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Saturday, March 3rd, 2018   |   178 comments

A Pain In The Arts – The Walker Street Junta Continues Its Secret Bludgeoning Of The Townsville Arts Scene

Not that you’d hear about it from them – secrecy continues to be the watchword in the Walker Street Wankery.

The mayor shows her real colours on Townsville’s water issues.

And Astonisher iditor Jenna Cairney confirms it’s to be more of the same shameful manipulation under her iditorship.

And The Magpie awards his latest Well Duh Headline Trophy (no, not the Astonisher).

But first …

Fish Gotta Swim, Mullets Gotta Lie … ta dum

The relief was palable. Rain, rain, and a bit more rain … wow, what a relief … especially for Mayor Mullet. Bentley has her pegged.

water aplenty small

And as if to put an exclamation mark to Bentley’s assessment, this arch twister showed she really doesn’t know when to keep it shut, such is her arrogance.

At a Disaster Management meeting during the week, when she was told that Ross Dam was over 65% and was expected to head past 80%, she said to the 50 or so people present, ‘Really? Good, that’ll be the end of the Water For Townsville group.’ Great way to dismiss close on 20,000 people concerned about the city’s long term future, and who had put in long hours of excellent research and (mostly) civil debate on an issue that remains outstanding, notwithstanding the current great news.

And This Was Before The Deluge

As predicted by The Magpie many times. IMG_9742

There are those who say they love the idea so they can troll around and find treasure for themselves in the trash. Sadly, most of these peotagonists are from places like Melbourne, where those from the ‘lesser’ ‘burbs head for Toorak, South Yarra, Balwyn and the nearer beach suburbs. So please let me know what you score when you troll Garbutt, Condon and Rasmussen.

But It Set The Tone For The Mullet’s Week

The two fright bats running the Walker Street Wankery continue their assault on the arts community of Townsville, and not only affect the entitled amenity of the local residents but further erode the city’s well deserved reputation of hosting a ‘thriving arts community.’

The week started when the Astonisher gave much fanfare to the appointment of a new Director of Arts Services, a very grim and glum-looking person called Lee-Ann Joy.

arts scene

The seems to be some confusion in the paper (unusual, eh?) about Ms Joy’s title … the caption on the pic says one thing, the opening sentence of the report says another, terming her Creative Arts Director. CEO Adele Young’s mind-set is obvious in the first title … arts are a service in the same manner as garbage collection (and how’s that going for you, dear?), and are therefore at the whim of the council’s largesse or lopping. Although no criticism of her, Ms Joy’s appointment could be seen as a quiet and tacit admission that they really fucked up in dismissing Shane Fitzgerald, the nationally respected boss of Perc Tucker. Not only were tens of millions in arts patronage lost by furious national arts patrons, but the agenda of the new director gives the lie to the fact that Mr Fitzgerald’s dismissal was a total waste of time, money and most importantly credibility, both for the council management, the tourism market and the distant circle jerk of cut-and-paste Nous ‘experts’. Ms Joy unwittingly acknowledged this when she told the Astonisher ‘one of my priorities will be re-building relationships’.

“At the moment my priority is the staff and rebuilding the team and supporting them with the current programming that is in place until the end of 2019,” she said. “The program has already been set until the end of 2019 so the emphasis will be on the gallery operations, updating equipment, getting the facilities in place for overseas exhibitions.”

In other words, doing what Mr Fitzgerald was doing when he was stabbed in the back for some imagined slight.

 Silence In The Court

Then later in the week, the typical secrecy now regularly employed by the ruling junta was unmasked, by their own dopey doing. Last week, The ‘Pie reported on the NQCC’s booking of the Old Magistrates Court for a film night about Adani was cancelled by the council for being ‘a political event’.

This was of course a whole load of hot cock, both figuratively and in fact, and was quickly withdrawn when the NQCC challenged the ruling. The fright bats then called in their step’n’fetchit legal clerk, Ian Finlayson, who hatched a Balrdick-like plan, and the night was cancelled because ‘the council could not guarantee the safety of the public’ because of ‘tensions about the Adani project’. Of course the only risk would’ve come from Adani supporters aligned with the Mayor Mullet and her council, who would not otherwise be attending, and was also a load of old cobblers, but the night was shifted to a hall in Denham Street belonging to that bastion of left-wing hotbed greeny nest of radical dissent the Queensland Country Women’s Association. at last report, it hadn’t been burnt down.

But that piece of outright chicanery brought to light this matter, from a very well informed reader.

 Old Magistrates Court

FYI, the Old Magistrates building houses the the Court Theatre, which has had a great little theatre set up for years – some tiered rostra, blacks a couple of lighting bars and a basic rig. So the building – which is a difficult one at the best of times, has had really quite good use exactly because it has had this set up (open mic nights the TMPAS, small concerts, the film screening and others).

Now TCC are insisting that all this be REMOVED (it’s owned by Full Throttle Theatre who are more than happy to share their gear and see the venue used by more than just themselves). For reasons known only to themselves – they are now notorious for not sharing and just ruling by fiat, but it is clearly hinted that a typical mis-reading of financial outcomes is behind it – they want the charming old venue to become just another flat floor meeting room with the flouro lights only – making it unattractive and not much use to anyone. (But wait – you can PAY THE COUNCIL extra over and above the hiring fee to have the “Theatre” set up put back in – so it will not get used, small hirers won’t be able to afford that set-up charge).

Then if it remains largely empty, you can be sure under the present Council will – if their hubris reaches the point of lunacy – will put up a case to put the building and the adjacent Perfumed Gardens Park up for the highest development bid.  Heritage listed – who cares – such is the wrong headed emphasis on CBD decelopment at ANY cost.!!

Well, The ‘Pie is sure that last bit won’t happen, but the usage change is another small disaster for Townsville … they can rationalize it all they like, but this can only been for what it is, plain and simple – another piece of inexplicable civic vandalism of a secretive council junta.

Oscar Wilde once defined a cynic as a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. But the Fright Bats and their Labor hobgoblins can’t even get the price part of it right. As in the following.

Clr Mark Molachino Gets The Steggles Award Of The Month

 IMG_112eyre st parking8

Remember this desolate scene, the Eyre Street car park after the council owls decided it was a good idea change it from free parking to paid parking late last year. City workers instantaneously abandoned it and its expensively installed ticket machine, with many figuring if they were going to have to pay, they may as well take up a space in the CBD and move their cars every couple of hours.

Across the road, behind the Mike Reynolds Early Childhood Learning Centre (he never graduated), where parking remained free, it was regularly packed to the gills. The ‘Pie wondered at the time what failed social engineering fuckwit thought this one up, and he had no sooner ask than he was answered in the form of Clr Mark Molachino. Checking the TCC website, he had this to say:

Infrastructure committee chairman Cr Mark Molachino said council had made the adjustments based on feedback from the community and to reflect commercial activity in the area.

“Time limits have been changed in a couple of targeted locations to improve convenience,” Cr Molachino said.

“Our city has grown and in some areas we have paid parking alongside free parking, which is totally inconsistent and in some cases, confusing.”

Well, he said … and the past tense is so appropriate … those comments – the only ones The ‘Pie could find after a reasonable search of the council website – were made in November 2016. But last year, Molachino said the move to convert Eyre Street to paid parking had been made after ‘consultation with business people and stakeholders’. Very frothy and flimsy, that one, Cappuccino old mate, The ‘Pie can just hear the beleaguered business people imploring him ‘ Oh, councilor, we need more PAID parking, that’ll help our faltering businesses, please hear us’. The punters no doubt besieged him with fistfuls of fifties, begging to pay to do what all those council-approved shopping centres do for nothing.

