natale 3

… but our new found tell-tale alert also raises questions, as in this case, where the question is: whose the lucky bastard?

tamya plibesek

No Such Shenanigans In The ‘Ville, Though

Checking through various pix, The ‘Pie reckons fang farrier Darryl Holmes could lend his business slogan to this toothsome pair… just the reversal of two letters and bingo – a joint slogan for Townsville Enterprise and the Townsville Council.

Jenny and Patircia

1300 SmLIES

Did The TCC Make The Our Wetlands The Deadlands?

OK, a touch of Astonisher overstatement there but …

The Magpie published a startling bit of information from a trusted source during the week.

The Magpie 

January 9, 2018 at 12:48 pm  (Edit)

What, already? Chickens coming home to roost – if they live long enough?

Wildlife on the Town Common is under deadly threat, according to information just received.

Town common -

A trusted source tells The ‘Pie that the Mount St John sewage treatment plant has had a major malfunction and have been forced to shut down or significantly reduce its throughput.
Note here that the Townsville Council under the Impaler’s mercenary and merciless scythe got rid of their trade waste staff and senior experienced sewage engineers, so should we be surprised that it seems the inevitable has happened?
There are reports of a number of dead birds and even animals on the Town Common, with staff refusing to go and clean up due to union rules and job description.
The Magpie is seeking proof of this – and no he hasn’t wasted his time asking the council, that would be like asking Adani for a straight answer.
Anybody else got anything on this?

Well, over the days there was nothing forthcoming in terms of solid proof for this claim, but then, of a sudden, a (different) informed source tells us that shortly after news of this debacle appeared in comments, a senior council bum polisher stormed out to the Mount St John site, gathered the workers together and went thermo-nuclear about leaks to not the media but to – ta da – The Magpie (Flattered as usual, thanks, humblebrag, humblebrag). Now there are jokes to be made about leaks from a sewerage works, but this got serious, right down to people’s jobs being threatened … apparently on suspicion but also possibly for being responsible for the cock-up in the first place.

It was made worse, The ‘Pie is told, by the fact that the executive spray was prompted by an inquiry about the incident from the Astonisher (they are The ‘Pie’s most avid readers, and give a little cheer when they get a mention or a story lead.). Needless to say, with Anthony Simpleton, the putative head of media and the likes of Labor arse licker little Dickie The Poisoned Dwarf Holliday gatekeeping council information, the paper was easily fobbed off (‘dearie me, no, how could you think such a thing, nothing in it, that lying Magpie, and I’ll see you at your farewell drinkies tonight Domani – several councillors are going to be there, you’ve been such a good good council girl’).

But if nothing happened, why the jack-boot visit to staff to threaten their jobs? And just for the record, The ‘Pie is happy to say that none of the information came from a council employee.

The Battles Of Philip Batty Continue

And he got in a nice little uppercut in during the week. In addition to the CCC passing on two of his three complaints about the mayor to the Department of Infrastructure (see last week’s blog), Mr Batty now has the Queensland ombudsman involved, who is also looking at his claims.

But things are moving quickly.

Now there have been revelations that Wagner’s announcing that after four years (yes, four years) of discussions with Adani – and no one else – they have contracted with the Indian company to build and operate the airport. Which will be owned by Adani. If the project ever goes ahead. And will involve NO income for the TCC’s $18.5million contribution.

The Karma Sutra Expert of Townsville Politics

The Indian classic naughty book The Karma Sutra will, as you will obviously know, specialize in positions of the intimate kind and how to get the old lingnam together with the yoni for a bit of recreational refreshment. So it would seem that Her Wankery Mayor Mullet – apparently of late a keen student of all things Indian – has decided to adapt the Karma Sutra to local politics.

She has experimented with so many positions on the Adani airstrip fiasco that makes a nonsense of the standard phrase ’policy position’.

For a succinct summary of where we stand – or more likely, touching our toes and gritting our teeth – allow The ‘Pie to defer to reader Memory Man in comments.

Memory Man

January 13, 2018 at 9:40 am  (Edit)

According to John Wagner he was happily dealing with Adani without any knowledge or care as to what Townsville City Council was thinking re the Galilee Airstrip. Odd that he was at a Council meeting, where he addressed the elected reps “in camera”.

If Wagner is telling the truth, it looks like Adani were going to fund the airstrip anyway. Which means Adani simply played the fools at Council and conned $18.5m out of a desperate and gullible Mayor.

The Mayor is Madam Hubris no less, and then had to brag about her actions and then went about contorting a story about how it would benefit ratepayers … it’s just got messy for her thereafter. We own the airstrip; no we don’t. It’s a done deal; no we’re still negotiating details. There’s a bank guarantee; oops, what’s a bank guarantee?

Batty is like a dog on a bone, and the community needs to get right behind him. We just need straight answers. Council needs to cough up all documents and records about this sordid deal. Until they do, the stench will continue.

Back to Wagner: he cares not where the money comes from, but is clearly getting a bit worried that payday may be further away than he thought. He’s probably wishing that idiot Mayor never got involved at all.

In fact or in fiction, there is only one side getting screwed by this dishonest contortionist – that would be YOU, the Townsville ratepayer.

What can we say but Wham, bam, and thank you ma’am.

But All This Again Prompted The Very real Question – Just Who Is Running This Town?

The ‘Townsville Council’, according to the Bulletin, made things even more interesting in a story which was fittingly Domanii Cameron’s last story for the paper (and for the council)
Screen shot 2018-01-13 at 10.27.19 PMNB terrific how the paper downgrades what could be major corruption or governance misbehaviour by our council into a dismissive ‘squabble’.

The reporter kept quoting an unnamed ‘council spokesman’ saying he dismissed Mr Batty’s claims of irregularities. But the clincher from the same unnamed council source who said ‘’repeated and inaccurate claims ‘(about the airstrip) came from people running political campaigns to stop the coal industry.

WHOA!!! As that nice Mr Meatloaf says, now hold it right there, I gotta know right now!

What in blue blazes is a ‘council spokesman’ – by description that can only mean a paid staffer, and an anonymous one at that  – making politically biased statements like that and speaking to a matter that can only rightly be addressed by our elected representatives? Reluctance to allow mega-goof and acting Mayor Les Walker anywhere near a serious media matter is understandable, but as they say in court, that may ‘explain but does excuse’ the hired help piping up. Again, Dickie The Poisoned Dwarf and/or Simpleton spring to mind, and neither have a mandate to make political statements with which a large section of the rate-paying, voting public oppose. It would be wrong even said public agreed with them.

Anyway Domanii, nice to see some of your council chums along to see you off – must say, Adolf’s looking far from heart broken that you’re wisely pissing orf..

image1Memo Jenna Cairney


Townsville Bulletin

Jenna Cairney 2

The Magpie is reliably informed that you, unlike your predecessors, have taken a shine to Townsville and hubby and nipper are moving here soon if not already. That commitment to this poor old town is commendable, unlike your predecessor, who couldn’t wait to be shot of the place. The ‘Pie is also informed that you have publicly stated that you want to be more positive in The Astonisher’s (aka Townsville Bulletin) news pages, which is also commendable.

But here’s the thing. A whole line of your predecessors mistook and refused to question unsustainable fleeting suggestions (known somewhat uncharitably in this blog as ‘thought farts’) – suggestions often aimed at boosting the popularity of those sorely in need of credibility – for done-deal conclusive issues. People like our mayor, or Little Patty O’Callaghan at TEL, who spends her professional life treading water, so out of her depth she finds herself, or certain developers, one of whom is actually a crook, but still get laudatory space in the Astonisher. Sadly, almost all of these bright ideas are not critically examined in professional journalistic fashion, and are just parroted into print, with the result that the paper makes as ass of itself regularly to those who – unlike the paper’s apparent misapprehension – are not fucking idiots.

But when the usual suspects – known hereabouts as the Gilded Few – aren’t throwing out their self-interested little gems, the paper seems to have caught their fever for making inane statement without attribution (therefore personal opinion), explanation or a shred of proof in the news columns.

An instance.

Screen shot 2018-01-13 at 10.13.42 AM

Now here is a very readable story in itself which the News Corpse chaff mill would welcome around the globe. But then Mr Backhouse ramps up a story that stands up by itself with the lame crutch of this opening statement:

Screen shot 2018-01-13 at 10.14.03 AM

Nowhere in the story is anyone quoted as suggesting this … possibly because it is a desperate attempt by Mr Backhouse to follow your dictum of being ‘more positive’. As you of course know, being positive and being stupid should be worlds apart in journalism, the difference often policed by sub-editors.

What’s that, what are sub-editors you ask? Those are the skilled long-serving folk who mentored and guided people like Mr Backhouse and all your young tyros, but who were all unceremoniously sacked in a job lot about 8 years ago, as it was laughingly decided – purely on monetary grounds – that reporters could do their work, too. Well, they can’t.

The result is a newspaper whose real competition is MAD Magazine, except a lot funnier.

Good luck in your endeavours, Miss Cairney, what between a skimpy budget, a rapacious Holt Street, junior staff and your predecessors susceptibility to venality, you’re gunna need, m’dear.

Yours in fading hope,

Magpie, The Esq.

What A Cokc Pu.

Now that may all harmless frippery, but this …

Screen shot 2018-01-12 at 9.42.36 AM

… is getting serious . This lazy, sloppy little bit of amateurism can’t be covered by the paper’s usual close enough is good enough policy … because this involves MONEY. What dwindling money this busted arse publication makes comes mainly from real estate and cars, and when you start making such glaring fuck-ups as this, the people who pay the bills … the advertisers … start to have second thoughts. There is already a stampede away from the Bulletin across to on-line sites To counter this, the Astonisher, instead of spending some money on sub-editors whose first language is English, has come up with the Castle Club twaddle, which is reportedly cut-price packages … AND four annual nibbles and free piss knees ups (known as ‘networking’).

