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Sunday, September 23rd, 2018   |   87 comments

Apologies, probably should have done this in the beginning.

The ‘Pie is greatly flattered by the inquiries about the health of both the blog and the old bird himself, but the reason for no blog this week is a bereavement for our staunch warrior comrade MacBook Pro, who has carried the blog and your messages and posts for the past 8 years. Mac felt no pain, it was sudden and unforeseen, just blew its battery and was dead even before The Magpie could yell ‘WTF’. That was last Wednesday, and replacement gear could not be arranged in time for the couple of days it takes to put together this regular load of old and new cobblers. Am able to advise you of this via an ageing iPad, and realise that although subscribers were advised last night, a lot of readers get their weekly needle between the toes from other sources, and were concerned about the lack of the usual jollies and the old bird’s health, in that order. (Hey, priorities, people, priorities, do ya mind.)

Sooooo …. after a lot of scrabbling, replacement equipment is on the way and will hopefully be up and running for next weekend (comments are still being received and will be published).

As to the old bird’s health, he is in robust condition and at this time his battery shows no signs of joining his late lamented Mac – touching wood. He goes on regular bush walks three or four times a week with some chums; they call it golf, but suffice to say, The Pie not only knows all the Rowe’s Bay wallabies, but the names of their wives and the aspirations of their children. He doesn’t drink any more but not any less either (boom tish) and was surprised at some of the lurid imaginings of a frenzied, gasping but futile crawl for the phone across the living room floor. Among other imagined demises, there were one of two of which The ‘Pie wouldn’t mind when the time comes, if he is ummm… able. Both involved the word ‘nest.

But sincerely, this has all been very heartening to know there are inquiring minds out there, although he suspects many of those inquiries had a hopeful tinge, probably originating from our Mayor Mullet, The Impaler, Li’l Patty, Messagebank, His Radiance and/or the iditor Jenna the Jester.

The ‘Pie sincerely thanks all those who have generously offered assistance and good wishes. He hopes to return next week to try to keep the bastards honest – as to that, amuse yourselves by looking up the word Sisyphus.

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