Well, guess what? First impressions are that someone recently stole Eyre Street ticket machine, but no, the signage now says it Free Parking again.

Screen shot 2018-03-03 at 10.43.32 PM

And the result has been just as instantaneous, despite th council’s secretive move. That predictable ‘well Duh’ result has turned out to be an expensive exercise in failed mendacity and dopey bureaucratic avarice, and Clr Molachino’s ducking and weaving about the reasons will be interesting to hear.

But this is, to anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size, good news, worth shouting to the rooftops. But sadly, this mob have not a single clue on how to win back the trust of the people.

Same Problem At The Astonisher – Cairney Caves In

The ‘Pie had hoped in vain. He misread some signs that under new editor Jenna Cairney, the paper might start clawing back some credibility.

Alas. Quite the opposite, demonstrated in stark fashion this week.

Just imagine for a minute that you are a journalist – God knows, they do at the Bulletin, so why not you.

Scene 1: Clive Palmer siphons off millions of dollar to finance his political ambitions (and his private jets) then closes down his nickel refinery, throwing more than 800 people out of work, wrecking the city’s economy and causing untold anguish to hundreds of families, many of whom didn’t receive their legal entitlements. Palmer becomes the most loathed person in the city.

Scene 2: Mayor Mullet, in yet another cheap attempt to shore up her badly faltering vote, publicly calls Palmer a crook (or words that mean the same thing). Now that might be OK in a pissant little blog like this (well, it isn’t OK even here but nobody except one much cares what is written here) but it is reasonable to expect that the city’s top elected official has a rough knowledge of defamation laws and the need for circumspect speech.

Scene 3: Palmer issues court papers to sue the mayor for $10million.

Screen shot 2018-02-11 at 9.06.17 AM

Scene 4: The Australian Financial Review reveals that Jenny Hill has agreed that because of her loose ignorant lips, she will make an out of court settlement of $50,000 and issue a public apology to the most reviled man in this community.


The Bulletin either didn’t know about this or kept it under wraps, both conjectures distinct possibilities.

Scene 5: The Magpie headlines the matter on his website last weekend, attracting an avalanche of disbelieving comments. All are waiting for the Bulletin as the city’s paper of record on Monday. It will be front page for sure.

Scene 6: And this is what you got.

Front page … nothing.

Page 2 and 3.

Bulletin 'committment'

A puff piece in a panicked news campaign of self-praise and demonstrable nonsense about ‘keeping the bastards honest’.

Page 10, this piece top left.

Page 10 jenny

Th can be little argument that in the real world, this is one Townsville’s stories of the year. In other words, Jenna Cairney has confirmed like all her predecessors since Peter Typo Gleeson, she has sold out and is snuggled happily in Walker Street’s pocket.

If Walker Street and the Gilded Few had all the previous iditors by the balls – the Christmas Hold as it is known – then they surely have Jenna Cairney well and truly in what cold be called the Trump Clutch.

Yet another Astonisher disgrace to the once proud independence of journalism.

Hero Of The Week

rump award

Courtesy The New Yorker

Who else?

The Well Duh Headline Of The Week

Screen shot 2018-02-08 at 9.00.26 AM

Well, yes, but, but ….

And Finally …

Well Well, it’s a cocky not a magpie, and it’s a kitten not Jenny Hill, but gee, wishin’ wishin’


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  1. Mark the Jazz says:

    Oh Magpie, you of lofty principles. Good folk, mate live in all sort of places. Disparaging people for where they live shows a poor understanding of our community.

    • The Magpie says:

      The ‘Pie was not commenting on good or bad in terms of behaviour but more of lifestyle and materialistic tastes. Lighten up. And The ‘Pie trusts you will express the above sentiments to the Astonisher after their next ‘How does your suburb rate for crime/police call-outs/ wild parties’ etc.

  2. Some Sheila says:

    Excellent piece by Warwick Powell in the latest Duo re: Adani. http://issuu.com/duomagazine/docs/duo_magazine_march_2018?e=1123193/58667352 and then scroll over to pages 62-63.

    Hope we get someone as visionary running for Mayor…

    • Sandgroper says:

      Let’s hope those at TEL and TCC read this article and take heed. Sadly, it’s merely reiterating what Warwick Powell has been saying for ages.

      He clearly outlines Adani’s desperate attempts to access the public purse as the Carmichael project and associated infrastructure became increasingly unbankable, as well as the shrewd about-turn by Puddleduck and her crew that saw Townsville’s Three Stooges re-elected.

      Powell puts it in a nutshell when he writes: “To build public empathy, Adani recalibrated its PR priorities to emphasise jobs in regions that were clearly desperate. They quickly cottoned on to the Culture of Mendicancy that often rears its head when places in Australia begin to struggle with restructuring.”
      (And, boys and girls, doesn’t that term beautifully sum up the squeals for handouts over the past few years by Townsville’s media, local government , TEL and the Gilded Few?)

      He then puts the TCC’s headless chook actions in the spotlight when he says: “Desperate times do not require a suspension of common sense, let alone critical scrutiny. Rather, they demand the highest standards of public interest protection so that the community is not exploited by corporate interests when it is at its most vulnerable.”

      The horse has well and truly bolted in that regard, but let’s hope those in charge of the region’s destiny realise they’ve been played like fish and manage to wriggle off the hook.

      Furthermore, the board of TEL should make this article required reading for everybody from chairman down because it provides a solid blueprint on how to reboot Townsville and the region to take advantage of changing times and circumstances.

  3. Alahazbin says:

    In the Astonisher’s little lift out magazine “the eye” they are espousing about the wonderful women that run this town. I have to correct one of the Impalers facts that 270 people took voluntary redundancy. The figure is 569. Just check with Human Resources Department or whatever glorious name TCC have for it.

    • Dearie Me says:

      That’d be People and Culture.
      Run GM Stacey Coburn.
      She should know about staff cuts as she’s got bugger all left…

  4. Achilles says:

    With the “end of the water crisis” what’s gonna happen to the $10M paid for a non appearance of some southern dingbat to tell us how to save water???

    Jenny ask for a refund, go on, the plebs will love you for it. Just saw a pig fly past my window.

    • Old Moll says:

      Has the money been paid? That ain’t loose change and we should all demand an answer.

      • The Magpie says:

        As the Good Book says,”Ask and ye shall … be chucked out of council meeting.”

        That Good Book is of course the QLGA Rule Book.

  5. In the know says:

    Love your column and the straight approach to most of your writing but whoever is feeding you the info on Old Magistrates Court is feeding you garbage. All the stuff the council removed was council property

    • The Magpie says:

      So what? The change of use is the point, and indeed, if as you say (and The ‘Pie has no reason to doubt you – not half) the equipment belonged to the council, that makes the decision and motives worse, not better, because that equipment attracted users for the benefit of the whole community. So much for garbage.

      • In the know says:

        This is where TCC can never win. It tries to get users to pay for use of its equipment and when they don’t want to they decide to withdraw it and get persecuted. The next thing TCC gets hit for is its rates are too high etc. They can’t win when they try and make normal business decisions. Tell me any other business in Townsville that lets it equipment continually be used year after year without charge?