Sounds awfully like membership of the Dudley Do Nothings … only cheaper … much cheaper … and at least you do get something for your money.

But The Grimness Of The Numbers Has Been Cruelly Underlined In The Latest Readership Figures

These figures for the third quarter of last year speak for themselves, and the salt in the wound you will see is the comparative performances of the Townsville Bulletin and the Cairns Post

Screen shot 2018-01-13 at 3.50.03 PM

Screen shot 2017-11-09 at 10.17.50 PM 

Bot weekday and weekend Bulletins are down around a whopping 20% over a year – the cairns Post on the other hand seems to have found some magic formula and is increasing its readership.  To thrive again, Townsville must regain a credible, honest newspaper that people trust and respect as one of our core pillars of growth … News Ltd has damaged this town immensely through its greed and bad decisions.

Other Matters …

Given the undeniable crime wave – particularly car theft – by mainly little indigenous little snots around town, The ‘Pie wonders if they will ever get enough education to graduate to this sort car theft perfected by Pommy tea leaves. Nary a shattered window, jimmied door or hot wired start. A tribute to our amazing modern world.

And finally ,,,

Seems the egregious Donald Trump isn’t sure of Australia’s status in his racist world. But here’s a map of Trump’s global view, as seen by Kuper in the New Yorker.

Kuper in the New Yorker…………

That’s it for this week, comments bound to be lively so like Labor voters get in early and often for your say. And now you’re in the vicinity, the How To Donate button is right below you … feel free to give it a test run, it will both much appreciated and most helpful to keep the blog aloft.

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  1. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Typical to see Townsvilles number one freeloader Mark Cappuccino at drinks, I am sure they would have been free for him to attend and he would be the last one to leave, and then scab a ride off someone to get home, a greater parasite this town has ever seen, but the photo does highlight the inappropriate association the Bulletin and council have formed and the plummeting numbers of the paper indicates the public isn’t as gullible as they think we are. By the way that hairy Tomlinson Jnr and the dwarf look like they would make a lovely couple, the bear shitting in the woods joke comes to mind.

    • The watcher says:

      I read with some interest a Kleenex grabbing plea from Tomlinson during the week to rid the world of sniff, sniff, …..nasty Facebook bashers and trolls.
      Anyone that has had the misfortune to comment on a bulletin story to the contrary, will see how hollow his plea is.
      You can’t condem the actions of war with a smoking gun in your hand and dead bodies at your feet now can you Mr Tomlinson?

      • Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

        We at TRRA penned (well typed as we are keyboard warriors) and article on his comments Social media and the fact that he did not describe any positive benefits of social media to the community in his article at all. But we did receive a comment back and a link to the Bulletin article(which we already know) proving that he also is a keyboard warrior and comments many times on our pages.

        What we find interesting is the fact that we get calls from other media outlets like local Radio, TV and other newspapers regarding our content so we must be doing something that the community likes.

        • The Magpie says:

          The community may be starting to like the TRAA because it has managed to move away from its creation as a labor stalking horse. Seen Laborites Jacob or Moyle around lately?

          • Council workers "shovel" says:

            Thought I’d say hi before starting work in case the readers think we are bludging again lol. My wife used to be on Facebook and TRRA but got off when they were on the tyrell bashing about the water pricing. And before anyone thinks I’m being political about that just have a look around the state just how cheap our water is. Tyrell handled that very poorly but what you don’t realize is that the mayor wants to bring that system in that she shouted down all those years ago. With the man himself “paul Jacob”. Don’t get me wrong I surport the TRRA but I noticed right away when Jacob got in he disappeared from them. Everyone knows him in council as the fraud. Everyone knows he voted for the mass sackings but apparently took a different look 2 weeks from a state election about adani. The TRAA has to take some blame for letting labour use them then dump them when they arnt needed. Just have a look at how they spun the 636 on the petition. I really don’t care about what anyone thinks of my opinion but while we had tyrell and the councilors associated with him we had no problems. We had decent managers enough staff on the ground and proper equipment as well as a mechanical service that was quick. Now we have a bunch of labour idiots that can only do things if the mayor says so. We didn’t need to sack as many as they did. One day go up castle hill and look out and think just how much work there is to do in a city and only 1300 staff to do it. Water treatment plant problem? Instead of us driving around waiting for a job I’d much rather have a list to complete but that’s the new way things are done. Alot of non union workers like me hope that TRRA and Phil clean this place out soon, we are hoping that am administration will be brought in because we still keep our jobs. Peter if I’m wrong please accept my apologies, I’m not hear to bash you verbally but this mob used you and the TRAA, hopefully if another 4 corners or any other repoter turns up we can have harder questions put to the mayor instead of easy ones she can spin. I’m not a person who leans on a shovel.

    • Sandgroper says:

      In this case, the rabbit is probably using the bear as an arse-wipe.

      • The Real Mr Batty says:

        I am not trying to “clean them out” as you say but I am trying to make them accountable and responsible to the people who vote them in and employ them. The bullshit and crap which is pumped out to the Bulletin which they accept and publish without a second thought or a single question even when they know the truth is not good enough.
        Serious questions need to be asked, the reported Dominii in the pic it this blog called me on Friday (first time on this) to discuss prior to her piece, when I pointed out and sent her lots of information in writing with links etc her statement about the Mayor saying we would own the airport was “maybe she got her wires crossed” my response was this is a deal worth 10’s of millions of dollars and getting your wires crossed says we have much bigger problems. Domanii has already told me about “of tooing and frowing with what I was and wasn’t allowed to say” and “I was very restricted” so maybe not entirely her fault but indicative of the cozy relationship with the TCC.
        The fake account trolls on facebook like Mike Lewis who all come on making bullshit statements then disappear as soon as some facts are put forward or their identity is questioned, it is getting very tiring I have to say. I spent 2 hours last week with WIN news who were doing a piece but judging by the lack of it I guess it has been pulled for some reason.
        The council meeting next week on Tuesday may be interesting if the southern media attend to ask the questions which the Bulletin will not.
        These councillors and Mayor and CEO MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS GOOD OR BAD

        • The Magpie says:

          And so say all of us.

        • Council workers "shovel" says:

          Thanks Peter for informing me alot more. I wasn’t trying to single you out with my previous comments. I am now getting to read about what’s actually going on. Sounds head in the sand stuff but believe me we don’t get told much nowadays until it happens. I wanted everyone to know that it wasn’t as bad under previous administration this is 10 times worse than what was protested about. We all know that the paper is full of shit. As for cleaning them out well alot of sacked workers would say let them face the same outcome for there lack of respect to the community and accountability. It’s ok to question them but it will just keep happening if they don’t get penalized for there actions. All those tsv first councilors got fined then didn’t get any votes last election that had to have done damage. I think we have all seen how the mayor and ceo treated you with contempt about the petition and I believe and fully surport every action you are taking. If it leeds to a clean out then I can’t see a problem. At least then an administrator will publish, weather the paper wants to or not, any corrupt and hidden dealing so we can move forward. It might cost us more in rates perhaps but I bet you then get your questions answered. Bring on the broom I say.

  2. The watcher says:

    I note that Master Backhouse has had emergency services “racing to the scene” on every yarn he had penned involving crime and misfortune in the past few months. I wonder if he is, in fact, running a book on the result, or trying to garner up some public interest in the inclusion of a race for emergency services in the next Townsville 400?
    If he had any knowledge of emergency services past his fervent playing with matchbox versions of same, he would be quick to realise that the ambulance always wins.

  3. Crow says:

    Hi, I would have hopped in earlier but I was down on the Strand with my dog. Just for the record, two poos today, all picked up.

    • The Magpie says:

      Another victory for the Astonisher. The council banning dogs from the Strand had about as longevity as a fart in a fan factory, more manufactured baubles for the grunting natives.

      • The Magpie says:

        Speaking of The Strand, and Strand Park specifically, a read sent in this pic taken this morning with the comment ‘remember all the hoo-ha about the Strand Park?’ People had been dismayed at the state of the park after the Stable on the Strand event had left it a bit bare. Amazing what a couple showers will do for it.

        • Crow says:

          It has greened up alright but in many places it is in very poor condition. It will take months to thicken up to an acceptable condition. For the whole popular Christmas new year period including NYE, when so many people including visitors were in town it was a dirty dust bowl. Great.

          • Kingswood says:

            Yep, all we need now is ‘don’t walk on the grass’ signs like when I was a boy, heck make them all year for all events in parks here to not be discriminatory. Then we’ll have Mums with arses like the Hindenburg, Dad’s with guts like their 9 months preggers and kids who look like they’ve been blown up with stirrup pumps while they obsess over their iPads and laptops. But damn, the grass will be lush & green in our parks, hey! Pathetic….. and that’s coming from a lover of buffalo grass here, but my patch dwindles daily….

        • upagumtreeperson says:

          Magpie, I commented recently to watch out for a quick miracle at the Strand Park after The Stable on the Strand. To all those Christian bashers, guess what? A little quick miracle as I predicted has happened. Miracles can happen. Oh ye of little faith!

  4. SPQR says:

    I’m sure Craig was just trying to get into character. Well, at least he was trying to get into something. As you know Pie, if you’re innocent you can always resort to legal action a la Geoffrey Rush. His Writ stopped the bastard media cold.

    • The Magpie says:

      Legal action is a financial gun to the head, and unlike Rush, which was more a provable libel action, this simply goes to civil court for a ‘he said, she said’ lawyers picnic … and all parties know it.

  5. Alahazbin says:

    Executives rushing out to Mt St John TP threatening all and sundry with sack. Reminds of the time somebody sent a photo to the Astonisher of a red Jeep Wrangler that purchased for a manager. Boy! What a witch hunt.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, missing your point, mate.