        I am all for supporting community groups but at some stage they need to stand on their own feet a little instead of relying on continuous years of handouts. Some of the groups that use facilities such as these get handouts with ongoing use of TCC facilities for nothing whilst others are forced to do things on their own, where is the fairness there? Some of these groups have been benefitting for more than a decade and their leases and licenses just get renewed without TCC going to tender for other groups who might want to use the space.

        • The Magpie says:


          Like gifting that blood sucking billionaire and lying arsesole Adani $18.5M of ratepayers money? Like creating a council Development Corporation to service mates of the council who have weaselled their way into favour through the Old Pals network, not bothering too much with the normal checks and balances ? Change a valuable free parking area on the fringe of the CBD to paid parking, only to find that this ‘normal fucking business decision ‘ was bureaucratic greed and stupidity at its worst, and then having to go to the expense of the ‘normal fucking business decision’ of ripping out the metre and redoing all the signage to revert to free parking again? Rolling out a kerbside rubbish collection in such a shambolic fashion that ‘this normal fucking business decision’ is proving to be a visual blight and health hazard in our streets?

          And really, are you such a dense thicko apologist for this busted arse council that you ask the idiotic question ‘Tell me any other business in Townsville that lets it equipment continually be used year after year without charge?’ The TCC is not ‘any other business’, it is funded by compulsory rates and charges levied against the average citizen, and from time to time receives government largesse across a number of areas. And on top of that, the equipment you speak of was there, fully paid up, costing the council nothing, and any repairs or upgrade could be sheeted home to users when it occasionally became necessary. And talk about the politics of envy … if all those small theatre, poetry readers and musical group members, all rolling up in their Bentleys and Maseratis, running late because there was a last minute kerfuffle on the stock exchange, can have this council generosity at the expense of unnamed others, then no one can have it, eh? Watch out Dance North.

          There are certain areas where a council should not try to act like ‘other businesses’ but look to the judicious support of small groups that go to make up the fulfilling fabric of a creative and happy community.

          It is folk like you and your mimsy and pusillanimous forelock tugging to the goths and vandals of Walker Street that is enabling them to rip apart and create division in this community. There are many who’d do us all a favour by just quietly fucking off … although in your case, one suspects that would leave a vacancy in the ranks of the knob tugger assistants to the council executive.

          Look, just don’t me started ….

          • Scientician79 says:

            Here here Pie.

            If the council can afford an $18.5m gift to Adani it surely can afford to continue supporting community groups, you know the actual core business of council when not building airports for billionaires.

            I think this is the problem Mayor Mullet now faces, any time council trots out costs as a problem we will all rightly wonder how the airport was considered a top priority.

          • The Accountant says:

            Thank you Pie!

            You saved me the bother of typing a rant, although I wouldn’t have had your restraint.

            The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of our local authority is beyond staggering.

            Bring in the Administrators. Please.

          • Grumpy says:

            Hear, fucking, hear hear.

            ITK, you are clueless when it comes to the true and proper function of local government – or any other level of government.

          • Buttered Parsnip says:

            Nice rant

          • The Magpie says:

            Yeah, caught The ‘Pie in high harumph mood.

          • I'll be plucked says:

            Onya Pie! Hey there ‘in the know’ you are a……..let’s see now……..oh yes, a PLUCKER!

          • The Judge says:

            WOW and well said Pie! Your piece was so well written i was compelled to read it twice,keep it up old fella!

          • Strandboy says:

            Well said magpie … it is sad to see this attitude is still well entrenched with people in the know about such property from arts to sports, even after the impalor has created cultural *ahem* change …

          • Queef Latina says:

            Too right! I am absolutely sick and tired of this misguided notion that government, of any level, should be run by as a business! We pay taxes, and with these taxes there is a certain level of support expected by the taxpayers. Otherwise, what’s it all for? Look, I hate the fucking football, have never gone and will never go to a game my entire life. But so what? I understand that there are people that like football, so I don’t bark like a mad dog when the clubs get funding for a grandstand (or a multi million dollar stadium) just because I will never use it. But give money to a gallery or a choir, and fuck me dead, people are screaming like it is the return of soviet Russia or something. Get a grip, people! We need to understand that communities are made up of many people, and these people all have different interests and hopes, and thus any sensible government should not just spend money one one thing. It really isn’t rocket science.

          • The Magpie says:

            While you’re singin’ The ‘Pie’s song, me dear old Queen, indeed councils aren’t businesses in the commercial sense, but the decision must be aware of business principles when dealing with other businesses. It is when they’re dealing with the people who both elected and pay for their on-going work that they have to be aware of the difference.

          • Queef Latina says:

            No argument here, Pie. I am just a little tired of people getting up in arms about Council spending (our) taxpayer money. The SHOULD be spending money, and on a variety of things, not just bloody consultants!

          • The Magpie says:

            Or airstrips for billionaires.

          • SaltyPete says:

            Excellent spray, Magpie. Think you just bagged yourself a WalkerStTroll, and it’s a keeper!

        • Dearie Me says:

          ITK… I’m not sure what it is you know but it isn’t about running a community funded organisation.
          Sure some groups have had use of TCC buildings for years, but callously throwing them out on their arses because you don’t like their politics isn’t appropriate. TCC has done a lot of this in the last few years. A lot has been disguised as revitalisation. But it hasn’t really revitalised anything except for the bank balances of developers and the big end of town.
          In the mean time community sentiment is growing more anti Council than ever before.
          The term I believe which explains what TCC is doing I regards to community groups is ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face.’

        • Westie says:

          A Council is an unusual corporation, in that its customers are its owners. Its purpose is not only the provision of services to its customer/owners, but also (usually) their well being.

          I think ITK is actually in the know. TCC regards the community as its enemy- the annoying bastards who make live of the Council employees difficult. Community groups are competitors who unfairly compete with well paid Council employees. And the elected board is so preoccupied in their revenge politics that they allow ITK and his/her comrades get away with it.

          Most agencies recognise the value of community groups and their volunteers in contributing to the well being of the community. Given appropriate support, they are wonderful value for money. And no, they don’t need to stand on their own two feet- Arts and Sports for example are not commercial enterprises anywhere- even at national and international level. Let’s face it- what Council activity would survive without ratepayer support?

          The solution. Change the Board (the elected Council) ASAP, and hire a CEO who can create a customer focussed, outward looking corporate culture.

          • Critical says:

            If you look back through Council Minutes and more recently lists of organisations that get council grants the same names keep appearing and the majority also get massive Commonwealth and State grants. What are we the ratepayers getting back for our money.
            To make it worse in the last grants list and indigenous group from Ayr was given money for programs for young criminals.

            RADF grants are always being given to established arts organisations who get other government grants (wait for the screams about how their funds have been cut) and people to travel south for so called training but many in the arts community call this a ratepayer holiday, no other artists in Townsville gain from this so called training and the person who got the grant generally leaves Townsville. Many young people in the vibrant digital and media arts feel its not worthwhile applying for RADF grants because of they feel it’s a waste of time because the conservative RADF Committee protects their own.

          • Ezra Pound Axe King says:

            Westie, you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

        • Ronny Righteous says:

          I suspect that ‘In the know’ should really be named ‘At the trough.’
          Any ‘handouts’ these community groups get is paid by themselves as ratepayers and residents.
          FFS! The bloody equipment doesn’t belong to the council. It’s owned by the people to be used for their enjoyment and benefit.
          ITK is a know-all who knows nothing.

          • Lorne Malvo says:

            Hey Critical,

            get a clue! Take a look around! The only people doing anything in this wretched electorate are the community groups who are getting these so-called handouts. And they’re pretty meager at that, if you compare it to the handouts to, say, Adani or Pure Projects, all in the millions. And what do we get to show for it?