      • Alahazbin says:

        It is part of the LG Act that Council employee’s must not make unauthorised statements or intentionally embarrass the Council. That photo pointed out the executive largesse of management at the time.
        So those on here posting little snippets should be very careful.

        • Westie says:

          Sorry, what clause of the Local Government Act?

          I can’t seem to find it in my copy.

          • Grumpy says:

            It’s here:


            All levels of government have similar Codes and similarly use them to use them to hide from public scrutiny.

            Shame we don’t have the same enthusiasm for protecting whistle-blowers.

          • The Magpie says:

            Certainly good for a hearty laugh.

          • Council workers "shovel" says:

            So why dosnt that act apply to the mayor for calling everyone in ipswich bogans when she was on stage with paul murray during the v8s. Or when our ceo’s is drunk in the gutter on flinders st getting her daughter to pick her up. But us workers, who have to work in record heat and heavy rain because our jobs are services and we can’t just hop in a car and stop work because it’s dangerous to the public if the job isn’t finished, arnt privileged enough to comment the truth.

          • The Magpie says:

            looked at that aspect too, and decided that the mayor is not counted as ‘working’ for the council … and ain’t that the bloody truth, she’s working for Jenny. And as for the CEO and your undocumented report about her, if true, its her own time and she runs her own risks after hours for her alleged behaviour coming back to bite her and make her position untenable. Maybe persistent reports of her more-than-irritable workplace behaviour has a hitherto unexplained cause … a permanent hangover. But The ‘Pie has received several not outrageous suggestions that she is also not a well chook, and her health may be a problem. Which if true is unfortunate and to be regretted, and entirely her business, UNLESS she makes her misfortune become her staffs misfortune … and the ratepayers.

        • Council workers "shovel" says:

          There are about 100 of us in this usless basic blitz crew troughout townsville. Good luck to the ceo or any managers who think they can find out who is making comments on this blog.

          • The Magpie says:

            Well, The ‘Pie usually keeps it a secret but he will now reveal to the world those council employees who comment on this blog …ALL OF THEM, AND THEY’RE ALL CALLED SPARTACUS.

          • Movie Buff says:

            Shovel, I’d love to see you Basic Blitzers copy the Hugo Weaving character and drive around in V for Vendetta masks.

          • Alahazbin says:

            Hey Shovel, What happened to the”work order” system?

  6. Old Hack says:

    Those tee shirts are a massive error of judgement, clearly indicating the Bulletin’s partisan stance in favour of Adani and the council.
    The pictures sum up the paper’s unhealthy relationship with Walker Street and its lack of balance and objectivity.
    As The ‘Pie notes, readership numbers clearly show Townsvillagers are sick of being taken for a ride. It’s also interesting to see the Gold Coast Bulletin, once a stellar performer, losing ground after despatching an editor who dared question the white shoe brigade and council flim-flam merchants.
    (Just for the record, I’m not a former News Corpse employee).

  7. Jeff says:

    Hi Magpie
    I see Qld Racing have given a $2000 dollar increase to races meeting in Tville from Feb on , gee that’s big hearted of them my recollection is that they took that $2000 off the prize money 2/3 yrs ago.
    Then the CEO for fashion gets in the astonisher and makes out that TTC has had a big input into prize money,boy I would like some of what she is on.
    The big rumours coming out of the track especially owners and licensees is that she might not be there for much longer?
    And also how can a club which is approx $550000 in the red still able to trade , if that was any other club they would have been kicked out or taken over by now ,but they do have very strong ties to the Labor party maybe that’s the answer??

    • Old tradesman says:

      Well Jeff it gets worse, $10million dollars is given to Gerry to fill up his coffers for one day of restricted racing at the Magic Millions, and 4 more years of it to come, while the peasants eat paint off the stable walls.

  8. very casual worker says:

    Any idea of when the alleged malfunction at the sewage treatment plant happened? Our workplace is only a stone’s throw away and shortly before christmas we were treated to a day of sour fragrance wafting in. From time to time certain unpleasant smells do arise and is quite understandable considering the purpose of the plant but on this particular day and compounded by the heat it was near unbearable. (insert shitty day joke here) Coincendentally there has been burning off in the Blakey’s crossing area shortly after. Could be nothing in it, coould have been a scheduled burn of course. Tell you what, that senior council bum polisher would fit right in with our bosses. gotta love that shut up and do what you’re told management style.

    • Mangrove man says:

      That “scheduled burn” is probably similar to that “scheduled creek bank clean-up” the council did to get rid of mangroves in front of the Adani office.
      Interestingly there hasn’t been another “scheduled creek bank clean-up” before nor since.

      • Mick says:

        Why is this area allowed to have a scheduled burn, when in my area in Kirwan, excavators are used to clear vegetation along stormwater drains? I cant understand why this partililar area cannot be poisoned. It would be much cheaper.!!

    • Achilles says:

      VCW looks like someone else is making a stink too in an even more confined space,

      “The Australians’” header to a story about Julian Assange’s poor personal hygiene in the Ecuador embassy

      “Whiffyleaks” Ecuador complains

    • Sir Ossis O'Fliver says:

      Any thing to do with the methane explosion at the Townsville Golf Course. Could be expensive legals involved here.

    • The Magpie says:

      Not sure but before or on last Tuesday.

  9. Alex DeLarge says:

    Not surprised to see Milky Molachino ingratiating himself at Press Release Domanii’s farewell.

    The slimy creep is the very definition of a cuck. “I’ll agree with whatever she said – so long as she lets me”.

    Grow some, Milky.

  10. The old peterbuilt says:

    Had a taste of tropical culture last night. Enjoyed Spanish mackerel, salad and chips on the strand washed down with a glass of dan murphys finest then took the bride over to Warrina to see the movie. THE POST. I’m sure all you old journos would enjoy it. Based on fact and even though the shit that was going on was of a national US and world nature the attitudes and similarities can be seen with what appears to be an unhealthy relationship between TCC and the astonisher.

  11. Lady Byron says:

    Loving that vid of the car thieves in the UK. My advice for all the Merc owners who have these fancy ‘keys’ is to keep them in a biscuit tin on their expensive Italian marble benchtop – as I do with mine on the faded Formica here at Casa Byron.

    The police notes with this video said the signals cannot be relayed through metal?

    Guess my 20 y/o Charade is safe in the carport then.

    • The Magpie says:

      29 year old Charade? You talking about your marriage? or are you keeping a toy boy in there that hubby doesn’t know about?

    • Sandgroper says:

      As a motoring tragic, I have a combination key safe here at Casa Loco. The only loose key is for my mobile rubbish tip/shopping trolley, a hail-smashed Toyota nicknamed Dimples, that no thief would deign to steal.

  12. One legged tap dancer says:

    Recommend all News Ltd managers and staff, in particular those employed in Townsville, go see The Post and get a refresher course in the role of a newspaper.
    A couple of pertinent quotes:
    “Quality and profitability go hand in hand”
    And one from the Supreme Court decision in favour of the Washington Post and New York Times:
    “The press should serve the governed, not the governors”
    Not sure I’ve got them exactly right but close enough for even our local editor to get the message.

    • The Magpie says:

      Sorry, she’s probably too busy poring over the advertising departments booklet ‘Our 50 Most Influential Advertisers’.

  13. Colin Foley says:

    What ward does Phillip Batty live in and who is his sitting Councillor?

    I’m sure that if Mr Batty was to even indicate that he is going to nominate for the seat representing his local electorate, the present ward-person would become “the current sitting, trembling Councillor”

    Maybe not so much if he is to run for Mayor – Jenny Hill must realize by now that she has fucked it.

    • The Magpie says:

      By all reports, she’s in deeper denial than Donald Trump. And so are at least two of her key advisors, who have adopted a ‘she’ll be apples on the day, mate’ policy.

  14. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Fair point about the ceo. I can’t feel for someone who is sick as you may say but then turn up to work and treat people like they don’t exist. I grew up in a time of respect for each other even if you had a blew. Sorry mate but you only get reports to you about her ways of working I’ve seen it first hand in toolbox meetings and if someone says the wrong thing look out. One of our office girls left because she went to HR but didn’t have the proof to surport her complaint. (about ceo) She took a redundancy payment and told us she she made more money leaving than if she wanted to sue the council.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      Hey ‘Shovel’ you don’t seem too happy at all from what you have written. I guess you need to do something about it old mate – put up, or shut up. Plenty of your mob have taken the money and gone/moved on, as even you point out. If you decide to ‘put up’ remember there are unfair dismissal laws that would apply to your position. If you decide to ‘shut up’, then you need to ride it out old mate. In the meantime get back to work, please!

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Sorry but I’ve got no idea why your making that sort of comment. I’m not following where your line is heading. If you care to put your real name up so we can both stop hidding. If your prepared to say shut up to someone you don’t be prepared for the comback.

        As for everyone giving me advice about the mayor and ceo recording stuff unless you have my personal phone or computer nobody will be chasing me. I started comments here here because of the bullshit that is happening in a good place to work. To think alot took the money and ran I guarantee alot would rather still be working here. Don’t make asumptions. I’ll continue to make my point in a resonable way with respect to other commenters. I’ve seen your other comments plucked I think you may need to look in the mirror.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          Hey again Shovel, ‘I’m not following where YOUR line is heading’! You complain, you seem to turn up to work every day, you must be taking the money, you appear to be unhappy – DO something constructive about it, or button up (is that a little softer for your ego?). Welcome to the blog where Pie ensures all get fair ‘AirPlay’.

          • The Magpie says:

            Indeed he does, alway in the too often thwarted hope that there will be instructive and enlightening comment.

          • Council workers "shovel" says:

            Obviously the storm must have kept pluck awake last night and couldn’t sleep. Or he dosnt like when smarter people talk back to him. Anyway I couldn’t be happier actually and if I want to make comments about everything that is bad about the current council I have plenty of content to go off. I’m not really listening to you pluck and I don’t care. You clearly have no idea what is going on or who you are talking to. However you don’t like my comments which means you are either a councilor or one of the poor drop ins hired by the ceo. I can already read your reply because it will be predictable. When a good thing happens in the council I’ll be the first to let you all know. Unfortunately it will be next LGA election or hopefully administration before that comment comes through. I only ever smile when I know someone is upset more than I am. I’m smiling today ” pluck “

          • The Magpie says:

            If your not really listening to him, how do you know what he’s been saying? Name calling and personal vendettas without wit or humour are of little value here after a while, they are what Facebook is for. The ‘Pie has let you have a bit of a free for all amongst yourselves, but might want to give the personal a bit of a rest, fellas, its not entertaining or informative for the rest of us.

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      Careful with the detail “Shovel”. I will bet that the TCC CEO or her staff are keeping a file on you. Every small bit of info you provide will be added to the ‘mosaic’ (so to speak) and eventually the picture that is formed will be your portrait. We don’t want that! Take care.

      • Alahazbin says:

        And not everyone is your workmate. Believe me!

        • Council workers "shovel" says:

          Yeah agree there, but on the other hand alot of bad people ( backstabbers ) have left. Wouldn’t be surprised how many union members either. I’ve been in the workforce for 47yrs, not all with council, it’s not hard to pick the non-workmates. If that’s what your point is ala.

    • Oldtimer says:

      Dave is giving good advice, Shovel, when he urges you to be careful with the detail. You are a really valuable contributor and we’d hate to see you busted.
      On the other hand, ‘Plucker’ should get plucked and tone down the peurile quacking.

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        Thanks old-timer, feel we might be same age lol. My daughter showed me a few tips on how to be anonymous online. (troll). I appreciate your respect and Daves. If the ceo is making a mosaic of everything said anywhere online she’s going to need a very big canvas. I know of people on Facebook who say they work for council but only get info on behalf of council workers to keep there anominity. All my thoughts are just informative for the blog and the discussion.

  15. Old tradesman says:

    News Corpse about to lose lucrative contract with Tabcorp/Tatts merger, for race fields information.

  16. The Real Mr Batty says:

    The ball of truth appears to be slowly rolling down Castle Hill and picking up speed and mass as it heads for Walker Street. Stay Tuned

  17. Miss Lou says:

    Bentley, your finest.

    Dear Pie,

    Toucha, toucha, touch me.

    Always good,
    Always entertaining.

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Lou.

  18. Peter Newey (TRRA) says:

    Has there been any further information on the Railyards $1 to clean it up/Wulgure Steel rental fiasco?
    Seems to have gone real quiet?

  19. Dave of Kelso says:

    Greetings dear ‘Pie; Greetings fellow Bird Fanciers,

    In 1982, I was advised, (reasonably reliably I think) by a very good neighbour who did his apprenticeship, years before, in the printing shop of the Townsville Bulletin, that the Bulletin hosted an, invitation only, annual dinner for their regular letter writers. (Remember those days, hand written or typed put in an envelope via Aust Post.)

    With that background I reckon that it would be a scathingly good thing for the ‘Pie, and his Flock, to have an annual gathering, (I hesitate to suggest a dinner, formal or not.) perhaps an annual ‘Warble’.

    It would be a reasonably civilised affair I expect. From what I read, most of the flock understand social etiquette, and unless provoked, are publicly courteous. What could go wrong?

    Cucumber sandwiches and tea in a back yard? No, much better still, at a pub, centrally located on the banks of a river, with a two way hospitality bus service, (really important that) and a generous seniors discount on meals.

    Who knows, the gathering might even make the social pics in the Bulletin.

    What do you reckon?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      I recommend a lunch time gathering, as I need my beauty sleep, usually starting at 8 PM, due to ‘happy three hours’ from 4 PM.

    • The Magpie says:

      And Pimms Number One Cup laid on, eh?

      The suggestion of an annual get together did happen once, and a jolly time it was too, but the insurmountable problem is that people who comment on this blog or supply information have good reason to wish to remain anonymous. Maybe a masked ball might be the go. Perhaps The ‘Pie and Miss Lou could get together to discuss the possibilities.

    • Grumpy says:

      Christ, not again!

      I have only just been allowed back into the chamber by the leader of the opposition after the last effort.

      That, and the hangover that lasted three days.

    • Sandgroper says:

      I’m reliably informed it was a memorable event. Sadly, I can’t remember much.
      That said, I’m in like Flynn next time around.

  20. The old peterbuilt says:

    Miss Lou , I was just wondering if you have any interest in tractors, trucks and right wing politics? If that were the case the old peterbuilt might be in a position to take you on a long haul or as they say at the bar of the giru international. Plough the paddock

    • The Magpie says:

      You just bloody try it, mate!

      • Dave of Kelso says:

        Hold on OPB, have some respect, where is your social etiquette, and public courteousness? Are the cock birds now performing for the hen bird or is OPB intruding on a life long liaison. Magpies, Albatrosses and some folks from the 1970s are life long liasion birds, you know.

  21. The old peterbuilt says:

    It would appear miss Lou is out of bounds, oh well back to the casting couch and the home brew kit.

    • The Magpie says:

      Certainly out of bounds, but she’ll be back in the bonds she so loves as soon as The ‘Pie can catch up with her.

  22. Hee-Haw says:

    Morning pie
    Stadium bore water to saline it is reported in the Bully today, the Pie may want to quickly look back and see when this was reported in the comments right here on the best source of news in Townsville.

  23. Memory Man says:

    Bore water too saline for use at new CBD stadium?

    A case of the blind leading the blind. Did the Smarties on Walker Street really expect bore water drawn from a site on the banks of a salt water estuary, within a stone’s throw of the ocean, to not be too saline to irrigate turf with? To boot, it is a salt water flood plain.

    Their rank incompetence aside, other pertinent questions go to:

    1. How much water is going to be needed in any case?
    2. What will the stadium be charged for this water?
    3. Will the stadium’s water usage be subsidised? If so, by how much?
    4. If it’s good enough for the stadium to use recycled water (and that’s in principle a good idea, in my book), will Council make it easier and less costly for households to use recycled (grey) water?

    Incidentally, how are The Walker Street Wizards going with addressing the acid sulphate issues on the stadium site? Oh yes, there’s also the small matter of the high risk of flood and storm surge inundation … what insurances are in place to cover what expected damages?

    • The Magpie says:

      C’mon now, they MUST HAVE KNOWN. A bloody saline flood plain defined by the council’s own maps?
      A clear policy of ‘we’ll tell ‘em when its too late to do anything’. So what other surprises have they got in store for us.
      The biggest would be good governance.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      Lots of restrictions on recycled water depending on the level of treatment etc, which affects where it can be used and how the water is to be distributed, example is first stage water can only be used on garden beds via drip method, stage 2 can be used on golf courses and other non abrasive sports ovals through certain spray appliance that limit drift of mist etc, stage 3 can be used on football fields and other sports where skin grazes and other cuts, it’s to do with a residue build up over time from the recycled water. To the best of my knowledge we don’t have any stage 3 recycled water in Townsville, maybe one of our council people can confirm that. What this proves is the council is shit scared currently, the actual playing surface of the stadium would use no more than the standard allocation of 8-10 houses when combined with fertiliser injection on what will be a well drained surface and is negligible in the overall scheme of things and I am fairly confident where it will eventually end up, but the Mullet has to drip feed through the astonisher every step along the way about all of the alternatives they have tried, just a waste of time, charge the state govt for the water it uses on its facility and forget all the smoke and mirrors crap about alternate supplies.

    • Alahazbin says:

      The Council can go to the property owner just on the left before Alligator Creek Roadhouse. At the moment he is pumping 24/7 into his dam from the aquafier and selling the water to BMD or Lendlease for the roadworks for Elliot Springs (Mooney Ponds).
      Although Lendlease deny this, but the water tankers are always taking water.

  24. The Magpie says:

    ‘Gasp! No, it can’t be true.’

    ‘Sorry but it is,,, the info is good, we got it from a cranberry source.’

    (The ‘Pie now expects a lot of unsubscribes for that.)

  25. Sceptical says:

    Treated water to use in flushing toilets and urinals is an obvious initiative and should have been contemplated in the design. The planing required to bring the treated water from the plant could have incorporated other uses of the water by council along the way. If it wasn’t considered then it was a missed opportunity by this council.

  26. Wounded Bull says:

    Council has a real opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone here with the water supply of the stadium! I’m reliably informed that the sewage treatment plant at The TSV golf course is past it’s used by date and requires a $5M upgrade. Council should ask the state for another $10M( Jamie Durystyle) and construct the treatment plant thus freeing them from expensive potable water useage. The other $5M is to construct the pump and pipeline to the stadium. I read where places that are short on reliable water supply use treated water to not only irrigate but in their toilet systems, not impacting on the local water supply….heaven knows the CBD is already under water supply stress. Given our (Townsville) water supply issues all levels of gov should be considering water saving measures.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Christ, lottery tickets all round for these visitors to the Jakarta Stock Exchange, where you can lose more than your shirt.


  28. The Magpie says:


    The ‘Pie is told that WIN News will be worth a look tonight regarding the Adani airstrip scam … and also the Guardian tomorrow maybe.

  29. The Magpie says:

    Win News tonight reported that the ratepayers of Townsville WILL NOT own any of the Adani airstrip, Adani will . Which is what Philip Batty says in direct contradiction of what the Mayor has been saying publicly since the 4th October and this is how they are going to run it.

    mr batty also reports that The Guardian in Sydney are running a very similar story tomorrow morning.