            Yet you give community organizations some table scrapings and they’ll do things with it, I guarantee you. Just because you’re too lazy or ignorant (whichever it is) to go take a look at what is being produced for the benefit of the community, most of it for free, does not mean you know what you’re talking about.

            If you have an issue with handouts, start at Walker Street you grub!

    • Alahazbin says:

      So tell us, ITK. Why was the equipment removed?

    • Les Miserables says:

      ‘In the Know’,

      not all of that gear was council property. In fact, I would say half, at absolute most. The rest belongs to Full Throttle, who did indeed, very generously, let other users of the space use their gear.

  6. The Magpie says:

    baby Barnaby’s first bath …

  7. Grumpy says:

    Poor Ms Joy.

    That photo makes her look like a Ward 10B patient who was voted out of visiting time.

  8. Woodduck says:

    So barnaby has himself a woman who thinks nothing of sleeping with a married man, enters their marital home to socialise with the wife and children, and the baby might not be his. Cross out woman and replace with slut.

    • The Magpie says:

      ‘Slut’ is not a word The ‘Pie would normally allow in, but upon looking up its exact meaning, i.e. ‘ a slovenly and promiscuous woman’ he will allow it on this occasion – Ms Campion certainly is not and never was slovenly – ‘messy and dirty in appearance’ – but it would appear the other word is justified.

      • Scientician79 says:

        So thoughtful for Barnaby to kick the story along, just when there was a chance it had been dealt with and would fade into the background.

        Makes me wonder what horrible news does the government have up it’s sleeve for this week? Of course that supposes a level of strategic competence that sadly doesn’t seem to exist in any level of government any more.

      • Swinger says:

        So is Barnaby a male “slut”?

        As are other promiscuous men?

    • Alex DeLarge says:

      …and cross out man and insert “fanny-struck moron who shall live to regret his stupidity”.

      What that young alley cat has to realise that, when a man marries his mistress, he is merely creating a job vacancy.

    • Lord Howard Hertz says:

      Come off it, Woody, she didn’t fuck herself, somebody else was involved, and that person would be a male of the species … funny how you see Campion as the ‘scarlet woman’ when it was the scarlet faced Barnaby that was the one who invited her into his home, introduced to family, then (or all the while) rooted her. He was the power figure, so what does that make him?

      • Con the Spirator says:

        How’s this for a conspiracy theory? Barnaby had lusted after Ms Campion something chronic, but she wasn’t having any of it … let’s face it, Barnaby ain’t the type who would get much even at the end of Desperate And Ugly Singles Night at the local pub. Then our Vicky has a tumble in the stubble with an unknown NQer, who promptly disappears and/or is such a broke loser he offers no prospects of support. So madam suggests she will play house with Barnaby if he accepts the fact that the impending little bundle isn’t his but stays quiet about. For the sake of a regular root, Dumbo agrees, then the human waste material hits the circular cooling device big time, and we all have loads of fun with these two goof offs.

        And the poor child, you whine? Everything is relative, just ask them in any of the bombed out Syrian cities. Anyway, the child will be showered with protection and a fine upbringing as long as anyone connected with him/her wishes to remain in good odours with the media.

        • BARNaby says:

          Look here you lot, you know nuffin, nuffin at all! Ha! I’ll be claiming Immaculate Conception in an interview next week. Stay tuned.

          I’m Barnaby, your not!

          • The Magpie says:

            Of course, there is always a way not yet considered – parthenogenic – which ha ha as though you don’t know – is organisms born in the absence of sexual union; because the Greek goddess Athena was born from her father’s forehead, her great temple in Athens was called the Parthenon.

        • Ando says:

          How’s this for a conspiracy theory…Barnyard suggests to his former mistress that he puts doubt to the sire of her child (although will not do a paternity test); stays on as the heroic father figure and so begins the climb back to the office of Deputy PM.

          Seriously though, after all these weeks of claiming to want privacy, he keeps the story rolling with this crap!

  9. Miss Lou says:

    Always good Pie
    Always entertaining.


    Miss Lou.

  10. Old tradesman says:

    To get things back on track at the TCC as regards to the Fat Palmer case. If $50,000 was paid to Palmer by the insurance company so as to let the Mullet off the hook, what is the excess on the policy for being a loud mouth?

    • Non believer says:

      Doesn’t Palmer owe the council a large sum in rates. I wonder if their is more than meets the eye in this settlement.

      • The Magpie says:

        Good Lord, man, have you no shame? Are you suggesting, sirrah, that this council, this mayor, would stoop to making a secret deal with Clive Palmer? With anybody? Are you questioning the open and transparent governance of this city?

        Are you after The ‘Pie’s job?

        • Non believer says:

          I can hardly wait for the apology. It shouldn’t be just in the Courier Mail. It should be made directly to the people of the city she embarrassed. I’m sure the Astonisher would put it on the front page for her. Palmer must be laughing his large arse off at our resident moron.

          And I would never presume to aspire your job. Love your work.

  11. Angie says:

    The money that was spent on installing and uninstalling the ticket machine and signage at the Eyre St car park would have gone a good way to making safe the irrigation that has been uncovered at both car parks mentioned in the article by covering it with a proper trafficable surface (stairs). Nobody takes the long route out of the Mike Reynolds car park. Everybody tramples the landscaping and many do the same thing over the road at the bottom end of the Eyre Street car park so as to walk in shade in the morning.

  12. Concerned says:

    It was interesting in the Townsville rag (sorry Bulletin) on the weekend the story blowing wind up the butts of the Mullet, the Impaler and there close mate the so called CEO of TEL for a job well done.
    I tried to leave the some comments on the Bully twice but with no luck.
    The comments basically said that the 3 have been a failure and are a major reason why Townsville has, and continues to go down the gurgler.
    So as usual our one eyed useless paper is protecting their ALP mates and do not give a stuff about Townsville.

    • Cantankerous but happy says:

      That shows why the astonishers numbers are in the shit along with the Townsville economy, news is a reciprocal process these days, people like to not only read the story but also the comments and make comment themselves, the Australian and even the Courier Mail have a vibrant comments section that number into the hundreds on many stories, some of it useful, some of it is crap, but I as the reader decide what I believe and what I would like to comment on, this fucking mob here think they should control the debate to suit their agenda, that’s why there numbers continue to fall, just ignorant.

  13. The Owl says:

    See the Astonisher can’t even get the day of the first Cowboys game right.
    Hope fans don’t rock up to an empty stadium on Thursday night.
    Obviously the Astonisher is too busy “keeping the bastards honest”

  14. Old tradesman says:

    A new use for the Court Theatre has been found.
    The theatre will be used to feature remakes of movies.
    The main attraction is the remake of The Airport series, starring pilot Captain Hill, copilot Young and navigator squadron leader Gill.
    Other movies to feature will be.
    Walker Townsville Ranger
    Greaney Acres
    Mark mark the dog with the hair lip
    Doyles War
    Aquaman Jacob
    Soars Where Eagles Dare
    Cook Master and Commander
    Rehbein James
    Night Ryders
    All to the sound track of Coombe bye Ya

    $10 entry fee. All proceeds to the Mayoral Reelection Fund.

  15. The Magpie says:

    Barnaby had a dream … first proof the baby is his …

    … and then two nightmares …

    • BARNaby says:

      Look, I thought saying that I would standby Vicki would get me back in the good-bloke column – jaysus, all it got me was further in the shit! Fuck me, anyone got any ideas???