    Interestingly the council are saying they will “operate” the airstrip for the next 30 years which contradicts what Wagners have been saying as late as last week.

    Then there is the statement in the minutes of the council meeting 12/12/17 where Mayor states “Council is not funding or paying any money to Mr Adani or his companies. We are to enter into this joint arrangement with Rockhampton City Council, we will be funding the constructor of the airstrip which will be John Wagner, and the mining company will be our prime client.”

    Now how can we , without any negotiations or contracts with Wagners pay $37m to Wagner for assets which Adani will own. And we won’t operate and therefore won’t make a zack out of.

    This should also open back up the non declarations by JH on potential conflicts of interest which the LGA and Qld Ombudsman are both looking into.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      I’ve never paid for something and not own it afterwards, So we will pay 18 million to a contractor to build something in the name of the council. Everytime I read something here about this money for the airstrip I can’t help but wonder where this money is now, where it’s been in the past and how the council got it. Remember our white Knight paul Jacob? The man who said no to this money but yes to the mass sackings that apparently got the council the savings for adani. This money has to have been borrowed because so many people in council know we have borrowed money to pay wages. You can’t tell me that 18 million just sits around doing nothing while we wait for a desision to start building this thing. Surly an audit of the council finances is in order here?

  30. The old peterbuilt says:

    A letter in the astonisher from Barry Lowe of kirwan asking all the right questions of JH and TCC but as yet no direct investigation or reporting from the astonisher. I’d hate for someone to have that tight a grip on my kahunas.
    Interesting advert on the box a couple of nights ago. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was sponsored by Qld Gov. it was telling people to check before they build and don’t build on flood plains. Maybe the wanks in Brisbane should legislate under the local gov act and stop councils approving developments on flood plains.
    I hope you aren’t hanging by your short and curlies waiting for the new boom. Mate of mine had a realestate guy look at his house during the week with moving out of town being his goal. The guy is well known and one of the top performers in realestate in tsv. When asked if things have turned and are prices on the up his answer was , no tsv is fucked and I shouldn’t say this but I’m getting out as soon as I can.

    • The Magpie says:

      Perhaps it is not a choice for this bloke, but The ‘Pie – who has resisted blandishments to move south to be with family – prefers to stay and fight. #townsvilleunfucker

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Like you Pie I have hung in there and stayed in spite of many reasons to leave over the years since the late 80’s and have seen the good, bad and ugly this place has thrown up at all levels of govt. . I am lucky that my employer allows me to live anywhere and travel where I have to be, that in itself is a challenge with Numbskull Gill failing at every level. However if the brainless masses of this town re elect this feral fucking Mayor and gutless worthless councillors I will be saying bye to the old Ville and looking for somewhere else, many I know are saying the same thing.

      • Ronny Rotten says:

        What a mug! The Gilded Few, the Astonisher and sundry others would probably be delighted to pay a tidy sling and your removal expenses. Cheaper than a contract with some colourful identity from Melbourne or Sydney.

  31. The Magpie says:



    • I'll be plucked says:

      C’mon Pie, credit where credit is due – he’s got a stunner of a wifey – he must have something in there???

      • The Magpie says:

        The attraction in his wallet, not his head. She looks pretty fed up with a gig she didn’t want and cried on the night he won.

  32. The Real Philip Batty says:

    What was news to me on WIN News last night and as confirmed by council yesterday to Win is that not only will we NOT own it – we will lease it back from Adani after paying for it!
    The big story of the day I think is that the mayor repeatedly misled the ratepayers to make this deal palatable, or try to.

    And I am still at a loss as to how we pay for it given the minutes saying council is not funding or paying any money to Mr Adani or his companies and then we seem to be paying Wagners who by his own statement has NO contract with council and has had NO involvement. (oops apart from being at that pesky meeting) (bigger oops the council put it in the fucking minutes)
    Can Wagners invoive the council for something the council has not gone to tender for and has no contract in place?

    Can Wagners invoice council at all as it has a contract to build with Adani?

    How would this be “not funding” Adani?
    The questions continue to mount, no doubt they will be classified as a complaint and dismissed.

    • Non Aligned Worker says:

      With all of these “non contracts” how can the deal be “”commercial in confidence””? My understanding is that a contract needs to be in place or in serious negotiation stage for this clause to activate.

  33. Sandgroper says:

    ‘Pie, did you realise that tapping on the TCC “Serves You Right” spoof advert actually brings up all the council propaganda?
    Looking at the site as a one-time professional communicator, the most charitable thing I can say is that their media unit needs a big shake-up.
    Wasn’t game to try the ‘Enema’ for fear of the consequences.

  34. The Magpie says:

    So that’s what happened … remembering that Hawaii has a strong Japanese ethnic heritage.

  35. Hanseatic League says:


    Thanks Pie for this wonderful blog. Been reading it for some time now….

    Just a few comments
    Mr Batty – love ya work! Interesting that in this ABC New Report, – “Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the airstrip would be jointly owned by the councils after completion.”

    Also been looking on the Rockhampton Regional Council site which has all the usual fluff about Adani, but couldn’t find much in the minutes on the airport – except for this cryptic closed session stating “Project Rocky is focused upon resource sector opportunities for the Rockhampton community and the Rockhampton Airport, the project is in its final stages of delivery.” Not sure if this relates to the airport or not, though……found it under the Ordinary Meeting Minutes 21 November 2017.

    In regards to the sewage plant at the Townsville Golf Course, the TCC is not responsible for the plant itself – that falls to the Golf Course – however they do supply the goods, so to speak…I don’t understand how the golf course has got away with the plant failure for so long….oh, hang on, will it now take major ‘mishap’ for change? Hope the worker sues….and I’m not sure I would want to relying on council for any type of recycled water treatment for the stadium….see previous regarding Mount St John….

    Keep up the good work.

  36. Achilles says:

    When? Oh, when will we be treated to a headline like this for Townsville ?

    Ipswich City Council’s chief executive and chief operating officer have resigned, months after being charged by Queensland’s corruption watchdog.


    Oh Jenny and Addled, ask not for whom the bell tolls

  37. The Real Philip Batty says:

    Some fun facts to play with, its like a pantomime if it wasn’t so serious.


    Airstrip will be owned by council………….no it won’t.


    Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the airstrip would be jointly owned by the councils after completion…….. no it won’t

    “Councillors yesterday approved the investment of up to $15.5 million over two financial years in a joint venture with Rockhampton City Council, to build and own the airport down in the Galilee Basin,” she said. No it won’t


    Townsville City Council has pledged up to $18.5 million over the next two financial years, matched by Rockhampton Regional Council, to construct and own the airstrip…….ohhh no again and again IT WON’T.

    And an interesting grab from a TV repirt:
    PETER MCCUTCHEON: Both the Townsville and Rockhampton mayors have accepted hospitality gifts of up to $1,600 from Adani. Mostly in airfares, during a trip to India with the Queensland Premier in March.

    Reporter: ‘Earlier this year you accepted more than $1000 of hospitality gifts from Adani?’

    JENNY HILL: ‘No. Let me clarify that. Yes, we did.’

    • Sandgroper says:

      The “ball of truth” rolling down Castle Hill towards Walker Street has become an avalanche.

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      Has anyone got links to TV and guardian report. Unfortunately those stories you just put up Phil should be nail in the coffin stuff for the council. Can’t go back on what you have said at the time and think everyone is to stupid to not remember. They must think that your the only person who is following this. Any chance of other southern media coming on board?

    • Dave of Kelso says:

      It seems that there are two upcoming court cases that I want to attend, strictly for my own perverted sense of satisfaction.

      1. The “Pie VS Krayem, and
      2. The Criminal Justice System (on behalf of the Ratepayers) VS Mayor Mullet and the TCC ( “We are all independents.” “Yes Jenny.” )

      Sincerely hope both do not occur when self and wife are not elsewhere, with caravan in tow, stuffing up the traffic flow.

    • Achilles says:

      The declared “hospitality” from Adani was “mainly airfares”???. try and find a return airfare TSV – India for less than $4K (economy) ONE person, so who paid for the entourage? and what about accommodation? ever tried a “cheap” Indian hotel?

      I don’t know which city they were dossed in, but from my (extensive) experience of living and working in India the airfares pale into insignificance.

      An Indian “knees up” at even a half decent hotel, plus the cultural need and desire of the host to lavish his guests with a show of affluence and indulgence would amount to mega bucks.

      • The Real Mr Batty says:

        Achilles, the $1600 in hospitality only relates to the part Adani paid for during the trip, a bit of wining and dining plus a hotel and domestic flight in India.
        We, the ratepayers paid the many thousands of dollars for the Mayor to go plus we paid for a Townsville Bulletin journo to go along too.

        And we wonder why the TB favours the council over the facts so often. Not a word from them even though one of the articles I attached earlier in the Bully quoting the mayor as “construct and own the airport” which we now all know is just crap.

        • Scientician79 says:

          As I recall Council justified the expenditure on the basis of it being much cheaper than paying for advertising.

          Voice of the North indeed.

  38. Just askin says:

    Is there more to the junior cheer squad getting the dump from the Cowboys home games than meets the eye?
    Wouldn’t be the work of the Tosser, would it?

  39. Wounded Bull says:

    Good point HL…however that sewage needs to be treated, even for no other reason than, than much valuable potable water will be wasted should the plant fail. Being a relatively small treatment plant that built to the required level of specification($5M) could service both golf course and stadium needs. You are correct about how has the TGC got away without the upgrade given they are half way through a substantial redevelopment. Why were the developers not conditioned to at least contribute to that upgrade??

    • Wry Whiskey says:

      The odious (or should that be odorous?) saga of the TGC and it sewage treatment plant was a comedy until the recent tragedy. It is now a disgraceful demonstration of greed and incompetence. The club allowed this very old STP to fall into disrepair despite having the funds in the last 3 years to replace it, the developer has refused to prioritise its refurbishment until land sales are completed (the new clubhouse and STP are the last items on their list – presumably if there’s any money left over for the club), the Dept of Environment took 9 months to investigate persistent odour complaints before issuing Orders, the Council washed its hands of the entire affair despite being the sole provider of “the goods”. The community can only hope WHSQ does its job properly. Failing that, a class action against these actors would seem to be ideal fodder for one of the ambulance chasing legal firms in town.

      • Golf club truth says:

        Statements made here about the old treatment plant at the golf club are completely off the mark.

        Firstly the property development and the redevelopment of the golf club are completely seperate. The golf redevelopment is being run by the club. The property development is under the control of a completely seperate organisation.and has no responsibility for the treatment plant. The sale of land from the property development is providing funds for the golf course rebuild.

        The recent history of the club must be taken into account. Despite the mayor describing the club as a millionaire golf club at the last local government election the reality is over the last decade the club has been on the brink of extinction with crippling debts.

        To save one of the oldest clubs in Australia and an asset to this city the club was forced to embark on the current project to provide funds to keep the club afloat. The onsite sewage treatment plant is a major liability to the club. Aside from the operation and maintenance costs there is also a licence fee of fifty thousand dollars a year just operate the plant.

        The club went to the council four years ago with options to secure the long term water supply for the new course. The volume of waste treated through this plant is saving the council two hundred thousand dollars per year in treatment costs for waste not going through to their treatment plant so the council certainly has skin in the game. Both Rowes Bay and the Willows Golf Clubs receive treated effluent free of charge from the council while the Townsville Club is bearing a huge cost burden to treat on site.

        To suggest the club has just let the existing plant go to ruin without taking action to secure a long term water supply with the council is just utter nonsense. The club is currently seeking to have treated effluent from the Cleveland Bay treatment plant returned to the course to remove the need to build another treatment plant. That returned effluent could also be used for other public facilities in the area such as the Murray Sporting Complex.

        The development project as a whole will inject 130 million dollars into the Townsville economy over the life of the project. The accident involving the club’s head green keeper is a concern for all. Jason is a valued employee and friend of the members and we are all concerned for him and look forward to a speedy recovery and his return to the club.

        In the meantime the council despite suggesting otherwise has a very real responsibility in this matter and must speed up the process of providing a sensible reuse of waste water from their Cleveland Bay plant that would otherwise be flushed out to sea. If the council can provide recycled water for the football stadium they can do so for the Townsville Golf Club.

        • The Magpie says:

          Didn’t The ‘Pie read that cogent explanation in the Townsville Bulletin – an explanation known outside the walls of the Bulletin as ‘the truth’? oh, no, actually, somehow missed it. Truth and balance – look them up you disgraceful pricks …

          • Old Hack says:

            Hear, hear! Not one of them is worthy to be called a journalist, including some senior staffers who appear to have bowed down in order to keep their. jobs.

        • Ando says:

          While I knew very little of the project; thankyou for shedding some light on what’s going on.

        • Wry Whiskey says:

          Despite a confident start and a cogent finish, your response attempts to avoid the facts presented with whitewash. Plans to irrigate Murray playing fields and/or the army base and/or the golf course with Cleveland recycled water are decades old, but not as old and decrepit as the STP, first designed by McIntyres in the 1960s. Its refurbishment is undeniably hampered by 1) the land developer putting the clubhouse and STP redevelopment last and 2) the club not prioritising it ahead of new greens. Regardless, the club has been sitting on the significant proceeds of land sales for years. Fiddling while Rome burns. Get on with a real solution which is safe and effective for all concerned.

          • Golf club truth says:

            Let me try to explain this for you one more time. The land development is a seperate operation to the golf course redevelopment. The developers of the housing estate have no say in the role out of the new club house or any other part of the golf course rebuild. The club has made in very clear they cannot afford to build a new STP despite your ill informed claims that the club is sitting on millions of dollars. The budget for the finished product leave very little cash left over. Whatever is left will be needed to help the clubs long term financial sustainability.

            The land that has been set aside for the housing development made it necessary to rebuild a number of holes on new alignments to accommodate the land parcels for each stage of the development. The rebuilding of these holes had to happen now or the club would have folded.

            I’m not sure what is driving your desire to attach the club. Clearly you are completely ignorant of the need to stage this project around the role out of the housing development. Land that once had golf holes is now steets and houses. No new holes and the club folds. Is that what you want to see happen?

            The club is involved in discussions with the council about recycled water from Cleveland Bay treatment plan. It may be an old idea but it is the right one. After all it took 30 years to get the Burdekin Dam built. That didn’t make building the dam the wrong way to go.

            Fortunately you’re not running this operation. Your attitude to the project and your desire to attack the club tells us more about you than those people working very hard to save a very important asset for this city. All that while investing 130 million dollars into our struggling economy.

            This city desperately needs people with a positive attitude not wingers who want us to under achieve so they can feel good about themselves,

          • Alahazbin says:

            Isn’t the water from CBTP too acidic? That is why the Turf Club don’t use it, even though they have the capability.

        • Wry Whiskey says:

          Cogency quickly became vitriol, didn’t it? Deal with the facts presented and don’t try to deflect with puffery on how this real estate deal is being done for charity.

          And before you prattle off your tired old line about the Club and developer being entirely separate; the Club always wanted a new clubhouse, the developer designed and staged its subdivisions for houses to be built on the old clubhouse site, the location of the new clubhouse is the old STP site on the riverbank, this requires the old STP to be demolished and replaced. Its hand in glove, as it should be (bonus marks for a golfing pun). However, once the Council decided it was no longer going to supply potable water at the cheaper rate for sporting clubs (in no small part due to the drought, bad timing eh?), it really threw a small spanner in the works, didn’t it? The only option really was to build a replacement STP.

          So, perhaps you can expand on your claims “the club has made in (sic) very clear they cannot afford to build a new STP” and “the budget for the finished product leave very little cash left over”.

          Are you now suggesting, after selling off all that land (yes, for many millions of dollars), the Club is again broke? What a deal it must have signed. Perhaps it is charity after all – I just didn’t expect the Club would be so giving.

          Regardless, don’t expect the local community, which both the Club and developer have treated with contempt, to sit idly by waiting for a “Burdekin Dam” solution. Fix the damn sewage problem.

          • Golf club truth says:

            Just a quick response to Alahazbin. The water issue at the The Townsville Turf Club is not from treated effluent. They don’t have access. The club dug a lake in the middle of the course to harvest rain water run off during the wet season. Unfortunately the contractor who dug the hole went to deep exposing acid sulphate soil rendering any water coming out of the lake useless because of the acid content. I understand legal action was taken by the club. Don’t know the outcome.

            Back to the golf club. Just to clear a common misconception following the misleading stories in the Townsville Bulletin two years ago during the council elections. The club is not and has not for the last 30 plus years used anything other than treated effluent from the on course treatment plant to water the course. That story was run for political purposes and remains untrue. The existing plant is now well past it’s use by date and an affordable water solution must be found.

            We live in the dry tropics and yes we do have a water crisis. The club has no desire to use reticulated town water. Given the city’s dire problems with water we simply must use recycled water from the Cleveland Bay treatment plant to reduce our reliance on our normal water supply. We as a city already spend millions of dollars treating this water to simply dump it in the ocean because we live next to the Great Barrier Reef. As of last week we have been told we will need to treat recycled water to irrigate the new football stadium so the council is now going to have to treat water to a higher degree to water grass on which to play Rugby League.

            Therefore suitable water to use at the golf club, the Murray Complex, the turf club and even the road verges entering the city will be available. We must go down this path. It is time to stop looking in the rear view mirror and starting looking to a water wise future.

            For the golf club the only asset they had to secure their future was land they could sell. This is a once and once only opportunity to secure the clubs future. To build another onsite treatment plant would only leave a future problem for the club when that plan fails. There will not be any more land to left to sell to fund such an expensive piece of infrastructure. The Cleveland Bay plant will always be there. If it’s good enough for the football stadium it good enough for all.

            Let’s not forget the club has saved the TCC based on their estimation in today’s dollars seven million dollars treating effluent the council would have otherwise had to treat. Let’s not forget the the increased rate base coming from the new subdivision providing new revenue for the council.

            The club will continue to work with the council for a future building outcome.

            Pie I know my comments on this matter have been long but there has been a great deal of misinformation on this matter. Some of it deliberate. It is important to share balance and facts.!

          • The Magpie says:

            Your last line explains why The ‘Pie prints them – and opposing comments – in full. But don’t take that as license to get carried away, folks, or you might get a three stroke penalty.

          • Alahazbin says:

            No GTC! The Turf Club do have capability to use water from CBTP way before that lake was dug.
            You will find there is a little pump house on the Turf Club land.
            The developer of Fairfield Waters wanted fill and a deal was done with the former committe to excavate the lake allegedly for some blocks of land in the new development. It was a shame that they hit the salt water when excavating, otherwise it would have been a fresh water lake.

    • Jatzcrackers says:

      Perhaps a look at the ‘gilded few’ involved as the developers of the TGC and their association (see control) of the TCC will explain why the developers weren’t hit up for the required head work charges. Developers usually are required to pay fairly hefty head works costs to local councils in order to get their development approval !