      • The Magpie says:

        How about doing with your mouth what you should’ve done with your fly … zip it.

      • Queef Latina says:

        BARNaby, your humor is so broad, you couldn’t land a punchline on the broad side of a barn!

      • Sandgroper says:

        This sordid saga has passed the point where it is even faintly humorous.
        My heart goes out to all the women involved and I will never forgive Joyce for reinforcing the widely-held but false view that all men are bastards.
        Let’s give it a rest.

        • The Magpie says:

          Give it a rest? Give it a fucking rest????? And that coming from an ex-journo who knows an unstoppable and risible story when he sees one. Good luck with your rest, old chum, Barnaby is the git that just keeps on giving … next: Vikki Campion turns out to be Derryn Hitch’s love child … with Bronwyn Bishop.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Fair go, ‘Pie. Nobody’s suggesting the story shouldn’t be reported. It’s the gratuitous schoolyard sniggering that’s giving me the shits.
            There are a lot of assumptions being made about Ms Campion’s morals and motivation, based largely on Barnaby’s bumbling statements, and we may learn something quite different when she has enough clear air to put her case.

          • The Magpie says:

            Very chivalrous, as The ‘Pie know you to be … but this is the snigger ‘pub test’ story of the decade, and if you lead with your chin, cop it sweet. Didn’t you like The ‘Pie projections of various -errmm – outcomes with baby pix? snigger snigger snigger …

  16. Critical says:

    Lorne Malvo soumds like you are probably one of those people who have the ‘but we’re entitled to this government money’ attitude that pervadesTownsville. I’ve worked across all of Queensland and other communities and people elsewhere get off their arses and do something for themselves but not in Townsville. Probably explains why the place is an ALP stronghold.

    • The Magpie says:

      Bit lop-sided, many have money into businesses and have gone out on a limb … or have, through no fault of their own … found themselves out on one. But few give in. But The ‘Pie agrees that, aided by the victim-framing and entitled begging bowl agendas of both the Townsville Bulletin and particularly Townsville Enterprise, many are just whinging.

    • Lorne Malvo says:

      Guess again, Critical.

      I have never gone for a grant for myself my entire life. I have gone for various grants in behalf of others, particularly not for profits and community organizations, and from the sound of it you’re just another pecking, bitching dilettante.

    • Achilles says:

      Trump wants teachers to carry guns! do you remember what a classroom full of disruptive teenagers is like?

      As if teachers didn’t have enough stress, who could resist the temptation to blow away the little Johnnies in the classroom?

  17. Trevor Elson says:

    I have found it very hard for the truth to be placed in the paper, too much space being taken up by hollow words in pages of keeping the Bastards honest. If they were keeping the Bastards honest as they are stating they would print both side of the story and listen to the public opinion and print facts given especially reference the Townsville City Council, lost count of facts sent to the editor but 1 out of about 20 printed so needed to start my own political thoughts face book page and market stall for awareness about council problems.
    Congratulations to the magpie for taking the time and bringing attention to the other side of stories to the residents, printing some home truths that are going on around Townsville. At least it gives us the information to make a more informed decision on subjects that we are concerned about.
    Keep up the good work.

    • The Magpie says:

      Thanks Trevor, but The ‘Pie is humble next to your gutsy efforts protesting the TCC … it takes balls to take a lonely public stand on the streets to confront this mob.

      So thanks for your kind words, but you too keep up the good work anyway you can.

  18. Linda Ashton says:

    Regarding the comments atributed to the mayor and reported in the Magpie’s Nest on the weekend.

    We have had a personal response Jenny Hill to the effect that the initial conversation was limited to a small group of about 6 people ….
    “Now that the dam is at 65% I wonder if the WFTAG will continue or will they fold?”

    While this paraphrase is less antagonistic than the first account, it still begs questions ….
    • why refer to WFTAG at all in an emergency services disaster management mtg?
    • why use the term “fold” in this context?
    • what was the Mayor’s body language and what responses resulted?
    • what was the take home and possibly shared message about WFTAG’s credibility, depth of research, community engagement with all levels of government and the media, large stakeholder support, contribution to the whole City Deal community-partnership that directly informed the water security Taskforce deliberations?

    Until the Mayor herself responds to settle the matter once and for all in comments, or at our next admin meeting there is lingering doubt. There shouldn’t be any doubt about our group’s unprecedented lobbying for the city’s most important infrastructure requirement. Quite the opposite.

    WFTAG will continue to lobby for the best solution for short medium and long term water security for this city.

    • Scientician79 says:

      I think that comment, whichever version it turns out to be, tells you all you need to know about Mayor Mullet.

      The dam is near full and the pipeline on the way, as far as Mullet is concerned it’s mission accomplished.

    • Alex DeLarge says:

      Perhaps you should also ask if you really should believe Jenny Hill’s rather lame and unlikely version. She hardly has a reputation of being frank and honest. It certainly sounds like a desperate attempt at spin.

      I certainly hope that her estimate of the size of her audience is true. She would be beside herself trying to figure out the quisling(s) in that group of six. They would have been trusted confidants for her to make the comments in the first place.

      Oh, Jenny, it’s all unraveling before your eyes. Even the sycophants can no longer be trusted.

      Tick. Tick.

    • The Stockman says:

      I feel sorry for you Linda, in a nice way
      Regardless of what people think of WFTAG, you have worked bloody hard.
      Politics is a nasty game, and you need to wake up and smell the rotting roses.
      Go hard, be relentless, trust nobody.
      And then put your name on the next Council election ticket.

    • Anonagain says:

      Mayor’s pants on fire. A room full of witnesses including the press – it was a comment heard by all. And it was recorded by meeting Secretary (try and get THAT tape!). A great joke for the “in crowd” which included CEO and Councillor Whathisname – laughing at the Mayor’s jolly joke. The rest of us gobsmacked as we expected the comment to be along the lines of giving her the opportunity to ease punishing water restrictions.

  19. Cobalos says:

    Ha Ha Ha, now the fed govt knows what is like to be on the receiving end of broken promises (from the USA). We common folk have been putting up with it from all 3 levels of govt for decades.

  20. The Owl says:

    Have a mate who works in govt in Canberra and he says Barnaby and Vikki were having it off in semi-private and when Barnaby’s long suffering wife found out she tried to talk some sense into her husband, and they got back together for a while to try to save their marriage. This did not go down well with Miss Vickii, who had a reunion of her own, either out of boredom or to get square. Barnaby then finally decides his marriage is over and returns to the arms of Vickii, who by this time is preggers. Hence the doubt over who is the father.
    Would make a great Hollywood movie with Weinstein directing and Spacey in the lead role.

    • Sandgroper says:

      Not a very wise Owl to be putting forward hearsay as gospel. That’s the sort of salacious shit I was talking about earlier.
      How would you feel if it was your daughter being subjected to this level of prurient smear and innuendo?

      • The Magpie says:

        OK, know where you’re coming from, and as honourable as it may be, is there another question, viz: how would you feel if your son – an ugly beetroot in a silly hat that would have no luck at closing time in the Ugly And Desperate Singles Night at the Belconnen Hotel – was preyed upon by a designing woman with a very broad interpretation of accepted moral standards? The flesh is weak but the willy is willing, know what I mean?

        • Sandgroper says:

          Mate, as an ugly beetroot in a silly hat I spent much of my youth in outback pubs seeking out such women.