  40. Council workers "shovel" says:

    Just wanted to make a couple of points regarding our long awaited hard rubbish collection starting. Hope you dig into this soon magpie because if you thought adani was bad at wasting money wait until you see how long and how much the cost blows out here. I guess you may have noticed that it’s starting in the council division that morachino is represented. The same one that every idiot who voted for him dosnt even know who he is. Apparently Kelso has high rate of illegal dumping, I thought it was kerbside collection not illegal dumping collection? Now we know who is the top arse licker to the mayor. Once they start cleaning up Kelso, in some parts not all, they will never get to the rest of the city. Basic blitz never goes there because we know that the job will only be cleaned up then a day later more shit ends up in same place. I’ll leave what else I think until everyone else has a go and I’ll see if you all hit the right nails. My daughter showed me the Facebook pages about this story on win, 7 and TCC and alot of people all different are complaining that they want there vouchers back. Interesting. Not many people are positive about the big blocked election commitment that we had to have at extreme cost!

    • Grumpy says:

      Milky Molachino is a gutless, lying grub.

      He avoids answering any question in relation to matters that have the slightest chance of being controversial. He simply gives you Jenny Hill’s email address and says, “Ask her”. Wimp.

      He promised to move into the electorate if he was elected. He has not done so. I doubt whether he ever intended to do so. Apparently, his wife refused to live so close to the peasants. On the very rare occasion he is seen in the Upper Ross, his discomfiture is palpable. Feels more at home schmoozing up to the in-crowd and photo-bombing (see above). Totally oblivious to the fact he is universally regarded as a pathetic joke.

      He has enormous tickets on himself, despite a less-than-stellar military career and a very, very mediocre record at private enterprise.

      At least Biff and his wife live here and don’t pretend to be anything other than the coarse bogans we know and love.

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        They are linked Grumpy, both his military career and his pathetic attempts at private enterprise. As a reservist his employer is entitled to compensation for his time away on reserve duty over consecutive days, AWOTE equivalent as it is known, is paid to a reservists employer when away for continuous weeks, this is also available for reservists who are self employed, after a qualifying period. The key is to set up a ordinary business paying a minimum wage and then claim payments for your business to comepenate for time a reservist is a absent, it’s a double dip, not only does the reservist receive a tax free daily allowance but their business claims the amount from the govt a tax free daily allowance of say $250 a day and payment to your business of approx $1500 a week, it’s a tidy sum of $2750 a week, nothing illegal and completely whiten the rules, so yes old Milky is dab hand of sucking the system for everything he can, and contributing three fifths of fuck all in return, the council is a perfect place for him.

        • Ronny Righteous says:

          Wonder if the council gets paid if he’s away playing soldier?

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Yes they are certainly entitled to payment like any other state govt employee of which local govt are included, federal govt departments do not get the payment, pointless the govt effectively paying itself.

    • The Magpie says:

      The more they seek to deceive the messier it gets. Here’s what we now know.

      1. Townsville Council (and Rocky) will pay someone to build the airstrip.
      2. Wagner’s will build the airstrip. They will be contracted to Adani to do so.
      3. Therefore Council will be paying the $ to Adani. Show us the agreement.
      4. Council will pay but not own the airstrip. Plain dumb.
      5. Council will have a 30 year lease. Yes, we will have to pay rent for something we built. Cost unknown.

      We also know that the braggadocio in 2017 was Council would fund, own and operate the airstrip. The lie is unravelling and with it goes the last few threads of the Mayor’s credibility.

      They should just release the documents and communications and come clean.


      • Scientician79 says:

        It really does boggle the mind.

        Be like paying a builder to construct a house that will be owned by someone else and you then pay to rent it back off the owner.

        There may well be corruption involved, but it is also extremely bad financial management whichever way you try to spin it.

        All to secure these elusive Adani jobs, how is that going so far?

      • Alex DeLarge says:

        Malcolm is thirsty.

        Malcolm asks me to buy him a drink.

        I am broke.

        I get the money for the drink from Gropes

        I buy the drink.

        I pass Malcolm the drink. He drinks it.

        I am a generous bastard, no?

      • I'll be plucked says:

        Hey there Mayor Mullet, you’re cooked! Any chance of you coming clean over this one, or doing the honourable thing and resigning? Or both? Your move………we await, patiently.

        • The Magpie says:

          What’s this patiently business? That’s like waiting ‘patiently’ for Trump to get the heave-ho, all the while hoping in the meantime his (and the mayor’s) damage is kept to a minimum.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Apology Pie – When writing the comment I was thinking about the Paul Keating statement to Hewson all those years back – ‘I’m gunna do you slowly………’ – what a cracker that was! Well, Mayor Mullet is being done slowly, via her own mouth and actions – not going to happen quickly me thinks, but it will happen – hence the reference to ‘patience’!

        • Achilles says:

          Does Oz have an extradition treaty with Malta?

      • Alacan says:

        Is it looking like the 30 M is payment for preference of source of origin of workers?

        And if so there is nothing that can be guaranteed

        Is this bordering on a non enforceable embargo reminiscent of no ticket no start position

        What the 30 m is for needs a clear statement issued to the ratepayers

        • The Magpie says:

          That is precisely where Jenny Hill is going to come undone big time … she refuses to release the KPMG report that predicted … what was it … a ridiculous $90m a year into the Townsville economy for 30 years (oh, purleeese) because it is somehow ‘commnercial in confidence’. That is a blatant insult to anyone’s intelligence. How can a predictive document from a hitherto reputable firm be ‘commercial in confidence’ and damage some entity involved in the report? To quote another commenter on another matter, complete and utter total bullshit.

          Ah, wait a minute … maybe Mayor Mullet got the KPMG people info not shared with the public yet about IBM, Boeing and Microsoft setting up core businesses here. Ah, now it makes sense … please disregard the foregoing, Jenny Hill is a genius and a business leader to rival Henry Ford.

  41. Kenny Kennett says:

    The Mullet is dumb but very cunning and greedy as are the people backing her. Whilst the focus is on Gallileegate, what other pie (apologies to the feathered kind) has she got her thieving fingers into? And what are the Councilors doing during this time of the year? This is (and will be) the only term that Snow Black and her severed Warts will have to make a quick killing and I dread to think what’s going on behind the scenes. The best thing that can happen for Townsville is the sacking of the Council then all the Underbelly will also be exposed and run out of town. I salute Mr Batty for his work to date.

  42. Hanseatic League says:

    So for my own perverse interest, I started looking at council minutes….the things you come across…

    So in the Council minutes under general business of 28th Feb, it states

    “The Mayor, Councillor J Hill tabled correspondence dated 24 February 2017 from the Premier of Queensland addressed to the Mayor, Councillor J Hill inviting her to participate in an international trade mission delegation the Premier plans to lead to India in March 2017.
    Council Decision
    It was MOVED by the Mayor, Councillor J Hill, SECONDED by Councillor V Coombe:
    “that leave of absence for the period 14 to 20 March 2017 be granted to the Mayor, Councillor J Hill to allow her to participate in an international trade mission delegation with the Premier of Queensland to India.”

    There was no mention of travel approval, as happened on 14th August when she was floating off to Singapore on another ‘mission’, or for her International Education Delegation to China. In these minutes, both mention travel approval.

    A confidential session followed straight after this, but no mention on what the closed session was about.


    The meeting of 4th April advises (again under General Business) – “the report to council on the Premier’s trade delegation to India be held over to the next Ordinary Council meeting.”


    On 26th April, JH provided a powerpoint presentation (now that would have been something to see…)


    Council meeting of 13th September has an interesting confidential report on pg 9646 titled “Confidential Report – Update on Economic Activation Opportunities”. It talks about “updates the Council on current economic activation opportunities and associated contract negotiations”. hmmmm, wonder what that is about?


    And for more entertainment – a speech given by JH called “Job creation project” – a must read by all! – Page 9676. I think it might be directed at this blog…


    And this one is a cracker.

    Proposal to establish a Local Government independent election monitor

    The Mayor, Councillor J Hill advised that the Local Government Association of Queensland is seeking for the Queensland State Government to report on establishing a Local Government independent election monitor. Councillor Hill provided an overview of this proposal and advised that a report will be provided to all Councillors. This proposal is a result of comments being made in social media and in print.


    And then this:
    Adani’s Carmichael Mine Project Overview
    The Mayor, Councillor J Hill tabled a petition regarding the Adani Carmichael Mine Project. Councillor Hill noted there were approximately 51,000 names and addresses in this petition but only 636 are related to the people of Townsville. Councillor Hill referred to the format of petitions and noted the petition is not a true representation of the Townsville community, however, it will be tabled and a response issued.
    Council Decision
    That the petition be tabled and a response issued.


    From what I have seen, the amount of junkets for the year is incredible!

    On a side note, if anyone is interested in where our money is going, here is the budget report put to council- https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0029/37919/OC-Minutes-27-June-2017.pdf

    Mr Batty, my recommendation would be to start an FOI process for all documentation relating to Adani, India, procurement, delegations, airports, funding, etc….

    Sorry its a bit long winded.

    • The Magpie says:

      Well done, Kraut Kollective. Long but oh-so-necessary and valuable to understand the extent of the chicanery of this desperate power-hungry politician.

      • Council workers "shovel" says:

        My big question to all this is if a bunch of keyboard warriors, all 636 of us, can find all this out and dig further then surly the CCC and local government authority won’t have much trouble finding against the council and the mayor. And it shouldn’t take long either? ??

      • Hanseatic League says:

        And how does this work? The Rockhampton Airport is a commercial business unit of Rockhampton Regional Council and is responsible for the management and operations of the Airport. Does this new airport/runway/? fall outside of this management? Or will the lease payments go to Rockhampton Regional Council? This needs further investigation…

        • Hanseatic League says:

          Sorry, again a bit long winded, but some interesting archaeological finds.