          • The Magpie says:

            It is noted with interest that you do not provide a scorecard. Was the ever any pub with enough booze to assist you in achieving your ambitions?

          • Sandgroper says:

            You must remember the Cooktown expedition where I met The One — Snaggletooth?

  21. The Magpie says:

    Ummm … you need to ask?

  22. Woodduck says:

    Well if Qantas packed up and told Mullet and Gill to shove Townsville up their arse, you couldn’t blame them. The article in the Astonisher about the best and worse airlines in Townsville, is a bit of a dummy spit. Because you won’t do what we want, we’re going to shit on you. Also really does confirm the iditor of the astonisher is well and truly comfortable, in the arms of the Mullet, and the Guilded few.

  23. Mike Douglas says:

    I navigated Townsville airports obstacle course to the Qantas club Saturday which left me shaking my head.Not wanting to sound elitist but I would suggest the people who are members of Qantas Club invest or hold the purse strings to spending $millions in Australia’s 13 th biggest city.Townsville airport leases property so they should be very aware of the “ quiet right of enjoyment clause” which means access to a entity in peace and without disturbance”.Many of the corporate travellers are more supportive of Qantas than Townsville airport and have seen our services drop in standard thanks to our Mayor and Townsville airport.

    • Alahazbin says:

      You all seem very concerned that you can’t get to the QANTAS Club. They have also blocked access to the toilets, which to me is a safety issue. Maybe a visit from the local QFS to do an audit, because TAL have not done a Risk Assessment.

      • The Magpie says:

        Indeed, you’re correct. Why not fire in a complaint to the local QFS? Once they’ve been notified, they are under an obligation to investigate, aren’t they?

        • Alahazbin says:

          Just sent a request via the QFS web site.

          • The Magpie says:

            Excellent. keep us in the loop.

          • Alahazbin says:

            So this is the latest:
            My Enquiry:
            With regards with issues at Townsville Airport in regards to access to toilet facilities in the departure lounge as mentioned in today’s Townsville Bulletin. Can QFS conduct an audit of said property to determine if any safety issues have arisen from TAL’s actions.

            Thank you for contacting the Queensland Government regarding your enquiry about the doors to facilities at Townsville Airport needing to be checked for safety issues.
            Your email has been forwarded to a relevant unit who will respond to your enquiry.

            We can only live in hope that the next unit can interpret the enquiry a little better.
            Maybe they can check on the “Dill’s” door while they are there.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Those who have paid attention to the airport expansion plans, will no doubt notice a large percentage is for retail and food outlets.
      I wonder how much this will cost existing retailers or will we end up with the sky high prices that are charged in Brisbane.
      Not to mention a flash new Qantas Club Lounge plus a Virgin Lounge which the airlines have to pay for on top of the $3 surcharge.
      How many noticed the upgraded screening takes longer, and the baggage service is slower?
      If that is the example of what the upgrade will do Queensland rail may have to bring back the old Sunlander it may be quicker :p

      • Grumpy says:

        SS, there have been a number of posts in recent weeks regarding the seemingly deliberate go-slow in baggage collections. 13 days ago, I arrived at Townsville on QF2307 from Cairns. It was the only plane on the apron. The baggage for the embarking passengers buzzed up as soon as we disembarked. The aircraft turned round in 15 minutes (to Mt Isa, I believe). There was no sign of our baggage on the carousel for another 30 minutes !! This is despite there being a goodly number of baggage handlers hanging around out the back, sitting on their over-paid arses and no other aircraft movements. A number of passengers bailed up the yellow-shirted airport employees and every single one of them said “blame management”. One of the passengers, not I, rang Gills office to complain directly to him but got the bright and cheery, “Certainly, may I ask what you are calling about?” When told that he wanted to lodge a complaint about his “airport experience”, there was a pause and suddenly Gill was “not available to take your call”. Gutless prick.

  24. Cantankerous but happy says:

    Old Numbskull Gill copping it from all directions about his stupid stunt to block off access to the Q lounge and more importantly the only toilets in the post screening area, what a fuckwit. I cleaned up one poor bloke sitting at a table with my laptop bag as we all piled out of the lounge to move upstairs again this week, he just happened to slide his chair back just as I was squeezing through, still amazed someone in a wheelchair or using a walker hasn’t threatened the pack of morons with legal action.

    • Grumpy says:

      Cranky – have you ever had a conversation with the hubristic idiot? One of the best breathing examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect I have ever seen.

      • The Magpie says:

        Gosh, The ‘Pie don’t half feel ever so posh.

      • Swinger says:

        I looked it up.

        Donald Trump.

        • Grumpy says:

          Most middle to senior management in the public service

          • The Magpie says:

            They all laughed at the time, but it showed the Donald Rumsfeld wasn’t the idiot many took him for when he said (long after inter alia Confucius, Shakespeare and Charles Darwin):’There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know’. Run that by Gill, who seems to think he knows everything and is a clever dick to boot, should keep him quiet for a month or two.

          • Sandgroper says:

            Fig jam is a firm favourite with many of Townsville’s ‘movers-and-shakers’.

          • Cantankerous but happy says:

            Interesting read looking up that one Grumps, covers about 90% of the tossers posting shit on Linkedin.

  25. The old peterbuilt says:

    Just received a msg from mate at tcc. They have advertised for new CEO.

  26. The Magpie says:

    Can anybody help out this old techno klutz? Have just heard ABC Radio news item (9am today) that an independent audit of the TCC practices has been highly critical of the council’s practices, particularly in Right To Information performance (airstrip anyone?) looked everywhere but can’t find it.

    Any smarties out there lend a hand?

    • Cynical Cricket says:

      Re: independent audit of the TCC practices particularly in Right To Information performance.

      Is it this one, which was tabled yesterday?

    • Cynical Cricket says:

      Re: independent audit of the TCC practices

      Is it this one, which was tabled yesterday?

      • The Magpie says:

        That’s the one … funny, thought it would front page of the Bulletin (oh, stop it. ‘Pie, you do amuse yourself sometimes, don’t you?)

      • Alahazbin says:

        Have’nt finish reading all of it yet. But going by the guts of it. THEY FAILED.

        • I'll be plucked says:

          And what difference will it make that they failed? SFA I’d say – they will prolly just roll on doing whatever they like, to whoever or whatever they like!

          Hey Mullet and Impaler give us out dump vouchers back you useless pluckers and stop the secrecy shit, this is Townsville City and we love it, even if you don’t!

      • Alacan says:

        They have failed spectacularly.. no doubt about that

        There are so many areas in there where process and sytems did exist .. and were fully aligned with the Act .. the clowns have lost site of it

        The report identifies loss of corporate knowledge and skill set .. nothing could be truer.

        What an indictment … well done impaler .. really stuffed it up

        And this is only one area of statutory compliance .. there would be so many others that would fail

        They need to be sacked

        • The Magpie says:

          No the Impaler hasn’t failed … no matter what findings that are made, and what subsequent actions may or may not be taken,Adele Young has fulfilled her head-kicking labor-directed agenda and gutted the council in a manner that cannot be repaired in any short or probably even medium term way. This was all to shore up the Labor hold over the council in a restructure that they believed would make them impregnable, if not at the ballot box then within the staff structure. Adele Young could leave town this very minute (oh still my beating heart) justifiably saying ‘My work here is done … I now ride on to the next mission of mayhem wherever that my be’.

          There’s a great parallel here between Young and former Bulletin GM Michael The Ogre of Ogden Street Wilkinson … in disgrace in Sydney for some infraction of the News executive style-book, as penance he was sent to Townsville to carry out mass sackings, mainly of subeditoral staff, as a cynical cost cutting measure. He lied and blundered his way through this task, but when he left, his job and rehabilitation was completed, leaving behind a shell of a paper that will probably never return to the respected and valuable community organ it was before his Holt Street directed purge.

          Same with the council.

          Those who don’t heed history are bound to repeat it.

          • Alacan says:

            Destruction and dismemberment of this magnitude is at best a 10 year fix and coincides with repeat cycles of change..exactly 10 years since amalgamation.. funny that .. well not so funny really

            The waste of public funds on churn, rebuild, failure, rebuild, restructure, failure, lost corporate memory, churn, just goes on.. so much churn its just rancid to the core.

            Sorry Pie .. i get where u are coming from but she has failed us mate regardless of the success of near term deliverables as laid out by the mullett. She has obligations under a number of statutes beyond her KRA/KPI’s at an enterprise level.

            not sure if improvements have been listed as enforceable determinations but one would hope so

            I know the privacy commissioner will name and shame in parliament if deemed applicable. 12 months to fix . please .. again !.. foi would reveal results of previous failings ( and repairs) between 2011 and 2015.. maybe a job for the astonisher … cough cough splutter!

          • The Magpie says:

            Sure she’s failed us … The ‘Pie’s point is she hasn’t failed herself or the task she was set … and she couldn’t give a fuck about Townsville anyway.

  27. The Magpie says:

    Well, nothing that this paper does surprises me … what have the girl’s done, refused to subscribe?

  28. The old peterbuilt says:

    Oh oh , got the wrong mail. Adele’s not going anywhere. Sorry all

  29. One legged tap dancer says:

    How gutless!
    Shit hits the fan over council secrecy and who fronts the media to take the flak?
    Yes folks, its the council’s chief financial officer.
    Mayor Mullet, deputy media tart Messagebank, other puppet councilors and the fly in/fly out CEO must all have been out of town.
    Of course, no problem for the Mullet to front for a photo for International Women’s Week.
    So our new editor “keeps the bastards honest” by allowing the Mullet to distance herself from yet another disaster.

    Its called

  30. Hee Haw says:

    Cunning plan Baldrick, tell the TB to put the story on communications on page 10 and they stick it on the front page.

  31. Old tradesman says:

    I’m confused how do you prepare a tender, in this case a water pipeline, when the type of pipe system to be used has not been determined. Are the people of Townsville all fools?

  32. "Waste" OFTAM says:

    I note with interest about the audit and how the council has been found lacking in transparency. This also relates to service as well in council at the moment. Our fleet vehicles are getting beyond repair and ground staff are having to do jobs outside there agreement. Take the hard rubbish collection. As of next weekend we have the batton relay on townsville. The hard rubbish crews have been told next Friday they will cease work in the area they are in (zone 4) and proceed to collect any rubbish left on the route of the batton relay. This is because so many suburbs have put out rubbish before time and have ignored the notice mailed to them about non compliance. This haRd rubbish is a disaster for the staff working it. At present 5 workers are at construction and maintenance because there isn’t enough work for them. In 2 weeks time easter holidays start and they are stood down without pay. Many are looking for work elsewhere because they were promised in interviewing a guarantee of 44 weeks 10hr days 6 days a week. 2 trucks now sit in the Depot doing nothing and occasionally one helps pick up gereral waste.

    Now when the crews pick up the rubbish next Friday before the relay people are going to see the trucks and come Saturday I’m betting even more rubbish will be left curbside because they think it’s there turn. What a joke to hide the problem caused by this mayor with her promise from the election. No wonder they failed with the audit. Obviously the audit means nothing if the council don’t get penalties for there failure.

    • I'll be plucked says:

      You reading this Mullet and Impaler? Give us back our plucking dump vouchers and stick this hard rubbish collection where the sun don’t shine!

    • Council workers "shovel" says:

      Lol now I know who the 3 new workers are in the Depot today. This is getting beyond a joke. Obviously they won’t be doing much if there meant to be over at waste. And what is the state government doing? Sweet fuck all. I’ve read some of the audit and why arnt they being investigated by the CCC just based on this.

      • Street sweeper says:

        I have no idea how many times I’ve driven around town and seen all this shit stacked up everywhere and nothing done about it. I’ve gone past Nathan st and Percy st and it’s all still there. Surly this is a health hazard? What the fuck is the media doing in this place. This should be reported to the EPA. We’ve just had rain so you can imagine what sort of mould based diseases will be festering in all that rubbish. And these guys have to man handle it all without proper PPE. If the unions were like they were when I started working this bullshit way of conducting a collection would have been shut down after the first day. There always going on about safety if it’s a liberal government. This is what happens when you get full control and no opposing views. calling the next mayoral candidate, golden opportunity to use this and everything else for the next two years. I can think of 20 things to run an election campaign on 12 are the councilors and the mayor along with the ceo alone.

  33. Dearie Me says:

    Well today the Bullsheet deserves a pat on the back. For the glaringly obvious and particularly hilarious omission of the self appointed mover and shaker of the city, the Walker Street Wonder, the destroyer of corporate knowledge, the ever delightful Miss Young. Oh dear… She didn’t make the cut. Or should we say…she was cut.

    It’s probably because she’s done nothing of merit and will leave a legacy of being the CEO who fucked a perfectly good city (and a number of its residents) in record time.

  34. J.B says:

    Any progress with the stickers Pie?
    I’ll take a couple please

  35. The Magpie says:

    Townsville has a new District Court judge to fill a vacancy of the past year or so … but he won’t have to travel far, just a couple of hundred metres along Walker Street.

    Federal Court judge John Coker has been appointed a DCJ, and a welcome addition he is, too. Not only experienced, worldly smart and compassionate (well versed in family court matters), Judge Coker also has a work ethic that some even in higher courts would do well to emulate. Matters are expected to be expedited efficiently in his court, as they are with Judge Durward and Judge Lynham.

    But the tight legal fraternity is like any other industry in one way … the District Court gig … worth somewhere around $400K p.a … was the subject of some jostling in the ranks. The Magpie hears that leading criminal barrister Harvey Walters who had his hat in the ring, expressed personal dissatisfaction with the decision, if that is how ‘spectacular dummy spit’ can be interpreted. And some cruel wags have suggested another local barrister and long-time Labor toady who perennially misses out on the bench is also less than impressed with this excellent choice for our community.

    Judge Coker has always commanded the respect of the local legal fraternity.

  36. A keen eye says:

    Pie, you did know about the 20k donated by emanate to Qld labor since 2010 from the aec.gov.au declarations which can be found by going to http://democracyforsale.net/search-aec/ and typing “emanate” into the search box , and, the 5k to hill in march 2016 which can found by going to https://disclosures.ecq.qld.gov.au/Map?resetNav=true then clicking “view table” typing “emanate” into the search box, chosing “local” in the pull down menu 3rd from the left where the choice is between state and local and then hitting apply – didnt you?? Thats 25 tax deductable g’s !

  37. Cantankerous but happy says:

    There are two more empty shops at Fairfield after the Mexican closed and the Nutritional cafe next door shut as well last week, just heard the Suncorp in the complex will shut it’s doors in May and there is still 2 empty spaces inside that have never been permanently filled since construction finished a couple of years ago. With Coles as an anchor tenant stage 3 has commenced construction, even with empty shops in stage 2.
    Across the road Griffin are halfway through construction of stage 2 of the Homemaker centre with only 3 tenants for the 6 spaces and 2 spaces still empty from stage 1, yet just announced stage 3 with a lifestyle concept, meanwhile its own Precinct centre just up the road has empty shops galore with the closing of the video store the latest.
    I am all for competition in the market and long remember the days of rundown grubby shopping centres in Townsville with exhorbitant rents but what these people are thinking currently I just can’t work out.