          Rockhampton Regional Council – Special Meeting Minutes – 10/1/2017

          Closed session titled Economic Development Opportunities

          Project Rocky is focused upon opportunities via the Rockhampton Airport and is in its formative stages. Further reports will be provided for Council’s consideration as the project progresses.
          Rockhampton Regional Council – Special Meeting Minutes – 31/1/2017

          Closed session titled Economic Development Opportunities

          Economic development opportunities via the Rockhampton Airport are continuing to progress with the proponent. Further reports will be provided for Council’s consideration as the project progresses.

          And then I found out what Project Rocky is…

          6th October 2017
          Project Rocky, a top secret council operation spearheaded by industry experts was the key to the city’s triumph in the David and Goliath battle with Townsville.

          The $15.5 million bid secures a 30-year lease of the independently operated airport at the Galilee Basin, which will be part of the first stage of the mine’s construction and start in coming weeks.


          5th October 2017

          The 50-50 FIFO decision ends months of anxiety after both cities had put in competitive bids with Rockhampton pitching a $20m offer to build an airport at the mine and to provide airport management support.
          However, the final arrangement will now see Townsville and Rockhampton putting $15.5m each towards the revised $31m cost of the mine’s airport.

          She said the council’s ownership of the airport had made this deal possible and this would pave the way for even more opportunity.
          “Because Rockhampton owns the airport, as we get extra planes in, the general increases in landings and activities at the airport comes home to us. We have offered some concessions for the first couple of years but they don’t last for long and then there is certainly then a strong return to the rate payers from the extra airport business.”
          “We are doing some reconfiguration at the airport to allow it to be a mainstream FIFO airport, not just for Carmichael but for others. The thing to remember for the airport it has the potential to service other mines”.

          Tender process for Adani airstrip
          15th Jan 2018
          TOOWOOMBA construction materials company Wagners will build a major airstrip near the proposed Adani coal mine to transport fly-in, fly-out workers.

          CEO Cameron Coleman confirmed the business was the winner of the tender for the private airstrip in the Galilee Basin.

          While Mr Coleman could not reveal the value of the agreement, the project is estimated to cost about $30 million and will be jointly-funded by Rockhampton Regional Council and Townsville City Council.


          Seems to me that Rockhampton is holding all the cards…but also had a fair amount of secrecy around this deal….maybe both councils should be sent to the CCC?

    • The Real Mr Batty says:

      I know the TRRA for sure and I think the ABC both put in RFI’s on this and both were denied by the TCC

      I could be wrong of course I have been wrong before….1974 on a Tuesday if I remember right lol

  43. Tas says:

    A 30 year lease on a structure we built?
    That nice Mr Adani could probably sell these clowns anything.
    In the event of the mine being built and operating, then a year or two later closing down, would we the rate payers still be paying lease payments on a redundant airport in the middle of no where with not even a tenuous benefit to T’ville?

    • The Magpie says:

      No, no, you old silly …. Got’em Adani is no dill … he’s counting in Mayor Mullet being there in here 9th consecutive term when the 30 years are up … AND HE’LL SELL IT BACK TO HER AT A BARGAIN PRICE BUT PLUS INTEREST.

  44. Achilles says:

    I always thought a spinning jenny was for cotton, seems it works well with a yarn too.

    Her co-conspirator Adele should add a letter d to her name to indicate her mental state and the stink of a bad egg,

    Addled by name and by nature http://www.dictionary.com/browse/addled

    • Ronny Rotten says:

      I am going to deed poll and shall be known henceforth as Ronny Righteous.
      Recent actions by the TCC have brought shame upon my once-proud family name and I don’t want to be judged guilty by association.

  45. I'll be plucked says:

    Pluck me! Captain Cupcake, the ‘Member’ for Townsville’ on 7 local news tonight trying to tell us the crime rate has dropped 19% and things have improved. This bloke is a lunatic and way, way out of touch with reality if he thinks that! What a total waste of space this fella is on this critical issue of public safety! Hey Cupcake, just pluck off!

  46. The Magpie says:

    What were you thinking, ABC !?!
    This was the chromakey for the live cattle export of a Brahmin Cross shipment to China.

    FYI Aunty:
    bison |ˈbīsən; -zən|
    noun ( pl. same)
    a humpbacked shaggy-haired wild ox native to North America and Europe. • Genus Bison, family Bovidae: B. bison of North American prairies (also called buffalo ), and B. bonasus of European forests (also called wisent ), now found only in Poland. These are sometimes regarded as a single species.

  47. Parson Blossomnose says:

    Christ, whose the sire – Bonecrusher?

  48. The Real Mr Batty says:

    Agenda is out for the Council meeting next Tuesday 23rd, not a word about the Adani Airport.

    Our elected councillors need to step up to the plate now as it seems they were misled like the rest of us. Only difference is they voted to go ahead apparently based on incorrect information from the Mayor and CEO .

    What else will come out next??

  49. The Real Mr Batty says:

    Him and all the media and all the Townsville people were told the same as this quote from the Guardian article from Paul Jacob.

    Paul Jacob was the only Townsville councillor to oppose the airport deal with Adani because he did not think there was sufficient return on the investment, but he says he believed the council was entering into a shared ownership deal with Rockhampton.
    “Both the CEO and the mayor said that we would own the airport, the money was like a half-ownership deal with Rockhampton,” he said. “But now the more I’m reading, it’s confusing even for me as a councillor. There’s mixed messages from both sides.”
    In fact, both councils now say the airport is not theirs and would belong to Adani.
    A spokesman for Townsville council told the Guardian that both the land and airport would be owned by Adani and the two councils would operate it “for the life of the mine via an exclusive long-term lease”.

  50. The Real Mr Batty says:

    I wonder how ASIC would react to this given this seems to be contradicted by the council now??

    “The council is in no way involved in the construction or the operation of the airport.” Mr Wagner said

    Deeper and deeper into the hole

  51. The Magpie says:



    Uh ho, big Oscars moment …WRONG ENVELOPE.

  52. Wry Whiskey says:

    Pie, what happened to my piece this morning? In moderation still?

    • The Magpie says:

      It’s up now, but The ‘Pie will take this opportunity to explain some housekeeping matters. There is no automatic posting of comments and all have to be given the OK by the The ‘Pie (99.9% get the thumbs up). But the old bird has to occasionally vacate this exalted chair of power, for things as mundane as housework (done regularly every six months whether needed or not), washing of delicates (somewhat more frequently, you’ll be happy to know, Miss Lou), shopping, the occasional lunch, court appearances depending on whose suing who this week, and almost daily trips to the shops (bottle variety, with an occasional Coles and chemist thrown in). And of course, right now the cricket is on. In the winter, prompt posting is subject to the football roster. But The ‘Pie does his best to be as swift as possible since you folk take the trouble and care enough to have your say. However, occasionally because of the volume of comments, some slip through the cracks. On the other hand, the rare deletion is usually for very obvious reasons, but if there is a query, you receive a reply.

      Just thought you’d like to know.

      • Kingswood says:

        I asked for the meaning of life and the gold lotto numbers five years ago pie…..

        • The Magpie says:

          So now you know the meaning of life is you never get the numbers in advance (unless you’re organising Labor by-elections).

        • Ando says:

          Well, The Meaning of Life was on the box earlier tonight and those numbers were
          17 40 1 31 32 0 Powerball: 16

          You can thank me later

          • The Magpie says:

            Two things: Does Powerball have a ‘0’? And those aren’t this week’s Powerball numbers, anyway. Life can be a bastard, eh, Ando?

  53. Airline says:

    I notice that Following a Diversion of an MH Aircraft to Alice Springs Airport That a Dave Batke is the Alice Springs And Katherine Airport Manager. He was Kevin Dills Partner in crime at Mac-Air (2) and when Kevin Dill Was appointed as Airport Manger Townsville Dave Batke Followed him as Operations Manager Townsville Airport Both are completely Useless .. (Hows the $3. tax going Kevin “Dream On'”

  54. The old peterbuilt says:

    I’m happy to lighten your work load by taking care of miss Lou. Least a mate could do

  55. The old peterbuilt says:

    TCC tender in the astonisher today for a pipeline to carry effluent. Doesn’t say from where or to. In the words of that very wise man Shultz. Veryyyyy interesting.

  56. The Magpie says:

    How to make your website look like a complete fuck-up. Exhibit 1 from today’s Bulletin website, which is intended to make us want to subscribe to this busted arse ‘news’ outlet.

    Whichever idiot in Brisbane, Sydney or Mumbai wrote this headline, they can’t even plead the regular trap of omitting an essential ‘not’ from the headline – it is exactly the opposite of the court outcome.
    What was intended at least made it onto the on-line story, which despite the ‘subscribe only’ trope, was easily found elsewhere.

    But even then, the story is written upside down as subs used to say … we learn lower down the teacher IS to go to trial on several other charges, and that just the one was dropped because the magistrate ruled that the boy initiated it. Surely times haven’t changed that much that the news point a journalist is meant to write to is that the teacher WILL face trial on charges of having sex with a pupil, and that one charge was dropped should be no more than a footnote.

    They really just don’t care. Or know.

  57. Sandgroper says:

    See that Bob ‘Rip Van’ Katter has finally woken from his slumber and is asking the TCC some questions about the Adani payment.
    He has a reaction time on a par with recent editors of the Astonisher.

    • Dutch Reverend says:

      Hate to say it, but better late than never. We definitely won’t hear a peep out of anyone representing Townsville at State or Federal level.

  58. Alacan says:

    .. i bought the astonisher this morning to read over my coffee…. first in over 12 months..purchase of the rag that is

    Did i read one of the strories correctly that a local authority in qld has written to others recommending they follow their lead against Adani

    Council has adopted resolutions around procurement that is tantamount to secondary boycott practices against companies that deal with adani

    Cant check it as i tossed the rag in the bin after my quick scan .. coffee was cold..

    One might say WTF

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