    • Droopy draws says:

      Didn’t the Precinct at Fairfield sell recently? I could be wrong…..

      • Cantankerous but happy says:

        Spot on Droopy draws, you are correct, I missed that one, sold for $22 million a year ago apparently, that would explain Griffin proceeding nearby with a very similar offering, their old tenants are no longer their concern, game on.

        • The Magpie says:

          Wouldn’t that sale be covered by some sort of ‘restrictive convenants’ clause, not allowing the vendor to operate or start a rival operation within in certain distance for a certain time. Otherwise, the buyers are mugs.

  38. The Magpie says:

    Honestly, what is up with this bloody paper?

    Using a file picture that has been revealed to be lying election stunt to illustrate a pipeline story? A fact revealed IN THEIR OWN PAPER.

    Well, you’d guess they don’t care much about credibility, just whack in any old thing.

  39. Miss Janet says:

    According to TCC post on Facebook after business hours today the Development Approval for the Stadium was passed. They’ve been working on it for months and only now it is approved. Incredible.

  40. Sandgroper says:

    Congratulations to Bulletin sports reporter Jon Tuxworth for his account of last night’s win by the Cowboys. (It’s good for a change to be able to praise somebody other than the inimitable Shari Tagliabue).
    Tuxworth’s account of the match was crisp, factual and colourful without being too flowery. His style reminds me a bit of Bob Messenger, who had a stint in Townsville during a very distinguished career throughout Australia and overseas.
    On the subject of league, Perth fans are in for a treat today with a double-header (Rabbitohs-Warriors/ Storm-Bulldogs) at our new, whizzbang stadium. Ticket pre-sales have been strong and more more than 40,000 are expected to enjoy the action.
    This indicates the NRL’s masters are heading in the right direction with their push to infiltrate diehard AFL states.

    • The Magpie says:

      Wahhhh, we want – sob – a state of origin match, (gasp gulp) we deserve it, but the NRL just play matches in undeserving places like Perth (WAAAAILL!)

      And on the matter of praising Bulletin journos, seems Tony Raggatt has had enough of pussyfooting around and has sharpned up the filleting knives on a couple of sacred cows … the council and that airport oaf, Gill. More in the blog later tonight.

      • Sandgroper says:

        Wail even louder, ‘Pie, because Perth has scored Origin Game Two next year. It will be the first time it has ever been held outside the eastern states and is tipped to lure 20,000 interstate visitors with an economic boost to WA of more than $15M.

        • The Magpie says:

          Well, at least if we don’t get a SOO, it will save the council (formally known as an Ineptocracy) from becoming a laughing stock of the whole nation. Again.

  41. Critical says:

    I hear that a pub in Flinders Street West is closing at the end of March. Another victim of the ALP policy.

  42. Cynical Cricket says:

    P.S. I’ve already applied for the position as I’m suitably unqualified like the current incumbent.

  43. Cynical Cricket says:

    It’s also advertised here:

    So they’re trying to hide it by basing it in “Location
    Mackay, QLD” on the first site and in “Location: Australia – QLD – Rockhampton & Central Coastal” on this site.

  44. I'll be plucked says:

    You’ll have to join the queue Cricket – there’s already a big ALP crew in the line, all equally unqualified!

  45. I'll be plucked says:

    Lets hope it’s plukin true Cricket! Hmmm, think we might find that the ‘ad’ is old hat from last time and hasn’t been taken down? The updated date looks like its an auto thing across that job site. We can rejoice if its true, lament if its not true and go back to the wishing well, or the genie bottle!

  46. Sceptical Sally says:

    The confusion about the location of the advertised job is very fishy. Let’s hope the hopelessly out-of-touch editorial staff at the Astonisher will follow this up now they’ve been alerted.

    It generally takes them two or three days to pick up leads given them in this blog, with the resultant stories usually producing questions rather than answers.

  47. ChristoperRobinLovesHoney says:

    If you read the ad which has been around on Career One for quite awhile, at the base of the ad is this:

    “For further information about this position, or for a confidential discussion, please contact Rabieh Krayem on 0418 251 152. The application period will close at 5pm, Friday 3rd June 2016. Please note that due to the high volume of applicants we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. ”

    This has been around on the Career One for awhile but notice that it now states Mackay where previously it did in fact state Townsville.

  48. The Magpie says:

    Well, so much for transparency … whether current or not, what the hell is all the dicking around on those two site locations about?

    But two big words of caution: if the ads are current … and one most certainly is by its wording … then the CEO being sought is for the new TCC Development Corporation and not for the Impaler’s job. Which begs the question how many top heavy appointments are the ratepayers going to end up bearing for this Mad Hattrer’s Tea Party hosted by the Mullet and The Impaler.

    The other SUPER BIG word of warning is be VERY careful what you say about these ads … they have been placed and are administered by that tower of business probity and bastion of ethical virtue one R Krayem. Mr K has proved to be very litigious when his rocky business track record is called into question, and employs Barry The Legal Foghorn Taylor’s mob Enema Legal … and Bazza has the low animal bully instinct to harass the children of those he feels have offended him. (This is his current tack with the Magpie’s totally uninvolved daughter in the matter RK has brought against the old bird). So be warned, Barry Taylor is sliming about seeking any unethical the main chance.

  49. Hee Haw says:

    Several strange things with the ad.
    Posted 3rd March 2018 but with an closing date of 3rd June 2016.
    Then if you follow the bouncing ball to the Apply section the job is not there, sends you to the 2ue website which advises that this job is not listed on this website.

    All in all just a hoax I think.

  50. The Magpie says:

    This is complete madness which more than hints at chicanery of the highest order, not in the least way that the ads have been placed by Rabieh Krayem, whose chequered business background does not inspire confidence in either transparency or probity. It is clear that this opaque way of hiring a senior executive for Townsville Council suggests two things … the council wants to hide something from the community, and advertising in these places in this highly questionable manner (no doubt to meet the letter of the required QLG by-laws) means that the position has already been filled.

  51. The Magpie says:

    Surely that cannot be so, this is a matter under the iron control and careful and disciplined practices of R Krayem, a man whose business reputation precedes him. The ad must’ve been hacked and tampered with, Mr K would never allow such slackness.

  52. ECourts says:

    Now that you’ve opened the door … care to be transparent about what’s happening in your matter as per link below – what’s the judgement about ?


  53. The Magpie says:

    Nice try, but The ‘Pie ain’t a publicly funded identity with reporting responsibilities, so there is no requirement for The ‘Pie to be transparent and run a case in this blog. It is going through the legal channels, and when appropriate, will be fully reported.

  54. Council workers "shovel" says:

    What part of the council do you work in? Just trying to figure that out, is it your turn next to answer for the mayors fuck ups but won’t face the cameras because they arnt owned by the astoniser? Please be transparent and let us know what department. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. While your at asking the pie can you also be transparent on the palmer v Mullett outcome. Surly you looked that up also, can we have a link to that one?

  55. Alex DeLarge says:

    That you, Typo?

  56. The Magpie says:

    Yup, our Rabieh runs a tight ship.

  57. Alacan says:

    Hear hear Pie

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